Apr 13 2011

Playboy Succubus Costume Number Two…

A little while ago I reviewed a Succubus, or Devilish costume that was made under the Playboy name…

Well I found another one…

So very much to say about this one, but let’s start with the basics as always… This costume is produced under the Playboy name and consists of a polyester red embroidered gossamer corset dress with ruffled skirt, matching sleevelets and thigh high fishnet stockings with Playboy charm garters and the little tiny horns. The shoes are not included with this outfit according to the description.

It’s hard to call this a Succubus costume since, guess what, there isn’t a tail with this costume!

While overall it doesn’t look that trashy, it does not say “succubus” to me really. It actually kind of reminds me of a barmaid’s outfit with the addition of the horns as an optional extra as it were.

I’m also not so sure about all the yellow in this costume. Red of course has to be there, but why yellow exactly?

Setting the overall costume aside for a moment, I do like the horns, but they look like the cheaper kind that you have to clip into your hair, which I don’t like very much. Hairbands work better and you can always hide the hairband in your hairstyle easily enough…

So, overall, this might be slightly better than the other Devil Woman costume that carries the Playboy name, but there must be something sexier and gives more of that seductiveness that should be in costumes like this.

And I think that if anyone understands that, it would be Playboy…

This costume gets two pitchforks out of five.

It’s not awful, and it would be a decent choice for being in public, but the first person that asks for a beer will be pitchforked…



Apr 12 2011

Temptations 107

A Succubi Queen does not reveal all to those that appear to her for doing so gains them little in the way of knowledge.. So they must try…


Temptations 107

By TeraS and Jay

Jay started when his visitor tweaked his nose. Trying to cover his momentary surprise, he rubbed his nose with his hand and cleared his throat. “Yeah, I was beginning to realize that. I’m not really sure I believe the picture, but I think I get the basic outline. The horned and tailed outline that’s entirely too shapely to be anything except one.”

By this point, he had managed to replace his sleeping pants with a pair of deep blue jeans though he didn’t replace his shirt, a plain white T-shirt emblazoned with the Iron Cross of the Teutonic Knights and their motto “Helfen, Wehren, Heilen”. (Help, Defend, Heal)  Slowly and with hands open at his sides in a non-threatening manner, he rustled out of his sleeping back and rose to his bare feet. Jay’s instincts were firing on all cylinders, but their reactions were contradictory, giving him conflicting impressions. The otherworldly creature before him was both powerful and fragile, steely-cored and empathetic, alluring as a luna moth and hazardous as a hidden shoal.

Seeing clearly that she was not going to be put on edge so easily and give him control of the conversation, he switched tactics. “Civilization as a whole is of little concern of mine. Civility, on the other hand, is a virtue that I’m sure any thinking being can embrace, regardless of the differences between them. After all, it’s the very basis for peaceful relations, is it not? And I would prefer not to raise your ire, if it’s all the same to you.”

Jay made a graceful half-bow, never letting his eyes leave her form. Though his body language radiated an outward layer of calm, a careful and trained observer (or one who could “taste” his emotional state) would notice his weight carefully balanced on the balls of his feet, displaying a layer of tension that was carefully prevented from approaching his face.

“Ignorance of the law is no excuse,” he clarified after returning upright. “Normally invoked when a person breaks a law they have every reason to know but claim they weren’t told about. If I have broken such a law, please tell me. And why the one sent to …” a momentary pause while he searched for the right word, “… to collect or pardon me bears the traits you bear.” An eyebrow arched. “Indeed, I begin to wonder why you’re here. A pardon is customarily an unearned gift to those who intended no harm or were of questionable guilt. What is it you want from me for such forgiveness and absolution?”

He rolled his shoulders carefully, and regarded her again. “They also say ignorance is bliss. Since you leave me ignorant of your name, I may just call you Bliss.”

Her tail sort of poked at the air. “No concern? How odd… Are you then more concerned with yourself over others or are you simply trying to cover up a shortcoming with yourself?”

She smiled at the way he held himself, it was quite obvious that he was a warrior. Not so much in his stance or his manners but in his words. Words that were in their way tightly controlled and well positioned as weapons to be borne… But the thing was that bearing your weapons before knowing what exactly you faced was, in her eyes, a grievous error…

Still he did ask for forgiveness, something that few ever did until it was either too late or worse.

Idly she wondered if his word was as good as his bond or would other things draw him to break both…

She tapped a finger against her lips, “Bliss? I don’t think anyone has had the temerity to call me that… Still I rather like it… So until you discover my true name, you can call me that…”

The tapping stopped for a moment, “Just be careful when you call out for bliss my dear…”

She then walked around him as if sizing him up. Noting his shirt she asked, “Whom have you helped? Whom have you defended? Have you healed yourself?”

Stopping to his right she continued, “Are they just words to you? Or do you truly understand what they mean?”


I have to admit that I rather liked the name of Bliss…


Apr 11 2011

Storm Clouds 118 – An ongoing Succubi Story

This is the continuing story of the Succubi called Storm Clouds…

If you want to read previous chapters, please click the link in the Tale header at the top of the page marked Storm Clouds or click here...

Editing this week with thanks as always to James for accepting the mess that I make…


Storm Clouds 118

Chapter 19

By TeraS


“Step back, Camilla. I can’t let you hurt her.”

The answer to that came in a cruel smile and the words, “I haven’t hurt her yet, Dick. Oh, she wants it and loves it, though. She has a fantasy of having her ass whipped until she can’t sit down for a week. You know that dream makes her dripping wet every night?

Tom watched as Camilla, in Ginger’s form, raised her right hand toward the ceiling and a long black riding crop appeared there.

“Camilla, stop. Think about what you’re doing. This isn’t you.”

Oh, but it’s her.

The whip came down hard on Ginger’s rear and a long red mark was left behind  … but Ginger herself didn’t say a word. Not one. Tom was, to be blunt, uncomfortable with all of this. The sex part of it didn’t bother him, but the abuse? That was going against what he believed in.

“You’re going to have to stop, Camilla.”

No. This is what she wants, Dick. Not what I want or you want. Now, go and have a drink from the office bar or read a paper or watch, or wait outside. I don’t care because she doesn’t. All she knows is that the one person she can submit to is debasing her and making her be the person she is inside. A meek little fucktoy that needs a firm hand to guide her.

Tom wasn’t buying it and he moved towards Camilla, “Sorry, but you aren’t going to do this.” Tom didn’t want to pull his gun and use it on her. That was a last ditch resort as far as he was concerned. He closed the distance and then took hold of Camilla’s wrist, stopping her from using the whip again.

She looked up at him and her eyes glowed green, “Thomas, please trust me on this. This is the fastest way to get what we need from her. Don’t interfere with what you see.”

Tom’s grip became a little firmer, “Abusing people is wrong, Camilla.”

“It is. But then she isn’t a person right now, and so she doesn’t qualify. Would you like to hear it from her own lips? Would that make it acceptable, then?”

Ginger’s voice was wrapped in need as she begged, “Slut has been a bad girl. She needs to be punished. Mistress has to punish Slut.”

“That makes it worse.”

Camilla’s tail wrapped itself around Ginger’s neck and tugged her close to one side, pushing Tom slightly as she moved. She took hold of Ginger’s hair again and pulled her face to look up at her, “Good Slut. You can lick my shoes.

There was no delay from when Camilla let go to when Ginger was on her hands and knees doing exactly that and mewling in pleasure from it.

Tom’s disgust with the whole situation came to a boil, and he shoved Camilla’s hand away from him. He turned away from the scene and moved towards the door, pausing there as he gripped the door handle, “Tell me something, Camilla. Is this what Succubi do? Hurt and harm others? Are you going to suck away her soul next and kill her?”

To his surprise Camilla answered that with, “There is a difference between what you see and what there is, Tom. Look back.”

He did, and he saw Camilla as he had always known her, sitting on the chair, but with Ginger still on the floor in front of her degrading herself. Camilla’s tail was wrapped around Ginger’s neck directing her movements.

“If someone gave you your heart’s desire, wouldn’t you take advantage of it? This is what she wants, Thomas, and neither you nor I have the right to judge her. She needs this, has needed it for some time now. She’ll gladly answer anything for this to happen without hesitation.”

“I don’t like this, Camilla. Tell me something: do you like it?”

Camilla didn’t hesitate, “No. But that doesn’t matter, does it? Some sacrifices have to be made to get the answers we need.”

Then the scene shifted again to what it had been moments before, a slave grovelling at the feet of a cruel Mistress.

Get the point, Dick?

Tom nodded slightly–“Still doesn’t mean that I have to like it”–and left the office, shutting the door behind him.

Camilla was silent for a time after Tom left. It was difficult to explain the world that she lived in to humans. Tom had managed to accept most of it, but this part of being a Succubi or an Incubi, the part of it where realities shifted and sometimes not for the best, was a problem. The problem in carrying it out came in getting too involved in the fantasy and having that stay with you when the moment was gone. Camilla knew already that she was going to feel dirty after it was all over, but she tempered that disgust with the knowledge that it might, just might, get her the answers she needed.

She rubbed her free hand over the mark on Ginger’s ass, “Now, you worthless slut, you will answer every one of the questions asked. For every one you answer truthfully, I will reward you with another cropping that you need so badly … And, if you are very good, I’ll let you finally cum like the needful cunt you are.

Her hand came down hard, “Understood?”

The answer was just above a whisper and was filled with need: “Yesssss, Missstresss.”

Camila held the crop in the air and began asking her questions.

What do you know of the Succubi?

“They are what is wanted.”

Camilla paused at that answer. It didn’t sound like something that Ginger would say on her own, which was troubling. She took the crop and placed it lengthwise against Ginger’s folds, pressing it against the flesh, “Wanted for what, slut?”

“To be claimed again by those they no longer serve.”

It took a great deal of control for her not to grab Ginger by her collar, and she managed in a curt voice, “Who wants them?”

Ginger didn’t respond to that. Camilla placed one hand against Ginger’s cheek, a green glow appearing there and moments later Ginger began to shake and mewl, but didn’t speak. Camilla’s fingers stroked slowly, “Slut… I am going to take you to the edge of cumming. Your pussy is going to ache and your mind is going to splinter apart piece by piece until you answer my question. The sooner you do, the better it will be for you … Otherwise, I am going to leave you a mindless shell here on the floor and then, oh then I’m going to find Mary Ann and do the same thing to her, slut.”

The answer was barely a whisper, one that Camilla would have missed save for the ragged breath that was taken before the words came out.

“Please. Mistress doesn’t know why.”

Camilla drew the crop up and down as she tried to make sense of what had been said. Mistress doesn’t know why? But at the moment, Camilla was the Mistress here, wasn’t she?

“Tell Mistress why she doesn’t know.”

“Mistress does what she is told to do, just like slut.”

The cold shiver of realization of what Ginger had been trying to say made her stand up and run for the door, leaving Ginger curled up in a ball on the floor, her fingers pumping frantically in and out of her sex trying to overcome the hold that Camilla had over her.

She shifted back into her normal form, save for her horns and tail, which still were visible as she drew open the door and shouted, “Thomas!”

Moments before, Tom had left the office and closed the door behind him. It really bothered him how Camilla could do this. He supposed that most of his misgivings were because he was very old school in his thinking about relationships and sex. It had always been his belief that you found the right person for the right reasons, acted honourably, loved them, married them and then were happy together.

He didn’t understand why people would want to suffer or be abused by others. It just didn’t make sense when he first heard of it and today … well, that hadn’t changed all that much.

He looked over to where Mary Ann sat at her desk typing away at a computer there. Ignoring her, he moved towards the leather chairs and sofa on the far side of the room, hoping to find a magazine that didn’t have artificially enhanced women on the cover but did have some real articles within the pages. Looking at the table there, he sighed a bit as, of course, the only things to be seen were the current and past issues of the company’s flagship magazine, and nothing more.

Giving up on that idea, he dropped into a chair facing the office he just left and looked over the lobby. Lots of mirrors around–probably for Ginger to preen in, he thought. The doors through which the goons had left were closed … and Mary Ann … she was suddenly standing to the right of him in that stupid schoolgirl outfit, a slightly vapid smile on her lips.

“Hello Mary Ann.”

“Hiya, ‘tective! You need something while you’re waitin’?”

“No, thanks. Nothing here that interests me.”

She had a hurt look for a moment and then traced a finger over the curves of her breasts that showed over the top of the white shirt that she was wearing, “Nothin’? Nothing at all?”

Tom closed his eyes and sighed, “Nope. You have nothing that I’m interested in.”

To his surprise, Mary Ann patted his hand, “Wells, if ya want something, let me know, okay?”

He didn’t open his eyes, but instead tried to make sense of everything that had happened so far: thoughts of possible reasons, ideas of who was on the list next.  But then, for some reason, his thoughts turned to his past and the one woman he had ever truly loved. He found the image of her forming so very clearly in his thoughts; he could see her, almost smell her perfume …

Sitting up, he coughed for a moment, and then heard a voice …

“Are you having allergies again, Thomas?”

That voice. Tom opened his eyes and saw standing there a woman with pixie-cut brunette hair with some blonde in it, a button nose, the pink lips he remembered so very well, wearing a black off-the-shoulder dress, and he heard the voice that he thought was gone forever.


“Hi, Thomas …”

Apr 10 2011

A Cute Succubus Ornament…

I was searching through Zazzle.com again and came across a version of the Warcraft Succubus that really looks very cute, and is available as an ornament among other things…

This is described as being a Cute Warcraft Succubus ornament on the Zazzle site, and you can find that page here if you are interested in it.

The art itself is by an artist in Asia that is named Yobubu. You can find their blog here, but it is not written in English. The original page with this art can be found here as well in their blog.

If you visit the second link, you can download wallpaper of this art with two different backgrounds, one as shown here, and one in a lighter colour that I think lets you see a lot more of the detail in this art…

I like this a lot really, mostly because of the overwhelming cute that this art has… She is very much a Warcraft Succubus, but beyond that the artist has given her a lot of personality that isn’t what you normally see in fan art of these Succubi…

This artist doesn’t seem to have done any other Succubus related art on their site that I can find, but all of it has that “cuteness” that I really enjoy…

Have a look!


Apr 09 2011

A Slightly Hyper Morrigan Aensland YouTube…

I found one, well actually more than one, so it will be two, animated YouTubes of Morrigan Aensland, one of the most popular Succubi in the world, set to Japanese Pop music. And as always, at least from my point of view…

Gosh they seem to be really hyperactive don’t they?

The first has Morrigan dancing to a song called Love & Joy…

And if you can’t see the embedding:


The second is again, Morrigan dancing to the song World Is Mine…

And again, if nothing else is working to see it:


Firstly, I think that the models used in the videos are really nice, but I have to admit that I couldn’t help laughing through the combination of the dancing and the music. Forgive me, but I kept thinking of the Chipmunks and their music at the time…

I recommend not watching these after drinking anything with caffeine in it.

It could be a really bad combo…



Apr 08 2011

Need help in identifying an Anime Succubus…

I’m asking the readers of A Succubi’s Tale to possibly help me in identifying what I think, but I’m not sure, is an Anime Succubus that I found…

Now she has some of the features of what can be called Succubi in Japanese Anime, but I’m not completely convinced of that. Her wings are similar to that of Morrigan Aensland, so that might be a hint that she is a Succubus, but there is little else about her that I would call definitively Succubus-like.

If anyone has any thoughts on what character this is, mainstream or otherwise, please leave a comment so that I can either not include her in the Wiki of the Succubi, or get enough information together to make a proper entry on her there…

Thank you in advance!


Apr 07 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 171

This week’s Succubi is a pencil work by an artist that, I regret, has not updated their website in some time and, I regret further, has not replied to the emails that I have send to their address on their site.

Nonetheless, in case their site vanishes from the web, I want to note their work here on the Tale…

Contemplating Evil by Kevin Pohle

This work in titled Contemplating Evil and is by Kevin Pohle. I found this work originally on the artist’s site here. You can also find the front page to his site here as well. The site was originally started in 2003, but as far as I can tell has not been updated since 2008.

That’s a shame really because the art he creates is wonderful as you can see from the Succubus here and as well this artwork and this one too.

I love the pose she is in, looking over her shoulder towards where her tail appears from her body, but that the tip of it is sort of hiding beneath and in front of her as if avoiding her gaze. There is so much lovely detail in her body, the tattoo on her thigh is very interesting and I find myself wondering what it might mean to her as well. She has lovely proportions both in her form and as well her tail, horns and wings, all of which do not take away from her beauty, and she is really quite beautiful in her own way…

Please do visit the artist’s site and see all of the wonderful art that he has shared there!