Nov 04 2016

A Review of Passion’s Price by Alana Church

Passion's Price by Alana Church

Passion’s Price by Alana Church

I’ve been captivated by The Succubus series by Alana Church from the beginning. I’ve loved each character, the love, the story, it’s been, in many ways, speaking to many of my personal beliefs about succubi. Today a review of the eighth work in the series, possibly the last, but, there is always hope isn’t there?

My first review is here, the second is here and my third review cab be found here. The fourth review can be found here on the Tale with the fifth review being here. My review sixth work in the series, is here and my review of the prior work in the series can be found here on the Tale.

We are nothing without hope. It is not love, nor need, nor life itself that gives a reason to be. Hope, in whatever form we need for our own souls to find peace, matters. Sometimes the greatest can lose hope and sometimes that hope is found anew in a soul that believes.

The work tells the story of:

The end has come. In the final chapter of our story, Althea, the immortal succubus, knows that the confrontation with the demon-spawn Kincaid is near. To lure him into their trap means putting the entire family in harm’s way. And even if she succeeds, will the love they all share survive? Because when all you hold dear is at risk, sometimes you have to pay…Passion’s Price.

Althea knows the time has come, her family is at risk, she must take up the mantle of protector once more. A sword alone isn’t enough to take into battle. The shield she carries is her love, her heart and soul. Her will demands she confront that which threatens all she cares for. But with all of that, there is one thing she cannot overcome, not without help, should she be willing to accept that which she’s denied for so long.

What strikes me the most about this work is that within the pages we see Althea at her best and at her worst. She’s forced to come to terms with the pain she’s been carrying inside for so long which results in what is, for her, the most heart wrenching moment of the series by far. She’s always loved Rachel, her family and Yasna, but she’s never really been able to have the one thing she’s been wanting for so long. It takes a lot to break that truth out of her and when it comes it makes total sense and explains much of her personality and drive.

In the same way, there are some telling moments for Rachel, Yasna, and the family as well. They face a hard fact, one they cannot avoid, and how each reacts was true to them all. Not everything is wonderful emotionally for them, but at the same time, there is a telling moment for each as a character, to push them towards a focal point and that was very interesting to me.

While there is conflict, the climax of the series takes place in a way that gave truth to the succubi, to those they face, and, at its core, the question they face. The answer to that question, the offering of a reason to be more than just “because Goddess says so” was all that I could have hoped for.

There are some lovely soft and passionate moments of erotica which give rise to some needed truths for two characters. Both were perfect in how they developed, gave rise to the story and didn’t take away, but rather added much to joining the pieces of Althea’s soul. There is humour, dearly needed with all of the seriousness that come in this part of  the series. The mixture of light and darker moments tells much about this universe, the souls within it, and in doing to makes the story become alive.

There are one or two little tiny editing mistakes, but they don’t take away from the passion, the story, or the characters. The series has remained true to the core plot, the characters themselves and in this work the ending brings about a satisfying conclusion.

There are, of course, some story plots left open, the appearance of two characters that made me smile, one in particular for which I was thrilled beyond words to see. The emotional connection is delightful, the resolution of Althea’s arc made compete sense. Most of all, the gift which appears, in all of its forms, is one that’s perfect in so many important ways.

I’ve loved the series from the beginning, I love it even more now. Althea, Yasna, Rachel and her family are dearly loved for all they represent and have been. One of the most delightful, passionate series about succubi that I’ve read in some time. I dearly hope Althea’s story will continue, but if not, knowing her has been a dear pleasure to me.

Five out of five pitchforks.

Everything that I could have hoped for, an ending that I loved dearly and spoke to me in a way that only those that know me will understand. While this is billed as the last work in this series, there is a bit of hope in the words “The last? work” which I dearly hope that this isn’t.

Althea has something to live for again. There is hope again for her, more than she’s known in so long. I’d like to see that story told. I’d like to know more about her sisters, whether the redhead or the raven haired one doesn’t matter, it would be nice to know more about them. There are doors open to tell more about Althea’s world, her life, her past and future.

Promise. That’s what this series has and perhaps, in time, the author will tell more. I, for one, will be watching with joy and love always…



Nov 04 2016

A Review of Jasmine’s Incubus by Dixie Richards

Jasmine's Incubus by Dixie Richards

Jasmine’s Incubus by Dixie Richards

The telling of a story matters. Editing out the flaws, making the dialogue sing makes a real difference. Clunky prose leads to taking away heat when it is needed, power when it must be. The point of writing is to express oneself, but if one can’t find the means, then one needs to revise and revise more.

There are times when the power of seduction we have is tempered by the need to survive. It is there, but awaits the key to set it free. Sometimes that key is finding the will to just be and be with.

  • Title: Jasmine’s Incubus
  • Author: Dixie Richards
  • Length: 37 Pages
  • Publishing Date: April 24, 2016
  • This work at

It is the story of:

A shy but sexy New York journalist discovers her inner sex goddess with some supernatural help from the other side.

Jasmine has a problem. It isn’t her job, which she is succeeding at. It isn’t her friends, who she adores. The problem is a lack of self belief in having the power to seduce, to be the woman she has hidden inside. A chance encounter turns out to be something more and then when the bonds are broken, Jasmine’s inner Domme doesn’t want to hide any more. She wants it all.

The story is, overall, focused on Jasmine rediscovering her own sexual power which she’s hidden away, not having the time, or the self-belief, in acting upon her own needs, wants and desires. From the beginning it’s cleat that she wants to be more sexually active, in control, but she simply doesn’t take the lead, or chance.

The change comes when she encounters a man, several times, in a train and over time her sexual needs grow, her self-doubt weakens and she has her way with him. The erotica is a light bit of a D/s sex play scene which isn’t over done and by the end of it, Jasmine’s changed, but doesn’t quite understand why.

Eventually she learns that the reason comes from her bedding an Incubus, and that is where the story turned to being very interesting for me. The incubus, Lilu, isn’t stereotypical nor is his kind, and I throughly enjoyed the way in which that was explained and what it meant. Lilu doesn’t have any horns, tail or wings, but he’s sexually powerful, and dominant to a point.

But he isn’t so much that he cannot give Jasmine control and that was different than a lot of similar incubus works of late. Both characters are empowers, both have their moments of control, both give to the other’s needs. That is where the real heat in this work comes from. The understanding that it isn’t your own release that matters, it’s both.

Both Jasmine and Lilu are interesting, well fleshed out characters. There’s quite a lot of development for Jasmine and towards the end of the work, there’s a bit for Lilu as well. The ending leaves something unique that I wish the author had played with further, but does not, the story coming to a somewhat abrupt ending, but leaving the door open for something to come further as well.

However, with all that’s good, interesting, and more in this work, the problem is, as happens a lot, editing. There are some really silly mistakes that were not corrected, these cropping up from the first page and then scattered throughout. There are some tense issues, such as “meet” instead of “met”. There are some words that don’t fit, though they seem sound like they do. The dialogue at times is a little clunky, not “sounding” right in tone, almost like someone was reading lines from a play rather than being in a life and living it.

One more editing pass might have helped some. I think it would have. Speaking the dialogue out loud might have shown how odd it was at times. As well, reading the story out loud in its entirety well could have given the author a clue that their pose was slightly stilted and awkward. All of this is a shame because the underlying story has heat, is imaginative, and I think with some improvements to the tone of the storytelling could have been so much more hotter. Heat isn’t everything of course, but making the work sing leads to so much more and it’s there to be found.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The work needs one more editing pass, just to clean things up and to make this work more what it tries to be. The ending leaves something to be desired, the telling of just who Lilu is needs to be deepened. Perhaps it is a question of smoothing out the bumps more than anything else.



Nov 03 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 459

A sharply contrasted image of a Succubus this week on the Tale. Sometimes there is a piece of arty that has one thing about it that holds you. A little splash of colour perhaps. The expression of the subject within the art itself. Occasionally there is just something that whispers there is more, to keep looking… I think this week’s art has that…

Succubus by thefireis

Succubus by thefireis

This work is called Succubus and is by the artist thefireis on DeviantArt. You can find the original page with this art here and the artist’s page can be found here.

I feel like there is a longing in her thoughts and expression. As if she is feeling that little heart, the only colour here, just floating out of reach. Wanting to feel needing to touch the emotions that are held within it, but being forever just out of her grasp.

The other way I look at this art, and it is a bit biased, is that she feels the heart in her horns and, being that horns are an erogenous zone for succubi, she’s just on the edge of an orgasm. I like this second thought more and the way her lips are parted and her eyes are… i think this might be the more likely…

It’s a thought…



Nov 02 2016

Shiny is a good place to start for a costume after all…

Demon Devil CostumeSometimes the best costumes start with a basic dress with a few well chosen accessories to make it something a little bit more special. Occasionally, that takes looking into a custom made costume from far away and then finding things closer to home to finish things up…

Mainly because the accessories that are included aren’t all they could be.

This is called the Demon Devil Costume and it comes with the dress, the horns the model is wearing, the armlets and the pitchfork she is holding.

Shoes are not included, and it can be found for $40 US.

Obviously the horns do not match the dress, not to mention they really aren’t anything special. The pitchfork is one of the ones I really do not like as well. The choice of heels the model is wearing looks quite out of place.

Setting aside a lot of the things I don’t like here, I actually think the dress itself is quite interesting. It has a very “Oriental” cut and style which does look quite nice.

Some better heels, a pair of horns that are more in tune with the costume would be good as well. Red heels, not black, obviously, would also be a good addition to this.

As an aside, really this dress could be used in a few other costume concepts I think and as such, it’s a bit less of a Devil costume and perhaps something else.

I’ll give this two and a half out of five pitchforks.

It is interesting, there’s something here to work with. But as happens a lot, what I’m looking for isn’t in this.



Nov 01 2016

A Review of Sealed with a Kiss by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

Sealed with a Kiss by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

Sealed with a Kiss by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

I’m rather sad as I write this review today as one of my favourite series of the year has come to a close. There are some characters that simply find their way into your heart and their story holds you always.

This, the thirteenth and final review of the Lily Quinn series written by Natalie and Eric Severine leaves me wanting and needing something more, which for me is the single thing that the best written stories have. But there’s something more to share, which you’ll find in the postscript to this review.

You can find my first review here, the second herethe third herethe fourth here, and the fifth review here. The sixth review be found here and the review of the seventh work can be found here. The review of the eighth work in the series can be found here and my review of the ninth work is here with the tenth review here. My review of the eleventh work can be found here and my prior review in the series can be found here on the Tale.

There are some truths we never see. We have the expectation, knowing, without fear, that a smile will be there, the warmth is awaiting us. When that is threatened, when the choice to be made isn’t really one, the one thing we’ve never been able to say… is.

Knowing what you must do is not the answer. Having your truth, being able to express it is. For doing the impossible means not listening to those that say it is… It is listening to one’s own soul that does.

It tells the story of:

My name is Lily Quinn and this is my last story.

It’s been a long, strange year. The strangest of my life and you know by now just how weird that is. I fought off everything that Asmodai could throw at me and thought it was all finally over. I thought the world was safe and Asmodai had no more tricks left to pull.

I was wrong.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. There’s always a price to be paid, an obstacle to overcome. Things can change, but at the same time there are some things that never do. For Lily, the price is one that she cannot pay, but needs to. It’s a choice to be made, but at a price. The truth that has been staring into her eyes for years needs to be accepted, believed in. For when you are trying to do the impossible, you need something to believe in. Sometimes, that’s a simple as the smile you’ve always known.

One of the things that I’ve wanted to see unfold in Lily’s story was her finally seeing what’s been there for her entire life. To open herself to being able to tell Max she loves him, to accept the truth which she’s always been on the edge of, but never going over. The same is true of Max, he’s always almost been there, trying to say the words, but never actually done so. Considering this story as a whole, this is what all else revolves around. The opening of Lily’s eyes to what Max has always been there for.

How that story plays out involves a lot of twists and turns, but they are silly or out of place. Lily’s past, those she’s helped, or been at odds with, come back in this story and in doing so that forces Lily to develop that last little bit as a character that she’s needed to. The wall that she’s had around herself and what we, as the reader, sees, gets torn down at several times. The most achingly devastating moment doesn’t involve demons, wizards, battles or any sort of action. It comes from Lily crying, knowing that she hasn’t said the one thing she needs to and she might not be able to.

Lily has been lost for the last little while in the series. That one scene, that one truth that hammers at her emotionally turns things around and Lily makes a telling choice. It’s that one step on a long path which needs to be taken, once it is, then the story ramps up the action, the characters and the plot to an amazingly good telling of what comes next.

There are, of course, plans within plans, and in being so there are a few twists and turns, but they aren’t silly or out of place. They make sense, they push the story along and in doing so they didn’t take away from the core plot. There is some erotica, a lovely scene between Max and Lily at the beginning that I adored, but also a scene involving some “full” succubi that was hot and very evil at the same time.

The telling of the story allows for many threads to be tied up, which I thought was done well. The climax of the story was a revelation that just made me smile. Beyond that, one secret that Lily was keeping, looking for the right moment to reveal, was even more thrilling and where that particular thread went to just made me want more.

The conclusion of the series was a little bit melancholy for me, mostly just from turning each page and knowing there were fewer and fewer to be. There are threads that I really want to see unfold, there are characters that I’d like to know what happens next, especially Max and Lily, but many others as well. The circle around Lily finds a way to come to an emotional conclusion, to allow the possibly of Lily to have some parts of her life reconciled. The story matters, the characters have their stories told and told well. That, more than anything else, it what captivated me.

A story that’s true to Lily, that tells of her world, what she needs and has. It’s transformational for Lily and Max in so many ways but never leaves who they are to the side. It’s important, always, to have an ending, after being invested in characters that means something. To have that, truly, makes this series wonderful.

Five pitchforks out of five.

A truly satisfying ending to Lily’s story, but with the door open to, I hope, something more to be. It’s rare to have threads tied up well, for a series to answer the questions that have been haunting it since the beginning. I was expecting quite a lot and in almost every way Lily’s story came to a conclusion that made everything worthwhile.

But I want more and dearly so. There are so many paths open to be explored, and the epilogue teases something delightful that I’d dearly love to see. This might be the end of Lily’s beginning, but I’m going to hope that it isn’t the end of these authors playing in this universe.

A Postscript: There’s a bit of a personal note that I’ll make here. There is, as I mentioned, an epilogue to this work, a new character appears to bring the series to… if not a conclusion, then a hopeful pause. It is the very last line which… really made me break down in tears. Earlier his year, my Eternal’s mother was called home by Goddess. While I know where the character’s name comes from within the series… and it is exactly what I would have expected Lily to do in all honesty… It struck myself and my Eternal very hard.

While I know that it shouldn’t have done so, being as emotionally attached to this series as I have been, and the events of our past year, the moment of seeing her name made me cry, but smile as well.

Something I am grateful for.



Nov 01 2016

A Review of Uprising by William Drew

Uprising by William Drew

Uprising by William Drew

There are many things any story needs. It needs characters, a plot, some sort of meaning. There needs to be some time spent in crafting a story, telling it well. Along the way, editing that story to make it better, to remove spelling and word errors adds a lot as well. But most of all, the main thing is to not have the story consist of scattered ideas and threads that leave the reader confused.

Ambition is one thing in which the door can be opened towards less nobel things. There are some things which result in disaster and worse. Sometimes ignoring the facts can be one’s doom and that of so many others.

  • Title: Uprising
  • Author: William Drew
  • Length: 62 Pages
  • ASIN: B0110DLCES
  • Publishing Date: July 4, 2015
  • This work at

The story tells of:

Trina was an archeologist who always looked to the future to uncover history. Her passion and drive made her the most sought after person in her field for guidance and expertise. Her most recent find was located in the heart of Death Valley. She was accompanied by Her boss, Ruben who was an eccentric billionaire and was one of the board members for the Smithsonian. However he was only interested in his lust for power and control. Trina also worked alongside Vincent who has been her apprentice and wanted nothing more than to win her love. Together, they had found a stone gate hidden under the hot desert sand for a millenia. As the gate was opened their lives and the fate of the world fell to the most ominous figure only read and taught about in the bible and the power that he would unleash on Earth was just the beginning.

Trina finds herself caught between a rock and a hard place. Plans lead to a disaster, Trina is not who she once was, and the world isn’t as well. Losses mount, the world is in flames and in the end, the fate of the world might be in the hands of a single succubus.

The work is very difficult to read for several reasons, not the least of which is that there isn’t a moment’s pause in the work. The work moves at a breakneck clip, leaving no time for anything to be really focused on. It is a headlong rush towards each event, each moment, and in being so there’s no time to piece together what’s happening exactly.

This is made worse by what seems to be a complete lack of editing which shows very often. One of the most glaring errors is, for example, using “mussel” rather than “muscle” over and over again. But more it is the lack of direction, the feeling that each scene was put into the story “just because” and so there’s no cohesive plot through the work. It’s a mis-mash of various things from action-adventure to horror to scifi to religion and so on. There’s no real core plot that can be discerned and it feels like the author didn’t have one and made scenes up because they seemed to be exciting and not much more.

The characters themselves are, as a whole, mostly stereotypical, not having any real personality to them overall. There’s many obvious evil characters, there are a vast number of “throwaway” ones as well. There’s no time spent on developing the characters and when things change, they do for no real understandable point.

The main character of the work, Trina, is for the most part a mystery and there’s really no time spent in telling her story well. She’s introduced, as are many others at the beginning, and then events unfold in the most odd and confusing ways possible. Eventually she is transformed into a succubus and her name changes to Draonai.

Draonai’s transformation is different, but the writing didn’t manage to really define her well. She’s a succubus, she suddenly is well aware of this in the split second after her transformation, which just is confusing. What I did like was how she continued to adapt to her new found abilities, dealing with her mistakes and all along the way.

But then the story takes her in directions that, again, make no sense overall. Possibly the most bizarre moment being when she appears, red skin, tail, wings, horns and all… and no one bats an eyes about it. What she does after that moment just was the oddest thing to read, and made me wonder what was the point in the first place.

There’s really no erotica to speak of, there’s a lack of direction to the work overall. Somewhere among the mistakes, the poor grammar, the odd scenes that stack on top of each other, there’s a story here, but it just doesn’t come out.

The author needs to redo this entire work. There needs to be pauses in the action, there needs to be some sort of singular tone overall. A lot of unneeded scenes that add nothing to the plot have to be removed. More time needs to be taken in actually telling a story and not pushing bits and pieces of one together.

Half a pitchfork out of five.

Almost completely unreadable, the work needs a rewrite, several editing passes and the author to  focus most of all. A story without pause is a chore to read, and one in which almost every page has some kind of editing error makes it even harder.

At the time of this review, no further works in the series have appeared. I think there’s a story in this work somewhere, it’s just that the author needs to find it. Perhaps they can, perhaps they’ll revisit this work and make it better first before they move onto the next work in the series, if it ever appears.



Oct 31 2016

Tera’s 2016 Halloween Manip – Until

It is Halloween, thus it is time for my annual Halloween manip to appear… It isn’t anything amazingly well done I know… But… With hope and time better things will be…


Until By TeraS

Until By TeraS

The story, with my thanks always for my heart in settling my thoughts and making my words more:


Halloween is fantasy revealed…

Darker needs come out to play.

Horns for me, a collar for you…

Hesitation but for a moment…

. . . until I put the horns on . . .

. . . until you put the collar on . . .

. . . until I felt all that delicious power . . .

. . . until you felt all that delicious need . . .

. . . until I looked into your sweet, dark eyes . . .

. . . until I saw you melt for me. . .

. . . until I attached the chain to your collar . . .

. . . until you fell to your knees to submit . . .

.. . until I saw the wanton need in your eyes . . .

. . . until I saw the fear and the hunger for what came next . . .

. . . until we share your divine submission . . .

. . . until we go upstairs to play . . .

until . . .

. . . until . . .

…forever you are mine.


Happy halloween to all and I hope your treats are as good as the tricks that appear…