May 04 2012

A Review of A Succubus for Christmas and Other Tales of Devilish Delights by M. E. Hydra

One of the authors that I have followed for some time is named M.E. Hydra, or as I have known them from the Literotica days, Many Eyed Hydra. I’ve always been taken by their writing style and their ability to tell a good hot story… especially when Succubi are involved. They have several books which contain most of their stories available for some time now. Three of them are anthologies of short stories and the fourth is a full length work. Over the next little while I will be reviewing each of them on the tale, starting this week with A Succubus for Christmas and Other Tales of Devilish Delights.

A Succubus for Christmas and Other Tales of Devilish Delights by M. E. Hydra

A Succubus for Christmas and Other Tales of Devilish Delights by M. E. Hydra

This collection of stories is about:

Beautiful, seductive, enthralling, sensual, irresistible…deadly. The succubus is an enduring icon of myth, a demon that seduces and sleeps with her prey before taking their life and soul. In this collection M. E. Hydra brings you thirteen erotically charged tales of sexy succubi and other exotic creatures. In A Succubus for Christmas a man discovers his surprise sexy gift also possesses a dark side… The Masterton Covenant asks how much would you risk for one night of perfect pleasure… Four men are taken to a very special place in Flesh Pitchers of Prague… A tough demon slayer discovers why ‘Men can’t fight them’ in Slayer vs. Succubus… A man gets his Happy Ending in a sensual massage that touches him right to his soul… A former soldier tries to resist the wiles of an exotic alien queen in The Coils of Aenictia. Prepared to be enthralled, aroused and terrified by these and other tales of dark, seductive beauties. They’ll give you pleasures beyond your wildest dreams, and terrors beyond your darkest nightmares…

This work is a series of short stories by the author M.E. Hydra, and as such I will review them all in short form before I review the work in its entirety:


A Succubus for Christmas – Steven receives a gift from two friends of his through which a Succubus is summoned to him. He discovers the pleasures of a Succubus in bed… in the shower… on the couch and so on. But the problem is what happens when the price has to be paid for what you receive? Some very hot scenes, but the climax of the story and the reveal therein was an interesting twist on things. Somewhat violent towards the end of the story, but not excessively so compared to the heat of the story.


The Masterton Covenant – An old man tells of the story of when he summoned a Succubus and entered into a covenant with her, living to tell the tale. In truth a very interesting play on the “contractual” agreements that appear in many stories between humans and Succubi or other devilish beings. I did find that what the Succubus did to the teller of the story was very, very evil and made complete sense considering what she is, a Succubus, and what the result of having sex with one normally results in. Again, lovely hot scenes that quickly spiralled into something much darker. I thought the “voice” of the teller both in the here and now, and the past, were very well separated. I also thought that the Succubus was quite an interesting character in her own right and would like to know more about her.


Bubble Bath – A man enters a shop and finds himself purchasing a container of bubble bath with some very unique effects. Really a very hot story for the start to the inevitable finish. A really unique means of a Succubus being summoned and one that will stay with me for a while I think. Lots of questions left at the end, but overall a nice, tightly written short Succubus story.


Flesh Pitchers of Prague – A stag party visits Prague and gets thrown out of a club for being idiots. Seeking a quick lay, they take the advice of a cab driver and go off the beaten track to a place that promises something of a once in a lifetime experience. Probably the most horrific of all of the stores. Not really a Succubus story, and I won’t spoil it mind you, but, the squick factor is fairly high in this one. Personally my least favourite of all of the works in this collection.


Hookah’ed – A hitman is sent into the den of a Don in order to steal some information. When he discovers that the Don has no security and seems to be surrounded by hot women, the job looks to be an easy one. It’s an interesting crime story of what it might be like if Succubi were in the mob. I didn’t think much of the way the Succubi made the hitman breathe in their aroma, but that is a minor nit really. Overall a hot story and the last few lines did make me laugh.


Pool of the Undine – A drunken camper gets caught in the rain and takes shelter in a cave with a pool in it. And something living in the pool draws something out of him eventually as well. Not a Succubus story, not really. I have to say that I don’t like water sports and the moments of that in the story I skimmed over. I didn’t like the male character much, well really drunker Englishmen with no manner really do nothing for me in the first place, so, I just didn’t find myself really getting into this story all that much.


Slayer vs. Succubus – The greatest of all of the Church’s demon slayers finds out that a Succubus is inhabiting a monastery. Being the greatest of them all, he confronts the Succubus. Problem is that he’s a man, she’s a Succubus, and that means some real problems. I think this is the second of my favourite works in this collection. Lots of Succubus powers, seduction and erotica in the story which I enjoyed quite a lot. I liked that the Succubus wasn’t so much evil as she was seduction incarnate, which I think Succubi should be. Lots of lovely descriptive moments and an excellent read overall.


Arachne’s Web – A man finds a website owned by a model named Arachne and, over time, falls into her web. Not really a Succubus story though at the beginning it had all of the appearance of one. A good deal of horror in this story, the ending is very much so. Didn’t really enjoy it personally, though the writing was excellent, the characters strong, and the effects of Arachne on the main character were really well told.


Wrapdance – Some friends visiting Moscow leave a club and search for a better one, which they find, that has erotic women dancing with a secret. Some good heat in this story, the succubi are interesting and sensual, if the reveal is a bit on the horror side and less on the erotic side.


The Coils of Aenictia – A town is held within another dimension, under attack by horrific creatures bent on destruction. A human warrior faces them and his past. Not a Succubus story, more of a “fall into another dimension and what happens next” sort of story. For the most part it didn’t interest me, there was a lot of horror in the story overall. Again very good writing and for those that like horror, it’s well done. I did find that the being the human warrior faced was much more than she seemed to be in the beginning, but it was the struggle to resist her that I think is the core of this story and was telling about both characters.


Squeezed – A superhero faces a new supervillainess in his small town. The problem is that she’s not like any supervillain he’s faced before. I have to say that superhero stories aren’t really my thing to be honest. The villianess isn’t a Succubus, anything else would be a spoiler so I won’t reveal that. I will say that I couldn’t help but giggle at the hero and the supervillainess’ names… Just too funny and well played I thought for the setting. A nicely done story that I did enjoy.


Happy Ending – A man looks for a gift for his wife, and instead finds a small shop with a woman that promises a massage beyond belief. A very hot story with a Succubus tangentially connected to the story. Very hot, really did like it even though the Succubus was only fleeting in the story.


Incall with a Succubus – A politician is told to visit a “professional relaxation therapist” by a friend. He does so and discovers that Succubi are very real… And some of them, one in particular, has a soul of her own. This was, by far, the one story in the collection that was my favourite story. Nicole holds almost all of the traits that I personally see in a Succubi, which is my concept of a, for lack of a better explanation, a Succubus with a conscience and a soul. She’s smart, she’s seductive, she knows her limits and that of those she comes in contact with as well. She gives of pleasures to receive them and in the end, proves that not all things that have horns and a tail are evil. The perfect ending to the collection and I truly enjoyed this story so very very much…


Overall the author writes stories that are exceptionally descriptive, the Succubi when that are part of the story have both their sexual and more demonic sides, but occasionally, like with Nicole in the last work, the horror is muted for the personality of the Succubus.


There is a lot of focus on the horror aspect of this author’s writings, but there is nothing wrong with that really. Each author has their particular focus on stories to tell and if they can do so well, then they should focus on that.


But here’s the thing that I think need be said. This was the first collection of Hydra’s early works and his writing style, themes, and stories do change as you move forwards through his works. Not every story is a personal hit for me, but, if you look, there is a story for everyone…


I’ll give this work four and a half out of five pitchforks.


Good stories, great characters, well written and it shows… I just wish that more Succubi were more like Nicole than what they normally are…

There will be a review of the next work in this author’s series next Friday…

May 03 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 227

Last week on the Tale, I shared a piece of Succubus art from Bruce Colero. You can find it here on the Tale if you would like to see it again, or for the first time… Either way it’s wonderful and you really should have a peek if you haven’t before…

You can see more of Bruce’s works on the Tale that I have shared here and here, and over here, and here too, and as well here, and over there and right here, and here and lastly here too… Yes, Bruce has created a lot of seductive Succubus art and for that I am very grateful…

And, as promised, this week’s Succubi is another one of Bruce’s works…

Succubus Summoned by Bruce Colero

Succubus Summoned by Bruce Colero

The only title I could think of for this art is Succubus Summoned for obvious reasons I think.

She’s a lovely model and I think that the entire scene works really well with her pose. Lovely work with her horns and, of course, her tail is the one that I really love to see… The flames around her are really kind of teasing as they lick around her sex and hide them, even if only slightly…

It always amazes me how Bruce merges real life and his 3D art so well, at times they are almost seamless to me, and in this case, her tail and horns blend really well with her skin, which isn’t an easy thing to do I know full well…

Sexy and powerfully erotic as all Succubi should be…

As always, you can find Bruce Colero’s website here at

One more piece of Succubus art from Bruce next week, she isn’t quite as much a Succubus as the two works I have shared so far, but she is deliciously seductive…

Special thanks as always to Bruce for his kind permission to share his work and I hope you visit his site!


May 02 2012

A new worst in Succubi costumes…

I don’t often call a Succubus or Devil Girl costume the worst ever. That’s a special award that only the worst of the worst achieve, or are doomed to…

Here’s the latest winner of this less than an award…

Fancy Devil LadyThis… mess… is called the Fancy Devil Lady costume. I think that’s a misnomer and honestly if this is someone’s idea of fancy I really don’t want to see trashy please?

The costume comes with a corset style lace up front dress with long sleeves, a collar and a pair of devil horns. Stockings not included, and they don’t help at all honestly…

It sells for $50 US.

So much wrong with this that it’s not even funny. Not in the slightest. The entire thing is ugly, and the tail, there is one, you can just make it out, is laughable. The collar is worthless and the horns are probably the worst things that I have even seen in any costume that I have seen so far and that’s saying a lot honestly.

I hate the hem of the dress to no end. The ripped look is so passé that it amazes me that any costume designer would have used it. The sheer sleeves just add to the ugliness of it as well. The laced corset also makes no sense, it doesn’t help this at all.

There is no way that I can see of making this better other than leaving the package on the shelf with a warning sign so that others do not buy this.

I would give this a zero, and I will, but honestly I would give it a minus two if I could, but the scale doesn’t go that low…

But it easily could get there.

Do not buy. Avoid at all costs.



May 01 2012

Desires 27

Sometimes the song is the point and the point is the song… But can the one listening see what the point is? The Queen of the Succubi would like to know…


Desires – Truths

By MZ and Tera S

Part Fifteen

With a look of longing in her eyes, Tera stood up and walked over to the stereo system that was close by. She turned the system on with a slim red nail and then a song that was cued up already, began to play. As the first notes of the 80s music began. Tera faced away from him, her bum swaying slowly to the beat of the music.

My love, tell me what it’s all about
You’ve got something that I can’t live without

She slipped a hand slowly along her right side until her fingertips began to play with the right strap of her dress. As the music continued, she teased the strap over her shoulder letting it fall partly down her arm. A moment later and the same thing happened to the left strap. She turned around and revealed that her hands were holding the top of the dress against her breasts. She looked at him with total devotion and love for him…

Happiness, is so hard to find
Hey baby, tell me what is on your mind

As he watched, the dress slowly slipped lower and lower on her body, until her firm breasts were displayed to him. Her nipples stood out so hard in her need for him. As he watched and the music played on, one of her hands slipped to lay across her tummy as her other hand began to play with her right nipple slowly. Her eyes never left his as she began to slowly tease the dress over her hips with her fingers. She let out a little moan as the dress’s fabric caressed itself over her bum…

Coz I can’t wait (baby I can’t wait) till you call me on the telephone
I can’t wait (baby I can’t wait) till we’re all alone

And then she simply allowed the dress to shimmy down her legs until it was a puddle of black around her feet. She stood there completely naked to him, the desire and love for him pouring out of her body to him. She slowly slipped a bare foot out of the clothing that lay forgotten around her feet and then a moment later the same happened to her other foot. She paused there a moment, her hands sliding over her now naked body, shivering in her undying love for him…

You know I love you even when you don’t try
I know that our love will never die

She slowly walked closer to him, and then she started to rubs her breasts against the tuxedo that he wore. Her eyes were almost mesmerised by his as she looked into his eyes, totally devoted to making that perfect moment that he had told her of. She gave out a little moan and nibbled her lower lip softly…

Hey darling when you look into my eye
Please tell me you’ll never have to say goodbye

Her hands slipped around his back and then she parted her legs as she began to rub her bare pussy against his pant leg shivering in the pleasure of just being so close to him. The she wetted her lips with her tongue before kissing his lips softly and needfully. Always her eyes looking at him with the love she had for him…

Coz I can’t wait (baby I can’t wait) this is what I’ve been waiting for
I can’t wait (baby I can’t wait) till my love walked in the door
I can’t wait (baby I can’t wait) true love is so hard to find
I found yours, you found mine

Then Tera began to walk him backwards slightly until he fell into the leather chair again. She placed her hands on his chest and then trailed them along his body, just brushing her fingertips over his cock before letting them leave his knees before cupping her breasts and tossing her hair over her shoulder. Her eyes burned with her love for him and she smiled lovingly at him…

I can’t wait (baby I can’t wait) tell me what is on your mind
Got to let you know…
I can’t wait (baby I can’t wait) till you call me on the telephone
I can’t wait (baby I can’t wait) till we’re all alone

She then turned around, her shapely bum wiggling as she did. She reached down to the floor and picked up the thigh highs and the red stiletto heels. She placed the heels in front of her, and then straightened up again, before sitting down on his lap. She nuzzled her hair against his cheek as she leaned against him gently. She raised her left leg into the air and then rolled the hose up her leg slowly sighing happily as she did. A moment of straightening the seams later and her leg was covered in the hose invitingly. She shifted against him a moment and then did the same with her right leg…

Oh oh I can’t wait (baby I can’t wait) true love is so hard to find
I found yours, you found mine
I can’t wait (baby I can’t wait) tell me what is on your mind
No, no, I can’t wait (baby I can’t wait)
No, I can’t wait (baby I can’t wait)

The heels were waiting as she stood up again, her bare bum just in front of him. She slipped her left foot and then her right foot into the heels. She bent over and then slowly buckled the straps for the heels, her bum swaying slowly as she did. When they were on properly, she took a step forward and then turned in place to face him again, the need for him in her eyes as strong, but not as powerful as the love that she felt for him…

Say it one more time
Oh I can’t wait (baby I can’t wait) this is what I’ve been waiting for
Oh I can’t wait (baby I can’t wait) till my love walked in the door

Tera moved to him and then slithered across his body to lay across the seat, her legs dangling in the air to the side. As the last words faded away Tera lay draped across his lap in the chair, dressed in the thigh highs and red heels. She looked into his eyes with love and devotion and then whispered in a husky voice, “I will love you forever…”



And to who has the trap been opened to?

We’ll see…



Apr 30 2012

A Birthday Poem from the Queen’s Heart…

Yesterday was my birthday, and I shared my gift to you all on that day. I received the gift of a poem from my heart on that day and I would like to share it today on the Tale because… Well because it’s wonderful and I want it to be remembered always…

A special day, when rockets blaze
and everyone’s quite keen
to celebrate a day of days:
the birthday of a Queen.

The fireworks were fzy’s bit;
Her Highness was beguiled.
When asked how he’d accomplished it,
her hero simply smiled.

A visitor winged her way in
–a smart, angelic blonde—
who brought temptation, not to sin,
but to refresh their bond.

Tera’s loving incu-bro’
did not spare any effort
but sent her something that would grow
(a cherry tree, you pervert!).

Tail, dressed in something extra hot,
had found a special toy
who, if she recalled where he got
to, might bring special joy.

A small gift came, quite by surprise,
unnoticed, set apart,
and only certain, soooooo green eyes
saw “Huggles from your heart.”

Kitty brought a bowl of cream
and snuggled with soft fur.
“Mistress, today can be a dream.
Come with me, lick, and purr.”

Keith’s gift, eternal, was just right,
something his soul had found.
When asked of it, he let his sight
stray shyly to the ground.

So come out for a stellar fete;
make sure you grab your pair o’
best dancing shoes.  Get ready, set . . .
. . . cheer, “Happy birthday, Tera!”

Thank you my heart for your love and kindness and putting up with my faults and messes that are my writing…

Love and Huggles for you and your Beloved always…




((Storm Clouds will return next Monday))

Apr 29 2012

The Succubi Queen’s birthday arrives…

So, I’ve been told that it is my birthday today… As such I think I should share a present with all of you from me… Or make presents of all of you to me…

Depending on your point of view of course…

GrowUp by TeraS

GrowUp by TeraS


And the story, for posterity…

Once I was a little girl in school. Boys pulled on my pigtails, and stuck them in the ink jars. They made me cry, and never apologized. I teased them, and called them names, I even did some things a little worse …

… but then I grew up …

Once I was a teenager, starting to fill out sweaters nicely. Boys wanted their way with me, and chased me all over the campus. I chased a few of them, too, and kept them off balance. But we never quite knew what to do with each other, at least not quite …

… but I grew up some more …

Now I am the Succubi Queen … at a perfect age, on my perfect day. And you are no boy … I can’t be bothered with boys anymore… But still you don’t know quite what to say, what to do … but you know something? I do … and can you imagine what a succubi like me … at a perfect age, on her perfect day … might wish to do … with someone like you?

I’m in control … and that sounds so exactly right, doesn’t it now?

What will I do with you? … What naughty things are in my mind? It frightens you, just a bit, but excites you much more, doesn’t it now?

I am going to have my way with you… But there are so many ways … which will I choose? I wonder … I wonder …

… Once I was a little girl … but I am all grown up now…

And we’re going to make a perfect birthday present to me of you…


As always, my thanks to my heart for making my words be the way they should be, to my Eternal, my love always, and to my family, huggles always…


Love and Huggles



Apr 28 2012

A Review of Demonsleep: Succubus Ascending by Binger Ray

I know that Succubi, for the most part, are seen as evil beings in literature and of course myth. Personally I don’t care of that aspect of them, and I would rather see the seductiveness and sexuality of them above all else. However, that’s not always the focus of a story with them, the question is whether or not focusing on the horrors of the myth makes for a good story or not…

Demonsleep: Succubus Ascending by Binger Ray

Demonsleep: Succubus Ascending by Binger Ray

  • Title: Demonsleep: Succubus Ascending
  • Author: Binger Ray
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publishing Date: March 17, 2012
  • Length: 66 Pages
  • ISBN-10: 1470060019
  • ISBN-13: 978-1470060015
  • This work at

The story tells of:

When Darrien Salter came into the Langdon family’s life, she already knew their darkest secrets. Little did they know, a tattooed stranger had been living in the attic of their home, hiding in the dark recesses of their rooms, and following them into stores, banks, and restaurants for months. He had good reason. As long as he continued to report their activities to Darrien, he could keep his wife alive… All the while knowing that Darrien was a Cambion, A being half human, half demon, on her ascension path to being deemed immortal and crowned a Succubus: a demoness appointed to steal the souls of men. With her invading their life supernaturally, can this family win against the odds?

Up front, the first thing I should say is that the story is rather violent in nature. All of the characters have dark sides, they all come out, and the dark side of humanity is there for all to see. While most of that is caused by the two succubi/cambion characters in the work, a lot of manipulation, lies, and similar actions all draw the main characters to perform acts that are, really, very dark, occasionally very evil, and that makes it hard to really want to care about any of them.

But here’s the thing, you do find yourself caring about a few of them, which makes getting through the darker parts much easier to do. That’s not to say that the story is happy all of the time, it isn’t, but then real life isn’t always a happy time either. And in this story, the succubi that appear in it make quite sure that the ones they claim are happy at first, but then things go downhill rapidly for them.

The work has some erotic moments in it, certainly the scenes with the succubi taking from their victims have their moment of pleasure, but it is not the core of the story. The central theme is the violence that they create by interfering with other people’s lives. There is drug use, manipulation of events and people, some really awful moments when characters are brought to their end as well. But then this work isn’t about the seductive nature of the succubi. It is a story of just how evil they really can be and are generally seen to be in most works.

So if you are looking for a story with traditionally evil beings, then yes, this story fills that role quite well. The thing of it is, and this I found to be well done, is that the two succubi in this story start out the same in their goals, but by the end one of them is forced to make a change and that leads into something different and interesting for me personally.

The only problem is, at the point I really wanted to see where they were both going to wind up, and I will not spoil that for you, the story comes to an end. Now this does leave a huge question to be answered if the author continues the story and I do think they should because while this book is about evil in all its forms, the next part of this story does not have to go there. It can move towards a resolution between the two succubi and, perhaps, something more than that.

Getting to the succubi that appear through the work, Darrien and Kym, I have to admit that I didn’t like either of them at the beginning of the story. They both seemed to be a bit too manipulative, too self involved and, mostly, were evil for the sake of being evil. While that was their theme through most of the story, Kym turned into something more than that while Darrien, at least to me, didn’t really change from what she was at the beginning of the story, which is a bit disappointing.

The author writes well, there aren’t really any moments that drew me out of the work spelling or otherwise, though I will admit that some of the more horrific scenes were a bit much for me personally. Now that is part of the setting and what the characters are, so you should expect some really violent moments in the work, but I could have done without them for the rest of the story I think held together well without them.

I’ll give this work three and a half pitchforks out of five.

If you are looking for a story that tells of the dark side of humanity and how it can be played upon by beings like traditional, in a way, succubi, this is the story for you.