May 13 2012

That Moment By TeraS

It’s Mother’s Day today…

I… I have a hard time sometimes on this day, for reasons that my online family know and understand well…

This is a story about the moment that comes… now and again…



That Moment

By TeraS


There is one day in the year that is the hardest of all days for Tera.

Mother’s Day.


Not for the day itself, but for the moments …

moments when she remembers.


Tera becomes melancholy when she awakes,

knowing that she will not see her mother again.



Not to feel her hug,

to see her smile,

to hear her voice.



The morning is … difficult … unsure.

Her smile is a bit wan.


The morning passes with the thoughts of what might have been,

of what could have been,

but aren’t …

of what should have been,

but is.


Lunchtime comes …

and Tera sees in the Realm the other succubi,

the ones who have Daughters and Sons …


… the love in them, around them…


… the hurt comes to her again, a bit stronger this time,

knowing that she can never, truly, be called “Mother” …


…the dark thoughts she pushes away …


… the thoughts that always return:

that, because she cannot birth a child, she is not one of them.


Tera opens the doors to her home and greets them all.

She smiles, shares moments about her own mother,

and becomes, ever so slightly, lighter in her soul,

the pain and hurt lessening just slightly.


The afternoon passes, Tera sharing her gifts with them all.

The smile becomes less wan and more warm.


Tea time arrives, and so do the older succubi …

to talk about Tera’s mother, tell stories about her.


In Tera’s mind, her mother is there in the room with her.

Listening, smiling, laughing with those who knew her.

Tera relaxes for the first time in this day.

Her smile is warm, she becomes a bit more happier.


Dinner arrives, Tera cooking in her kitchen,

her Eternal there helping as always.

They share a look …

he knows what her day was.

She waves a hand

and smiles the smile he knows so well.


The meal prepared, the doorbell rings.

Tera opens the door to find …

her Daughters … Rianna, Branwyn, Ayashe…

Each one hugs her tightly and calls Tera … “Mom.”

She cries, she always does.


The hurt leaves her finally.

The love setting in again fully.

Tera hears her Mother tell her, once again,

“Mother’s Day is for those who are called ‘Mom,’ after all…


Her smile returns, finally,

the one that matters,

the one with love, understanding, and all of her soul behind it.

And, in that moment, she knows that her mother, as always …


… was right.

To all the Mothers on this day… Happy Mother’s Day to you all…

Love and Huggles




May 13 2012

A Review of Thirst by Rob D. Young

It’s rare that I read a book where I really cry through the story. The book I am reviewing this time did that because, truly, the main character found out something that tells more in itself than the rest of the story really does. Yes she is a succubus, but in spite of what she is, the human that she meets reveals to her what life is really about. That’s something that is unique in this case because there isn’t really a happy ending to the story for anyone and there is only a feeling of melancholy all around…

Thirst by Rob D. Young

Thirst by Rob D. Young

The book blurb tells the story of:

Casi is a young woman just trying to get by in New York City. She has the usual hobbies: fashion, working out, bar-hopping, and devouring the souls of unsuspecting mortal men.

Oh. Did I forget to mention Casi is a succubus?

Regardless, things are going brilliantly for her until she meets Garrett. For reasons Casi can’t understand, Garrett resists her demonic charms. Having never failed at seduction before, Casi presses on, even when it means breaking her normal code, throwing chaos into her life, and facing the kind of pain that only comes when you’ve been without a drink for far too long: a true thirst that mortals could never understand.

Casi is what I would call a “modern” succubus. She knows all the fashions, all the moves, all the right things to say at the right times to get what she needs. She lives in New York, but prowls all over the city, finding humans to feed from and never being in the same place twice.

At one club however, she meets Garrett, and her succubus needs demand that she feed from him. But in spite of her best efforts, he resists her and she can’t understand how that is possible. In the past Casi could, as she puts it, “taste” from humans almost immediately and it’s not happening.

The story follows the pair meeting again and again at the club and Casi becoming more and more infatuated and focused on Garrett alone. The reveal of how and why Garrett can resist her was unexpected, but makes a good deal of sense really and I won’t spoil that for anyone…

The reflections in both of their lives and what in the end comes of their meeting makes for a gripping story of love, loss, and understanding that I haven’t seen in many short, never mind long, stories with Succubi in them.

The writing is excellent, the characters are very teal in their emotions and actions, and the story keeps from falling to the trap of solving all of the problems of the characters using “things that are just there.”

I really do think that the author should continue the story of Casi in the future, and they have something in mind but it isn’t going to have her or Garrett in it, which is a little disappointing to me personally. I think that Casi has more to tell, and more to see in her world. I’d also like to have known about what happened when she met the people in history she mentions in the story… Would be, but will never happen I am sure.

As a character, Casi is complex, interesting, smart, and most of all, she isn’t anything like the stereotypical succubus that appears in so many stories.

And that, truly, makes this worth reading.

I’m giving it four pitchforks out of five.

More of Casi would have been wonderful, but what we have is amazing…



May 12 2012

A Review of The Succubus Gift by B. R. Kingsolver

It’s rare for me to give a five to a book or a series that I like. Mostly for two really important reasons to me. One, if the Succubus, or Succubi, haven’t a personality, a life, a soul, then I just can’t feel like the story had meaning to it. The other is that there has to be a hook. Something in the story, the setting, or the characters that holds my attention and keeps me in the story.

I am thrilled to find a book like that, and in it, the beginnings of a series that I think holds a great deal of promise in it.

The Succubus Gift by B. R. Kingsolver

The Succubus Gift by B. R. Kingsolver

The work tells the tale of:

Brenna’s life is never the same after she discovers her unusual and mysterious heritage. In addition to being a telepath and having many paranormal abilities, Brenna learns she has the Succubus Gift. She has always been a good girl and isn’t comfortable seducing men, except one she really loves.

That’s just the beginning of her problems. Someone is stalking her. Will she be able to protect her newly acquired family and friends?

Then there’s the tall, dangerous woman who shadows her and hints a Goddess has linked them. And what is she going to do with a handsome, charismatic, womanizing man she knows she should avoid?

Some days a girl just wants to pull the covers over her head and stay in bed — with a willing young man of course.

Brenna is a beautiful woman with a lot of issues and torments in her life. Her parents died in a plane crash years ago, leaving her alone and having to suffer through a life of foster parents. The bigger problem is that she knows, has known since she was a child, that she has special gifts. She can do things that “normal” people cannot do. But more concerning is that her self image has been wrecked by a spate of past relationships which have made her believe that she isn’t beautiful. Her life since she lost her parents, has been focused on making herself better, and making something of her life.

But don’t talk to her about her sex life. She hasn’t got one, or at least one that doesn’t involve her lovers falling asleep moments after having sex, which isn’t good for a girl’s self-esteem.

One night she finds someone like her and helps them to escape from people trying to harm them. In doing so, she enters a world of telepaths, a world of mythical powers and abilities, a world in which things are not quite as perfect as they are meant to be.

There is so much to like about this book, and truly the couple of nits I have about it are really minor and hardly worth mentioning. So I’ll get those out of the way first. There is a moment in the story where Brenna is attacked and things are quite confused. A shot is fired, but it is unclear, at least to me, who was getting shot at that moment as it refers to a man and in the next sentence a woman feels the impact. I had to reread that part of the work three times to figure out that it was two different events happening at almost the same instant connected by one attacker’s actions. The only other thing that I noticed was that on several conversations, the closing quotes of a character speaking were not there. That’s a minor problem and it does not reflect on the writer’s ability to build this world, create the characters, and draw you into the story and keep you there.

I normally will read a hundred page book in about an hour, more or less. I needed three hours to complete this work, and in all honesty I wanted to read more when it was over. The thing about this story id that there is a lot of background to cover, a world to build, and to give purpose and solidness to the characters here. There isn’t a single character in the story, major, minor or just passing through never to be seen again, that hasn’t got personality to them. The explanation of what are called “The Gifts” in this story takes some time to understand and keep straight in your mind as you read. Thankfully the author gives a summary of the powers and abilities at the end of the work, and that becomes very useful at times.

From the title of the work, being a Succubus, or having the powers of a Succubus, is one of the Gifts, and a rare one at that. Still, over the course of the story, we meet, or hear of, at least ten of them. Considering that the telepathic clans, as they are known, have several thousand members in them, it’s not unreasonable to have that many appear. Adding to that the need for the new Succubus in town, Brenna, to meet them and learn from them, that kind of has to happen. I’ll get back to some of them in a bit here.

One thing that I noticed in the story is that a lot of the powers and abilities are tied into emotions, both good and bad ones, and how they alter people’s “souls.” The concept of souls in this work, what they look like and how they are perceived fascinates me and I have questions about them. The main one being, can a soul be truly seen? Questions abound in this work about that…

Brenna meets her extended family, which are heart warming and heart breaking scenes. Callie has to be my favourite of all of them by far. She reminds me a lot of my own mother in her manners and how she spoke to me at times. Those that know me will understand that I don’t say that lightly, and for me to express that means that she is, really and truly, special. Her grandfather Seamus is an amazing man. At first I wasn’t quite sure that I liked him, but at a critical point in the story… he becomes more. That really put him, and his family, into a better light that I expected them to be.

The one character that is, truly, a core point of the work is Rebecca. She is just about perfect in everyway that I can think of. She’s smart, she cares about Brenna, and their relationship is something beyond special. When the two of them were together, the story just lit up and it was even more of a joy to read.

There is a love interest of course, and his name is Collin. The thing about him that I liked was that he changed from really a person that I didn’t like at all in the beginning, to… well, I’ll put it this way, if the series doesn’t wind up with the two of them getting married I will be disappointed to no end… But I expect not. The change in his personality is well done, he is more than he seems at first, and that really makes him so much better.

There are several Succubi as I have mentioned. Cindy and Siobhan bring a view of Succubi that makes sense for them in this universe. It’s not harsh or unrealistic and I liked that quite a lot. They are, for lack of a better term, well seasoned Succubi and through them we get a glimpse of what Brenna could be, or might have been like. Irina is the innocent “new-born” Succubus that enters a world that she doesn’t understand, but needs to much like Brenna. I can see them as being sisters in a way. Samantha… Well, I’ll get back to her a little later, but she intrigues me and I don’t feel like we have learned, or spent, enough time with her.

Now as this work is the opening of a new series, what would I like to see in a future story in it?

Samantha. I will not spoil who she is, but, honestly there has to be a way for her to return, I have some thoughts about that, but expressing them here would spoil a lot of the story, so I won’t. Still, she’s a fascinating character in her own right and we really don’t seen enough of her. Bring her hack somehow and let’s see where she goes?

The author left several plot lines unresolved in the story, which I expected since this is only book one. But unlike some that I have read, they are a few, very specific ones. The question about Rebecca and Brenna and their future is something I want to see explored and the dangling question that connects to that I think can be a complete focus of one story alone.

It’s not a spoiler to say that we find out that Brenna is strong. Perhaps a bit too overpowered, but in this universe she has to be honestly in order for the plot to continue to its conclusion. Her darker side is something that I expect will be explored in the future, but I trust that the author will not go about this in the stereotypical “evil version of Brenna appears.”

Oh, one last odd thought. Why is it that most of the Succubi have a name that ends with an ‘a’? Oddly enough this is something that happens a lot with modern Succubi stories and I have to ponder that sometime…

And yes, I get the bemusement over my own name. Speaking of which, if ever a Succubi in a story reminded me of myself, Brenna fills that role quite well.

After all, isn’t the most important thing to care about others regardless of what happens to yourself?

Well written, a story that kept me turning the pages and wanting to know more. Characters that were real with their faults, mistakes, and feet of clay. Powerful yes, but having power and using it does not mean that you have all the answers… In this story, finding the answers drives the tale and makes it better for that.

A full five out of five pitchforks.

I can’t give a higher rating save to add that you really should buy this book and follow this series.

I would like to give the author special thanks for providing the first three chapters of their story for free on their site, the link is at the top of this review. As well, I thank them for sending me a copy of this book…

For that kindness, I will be ever grateful.

I would never have missed this for the world…

The next book in the series, Succubus Unleashed, is currently projected to be released in mid-2012.

My page turning tail awaits…



May 11 2012

A Review of A Succubus for Valentine’s Day and Other Tales of Perilous Pleasures by M. E. Hydra

Time for another collection of stories by one of my favourite authors M.E. Hydra… Last week I reviewed his first collection called A Succubus for Christmas and Other Tales of Devilish Delights which you can find here on the Tale. He followed that collection with another holiday themed one called A Succubus for Valentine’s Day and Other Tales of Perilous Pleasures, which I will be reviewing today on the Tale…

A Succubus for Valentine's Day and Other Tales of Perilous Pleasures by M. E. Hydra

A Succubus for Valentine's Day and Other Tales of Perilous Pleasures by M. E. Hydra

This collection of stories is about:

Alluring, exotic, delectable, sexy…dangerous. M. E. Hydra returns with a second collection of thirteen sizzling stories featuring seductive succubi, amorous aliens and other sexy femme fatales. “A Succubus for Valentine’s Day” shows the perils of letting a succubus play cupid. Two tourists discover a dark secret of Amsterdam in “Venus of the Red Lights”. In “Knight vs. Succubus”, a knight battles for his life and soul against a cunning and seductive demon. A man finds out his pleasure planet of blue-skinned alien babes is not as it seems in “The Spiders of Thomisoidus”. And finally, a young man has a very special date in “A Summer Dance with a Succubus”. Prepare again to be both seduced and shocked by these and other tales of wicked, sensual predators. They’ll give you pleasures beyond your wildest dreams, and terrors beyond your darkest nightmares…

Again, as in the previous review, I will be reviewing the individual stories and then the work as a whole:

A Succubus for Valentine’s Day – The gift that appeared in the story A Succubus for Christmas is given to someone that can be best described as smitten for a girl in his office. The gift summons a Succubus and she promises him that she can get him his heart’s desire… But all gifts and promises come with a price. Initially the story has a lot of heart in it, but then the twist in the tail arrives and it becomes quite a bit darker. Overall I liked the story and the Succubus a lot, but the ending I expected wasn’t what I got and that was a little bit disappointing.

Initial Infiltration – Another trip into what the author has called “H-Space” for a group of soldiers. One of them discovers what appears to be a woman laying on a bed in the middle of nowhere and he investigates… and she investigates him too. Not a Succubus story, more of an alien one and in that vein what happens in the story makes quite a lot of sense really. Well written, and there is a place for the story to go to at the end of it that I didn’t expect when it started, but… it was missing something… I just found myself skimming over the work which bothered me when it ended.

Succubus Summoning 101 – A pair of students at a school for Warlocks decide to summon some Succubi for fun thinking that they know everything about them… turns out that they should have paid more attention to Succubus 101 in the first place. The author turned this short story into a much longer and detailed, and frankly, much more interesting story this past year. But as a teaser to the book called Succubus…. it really brings up all sorts of questions for me. An enthralling story with interesting characters and that makes the difference. At the end of the story, you just really want to know more than is told.

Puffed Up – A superhero faces a den of “evil” thinking that it is just another supervillian in town… he couldn’t be more wrong. The method the Succubus uses in this story to have her way with the hero of the story is one that I had never seen before and I thought that it was a unique means of action for her. The fact that it fit so well into a sub-plot of the story just made it work so much better still. I don’t like superhero stories all that much, but I liked this one.

The Spiders of Thomisoidus – Humans have found a new world, but there are spiders that are a threat and lots of sexy alien women around them… but there is a problem with that… and secrets to discover. I haven’t found a lot of erotic scifi stories that I like, but this one had a purpose and more in it I think. There is a reveal that links to the beginning of the story and when it comes it is, in a way, sad for how human beings can be and act when true horror is hidden from view. Well written and I really liked this story a lot.

Delivery Special Soap – A man suffers from nightmares and visions of a woman in black that calls to him over and over again. After getting some mental help, he is referred to a specialist who… helps him. Not a Succubus story, but the comparison of light and dark, pleasure and pain was fascinating to read. I honestly didn’t expect the ending of this story, and it actually made me smile when it came. Lovely read and a well done story and idea…

Knight vs. Succubus – A knight pauses in his travels and finds shelter… he also finds a Succubus waiting for him and they do battle. The underlying theme in this story is one of regret, of revenge, and how that can, and it always does, turn back on those that least suspect it. One of the better Succubi in this collection of stories who uses all of her powers, and more so her plots and plans to her own gains. Excellent read and I would like to see where this story would lead to someday…

Interrocution – The Don from the previous collection of stories returns with his Succubi, one of them in particular, and she has her way with someone that didn’t play by the Don’s rules. I really liked the first story in this setting and in this story the world is expanded a lot really. The Succubus in this story is… well. not so much sexy and in it for the sex as much as she is into being a Dominatrix… Another well written story and I thought that she was an excellent representation of the darker side of Succubi in all of their particular glory…

Crushed Between Her Breasts – A woman asks for revenge on a man that has wronged her. Two Succubi fulfill her request. One of the more… interesting powers of Succubi in this story. But there is a lesson to be learned by the end of it, which I think was well played by the author. Not my favourite story, but overall a good deal of revenge served to someone that deserved it.

Venus of the Red Lights – Some friends visit the rd light district of Amsterdam, and one of them is draw to a woman in a window… and is trapped by her. It’s mainly a horror story, and a well done one really. Not my particular like, and it was a little bit squeamish for me personally, but again well written and laid out.

The Soul Worm – A group of soldiers in H-Space arrive at a cavern where previous teams have been lost… and lost… and lost again. Not a Succubus story again, very much a horror story which seems to be the point of H-Space really now that I think about it. Didn’t personally enjoy it for the horror that overrode everything else in this work.

Foam Shower – A man is swimming in a public pool late at night and finds a woman watching him… and things move onto the showers from there. Very much a Succubus story, if with powers that I wouldn’t have expected one to have. The thing is, this story came to an end much too soon. Such a tease at the end of the story and I would like to find out more about what it was all about and where the story goes next.

A Summer Dance with a Succubus – Terry wants to go to a dance and he makes a date with someone very special that gives him all that he could ask and more. By far, simply by far, this is the story that I read over and over again for the beauty, caring, and love that is in it. Nicole, the Succubus that I adored from the first collection of stories returns and I couldn’t be happier. This story tugged at my heart from the beginning, and, when the reveal about Terry appears I couldn’t help but cry. What made the story perfect was that Nicole was, truly, an angel in this story to Terry and it proved to me that my first impressions of her are true. She has a soul, she cares, and she is, truly, what I believe is possible for a true Succubi to be. Pleasure, ecstasy, beauty and intelligence. It just took my breath away when the story came to its conclusion and to say it was wonderful isn’t enough by far.

I personally think that the author writes well. Their Succubi are interesting and have personalities that are unique and interesting in all of the stories that they appear in. But more so, I think that their real writing ability comes when they move away from a story that drives towards horror alone and into one that has meat in it, characters to care about, and an ending that has, if not hope, then some light in it.

There should be a bit of a change in what happens to most of the men that run into Succubi at least, the aliens and other creatures can take care of the horror well enough honestly. The erotic moments are wonderful, almost perfect in every way, but, going from the pleasure into pain is… well…

It doesn’t have to always happen… Nicole is a case in point, and while there is a bit of darkness in her, she is so much more than that…

And isn’t that the point of characters? To be more than we expect them to be?

I’ll give this work four and a quarter out of five pitchforks.

Just a few more stories that didn’t do much for me this time. At bit less horror, a lot more Nicole, and darn it all I really want to see one full book about her alone. That would be an amazing read…

There will be a review of the next work in this author’s series next Friday…


May 10 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 228

This week will be the last of a series of Succubus art from Bruce Colero that, I admit, I am catching up on here on the Tale. Last week on the Tale, I shared a piece of Succubus art from Bruce Colero. You can find other works by Bruce that have appeared here on the Tale if you would like to see it again, or  here and here, and over here, and here too, and as well here, and over there and right here, and here and lastly here too

I think Bruce must be, by far, the most featured artist on the Tale for Succubus art, but then it’s sort of a given with how prolific an artist he is…

This week’s Succubi is another one of Bruce’s works, if an older one, which gives us a Succubus in hiding I think…

The Devil Inside 2 by Bruce Colero

The Devil Inside 2 by Bruce Colero

She really is a very strong character in this work I think, while she doesn’t appear to be a Succubus on the surface, no horns or tail of course, I think that it’s still very possible that she is one…

She sexy, strong, and the look in her eyes to me is one of dominance and control, which is how I happen to see Succubi in general… But then I am biased of course…

Wonderfully textured background that places her in a world where her beauty and strength are an asset. Her weapons are a bit puzzling, they seem a bit too large for her, but, that might be part of her strengths in that her opponents might not expect her to be as strong as she is…

Really have to ponder a story for her in a lot of ways…

As always, you can find Bruce Colero’s website here at

There will be more Succubi from Bruce’s world I am quite sure and I can hardly wait to see what appears…

Special thanks as always to Bruce for his kind permission to share his work and I hope you visit his site!



May 09 2012

Lady Lucifer as a costume, isn’t…

It strikes me that when you call someone a “Lady” you would expect some kind of class in them… Therefore, if a costume uses that word, shouldn’t it be classy?

Not in this case.

Lady Lucifer CostumeThis… thing… is called Lady Lucifer and comes with a knit dress that has attached wings, a sparkle belt with attached tail, a pair of horns and a pitchfork. Boots not included.

This sells for $75, but you can find it on the web for around $50…

It’s not even worth that honestly.

I’d call this trashy, but then I might be giving it a compliment really… The wings are silly, the tail is ugly. I mean, sparkly tail?

Someone is confusing things a lot I think with that idea…

The dress is not in the slightest sexy, it’s ugly, the collar is ridiculous, the belt is so 70s it’s not funny, and the frills on the shoulders?


Overall, it is a prime example of costumes being reused I think with different accessories as I can recall seeing a similar witch costume in my searches of costumes…

There isn’t any means to make this better that I can see, and really I wouldn’t buy this anyway…

Trashy, silly, and just hopeless…

A quarter pitchfork out of five.

Leave this on the shelf and keep looking…



May 08 2012

Desires 28

If you can’t see the forest for the trees, does that mean that if there is a fire burning there, you can’t see that either? The Succubi Queen has an idea about that…


Desires – Truths

By MZ and Tera S

Part Sixteen

I watched Tera snake her way toward the stereo system. Her hips accenting every curve with every step. Soon I was watching Tera swaying her lushes rump to the music.

Poor Tera. She still doesn’t suspect a thing. This will be so sweet indeed… better let her work her hopes up till the just the right moment… then I’ll lower the boom. Make my revenge that much more sweet seeing her life crumble before her eyes just like what was done to me.

Song continues in MZ’s mind.
I’ve done my sentence – but committed no crime
Tera’s not going to do what I think she’s going to do? This show be good. A Goddess who lives only to serve my desires now.

Watching Tera tease her straps off and looking back with those hungry eyes made MZ’s lips start to feel dry. He licked his lips in anticipating what was to come next.

And bad mistakes – I’ve made a few
Those eyes so are so loving… but that’ll change when I crush her spirit.

Tera teased the dress over her breasts, but my eyes never left hers. I wanted to remember her face as it was before I got my revenge. Her playfulness was intoxicating. I can see why Curtis was so taking by her. Boy you have given me some wonderful memories to use again Tera.

Curtis you lucky stupid bastard. Ahhh… April 9th. Tera was so excited in posing nude for me that night. I worked so hard capturing her nude image in my mind for that piece. She never could wait for me to finish it before sneaking peaks at it. She sure did come close several times in getting me to give into her desires and ravish her right there on the studio floor. Man that tail was so difficult to carve just right…. what am I thinking about…. focus… you are about to have better than memory from now till forever.

I’ve had it shoved and kicked in my face, but I’ve come through.
god something so familiar about those eyes and the way she’s looking at me.

After Tera had wiggled her dress completely off and paused in obvious arousal, she stalked up to me like a cat in heat. Loving the sensation of her harden nipples pressing into me and biting that lip like I so love for her to do, my heart rate quickened. I could feel my body’s temperature rising as my hands became clammy. Her body moved in perfect beat to the music. Tera embodied pure lust even without her powers. Never taking her eyes away from mine, she molded her body around me in begging fashion. I could feel the heat from her hot pussy as it meowed for attention. Kissing me gently, she guided me back into the leather chair.

I am the champion – my friends – And I kept on fighting – till the end
Oh how I love those eyes… there missing something though… would be nice to have seen her like this in all her glory.

Tera continued to tease me in ways I never had imagined before. She seemed to really enjoy wiggling her tush back in forth in my lap. Guiding my overly eager cock one way and then the other. She didn’t fail to notice either. Soon Tera was slipping her shoes on with her rear just in front of my face. Deliberately bending over from the waist, I got a perfect view of both of Tera’s hungry holes. She smirks from behind her legs seeing me notice. Standing up and presenting me herself properly, I could see her passions were boiling now, but her eyes still showed only love and worshipfulness.

I am the champion – I am the champion
Even her eyes seem to flare in time with the music as if they are professing their own love in song

Finally Tera draped herself on top of me and professed her love forever. Her body quivered in anticipation of my appending touch. My mind flooded with all the erotic dreams Curtis had unabashedly indulged in. My cock was panting, but I burned with revenge and I’ll not unabated that easily. Oh how the mighty will fall I thought with glee. Looking into Tera’s green eyes, I commanded her in a loving but firm tone.

“I see that you still have those skills I’ve come to enjoy so much, but master hasn’t certified you yet as an acceptable slave. Kneel down as is your place till I tell you otherwise. As you are a new slave, I’ll cut you some slack this time, but remember your place next time.”

Let’s see how Tera handles being demeaned as she begins to see her new position in life. I think it is about time I let the other shoe drop.

No time for losers cause I am the champion – of the world


Ah, but champions can lose in other ways too…