Feb 20 2011

The Succubi Queen and her namesake beer…

A short time ago, I was made aware of something by someone on Twitter that posted this short post on their account

Tera, Queen of the Succubi now available from Oakham Ales

And my first thought was… What???

So that started my Googling and, after a short period of time I was on the website of a company in England called Oakham Ales.

They are a small brewery there and they have several special beers that they produce throughout the year.

And, amazingly enough, they produced this one…

Now. I am, quite simply flabbergasted at this.

You can see the page on their site with this beer and where they are selling it in England here if you would like to try it, but keep in mind that it is only available in January and February of the year.

Now, I have sent a couple of emails to the company about this, and I received one reply back as of this post on the Tale which told me some very interesting things…

From the email they sent:

Ok we first brewed this beer back in January 2009 and it was linked to Beer Monster in December 2009 so we had a monster/demon at the start and the end of the year.

Both these beers were bimonthly seasonal brews for that year but due to her popularity Tera has come back every year since.

As for the image we thought that a demon living on Man juice would have to look quite hot so that’s why she looks good for a demon.

Now that explains a few things, all of them interesting, but not to where they were inspired with the name they used for it…

As I wrote to the brewery. I’m not looking for anything with regards to the use of my name, or my Succubi character. I have been a Succubi for a very long time, and on the web I have been one since 2005 on the Hypnopics Collective…

But I am so very curious to know what was the inspiration for them…

I wonder if someone there is a member of the Collective, Garden, or Forum or elsewhere I have my Succubi self in the world…

I really wish the best for them with selling this, moreover I hope that they continue to being her to the world and that she is loved and accepted by those that find themselves being offered a pint…

Perhaps someday my Eternal and I will visit them and partake in a little bit…

But I promise that I will keep the bottle…

After all, the Queen of the Succubi must collect her royal tithe don’t you think?



Feb 19 2011

Morrigan Aensland in 3D…

I found a really remarkable piece of 3D art on YouTube this week of the Succubus Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers… Probably one of the best I have ever seen really…

And as always, in case the embedding does not work:


And lastly an image of the completed work from the artist’s DeviantArt website:

I have always been amazed by the level of detail that some 3D artists can place into their art, and this work is no exception to that…

This 3D sculpt is by and artist calling themselves Veus-T on DeviantArt. You can find their main page on DeviantArt here and the page with this art shown here as well.

I think that they have captured Morrigan really well in this pose, but what I really like is the attention to detail… Her wings, hair, and the collar of her clothing especially and they really bring out the feeling of this being more of an actual model than just a 3D image in a computer…

Actually, that brings up the question of why it is that a sculpture like this of Morrigan has never been released…

I think it would be an excellent addition to the existing Morrigan figurines that are out there…

If you visit Veus-T’s site you will find all sorts of 3D art of game characters, but also some really amazing scenes and moreso a good deal of art that, while it isn’t 3D, is really well done and inspiring to see of fantasy and science fiction subjects…

Please do have a look!


Feb 18 2011

Devil Woman by Ciruelo

I discovered a piece of artwork that is available for purchase that while not having a title with Succubus in it, does have a Devil Woman in it that is very Succubus like…

This work is called Devil Woman and is by the artist known as Ciruelo. I found it on sale at Art.com as a print for about $40 US unframed. The artist of this work, Ciruelo Cabral, was born in Argentina and specializes in creating art that focused on fantasy and similar subjects. His official site can be found here with samples of his work and far more information on him that I could possibly do justice to…

Save for her hooves which I don’t care for and never really have, it’s an interesting moment in time of a, at least to me, Succubus in mid-flight. I wonder if she is travelling through the dream world which would explain the slightly odd colour of the clouds around her…

The one thing that captures my attention in this art is the almost but not quite transparency of her wings which I think are really delightfully presented…

It’s a shame that she is travelling away and not towards us, I am curious to what she looks like, but it’s quite obvious that she is nude of course. Still that nudity is not the focus of the piece, it’s simply an addition to the pose, action and colours that make up this work of art…

Wonderfully presented!


Feb 17 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 164

There are a lot of images of the succubus Morrigan Aensland out on the web for obvious reasons… Some of them are really exceptionally well done, and I will probably have about a month’s worth of Morrigan images for the next little while on the Tale…

Starting with this slightly risqué image of her…

If you click on the image, you can see a much larger image of this work as well…

I think that the most interesting thing about this work is her expression… There is sort of a bit of a “spider calling to the fly” look on her that is really very interesting… I don’t think I have seen another drawing of Morrigan with the same look in her eyes…

It’s a bit of a shame that the artist didn’t draw a complete view of her, but judging from what you can see, he’s most likely not wearing her trademark body stocking, or for that matter anything at all really…

This is another one of those images for which I have no information on, and the artist is unknown to me. If anyone has any information, please leave a comment so I can credit the artist correctly?


Feb 16 2011

This is not a Hot Succubus Costume…

Some Succubus costumes are described as being “hot”. Now I have a fairly good idea what a “hot” costume looks like…

Well this isn’t one.

This costume is called the Hot Devil Lady Costume and what you get in the package is the red devil dress with an attached devil tail and the attached black strap details. It also includes the pair of red wings and the devil horns headband. The shoes and the gloves the model is wearing are not included.

The costume sells on various websites for $60 US.

It’s another example of a costume that calls itself something that it really isn’t.

The costume just looks too plain really, the wings add a bit of colour and theme to it as do the tail and horns, but otherwise, there isn’t a lot there to like. The black straps do nothing for the overall look, and really what is the point to them anyway? If you want to add to the trashiness of the look I suppose that the straps do that, but really, this just makes it look worse.

The styling of the costume’s dress is just slightly above plain and really, why would you be wearing something that makes you look plain or cheesy in the first place?

To my eyes, the costume has only one thing that says Succubus when you look at it, and that little tail attached to the costume barely, if just, makes that work. But really it’s so wrong a tail anyway that if you weren’t paying attention it almost looks like a strap from a belt on the dress…

Tails should not look like that.

So in short, nothing on this costume impresses me, and it’s not a recommended costume by far.

In fact, I’m not even going to give this a rating.

I think that’s the first time that has happened…

Probably not the last either…


Feb 15 2011

Temptations 99

Sometimes the hunted can be the hunter. Or is it that the Succubi hunt the unwary?


Temptations 99

By TeraS and Entranced

Jason looked up to the woman, surprised and suddenly struck by how beautiful she was.

His face covered in camouflage and a quiver full of arrows on his back, Jason felt rather silly all of the sudden. Then again, here was a mounted rider in the forest, who looked absolutely stunning, speaking like a English Duchess. ((Or Queen…))

Jason blinked and dismissed the sudden thoughts of midevil chivalry and court life. There simply wasn’t anything in the world like that anymore. At least not here in America.

Suddenly, Jason’s usual social cues took over, even in this strange setting.

“Sorry, miss. I thought I was on public land. I didn’t see any signs to warn off any trespassers and the park ranger told me all twenty square miles was national parkland.” Jason frowned.

“I’ll get out of here, let me just…” Jason fumbled into his pockets for his compass and was stunned to find the thing spinning out of control. It was a strange sight. There shouldn’t be that much magnetism anywhere, except near a LOT of metal.

Jason looked back up at the strange woman and sighed, once, the imagine of the fleeing deer in his mind, strangely.

“I’m sorry miss. My ahh…compass is broken. If you could just tell me the way off your land, I’ll head that way now…”

She considered him and then said, “The lands upon which you tread are, in their way, for everyone, they are in another way for those that appreciate them more.” Her horse shifted position to his right and then she continued, “It is, generally, expected of those that enter that they tread lightly and leave these lands as they are… That was the agreement when access was given to some of it… You should have been made aware that this part of the lands is private. Only certain persons are welcomed, nay, allowed to be standing where you are Sir….”

She patted her hose’s mane and then asked, “To be here, especially one that is obviously a hunter, is rare and somewhat surprising… Pray tell what drew you to this place? More importantly, besides your sudden need to leave, what would be have done? And why the immediate need to escape? Are you the hunted and the hunter in one?”

A long look followed that with a last question, “Is chivalry not still important to those of honour? Is not having honour important? It would be pleasant if you might remember that in your words Sir…”

The entire experience was so surreal.

Jason shouldered his bow, tilting his head, looking at the woman and suddenly feeling drawn in to her world.

“I was hunting a deer through this forest, miss. She was quite beautiful. It was my intent to continue the hunt until I had killed her and taken her body back with me to my home…”

Jason blinked, never having thought or explained hunting like this before.

“I’m not sure what drew me to this place. A need to feel alive again? A need to feel the thrill of the chase? Perhaps I knew ultimately that I would meet a force in this forest which would give chase?”

Jason thought for a second, amazed at the tranquil setting and the strange words which poured out of his mouth.

“My name is Jason McCallister, miss. It’s a pleasure to meet you…and I hope I haven’t disturbed your ride by coming through here.” Jason’s eyes flashed to her chest but then quickly to her eyes, where a gentleman’s eyes should be.

Jason swallowed, his throat suddenly dry.


I really should have offered him water in my reply…


Feb 14 2011

The Succubi Queen’s Valentine Day Gift

((Storm Clouds returns next Monday…))

It is Valentine’s Day, and for this one, I wanted to share something with my online family…

So this is for you all, and I hope some of you visit and see it today…


By TeraS

The big day arrived,
as it did every year.
Tera was busy;
it was Valentine’s here.

She had been planning
in her own special way,
figuring out what
she’d give family today.

She gathered her plans
(AngelKitties helped her),
opened a portal,
and bampfed (her favorite power).

All her loved ones’ homes
each soon had a portal
so she could slip in,
make Valentine’s special.

Just one rose, for love,
her tail’s colour, for sure;
a vase to hold it,
like her hair, black and pure.

Etched on there, in red,
was one straightforward line:
“I love each of you;
oh please always be mine.”

She went to them each,
her family, one by one,
her Brother, her Love,
Hero, Daughter, and Son,

her toys and her thralls,
then her heart and her Pet.
Eternal of course!
So many . . . and yet . . .

each one got a vase
that would be theirs to keep,
a symbol of her
and her love, oh-so deep.

The sun was near set.
She was done with her roam.
She thanked the Kitties
and watched them go home.

The house lights were on
as she opened the door.
She was looking for Keith
as she found many more:

all of her family
waiting, gathered right there,
each holding the gift
she had given with care.

They told her, hearts full,
just how silly she was.
They knew she loved them,
knew deep down, just because.

That’s when the tears came
(all quite happy, she said)
She was embrassed
and she blushed, her cheeks red.

This day wasn’t hers,
nor her friends playing hosts’.
On Valentine’s Day
it is love matters most.

Then her family saw:
her Tail, all full of wiles,
held a sign back there.
All of them had broad smiles.

Tera turned to see
and joined in the giggles
at its firm command:
“Darn it! Give her huggles!”


Happy Valentine’s Day to all that I call my family wherever you are…