Oct 29 2012

The Cop and the Cat Burglar by James

My heart surprised me with a story that, with his blessings, I am going to share on the Tale today. Storm Clouds hasn’t been written for a while now, and I want to continue the story… But real life has made that difficult for me in a lot of ways…

But my heart, he heard a story about Tom and Camilla and it wanted to be told…


The Cop and the Cat Burglar

By James


This story takes place outside of the continuity of Storm Clouds. The future within that universe may not actually work out this way. Hope you enjoy anyway.



Detective Sergeant Tom Selleck parked his slightly worn Buick outside the elegant gallery, nodded to the officers who were maintaining the perimeter of the crime scene, and removed his crumpled hat as he went inside, revealing a shock of brown hair, parted on the side. These days, there were slight crow’s feet by his brown eyes when he squinted or smiled; he had been doing the latter for a while, but now usually did the former, as he buried himself more and more in his work again, denying that he needed to consider glasses. But, even though he could be taciturn, and occasionally gruff, he was among the best in the department. “What’ve we got, Murr?”

Vivacious and shapely Marie Jones, was a top-notch forensic scientist, and she had been going over the scene with a fine-tooth comb. Her white smile gleamed past her latte-hued skin and her dark eyes flashed: “I think our friend may have actually swiped something this time, Tom. There was a large, heart-shaped ruby—one of the largest stones of its kind—on this pedestal, under this plexiglass case when the gallery closed last night. It actually belongs to a local company, lent to the gallery for permanent exhibit here. The curator tells me that it had an unusual flaw, so that, when you held it up to the light, you’d think you saw a pair of horns under a halo.”

“You needn’t refer to the stone in the past tense, officer,” the interruption came from a short, officious-looking, bespectacled, pale, but surprisingly imposing man whom Tom assumed was the curator. “No one would dare destroy that stone, and you will get it back, yes??”

“Well, that is the plan, sir,” Tom replied, with a practiced confident-yet-noncommittal tone, before he turned back to his attractive colleague. “Do we think it’s the same perp, Murr?”

As he stepped closer to her to take a look at the pedestal for himself, Marie was glad that her skin-color—along with the fact the Tom was, like most men, unaware of such things—hid the slight flush that had risen to her cheeks. She’d had the serious hots for him ever since she first joined the force six months ago, and even went on a couple dates with him, but her best pass ever didn’t even com close to sparking his interest. A pity.

“Well, for the most part, it shows all the signs, Tom: the lock that was picked without a single scratch; the alarms that were never disabled but never went off . . . all of the elegance of this indicates this was our cat burglar.”

“But something was actually taken this time?” Selleck quizzed. In all of the previous crime scenes (eight in the past month), police found everything still in place, though all of the red stones or heart-shaped pieces of jewelry were moved front and center.

“Uh-huh. Oh, and the part where our valiant hired security guards”—Marie pointed toward two uniformed retirees sitting against the wall, flushed and sweaty, eyes rolling, with telltale stains in an embarrassing position on their pants—“insist that they saw a shapely female in skintight fir with cat’s ears and angel wings.”

“You have got to be kidding me.”

“I wish I were.”

“And our burglar replaced the lid exactly on the case? How considerate.”

“Not exactly.”

Tom looked at her quizzically.

“The . . . ummmm . . . lid is still sealed. It shows no signs of ever being disturbed.”

“No, that cannot be.” The detective slipped on nytrile gloves and leaned in to more closely examine the case for himself. That was when he noticed the card that marked the exhibit for the first time.


on loan from S. Realm Enterprises

Tom gasped, almost audibly, as he stepped back from the display as if it was on fire. He’d had dealings with S. Realm Enterprises before; that case, a homicide, was how he had gotten himself a reputation for dealing with the weird. He had told himself he would never have to deal with these people again.

Making his excuses, Detective Selleck headed for the door and then his car. The engine had barely turned over before he gunned the vehicle into the street, making a squealing U-turn and pointing himself toward 69 East 69th Street. A weird stone, a weird crook, a weird crime scene, and now he was headed for that asylum of weirdness, the place where that homicide had led him, the place that changed a simple investigation into a random act of violence into some supernatural battle for the balance of the universe.

It had been some months since that case was wrapped up. The leaves had been through their brilliant autumnal display and were now falling off the trees. The World Series would be done in short order, the Sprint Cup Chase was almost done, and football was in full swing. Tomorrow it would be November.

That case and its aftermath probably had a lot to do with his promotion. He was almost sure that Tera—the proprietor of this bizarre business—had used her powerful connections to arrange it. She almost certainly thought she was rewarding him. The thought that he needed a reward told him she didn’t understand why he did his job at all.

Besides, there had been another sort of reward. After all those years, he had finally managed to stop grieving over Beth; he had managed to move on. A certain Ms. Camilla Addison had been largely responsible for that. She was bright, witty and caring. Her guidance through the bizarre society of the succubi had been crucial in solving the case, in both its mortal and other-worldly aspects. Somehow, Camilla could challenge and comfort Tom in the same breath. He found himself, when they were no longer staring down supernatural death and destruction, falling deeply in love with her.

She had seemed taken with him, as well. They had dated for about a month after the case was over, and the two of them had grown quite close. He began to feel about her the way he hadn’t felt about anybody since Beth.

Then, one day, she was just gone. No note, no nothing. Calls to this compound on East 69th Street, where his car was now pulling up, went unreturned, and then they went unanswered entirely. Tom was confused, broken, and bereft. Just the sight of this place made his jaw clench and his anger bubble up inside.

Dusk was fast approaching as the Detective stepped out of his car and approached the gate. Even within this strange compound, the leaves seemed to be turning, and some seemed to be a blaze of reds and oranges in the waning light. The only difference, from what he could see from leaves covering the ground, was that these seemed to be quite literally golden.

Just as Tom was about to press the button by the gate, hoping for a chance to gain admittance, he saw a shadowy figure on top of the wall: damn but if it wasn’t a female with what seemed to be feline features, right down to the ears and the tail, about five foot tall, either in a skintight suit or absolutely naked! Forgetting the gate, Tom raced along that wall after the cat-woman. When she jumped into the compound, running across the lawn, Tom pulled himself up and over the wall, hitting the ground rather ungloriously on the other side, and pulling himself to his feet again, he just caught a glimpse of a furry tail slipping around the far corner of the main building.

As he turned the same corner in hot pursuit, he found himself thrown against the wall by a shapely feline woman with auburn fur and violet eyes—cat’s eyes, in fact. Before he could catch his breath, she was rubbing her . . . he guessed they were hands, despite the claws, suggestively along his sides and running small kisses up his chest. His blood boiled as she gave his neck a long, langorous lick while simultaneously massaging his balls and stroking his member to amazing hardness through his slacks, ending up with a torrid nuzzle of his right ear. She didn’t even allow him to breathe before giving him a lustful kiss and gently nipping his lower lip, then running through a nearby entry door.

Tom was dazed and aroused past reason as he flailed wildly in a futile attempt to stop the creature—did it have small wings on its back?—and then ran in pursuit. As he stepped through the doorway, he felt a disorientation that he had only felt once before: when he had stepped through a portal into the Succubi Realm. Before he could even begin to orient himself, he tumbled into a king-size bed that took up most of the small room, rolling over onto his back and noticing stars out the window that did not even resemble any he’d seen before.

He didn’t even have a moment to process this before he heard a familiar voice—“Audrey, you come back with my towel right now!”—and a naked succubi tumbled on top of him.

A very familiar naked succubi.

Blonde hair in a short bob, lithe but attractive form, black horns and a tail: Camilla.

“Thomas! What are you . . .” was all she got out before he grabbed her like a drowning man reaching for a life preserver and kissed her as if she would breathe life into him.

“Wait! I should be upset with you,” he gasped before kissing her again, longer and deeper. Even as questions formed in Camilla’s mind, she was instinctively, desperately pulling the clothes from her visitor’s body.

Soon the two of them were caressing and kissing each other with abandon, unleashing months of unspent and unrequited passions.  Camilla’s tail quickly restored her new lover’s erection, which the two of them put to good use, several times.

Finally, sweaty and panting, they paused long enough for Camilla to ask, “What in the Realm are you doing . . . well, here in the Realm?”

“I . . . I was following this . . . this cat . . . woman . . . I don’t know . . . then she jumped me . . . then she ran and I chased her into here, I thought, but . . .

“. . . Hang on a sec’! That . . . that cat, fluttering over our heads”—somehow “cat fluttering over our heads” didn’t phase him—“she looks just like the one I was chasing . . . but mine was about five-foot six.”

“That is Audrey,” Camilla replied, also a bit breathless, “my angelkitty. Every succubi has one, and they . . . they do things like that to get our attention sometimes.

“My particular angelkitty,” she glowered, “has been plotting for weeks, I think.”

Audrey held up a sign with her tail: “You were unhappy.”

Tom looked at Camilla, stroking behind her horns. “Unhappy? But I thought you left to avoid being unhappy with  . . . well, me.”

Camilla’s green eyes, glistening with a bit of moisture, gazed into his brown orbs. “Not at all, Thomas. You were such a joy in my life. But my sisters and brothers here . . . so many had been damaged by what the Dark did, and so nearly destroyed by what it tried to do. Even Queen Tera was shaken. I couldn’t stay in your world and be happy knowing what was going on here.”

“So you did this for your people, okay. But why not tell me?”

“Even writing you a note, I found my resolve wavering; my need for you . . . my desire for you . . . were . . . are so strong.”

Audrey had another sign: “You LOVE him!!”

Then another sign: “And he loves you!! I can tell!!!”

Camilla’s tail was wrapped around Thomas’ waist, its tip teasing his scrotum. Without realizing it, he had begun to massage her mound, making her purr as she continued, “I convinced myself that I had to come home, that I couldn’t stay with you. But Audrey recognized the sadness and grayness in me better than I did, so she found some way to bring you here.”

“She engineered a series of impossible burglaries, where nothing was stolen . . . until today.”

There was a momentary look of discomfort on the succubi’s face as she reached behind herself and pulled a large, red stone out of the bedding: “The Enchanted Heart!”

Audrey shrugged her shoulders, looking as sheepish as a kitty might look, before producing another sign: “How can it be stolen if we own it?”

“Well,” Thomas grumped, just a bit, “there are still a few crimes that this could be.”

One last sign: “But you would rather kiss her, wouldn’t you?”

Thomas smiled, his cheeks reddening.

Camilla did her best to look stern while she held up the stone: “Go put this back right now, please, Audrey . . . with a minimum of showmanship.”

The kitty departed out a window with the jewel. The blonde turned to her bedmate, “Now, we have a bit to discuss, and . . .”

Her Thomas just kissed her. Then kissed her some more. The next round of lovemaking was much less frantic, but no less passionate. When it ended, the sun was peeking into the windows.

Camilla held her love like the most precious treasure ever. “We still have a lot to work out, you know . . . two worlds to negotiate.”

“And I have no doubt that it will not be easy,” he replied. “But we will do it all together, yes?”


They returned to their lovemaking, continuing to learn about one another.

There was plenty of time for the rest of it.


When I read this story, I felt good and smiled for the first time in ages… And for that gift, and this one, my heart I thank you…



Oct 28 2012

A Review of In Her Sleep by Laura Madison

Time for a review of a story that has an Incubus in it… Now that can be an interesting thing and quite  delicious to read too… The thing is, personally, I hate it when a story’s train of thought is zooming along and then it suddenly runs into a brick wall… Otherwise known as the end of the story…

I really don’t enjoy that when it happens…

In Her Sleep by Laura Madison

  • Title: In Her Sleep
  • Author: Laura Madison
  • Publishing Date: November 18, 2011
  • Length: 3,500 Words
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story is about:

Jessica awakens from what she thinks was needed sleep after a night of heavy partying. She only vaguely remembers the dark man who spent the night with her. Until she has an explicit dream which she later discovers is more than just a dream as she finds herself under the control of a sinister power.

Jessica wakes up after a party and discovers that she might have been having more fun than she normally would want to. She dreams of a man that came to her in the night, made her scream with pleasure and then… then she’s not sure if that was a dream or it was reality…

But she will find out which one it is.

Jessica as a character is interesting, if perhaps a little vague and scattered in her thinking. I wouldn’t call her a strong character by any means. But there is the seed of an interesting person to read about… the problem is that we don’t get to see a lot of that for all of the questions she ponders, thoughts she tries to figure out, and moments that are her life.

The incubus of the story, Drake, appears for a moment, tells us very little and leaves without anything really being explained other than Jessica’s life has changed, forever, and she’s going to have to get used to it.

I have a bunch of problems with this work. Firstly the author shifts tense a lot in the story, many times mixing up their tenses which gets confusing and bothersome as it goes along. Next, the quotation marks around the words of the characters are out of order, or appear in the wrong places which is also a bit jarring. The dialogue seems wrong when you read it out loud. For example: “Fuck, I should be asleep still.” or “Don’t dare mock me bitch, it wouldnt be wise.” It seems stilted and almost mechanical really. It doesn’t flow smoothly and just feels odd reading the dialogue out loud.

It needs an edit. A huge one honestly. There are so many errors that one good editing pass would have fixed and made this story so much better than what appears here.

My biggest problem is that there is a build up to the reveal about what’s happened to Jessica, we get to the edge of that… and the story… stops. Just a promise that there is more to tell, but we never get to see that. We see nothing of what Jessica becomes, other than a vague hint, and otherwise it’s something like a one night stand. There’s a lot more to tell I think, but whether the author found they didn’t have a place to go with it, or just decided it was enough, I can’t say…

I’ll give this work one and a half out of five pitchforks.

I hope the author continues this story as they left a massive door open to do so… and really I want to see where it goes from here… But before that happens I think the author needs to find herself an editor and clean up all of the errors that cropped up in this story…

It has promise, it really does, but the mistakes and errors get in the way of it…



Oct 27 2012

A really neat Morrigan Aensland Succubus Plushie…

I was looking around a site called etsy.com the other day and just for the sake of looking I typed Succubus in the search bar…

And this cute little thing popped up…

Succubus Plushie Doll by Fuzzy Figure Guy

Succubus Plushie Doll by Fuzzy Figure Guy

This is what I would call a Succubus plushie doll and it is the creation of someone calling themselves Fuzzy Figure Guy on etsy.com.

Now it’s not actually saying this, but the hair she has and the outfit make me think this is very much a Morrigan Aensland plush…

Even if she does have a tail that is…

According to the information on this lovely work, it’s about six inches tall and it is, of course, handmade which makes it even more wonderful…

The creator of this plushie sells them for $15 US which I think is completely reasonable…

You can find this plushie on sale here at easy.com

Much congratulations to the artist on this work!



Oct 26 2012

A Review of From the Bride of Samael by Luther Koon

I do enjoy a good mystery novel. But what I need to see in it is a story that keeps you guessing, characters that are more than I expect, and, most of all, I don’t want to know the ending by the second chapter of the story… And if it should include Succubi and Incubi? Well, that is a work that I simply must read…

From the Bride of Samael by Luther Koon

From the Bride of Samael by Luther Koon

  • Title: From the Bride of Samael
  • Author: Luther Koon
  • Publishing Date: March 21, 2012
  • Length: 154 Pages
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

They were here before the age of vampires. So deadly, so alluring to mortals they were that had no foe been spawned, no humanity would have survived them. Long forgotten and considered mythical, the few that remained lived in isolated places where their feeding went unnoticed. But the enemy has been reborn.

Lola teaches school at Aspen Falls Elementary. The only thing disturbing her peaceful existence is a raucous young man named Hugo. She looks to her Principal Bill Vinson to help. But in turning to Bill, she begins to think she may have opened the doors to an evil that she cannot stop. The quiet town of Aspen Falls will never be the same.

I really did enjoy this work more than I expected, I almost passed over this work because of the ploy summary, which really doesn’t quite ring true with the entire story. It does describe the opening chapters well enough, but then the story takes turns and twists that you wouldn’t, and I didn’t, expect.

There are Succubi in this work as well as Incubi, they are described as being a kind of demon and that they feed on sexual energy. We see moments of that, but there are no horns or tails on either of them. It’s also interesting that various supernatural beings appear and that they are not quite as they traditionally have appeared or act as in other stories.

One particular moment in this work gave me pause and that was the Succubus of the story has a winged steed… It made me pause because in a story that I have never released, the Succubi Queen me has what I describe as a Pegasus and the two ideas match together quite well I thought…

I won’t spoil whom the Succubus is, there are more than one of them, but it is notable that the problems of having a long life come to the front of the story. There are glimpses of the life they lead, how they are connected to their mates, and what Incubi have as an effect on them. All in all the background of the characters is nicely mixed into the story and it really gives a layer to the work that made it special.

I did find, to my delight, that the mystery of the book was hidden well enough that when it was revealed, I didn’t actually expect who was the point of it. More so, the resolution of the story, where Lola’s life is going from this moment, was again something that I didn’t expect. There are, of course, implications for all of the characters in the story, and in the end the open doors to them made me want to see the story continue. But it does not, the story comes to an end, and the questions remain…

The author has a good grasp of his characters, an excellent touch with dialogue, and really the entire work is a wonderful read. I have but two problems with the story as a whole. There isn’t, for me, enough of an explanation of the large numbers of supernatural beings that exist in this world. The other thing is that I would have liked to understand better how Succubi and Incubi came to be. The story speaks of there only being six Succubi in the world and that few of them still live by the time of this story. While there are hints of why this is, I would have liked to understand this part of this story’s mythology better…

I’ll give this work four pitchforks out of five…

The author muses about writing a sequel to this book. I would like to see that sometime…



Oct 25 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 251

It’s interesting to me how many pieces of art that have Succubi are made into tattoos and other such art… I came across a really beautiful piece of art on DeviantArt that I thought was really well done and sort of has put some story ideas into my thoughts…

Succubus by HarryBuddhaPalm

Succubus by HarryBuddhaPalm

This work is called Succubus and is by an artist named Justin Reed who also is calling themselves HarryBuddhaPalm on DeviantArt. You can find the page I originally found this work here, and the artist’s home page is here as well.

I love the pose, very sexy and seductive like all Succubi should be… I think that outfit she is wearing also just adds to her look and I really will have to use something like that in a story sometime… Just yummy. The wings are a bit on the boney side, but they work with her overall look and the skulls that top her boots nicely. Nice set of horns, not overly huge ones which fit with her body shape really well too… Love the tail, very mischievous in shape and form, and the glowing eyes just give the entire image a really nice focus too…

The artist has a mix of subjects in their art from fantasy through steampunk, science fiction and real life mixtures… They also did a really interesting group work of the characters from Darkstalkers that you can find here as well. There is also this interesting piece of Succubus art called The Devil’s Cheerleader which is deliciously evil as well…

I hope that you do visit their DeviantArt page and admire some of their delicious art…



Oct 24 2012

If this a darling Succubus costume then I must be seeing things…

Sometime ago I shared what was called the Darling Devil costume on the Tale… and of course it was a nightmare of a costume that made me cringe… Well, another costume company has released a costume with the word “darling” in it…

And it is, at least, a major improvement on the last one…

Darling Devil Costume

This is called the Demon Darling costume and it comes with a sequin flame dress with an attached tail and a horn headband.

The gloves, pitchfork and shoes are not included of course, but it sells for what I think is a reasonable $60 US on the site I found it on.

I actually like the dress, and the tail, which you can’t see here, seems not to be too short or awful looking which is a bonus I think. The horns are too large for my liking of course and they are sparkly ones as well, so not my favourite by far…

However, I have to say that they do match the dress well and considering that many horns don’t do that, I will give the designer points for that at least.

I do think the dress is sexy, but I wouldn’t think of matching it with the gloves they have in this image. I think that takes away a lot from what otherwise looks like a nice, sexy outfit.

I even like the choice of shoes they used here as they do match up well I think and they are, like the costume, reasonable at $25 US.

I can actually see myself wearing this and not feeling bad about it which really is something that I can’t say too often about a lot of the costumes that have appeared on the Tale over the years…

I would say that this would be a finalist for my costume this year. Not the one I did choose mind you, but as a second choice I would seriously consider wearing it…

I’ll give this four out of five pitchforks.

A nice sexy and simple outfit that looks good.

I think that should be the minimum that costume designers aim for really…



Oct 23 2012

Desires 51

Together is a word that when it is true, means something…


Desires – Needs

By BFSlave and Tera S

Part Eleven


She nuzzled into his hand and smiled softly. She slipped her hands around his waist and then laced her fingers together to draw herself closer to him. Then she whispered, “Let’s find out together then…”

Then she moved closer yet to him. She parted her legs and wiggled her way slowly against his right thigh until her heat was rubbing gently against him. She pushed her breasts into his chest a bit harder making her nipples two hot points against him. Then she tilted her head a little bit and began to slowly… Even so slowly… Kiss her way along his neck until she reached his ear. She breathed hotly into it and said, “Let’s explore our needs…”

She shifted her body just a little bit making her nipples move around on his chest. As they did, she shivered and panted in the need that was growing within her for him. She kissed her way along his cheek and then paused just in front of his and moaned, “And see where we arrive…”

Her lips slipped across his for a moment and then she nibbled on his softly. She moaned as her tongue pressed against his lips trying to part them aside and then her tongue slipped into his mouth hotly twining with his for a moment before she deepened the kiss further and allowed their passions to grow stronger and stronger. She broke the kiss with regret and asked as their foreheads touched together, “And what we will have together…”



And together can be forever can’t it?