Nov 13 2016

A Review of Soul Touch by Paige Coal

Soul Touch by Paige Coal

Soul Touch by Paige Coal

A review of a new series that started this month called Soulful Succubus this time on the Tale. There’s quite a lot to like about this opening work in the series as a whole. The main character has a mystery about them, there’s a undercurrent of a succubi/incubi society as well. The main character might not be exactly as they seem, but then many of the other characters seem to be hiding things as well. It isn’t quite erotica, it’s more of a mystery as a whole, which I particularly like. The problem, at least for me, is some of the violence is a bit too far over the top for my tastes.

If one is not whole with what one is, there is the chance that events will draw you towards being that which you do not wish to be. Being forced to choose isn’t a choice and being lied to isn’t an answer. Sometimes all you have are the voices in your own mind and when they aren’t telling you what you need to know, that’s a real problem.

The work tells the story of:

Annabelle Pence has been living a fairly ordinary life, even while being a non-practicing succubus. Everything’s going perfectly—until she receives a certain little necklace. The necklace is the property of Lord Ezra Incus, and he’s not too happy about it being stolen. It doesn’t seem to matter that it was gifted to her by someone else. Lord Ezra brings Annabelle to him and forces her to make a choice. Oh yeah, the kicker? He couldn’t care less about the necklace. What he wants back is the life that was stored in it. All one hundred years. Ezra’s going to have every second back or he’ll murder the people close to her. That’s just one of Annabelle’s problems. Since touching the necklace, something strange has woken inside her. Something dark and controlling. She’s losing time and sharing her body with this new presence.

It’s a losing battle, and she’s fighting two fronts. Losing her mind and her body. Will she be able to fight her way out or will she lose herself completely and give over to the darkness inside her?

Annabelle, better known as Anna, doesn’t like who she is. As such she doesn’t act like a succubus, nor does she wish to fall into the trap being one represents. But a door opens within her, things change, and there’s a voice inside that wants something from her. But then there’s a lot of people that want a lot of things. Holding onto one’s humanity in the face of the inhumane is a battle that Anna will face both within and without herself.

The story is, at its core, a mystery about Anna herself above all else that is happening. There are two sides to her character it seems, one that knows what’s going on, the other hasn’t a clue and the conflict and contrast is quite strong and telling. The balance between the human side and the succubus side is very stark, almost duplicitous in how things are developed. While I found this really interesting, the part that I didn’t really enjoy was the tendency for the story to turn violent in many aspects for Anna and those around her.

While Anna’s succubus side is temptation and seduction, there’s an animalistic side that I didn’t find an attachment to. While it make sense for the character, it seemed to be turning more towards being a monster than a character and I think that might have taken some of my interest away. Anna’s other self, when she’s scheming, plotting and being “evil” is very well done and I liked that quite a lot. But then things tend to get violent and bloody which bothered me.

That said, many other characters are even more violent, more “heartless” and they didn’t really stay with me very much. The main incubus character, Lord Ezra, was a little two dimensional for my tastes. Being evil alone isn’t all that interesting, thankfully his character turned out to be something more than that by the end of the work which I think made the real difference for me.

The mystery alone is more than enough to hold interest, tell the story, connect the characters. But taking the violence to extremes, at least for me, didn’t work. Yes, much of it was needed for plot, for characterization, for pushing the story onwards, but I didn’t really enjoy it when compared with the balance of the work.

There is a scattering of erotica, a pair of heat flashes that needed more heat, but the events didn’t really allow for that to happen. Overall, the characters are quite good, especially Anna herself, but beyond her, there no real foil to play off her character against save for her other self.

The work doesn’t read as rushed, there is a complete story told, which ends on a cliff hanger to lead towards the next work in the series. It is well edited and overall I did enjoy the work for the story, the mystery and Anna herself. The blood and, at times, gore didn’t work for me however, which took something away from what otherwise I felt was an excellent story and mystery.

I’m hoping the story focuses more on Anna’s internal struggle and that struggle is more than it has been. At the same time, there’s a mystery to unravel and I hope the author doesn’t rush through that. There’s a lot of promise here and I hope to see that come in the future.

Four of out five pitchforks.

It’s a very good beginning to the series and there’s quite a mystery to unfold. I didn’t particularly enjoy the more violent aspects of the work, but that’s a matter of personal taste as a whole. I do think Anna is very interesting, I do want to know more about “the other” and how that all works. The core is the mystery and the feeling that everyone save Anna knows what’s going on, to a point. The question is what happens when the other shoe drops and who Anna really is.

Perhaps that complexity will answer many of the questions left in the wake of this beginning and what comes next.



Nov 12 2016

A Top 10 Anime Succubus Series YouTube

There are actually a lot of anime series that have at least one character in them that is a Succubus. I found a video where someone talks about the series, calling it a Top 10 List. I look at this list and while I know most of them, there were a couple that I wasn’t aware of.

The interesting thing I think is that so many of the series have Succubi that have a heart of gold and I do like that…

If you can’t see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:

Of course it’s always possible that YouTube will delete the video and so here is the list of the series mentioned. Where there are links to articles on the SuccuWiki, you’ll find them as well:

  • 10 – Brandish – Rather a difficult series to like for the theme that crops up in the series that I won’t go into here.
  • 9 – Astarotte no Omocha! – A cute adorable series I thought when I found it originally.
  • 8 – Kyonyuu Fantasy – A very short series, one I haven’t watched in full, but seems interesting.
  • 7 – Nuki Dori – An Angel and a Succubus compete for a boy’s affections. Again a short series, but there are some moments where it turns interesting.
  • 6 – Ail Maniax – Two short episodes, never seen it, not sure I want to as well.
  • 5 – To Love Ru Darkness – Again, a series I haven’t seen, but the description sounds like it might be a good watch.
  • 4 – Viper GTS – Three Succubi named after sports cars, and yes, that’s something that has always made me arch an eyebrow. I didn’t care for the series much, but then I think the problem was more to do with how thin the story was.
  • 3 – Koakuma Kanojo – Watch a cursed DVD, and be turned into a Succubus. Haven’t seen it, but I think I will try to find it.
  • 2 – Angel Blade – I’m not sure this series actually has a succubus in it all things considered.
  • 1 – Magical Witch Academy – Again, not really sure there is a succubus in this one as well.

I wish the person that did the video would have used “Succubi” instead of “Succubuses” when they narrated things, really that’s my one nitpick here.

Looking at the list, I think the one that I liked the best was Astarotte no Omocha!, mainly because there’s a lot more story in that series compared to the others and as well it feels more like a series because of its overall length, plot, and more.

Of course, there are other series to be found, and perhaps that’s something I need to write on sometime…

Postscript: The original video was deleted. However, you can have a peek at this one which is almost exactly the same:

If you can’t see this video on the Tale, please try this link:


Nov 11 2016

A Field of Red for Remembrance Day

It is tradition that at this hour, on this day, there is a moment of reflection and remembrance for those that are honoured today. The telling of words, to express, no matter how poorly, the loss of these souls and the promise we give for their sacrifice.
Candle of Remembrance


A Field of Red
by TeraS


A new day dawns
A soft breeze rises
Dust upon the field
Small bits of lives past
Smidgens of souls

The blooms are red
Swaying with the wind
Bending towards light
Air is cold and still
Light warming all

Zephyrs swirling
Dirt captured in clouds
Held in the sunshine
Shadows on the field
Past impressions

Flashes of light
Rumbles of thunder
The cries of spirits
Actions tracked in dirt
Love is rehearsed

Poppies vibrant
Reflections on lives
Souls joined in mourning
Telling of the past
Dawning for all

The gathered pause
Life waits a short time
The clock ticks away
A mournful cry comes
As life moves on

Memories honoured
Lives are spoken of
The young asking “Why?”
The old share stories
‘Til comfort comes

The time is past
Fields silent once more
Those recalling leave
Watching lives go on
Separate again
But ghosts remain

But the memories
Still need to be shared
By voices to tell
By ears to listen
Bringing forward

The very old
The not old enough
Surrounded by dust
Telling the stories
On fields of red

Nov 11 2016

Heartstrings By TeraS

Today is the birthday of my heart … As always, he asks for nothing to mark this day, for that is who he is. Of course, I cannot allow this day to pass without something to mark what this day means to me. For it is, after all, the birthday of the Queen’s heart … and she is, after all, as stubborn as he at times …


By TeraS


The thing about trying to find someone a birthday present is that, sometimes, you can’t quite find it. You spend your time looking here and there, exploring every possible avenue, and yet there’s not quite the right thing you’d want. Eventually, especially with familY, there comes a time when the physical gift itself, whatever it is, isn’t the point. It is an artifact, a talisman, a bit of material which stands in for what otherwise cannot be touched by one’s hands or seen with one’s eyes. It is not the gift that tugs upon the heartstrings, but rather it is the emotions that the gift brings up when it is seen: the connection between souls, ones that care, deeply, about each other; the need to share, whether in moments of sadness or joy—the moment is what matters, after all.

One’s soul expresses what is within one’s heart. One’s heart is a reflection of another’s soul. Both, in many ways, wonder how it is that they came together, to find each other among this enormous thing called the Universe.

Sometimes that question cannot be answered, but, in time, the question fades away, to be overcome by the knowledge that it did happen … and it’s the most sure proof that Goddess exists, if not proof that she is fully capable of pulling some strings if needed. For even heartstrings are part of her domain and the plucking and playing of them brings about some of the most divine light there can be.

Her light is made of strings. They shimmer with her love in all of the forms she gives for it to be. Those few fortunate strings which are given to be the heartstrings of those that carry her light are the most precious of all. In some—a very special few—the strings vibrate with joy, the joy of being able to guide other souls to find their own heartstrings; the thrumming of the beats of their hearts physical, but also the beat of their strings immortal; the opportunity to give, within the strings of one’s own heart, the means to see; to see, truly, that the heartstrings are not isolated within oneself, but connect, each one to many others. These are little tendrils, some strong, some perhaps not so much so, but still there, connecting each soul to another, and another, and another still before they all, by one singular thread, connect to Goddess herself. It is the purpose of some, those that Goddess has seen and knows, to touch the string from Goddess in others, to remind them. To bring to their attention that, yes, she is there, listening, knowing and, for always, accepting.

Thus, the story comes to the soul known as the Queen’s heart. The story comes to the one he calls his Dear One. The gift they share of having their heartstrings connected through each other to Goddess and through her to each other. Somehow one knows what the other is thinking. Somehow the other can, more times than either can really know, expect the words that will appear before the other can utter them.

The gift, in truth, is the one that Goddess gave to them both—not one of material things, for that isn’t how heartstrings are connected. Goddess gave the gift of simply … being, the gift of that thought each carries of the other through their day, the gift of holding one another in their hopes, their love. Goddess gave the gift of family: families joined as one, lives connected from afar and yet feeling as if their homes were separated by nothing more than a simple white picket fence. Goddess gave the gift of sharing time at that fence, telling of their days, their moments, the things needing to be said and yet, at the same time, not needing to be said, for one simple reason. Through the smiles shared, the tears, too, again and again the reason is there, the heartstrings in tune with each other, the telling thrum of Goddess’ light within.

The gift, on this day, is of the past, of the future to be, of being able to say, “Hello, my heart,” and to have the words, “Hello, Dear One,” be returned as the gift they are for always.

For this is the gift of heartstrings, binding one to another, for always and everywhere, a gift neither purchased, which both receive, a gift like no other can be.

Nov 10 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 460

There are very few images of Morrigan Aensland that have her in outfits that are different from her usual one. I like the idea of Morrigan being causal, relaxing, and not having to be “out there” all of the time. I found this artwork some time ago and I think it is exactly what she would be like…

Casual Morrigan by ParSujera

Casual Morrigan by ParSujera

This work was done by an artist on DeviantArt called ParSujera, and you can find their artist’s page here and the original page with this art can be found here.

What attracts me to this art, more than anything else, is how right Morrigan looks here. There’s an underlying sexiness about her, but as well that’s tempered a bit by just looking like the girl next door. Now that’s a bit of a stretch I admit, but overall, compared to her usual look, really this is quite “ordinary” looking.

If her wings were invisible, and she can do that, then she would be a well-endowed woman in the crowd which I think is interesting. I love the sunglasses, the look she has, and that little hint of “Yes… I am Morrigan” in her expression.

A fun, cute and well done work of Morrigan Art I thought…



Nov 09 2016

A bikini and horns isn’t much of a Succubus costume really…

Sexy Black Naughty Devil CostumeThere are some costumes that appear which are, to my way of thinking, about the least imaginative they can possibly be. It takes more than a pair of horns and some fishnets added to something to make it Succubish. I think that the difference it the imagination and what it brings. Not having that leaves something that doesn’t have much going for it…

This is called the Sexy Black Naughty Devil Costume and it comes with the bikini top and bottom, the fingerless gloves, a faux leather mini collar and the devil horns the model is wearing. The fishnets and shoes are not included and it sells for about $25 US on several sites where I found it.

To be rather blunt, this is really just a bikini with a pair of horns tossed into the package wit the gloves. This isn’t so much sexy or seductive as it is unimaginative and lacking in anything that might be called taste.

It looks cheap, not to mention rather uncomfortable as well. Beyond that, the look of the bikini doesn’t work well in that it seems odd and doesn’t “feel” right. As well the furry horns are one of those that I dislike quite a lot as well.

I think a better costume could be made by just finding a nice bikini, in red, red horns as well. I would ever go so far as to suggest something in latex for the bikini along with a wrap of some kind and some better looking shoes, or, perhaps, knee hight boots or something like that.

This isn’t really so much a Devil costume as it is a bikini with some optional accessories.

One pitchfork out of five.

There are better things to ponder than this is…



Nov 08 2016

A Review of Wild Seeds by Syn Root

Wild Seeds by Syn Root

Wild Seeds by Syn Root

A review of a new series that started recently that I think has quite a lot going for it this time on the Tale. A world that’s rich in mythos, a plot that offers mystery and a main character who has possibly one of the most “smart ass” personalities that I’ve seen in quite some time.

I will note that a prior version of this work I reviewed previously on the Tale and you can find that review here. There were some questions, some things in that version that bothered me, but in this, what I feel is, improved story, many of my issues were addressed and ti makes for a far better story as a whole. As such, this review will be about the new work on its own and not how its changed from the prior work.

All stories start somewhere. Sometimes those stories start with someone being foolish, or being made the fool. The thing that needs to be considered is whether, in fact, they aren’t foolish, but rather need to find their way, and who they are.

The finding of purpose can lead to something more than the purpose itself.

The story tells of:

Dox has been cursed. What started out as a sexy romp in the outer city got serious when she found herself in full bondage, getting nailed by the Forest God. Getting loaded on God Juice has unfortunate consequences… Oops. What begins as monster double penetration quickly progresses into being a sex slave for a billionaire orgy — and then beyond. This 25,000 word pilot episode follows the story of a cursed witch and her explosively hot sex life. Join Dox while she faces off with rough erotic devils throughout the entire series of Wild Seeds — Demons, Dragons and Gods! They say sometimes a Curse, is just a blessing in disguise — this one just has a lot more orgasms.

Dox is Fae, her life wild and unrestrained. An encounter with a God changes her, a favour asks leaves her with little choice. The choice made leads to desire and that desire creates the impossible. The problem is, with all of that, Dox herself can’t find her way out of being pulled into a world she never wanted to be part of in the first place, but now can’t live without.

She is, as a whole, somewhat of an enigma, which makes the task of figuring out who she is and what she’s capable of rather murky. She seems to be a mixture of different mythos, one of them being, at least from my perspective, that of a succubus. It’s not stated clearly so, but her desire for sex, her powers, and what comes through the story and how she changes, seems to suggest that she might be, to some extent, a succubus.

To that point, the last chapter of the work I found very intriguing, where the story goes from that point I do want to see. Whether my thoughts about Dox are correct or not, the image of her just before the work comes to a close will remain with me for quite some time, succubus or not.

Dox aside, the characters are unique, their stories are captivating and how the universe is explained and used to tell the story I think works very well. There are plots within plots, stories within stories and while some are left incomplete, there’s every indication that they will come back to haunt Dox throughout the series.

The erotica is a series of short hot flashes, some of which are very hot, others perhaps not quite so much so. That’s more of a need towards the events of the moment where they appear and as such they tend to work well. Each as a point, or seems to, which allows for some needed character development to happen.

The underlying thing about this work is the mystery. Dox doesn’t know what’s going on, really there’s no one that has a really good idea. There are suggestions, ideas, but all that’s happening to her isn’t clear and leaves much not answered. It is clear that Dox loves sex, has a odd opinion of herself, and is a bit of a lost soul throughout much of the story being driven by circumstance and events towards what happens to her.

The writing is quite good, the characters have excellent voice. The plot is complex, the mystery is deep and lovely. There are some minor spelling mistakes in the latter part of the story, but that doesn’t take away from the story as a whole.

What’s missing is a bit of focus about Dox herself. It feels like possibly two books worth of plot came about in this one work. Things are a little rushed as such and that hurts the work overall to a point. There’s a point where the story could be split into two and each part could be given more time to develop and tell a richer story.

There’s a lot of promise here, I really do like Dox and I am curious about where things are going to take her. There’s a mystery building, something is going to happen, and I hope the author doesn’t rush headlong into things and allows the story to be told.

Three and a half pitchforks out of five.

Dox seems to be a complex character around who there’s a lot of things to be explored. Is she a succubus remains not quite clear by the conclusion, but there’s quite a number of hints and suggestions that she is, in one way or another, some kind of succubus, whatever that may turn out to be. I’m looking forward to the next work in the series, Pussy slays a Dragon, which should be appearing shortly.

Dox seems to have the most interesting of lives to live. Hopefully in doing so she’ll manage to get to the answers she’s looking for, whether she likes them or not. That story in itself is the one that I’ll be the most interested in.