Sep 04 2016

A Review of Suck A Bus by Mark Allen

Suck A Bus by Mark Allen

Suck A Bus by Mark Allen

Many times I come across a work that has all kinds of glowing reviews. They speak of something positive in the work, that it is worth reading. While I accept that everyone’s tastes are different, I can’t always agree. There are some works that simply do not have anything in them for me to enjoy.

I’m not one for cheesy B-grade slasher movies, and I have spoken many times how the appearance of succubi in those films always means there blood and gore. Finding a work that revels in that, and really has the succubus appear for less than a page, doesn’t mean there needed to be a succubus in the first place.

  • Title: Suck A Bus
  • Author: Mark Allen
  • Length: 25 Pages
  • Publishing Date: August 3, 2012
  • This work at


The work tells the story of:

Five college students decide to spend a weekend at a cabin in the woods. All Jim wants to do it tell his best friend Karen that he loves her … but there is something lurking in the ancient cemetery that feeds on dark, forbidden desires and is far more interested in bloody carnage than romantic kisses.

A group of friends go out in the woods together. A possession comes when one of them does something foolish in a cemetery and things go very bad, very quickly.

This work reads very much like the script to a B-grade slasher movie. Not one turn or twist is unexpected, not one character isn’t stereotypical, and by the time the work comes to a close, the ending wasn’t at all a surprise.

While the title suggests there is a succubus in this work, there’s no real actual appearance of her. There is a possession and things go bad really fast, so the possessed character might be a succubus, but that’s never really made clear. Even when there is a clue about the succubus, it’s taken from second hand perspective, a discussion, and that doesn’t really go anywhere.

The work is full of tropes, stereotypical characters, and being so, I didn’t find anything, or anyone, to really care about. The entire focus of the story is in how quickly the blood flows, how bad things get, and then rushing headlong into the ending which comes as no surprise at all.

If someone was looking for horror movie cheese, then this might be the work for them. For anyone looking for a story with succubi, this isn’t it. There isn’t one to speak of, and what might pass for one only appears for a couple of paragraphs. Then the usual tropes take over and the succubus herself is long forgotten in the spilling of blood and the disasters that befall everyone involved.

Zero out of five pitchforks.

The entire work, everything that happened was telegraphed from the first page and that was disappointing. The actual appearance of the succubus herself was less than a page and she didn’t actually appear in the story. Really this is more of a script for a television movie and not a lot more.

Simply not appealing to me, and when it was over the only thing to do was sigh and shake my head.



Sep 03 2016

An interesting 3D Morrigan Aensland model YouTube

There is a game in Japan called Artificial Girl 3 which can be best described as a “dating simulator”. While I’ve not played it, nor do I really know all that much about it, I did find a YouTube of someone that had created a character for the game that looks very much like Morrigan Aensland.


If the video isn’t playable on the Tale, please try this link:

Here is an image of the avatar herself, as she appears in the video at one point:

AG3 Morrgian Aensland

I’ve always been really impressed by the talent that so many video game players have in creating content, this being a good example of that.

The model really does look quite a lot like Morrigan, but in a more natural, “real” sort of way that I think works well. There’s a sort of “cosplay” feel to her, perhaps as a means to surprise the player later on, and I do like that.

Again, I’ve not played the game, there is a link to the actual character file on the YouTube page for those that are interested…



Sep 02 2016

A Review of Princess to Pleasure Slave 10: Chaos Demons Edition by Amanda Clover

Princess to Pleasure Slave 10: Chaos Demons Edition by Amanda Clover

Princess to Pleasure Slave 10: Chaos Demons Edition by Amanda Clover

There are many stories in which succubi are minor characters and, as a whole, they are used in various ways to add a bit of sexuality to a story at best, or be used as nothing more than playthings at worst. As a whole I find that boring, uninteresting and tends to make me not like the story very much.

Mix into that a story that really doesn’t seem to have much in the way of hope, tends to be rather brutal to the characters, and really there isn’t anything to like about the main character herself, and it becomes a very difficult read. More so when the succubus character has a lot of promise but then is simply tossed aside and left in the wake of the darkness of the story itself.

  • Title: Princess to Pleasure Slave 10: Chaos Demons Edition
  • Author: Amanda Clover
  • Length: 50 Pages
  • Publishing Date: May 23, 2014
  • This work at

The story is about:

The merchant king Veritus rules over a prosperous kingdom in an otherwise inhospitable desert, but his peaceful kingdom harbors a dark secret. The King owes his good fortune to a pact with a powerful demon of chaos. In exchange for great wealth and power, King Veritus has promised the demon his firstborn daughter, Princess Olivia Veritus, when she comes of age. On the eve of the Summer Solstice, the king reveals the truth to his young daughter and throws her down into a gateway to hell.

The pampered princess is transported into a nightmare realm of suffering. Accustomed to luxury and servants, she finds herself surrounded by a lust-crazed horde of grotesque lemures. She is rescued by an enchanting succubus with something extra between her legs, but her sensual encounter with the beautiful demoness might not last with the lord of the realm searching for her. After all, he needs her womb to give birth to a future ruler.

Princess Olivia learns the price her father has paid for success and she becomes the victim of it. A moment of bliss lasts but a moment, but a price to be paid lasts for always.

The work has a World of Conan feel to it, which tends to make all of the female characters be written as vapid sex toys and they don’t really have any other purpose but to be used and then discarded as the story progresses. Most of the scenes are very dark, brutal moments of over the top sex and nothing much more.

There is but one single scene, between Oliva and Ashara, the succubus of this work, which has the barest inkling of passion. What’s the shame is the story could have taken a turn because of this, changing Olivia and telling the story with perhaps a bit more of her being less of a sexual toy and more of a character.

Everything before this scene is assorted self-pleasure, some forced monster encounters, and an overall air of doom and gloom. Everything beyond the moment between Olivia and Ashara is ever more dark, disturbing at times, and just sucked the life out of anything resembling the story, erotica or characters.

The work ends on a note which make me shake my hear and sigh. It wasn’t satisfying, it isn’t something that will stay with me either. I will admit to reading only this work in the series, and there are a lot of works to be found. I honestly have no desire to read any of them, based on this work, because I cannot find the appeal.

One pitchfork out of five.

Save for the erotic scene between Olivia and Ashara, the rest of the work didn’t have any appeal for me whatsoever. I’m sure there are those that will enjoy this work, and the series, but I just cannot find my way into things for all of the darkness that permeates everything.



Sep 02 2016

A Review of Gwen’s Succubus Lover by Lucinda Leigh

Gwen's Succubus Lover by Lucinda Leigh

Gwen’s Succubus Lover by Lucinda Leigh

The concept of a succubus can be different things to different souls. At the core, however, the need for sex, whatever kind it may be, seems to be unshakable. When a work needs the erotica to tell the story, there is a danger that the story is pushed aside, left behind. It also becomes a problem when who the succubus is can’t quite be resolved or their name continuously shares one out of the story.

Craving sex sometimes means the attraction you have brings the thing you need. Sometimes the need you have takes a form you don’t understand. Sometimes understanding isn’t as important as the craving it leaves behind.

  • Title: Gwen’s Succubus Lover
  • Author: Lucinda Leigh
  • Length: 20 Pages
  • ASIN: B01LBH23F0
  • Publishing Date: August 30, 2016
  • This work at

The work tells of:

Jethro Rom’lik of the planet Xanthar was headed back to his ship to leave the Earth planet for good when he smelled the most alluring scent—a human female in desperate sexual need. As a male, it wasn’t easy to resist the urge to seek out such a woman. But as a succubus, it was impossible to stay away.

Gwen was on a mission—she was going to lose her virginity to someone who could give her multiple orgasms. According to her friends, most guys could barely last through one of them, let alone two!

Luckily for her, Jethro was up for the challenge…

Gwen needs to scratch her itch and she’s intent on finding the one person that can do so. But the person she finds isn’t quite what she expected. The ride she gets isn’t anything like what she imagined.

There are quite a few odd things in this story. Naming a succubus Jethro is odd. Having him describe himself as a succubus is odd. Not explaining why he is a succubus is odd. Having Gwen crave sex, and not explain that, is odd.

There are quite a few unanswered questions which left me wondering about a number of events and comments in the work. Overall, the focus of the story is having Jethro and Gwen in the midst of what really is a porn movie scene and not really erotica. It’s a shame because telling more about Gwen’s story would have been interesting. Explaining Jethro’s view of himself, telling more about him being an alien on Earth, and why, would be interesting.

And that’s the real problem here. The story isn’t interesting because the time spent setting up Gwen’s character doesn’t lead towards anything as a whole. The characters are not developed, really they are almost stereotypical in their actions, their personalities, and what each of them desires.

It appears this work is the start of a series, and if it is, there’s a lot about Jethro and his kind that could be explored. But keeping the focus on the erotica and leaving so much story undeveloped means, to me, that there’s no heat, no connection to the characters. It’s a shame because the single question, why Jethro is a succubus, and what that means here, is a really important question.

The erotica takes up the majority of the work, but it isn’t so much erotica as it is a porn scene that happens to have one character describing themselves as a succubus, and an alien for that matter. It’s not critical to the story, the comment about being a succubus could be removed and it wouldn’t change a thing about the story.

There’s not really anything that Jethro does that is, overall, succubus-like. Certainly many things he does are alien-like, but not succubus. He’s dominant, he’s actually well over the top dominant, almost caveman-like at one point.

The work closes in a way that felt like it was rushed. It does leave the door open to further works in the series to come, but it’s not a satisfying ending for me. The writing has promise, mainly in the story telling outside of the erotica, but the erotica itself reads too stereotypical and thin for my liking.

One out of five pitchforks.

If Jethro is a succubus, that really needs to be explained if the author continues this series. I’ll accept shapeshifting, calling him a “male succubus” which other authors have used. But as things stand, he’s more incubus than succubus.

There’s a story, but it’s hidden by the erotica and as such there’s just something missing, something that could have made this more than just the heat that it is. Gwen seems to be something more than her need for sex, and perhaps that’s where the series needs to go and explore before anything else.



Sep 01 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 450

The summer is almost past, but that only means there needs to be at least one piece of Succubi art before it leaves. A Succubi in a bikini, of course, just has to appear…

Summer Fun by upshdragoon

Summer Fun by upshdragoon

This is called Summer Fun and is by the artist upshdragoon on DeviantArt. You can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page can be found here.

There’s just so much fun here honestly… Her smile, the pose, the swisch of her tail, her bikini, the style of her hair, her horns, it all just tells a wonderful story about her I think. Yes, a little cartoonish, but I think that just adds to the overall fun and cuteness which I just adore…

There’s just something about her, as a character, beyond this particular look that makes me ponder a story or two about her…

Hopefully, I’ll manage something fun…



Aug 31 2016

The X does not mark anything in this costume…

Devilish Diva Devil CostumeThe embellishments that are placed on costumes to make them look better puzzle me at times. There are some things done that just don’t work and I wonder why they are there. Perhaps there are some that make some kind of sense, but really, a giant black ‘X’ on a costume I can’t quite understand, especially when it ends on sparkly pitchforks over one’s bust. Not to mention the black pitchfork on the bum…

The is called the Devilish Diva Devil Costume and it comes with the dress and the sparkling horns that I really do not like. The fishnets and shoes are not included and it sells for $50 US.

This is really a rather uninspiring costume overall, especially the cheesy pitchforks that adorn it. I’ll admit the sparkles being over the model’s bust is a cute idea, but… This just looks so wrong, so cheesy and so silly. What you cannot see in this image is that right over the bum, if you wear this, is another tiny black pitchfork as well.

I honestly wouldn’t think about buying this mess, the reasons for that are all far too obvious. I don’t care for the dress, the horns are some of the ones that I dislike the most. The entire look screams trashy.

There’s nothing positive to be found here, and, even if I wanted to do something like this, with the fishnets and shoes, and I like the shoes as an aside, I could do far better with a sexy red dress easily and a pair of my horns.

One pitchfork out of five.

Not the worst, but it’s really close to being that…



Aug 30 2016

A Review of Seduction From Hell by Kevin Landrum

There is such a thing as getting lost in the minutia of telling a story. While telling of a character’s need for a cup of coffee, and their reaction to it, offers a glimpse into them, it isn’t who they are. Telling that story, especially for the main character, matters. Leaving out the why for the sake of telling about the where they are leaves something important out of the story. A reason why.

The solution to a mystery comes from many different directions. Not everything makes sense, not everything has to. At some point the truth will look after itself, even if all else that surrounds it, doesn’t believe in it.

  • Title: Seduction From Hell
  • Author: Kevin Landrum
  • Length: 50 Pages
  • Publishing Date: August 24, 2016
  • This work at

The work tells of:

A cynical detective clashes with the world of the supernatural.

Detective Miles Sherman has a mystery on his hands. Men are being killed in his city in a very bizarre way, though they all seem to have a smile left behind. The evidence doesn’t add up, the truth, when he encounters it, makes little sense. His faith hasn’t been seen in a while and now he’ll need to find it again to end the monster that stalks the streets around him.

If there is one issue I had with this work, it comes to the almost fixation of following Miles as he stumbles about his world, looking for a cup of coffee, and muddling along much of the time. The book summary says that he is “cynical” and he is by far, but that doesn’t really tell the story about Miles. That is the part of this work that’s missing. While short little hints are given about how he came to be the person he is, it leaves a lot unsaid overall.

The reason for things is telling and that is barely touched upon here. It is a plot point that, I think, the author might have used for the climax of the story, when Miles confronts the succubus, but isn’t. There could have been a way to make the ending feel stronger than it is, to give Miles a little bit of light within his own darkness.

The succubus herself, who isn’t named, isn’t much of a presence in the story as a character. She speaks very little, she really only appears fully in two scenes and even then there’s not much there. Much of her is told in the aftermath of her actions, the evidence left behind. But that’s not taken very far. The details are told, there’s actually some very interesting concepts within that, but it’s not explored too far and becomes a lost opportunity.

She is, as a whole, a little stereotypical, a little bit cardboard in her character. If she is the one that Miles is to battle, then she could have been used to tell the other side of this story. This is something that makes me wonder about her, in a lot of ways. I can see a story to be told, but it just doesn’t get the chance to be.

The sense of deep loss in Miles, how it shapes his character, is ever present and hangs over everything that happens. It becomes more of a character in a lot of ways, than Miles himself. While he encounters others in the story, it’s less about him than it is about his attitude, his nature, that tells the larger story overall.

There isn’t any erotica in this work, really there’s no need of it. This is the exploration of Miles himself and all else is used to dance around the edges of that story. It is that dancing around the core plot that causes that issue with being fixed on the minutia, of telling bits and pieces of Miles’ life and not making the connections he has with some of the supporting characters be more than a passing thing. There are moments where the story seems to want to make Miles connect, but they suddenly stop and the story staggers onwards to the next scene and encounter.

The writing is a little clunky, lacking at times the emotional impact that the author seems to be striving towards. At times the story wanders, almost aimlessly, for really no reason and that bothered me. This happens most strongly at the beginning of the work when Miles first appears. Miles’ character needs to be explored more deeply than it is. The succubus needs to be more within the story than she does. Beyond that, how Miles connects the dots, and how he is driven towards them, needs to be tied up better somehow in the ending.

The ending is a little bit lacking, though there is a little ray of hope which, considering Miles himself, I liked. There’s no twist ending or surprise out of the blue to draw things to a close. But it feels like the ending is rushed, leaving some of the finer points of the plot to languish.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The work needs another editing pass to make the narrative become more alive. As things are, it’s a little too clinical, too forced. The story goes around in circles more than it really needs to. Telling more about Miles, his past, making his character have more depth than just being snarky I think would add more flavour to the story. The succubus herself could be more present in the work, perhaps revealing more about herself or, as a thought, appear to Miles as the one thing he seems to desire more than anything else.

The minutia in the story could be smoothed over some, the scenes told with more emotional impact. As a whole, really that is the singular thing that’s missing here. A story about passion needs some passion, anger, drive. It need not be erotic, but it should have the characters live more than just exist and go through the motions.