Dec 27 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 260

I think it’s interesting how many people take the concept of Succubi and then make them less “evil” and more “interesting”… I’ve always believed that the Succubi aren’t evil and so when I find works that reflect that, I’m quite happy about that…

Junisra by ChatTatoue

Junisra by ChatTatoue

Now the story behind this art is really very interesting and I can’t do it as much justice as the person that describes it themselves…

And you all probably thought that my account name was just a random name. Junisra is actually a character of mine; Kilmarron’s daughter in fact.

A young succubus, and one of the last demons in all of Rashija to be born, Junisra was always the center of attention and rumors; unfortunately this boded ill as Demorok seized her from her home and forced her father into a treaty. Unfortunately for her, coila (succubae/incubi) aren’t meant to be raised outside of their foliage-filled kingdom, and this stunted her growth power-wise. In addition to growing in feathered wings, they are far too small to serve as any use other than decoration.

Junisra eventually grows up to be the first Queen of Ji-fo-Yan (the city of the coila), but in the meantime, this is her just enjoying the end of a long day-span and surely about to visit her harem.

You can find Junisra’s page here, the page I found this one on here and the artist who created this art, ChatTatoue, here as well on DeviantArt…

Now the thing about this work that I like are her wings, which are somewhat angel-like and sort of like the ones that my own Succubi character has, though mine are black with a touch of white on them…

But otherwise, she’s lovely, and she has the poise and attitude of a Succubus, but not one that is really “evil” at all which is nice to see…

I like her horns, her tail is alright those I would have liked to see a heart-shaped tip on the end of it. But you can’t have everything now can you?

There are quite a few stories about the universe that Junisra and her family live in, and if you want to learn more about her, please do visit the DeviantArt links!



Dec 26 2012

I wouldn’t be caught wearing these horns…

I think that I have found the absolute worst pair of Devil, and they aren’t Succubi, horns… ever.

And that’s saying a lot…


I have so many problems with this costume accessory that I don’t honestly know where to start…

Well, it costs $5 US, and really it’s not worth that much to me.

I hate the look, the flames on them look just awful, but what really gets me is the model on the package isn’t wearing them!

I can’t quite understand that, as, isn’t the point of a picture on a package supposed to be to show you what this item would look like when you wear it?

I also can’t help but laugh at the description on the bottom of the package that this is a “Hot Costume Accessory.”

Maybe if I threw it into a fireplace or something, but otherwise it certainly isn’t anything close to that…

I wouldn’t be caught wearing these. Period.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

And that’s being really generous I think…

Mind you, I would like to know more about that costume the model is wearing… That might have possibilities…



Dec 25 2012

Carly the Succubi by TeraS

So it is Christmas and it is time for the Succubi Queen’s annual Christmas present to you all…

This is called Carly the Succubi, and it is a parody of the song Frosty the Snowman…

Carly The Succubi by TeraS

Carly The Succubi by TeraS

You can also click this link to see the image in full size as well.

And the song, for those that wish to read it, goes something like this…

Carly the succubi,

is a horny, happy soul,

with a latex dress

cupping full, round breasts

and green eyes that grab your soul.

Carly the succubi,

is a wet dream (so they say):

she can mesmerize

with a tiny sigh

and quite quickly has her way.

On Christmas Eve, she checks her list

of every naughty vice,

and when she shows in front of you

you’ll be glad you weren’t so nice.

O, Carly the succubi is

as generous as can be,

and the lucky pets

are the ones who get

to be gifts from her, you see.

Humpty, hump, hump,

Humpty, hump, hump;

Carly takes your will.

Humpty, hump, hump,

Humpty, hump, hump;

Leaving you with a thrill.

Carly the succubi

heard her pets whine every day,

and said, “For a blast,

see how long you last

before I drain you away.”

Down to her love toys,

with her gift bag in her hand,

slinking here and there

all around the square

singing, “Cum now, if you can.”

She left the rest and took the best

to her seduction flat,

and, when they moaned, her white-hot kiss

wiped their minds out just like that.

For Carly the succubi

had to hurry on her way,

so she said, “Sweet fool,

I’ll be here for Yule

if you stroke, kneel, and obey.”


Merry Christmas to one and all, and my thanks and love to my heart for making my words what they are for without him they would have never been…

Happy Christmas!


Dec 24 2012

Speak into the Air by TeraS – Part Five

The story of Speak into the Air continues today… But what does it all mean?

It is a question that only Lily can answer now…




Speak into the Air

By TeraS

Chapter Five



“Lily …”

Her reply was a mumble, almost but not quite asleep, not quite all with the world, as beings are when they are on the edge of wakefulness: “mmhgm?”

The chuckle had a deep baritone to it that, even with her being not quite all there, made goose bumps trickle over her skin: “You aren’t going to get to sleep in love. I have plans for you.”

She smiled into the pillow, a reflex that she couldn’t help, and purred, “Make me.”

“If you insist …”

This was the part that she loved most of all. He never just did something; no, that wasn’t her black-tailed Eternal’s way. He never, ever, did the same thing twice, which really was amazing considering that for all of the centuries they had been together, one would expect that things would have become … routine.

They never were, and not this time, either.

He waited.

She did, too.

For the longest time—she didn’t know how long—he just was there … watching. She breathed slowly, trying not to let the anticipation of the moment overcome her good sense. But it was very hard to do that when you knew that your Eternal was close by … and you could feel … things … the warmth from his body, almost touching but not quite; the sound of him shifting on the bed; the whisper of his tail moving in the air as he thought about her, desired her … and only her.

Lily was wet, so achingly wet, wanting to part her legs and let him have his way with her, but this was their game, and so she couldn’t allow herself to do that … yet. But she wanted to, so badly that just barely managing to bite her lip and stifle her moans was taking all of her focus. But the ache spread through her, her toes curling slightly, her muscles tensing, her nipples so stiff now that the sheets were rough against her skin and the sensation thrilled her to the core. It would take so little, so very little, for her to lose the battle and then … oh then …

She couldn’t see him, her face buried into the pillow, and she knew well enough that rolling over or looking to see what he was up to would just mean he’d smile, tweak the tip of her tail with his fingers and then go off to do … something.

And it was the something that was the problem. Knowing him, and just how dominant black tails were, it would involve being put over his knee and having her bum paddled until it was a hot shade of red. Which wasn’t so bad … really. The make-up afterwards part was always … fun.

And she liked … fun. But she didn’t move, and was really proud of herself in not doing so, when he touched the inside of the sole of her right foot with a fingertip. The gasp that was trying to escape her caught in her throat as his other hand trailed against the inside of her left thigh … slowly. She couldn’t hold her breath and let it out in a long shudder before gasping for air again. “You …”

The light swat on her ass made her jump, and he was amused. “Yes? Who else did you think it was?”

She gripped the sheets with her hands, her nails digging in: “Oh, you don’t know them, but …”

It was their way: she was teasing, and he knew it—simply a way for her to tell him that, whatever he wanted to do, she was his … as she would be forever.

“… but they can’t do this.”

His lips kissed against her right calf, feather light, just at that one spot that would just make her melt into the sheets in anticipation of what he would do next. Slowly—and he was an expert at this—he brushed her skin, then kisses followed, moving higher and higher a bare inch at a time.

He was right, of course: no one else could do what he could.

Her voice was husky with need. “mmmm … No … mmmm … they … mmmm …”

His hands now pressing against her thighs made her pause. He would expect her to resist, just a little bit, and she was starting to tense up when he surprised her again. One hand didn’t move, but the other was lightning quick as a finger slipped underneath the base of her tail and rubbed in just the right way there …

… and she saw stars. Most succubi were sensitive in their horns, some also at a spot on their neck or elsewhere. But not Lily, no, her entire body was sensitive to touch and that one spot under her tail was the most sensitive of all. In all of the lovers Lily had before him, in all of the emotions and bliss she had felt, the very first place her Eternal touched her was there, and she wanted him and no other from that moment on …

… and she always would.

When she could think again—it took a little while, but she did manage it … sort of—she felt him straddling her legs, his hands now kneading her rear. She mewled in passion as his fingers pressed and stroked her warm skin. Then she felt it: how slick his hands were, the slickness of her skin as he massaged her there. He had the oil. Oh, God, he was using the oil on her.

There are, of course, aphrodisiacs in the Realm. Some of them are quite safe for mortals to use, most just make the experience … more … a lot more. For the succubi and incubi there really are few that have any true power. One of those Lily was guilty of growing at her own home. She had rationalized that it was to protect the flowers—they were so very rare after all. By themselves, they would add a scent that would enhance the desires in others …

… but add oil to them, one specific kind of oil, and …

… and it was dripping between her legs and making her sex wetter and slicker …

… and hotter …

… and wetter …

He knew this, of course, and her last rational thought was that he probably had used it on himself before he started on her. Stroking his shaft with oil soaked fingers … watching her sleeping … wanting her … waiting for her to … to …

Her tail moved to wrap around one of his arms. No words were needed between them now. A tug moved him over her, his hands spreading the oil over the small of her back and then … then around the base of her tail, but not beneath it. No, that would have been too much too fast. Instead, her tail unwrapped and he began to work the oil into it’s length. Inch by agonising inch. The amber colour shining in the light of the room, turning more gold than amber and making it so much more sensitive than it normally was.

This took time that she couldn’t quite grasp anymore. It was all sensation now, no thought, no consideration.

He moved then to straddle her waist, her tail now behind him, his black tail twining with her own amber, the oil coating his own tail and turning it not just black, but ebony—deepest, darkest black. The tails rubbed together, the heat in them both now pushing thought further away. His hands pressed the oil into her back, then over her shoulders before he massaged her neck, loosening the muscles there and making her body go completely limp, in his control now, unable to do anything but feel him …

… She stifled a sob when he lifted away from her, the need coming closer and closer to consuming her totally. Then he slipped his hands beneath her and turned her over. She wanted to look at him, but a single word stopped her: “No.”

Again the pause … to wait … to whine in anticipation.

Then he touched her again, oiling her from her toes again … the tease. It was not as slow this time; the oil was effecting them both now, and soon they would have no control at all. Fingers spread oil over her legs … thighs … but not her sex—no, he carefully avoided that, or tried to, but couldn’t stop the stream of oil that pooled around her navel from running like a river over her clit and into her folds making her rub her thighs together in need. Over her tummy, beneath her breasts and … oh, he would … a kiss upon each aroused peak before the oil came and the ache became all-consuming …

Her hand reached out and found him … thick, hard, in need for her … so much in need now that the growl that came from her touch broke their control and …

… she pushed him to the floor …

… she straddled him and guided him …

… he arched his hips and drove into her … so deep … so full …

… so …

… and then the oil on him lit up all of her nerves and everything else was fragments of memories …

… flashes of pure pleasure …

… the fires of passion …

… the screams he made for her …

… the screams from her own voice …

In those moments, their souls merged together, completely open to each other’s thoughts, desires, wishes … everything …

It was … perfect.

So absolutely perfect …

… perfect.


Dec 23 2012

A Review of The Immortals by Ryl Zero

One of the things that I think about when reading stories about Succubi and Incubi is, what do they think in the moments between ecstasy? What drives them? What manages to keep them going in the darker moments on their lives… What happens when you can live forever and you haven’t seen someone else that can for eternity?

The Immortals by Ryl Zero

The story is about:

I’m waiting. Waiting for a friend, a lover, someone lost. I’ve missed the sweet scent of her sex and the feeling of her skin on mine. But she’s coming home, I can feel her. I am an immortal demon, as is she, and we are nothing if not sensitive to the presence of another. I am an Incubus, and she, a Succubus. I lust for her, and I shall have her.

This is a very hot story really. By that I mean that the author builds up the anticipation towards the Succubus and Incubus coming together and that was well done I thought.

The language is a bit gruff and perhaps it didn’t need to be all of the time, but, and this is the thing, the author painted a picture of the club the reader finds themselves in that is well done by far.

I liked the main characters, Micah, who is the Incubus, and Nattie, the Succubus. Their descriptions are lovely and really tempting to read. No horns or tails thought, but considering where they are, and what they do, it has to be expected that their true natures wouldn’t be seen.

What was more interesting was the little flashes of the minor characters in the story. They are teased to the reader, suggesting what might come later, and you find yourself at the end of the story wondering about them and what happens to them.

So, story-wise, and character-wise there is a lot in this author’s work to like. But there is a problem that this author needs to work on I think…

The author needs an editor to check their work. Several places words were wrong, or mist-tensed, or how things were described didn’t sit correctly with the rest of the story. It’s not a huge problem I admit, but I stumble over errors like that in a story and it draws me out of the heat in it.

And there is a lot of heat to enjoy in this story…

I’m giving this work four pitchforks out of five.

Just fix the spelling and grammar and that’s all this needs to have a better rating from me…



Dec 22 2012

A really neat 3D Warcraft Succubus YouTube…

I’ve often said that I don’t care for the Warcraft Succubus… I don’t like her hooves, I don’t like her looks and overall I don’t think much of her…

That doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate a really well done model of her however…

And if you can’t see it here on the Tale:

And one screenshot from the video in case it vanishes…

WarcraftSuccubus by Blastardinc

I think this is a really well done model of her. Quite a lot of detail and work obviously has been put into her and I appreciate that a lot… I think she looks a lot better here than in her original form in the game, but then that has a lot less rendering in it than what the artist that created this image was using I’m sure.

I still have to wonder if she wouldn’t look better without the hooves, but that’s just my opinion really and that will never happen as Warcraft created her with them.



Dec 21 2012

A Review of Dragonfall by Niall Teasdale

Time for a review of the eleventh book in the Thaumatology series by Niall Teasdale, Dragonfall. Yes, it is billed as the ninth book, but I am counting the anthologies as well. I reviewed the first book,  Thaumatology 101, here. The second, Demon’s Moon was reviewed here. The third book in the series, Legacy, that review is here. The first collection of short stories from this universe called Tales from High Towers’ Study is here.  The fourth book in the series, Dragon’s Blood is reviewed here. And the review of the fifth book in the series, Disturbia is reviewed here. The second collection of short stories, Tales from the Dubh Linn, was reviewed here. And the eighth book in this series Hammer of Witches was reviewed here. And, you can find the review on the Tale for the ninth book called Eagle’s Shadow here as well. Two weeks ago, I also reviewed the tenth book Ancient….

Dragonfall by Niall Teasdale

Dragonfall by Niall Teasdale

Things are… changing… And that’s a problem…

Ceridwyn Brent and Cheryl Tennant are having a very busy year. There is the long-term project to build a ley line bringing energy from the German Rift to London where it will be converted into electricity to run the entire city. There is the annual Thaumatology Conference, this year based in London. And everything seems to be going remarkably well, even if people are still thinking the world might end before New Year.

Then the conference is threatened by a group of militant scientists and there are growing rumours of a war between demons and dragons which has been going on for millennia, but may be about to flare up again on Earth. It is time to pick sides and decide upon loyalties, and Ceri has dragon ancestors while Lily Carpenter, her lover, is half-demon. When colleagues and friends begin to vanish or fall, can the two friends keep their relationship together?

There is a lot, and I mean a lot, of things going on in this book. It is, quite simply, the climax of the entire series and many secrets are revealed which, to be honest, did bother me somewhat. Mind you, there are several cliffhangers, all of which are substantial and important ones that still have to be played out.

The largest reveals being the dragons and their plans, but even though that is core to just about everything that has happened in the series, it is, for me, overshadowed by two things. The first has to do with Twill, but the more important one to me is Lily. Both of these reveals do explain many of the events that have occurred to Lily and as well to Ceri. It is, again for me at least, both distressing in what Lily has to deal with as the story progresses and the choice she has to make. Twill is more concerning in that what she turns to does alter so much for those that care about her.

Lily is forced into a choice that isn’t of her own design, isn’t what she expected she would ever have to do either. But, and this is the important point, in spite of having little choice in what she must do, she does not change who is she because of it. I think that speaks more of Lily’s character, of her true strength, and her own understanding of Ceri than really can be said.

A more difficult plot to watch is Ceri’s. She has been through more than any person should have to face in their lives from what happened to her parents, to all of the horrid things that have happened to her through the series. The subtle shifts that occur over the story, who is touched, how that affects her, and what, in the end, she pressed toward… it’s difficult to accept and in the end, when the reasons are revealed for it, the old saying of “playing dice with lives” came to mind…

I mentioned that there are cliffhangers in this story, several involve characters that are central to Ceri’s life. It is painful to watch and wonder what has happened and if it is possible they will return. But then that is the point isn’t it?

There is a subplot that revolves around demons and there is the barest hint of their world shown. It leaves many questions to be answered, but I expect they will be in the next book if the title is any indication of that. Where that will go is unclear, but I have a fairly good idea of who is involved and what, likely, is coming next. I hope that I am wrong, but I doubt it.

The story moves very quickly leaving little time for the characters to sort out things, or for the reader to pause and try to connect the dots. It is clear that something is going on from the beginning and it will result in a huge problem. After all, combining dragons, demons, a comet, and the end of the world into one story will do that won’t it? It doesn’t feel rushed, just very busy and you need to pay attention to connect the dots.

If you are just starting the series, I wouldn’t start here, you really do need to start at the beginning and see where the threads from the past collide with the story here. The closing of those threads is well done and, really, that’s what I expect from this author. There are continuing D/s themes as well, which have been tending towards a reflection of a certain world view, who’s I won’t say, but it you have followed the story from the beginning, it’s obvious and, to be honest, almost expected.

I was held by the work, enjoyed it very much, and it does make me ponder things and where they are going. That’s why this author is one of my favourite ones…

Five out of five pitchforks…

Oh, and Niall? I am going to hurt you… Mind you, since it’s only one day till the next book The Other Side of Hell comes out, it won’t be for too long…

You might even enjoy it… Just saying…