Apr 16 2017

Everything By TeraS

Today is not the day I normally share a story, but, this April 16th, I need to … for my Eternal, for our family, but most of all to share, a day which brought a dearly loved soul to this world, one who gives those she loves …


By TeraS


Every year, without fail, her son made sure to give a birthday card.

It meant everything to him, to see her smile, to know she was happy he didn’t forget—as if he ever would. The flowers were loved, the dinners together were joyful, and the gifts were always remembered. But it was the card that mattered the most to her. She loved cards, be they for a birthday, an anniversary, some holiday or other, she loved to open the envelopes, read the printed words, but more importantly, see what he’d written to her.

She loved the ones that came with flowers, especially those with carnations. Her son never explained why he preferred red; she, after all, always loved white ones. Still, it was the thought that counted, and he did make sure to bring along both red and white carnations on her birthday.

Still, it was the cards that she displayed on their kitchen table where everyone could see them. They spoke of the love of her beloved, family, sons, daughters, grandchildren, and more. Each and every year, her eldest’s card was the first to appear, to take its place and be shown to all that came.

These were not something to be disposed of. Not something to be brushed away in the aftermath of the celebrations. The love of her family brought the choice—though it wasn’t so much a choice as a heartfelt love—to keep them …

… every one of them.

He always remembered. From the first, covered in macaroni, to the very last, covered in tears, he never missed one. If he had but only enough for a card and nothing more, there would be a card given. He was her son, he loved her, and so it was.

He holds this year’s card, the words within seen by him, known by her, sealed with tears. There’s a place beside her, a spot to lay a card, to be placed beside the red urn carved with white flowers. To keep the love alive, the promise continuing, the hope never ending. The crystal vase beside her will have the red and white carnations, the card will be resting between, bridging the space between.

The family will came to visit, spend time together, sharing in the love of family on this day. The time will go by in a flash, the family going off again, leaving him, as is the way things are, to be the very last to leave. He’ll find a chair, drawing it over to sit with her. He’ll talk to her, wishing her a happy birthday, crying, knowing she heard him.

Tomorrow he’ll come and take the card away, seeing that it wasn’t opened, that none had seen what he’d written inside. The walk from her place, down the stairs, will be in silence, alone, as he doesn’t want anyone to see the drawer opened, the one that only he knows of. It is the drawer she’d locked, to keep what mattered to her safe from other eyes. The card set will be inside, next to the bundles of cards bound by her hand. He’ll stand there, looking at all of them, the tears coming. A whispered word, a quiet wish, then the drawer will be closed and locked once more …

… until the next Mother’s Day …

… until the first anniversary of Goddess calling her home …

…until his Eternal’s Birthday … and then his own.

The drawer holds the tale of love: a mother’s love, a son’s and daughter’s love, a beloved’s special kind of love. All of the love that comes from love she’d given from the first moment and eternally.

He’ll turn from the room, dim the lights, and close the door, leaving the room in darkness and shadow … save for one thing: the light from within the drawer doesn’t go away. The light within himself, the love he has, never will.

For that love, given by a mother to her son, is everything … on a birthday shared in love.

Apr 15 2017

A Succubus Makeup YouTube

I found a YouTube which I think is more than interesting, it’s actually quite useful. Makeup is quite important after all and it that goes wrong, it can make a disaster of the best of cosplays, or just trying to be Succubish on Halloween.


If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

Here is a screenshot of the completed makeup in all of the artistic wonderfulness, complete with a lovely wig and quite lovely horns too.

Succubus Makeup Tutorial by Princessmei

Doing makeup well is a challenge, an art, and being able to pull everything together, to create the illusion that completes one’s look, is something to be noted well.

I think the only thing I do not like about this particular look are the fangs, but otherwise I think she has brought out a wonderfully seductive succubus.



Apr 14 2017

A Review of Odd Bits & Dark Corners: A Smutty Smidgeons Compilation by Tracey DeSanto

Odd Bits & Dark Corners: A Smutty Smidgeons Compilation by Tracey DeSanto

Odd Bits & Dark Corners: A Smutty Smidgeons Compilation by Tracey DeSanto

A review of an cute little collection of erotica with a supernatural theme that I rather enjoyed. While it is not a collection about succubi or incubi, there’s but one story with a succubus in this collection, it does tell a series of thoughtful and erotic tales.

Erotica takes many forms, some are passionate, some are innocent. Some express the forbidden, some the expected. It is, in all ways, the need of the caller that makes the called what they are… and what they will be.

Not all stories end well, some leave questions behind and it is those questions that leave one wondering… why?

The work tells the story of:

Welcome to Tracey DeSanto’s underworld… her dark corner of smutty smidgeons. This is where she lets her taboo fantasies run wild.

Follow Stacy Drake – Girl Detective, as she gets downright personal with a strange boy in the old haunted garage. Learn about what happens to poor William when he can’t get a certain woman off his mind. Enjoy a dip in the Pacific with Vanessa, who is recently divorced, and needs a swimming companion.

A trio of stories with a supernatural theme. One of mystery, one of need, and one of desires. In each the characters arrive at their destinations, just not as they were at the beginning of them..

Each of the works focuses upon a different supernatural being and each tells a different story with its own heat, passion and needs. All are written well, all have interesting characters and the stories are complete in all of the ways they need to be.

The middle work, Nocturnal Emissions, tells of an encounter with a succubus, and so this review will focus mainly upon that story. It’s an interesting tale of falling to a succubus, being ensnared, and then, sadly, the seemingly inevitable ending arrives. It’s expected, and really it’s the single problem with this work compared to the others. This is the only work which ends in a “bad” way. It’s also the only work were the main character is male, which strikes me as an interesting thing as a whole.

All that said, it is a well written story, the seduction, the ensnarement, is really well told, the erotica is lovely and hot. It’s just the ending was rather telegraphed as a whole, I expected what came and really that didn’t need to be I think. While there’s some certainty in what I think of as “typical” stories about succubi, it makes, for me, disappointment.

For the single succubus story: Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

The other two works, especially the first, I felt were far stronger, telling better stories with characters that seemed to be more alive. There was more emotional impact, more mystery. The stories were more thought out, involving the characters in a story that had a lot going on and needing the reader to pay attention to them. It’s a shame that the succubus story didn’t have that same power and I find myself wondering what if it did?

For the collection as a whole: Four out of five pitchforks.

It’s a shame that the succubus story was so expected, so stereotypically so. I had some dearly high hopes at the beginning of the story, but when the end appeared it just took much of what I had enjoyed away. That’s a shame because the other two works were far stronger, far more interesting and captivating. I’m unsure why Angela turned out as she did and I think that didn’t need to be.



Apr 14 2017

A Review of A Blasphemous Easter by Yura Rybak

A Blasphemous Easter by Yura Rybak

A Blasphemous Easter by Yura Rybak

The thing about an erotic hot flash is that many times the story is only about the sex and nothing more. To me, that’s boring and leaves so much story untold that it bothers me. It’s not enough to press two characters together, turn the heat on and then once the moment is past, just end the story with nothing learned, changed or understood.

Sex alone isn’t a story, it adds some flavour, but it doesn’t tell the larger tale. Exploring the characters beyond them being entwined together means telling of why things are, how they came to be. Forgetting that for the sake of writing a short heated scene isn’t telling a story, it’s only part of the story.

The work tells the story of:

Father Johan Cavallo very much appreciates his lover Matthias’ powers as an incubus. But sex on the holiest day of the church’s calendar? Well, let’s just say that it’s a good thing their encounters take place within Johan’s dreams.

Johan’s dreams bring him to his lover, the incubus Matthias and though his desires, both are brought to their release. But a release in a dream is a pale reflection of reality and that reality is an aching thing.

The work is a hot flash for the most part with very little story or plot around the edges. There’s really not much told about both main characters and more to the point, how they came together isn’t explored at all.

The focus is on the characters being together sexually, making the flash have heat, but at the expense of not telling anything more of a story. It’s one thing to tell a story in which the characters have been together for a long time, have a connection and telling that story but not saying why things happened.

As the work is told from Johan’s perspective, there’s really so very little told about Matthias, other than he being an incubus. That means a lot of storytelling doesn’t happen, the work becomes not much more than the erotic scene it is and when that ends, there’s so very little left in the ending.

The ending itself leaves a lot of questions, but doesn’t do anything with them. The ending is cute, and left me with a smile, but otherwise the story just didn’t have a connection with me because of all that could have been told, but wasn’t. It’s a lost opportunity and it didn’t need to be so.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

There’s no history, no explanation of how the two characters came together, why they continue to do so. While the erotica has heat, it’s not enough to hold my interest as really that’s all the story has as a whole.

That’s a shame because there’s a story here, one that I wanted to know more about, but didn’t. Being dropped into the middle of an erotic hot flash is one thing, not having an idea about what’s going on and why bothers me and takes a lot away.



Apr 13 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 482

Morrigan is usually seen in a single look that, for the most part, really doesn’t change all that often. However, there are some artists that change things, create an new look that transforms Morrigan and adds another side to her character. For this, the second week of Morrigan being the Succubi of the Week in a row, here is a look that I think would be amazing for her to show…

Morrigan by tsuaii

Morrigan by tsuaii

This art is by the artist Tsuaii on DeviantArt and you can find the original page here with this art. As well, here is this artist’s page on DeviantArt as well.

There’s a very “tropical” feel to this art of Morrigan and that makes me ponder her being in Hawaii for some reason. It’s lovely to see her being, if not casual, appearing to be more a seducer, a whisper of passion. I think that really works well for her and this artist I believe brought out that part of her character so wonderfully well.

Amazing detail in the dress, her hair and wings. That little smile is perfect, as is the look in her eyes that shows a inner strength, in knowing herself, and more. She seems content with herself, and as such that’s a powerful image in itself.

I love how the dress hugs her curves, how her jewelry isn’t over the top, rather bringing a focal point to her overall look.

One of my favourite images of Morrigan, but there is one more to come that I think is as wonderful…



Apr 12 2017

A Medieval Costume with horns is not a Succubus Costume

Devil Woman's CostumeOnce again it seems that there must be a vast warehouse of overstocked costumes and accessories that need to be cleared out to make way for more tacky ones to hurt the eyes of the unwary.

Why is it that when a pair of horns is added to anything that is red in colour it immediately must be “hot” and “devilish”? For that matter, why must such things just look so tacky?

This is called, and yes, it sounds wrong and looks wrong, the Devil Woman’s Costume. It comes with the dress, the pincer horns and supposedly there is a tail and a pitchfork as well, though there is no clue as to what that looks like. Boots are not included and it sells for $30 US.

I’m not really sure that the costume is exactly as it has been described, mostly because the description isn’t clear on the costume itself, if that rather sad looking cape is part of this mess, or not.

I have the feeling that this costume is more of a mash up of a medieval princess and a devil, but certainly not a succubus by any means.

After all, there’s far too much fluff.

One pitchfork out of five.

I suppose I like the boots, not anything else really…



Apr 11 2017

A Review of Emma Unleashes Hell by Shawn Seward

Emma Unleashes Hell by Shawn Seward

Emma Unleashes Hell by Shawn Seward

Personally I don’t enjoy works that are focused on horror. They simply don’t connect with me, they have very little that I enjoy. That’s not to say that the story isn’t interesting, or there is purpose however. The issue for me is when the story doesn’t make me care about the characters nor really want to know what happens next.

Much of that comes from the descriptions of the horror, sometimes the attitude of a character or two. Possibly the most bothersome point is when the characters do something that is so very “teenage slasher horror film” in tone. I think that could well be a theme that needs to be cast aside for something more interesting.

Telling a story and developing the characters.

The work tells the story of:

Luna runs a website where people can buy occult objects, spells and magic. Now don’t be hidin’ nothin’. I sell satanic books, incubus visits and the darkest fuckin’ curses. She doesn’t care what happens to the people that order. Naw, they be bitchin’ I just press delete on that email I do. If they’s unhappy I delivered what they ordered, ain’t my fault none. It started as a gimmick to make some money but luckily her friend decided to help. He be the best friend to have. Her friend is Satan. Yes sir, and he live in my backyard.

Emma ordered a satanic book online. She invites her friend Cory over to read it. They had been investigating magic and spells together for some time now. And they’s about to get the real ol’ thing! When the book arrives it is more than they had expected. That’s because it was made by ol’ Satan himself.

Anya had a sexual desire that was unable to be quenched. She found a magic store online that sold an Incubus Dream. Figuring it was more than likely fake, she bought it and hoped that she would have the sexual adventure that she always wanted. Man o man, she got that didn’t she. Good ol’ Satan always delivers!

A terrible beast is growing. Rotting flesh and tubs of blood swirl in this things mind. This demon is trying to break free. And Satan’s goin’ be one happy father he is.

Emma casts her spells, sells her wares and in doing so brings about things her customers didn’t expect. Along with that comes some changes for Emma and the emergence of a creature who has needs to be fulfilled.

The work is, at it’s core, a mystery-horror-slasher, with a little bit of erotica on the edges. But the core is the horror, what happens to each character and how that all ties together. As such, the story focuses on the horror, revels in it, and in doing so the characters themselves are really just along for the ride, wherever that takes them.

The incubus of this work is a being of horror, of needful want and in being so there’s really nothing attractive about him. He becomes a vision of giving what you want, just not in the way the character he’s bound to expects. I didn’t find anything really erotic in those scenes, nor in the work as a whole.

All that said, it is a work of horror and in that vein the story does work. But there are points when the characters are odd, their actions stranger still. Other times Emma makes comments and it’s a bit hard to figure out what’s going on exactly. Much of that can be tied to her personality, the language she uses. It does give a tone and flavour to the story, but I found that somewhat distracting as well.

While the characters have depth, they aren’t cardboard, save for the incubus and another character. The writing is very descriptive, it has a clear tone and purpose. But one needs to be interested in the themes which are touched on, otherwise it is a very difficult read as a whole.

Two out of five pitchforks.

While I appreciate the themes in the work, I just couldn’t find my way into the story very much. This isn’t so much a work about an incubus as it is the downfall, or rather continued downfall, of each of the characters. For those that like horror or suspense, I think they would enjoy this work more than I did.