Oct 25 2016

A Review of The Haircut by Lusty Soul

The Haircut by Lusty Soul

The Haircut by Lusty Soul

The thing about book summaries is that they offer a glimpse at the work in question, but cannot give everything away. But such summaries that tell a part of the story, one that is tangential to the core story, tend to suggest there’s more. Something different, something unexpected.

A work that tells a story about a succubus is one thing. A story that tells about the trials one soul has faced all their lives is the more gripping and amazing one.

  • Title: The Haircut
  • Author: Lusty Soul
  • Length: 47 Pages
  • Publishing Date: April 8, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Lucy, a succubus still coming to terms with her special nature, falls in love with her hairdresser. Elbe isn’t the type of girl she usually falls for, but after seeing her stand up to her bigoted brother, Lucy is impressed by Elbe’s confidence and energy, convinced there’s more to this girl underneath her shy and timid personality. She offers Elbe her friendship, which quickly turns into scalding passion. But Elbe’s brother, in his religious zealousness, isn’t so easily deterred…

Lucy finds herself enamoured with Elbe, wanting to know her more than just as her hairdresser. There’s a connection, and for a succubus, that’s a rare and wonderful thing. But Elbe has a problem, her brother, and when Lucy and Elbe’s passions grew, the problem becomes more so. But as well, the connection becomes something more and a secret revealed changes everything.

Lucy isn’t anything like a stereotypical succubus, in fact she’s quite clear in the midst of the story to state that. I liked that her means to survive is the feeding on the sexual pleasures of those she is with, creating more pleasure for them which then gives her more in return. It’s a lovely arrangement, one that I feel works really well and has something special within it to offer.

The story is a dance between Lucy and Elbe, the two flirting, playing, slowly becoming more serious in their attraction to one another. This is told in a passionate, loving way that doesn’t simply move the two characters into bed together. There’s a strongly written plot, a story that as it unfolds is captivating and more.

There is a twist in the story, really it is one that comes unexpectedly, but when it happens, that moment is special. It’s hopeful, there is a connection made, an understanding and acceptance by Lucy of who Elbe really is. Telling that story, telling about what happens through that connection, the effects that Elbe’s brother has on that, takes this work into a place, an emotional level, that I couldn’t turn away from.

The work doesn’t focus on the erotica to the exclusion of all else, but when it comes into play there’s nothing odd about it. It is a loving, caring kind of erotica that offers a glimpse within both characters, telling of them and reinforcing the overall story really well. I am not going to spoil the twist which happens during one moment, it’s just so really well done that one needs to read the story and see how that all plays out.

The characters are wonderful, the emotional connection with the reader is some of the best I have read this year. The work holds you fully, needing you to turn the page, to see what comes next. The atmosphere is rich, the scenes are detailed. There’s so much to like in this work and I am quite pleased with what the author has created.

I do wish the ending was a bit less abrupt however. The final scenes offer much, but the ending just comes up a little short. I would have liked a little more closure, perhaps a hint of what comes next for Lucy and Elbe. What happens before the last pages is important, and how things comes to a close just doesn’t quite match all that comes before. The strength in this work are the characters, and in the last few paragraphs, something was missing.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

A twist in the story that doesn’t take away from the characters, a connection that matters and a story with feeling, love and promise. Really all that I could ask for, and much that was unexpected, but cherished as much as the characters are.

I just wish there was time spent in telling the after more than there is. The author notes “the end of the beginning” as the work closes… I do hope that’s true.



Oct 24 2016

The Second Coming – Part IV By TeraS

Part Four of the ongoing story I’ve been working on for Halloween this October on the Tale. If you’d like to read the prior three parts of this story, you can find them here on the Tale.

The question of good and evil—there is no or if you think about it—comes to a matter of understanding. The words that declare what is right or wrong are words with power. They can shape reality, minds, emotions, and needs. But, when it matters, the question is immaterial for someone that needs the answer they seek.

The Second Coming
Part IV
By TeraS

The room was still and quiet, a shocking change from what had been moments before. Mandy held Cleo in her arms, Amber was out cold, as was the unfortunate young man  that Amber, as a succubus, had sunk her claws into and fed from. The book laid nearby, the cover scored with what looked like claw marks, and Goddess-knew-how many pages beneath were destroyed. The emerald was cracked, dull, no longer a deep green as the pictures had shown before.

All were promising things, save for one that gave Mandy pause.

Cleo’s hair. There was red in it. She’d been warned by the pastor not to leave Cleo alone with the succubus. She feared that she knew the reason why, but prayed silently that she was wrong about it. More, she didn’t know what she was going to do next. Cleo wasn’t in any condition to help, nor was Amber—or her ex-thrall, for that matter. Reaching one hand into the pocket of her jeans, Mandy fingered the card the pastor had given her. She didn’t have any other options.

His voice was staticky: “Hello?”

“Cleo was alone.”

There was a telling silence. She thought her phone had lost the connection, but his whisper came through: “How… is she?”

The question brought the young nun up short, her eyes returning to her paramour: “She’s got some red in her hair. She’s out cold. Can’t say more.”

There was a tremor in his voice: “It starts with that. She’ll change. It’s inevitable.”

“Nothing is inevitable. How do we stop this?”

“You can’t. I can’t.”

“You said if I needed you, to call. Well, I need your ass and I need it now.”

The connection was fading in and out: “It’s not the time.”

“What are you talking about? I’m going to lose Cleo! I need you!”

“They’ll be coming for her … for you.”

The sound of footfalls in the hallway outside drew Cleo’s attention and her eyes darted around the room: “Who?”

“Don’t leave her. Don’t let them take her, no matter what.”

The line went dead.

Mandy stuffed the card away as they came into the room: “Right.”

The first person into the room made Mandy gasp in surprise. The voice was authoritative: “We’ll take over from here.”

Mandy’s blue eyes hardened as they came closer: “Don’t touch her.”

“Sister Miranda, step aside.”

“Not going to happen.”

“You have no choice. Leave her.”

Mandy’s first answer was to wave her cellphone at them as a voice came over the speaker: “911. What’s your emergency?”

Her second response as the interlopers glared was to raise her middle finger: “I need the police and an ambulance! My God! Something’s happened and I can’t wake them up!”

“We’re on the way Ma’am. Say on the line with me.”

By the time the police and ambulance arrived, the visitors were gone. Mandy had little time to gather up the book and the remnants of the emerald, stuffing both underneath the cushions of Amber’s couch outside. Not the best hiding place, but it would do …

… she hoped.

Mandy hadn’t left Cleo’s side, leaving the aftermath of Amber and her victim to the confused police in her wake, speeding away with the ambulance. She’d managed to turn on the gas stove, leaving a strong small of natural gas in the apartment. That would explain why everyone was out cold. Not the signs of sex, or the whips, or bondage paraphernalia, however. Mandy expected an article in one of the checkout rags to have pictures next week. The headline wouldn’t be near to the truth. Thank God … Goddess … whomever.

She didn’t sleep through the night, remaining by Cleo’s side, hoping she’d wake up. His warning kept her awake, praying that she’d not have to see the intruder again. But the visitors were back the next morning as Mandy held vigil in Cleo’s hospital room.

The sun hadn’t come over the horizon as the leader spoke: “None of this will help her, Sister. She needs to be taken to a place where she can be contained.

Mandy should have been cowed by their presence; she should have given in to their demands. She did, however, manage not to tell them to go and fuck themselves. That would have been pushing the limits and she couldn’t afford to do that, not with her.

“Sorry, Your Grace. Cléophée stays here.”

From across the room, her superior rested on an old hospital chair, the image of the proper head of their church, wise in all things … or so it would seem: “She is a threat. We cannot allow her to be free. It’s best we restrain her and exorcise what lurks within her. We have some theories, and …”

The revelation made the redhead shiver with realization: “You have no idea how.”

“The … method … has not been used in centuries.”

“What? Burning her at the stake? Drowning her?”

“They are options.”

Mandy couldn’t breathe. They’d given up on Cleo already, made up their minds. Damn them all!

The prelate moved to leave, placing a card on the other bed in the room: “You will keep me informed?”

Mandy didn’t look. Her focus was on Cleo’s pale features, her reply out of rote: “Yes, your Grace.”

The sunrise came, which found Mandy brushing her fingers through Cleo’s lovely ash-brown hair. Even with the red highlights, she held on to the thought that Cleo was still there, still … Cleo. Her fingertips were brushing over Cleo’s cheek when Cleo took a breath and whispered: “Mandy?”

“Hey … You scared the shit out of me. How are you feeling?”

Cleo looked much older as she sighed and opened her brown eyes, squinting at the light in the room: “Tired. Hurts all over. What happened?”

“You, my sweet dear Cleo, were an idiot. You said you were going to do something stupid and, by God, you did.”

Cleo’s thoughts weren’t of herself: “Doesn’t matter. How’s Amber and that poor man?”

Mandy couldn’t help her smile: “Amber’s been freed, he’ll survive. They’re both in the hospital recovering. Neither remembers exactly what happened.”

Turning on her side, wincing, Cleo pulled a pillow underneath her as she looked towards Mandy: “What … about me.”

Mandy took hold of Cleo’s hand: “You were out cold when I came in. Cleo … you’re …”

“I know.”

“No, you don’t. Her Grace was here. They want to imprison you, and that’s the best part of what they want to do.”

“I meant … I know I have the succubus in me.”

Mandy turned away, sniffling as she did so: “Seems so. Your hair’s got some red in it now.”

“It’s … different than what happened before.”


“In the catacombs it was a split second and I was turned. I don’t understand.”

The younger soul smiled: “I’ll take what I can get. There might be a way out.”

There’s no way out, Cleo.

They didn’t have another visit from the powers-that-be of the church, though Mandy couldn’t ignore the two men, looking out of place in their ill-fitting suits, positioned in the waiting room nearby. Not thinking much about the idea of leaving Cleo alone, she managed to convince the nursing staff that it would be quite fine for her to use the other bed in the room to watch over Cleo.

It had also been nice of that receptionist at the hotel to send over a bag of her and Cleo’s things. She still didn’t like that smile, however. Creepy didn’t come close to how ick it was. The evening came with Cleo sitting up in bed, poking at her tray’s contents: “The apple pie is almost edible.”

Mandy’s reply came from the other bed, her focus on the ceiling tiles: “I can bake a better one. I have a family recipe that you’d love.”

Cleo swallowed her bite: “What are you thinking about?”

“They’ve released Amber and Ben. They’re going to release you tomorrow.”


“Which means?”

“Which means they’ll be waiting for you to leave. They’ll probably grab you and spirit you away.”


The sound of Cleo’s fork clattering to the table drew Mandy’s attention to her: “What’s up?”

She watched as her mentor pulled herself out of bed, gathered up a robe and some towels: “I need a shower. I’d rather have a bath, these old bones don’t like showers much.”

“You’re not old.”

Cleo didn’t answer that, save to shuffle past Mandy, closing the door to the bathroom soon after. The next thing that Mandy heard was the shower running, and, to occupy herself, she started to gather things for Cleo to wear when she was finished.

The shower ran as Cleo looked into the mirror. She was old, worn, tired. Sighing, she frowned and mumbled to herself: “What are we going to do?”

The steam soon covered the mirror and she turned away, pulling the curtain closed behind her. The soap was barely a sliver, being that it was supplied by the lowest bidder, as was the shampoo. Cleo stepped under the stream of water, soon soaking her short hair before beginning to rub the shampoo in.


Washing the shampoo out took a moment, then she splashed the warm water over her cheeks before her attention turned to soaping away the grime that was covering her skin. As she did so, she said a little prayer, her thoughts of Mandy as she did so. The smallest glimmer of a fantasy caused the smallest of embarrassed smiles to appear.


The first real change, the one that Cleo wasn’t quite aware of, was the wave of red that cascaded over her hair. Bit by bit, inch by terrible inch, Cleo’s lovely ash-brown hair turned to flame, the red that was almost, if not quite, as red as Mandy’s own.

She then felt her hair growing longer, the waterfall of red tickling down her back, the added weight of the water from the shower head making it now impossible to ignore. A few stray locks of hair came over her shoulders, the ends tickling over her chest and Cleo’s hands took hold of the errant red, lifting it to her eyes.

“Oh no.”


There wasn’t time to think, to cry out for Mandy. A spark of heat, centred deep within her, a need, a throbbing pulse of want, curled itself around her clit, causing Cleo to stumble backwards against the wall of the shower. Hot and wet now, her pussy made her shudder, her back arching. Gasping for breath, her cheeks flushed, she bit her lip as one hand toyed with her folds, the other cupping her breast, pinching a nipple.

This is what you want. Open yourself to me.

Cleo shook her head, mouthing a no, trying to resist, but there was nowhere to run to. Still, she couldn’t hide from the voice in her thoughts pressing on her, pushing her, demanding that she give in.

A flash of Mandy, nude, her sex open and weeping, took Cleo’s thoughts. Her want opened the door and the succubus crashed through it.

Mandy didn’t hear a thing.

Cleo’s pupils dilated, a surge passed through her skin, rippling as it traveled from her sex up to her forehead and down to the tips of her toes. She was groping her cleavage now; her body began to change, a gasp and moan escaping her finally, but not in her voice as it was. On the edge of her perception, it sounded lighter, breather, seductive and erotic.

It wasn’t her.

But it is.

With nipples far more perky than she had in her younger years, her breasts began swelling, her hands not able to hold them. Her nails lengthening, her skin became young, flawless, inhumanly perfect. Another wave of power cascaded through her, making her younger by the moment, ten years, twenty, even more, and still it didn’t stop.

Cleo shrieked, her body becoming hypersensitive, no longer the Cleo of learned years and knowledge, but a young, seductive woman whose body wanted one thing. That cry, and the sound of Cleo falling in the shower, Mandy heard clearly, and she rushed inside.

She found Cleo curled up on the shower floor, the water raining down on her. It was Cleo—there was enough there for Mandy to know it was her, without question. But the tears that came, seeing Cleo changed, were also accompanied by something she had forgotten:

Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.

Mandy didn’t care about the water as she struggled to help Cleo sit up in the shower, her clothing being soaked through in moments. Cleo’s hands covered her face as she cried for what she’d lost.

You should be happy for what you’ve gained!

“Oh, God, Mandy.”

“Shh … It’s okay. Look at me.”

Cleo’s tear reddened brown eyes looked into Mandy’s blue: “What am I going to do?”

Mandy’s words hid the little shiver of pleasure she had in seeing her lover transformed: “We can’t stay here. You don’t look anything like … you.”

They looked at each other, Mandy holding Cleo, she shivering in her arms. The two redheads held each other’s gaze, a long moment passed, neither moving. It wasn’t clear which of them was the first, it didn’t matter. The needful kiss of two lovers, their desires opened at last, did.

The kiss was deep and soulful. Both were gasping in surprise when they had to part, their desire for one another now having no need to be hidden from view.

“Mandy … I …”

“I know. Cleo, I’ve always known.”

Cleo twined some of Mandy’s wonderful red hair around one of her fingers: “What are we going to do?”

Mandy had a smile that made Cleo shiver: “Oh … I have an idea about how we’re getting out of here.

The ache of the succubus within her grew a little, assuming that soon Cleo would be feeding. The whisper was heartfelt: “Please, don’t let me hurt anyone.”

“You won’t. I promise.”

With Mandy’s help, Cleo stood up and left the shower, wrapping the robe she’d brought around her waist. The mirror was still steamed over, but she could see the red of her hair reflected in it.

“Close your eyes.”

The sound of a towel being wiped over the mirror came.

“Have a look.”

The woman in the mirror opened her eyes, her lovely kissable red lips parted in surprise. Her hair. It was like fire now, but looking at Mandy, Cleo was, somehow, pleased that Mandy’s hair was brighter than her own. The robe parted in a way that left no illusion that her cleavage had doubled, possibly more than that. The hourglass figure, which the terrycloth robe did nothing to disguise, was mesmerizing.

Perfect aren’t we? Prey will be crawling to us.

Cleo was shocked how much she’d been changed. Licking her lips without realizing it, she sighed: “Well, I’m not getting out of here in the nude. I can’t leave wearing a hospital gown, either.”

Mandy’s cupping of Cleo’s cleavage was a surprise. More so when her smile became a little larger: “You won’t be.”

Cleo’s shivering wasn’t from being cold. The need deep inside her was inflamed by Mandy’s touch.

She’ll be delicious.”

Cleo pushed herself away, trying to get space between them both, for Mandy’s sake.

Liar! You want her.

“Cleo! Please!”

She’d managed to put her bed between them: “Mandy, no! That’s what it wants! It wants … you!”

“I know. But you want me, too. We’re going to use that.”

Cleo’s confusion was plain to see as Mandy turned away, opening the bags that had been delivered: “They are expecting two nuns. They won’t be expecting … us.”

The confusion got worse as Mandy dangled one flame red heel in one hand and a bit of sparkly fabric in the other.



“I’m not going to be able to resist you.”

Her smile was telling: “I hope not.”

The two watchers weren’t paying much attention. They’d been there the entire day and nothing had happened. They weren’t quite awake when the two young women walked down the hallway.

They woke up some when they passed by. It was impossible to miss two stunningly beautiful, erotically so, redheads walking together hand in hand. From the come-fuck-me-heels, to the barely-there miniskirts and the tighter than tight tank tops, there was no ignoring them.

They were, to be blunt, sex on heels.

The saying written on their tops, one of which was stretched to the point where her nipples were pressing clearly against the fabric, was even more to the point. Each had a glittering arrow, pointing at the other. The saying?

She’s mine

Their hips rolled as they passed, thrusting out their chests, their bodies on display in wanton lust. Every few steps one would lick and suck at the other’s neck with her red painted lips, or the other would caress a hand, with their long red nails, possessively over her partner’s ass.

When they arrived at the elevators, they spent the time waiting for one to arrive, lips pressed against lips, tongues playing against each other. The sound of the bell announcing the arrival of the elevator was ignored, at least long enough for one to push the other against the elevator doors. They opened in the next moment, the two stumbling in, giggling, but not stopping their tongue and lips playing with each other. As the elevator doors closed, the last view of the two women was one redhead pushing the other against a mirrored wall, the other gasping in surprise and need.

In the elevator, Mandy pressed Cleo against the wall: “I wasn’t sure that was going to work.”

Cleo moaned, her heat building from Mandy’s own: “You … You need something less slutty as a wardrobe. Some tweed jackets would … gawd … be a start. I … don’t want to know what they were thinking!”

Mandy’s cherry red lips caressed Cleo’s own: “I think … they either wanted to fuck us both, or they wanted to watch me go down on you.”

Cleo’s whimpers turned lustful as Mandy’s fingers dipped beneath her skirt: “Mandy … please …”

Hot breath on Cleo’s clit made Mandy’s next words shattering: “For you? Anything Cleo. Always and forever.”

As a very talented tongue stroked Cleo’s clit, her purr was on the edge of a growl as she moaned: “Mirandaaaaa …”

Oct 23 2016

A Review of The Coed’s First Futa by Jocelyn Saragona

The Coed's First Futa by Jocelyn Saragona

The Coed’s First Futa by Jocelyn Saragona

A review of the second work in the Succubus in the Sorority series this time on the Tale. The series has, as one of the characters, a futa succubus named Sharis. You can find my review of the first work in the series here.

In the prior review, I noted that the author needed to edit this work more, which they have in this, the second work in the series. I hoped they would improve on their dialogue, which they did as well. But I also wanted to have Sharis grow as a character, telling moe about her, taking her from being a means for sex into something more substantial of a character.

Two out of three is a good thing really.


  • Title: The Coed’s First Futa
  • Author: Jocelyn Saragona
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 38 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B01M05Y9LM
  • Publishing Date: October 15, 2016
  • This work in Kindle Format at Amazon.com

It is the story of:

Meghan is one tough, kick-boxing coed conflicted about her sexual temptations. Her purity ring tells her one thing. Her make outs with a hot guy tell her another. Only vigorous work outs keep her sexual cravings in check. That backfires when Meghan catches her exhibitionist sorority friend having sex with a futa. After that unbelievably steamy encounter, Meghan’s unexpected bisexual desires won’t go away. She finds the sexiest Halloween costume ever -if only it will make her brave enough for her first time.

Meghan’s life is complicated. Promises made, thoughts of need within her enflaming her passions. Her friends seem to understand, but when Meghan discovers that her friend Sharis isn’t quite what she seems, things change for her and her options open. But along the way, there are always bumps in the road to overcome.

While Sharis, the main succubus character of the series does appear, the work isn’t about her, or really connects to the prior work in any really meaningful way. It’s like all that happened before, including the appearance of Jacquette, a very dominant succubus, never happened. There’s little told of Sharis being a succubus, she’s never described as such either. Without being aware of the prior work, it isn’t clear that Sharis is a succubus in the first place.

That said, her character does develop a little bit, though some of the events are a little thin, not delved into or explained well. In the same way, the little bit of erotica that Sharis appears in really doesn’t have a lot of heat, seems to be added for the sake of doing so and doesn’t amount to much. This makes sense from the point that this work is about Meghan, and it’s understandable, but that’s the problem here.

The prior work ended in a way that I really wanted to see move onwards, to expand the universe, to tell more about the succubi that live in that world. Both Sharis and Jacquette had a lot of promise. Why that plot thread was tossed aside for a story which, overall, didn’t have much of a connection to the first work in the series bothered me.

However, as erotica with meaning, with a little bit of romance and a lot of story wrapped around Meghan’s coming of age, her choices, and the events that come from that, the work reads well, held my interest and I liked it overall.

But as a work about succubi, this isn’t one. Tangentially perhaps, but otherwise no. Meghan’s story is told, but the story of Sharis languishes in sort of a limbo, she being really barely used in the work and when she does appear, it’s so fleeting as to be almost invisible. Not even the one erotic scene she’s in can overcome that.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

This isn’t a story about Sharis, or about succubi really. It’s a coming of age story for Meghan overall. For that, the work is really well written and I liked the character development that came as well. I still want to see more of Sharis, developing her character more. It seems like Sharis is being worked into the background, not the focus of the series, but instead a means for some futa sex to be told. The little glimmers of her character I liked and, perhaps, the next work will give more of that.



Oct 23 2016

A Review of Broken Wings by Rebecca R. Pierce

Broken Wings by Rebecca R. Pierce

Broken Wings by Rebecca R. Pierce

There comes a point when we all look into who we are, where we’re been, and what has happened to us. Many times in doing so we lose a part of ourselves in the exploration. At the same time, if one is inclined to doing so, a soul can find their own truth, what matters to them and puts themselves on the path to something better.

Sometimes a change can do you good. Sometimes that change comes in more ways than we imagine. The risk is there of course. The challenge is taking that risk and seeing where it leads you.

  • Title: Broken Wings
  • Author: Rebecca R. Pierce
  • Length: 45 Pages
  • Publishing Date: April 6, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

It tells the story of:

When Valerie Tempest gets dumped by her live-in fiance, she panics, and suddenly needs to be “anywhere but here.” That impulsive “anywhere” finds her on the next flight to Istanbul, far away from any family, friends, or colleagues. A foreign land, a wrong turn, and an impulse buy of an ancient relic puts her face to face with a sexy genie named Kahlil. Is he everything she could wish for, or should she travel on?

Valerie finds herself far from home, thinking about her life, what’s happened, and where she goes from here. Alone, seeking herself amongst the ebb and flow of where she finds herself, things change. A connection is made, a life begins anew, and along the way, Valerie discovers that what she thought was her life was only the prelude to something far better.

The central focus of this story is that of Valerie’s character development most of all. While Kahlil has much to do with that, guiding her, offering her things to think about, and pleasures which Valerie’s ex didn’t seem to care about, the entire work revolves around Valerie’s own need to find herself, decide what she wants to do, and then make the decision to be herself and not what others want her to be.

The progression of Valerie from accepting how things are, just going along with things, to the more fully realized, mature, and most importantly, self-assured woman she becomes isn’t something that makes no sense. The seed of who she becomes is there from the beginning, it takes Valerie making a choice, holding to that, which turns the story forwards.

When Kahlil appears, the interesting thing about him is how he sees himself, what his reality is, and why. There’s a moment in telling his story which, for me, spoke to a certain view that I have about succubi and incubi and at that moment the author fully had me involved. Kahlil isn’t stereotypical, isn’t what one might expect him to be. But that’s clear from the moment he appears and he never betrays himself and his own truths.

The way both main characters are drawn together is told in a way that doesn’t rush headlong into over the top erotica. There is time spent for them to meet, touch, feel each other’s pain and needs in equal measure. That building up of their connection, the passions which come to the fore, is what needed to be told carefully and it is here. When the story turns to being erotic, it simmers at a low boil, a creeping desire that I thoroughly enjoyed. There isn’t a moment when the entwining of Kahlil and Valerie feels wrong, or out of place. There’s a connection which isn’t a fleeting one, it lasts and it makes the work so much better.

The conclusion is emotional, pushing Valerie into a place where her own truths, and that of Kahlil, create something that worked perfectly for them both, closed the circle of the story well, and I dearly loved the ending for how it contrasted with where the story came from.

The only thing I wished for, was to see the “after” when the story ended. The last words, the last moments, offered a direction for the story to take, even if fleetingly so, and I wanted to see part of that. To see Valerie as she became, what that first moment would be like, the possibility of meeting a certain character mentioned in passing by Kahlil would have I think added something that I think was missing at the end. Valerie wanted to find her equal, her soulmate, her life. The story ends just as that begins. It would have been so lovely to see Valerie be who she was meant to be for so long.

Simply one of my favourite incubi books of 2016. The story is deep, strong and complex, the characters are real, with their souls bared and needs open to be seen. A scene of love, compassion and understanding throughout the story leads to a moment unexpected and an ending that was perfect in so many ways. My only wish is that the moments after the final words were told to complete the circle for Valerie.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

I simply adored the story, the characters and more. A very unique and captivating view of the myth of succubi and incubi, of who they are and what their purpose is. Finding oneself is always a promising story idea. Finding oneself and then becoming who you really are is the better story. Here the author created something wondrous, something with heart and soul.

Those are, always, the best stories of all…



Oct 22 2016

A YouTube of the Queen of Pain in Dota 2

I’m sure there are a lot of gamers that know Dota2, have played it and so on. It’s a game that I really know nothing about, save for what I have read on Wikipedia and so on. I found a view of the Queen of Pain, a succubus, who can be played.

If you can’t see the video here on the Tale, try this link:


Here’s an image of the Queen of Pain, in the character setup screen as well, and I think she’s interesting…

Dota2 Queen of Pain

Certainly a unique look for this succubus character, I’ve mentioned before there aren’t a lot of blue skinned succubi to be found. Her wings are rather unique, but she needs a tail in all honesty I think.

Just something a little bit different to share, even if she can’t be played as succubi should be…



Oct 21 2016

A Review of Impaled by the Incubus: A Sexual Demon by J. D. Braxton

Impaled by the Incubus: A Sexual Demon by J. D. Braxton

Impaled by the Incubus: A Sexual Demon by J. D. Braxton

The thing about writing very short stories is that there are opportunities missed. The semblance of a plot gets left to the side, characters that need to be explored become afterthoughts. Most of all, and this is the largest issue. compression of detail becomes the need to summarize. For story, never mind erotica, this never works well.

The transformation of a character from who they were to something they never were to be, offers the possibility of adding layers to a story. To bring about conflict, passions, needs and, most of all, the desires to be fulfilled. Handwaving and summarization does not do justice to what could be the better story by far.

It tells the story of:

Heidi McCormick wanted nothing more than just to be a normal happily married housewife. It was all put in jeopardy when an Incubus Vampire Hybrid takes possession of Heidi. Lucky for Heidi she comes from a family of powerful witches.

Heidi wishes for something more, out of her own sense of her life spiralling away from her. Answered by an incubus, who offers something she desires, her life transforms and she is called to him. But there are those that want the Heidi they love returned and that battle will come to pass for them all.

The thing about this work is that it reads, very much, like a summary of a larger story. That’s to say there’s not a lot of time spent in character development, little in the way of a cohesive plot. There’s no understanding about who the incubus character is, they aren’t even given a name. Actually, from the perspective of this being a story about having incubi appear, they really don’t do much for the majority of the story.

When they do appear, it is a fleeting moment that reads as being very disjointed and hard to follow at times. The erotica, such as it is, has little to no heat in it for me, the incubi themselves are barely characters overall. There’s more time spent in telling about what are minor characters in the story than there is for Heidi, or for that matter her husband and family. This is a shame because there should have been more time spent in telling about Heidi’s life, telling about those that live around her. The scattered explanation about the incubi leaves so much that could be told, but isn’t as well.

Then, beyond all of that, comes Heidi’s transformation. It happens so quickly, the moment passed with little bits of change that are skimmed over. These are important things, they could have happened over time, or there could have been more of a reality shift that what actually happened. The “new” Heidi was an opportunity which the author didn’t do anything with. I could see, and really it’s so very obvious, that Heidi’s new self could have been, and really should have been, a succubus. But that didn’t come. What did left a enthralled soul and not a character behind. It sucked, quite literally, the life out of the story and the possibly for something better to be told.

The chase after Heidi, which brings in additional characters, is a series of short little moments, disjointed and not really connected or telling about what happens other than in passing. That again is a missed opportunity for expanding on the story. The seduction isn’t, the moment is fleeting and when the climax comes it falls flat for how rote and insignificant it reads.

The work really needs to be expanded on. I could see ten moments that could have been pages upon pages of exposition, character development and more. But none of that was used and it needed to be. Summarizing erotic scenes doesn’t work. Skimming over events doesn’t help in understand the story. Most of all, the telling of redemption, of fighting for someone, can’t be revealed in two sentences and a footnote scene. This could have been so much more, I expected that, but it didn’t happen. That’s the real shame here.

One pitchfork out of five.

The opportunity to use Heidi’s transformation further in the work than what was is the single most disappointing point of all. There was a clear path to take, but the author didn’t touch it, or try to explore it. Instead the just used the new Heidi as a means to get to the next scene, to pull the other characters along. Passing over plot, character development, even story for what amounts to a series of moments of teasing doesn’t make for a good story.

Taking what amounts to an outline, expanding on it, making this the story that is needs to be, would be. That, most of all, would interest me just for the sake of Heidi being more than the sexy threat she became. A lot more.



Oct 21 2016

A Review of Consuming His Passion by Quinn Dixon

Consuming His Passion by Quinn Dixon

Consuming His Passion by Quinn Dixon

The thing about creating succubus characters is that they can’t be simply “evil” or “have a need” alone. To say that they appear in a story for a singular purpose is one thing, but then to offer some other story ideas and not allow them to play out is a little disappointing.

Sometimes in the telling of a story, the characters become thin, almost transparent to the reader. It’s more of a problem when there isn’t a connection with them, and that’s more the shame when the erotica comes into play. Heat without passion isn’t really all that desirable… No matter how skilled of a succubus the main character is.

  • Title: Consuming His Passion
  • Author: Quinn Dixon
  • Length: 45 Pages
  • Publishing Date: April 9, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

It tells the story of:

Angelica is intent on finding this year’s victim to gain her power and live another year as a gorgeous 25-year-old. But this year she is having a hard time finding the right man – until Joseph shows up.

Rude and overly confident, he fits the bill. But will he leave the room alive once the succubus is done with him?

Angelica is on her annual hunt to find someone to give her the thing she needs. But she is particular about whom she takes and Joseph ticks all of the boxes in the worst way possible. A sip turns into something more when he awakens her dark side and what comes next is more than Joseph expected things to be.

The work is told from Angelica’s perspective and it’s a rather odd one overall. She’s very clinical in her thinking, there’s little or no passion, no emotion. She simply is looking for a victim to draw into her power and then take a portion of their live to continue her own. Angelica seems to be not quite a stereotypical succubus in that she has certain rules that she feeds by and i have to admit that those rules I thought offered an interesting view into who she is.

The problem is that all of the hints, the thoughts about her past, the moments of decision, really aren’t explored very much. While the work is said to be 45 pages in length, there is a bonus story, which means Angelica’s story is slightly over 25 pages. Thus the work is more of a hot flash with some introduction, some set up for the erotica, and then the majority of the work is Angelica having her way with Joseph before his personality grates against Angelica’s own and then the work takes a turn for the darker.

There’s some succubus mind control and manipulation which was quite good, but beyond that the actual erotica didn’t have much heat in it for me. I didn’t like Angelica nor Joseph from the beginning of the work and that makes it very difficult to care about either of them, or see the heat simmering as the story is told. There’s a distinct lack of emotional connection overall and it’s the single flaw in this work.

Being privy to Angelica’s thoughts, it’s odd to see her thinking about things outside of what she is doing with Joseph. It seems very much like she’s done this so many times that she is acting by rote, almost bored. Even when Angelica is pleasuring herself and Joseph, there’s not any emotional heat in her words. It takes Joseph being very unkind for Angelica to find her emotions, to push herself into a different state of being in the moment.

At that point, the story became hotter, but at the same time, what Angelica’s attentions do to Joseph are odd. There’s a kind of reality disconnect around Joseph, which is odd, and when the story comes to a close, the ending left me wanting for how dispassionate Angelica returned to being and her last thoughts about what had happened.

I just found Angelica simply dislikable from the first to the last, the heat in the work wasn’t what I had expected it to be either. There’s some real difficulty to finding heat when both main characters simply do not make a connection with the reader. I wish the author hadn’t taken the story in the direction they did, being rather a stereotypical direction for Angelica as a succubus to take.

Three out of five pitchforks.

I found myself thinking of a better story, actually two of them. What would Angelica’s reaction be to taking from someone good, which she avoids, or more interestingly, what if she took from someone that thought they were “evil” but weren’t? What happens then? That’s the story that I wonder about for who Angelica seems to be. This story had its moments, but didn’t find its footing in my eyes.