Jul 10 2011

A Sin of a T-shirt for a Succubus…

Something a bit different for a Succubus as T-shirts go today… Now that’s not because there isn’t a lot Succubus-like on it, but it does, in a way, say quite a lot really…

And in this case, the meaning of SIN is…

Sassy In Nature.

You can find this on sale at Zazzle.com here for those that might be interested in it…

I’m sort of on the fence on this really as I think that sassy isn’t quite enough to make this something I would want to wear.

I mean, Sexy to me seems more fitting but then I am rather biased in my opinion then aren’t I?

Sassy alone just seems to be more of an attitude that, while sinish perhaps, isn’t exactly what a Succubi like me is. I like the logo, I think that’s quite good really, but the explanation of the word is, I think, just not quite what fits a Succubi…

I’ll have to ponder that some and see what I can come up with…


Jul 09 2011

Some Warcraft Succubus Cosplayers on YouTube…

It’s nice that some of the cosplayers at appear at the various conventions here and there are popping up on YouTube in various ways…

Domitianus on YouTube posted a neat little series of images set to music of some really well done Warcraft Succubi…

And if you can’t see it, click on the link below…


I give lots of credit to all of the cosplayers, they put a lot of work into looking really Succubus-like, but overall I think that the best of the group shown was the cosplayer shown at about 1:20 into the video.

As much as I hate hooves on Succubi, I have to give her credit for making something that looks really very good without looking silly, and that’s something you don’t see often really…

Excellent creative talents in all of the cosplayers and many thanks to them all for sharing their work with us all…



Jul 08 2011

A wonderful Succubus Paper Artwork…

I discovered a piece of Succubus art that is, at least from the internet’s point of view, far in the past. Now while that is true and it is also true that the artist has vanished from the internet as far as I can see…

I like this a bunch and so I’m going to share what I found today on the Tale…

Succubus (Cut Paper) by Shannon Reinbold-Gee

Succubus (Cut Paper) by Shannon Reinbold-Gee

This art is called Succubus (Cut Paper) and is by the artist Shannon Reinbold-Gee. It’s made by taking pieces of paper and cutting them into various shapes which are then layered on top of each other to create the image you see here…

I found it originally here, and you can also see an artist’s page with other cut paper works by this artist at the same site here as well.

I have never seen art like this before and it’s fascinating to me. Not just in what it looks like, but how precise every cut has to be in order to create this work.

Now I wish that the Succubus had horns and a tail, but she does have wings and stylistically she has the look of a Succubus regardless of what’s missing in her form…

I should note that this art was created back in 2003 by this artist and is, as far as I can see, the only work she has done of a Succubus although she has created other fantasy arts that can be found in her gallery I linked to earlier…

Do have a look!



Jul 07 2011

Succubi Image of the Week 184

I found a rather interesting stylized Succubus this week to share on the Tale. It’s another one of those images that I don’t have any idea of who the artist is, but I think that it’s a really delicious bit of Succubus art…

Succubus by Unknown Artist

Succubus by Unknown Artist

I think that this is interesting in a couple of ways. First that her horns aren’t quite horns really as they sort of look like something that the Greek god Mercury would have on his head. The wings are interesting in that she seems to have only half a pair, perhaps she’s making them vanish at this moment?

It’s also an odd shape to her tail, not quite a spade or heart shaped one really. It’s also interesting that her clothing, at least her boots, aren’t the same… almost makes me wonder if she is a succubus pirate or something…

That would be an interesting story idea wouldn’t it?

As always, any details on this work would be appreciated in the comments!



Jul 06 2011

It might be a Devil Dame but it isn’t a Succubus…

It’s a shame when you find a Succubus costume that could have been something decent, but it really doesn’t make the effort to be…

This is an example of that.

Devil Dame CostumeIt’s called the Devil Dame costume and sells for about $60 US at various places on the web including Amazon.com.

It comes with the dress, choker and glovettes, but the horns are not included with it, nor are the shoes.

Wouldn’t you think that a costume for a devil or a Succubus would have the horns included with it?

To me, the word “dame” means at least a small amount of class needs to be seen and I can’t really see that in this costume. Would it be so difficult yo make the hem of the dress look decent?

The glovettes aren’t bad and I have to admit I kind of like them, but what’s the point of buying this costume to throw away the rest of it away?

I’m also not thrilled by the choker and the attached fringe that appears from it. I don’t understand what that has to do with this being a Succubus costume.

It’s another example of trashy being confused with Devilish or Succubish.

And it really doesn’t make it I think.

Giving this a quarter pitchfork out of five.

Keep the glovettes, lose the rest.


Jul 05 2011

Temptations 119

Sometimes you can open doors to places you thought you would never see again… Sometimes…


Temptations 119

By TeraS and James

It wasn’t actually that hard for her to imagine the place he described… She knew it well… Known it for so long that the scent of the pine needles that was pushed by the light winds that came from the lake would have made her sure that she was there…

But they both weren’t… At least not quite yet… And she found that somewhat disappointing for a very short moment in time…

“I… think… You pay your own abilities not enough heed my dear…” She had not pulled her hands from his, nor did she want to at that moment. It was comfortable here with him and, in truth, why would one pass something as that up?

A tilt of her head to the left, “The place is quite real… But, and this I know truly, few, if any have seen it nor know of it… That should be added to I think…”

A soft breeze passed over the table around and between them and, as he watched, the library shimmered away to be replaced by the green of a forest, the sound of water lapping in the distance and all that he had described save for one thing that wasn’t…

No, all was as he had imagined it, but for the table they still sat at, the sun gleaming off the surface. She explained softly, still holding his hands, “Passage requires belief, and yours is strong and free… It also requires an open mind and a willing heart to see…”

The smile, as always, was warm, “And the trust to see what is rather than what is not…”

With that, she brushed her hair about a little and revealed two small red horns in her raven hair to him with the words, “Trust given should be shared should it not?”


“Yes, it should be,” James replied, “and you are trusting me with a very precious thing.  I will do my best to be worthy of that trust.”

Her smile made his own warm and grow.  “This place is known to you?  It is a place I’ve imagined all my life, and use the image, which I have learned to make quite real, to relax myself.  But, for all that I have imagined this place, I have never imagined anybody quite like you there.”

At the moment, holding her hands seemed like the most natural thing in the world.  While he was sure he had never met her, her smile and her eyes felt most familiar, and there was a connection that seemed brand new, and yet older than both of them.

“I would really like to know more about you, and maybe I can help you somehow.  Maybe we can begin with a tour.” He stood, inviting her along: “Would you be good enough to take me on a tour, and tell me a bit about what this place is for you?  I can tell from your eyes that it means quite a bit.”


It would be nice to have more trust in the world… it does mean the world you know…



Jul 04 2011

Priscilla and the Genie

Storm Clouds will not be appearing this week, it will return I hope next week with something added to the story, assuming my Tail allows me to write something by then…

But in its place, I am going to share this story of the Succubi by the Realm’s Poet Laureate and the Queen’s heart in which a Succubi learns a valuable lesson…


Priscilla and the Genie by James

Just a little flash, but something special today, inspired by this picture from the Gallery of the Succubi:

night in
the Realm’s
treasure room,
Priscilla the
purple tail discovered a
most unusual bottle.
She pulled out this
ceramic item,
she admired
its beauty,
and then she
began to rub
the lovely
pottery and
pulled out the
cork. Wisps
of smoke came
out, and soon
clouds of smoke
surrounded her.
The next thing
she knew, a genie
stood before her,
exquisite with his
tan skin and broad
shoulders. He saw
her horns and tail
and grumbled: “No
demon creature can
be my master!” “That
would be succubi,” Priscilla
purred, “and I am your Mistress.
I want my wishes.” Grudgingly the
creature from the bottle said, “Very well.
Three wishes shall be yours.” “No, not three.
For insulting me with the name ‘demon,’ I demand
one thousand wishes.” The wily genie smiled: “If you can
seduce me before I bring you to your knees in ecstasy, then you shall
have your wishes. Otherwise, you will pleasure me in my bottle for seven
centuries.” Before Priscilla could peep, her opponent had caught her in his
beguiling stare. She felt her knees begin to weaken, her own green eyes locked
into his dark orbs, she noticed how delicious his body was, and was just beginning
to buckle when he was enticed, then overwhelmed with the fragrance of lilacs. His
gaze broken, he began to stagger toward her, kissing her outstretched hand. The imp
was not yet done, however. Even as she began to plant unending desire in his mind,
a moan, slipped through her own lips; three impossibly beautiful, achingly sensual,
naughtily naked women were massaging her sinewy purple tail. The final thoughts
of her lucid mind were that, somehow, the genie’d rummaged around in there and
discovered her most erogenous zones. By the time that thought had formed, the
blonde was licking her nether lips under her short skirt while a brunette kissed
her tight round, ass, and the other brunette reached into her titian hair to rub
her horns. She needed release . . . the genie would give it to her . . . and
she would be trapped. “Harold, behave yourself!” Priscilla glanced up,
and there was Tail, Queen Tera’s tail-self. “You still have seven cen-
turies before you get out!” “But she rubbed the bottle!” the genie
whined before Tail snapped her fingers and he faded into smoke.
“How did you do that?” Priscilla wondered aloud. “Who do you
think put him there in the first place, dear?” Tail smiled.
“Now let this be a lesson: never, ever open a bottle unless
you know what is inside . . . And always watch where you rub.”


*huggles for my heart*

Thank you for bringing to life this story my heart… Your words as always bring joy when they appear…

*kisses and snugs*