Oct 17 2012

The designer of this costume will suffer my wrath…

Some costume designs just make me shake my head in disbelief. What really gets to me are the costumes that you can, really, see that they put a lot of effort into the idea, but the end result is so over the top to be ridiculous…

Seven Deadly Sins Wrath

I mean… this is just far too much isn’t it? Someone must have been having a lousy time of thinking of an idea and all that was left was this train wreck…

This disaster is called the Seven Deadly Sins Wrath costume and it comes with a long sleeve red dress with lace detail and a tattered hem, a red choker and a pair of Devil horns. And they actually wrote the word “Wrath” on the dress as well…

The gloves, the stockings and the shoes are not included… which is just as well as they don’t help this outfit in the slightest.

It sells for about $50 US at various sites…

I wouldn’t give this a dollar and I wouldn’t buy it for one either…

It’s ugly and trashy beyond words…

What really gets to me the most is that this costume appears, more often than not, when you search for Succubus or Devil Woman on many costume sites.

Why is that?

Anyway, setting that question aside, I can’t see anything Succubi-like in this costume at all… It look more like a nightmare to me than anything else and that makes it a complete and utter waste of time, material and costume design.

Another zero out of five pitchforks for this mess…

Next week, I will have something good to share or there will be pitchforking…




Oct 16 2012

Desires 50

The question arrives as it is want to do… and the answer returns as it must..


Desires – Needs

By BFSlave and Tera S

Part Ten


Holding her hand, looking in her eyes he felt so alive. It felt like real electricity was passing between them now. His skin tingled, his pulse raced. His last words to her seemed to hang in the air, though. He needed to be with her so badly.

She lid off of the barstool and pulled her hand away from his and his fear grew. Oh no, did I scare her when I said that? Then, she moved closer, so close that he could feel her breasts pressing lightly against him. Their faces, not quite close enough to kiss, but so much closer than he’d ever been with any woman. A gasp escaped his throat as he felt her beautiful hand cup his cheek.

He could feel the heat from her body. The cherry scent was so strong now. Even her breath was sweet. And very hot, as he felt it caress his face when she spoke again. “Be careful whom you give your soul to. You will never get it back…”

The air itself seemed charged with that energy. It surrounded them. No longer were they the last two people in the bar, they were the last two people on Earth. He looked into those enchanting eyes and reached his hand up to her cheek, stroking it lightly. He’d never been that bold with anyone before, but something about her spurred him on. His heart pounding like a bass drum, he said, “If it’s the right one, Tera, I wouldn’t want it back.” And he meant every word.



And then… all things are possible aren’t they?



Oct 15 2012

Wholesome. Addicted. – Part Five By TeraS

This is the last part of what has become five parts of what was supposed to be a three part story called: Wholesome. Addicted. It tells the story of one of my Succubi named Laila, how she became one of my Realm and what that all means. Laila is the mascot of a podcast called Wholesome Addiction and you can find the link to their site in the sidebar to the right of this post.

I want to thank Sean, Beef and the Operator once more for allowing me to write a story about her. I think she’s really something special and I hope that by the end of this story, that it will be clear why she is so…

You can find the story in its entirety here on the Tale, or you can have a look at the menu bar under Tera’s Tales.

In the first part of the story we were introduced to Laila, a woman that was an inspiration to many, but didn’t have a lot of luck in her own life. In the second part of the story, the reasons for that become very clear… The third part Laila becomes one of the Succubi. The fourth brought some closure to Laila’s past.

Part five? Things get… deep. Really deep. Mind bogglingly so…


Wholesome. Addicted.

Part Five

By TeraS


Hello again, pet. Sorry to have worn you out so much last time. I trust that you didn’t mind? Ah … yes … of course you didn’t. How silly of me. Of course I have promised you relief and … well … it will be something you will never forget, will you?

You wanted this so badly in your dreams, your thoughts, and your soul that, now that you have it, you worry that it will never be again … Trust me, it will be again, I am quite sure.

Oh, don’t strain yourself trying to figure out what I mean … You’ll be having a workout in a moment … though I do have to decide where to begin with you.

But first, there is the last of the story to tell isn’t there?

Gabe left the next morning.

No, not like that, and he actually came back with a new rug to replace the one he ruined. We christened it with … ummm … Let’s just say that I had rug burns on my tail for a couple of days afterwards and leave it there, okay?

Then he did leave, but with the promise that I would see him again, explaining that he had a lot of beings to see and apologize to for being an ass. I did manage not to make fun of that admission, however–and I was rather proud of myself for that small miracle.

After he left, there was one person whom I needed to see, too.

It was Sam.

I found him at his apartment furiously packing things for his grand adventure. Before I knocked on the door I tasted his fantasies and discovered that he had one—just one—and it was one that I was more than willing to give him.

When he opened the door, he found me there—not the frumpy mess I usually was, but instead just as he believed that I should see myself, how I always would from that moment on … all because of him. I was the cute strawberry blonde he always knew; that didn’t change. What did change was how I looked otherwise. I was … hot: thigh-high boots, a leather miniskirt that left a finger’s width of skin between the hem and the tops of the boots and that was slit up the right side, and a tight fitting black sweater that was one with every curve.

He was at a loss for words.

I wasn’t: “Hi, Sam. Mind if I come in?” And yes, I had learned that trick from Tera, so it sounded like I said “cum.”

When I got inside, I did try to act surprised as I looked around, “Are you moving away?”

And I had to give him points for getting his brain into gear again, “I … have to, Laila. The show’s moving on, and I need to be there with it. I have …”

I moved close to him and then touched his lips, “Shhh … It’s okay. I want you to be a success. I’ve told you that for how long?”

“Years too long.”

“Exactly. You have what I’ve told you was possible, which makes me happy.”

“What made you come here?”


“Laila I … I have to tell you something.”

“I know. I’ve always known about her.”

The voice came from the other room, “How long?”

I took Sam’s hand and led him towards the other room, where we found the woman who I had always suspected was the elephant in the room between us: Tracy. I realized now just how sexy she was, especially with some sweat making her chocolate skin shine in the light just a bit. She was sitting on the floor behind a couple of boxes, looking worried.

“Oh, the day after you took him home after that drinking binge at the bar three years ago.”

“We didn’t mean to hurt you.”

I smiled because I knew that they didn’t. They had been trying to get the courage to ask if I would be with the two of them; not asking was their loss. But now? Now I had the means to make up for lost time. “You didn’t.

Just tell me one thing, Tracy. Are you going with him?”

She nodded, “Yes. I want to.”

My eyes flashed a bright green and the two of them gasped in surprise. Sam was so very hard now and Tracy so achingly wet as I purred, “Then there is a fantasy you both want, isn’t there?”

Magic is a wonderful thing. It can take you from clothed to naked in a split second, bubble wrap and boxes to sheepskin rug in another. But the passions, the love, the moments that fantasy can give? That … that takes as long as you want it to.

As my tail and horns appeared, I knew that this was something they thought was impossible for them to have. But they were going to and they were going to remember this.

“Tracy, you’ll do whatever I tell you.”

The glazed look in her eyes and her wet cunt really were enough that I really didn’t need her to moan, “Yessssss …” but it was very hot and made me squirm …

“Sam? Go sit over there and start stroking your cock for us. I know what you want, too.”

His focus on me as I fingered Tracy’s sex was so very satisfying.

Licking my tongue over Tracy’s body took … well, let’s say that it took a few spells to keep Sam from cumming and then a few more while he was sliding his cock into her as she tongued my cunt. And then the other way around … and then over on the couch, with our mouths between each other’s legs … and on the kitchen table, finding all sorts of uses for chocolate syrup … and in the shower, where we brought each other to a nice lather before we got around to the soap … and …

… and …

… We all came together, screamingly, finally, achingly, wonderfully so. And again … And yet again, in ways that I never would have thought the two of them would have been up for—you never really know what a couple is like until you are so very intimate with them. And trust me, I knew every inch of their bodies by the time they couldn’t take anymore. We found ourselves in a tangled mess of hot, sweaty all-fucked-out bodies hours later.

To be honest with myself, it was the first moment when I really understood what I could really do. I could be anyone. I understood that, but being me made everything so much better, hotter, more powerful … Tera had told me that being myself was the point. I got that now, and, when someone called for me, when I was myself, that’s was when it was wonderful. Now I knew why Tera didn’t change herself … ever. She always was the hot raven-haired woman that I first met so long ago …

I left the two of them lying there on that sheepskin, in each other’s arms, as I made my clothes appear and my horns and tail vanish. Before I left, I made sure that neither of them felt guilty about what happened. They didn’t anyway, not really, but that little push in their thoughts would make certain that we would be friends, that their future wouldn’t be hurt, and most of all, that they wouldn’t resist their fantasies, so their own passions would now inspire the two of them.

Five years later and they were famous. I own three works of theirs: “Passion,” “Discovery,” and “Acceptance.” I have been asked to sell them, but, to me, they are priceless … in more ways than anyone can ever understand.

After all of that, as the sun set again, I walked into the cafe where I first met Tera, thinking that I would get some coffee before going out into the world. But, to my surprise, I found Tera there, sitting at the same table and sipping her tea. I couldn’t help myself.

“Hello! Would you mind if I took the other chair?”

She laughed and gave me a wave, “Come here, silly …”

I took the same chair as before and found that a cup of coffee was waiting for me there.


“I’m the Queen, remember? I know things.”

My answer made her smile broadly, “Just as long as you don’t sell video of me and Gabe.”

“How is he?”

“He’s … better. I like him. I shouldn’t, but I do.”

“To forgive is divine.”

“Tera, don’t tell me you own a fortune cookie factory …”

She smiled bemusedly. That was a warning that I should have heeded. “Someone has to make people think about themselves and other things. Cookies of all kinds do that, you know.”

I sipped some of the coffee and asked something that had been bothering me, “Tera, be honest with me. How did you know that I was in trouble?”

She arched an eyebrow and I managed not to squirm, but it was close. “Trouble?”


“Ah. That.”

She took another sip of her tea and was about to answer when I heard a chuckle behind me, “Cute outfit, Laila. I like the look. ”

I recognized the voice and turned to see that it was the old man who owned the cafe. And I realized that I didn’t know his name.

“Um … hi.”

I should have had a clue when Tera said, “Why don’t you take a break with us?” He pulled a chair from another table over and I had a good look at him. He had a sort of kind grandfatherly look, with white hair and lines on his face that said he had seen a lot in this world and you could learn a lot from talking to him. I found that my heart ached when I realized that I never really talked to him. Oh, I always said hello and asked how he was, but I didn’t really talk to him. He was, quite simply always there. As he seemed to know Tera, I hoped that wasn’t a mistake.

I started when I realized that Tera’s horns and tail were visible. The panic in my eyes was very evident as I tried not to scream, “Um … Tera?”

She was maddeningly calm. “Yes?”

“Your tail is showing.”

“So’s yours.”

Stupidly, I reached behind me and, sure enough, there was my tail, and I pulled the end of it around to look at it, and I had the oddest feeling that it was looking at me with a “what?” expression on it before I let go of it.

“I do know about your kind, Laila.”

I looked at Tera as she shrugged, “He’s been around for a while.”

My next question was stupid, I know. “How long, exactly?”

She looked at him and then he chuckled, “Been around for … forever it seems. Or is.”

I pushed my coffee to the side and then laid my head on the table. “God save me from enigmatic beings, please.”

“Can’t help you with that, darling.”

I didn’t raise my head as Tera spoke. “You asked about how I knew about Gabe? He called me, told me what Gabe was doing and … well, I was going to put an end to it one way or the other.”

I knew that Tera would always tell the truth, but you needed to ask the question the right way. So after being quiet for a minute … I did: “Why didn’t you stop him when he started?”

“Laila, I didn’t know that he was after you, not until I got that call. Everything that happened was your choice. You chose, and, in the end, it worked out for you, didn’t it?”

I thought about it. Really thought about it. “Okay, I accept that.”

Then I turned my head to look at him, “Why didn’t you stop him when he came in here?”

“I am allowed rest, you know. Even more, I like to trust all of you.”

When he said that, I put two and two together and my head shot off the table as if I had been shocked: “You?”

He nodded, but didn’t say anything more.


Tera’s calm voice drifted over me, “Remember what I told you about choice, Laila? Gabe made the choice to do what he did, he paid for it, and then you turned him around. I dare say that you’ll be having a lot of admirers because of it.”

Our host chimed in, “And I’m grateful for that, as well.”

The implications of that were mind-boggling.

Before I could ask him more, he stood, took Tera’s hand and kissed it, “You are always welcome, Tera.”

She smiled.

Then he took my hand and kissed it as well. “And you … You are someone I will be watching …”

I thought that dealing with Tera’s riddles was bad, but, trust me, this was a million times worse. I sat there stupidly until Tera snapped me out of it: “Try not to get a complex over this, Laila. The ones that like you aren’t the ones to worry about. Having someone like him liking you …” She shook her head and smiled that enigmatic smile of hers and finished her tea.

My hands gripped the coffee again as I fought to calm myself. “Okay, so what do I do next?”

“Well, you won’t have to part the Red Sea, but you will have to inspire …”

She snapped her fingers and a folded-up piece of paper appeared on the table in front of me. Curiosity overcame me, and I unfolded it to discover a drawing … of me …

… my smile …

… my horns …

… my halo.


“You’ve already inspired many, Laila. Now it’s time to do a bit more than that. Now you are going to inspire some very special souls.”

“But … but how?”

She waved her right hand idly, “Don’t try to figure out time and space, Laila … As I recall it, you just barely passed that in your classes, didn’t you? Wasn’t it those four succubi who kept you from …”

I cut her off far too quickly: “Yes, fine, yes …”

Tera’s smile told me she knew exactly what happened. I blushed for days afterwards.

“Now then … I suggest that you look these three up and then visit them in their dreams … I think you’ll find that they are all very interesting souls to meet …”

“How interesting?”

She pushed herself back from the table, her horns and tail still there. “You might … just might … say they are kind of an addiction.”

I shook my head, “Sounds really wholesome …”

As she vanished in a puff of cherry scented smoke she giggled, “Oh it is … it always is …”

So this is not goodbye, but see you soon, pet. I’ll be in your dreams, waiting, always waiting for you to return and learn about yourself a little more each time. Your tastes will change, and I’ll be here to soothe your needs … one way or the other …

Sleep well … Dream of me …

For your own addiction is well and truly complete.

Oh … yes … You may cum …




… now.



And so ends the beginning of Laila’s story. I wanted to thank Sean, Beef and The Operator one more time for letting me play with Laila and, I hope, create someone that reflects well for them, that they liked reading about, and that, in some small way, was who they thought she might be.

I think I need to also explain why I saw her as being interesting. See, the thing of it is that in my and my hubby’s view of things, succubi like Laila, and the Queen of the Succubi, me, aren’t beings of evil. They think of themselves, for lack of a better explanation, grey… in the middle… between two opposing views, although they are learning that they are a bit more than they could believe.

As such, the Realm in which they live is about choices. You choose to be good; you choose to be not so much so. You choose to help or not to. It is all about the choice that you make, who you make it with, or for, and where that takes you.

Now, long ago, before Sean created that image of Laila, the mythos that we created had … that those in the Realm had horns and tails, but also angel-like wings … oh, and no hooves. Don’t like hooves at all. Sean’s art of Laila gave her everything that is in the Realm, but also added the halo. That made me smile as I recalled the little skit I do sometimes which was to put a cardboard halo on a stick into my hair and then watch it burst into flames before I take it out of my hair and shake it to put the fire out.

And from there, the thoughts came to me about how the halo connected into things, what it meant, and how to explain it being part of succubi or incubi. Thinking about that for a while, as it was explained in Laila’s transformation, each part meant something about what sexuality is. In the end, it is the combining of all of the things that make that concept up that, if you think about it, makes beings like Laila possible.

After all, wouldn’t it be a lesser universe if we couldn’t accept that we are, really, sexual beings? It is part of being human, and if a little supernatural push is needed to see ourselves for what we are, then that’s not an awful thing, is it? Exploring our own nature helps us to discover that each of us is, truly, in our own way, special. It’s just that some of us have a better understanding of that and, we hope, give others the means to see it in themselves …

Perhaps that is the greatest gift that one soul can give to another …

Thank you for reading the story of Laila, please do visit wholeaomeaddiction.com, and in all things be true …

Love … Huggles … Always …




October 2012

Oct 14 2012

A Review of Deal With The Devil: An Erotic Tale by Luna Loupe

Giving characters a history, a goal, and a reason for what they do is important in a story. I can’t care about someone in a story, no matter how long it is, if there isn’t a reason to care about them in the first place. Some authors understand this and do so…

Deal With The Devil: An Erotic Tale by Luna Loupe

  • Title: Deal With The Devil: An Erotic Tale
  • Author: Luna Loupe
  • Publishing Date: February 10, 2012
  • Length: Novella
  • ASIN: B0077YYMVU
  • This work at Amazon.com

This story tells of:

Witch-in-training Lily has one more trial to complete before she can be reunited with the man she loves – but when what should’ve been a simple summoning ritual goes wrong, she finds herself facing three years of pent-up lust. Her heart tells her to turn down the sexy incubus, but her pussy says otherwise!

Lily has been away from her love for a long time… three long lonely years in which she has learned the lessons she needs to know to be a witch.

She does so for the good of her love, her life, and her community. Everything she does is for the right reasons, and the path she has been walking is almost done.

The last thing she must do is summon a demon and take a token from them. But she makes several mistakes which draw an Incubus to her. And she finds herself at his mercy, whatever that might turn out to be.

Lily is really well written as a character in this story. We learn so much about her, her past and her intended future. That’s really important because when the Incubus appears you really are concerned about what will happen to her, and that makes you want to continue to read the story.

The Incubus is not quite the classic version of one, though he is harsh at times and forces Lily to do many things that are not the most pleasant to do. But then the rewards she is given makes them not seem quite as bad as they otherwise could have been.

The sex scenes are hot and well written, but some of the moments are a bit too violent for my liking, but that is a personal thing and has nothing to do with the author’s writing. Their writing is very good, they described the desires, needs, and feelings of Lily really well and that made the story very much more enjoyable.

I also liked that not a lot of time was lost in the story to extraneous topics and events that had little nearing on this particular moment in Lily’s life. The writer focused on the story, the real story, and that made this a joy to read…

But, as always, the story is a bit short for my liking… I would have liked to see what happens to Lily next, what the ramifications of her summoning an Incubus are, and what that might mean in the future…

Perhaps that will happen sometime…

I’ll give it four pitchforks out of five.

Well written, lots of heat, lots of background… Just could have been a little longer…



Oct 13 2012

Still another Morrigan Aensland Tribute YouTube…

There has been a lot of Morrigan Aensland tribute YouTubes appearing of late… That’s not a bad thing as I quite like a lot of them for the music and images that are chosen…

Here’s another one that I thought has some good points in it…

And if you cannot see it on the Tale:


And the one image in the video of Morrigan that I really liked:

Morrigan Thinking

And this art will be a Succubus of the Week image I think in the next little while as I found a really nice version of it to share…

I thought the music was a little bit frantic, but I did like it more than I thought I would when it started…

There aren’t a lot of really nice images of Morrigan in this video, I counted four that were really nice, and then six that I didn’t really like all that much…

Still, it’s a neat little video of Morrigan and that’s always a nice thing to see…

But there are many many more to be seen…



Oct 12 2012

Darkstalkers Resurrection announced by Capcom…

You’d almost think that it was a coincidence that yesterday I shared an image of Morrigan wouldn’t you and Capcom announced that they will be releasing a sequel to the Darkstalkers video game called Darkstalkers Resurrection…

I found the poster they are using to promote the game… I like that it’s focused on Morrigan…

Darkstalkers Resurrection Poster

Darkstalkers Resurrection Poster

I do have to say that I would have liked a bit more seductive look for Morrigan… But then this is a fighting game so…

Some details:

The new game is planned to arrive in early 2013. It will be available on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. It will feature Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers 3.

From the screenshots and a news release frop Capcom, the game appears to be a port with better HD graphics, filters and standard fighting game modes such as a Challenge/Tutorial mode. The same will include GGPO-enabled online play and replays that can be uploaded to YouTube as an option.

The game will cost $14.99 or 1200 Microsoft Points.

Will I buy it?

Probably… After all, I do try to get my tail on anything with a Succubus in it…

Of course, I will likely never really figure the game out, but that’s just me…

Stay tuned…



Oct 12 2012

A Review of The House on the Hill 2 by Carl East

On Sunday I reviewed the story The House on the Hill by Carl East. When it first came out, it looked as if the story would end there, which really bothered me a lot. However, the author did write a second part to the story, which I will be reviewing as well today on the Tale. The thing of it is… I really think the author would have been better served to make the two parts a single story… Perhaps that will happen, but I expect not…

The House on the Hill 2 by Carl East

The House on the Hill 2 by Carl East

  • Title: The House on the Hill 2
  • Author: Carl East
  • Publishing Date: May 15, 2012
  • Length: 5,500 Words
  • ASIN: B00793IXQ4
  • This work at Smashwords.com

The story is about:

The Succubus, Serena, is stuck in limbo and when she is freed, she is more than appreciative. In fact, she’s so thankful she’s willing to show her rescuers a few of the hidden talents that the Succubae possess. By the time she’s finished showing off her abilities the new owners are going to wish that she would stay.

Earlier this week I review House on the Hill and this work is the second half of the overall story I believe. Serena the Succubus returns, the attempt to release her from her curse didn’t work and once more the owners of the house discover the fun and games that having a Succubus can bring.

It’s a much better overall story than the first book was. It isn’t really just about the erotica, which is a welcome change from the first work. There is more about the powers of a Succubus, what she and do, what the experience is, and what that transforms the relationship of the main characters of the story. It becomes a story of learning about secal experiences, what they bring to relationahips, and how, if you take the chance to explore sexually who you are, you discover things about yourself and the one you love that you never would have expected.

I felt the expanded background of Serena added a lot that was missing from her personality in the first work. There are also moments of her using her powers which I thought were intersting use of the Succubus legends towards what they are capable of.

Regrettably, this work seems to close Serena’s story. However, I had thought the first work did so and then this story appeared. So while there is a finality to the ending, there is always the possibility of her returning in another story or, and I think this is more likely, she appearing to other characters in other places.

Serena becomes more of a Succubus that I like in this work. She is more sensual, but also most thoughtful and more caring. Still, she needs a little more personality, and a pair of horns and a tail for my personal tastes. Nonetheless, a vast improvement from the first time she appeared.

The erotic moments are much better, more involved, and more descriptive, which I enjoyed. The story was not driven by them however, it is not a hot flash as much as a moment in a larger story I felt. Lovely anf hot, but not so over the top as to be silly ot seem like the author was not paying attention to the relationships in the story.

It’s a bit of a shame that the two works were not released as a single larger story. While it would make the entire work only 20 pages or so, that is a good core of a longer, more involved tale I think. And I would like to see that. I can see a novel about Serena, from her being trapped in the house by the wizard, which we never see, through her relationship centuries later with the couple that free her, to, what I would hope would be something greater for her.

I can hope at least.

Much better written and I would ask the author to go back and reedit or rewrite the first story to make it as good as the second is.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Much better read, much better story.