Sep 19 2012

Simply a mistake as a Devil Woman Costume…

Time for yet another Devil Woman costume disaster… I can’t really think of any other way to describe this mess other than a disaster…

At least the image isn’t a large one…
Devil Woman Costume
Ugly isn’t it?

This is called, simply, Devil Woman Costume and it comes with the ugly headpiece, dress, and waist sash. The pitchfork and shoes are not included, not that it helps the look of this costume any…

It sold originally for $25, but it can be found for as little as $15.

And it’s not even worth that honestly…

No tail as well, though if it had one, that wouldn’t make any difference whatsoever to how much I cringe when I see this.

There’s no possible way to make this sexy, seductive or, even a little bit Succubish… You can’t turn something like this into something that it isn’t from the beginning.

I wouldn’t think of buying this, I wouldn’t accept it if I was given money to take it either.

I can’t understand why something like this would be sold in the first place either. You expect some sexy in a costume like this, but there isn’t a hint of it. So why design this costume in such a way to make it look like you are wearing a paper bag?

No rating for this costume… It just doesn’t exist.



Sep 18 2012

Desires 46

You hear hello, now how do you answer?


Desires – Needs

By BFSlave and Tera S

Part Six
He wondered what she meant by “new and old” comment, but chalked it up to her sense of humor. His eyes never broke contact with her’s. She was… different. Special somehow. She spoke softly, yet he could hear every word over the music and noisy crowd. “I do hope that I am not intruding on anything… I would hate to do something like that to you my dear…”

“No, you’re not intruding on anything.” He was suprised that he managed not to sound like an idiot this time. “I was just keeping the stool from floating off” Well that moment of intelligence didn’t last long. he thought critically to himself.

Her head kind of tilted to one side and her raven hair moved over one eye. He could swear he could see it glowing beneath. There truly was something special about her. She quickly brushed it back and gave him the sweetest, most genuine smile he’d ever seen. She offered her hand and said, “Where are my manners! I’m sorry… Please forgive me… My name is Tera. And you are?”

“Oh, I’m Derek” He took her hand and felt an energy move through his body. Not really electricity, but definately powerful. Then, it was like they were alone. No dancers, no music, no crowd at the bar. Just them. “Tera. That’s such a beautiful name.” He stared into her eyes and held her hand. Never breaking eye contact, he lifted her hand and kissed it. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Tera.” He loved the sound of her name. It was like music to him. So was her sweet voice. He stared deeply into her eyes and waited for her to speak….

It’s a good way isn’t it?



Sep 17 2012

Wholesome. Addicted. – Part One By TeraS

Some know that one of my favourite podcasts is called Wholesome Addiction and you can find the link to their site in the sidebar to the right of this post. A long time ago, Sean, one of the hosts, and I had a little email conversation about the cast, the music and other things about it.

That led to a discussion over the succubus that they have as their mascot on their site and their feed for the shows. Eventually he was kind enough to send me an image of her and also tell me that her name is Laila.

I promised Sean that I would have a story about her and today, and over the next three weeks I think, I will be sharing the story that I came up with about her.

I hope that Sean , Beef and the Operator like the story. Sorry guys, but the hotness comes a little later in the story… Have to set things up you know… okay, there is a lil hotness here but still…


Wholesome. Addicted.

Part One

By TeraS


My name is Laila and I am one of the succubi.

It’s a long, long story of how I became one, what made me who I am now, and what the future has in store for me. But all stories have to start somewhere …

Have you ever seen an angel? Oh, sorry, of course you haven’t. You are mortal, like I was so long ago so you haven’t had the chance to see one.

Some don’t believe in the idea of angels, even though they find it quite easy to believe in beings like me, with red horns and a heart-tipped tail. Perhaps it is the thought of the power succubi like I have … to make fantasies real … to become … anyone … to create the one orgasm that you’ll never, ever forget.

And I can. Anything is possible for me. I can see your fantasies. Not quite vanilla, are they? That’s all right: vanilla, chocolate, or rocky road … all are delicious and I can make them all so tempting for you. If I want to.

Personally, I like strawberry, though …

Why? Well, if you must know, I—the real me, the one that I see in the mirror when I awake in our Realm—have strawberry blonde hair, ever so green eyes, and … well the rest of it you might discover if you want me enough to allow me to appear in your dreams.

Oh … and if you dream of me, I promise that I’ll be very good. Always. I am very talented with my tongue and lips … especially when I lick slowly along the ridge of a straining cock before slipping my lips around the head and …

Anyway, you are probably wondering when I’ll get past all of this introspective and start with something hotter.

Patience pet. I’ll get there. Anticipation makes the orgasm so much … sweeter.

So, the first thing that I suppose I need to answer is; just how did I … become?

In our Realm, there is a Queen. Her name is Tera. No, wait … that’s getting a little ahead of myself, isn’t it?

“Get … out.”

Those words were followed about ten seconds later by me stumbling out the apartment door as it slammed behind me. The stupid thing was, it was my apartment, and he was another in a long line of idiots that I had been stupid enough to go out with. There wasn’t anything I could really do about it just then. He’d leave at some point, and then I’d get back inside, clean up the mess, and have the locks changed. Chances were that he wouldn’t come back, but there was always the chance he would. I shrugged my jacket on and left for the coffee place around the corner, where I would grab a cruller and a black coffee, read the paper, and wait him out.

I was on the sixth page of the newspaper, when she caught my attention.

“Hello! Would you mind if I took the other chair?”

When I looked up, I saw a pair of amazingly green eyes framed by long, wild, raven hair. God, she was sexy, and I mean that. I wasn’t attracted to women—at least not then—but there was something about her that made me squirm.

It struck me that she was very secure in herself, much more than I was, honestly. She looked … hot. There was a hint of mischief in just those few, short words she had said to me so far, and yet, on the other hand, I didn’t fear her, either.

“If you want. I’m not waiting for anyone.”

She set a cup of what I thought was tea on the table and then brushed her long, red jacket behind her before sitting across from me. I realized then that, while she wasn’t underdressed, and the fuzzy black sweater and stylish pants weren’t over the top, she had this magnetism around her. I’d discover, eventually, why that was.

“Perhaps you just do not know who you are waiting for, exactly.”

I rolled my eyes at that; if it was a pickup line, it had to be the lousiest one ever.

“None of your business …”


I still have no idea why that name fits her so well, even after knowing her as long as I have.


“Nice to meet you.”

The conversation ended there for a time. I read my paper, or at least tried to, as she sipped her tea and watched me, idly. Finally, I folded the paper and started to get up to leave.

“Enjoy the table.”

“No point in you leaving yet. He is still there.”

I stopped in my tracks. What the hell was going on? “What are you talking about?”

She calmly answered—and, darn it all, even when she is calm, Tera can make anyone cum if she says the right thing to them … Trust me, I know. “The man who tossed you out of your place. He’s still in there, drunk. You are better off not going back right now.”

“How do you know?”

“Me? Oh, I’m a good judge of the human condition. You are obviously here for a reason, the state you are in tells me that you left your place in a hurry for some reason. The looks you have been giving that building across the street mean that you are waiting for someone to leave for some reason. The fact you are looking at the places-for-rent part of the paper seven times over means that something there is a problem, so …”

I sighed, but managed to keep a small amount of my humour with me, “You’re sure your name isn’t ‘Holmes’?”

She laughed—and damn if that wasn’t sexy, too. “Oh, it isn’t. I just use Tera … It’s always seemed to be enough.”

I found myself intrigued enough to set the paper back down and myself with it. “Are you a model or something?”

“Oh, nothing like that. At least not recently; the internet and all make that sort of thing a problem sometimes.”

Okay, now I really wanted to know more about this strange woman who seemed so sure of herself. “I’ve never heard of you.”

Again came that laugh that told you she had all of the cards, but you needed to find the right one to get anywhere with her. Never play poker with Tera. I think that’s rule number 42 or something in the Succubi Manual  … “Just the people that need to know me do … Like you.”


“Yes … Do you know what is the most special thing about you?”

“There’s nothing special about me.”

She actually started ticking off fingers … and those were sexy, too. “You inspire people to write with passion. You help others to see what they could be. You’ve done so without asking for anything in return …”

“You’re full of shit.”

Even her smirk was squirm worthy: “Tisk tisk. Such language!”

I suddenly realized that whatever it was about her, she wasn’t someone whom I wanted to disappoint. The reason for that came later. “I’m … sorry, but none of that is true. I have never done anything like that.”

She opened the paper and turned it so that I could read it. One long red nail tapped a story in the paper about an artist opening a show and how the critics were raving over it.

“Oh, that’s just Sam. He just needed a kick in the balls to get going.”

“Well I hope he didn’t scream too much when you did.”

I couldn’t help the laughing fit that came over me when she said that. There were tears in my eyes and the world went blurry for a time. I finally got myself under control and blinked them.

And for a moment, just one, I thought I saw a long red heart-tipped tail in the air behind her, the tip looking at me, and a pair of small red sexy horns in her hair. I would come to know them very well …

In the next that vision was gone and she was there, as I first saw her, sipping her tea and waiting for me to get things together. “Are we done?”

“Sorry. I meant that he just needed a push to get going. I knew he had the talent, he just never went anywhere with it. After hearing him moan and gripe about the cubicle job over and over again I gave him hell and …”

It was then when my brain caught up with my eyes: “How do you know?”

“It’s in the paper. He gives you credit for everything. Don’t be surprised if your phone starts ringing like mad.”

I read the article. She kept sipping at her tea—which should have been finished long ago, and then I looked at her again.

“So, are you a reporter then?”

“No. But you seem to be sort of a muse, aren’t you?”

“I’m not sexy enough to be one.”

“I don’t know. The horn rimmed glasses are cute, the clothing is a bit second hand, but I’ll bet … if I cleaned you up …”

“Looks aren’t everything.”

“Looks don’t matter when people see your soul.”

“You are a weird person, Tera.”

“Not weird, just trying to get you to see what good you do and why it matters.”

I sat back in my chair and really looked at her. “There is more to you than you are saying, isn’t there?”

“True. But I won’t tell you, at least not yet.”


“That would be telling.”

I would come to know that phrase was one of Tera’s favorites.

She finished her tea, finally, and then stood up. “Come on, your so-called friend has left. I’ll give you a hand cleaning up.”

I followed her back to my apartment and, sure enough, he was gone. Oddly, a note was stuck to the door saying he wouldn’t be back, and the place … wasn’t as messy as I thought it would be.

“I’m shocked. Normally they leave a mess … and they come back.”

“Maybe he couldn’t.”

“Couldn’t what?”


It had sounded like “cum,” but it couldn’t have been.

I invited her in and, for the next few hours, we talked about my life, my wants, my goals … it was all about me and really not that much about her. It felt right just talking to her about whatever came to my mind, whatever it was. She didn’t judge me, which was something new for me.

Finally, as the sunset turned the city dark, I asked her the one thing that had been bothering me: “Who are you, really, Tera?”

She laced her fingers together, which, I have learned, meant that what she had to say was important. “I am the Queen of my people, and I have a proposition for you. I would like to offer you a gift, and it is a gift that few ever are given: to become one of us.”

“One of you?”

“Yes. One of us.”

And then things got weird. A long red tail, the same as I had thought I had seen in the coffee shop, rose into the air behind her. A pair of small red horns peeked out of the that sea of black raven hair she had.

“I am the Queen of the Succubi.”

Now I know what you are thinking: I should be screaming and running away in panic, right? But here’s the thing: I knew her. I suddenly recognized the hair, the eyes, and the face. In my dreams, she wore a lot less, but I was sure that, if she was nude, I would recognize that little beauty mark on the inside of her right thigh.

And I can tell you that the dreams were very squirm worthy …

“You are the woman in my dreams, aren’t you?”

“Yes. I was attracted to you, and you to me. I’ve always found that people are their real selves in dreams and … well, I like you and I think you would enjoy being part of my Realm.

“And that only costs my soul, right?”

She tapped her lips with her laced fingers and smiled. “Oh, not really. You would become like me—horns and tail and all. You would learn things that you have been wondering about all of your life. But, in the end, the choice is yours, and if you say ‘no,’ then you won’t remember this except as a dream. If you say ‘yes,’ your soul is still yours. You just get a few optional extras.”

“Electric windows?”

Again with that laugh that said in its own way not to worry about things, that she wasn’t hiding anything, she assured me that there was a new world open to me … one that promised much more than what this one did.

“So, what do I do now?”

“You go and take your life back, if you want it. Otherwise, you can pack your things and come with me. It’s your choice.”


“Sure. Why not?”

“Tell me something. If you are the Queen, aren’t I supposed to do whatever you tell me to?”

Her long red tail swished behind her in what I came to recognize as amusement.

“All right. Do the right thing. Always. All else is up to you. Will that work for you?”

I honestly had to think about that for a while and there was only one place that I could, the one place in my little slice of the world where I could try and figure out the big picture in what passed for peace and quiet in the big city.

“I’ll think about it.”

She handed me a silver card with a phone number printed on it in red: “Call me one way or the other.”

After she left, I found myself on the edge of the roof of my building, looking out over the stars, wondering what I was going to do next. Tera had told me to do the right thing, but the problem was trying to figure out what that was.

The answer, when it arrived, was something I didn’t expect.

You know, something just struck me … Almost all succubi have names that end with an ‘a’. I wonder why that is?

Something to think about for the next time I visit your dreams … and I will.

But, for right now, I’ve got you, pet. All you have to do is give yourself to me … just your body for now … I’ll cum and get the rest in due time …

You are all but addicted … and, in the morning, you’ll cum to see why …


Come by next Monday for part two… Where Laila discovers what angels are really like.



Sep 16 2012

A Review of Jessie’s Dirty Little Secret by Jade Twilight

Some concepts about Succubi and Incubi are very interesting to me… And the idea of a family having an Incubus that passes from generation to generation is really an interesting thought to ponder… The question becomes writing a story that gives that concept justice in the story and the characters…

Jessie's Dirty Little Secret by Jade Twilight

Jessie's Dirty Little Secret by Jade Twilight

The story is:

We all have our demons…

Jessie has a secret. She’s inherited Garin, the family incubus. For generations, he’s granted Jessie’s family wealth, power and privilege, but it comes with a price… In return, they must satisfy the demon’s sexual desire.

Now it’s Jessie’s turn. When she proves a match for Garin’s insatiable appetites, her escapades draw the attention of a god who has demands of his own.

Will Jessie sacrifice everything to satisfy her carnal desires?

The first thing that I should say is that this work doesn’t seem to be available any longer at either of Smashwords or Lyrical Press either. That’s a shame really as the story itself is really quite good, the characters as well thought out, and the world itself makes a good deal of sense…

On to the review itself then, Jessie’s grandmother has passed away, and as a result of this, she has been given the family’s secret… an incubus named Garin. There are two problems however that she has to deal with, one is her boyfriend, the other is her girlfriend… oh and then there is the problem of a certain horned being not named Garin that wants Jessie for his harem… and other things…

I liked Jessie. she’s a bit headstrong, a little niave occasionally, but in spite of that, when Garin seduces her, she starts to become quite adventurous in bed, and other places, with him. This of course leads to some very hot scenes with mortals and then with immortals as well.

I thought the world of the Incubi and Succubi was interesting. The connection with their “God” and what their society is like, from what little is given about it, really makes for some interesting reading and there could easily be an entire series in that.

Some very steamy sex scenes in the work, there is quite a lot of bondage, toys, and menage a trios as well to see. For the most part I didn’t mind that until at one point in the story the bondage became very rough and Jessie was hurt physically to the point of pain. That personally for me is a turn off, but thankfully the author didn’t dwell on that too much and it passed quickly.

No real errors in spelling or grammar or anything else to speak of, which was nice to see. It’s a decent length to tell the story of the characters and not make it exclusively about the sex scenes as well.

There are no horns or tails on the Succubi or Incubi that appear in this work, save for their “God.” Whether or not that is supposed to mean something isn’t made clear. What is made clear is that Incubi and Succubi live off the energy given from humans when they orgasm, but they can feed on each other as well. However according to the one Succubi in the story, and Garin, the energy isn’t “as sweet” as a human’s is.

I would have liked to have found another story to add to the world the author created here, but there isn’t one to speak of. The author has written other works about other mythical beings, but not Succubi or Incubi again as far as I have been able to see…

I’ll give this work three and a half pitchforks out of five.

The work tells a story, makes it hot, and ties up a lot of loose ends at the end, but there isn’t a lot of background to read about, which I like to see. I would have liked to know more about the Succubi in this universe, but that didn’t happen and if they are anything like the Incubi, that would be interesting to know more about.



Sep 15 2012

A cosplayer that is a real life Morrigan Aensland

I found a cosplayer that I think has done a remarkable real life cosplaying of the succubus Morrigan Aensland that I would like to share today on the Tale…

She calls herself Mrs Hyde and this is, really, wonderful I think in so many ways…

Morrrigan Aensland Cosplay by Mrs Hyde

Morrrigan Aensland Cosplay by Mrs Hyde

Now this is just one of several images of her as Morrigan, I’ll share one more of the series that you can find here as well, and you really should have a look because it’s amazingly well done…

Morrrigan Aensland Cosplay by Mrs. Hyde

Morrrigan Aensland Cosplay by Mrs. Hyde

Mrs. Hyde is apparently from Colombia, and she has done quite a lot of cosplaying, her favourite is this Morrigan costume that has won 2nd place in one cosplaying contest she entered it in.

According to her, the costume is the creation of Claudia Arana and is a remarkably complex thing really, but her bosy shape lends itself to Morrigan quite well and I think that the overall look is so very close to the drawings of Morrigan that she is, for the most part, really a real life Morrigan dressed up like this.

She gave quite a lot of detail on how the costume was put together, and it really lets you see how much you have to work at things to make them come together like this so well…

According to her:

The little wings on the head were done with fabric, wire for the structure, sculpting material and plastic old cables to simulate the “bones”. They are fully removable and very light-weighted.

The wig is “Tina” from Cosworx in turquoise, styled and cut by me.

The big wings were done with plastic tubing (pieces of hula hoop to be more precise) with wire inside to maintain the desired shape, then everything was cover in fabric and finalize with some sculpting material to create the tips of the wings and the little bone “claw” at the top. All the materials were chosen especifically to keep the wings as light as posible.

The body is made out of a very strong pleather and it has two small “pockets” behind in wich the wings are inserted, the body holds up because of the strong material and the lightweight wings. On the inside it has a bra cup for support and shape, that comes with clear detachable straps for comfort.

The stockings were died from scratch (I think I messed up about 15 pairs just trying to get the right color T.T), the little bats were painted while I was wearing them with a stencil and a sponge with very little paint to avoid leaking.

The gloves were died from scratch and the feathers are sewn to them in an elastic band to allow me movement on the arms. The band also has little hooks on the ends for attachment to the body.

And the boots were custom made for the outfit.

Of course this description does not come close I think to the, I am sure, months if not years of effort that she put into making this perfect example of Morrigan come real…

Much love and huggles to Mrs. Hyde and Claudia Arana for their work and sharing it with us all!



Sep 14 2012

A Review of A Succubus for Freedom and Other Tales of Obscene Orgies by M. E. Hydra

Time for another collection of stories by one of my favourite authors M.E. Hydra. I reviewed his first collection called A Succubus for Christmas and Other Tales of Devilish Delights here on the Tale. The second collection called A Succubus for Valentine’s Day and Other Tales of Perilous Pleasures I reviewed here on the Tale as well.  The third collection called A Succubus for Halloween and Other Tales of Terrifying Temptresses, can be found here. And a review of their full length novel, Succubus Summoning 101, is here on the Tale. This week on the Tale I will be reviewing their latest collection of stories, the fourth, called A Succubus for Freedom and Other Tales of Obscene Orgies.

A Succubus for Freedom and Other Tales of Obscene Orgies by M. E. Hydra

A Succubus for Freedom and Other Tales of Obscene Orgies by M. E. Hydra

This collection tells of:

You can’t escape. You won’t want to escape.

Succubi and other monstrous femme fatales abound in M.E. Hydra’s fourth collection of wild, warped and wickedly dark erotica. Lie back and enjoy as alluring sirens ensnare helpless prey in thirteen weird tales of sex and horror.

A drummer’s plans to separate his mother from her boring partner go horribly awry when he asks “A Succubus for Freedom”. An arrogant massage parlor reviewer is taught a lesson by a creature of myth in “Naga Massage Review”. In “Come on the Candle”, a student upset over a recent break-up summons a succubus during an arcane rite of cleansing. A young man discovers “What Bad Boys Get For Christmas” after he is abducted by some extremely naughty elves. “Riding the Medusa” details an unorthodox and risky form of recreation for bored soldiers stationed in an adjacent dimension. And finally, a shy man in his thirties finds his virginity and more under threat after he’s “Locked in with a Succubus”.

Prepare to be surprised, shocked and aroused by these and other tales of dark temptresses. They’ll give you pleasures beyond your wildest dreams, and terrors beyond your darkest nightmares . . .

Once again, as in previous reviews of this author’s works, I will be reviewing the individual stories and then the work as a whole:

A Succubus for Freedom – Once again the “gift” that appeared in the story A Succubus for Christmas and A Succubus for Valentine’s Day and A Succubus for Halloween appears to some mortals. A small band comes into possession of the tablet and ask for certain things from it, one of the band asking for freedom. He returns home and has a dream about a Succubus. And then he meets her for real and all hell breaks loose. It really is a story of being careful what you ask for, you might just get it. The story ends on a down note as all of the stories that have to do with the Succubus tablet do, and to be honest I was expecting it so it didn’t come as a surprise when it did. I think that perhaps the underlying theme in this story is one of seeing the truth before it is too late… In this story that doesn’t happen and the consequences are telling. Four of of five pitchforks.

Exile – A man travels in a grey world and remembers something more, something with life, passion and fire. His Succubus that he can no longer touch or feel. It’s very difficult to spoil this story, to me it is obviously who the man is and what his connection to his Succubus is. There is a contrast, and it is a hard, almost violent one, between the memories and the reality. There is more to be told about this man, whomever he is, but we can only really guess and ponder the question he asks in vein. It really is something different from this author, but honestly I think it was one of the most amazing things they have ever written. Five out of five pitchforks.

Guard Duty – A guard is brought in to keep watch over something. He discovers that it isn’t something, but someone, and she’s not human. She’s a Succubus. This is a work that is connected to the series of Don stories by this author, the Don being a mobster that has many, many Succubi working for him. In this case it’s not about the Don, but one of his rivals who is trying to find a way to overcome the Don’s advantage. The story however is only of the guard and the Succubus. I thought it was interesting the questions that were passed between them, and to be honest I would have liked more of that dialog in the story. There are echoes of past works in this one, and I will not spoil them, but it’s very easy to see the connections here. I liked the suspense and the characters, the ending was well done in more than one way. Four out of five pitchforks.

Don’t Fuck the Flowers  – Another in the series of H-Space stories which are really the most horror leaning stories that this author writes. A group of soldiers are on patrol and they find an odd grouping of flowers that remind them of something. And that something costs them dearly. More horror than sexy really, and that’s a shame as the idea in this story really is a good one. I think that there should be a little less horror and a bit more sexy in this universe, but it isn’t set up that way really. Three out of five pitchforks.

The Biggest Tits in the World – A group of friends visit a strip club which, they have been told, has a stripper with the biggest tits in the world… and something more that they didn’t expect. Mostly horror with a little bit of sex in it. I will say that there is the barest hint of Succubi in this story, but it’s an aside to the main work itself. Again there are echoes of other stories that the author has written in out of the way strip clubs with secrets… Three out of five pitchforks.

A Night at McHooligans – Three people out on Halloween go into a pub… a very rough pub in a rough neighbourhood, one of them dressed up like a Succubus… really well dressed up. In fact so well that you’d swear her wings and tail were real. The local thugs appear and begin to abuse them.  Things go downhill from there… but for whom? This is a wonderful story, I enjoyed it from beginning to end, and at the end I wanted more. Oh, and having a Succubus Liberian? Hydra, you really took something I love and made it wonderful… I really won’t spoil this story any further, but honestly it really is one of my top picks in this collection. I would love to see another Rosa appearance. Five out of five pitchforks. And read this story first. Seriously.

Barbarian vs. Succubus – A warrior triumphs over a king and believes the battle is over and that all of the riches of the kingdom are his… His battle is just beginning in truth. Another in a series of stories pitting a Succubus against various heroes and not so much heroes. The story I expected to go in the direction that other works in this theme have gone, but it doesn’t and actually I liked this story for for that change. More story, more background, more of the world than in previous settings. Well done and a very good read. Four out of five pitchforks.

Onychophoral Dreams (The Soul Worm II)  – A soldier tells of his escape from a horror of H-Space… or has he really done so? Overall an interesting story of wishes and dreams being granted in a way that makes one question reality. It is a very deep thing to consider in the midst of all of the horror that surrounds the story. I found myself more interested in the beginning and the end than the part in the middle. Two and a half pitchforks out of five.

Naga Massage Review – A reviewer of massage parlours arrives at an out of the way place and acts poorly. In the end he sees the best girl they have, but the girl is a Naga. I think that the author is starting to have a mini-theme in their works about Naga and similar beings and, honestly, I rather liked the Naga herself. I thought that what happened in the story made perfect sense for the situation as well. Comparing this story to the one in the previous collection, I have to say that I enjoyed the first one a bit more. But I would like to see more of this Naga again. Four out of five pitchforks.

Come on the Candle – A man visits a shop for some mystical help in overcoming his needs. He is given a candle to help him, but finds that the what is helped isn’t him. A Succubus story, albeit s bit different one. I did like how things came together and where the story went from there. The ending was a bit horrific, but not too much so. There are quite a few questions left unanswered,a and they probably will never be, but that makes this work more interesting. Four out of five pitchforks.

What Bad Boys Get for Christmas – A gang attacks Santa and then some of them find a group of girls that seem to be hookers… seem to be being the operative word. And they they discover the real truth about Christmas. Kind of a you reap what you sew kind of story. Some very hot moments in the middle, but that is bookended by some pain in the beginning and horror at the end. To be honest, I didn’t quite see the ending and that was a surprise. Four out of five pitchforks.

Riding the Medusa – it is a bad thing when soldiers are bored. It’s more of a bad thing when they get involved in doing something risky that they do not understand. And there are worse things that some never think about. The last H-Space story in the collection. Not really a horror story which for an H-Space story is something rare. It’s more of a story of two lives, what happened in them, and what the ramifications are. It is odd, as are most of the stores in this universe, but honestly I found this to be the one story that I actually enjoyed. Four and a half pitchforks out of five.

Locked in with a Succubus – A man is sent to visit a woman and discovers that she is, or at least she claims to be, a prostitute. At least that is what she seems to be until she leads him into a room, reveals that she is a Succubus, and then locks them both in the room together… and wants something from him…

This is a story that runs though the collection and acts as sort of an intermission between each of the longer stories. It has my favourite of all of Hydra’s Succubi, Nicole in the story and it was wonderful to see. The thing is… I’m not sure that the chopping up of the story into little vignettes really is the right thing to do. The story itself really is something to consider, but jumping in and out of it hurts it I think. So, personally, I would read this story in long continuous read rather than in pieces… But then I love Nicole and so I am biased to her really.

One thing I need to say, having Nicole say “Heh.” at one point really didn’t sit well for me. Considering her attitude, her seductiveness and what we have seen of her in the past… it just seemed wrong. It’s my opinion I know, but really I don’t see how a Succubus of class would stoop that low in her language. It was nice to see other characters in Nicole’s universe be mentioned, it’s always a good thing to remember the seductive themes of this series most of all… Oh and the massage that Nicole gives is very hot and sexy…  And I loved the description she gives of eating her prey like melting ice cream… That is, most definitely, a Nicoleism.

And something else I liked as well… She isn’t perfect, and that is for a logical reason which I thought was well done. Things go a little bit wrong here and there and in that happening we see more of Nicole that we really have ever seen in the past in stories about her.

The thing about erotic moments with Nicole is that they are erotic. I still believe that she deserves her own book, really a series but I won’t be too greedy. She is an almost perfect representation of what I believe is the pinnacle for a Succubus… She has power, she is dangerous, but she is in control of herself and makes choices that are good ones. Not simply evil, though there are hints of that in her, but instead she is a being that made a choice, is holding herself to it, and in doing so, becomes so much more…

In the end, this story makes the collection for me. I would have rather read it all at one time and I really think that if you read this book you should do so. The story is strong, the characters are very real and most importantly, you will find yourself wanting to see where the story goes.

And for me personally, Nicole reminds me a lot of myself in how she seduces and teases those she is with. But it is also that she learns about herself, and them as well, which makes things much more interesting to me.

I understand that the author tends to lean more to the horror aspects of Succubi and other beings. I know that there is a market for that, and I know that he has an audience for that as well. The thing of it is, Nicole really is someone that I want to see in her own story… badly. Darn it all there is so much hidden story to her that I want to know and we only see little tiny pieces of it.

I want the entire Nicole and not the slivers of her. She is, by far, the most interesting, real, seductive, and soulful character in all of this author’s works…

I’d gladly pay for a book about her. Obviously a five out of five pitchforks. More Nicole… please?

Once again, well written, overall there is less horror than in the author’s earlier works, which personally made it much more enjoyable for me to read. While horror is well done by this author, it is when they give themselves into a long, detailed, character driven story that their talents truly shine…

I’ll give this work four and a half out of five pitchforks.



Sep 13 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 245

For last week’s Succubi, this week’s and next week’s I will be sharing the works of the artist Hooksnfangs on DeviantArt. You can find their page on DeviantArt here, and last week’s Succubi here on the Tale as well…

And this week, the fun Succubi continue…

Jaddice by Hooksnfangs

Jaddice by Hooksnfangs

This work is called Jaddice and I originally found this work here on DeviantArt.

This is just such a fun image isn’t it? A mischievous smile, a pose that is delicious, a cute playful tail, and an outfit that is just perfect for a Succubi…

To be honest, it’s really a toss up between this image and last week’s for my personal fav from this artist… I think I like the other one for the whimsy in it, but this one for the seductiveness of it…

Either one makes a lovely Succubi…

One more next week to come…