Jan 05 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 210

This is the eighth and final week of a series of posts for the Succubi of the Week featuring the work of an artist on DeviantArt that has created some wonderful sexy Succubi…

The artist is Darthhell, and this week, I wanted to share what I think is a striking image of Morrigan Aensland in flight…

Butt In The Moonlight Flight by Darthhell

Butt In The Moonlight Flight by Darthhell

This work is called Butt In The Moonlight Flight, which does make me smile really… But really there aren’t a lot of works of Morrigan in flight, clothed or otherwise, which is a shame.

This work was created in 2010, and you can find this image where I originally found it here on DeviantArt.

I like this work for the sexiness in it, but it’s not crass or overwhelming really… She is souring through the clouds, enjoying the moment for what it is. The pleasure of being free to be who she is and that, really, is what gives this work it’s special touch…

Please do visit Darthhell’s site on DeviantArt for lots of wonderful 3D art!



Jan 04 2012

Devil Woman Costumes should not be glazed…

Welcome to the first costume on the Tale for 2012…

I just wish it was a better one than this one…

Classic Devil Glazed DressThis is called the Classic Devil Glazed Dress. The name alone makes me cringe and the costume isn’t that much better really…

It comes with a  glazed lycra rhinestone dress with a zippered front, a pair of devil horns and a pitchfork.

It sells for $137 US. Fishnets and shoes not included.

I suppose there is something good in this costume, but I’ll be darned if I can find it.

Son’t like the sparkly horns, which are supposed to math the dress… I fail to see how they do exactly. The collar looks lousy, the zipper on the front of the dress honestly ruins what could have been something reasonably good.

I think that the dress looks too heavy in the material they used, the pattern on it only serves to point out that zipper on the front, as if you wouldn’t be focused on it over the rest of the costume…

Overall I just don’t like this at all.

So we begin the year with yet another zero out of five pitchforks for a costume…

I hope that there will be fewer of them…



Jan 03 2012

Desires 11

The future is what we make of it… And what you make of it matters in the end…


Desires – Beach Oasis

By MacroLass and Tera S

Part Eleven


The heroine grinned sheepishly. “Probably. I hope I wasn’t any bother…”

She was a bit surprised at Tera’s familiarity as the tail wrapped about her but was honestly feeling way too mellow to make a fuss.

“Yeah, maybe we wi….” Her words were cut off by the succubi’s kiss. She quivered and sighed, feeling a surge of…something inside of her.

“I…I’d like that,” she continued as they parted. “Just…gimme a little warniung next time, okay?”

She grinned, winked, and then stepped back into her world.


Tera watched Flexi disappear into the portal and then, as it closed, she walked to the bar on the beach and looked around for a moment. She put a cold drink on the countertop and was looking for another when she heard someone approach the bar.

She didn’t look up as she said, “And now you know. I could have told her. But you wouldn’t let me. And you know why I couldn’t do it… Her future would be changed and I can’t do that to her…”


A slightly older Flexi stepped out from the foliage. She was less plastic looking than her younger self, much more animate and human looking. Her figure, while still in the ‘porn star’ range wasn’t nearly so exaggerated; she was no longer the manufactured sex toy who existed only to satisfy her Master’s lusts.

She came up behind Tera and wrapped her arms around her (twice over), kissing the nape of her neck. “She…I…needed to grow on my own, Mistress Tera,” she answered softly. “I was so weak back then. If you’d told me the truth I wouldn’t have been able to break away on my own. And if you HAD intervened…I would have just been trading one owner for another. That wouldn’t have been fair to either of us.”

She keened softly, starting to kiss her way down the demoness’ back as her hand stretched down and parted her two perfect asscheeks. “I love you so much and for so many things,” she moaned in a voice thick with passion. “But most of all, I love you for letting me….be me.”

Her tongue elongated and started to swirl about the succubi’s tail as she knelt reveretly to worship…..

Fade to black………………

And so ends the first story of Desires… Much love and hugs for MacroLass… It’s been far too long …

More to come…




Jan 02 2012

A Moment for a Missed Friend

Today marks two years since the passing of a dear friend of mine that I knew as Danny Lilithborne. It is still something that I haven’t gotten over and I don’t think that I will for a long time to come…

Rest well Danny… All is just a dream…

Love, Huggles and Dreams always…


Jan 01 2012

A Review of Hot, Hexed, and Bothered by Lori Green

It’s a new year and the first tale post will be a book review. But not a Succubus story, but an Incubus one that is, in its own way, an odd but silly story indeed…

Hot, Hexed, and Bothered by Lori Green

Hot, Hexed, and Bothered by Lori Green

The work tells the story of:

Hell just isn’t what it used to be. When witches Caryl and Mikki travel to Hell to rescue an incubus, they discover that nothing really is what it seems. From wickedly sexy Destroyers to Satan’s overly-innocent efficiency expert, these witches might be over their heads in the hottest trouble Hell can show them.

I find it difficult to write stories that have a good deal of silliness and laughs in them. That’s because to find a balance between telling a story, keeping some tension in it, and not lose the laughter is not an easy goal to accomplish in writing I think.

This work really has a lot of silly moments in it. When the world of the devils appears, the characters are not at all what you would expect, the situations are so weird and unexpected. It’s hell, but a hell that is twisted through a funhouse mirror and that makes for a story that does have laughs and giggles throughout.

But here’s the thing. There is, I think, a bit too much silly for the serious moments that arrive to confront the characters. That is to say that having a moment of insanity meeting a really seriously bad thing that might happen to the characters is jarring at times.

Getting to the incubus in the story, I found him to be not so much an incubus as a very naughty devil in both the devil world and otherwise. There isn’t much sex to speak of in the story and what little there is, isn’t anything inspiring really…

Mostly it is a quick look at the aftermath or interrupted moments of pleasure that serve to drive the characters a little nutty. But since they are in sort of a personal hell, that has to be expected doesn’t it?

I found the story to be somewhat difficult to read through, I stopped several times in order to get my mind around what the characters were getting into and why. For example at one point they visit a McDonald’s in order to get into the underworld which to me was just odd and honestly started the spiral into weirdness that the characters face.

Overall, I can’t honestly say that I liked the story. I just found the frantic actions of the characters, the infighting and the almost airheaded thoughts of two of the witches bothered me more than I would have expected.

I also have to admit that the appearance of the Incubus in the work seemed to be almost as an aside. Now I can understand that because the story was about the witches and the demons, devils and the incubus were supporting characters. And that’s fine, that was the point of the story. But I found that I didn’t care about the witches all that much and by the end I didn’t care about any of the characters at all which was disappointing to me.

I’ll give this work two and a half pitchforks out of five.

Just didn’t meet my expectations I’m sorry to say…



Dec 31 2011

The 2011 Succubi Year in Review

2011 was another good year for Succubi and there are quite a few events that came to pass that placed Succubi into the public consciousness. The following are the ones that the Queen of the Succubi thought were important, at least to her and what she thought of each of them…

So here, in mostly order from best thing to not so much so, are my top ten of Succubi moments for 2010…

  1. Lost Girl Television series – We had the second season of Lost Girl this year. The season was extended to 22 episodes, it was picked up by SyFy and shown around the world, and the series has received the green light for a third season to be produced and shown in 2012. The series continues to get good ratings in Canada and starting in January it will be shown in the United States as well. Quite a few surprises have happened in the current season, and I personally hope that the quality of the writing in the series will continue to improve.
  2. The Devil Girls – The two Succubi of the Sinfest online comic series had a lot of time this year. Fuchsia, my personal favourite of the two, grew a lot this year and made some choices that will, I am sure, have repercussions in the future. As well, Baby Blue came to realize what matters to her and it’s my personal hope that the two of them leave the Devil and go off on their own. I hope anyway…
  3. Locus – The last issue of this online comic series by artist Adam Black began recently and this event marks the end of a series that I found to be one of the most thoughtful and involved with Succubi as main characters in it. This past year has had a lot of literally Earth shattering moments in it and I expect, knowing Adam, that the finale will be outstanding and nothing like I can possibly expect.
  4. Thaumatology Book Series – This year saw the appearance of the Thaumatology book series by Niall Teasdale, which is, for me personally, my favourite book series with a Succubus in it. There were three books released this year and Niall’s fourth book in the series will be appearing in 2012 and I can hardly wait to see what happens next. Highly, highly recommended.
  5. Astarotte no Omocha! – The Japanese anime series about a rather young Succubus and her world. To be honest when I first heard about this series I was expecting the worst, but that didn’t happen. It turned out to be a cute series that was fun in it’s own way. It wasn’t overtly sexual, which honestly it didn’t need to be, and they sidestepped the manga series’ more adult take on the concept. I honestly would love to see a second season appear of this series, and I hope that someday the story continues.
  6. Lilitu Figurine by Tara McPherson – This past year saw what I think is one of the most striking figurines of a Succubus appear. Based on a piece of art created in 2010, it was reproduced into a figurine. I really like this work in a lot of ways, but having no horns or tail I was slightly disappointed in that. Still, the work itself was inspiring to me in a story I have been working on and for that I am thankful that the artist released this work to the world.
  7. The end of the Georgina Kincaid book series – Richelle Mead brought her book series about the Succubus Georgina Kincaid to an end this year. I personally didn’t like some of the universe she created, and I found many of the characters too easy not to care about. Still, she brought the series to a close that made sense and that seems to be something that not a lot of authors manage to accomplish in their books. She’s indicated that the story of Georgina has come to an end and she’s moved onto other universes, mostly about vampires, so at this point I won’t be reading anything more from this author it seems.
  8. Catherine – Possibly the most famous Succubus character in a video game of 2011. The game itself turned out to be very popular, more so that I thought it would be to be honest. I also thought it was a nice touch that the truth about Catherine herself isn’t revealed unless you manage to end the game in a certain way. The one thing that bugs me about this game is that we really don’t see much of her in a Succubus form and that is disappointing in that the game says she is one, but reveals so little of her being one in an obvious way. Still, it did add to the Succubus universe and that is good to see.
  9. The Devil’s Rock – Released in 2011, a film set in World War II and the hero of the work has to deal with a Succubus. It was a bit too bloody for me personally, but then most films with Succubi in them go for the blood and gore and not for the sexuality or seductiveness that they should in my opinion. As there wasn’t really a lot of Succubi appearing in movies this year, this is about the best appearance of a Succubus in any film that I saw this year and that’s a bit disappointing.
  10. Any Halloween Costume with any connection to Succubi – I thought that 2010 was a bad year for Succubus costumes, but 2011 surpassed that by a large margin this year and I don’t honestly expect that 2012 will be any better. It’s my personally belief that the mass costume manufacturers have gotten vampires confused with Succubi, trashy with sexy, and have forgotten that it’s the look that counts. It can’t be that hard to design something that looks decent can it? I see so many cosplayers that manage to do it, so why can’t they?

And as for my site… A few highlights for the year that I and Succubus.net had:

  • The Tale now has a total of over 642,000 views in total.
  • The Tale now has over 1,500 posts on it.
  • The SuccuWiki has surpassed well over 2.3 million views.
  • The SuccuWiki contains over 1,500 articles on Succubi.
  • The Gallery of the Succubi has over 1,600 images of Succubi.
  • I submitted another story to the EMCSA archive this past year.
  • The Tale and this site had their fourth anniversary in November.

Not a long list, but then this year for me personally has been a series of ups and downs with a bit too many downs for my liking…

I wish you all a Happy 2012… May your coming year be happy and wonderful for you all…

*huggles and love*


Dec 30 2011

A Review of Demon’s Moon by Niall Teasdale

I’ve been taken by a book series this year by the author Niall Teasdale, and to my pleasure he has released two more books in the series for a total of three so far with another to come soon as well. My first review of his first book, Thaumatology 101, you can find here. This week I will be reviewing the second book in the series Demon’s Moon and next Friday I will be reviewing the third book in the series Legacy.

But first, comes Demon’s Moon…

Demon’s Moon by Niall Teasdale

Demon’s Moon by Niall Teasdale

The story is about:

A PhD thesis on the metaphysical change process of were-creatures, what could possibly go wrong with that? Ceridwyn Brent, thaumatologist and sorceress, figured it was just a matter of getting a few friends together, putting them in the middle of a scanning thaumometer rig, collating the results, and writing it all up. No muss, no fuss. She even has one of the rare South American were-creatures to work with, and exciting new insight into the process to write up. Her doctorate is a shoe-in and her personal life with Lily, her half-succubus “pet” has never been better.

But something is going on among the werewolves. Dane, leader of the North Hills pack, believes that an old menace is returning to Britain. Alexandra, the enigmatic Alpha of the Battersea pack believes that Ceri is the only person who can stop that menace from doing something which will threaten mankind as well as the wolf packs. When werewolves across the country suddenly go to war with each other, Ceri and Lily have to go to war themselves to save their new friends, and Ceri must find “The Fair One” before the Winter Solstice. For then, beneath the Demon’s Moon, the fate of all werewolves will be decided.

There are two things that I like… One is curling up with a good book… The other is looking up from finishing it and realizing that I spent seven hours reading and didn’t stop once. This work gets both of those check-marked off… Another engrossing story from the Ceri universe that is lovely in every way.

The story itself builds in an interesting way in that we get hints about what might be happening through most of the story, but the actual revelation of what the threat is, how that threat is coming to pass, and what can be done about it, are kept away until the right moment to reveal them. I thought that seeing the way this universe works, especially in its government and how it guards its secrets, was fascinating.

The characters grow, the world is more and more detailed, and most of all, the underlying plot, which I will not spoil, made a lot of sense. I didn’t see the resolution of the plot at all, I had an idea, but it didn’t turn out the way I expected. But the climax was everything I could have asked for. You created a world within a world for the weres and what they have as their own society which was well explained and brought a lot of questions from the pervious story to their logical ends… bravo!

The book itself mostly focuses on werewolves in this universe and the author has constructed a society and structure for it that serves well for the characters to live in but also doesn’t feel like something that was added as an afterthought to the story. It has a core relevance to the book, it’s important, and you need to pay attention to it. I thought it was interesting that even within a society were, generally, all of the characters are weres of some kind, the social structure broke into small groups with their own opinions of other groups they were attached to, by biology at least if little else sometimes.

I can’t honestly call any of the characters in the work minor ones really… That is to say, there is no point at which you can look at one and think that having them there was a bad idea. What’s more interesting is that minor characters from the first book grow into major ones in this book and vice versa to an extent. In doing so the mythos of this universe is enriched and it makes reading the work, and the series, more gripping as you care about the individual characters more throughout the book.

Lily, my favourite half-Succubus was central in the story again, which I enjoyed… I loved the way that Lily grew in this story and how her relationship with Ceri is progressing. I think that I like this smarter and more… passionate Lily as she comes to realize, and I hope, to help Ceri realize what she can do. I also liked that we learned some of the fears that Lily has through the story, and also how much she loved Ceri and would, really I think, if it came down to it, die for her, which I hope never happens in the series.

Ceri, the heroine of the series, I also think grew up a lot in the course of the story, though there were two moments where I was a little squeamish at what happened to her. But she didn’t break and I think that in the end, you have to place your characters into jeopardy… and Ceri seems to be into a lot of that doesn’t she? Ceri is hurt, there is no doubt of it, but she pushes through that hurt in order to battle the evil that wants to turn the werewolves to its goals. That shows a great deal of character in herself, but, I think that it also shows that Ceri is vulnerable in other ways which I expect the author to explore in the future.

Solidly written overall, it kept my attention throughout, and I eagerly turned the pages wanting to see what would happen next. There are some sexual scenes in the book, but like the first book they aren’t the point of the work, but endeavour to solidify the relationships between various characters.

Lily showed some of her Succubus powers in the work, but she didn’t go so far over the top that I didn’t like it when she did so. What was interesting, and happens somewhat in each book so far, is that Lily treats her powers and her relationships with others in the book as just being the way things are. However, and this is the part that I like, you can sense how proud Lily is with Ceri after a battle with what she did… mind you it makes Lily just ever so slightly horny when Ceri displays her power. Then again our Lily is connected to someone that is very special in this universe and that is becoming more clear as each book comes to its end.

Lots of questions left at the end, but that’s just fine as, of course, book three has appeared with its own trials and tribulations for our heroines and friends… I saw a lot of foreshadowing of what the next book will be about, and if I am right, then Lily and Ceri are going to be in a lot more trouble personally next time… and honestly, if that trouble reveals more about Lily, then I’ll be okay with that…

I’m giving this work, like the first book, five pitchforks out of five.

The work expands on the first book well, the characters develop in ways that are a joy to see, and most of all, the story is a gripping one. I also liked that there are some openings in the plot for the story to continue smoothly into the next book, which will have Lily facing her own demons in a lot of ways…

All are the marks of an excellent story teller and I look forward to reading the next book in the series…