May 13 2016

A Review of Pick Your Poison by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Pick Your Poison by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

Pick Your Poison by Dou7g and Amanda Lash

A review of the fifth work in the Succubus Apprentice series today on the Tale. You can find my review of the first work here, the second work here, the third work can be found here and the prior work to this one was reviewed here on the Tale recently.

The choices made matter in a live, but they also matter to the lives around us. Love might be something that seems impossible, but it can exist, even for someone that cannot accept it does within themselves. The problem is however, when love gets in the way of freedom. Most of the time the heart wins out in that battle, but then the real fight begins.

  • Title: Pick Your Poison
  • Author: Dou7g and Amanda Lash
  • Length: 48 Pages
  • ASIN: B01FBI0S7U
  • Publishing Date: May 7, 2016
  • This work at

The story is about:

This is the fifth installment of The Succubus Apprentice. In this installment Megan the mage finally catches up with Kendra the Succubus and the sparks fly figuratively and literally.

There is one constant in the universe and that is the chances of something going wrong is in direct proportion to how miffed two lovers can be. Megan and Kendra finally try to come to terms with what’s been troubling them both for a while now. But along the way a smart-ass super villain, his closest friends, or enemies, depending on how miffed they are with him, poke the situation to see what happens next. It’s never a good idea to poke a sorceress, or a succubus for that matter. Worse still when there’s a job to do and the choices made might turn out to be the wrong ones.

One thing that has been bothering me for some time in the series has been Megan and Kendra’s relationship. There’s been something brewing between the two of them that never really has managed to be shoved into the light of day and dealt with. In this part of the series, neither of the lovers can hide from each other, or themselves. The time spent in getting everything out in the open, clearly said and understood gave both Kendra and Megan the character development they needed.

In the same way, the side plots with Poison, Lorelei. Amy and Helen, also give some insights into their personalities that I really enjoyed. As an aside to this, the scene with Amy and Helen having “fun” while answering a phone call from Lorelei was some of the funniest things this author has written by far. I’ve always enjoyed the humour in the series, but the contrast between the more serious moments in the first part of the work and the gigglefest that unfolded in the latter pages was exactly what was needed.

There are some really serious moments, and some of them remain so throughout where they appear. But the one-liners, the jabs, the bits of innuendo that come so easily and naturally from the characters reminds me once again why it is that I adore this series as much as I do. It is the storytelling, not the story pushing, that makes this series what it is. A fun read with characters that come to matter and stay with you.

I mentioned there is a bit of erotica in this work, and it’s done in a way that I haven’t seen any other author attempt. There’s heat, humour, and along the way, a lot is left to the imagination, but in doing so, the scene works so much better than it would have if it had been turned into a play by play of what unfolds.

A new character appears in this work, one that has been mentioned before. Their first appearance was quite a surprise and I was expecting something far different from that moment than what comes later on. Kendra has talked about them for some time, and this work sets up something to come in the next, but I have to admit I have no idea how Kendra and everyone else is going to get out of this one with their skins.

Really a fun read, the story is touching, warm, strong at the beginning. The intertwining of the characters towards the oncoming climax of this series is telling. Amazing dialogue as always, there’s always something to bring a smile with the wonder and questions along the way. Overall, the only thing I would have liked a bit more of would have been something more in-depth about Kendra’s past, a real explanation of why she can’t say a certain word, more than “I can’t”. Still, the questions leave openings to possibilities and that, after all, is the thing about well written works. There are… possibilities…

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

One of the biggest questions in the series finally explained, that of Megan and Kendra’s relationship. Now all that has to be dealt with is an angry demon lord, an angry wizard… Come to think of it, there’s a lot of angry people to be dealt with. I’m not sure there’s enough valium in the universe to calm things down.

Which of course means everything is going, if not literally then really close, to hell next. I might need to fire up the popcorn machine again for what seems to be coming next…



May 13 2016

A Review of Isle in Man by Sarah Wilson

Isle in Man by Sarah Wilson

Isle in Man by Sarah Wilson

There are some stories that are a wisp of a thought, the beginnings of a story that offers something to think about, to consider. They tell of a character that has a story to tell and one finds themselves wanting to know that story.

Sometimes those wisps are very short, offering the beginning, but leaving the rest to interpretation, consideration. The story can be melancholy, tinged with a truth to be told. The character themselves can offer a richness to be explored… but then the work comes to a close and you are left… wondering.

  • Title: Isle in Man
  • Author: Sarah Wilson
  • Length: 6 Pages
  • ASIN: B017UNW2EG
  • Publishing Date: November 10, 2015
  • This work at

It tells the story of:

In a smokey bar, on an unremarkable night, a woman surveys the dancers in the search of her next meal.

Mare sits at a bar, having a drink, a smoke, and watching the souls around her. She touches many, seeing them, looking for something to hold onto. She encounters a soul desired, but does that desire see itself returned?

Mare can be described, and she does mention this at one point, as a succubus, but overall she doesn’t really act like one in the traditional way and I rather enjoyed that she was so. Though there is really little told about her past, there is a good deal of effort spent on telling what she feels, what she sees, and what it means for her. These descriptions are full of emotion and being so tell a lot about Mare’s character. At the same moment, while we learn about Mare, we also learn what she sees around her, what that knowledge allows her to do.

Mare, and her name alone should point out that she is a mixture of many legends, is a complex being and the work really just scratches the surface of her needs, wants and desires. There’s no erotica in the work, in truth it wouldn’t fit well and I thought that the author wrote in a way that expressed far more than any hot flash would have been able to do.

The work is very short, and that for me is the haunting thing. The story told feels very much like the opening scene of a larger work and I found myself at the last page wanting the story to continue. To see more of Mare, her world, her past. To find out who she is, why things are the way they are. The discovery of the tapestry of Mare’s existence, just in this short passage, is rich and complex. It needs to be told more than it has been here.

The description, the character of Mare, the moments with each of those souls that surround her is written exceptionally well. The author’s writing is solid, there was nothing to stumble over, to try and understand. The work tells of an old soul in search of something she might never find and the consequences of one special encounter.

But with all of the good comes the disappointment of the length of the work and the need to see more of Mare. The author has an amazingly good hook for the opening of a novel and they should, I feel, take the next step and tell the rest of the story.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A captivating story with much promise. That promise needs to come out and play.



May 12 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 434

A lovely Morrigan Aensland artwork today on the Tale for the Succubi of the Week. I have had the thought from time to time what a movie poster for a Morrigan Aensland film might look like.

I think, as a whole, this would be a good place to start…

Morrigan by SB-Mario

Morrigan by SB-Mario

This work is by SB-Mario, an artist on DeviantArt. You can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page can be found here.

The thing about this art, more than anything else, is how the artist has an air of seductive fun about Morrigan and places her in a frame that just makes sure she is the focus of all of the attention here. Her expression, the way she is gesturing towards the viewer, just makes this very eye catching.

I also like that Morrigan isn’t over endowed, or looks too cartoonish here. She looks, in a way, realistic and I think that really sets this art apart…



May 11 2016

This costume should be tossed into Hellfire…

Hellfire Devil Halloween CostumeOnce again the possible has happened, by now I know that there will always be a awful costume to cringe at and, sometimes, the level of cringing will be astronomical in nature. According to the blurb with this costume: “You’ll look hotter than hell this Halloween when you’re wearing this alluring devil fancy dress costume.” I doubt it. Very much.

This is called the Hellfire Devil Halloween Costume and it comes with the dress, that apparently has an attached tail,  the black garters with red bows and the horns. The most disliked of all pitchforks is not included, nor are the boots, or the fishnet stockings and it sells for $53 US.

Trashy is putting it lightly I think. Actually that could be seen as a compliment as the only other description I can think of is slutty, and really that should never be.

Nothing that I like, nothing that I would want, and most of all…

To who exactly would the look “hotter than hell” in the first place? What universe do they live in where something this awful could be seen as being sexy, or desired?

Completely awful.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

Never mind stay away… Run.



May 10 2016

A Review of One Night Sand by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

One Night Sand by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

One Night Sand by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

The seventh review of the ongoing series called Lily Quinn written by Natalie and Eric Severine this time on the Tale. You can find my first review here, the second herethe third herethe fourth here, and the fifth review ere. The review of the prior work to this one can be found here on the Tale as well.

One of the things that I have been going on about for some time is that Lily is more than her sexuality. She’s smart, she’s thoughtful, and woe to anyone that doubts how intelligent she is. But overall that part of her has been set to the side for her more physical reactions to problems. In this work however, Lily has to think and doing so, this work stands out amongst all of the works in the series so far for me.

There are many riddles in Egypt, the Sphinx isn’t the one being that has them. But facing the riddle is only part of the problem as is the answer. The real riddle is what you do when you have the answer and what does it mean?

It tells the story of:

For eight years, I’ve hunted any monster that the College is willing to pay me for. They’ve pitted me against vampires, werewolves, fairy thieves, and even had me arrest a pair of their own rogue wizards. After all of that, it seems that I’ve finally earned a bit of trust.

The College has a problem. A mummy named Ptah has managed to secure a stranglehold on real quicksilver, a rare alchemical reagent. I don’t do magic, but that’s exactly why they called me – wizards aren’t welcome in Egypt.

So the High Magus is sending me in. First I need to get permission from the djinni to enter their lands and then try to negotiate with an immortal alchemist on behalf of the entire Merlinic order for a resource no longer obtainable anywhere else on Earth.

No pressure.

But I have some ideas on how to get them on my side. I can be very persuasive…

It’s taken a very long time for Lily to gain some measure of respect from the College and in the moment that she has that respect it seems they need something from her. A mission they need Lily for leads to a promise from one and a threat from another. Given that Lily has no idea what she is getting into exactly, the surprises come quickly. At least Lily will see to it that someone does before she extracts what she’s come for.

The most interesting thing about this work comes from the fact that Lily is forced to use her mind and think her way out of situations rather than fighting her way out. Throughout the series, it’s been shown that Lily, when she’s all “sexed up” is a match for just about anything and anyone. But what doesn’t come out so well has been just how smart Lily is. So many around her cannot see past her being a succubus, or thinking about how great it would be to have sex with her. Occasionally the series has turned, if slightly so, towards that theme, but tended to fall back upon Lily fighting her way out or telling of another of Lily’s erotic moments.

While that has established Lily’s personality, there’s also the aspect of her that cares about Max, her best friend, the part of her that needs, almost desperately so, to learn about her real past. There’s so much about Lily that is more than her sexuality, and the most telling part of that is her sense of right and wrong. This theme takes of a lot of this work in the series and it opened a lot of plots and revelations about Lily herself that have been in the shadows before.

The erotica isn’t forgotten, not by any means, but overall there’s a better balance between the erotica and the story telling in this work. It’s almost split evenly and, at least for me, that made a tremendous difference. The story leads into the erotica and vice versa, meaning that there are reasons for what Lily does and why she entwines herself with two characters in this work.

Of the two, the first encounter with a Djinn, was the hotter of the pair by far. But more than the sex, the heat, there’s a good deal of information revealed about the succubi in this universe, who controls them. A single line that offers the possibility of Lily having to deal with a serious problem at some point. At the same time, a promise given offers some really interesting possibilities, and I find myself wondering about that more than anything else in this work.

The second character Lily encounters, a mummy, was quite surprising in a lot of ways, but at the same time was immensely unlikable, which was the point. How Lily deals with them, the aftermath of doing so, was inspired and it showed just how smart Lily really is, but also, just how compassionate she is. The two parts of Lily combined are far more than just her sexuality and it was amazing to see how her mind worked, the answers she found and the riddle she solved.

Beyond the main plot, the opening chapter revealed a lot more about the College, those in charge of it, and more importantly, there’s a shifting of how others see Lily. Whether that is for good or bad is hard to say from what was revealed however. Nonetheless, Lily having a little more understanding, a little more knowledge is a very good thing and it brings up the question of what happens if, possibly, Lily discovers she can wield magic. Where that takes things would be something special.

Max, Lily’s best friend appears for a time at the beginning of the work and there’s been something added to their relationship that I think is, in a way, a bit of a red herring. It might lead to something, but somehow I still feel like Lily and Max are meant to be together and I hope that aspect of their relationship grows soon. The pages are turning, time is passing, and developing their private lives more would be good.

The most enjoyable part of the series so far in so many ways. The real Lily, the one that everyone overlooks, has her day. The series overall plot might not have moved much, but for seeing Lily think instead of act was well worth the pause in the overall series here.

Five out of five pitchforks.

Finally we see Lily using her mind as much as her body in order to figure out an answer to the puzzle she faces. The lack of fighting makes this work, at least so far, my favourite of the series because Lily does not fully rely on her sexuality as a succubus. She’s far more than a sexy body that everyone wants, she’s a soul that is something more.

This more than anything else needs to come out more in the series and I hope it does. There’s a huge mystery surrounding Lily and it seems she’s getting the pieces together to figure it all out. When she does so I wonder what the fallout will be and what it all means to Lily.

That, after all, is the riddle isn’t it?



May 10 2016

A Review of Submitting to the Alpha Demon by Demona Lust

Submitting to the Alpha Demon by Demona Lust

Submitting to the Alpha Demon by Demona Lust

There are some works which I have a difficult time reading. The problem mainly comes to how the story is told, the disconnect I have with the characters and, more often than not, erotica that just has no heat in it to speak of.

Dialog is a difficult thing to write, because when it is written in the wrong way, the words are stumbled over and it hurts the story as a whole. When the characters themselves are stumbling as well, then it is very hard to keep things interesting.

  • Title: Submitting to the Alpha Demon
  • Author: Demona Lust
  • Length: 24 Pages
  • ASIN: B017K3ZZC2
  • Publishing Date: November 3, 2015
  • This work at

It tells the story of:

A Demon, an Angel and a Priest walk into a church… Wilson, a man of the cloth, must confront Demos, a demon from the underworld and Jeremiah, a soon-to-be fallen angel in this battle of good versus evil. Both want his soul but only one can have it. Will the priest give in to the Demon’s power and allow his carnal desires to consume him. Or will the Angel be able to save his soul from the devil?

Wilson finds himself confronted by a demon, more of an Incubus, that wants him, and an angel who also wants him. A crisis of faith moves towards something else which tells a story of them all.

The idea of this work, the theme suggested, I thought had quite a lot of promise to it, but there were many difficulties for the work to overcome that I don’t think it managed to deal with. The first of these is the internal monologue of Wilson, the main character. It is uneven, reads oddly, and there are a lot of disconnects, odd sentence structure and overall in being so that makes it quite difficult to read.

The dialog as well has the same difficulties. It reads strangely, having no real inflection, purpose or tone. It reads too stiff and formal, there’s no real emotion behind the words most of the time and being so when the erotica comes into play, and that continues throughout, it’s difficult to find any heat in the moment.

The erotica itself leaves a lot to be desires, there’s no real passion or heat in it, reading much like an adult film in many ways and I think the same can be said for the story as a whole. It isn’t so much erotica as it is an adult film which means the story is by rote and then the erotica seems to follow the same path. There’s heart missing in the story and that needed to be there.

The beginning of the work is abrupt and confused, as is the ending, and that doesn’t help as well. The work needs a good deal of editing to bring some life to all of the characters, to give them each a clear voice. There needs to be a connection, at the moment, there isn’t one to speak of.

Two out of five pitchforks.

The work needs a serious rewrite to bring some life into the dialog and the characters. There’s something missing throughout that leaves things flat and uninteresting right through the erotica as much as the story itself. The concept is intriguing, but the telling of the story doesn’t measure up to what the promise could have been.



May 09 2016

Share By TeraS

Yesterday was Mothers’ Day … Those that know me are aware that this day, along with another, are the hardest days of the year for me—especially this year. I’ve written some very sad things about this day, how it affects me, the loss, the pain, the moments when I … want to know … but I’ll never really know. The thing is, however, the reality doesn’t have to be the story. I can try to tell a story in which there are moments which aren’t so sad, so painful to remember. I can try to express them and …


By TeraS


A long time ago, well before Tera came to be, long before there was a pair of so-green eyes, a red tail, and horns, and that bemused smile she always has …

… there was another who had much of the same.

A long time ago, well before Keith came to be, long before there was a pair of deep blue eyes, a red tail, and horns, and that particular chuckle he has …

… there was another who had much of the same.

The two were from completely different worlds. Their backgrounds, family, nothing about them crossed over, save for one singular point in time and space: their friendship—but that’s another story of another time and place.

One was blonde, with the most interesting smile. The other was brunette, with the tendency to keep twirling a finger in her hair as she mused.

The blonde was reading, as she was wont to do, and just enjoying this moment in time. The brunette, also on the park bench, was less interested in the book, more in the cup of tea she was holding.

Taking a sip of the tea, the brunette mused to herself: “So, tell me. Have you thought about what your kids will be like?”

“Sometimes. What makes you ask, anyway?”

Looking at her tea, she shrugged: “Just was thinking today about what it would be like. What they’d be like.”


She continued to sip at her tea: “Well, I think I’ll have to read the leaves and see what the future holds.”

The reply began with the rolling of eyes: “You know, you love being mysterious. You pop up when I least expect it …”

“Oh come on, you love it when I do that.”

“I still want to know how you keep managing it.”

The answer was a zipping of lips and a bemused smile.

“Fine … I still think you’re studying to be a magician or something. I mean, you’ve never really said what your major is, or what your classes are over in that college of yours.”

“Same thing as in yours: teachers giving us dirty looks while we look innocent.”

“You have never been innocent.”

Another sip of tea: “Well, I can fake it well.”

Turning the page, she continued to read and her companion on the bench continued to sip at her tea.

“I’d like a daughter.”

“You’d make a great mom.”

“Not half as good as you.”

A bit of laughter: “Oh, I’ll be terrible. I’m … well, let’s call it overbearing.”

“Remind you of anyone?”

The closing of the book was accompanied with: “You’re strong-willed. That means your daughter will be a huge pain in your ass. I’ll bet you’re looking forwards to years of chasing the boys away from her.”

“I have my ways to be sure they’ll … behave around her.”

“You’re talking about that pitchfork from the family farm, aren’t you?”

The laughter was telling, more so when the two shared a hug and didn’t manage to spill the tea.

“What about you?”

“A boy; actually, I’d like a few of them. A daughter would be nice too.”


“You know, you really have to stop that. How is it that you know there’s something else to be said, anyway?”

More tea sipped: “I know you.”

“And I know you, too.”

Shrugging, the reader admitted: “It’s unlikely I’ll ever have a son or daughter. The doctors tell me it’s impossible. It’s a dream, that’s all. But who knows? A mouse might run over the bedsheets, scare me, and something might happen.”

The one sipping the tea regarded her for a long time: “Or … something.”

“There you go again, all mysterious and oogie boogie and stuff. You aren’t going to get me to go to one of those wild parties, missy.”

“I’m shocked! I would never make you wedge yourself into a pair of hot pants and spend an evening at the coffee house listening to poets that are trying to get into your pants.” She took another sip, then added: “Besides, you do that on your own. I have absolutely no influence on you.” She almost lost her hold on the styrofoam cup when the book was slapped against her shoulder.

“You are so full of it.”

Rubbing her shoulder, she sighed: “Oh … probably. Still, what’s the harm in trying?”

“Trying what?”

She put the cup down: “The doctors aren’t always right. They don’t know everything. It’s your life. You want kids? Then keep trying.”

“Sure. And sometime the stars will align, the impossible will happen.”

“They just might, you know.”

Changing the subject, the brunette asked: “Have you thought of a name for her?”


“I like. She’ll be something special.”

“What about you?”

“I’m not going to …”

“You are. What’s the name of your first son going to be?”

“I … I’ve always liked ‘Keith.’ Seems like a good name.”

“He’s your son. It will be.”


A wave of a hand before it picked up the cup again and she looked inside: “You’ll have a kid. Probably a few of them. You’ll see them grow up, raise families, and make you proud of them.”

“And you?”

She took a longer look: “The leaves say I’ll know her, love her, and be with her always.”

“They don’t say that! You’re making that up.”

“No, really they do say that.”

“Let me see.”

She handed the cup over and the brunette looked at the bottom of the cup.

“All I see is a mishmash of leaves and the dregs of tea into which you have put far too much sugar again, you dummy.”

“I happen to like sugar … a lot of it.”

Musing, she answered: “Too much of it.”

“So, what do you see?”

Swirling the cup around a bit, there was no answer for a time.


“I see a raven-haired girl who likes red. I see a cute looking brunette guy with her. I see the two of them in love, holding onto what their mothers taught them.”

“Sounds … nice.”

“It does.”

The cup was placed to the side.

“’Tera,’ huh?”

“Yep. ‘Keith,’ huh?”

“Uh-huh. You never know what can happen.”

“No. Really, you can’t.”

The brunette picked up her book and stood up: “Same time tomorrow? I have a class to get to.”

The blonde did, as well: “Sure. You have a good day and I’ll call you later.”

From far away, someone watching would see two teenagers embrace then go off in opposite directions. If the light was just right, one might see the brunette being followed by three small sparkles of light. If the light was just right, one might see the blonde being followed by one small sparkle of light as well.

The moment shared, the future to become, and the joy therein shared.

The future still to be.