Jan 09 2013

Spandex doesn’t always work for a Succubus costume…

There are costumes made of Spandex of course. Now some of those are really sexy and, honestly, that is the point of a Devil Girl or Succubus costume…

However, I do not quite see how this costume qualifies as being a “good” costume in all honesty…

Toxic Fire Devil Costume

This is called the Toxic Fire Devil Costume and it comes with a one-piece liquid metal spandex suit with high cut sides, a zipper in front, and a flame pattern along the sides of the suit and the top of the attached hood, which the horns are attached to.

Now, everything else in the image here, the tail, the pitchfork and the shoes are separate to the main costume itself.

So, if you bought everything, and you kind of have to, it comes to a total of $350 US.

Now, it is a custom made costume which makes the cost of it make some sense, but there is so much not to like here I think…

Firstly, the zipper in the front… Why? It ruins the look of this outfit and honestly why it wasn’t in the back is beyond me.

Don’t care for the hood, looks ugly to me, especially that bit of flame on the forehead. The long sleeves also do nothing for me as well.

The tail is a long one at least, but that isn’t much to say for the good in this idea. I like the shoes, but then I have seen them before and actually I have a pair that I bought last year because they really are wonderfully made. But again that alone can’t save this costume for me.

I sort of like the pitchfork in a way, but there are of course better ones out there…

I don’t think I can give this costume anything more than one and a half pitchforks out of five.

The accessories are better than the costume itself and that is troubling…



Jan 08 2013

Desires 60

And things get… hotter…


Desires – Needs

By BFSlave and Tera S

Part Twenty


The pleasure was more intense than anything he could’ve imagined. Why he didn’t expliode into her mouth amazed him. Then he realized she was using her power to help him last longer. She wanted their first time together to be special. So did he. After she pulled him out of her mouth, he heard a soft, wet, squishing sound. He knew she was rubbing herself. [i]I bet she’s using her tail.[/i] All thoughts quickly disappeared when he felt her long, sexy tounge lick his most sensitive area. He moaned again as his cock twitched in response. As she once again began her oral ministrations, he reached down and stroked her hair. His thumbs brushed her horns and he started stroking and rubbing them. She moaned and made a sound he’d never heard before. It was soft and low, but he swore that he heard her growl. The sound turned him on even more. He’d found one of a Succubi’s erogenous zones.

He kept rubbing and stroking the sexy protrusions. Her growls got louder. Her sucking and licking got more insistant. She rubbed her aching pussy with her tail harder and faster. “Oh Mistresss”, was all he could say. He wanted to tell her he loved her again, but the pleasure was too much. She pulled him out of her mouth again and looked at him, her eyes glowing. With the sensual growl of a panthress in heat she said, “Someone’s being a naughty boy.” He felt her tounge on his throbbing hardness again, then something new took it’s place.

Her nipple rubbed along the ridge of his cock. It jumped and he moaned and gripped the couch cushions. She rubbed it up and down on him, then switched breasts. Just when he thought he couldn’t feel any better, she caressed his throbbing manhood between her beautiful, soft, breasts. “Ohhhh Tera.” She massaged him between the hot, crimson flesh. “Mmmm, you like this don’t you?”, she purred. “Ohh yesss Mistresssss.”, he moaned. He reached for her face, and found her horns again. She moaned and growled again. She plunged her tail into her hot, wet folds. The sweet scent of her arousal filled the room. He took it all in. The scarf still covered his eyes, but his other senses were going into overload. The scent of her arousal, the feeling of her breasts rubbing his cock and her horns as he rubbed them, the sound of their moans and her beautiful animalistic growls.

His sight returned when she ripped the scarf away from his eyes. She was straddling him, her dripping pussy less than an inch away from his erection. Her hair surrounded her face like a cloak. All he could see were those eyes, glowing so brightly now. Between low growls she moaned, “Now, my love. Take me to my bedroom now.” He could feel her breath on his face, the heat of her body. She was so close to him. Looking into her eyes he breathlessly replyed, “Yes, Tera. Anything for you, Mistress.” They kissed deeply, filled with more desire than either one had felt all night. They stood, his arms around her, her legs and tail around him. He felt so weak and submissive to her, yet he felt like he could pick up a building right now, as he carried her to her room. She guided him between deep kisses.

Her room was as beautifully decorated as any room in her apartment, but all he could see was her. As they approached the four-poster bed with it’s red satin sheets, she slid off of him. He watched as she turned and crawled seductively across the bed. He stared at her perfect bum and watched her tail move sinuously as she moved like a cat. She laid her head down on her pillow, looked at him, smiled and patted the mattress next to her. “Come to me, my heart. It’s time.” Full of love and joy beyond measure, he joined his love in her bed. They kissed and the most perfect night of their lives began in earnest.


…and hotter still…



Jan 07 2013

Speak into the Air by TeraS – Part Seven

Lily’s story continues and more questions arrive… as they are want to do…




Speak into the Air

By TeraS

Chapter Seven



Because he loved her, because it was important to her, Lily’s Eternal read.


I have a wish.

I’m sure you have seen many of them. There are demands on you people asking for things every moment for themselves.

I’m not asking for me. I’m asking for her.

You know her as Lillian. I call her Lily.

Once she was here. Then someone appeared and offered her something. Something that she couldn’t explain to me. Said that I would never believe her.

She was right, of course. How could someone like me understand what she was offered? All I knew was that she was going to leave and never return.

I should have fought for her, you would say. But it’s impossible to fight for something that is already gone. When she told me she was going, her mind was made up already. She told me it wasn’t my fault. Nothing I did made her decide to go, she said.

But she left.

My life ended on that day.

I don’t know why I am still here, why I am writing this, what good it will do. It took years to stop thinking about her. I thought I did. 

But in my dreams I saw her. I saw her with someone else. She looked like she was happy. I could never hear her voice or see them clearly, but something wasn’t right. When I woke, the dreams were gone in a moment, with an echo of her in my thoughts until the day pushed it aside for the things that I had to do.

Then it all changed.

When I dream now, I see her sitting in the middle of an empty room, looking out a window. Alone. She isn’t happy; she grieves, and I can almost touch her in my dreams. But something stops me, pulls me away from her. I call out her name and she doesn’t hear me.

Every night, the same dream; every night she doesn’t hear me.


The dreams are all that I think about now. She is Lily; I know she is, in spite of the horns and tail, in spite of the gloom. She is the woman that I never should have let go of.

I have heard stories of a world called the Realm, of a Queen named Tera. She’s there with you, or so the mystics have told me. Explained to me how you are compassionate, how you are not, as I thought, evil

How you care.

I have a wish for you.

This part of the wish is for you. Please try and help her. Please?

The other part of the wish is that you give Lily this note so she can read the rest herself.



I’m sorry I let you go. I’m sorry that I didn’t fight for you, didn’t convince you to stay. If I had the chance to do this all over again, none of this would happen. You’d be happy. 


Maybe you would stay with me, see that being here was better than doing what you did.


I wish that there was a way to make you happy, even if that meant losing you again.

Life has been empty without you. My dreams tell me you feel the same.

I wish that it had been different.

Please, help me to make it be different.



He looked at the note, dog-eared, the paper turning color from white to shades of brown and gray. It didn’t make any sense at all. He’d never written such a thing.

“Lily, is this a joke?”

She shook her head, “No, not even close to one.”

The look on her face kept him from laughing or dismissing everything out of hand. Instead he took a spot beside her on the couch, set the note, as he saw it, to the side and took her hand. “Explain it to me.”

She smiled, that little, little smile that was her way to steel herself when she needed to tell him something. That told him that, whatever was going on, it was important to her, and so it was to him as well.

“I am … I am not the Lily you know right now. I am a Lily that comes after she makes a choice; one that means she’ll leave you and never return.”

He nodded slightly, “Okay. How do I know that’s for real?”

She sighed and then stood up, turning to face him still on the couch. “I’ll show you.”

She seemed to shimmer, and then he saw her in a silver dress, one that just made her look stunning. And there in her hair were a pair of small amber horns, while, peeking out from under her dress, a heart-tipped amber tail appeared, as well. Then a pair of angel wings was on her back and a halo was above her head.

He just looked at her for a long moment.

Lily didn’t know what to make of his reaction, and she began to turn away from him, thinking that all was lost … forever.

“Lily … Please don’t.”

The tone of his voice made a lump catch in her throat. He couldn’t possibly accept this … all of this … so quickly, could he?

“I don’t understand what’s going on. I don’t need to. I know that something is wrong. Talk to me … please?”

She turned back to him, her tail wrapped around her waist like a belt. “There is a place called the Realm. There are beings there called succubi and incubi … I …”

“It’s not important.”

Her only reaction to that was to blink.

“It’s not important because you are still the woman I love. What you are now, or then, doesn’t matter. You do.”

She put her hands over her nose and lips before continuing in a soft voice, “I should have known better. But I didn’t. I …”

“No Lily. If this is supposed to be a chance to change things, then tell me how we do that. What you are talking about …” He picked up the note, folded it, and showed it to her. “This says that we have a second chance to make things right. How do we do that?”

She wrung her hands, “Become like me. Come with me … please?”

“Is that all it takes?”

She laughed, “Oh probably not. It was hell getting to be here, to see you, to have this chance. It can’t possibly be that easy.”

He stood up, still holding the note in his hand. “It doesn’t matter. All that does matter is that whatever happened to you … to me. It’s not going to happen again.”

Lily started to cry, sobbing, words trying to come out of her, not making any sense at all. He came close, the note in one hand, his other now touching her chin and drawing her to look at him in his eyes, his deep chocolate brown eyes. “We will be okay.”

“I hope so.”

“I know so.”

Then a voice called out … “Lillian.”

The note glowed again, brightly, and then a flash of both light and darkness came …

Jan 06 2013

A Review of Misty Shalimar – Modern Day Succubus by Pamela Parkman

Misty Shalimar - Modern Day Succubus by Pamela Parkman

Misty Shalimar – Modern Day Succubus by Pamela Parkman

One of the things that I have found hard to find is a story about Succubi that has a good deal of humour in it. Sex isn’t a problem, some strike and conflict isn’t one either. But for some reason the idea of a Succubus having a concept of humour seems to be something that a lot of writers cannot manage to make work for them. But when a writer gets the humour, the setting, and the Succubus herself right, that’s something special…

  • Title: Misty Shalimar – Modern Day Succubus
  • Author: Pamela Parkman
  • Publishing Date: April 19, 2012
  • Length: 78 Pages
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story tells the tale of:

Through no fault or desire of her own, Misty Shalimar, a God-fearing freshman in college from rural Ohio, finds herself transformed into a modern day succubus on her 18th birthday. Under the direction of her Incubus father, Professor Nomed, she finds she must strike a delicate balance between satisfying her newly heightened sexual desires, and bringing to justice the repellant sexual offenders who seem to be increasing in numbers every day.

With a nice mixture of humor, adventure and sex, Misty weaves her way through this trilogy of three short stories while trying to come to terms with her new identity and the realization that her life can never go back the way it was.

Misty was your ordinary, everyday, run of the mill college student. She was, that is, until one night things get a little out of hand and, by accident, she killed her boyfriend. The next morning she discovered that she was changing, in both body and mind. Soon after, the Professor arrived, told her she was a Succubus and he was her father. And then Misty’s life changes and things go off the rails from there.

The one thing I have to say about this story is the humour in it. There is much to laugh about here and enjoy. One of the things that found hilarious was the Professor’s love of baked goods and needing to visit every Waffle House in existence it seemed. Misty’s self examination of her life, and how she deals with it, can go from funny to sad in a moment, but, the funnier aspects of it, especially when she starts swearing for no reason that she understands at first, was delightful.

There are hints of what Misty looks like in her more demonic form and I thought that the feelings she has in the aftermath of those transformations was a good touch to the story. I can understand why she would be itchy on her back afterwards.

Misty and the Professor do have a sense of morality, which I thought was real and well explained. Misty doesn’t just feed on anyone, the Professor is very sure that the ones that she does so “deserve” their fate in what they have done in the past. All of those reveals being very self explanatory really.

The work is split into three short stories that take Misty from discovery to action and then, finally, a revelation about the Professor that I didn’t expect at the beginning of the story. It also draws in someone form the Professor’s past which I though added to the story well.

There are, of course, quite a few sex scenes in the work, and there are some violent moments in it, but they do not overwhelm the story which I appreciated. It’s more character development driven, if that development is attached to a group of odd, slightly unique ones. Which isn’t a bad thing at all.

The writer tells a good story and there wasn’t much that drew me out of it. Mind you, the one thing that did was their use of “Succubuses” as the plural form of Succubus. That really should be Succubi, but then I am nitpicking a little bit. They have an excellent feel for humour and how to use it in telling a story which just made this more delicious a read.

It’s a shame that this work ended where it did, I would have liked to see more of Misty and the Professor. It’s nice to have two characters play off each other so stellarly, to have their little quicks make them both much more real, and, in the end, having characters that are real makes you care about them.

That’s what I look for in a story, and this work more than gave me that enjoyment…

I’ll give this work four pitchforks out of five.

Quirky, fun, and really if this becomes a series I will be reading everyone of the releases. Misty is one of the most interesting Succubi that I have seen written, the Professor is an amazing character as well, and I would be unhappy if this is the only time she appears…



Jan 05 2013

A cute Morrigan Aensland drawing YouTube…

I love art that has Morrigan Aensland looking cute… And I found a neat YouTube art in progress video that thankfully also links to a wonderful completed piece of art…

And if you can’t see it on the Tale:


And the completed work of Morrigan…

Morrigan Aensland by Slajoc

Morrigan Aensland by Slajoc

I found this work here on DeviantArt and the artist’s page is here if you would like to see more of their art, and there is a lot to see…

This is just so cute and really, Morrigan when she looks cute is just beautiful to me… Love the sweeping hair toss and her smile just lights up the art amazingly…

It’s one of my personal favourite works of her, and really, it just shows her in a wonderful light…

And that is, really, the best way for Morrigan to appear…



Jan 04 2013

A Review of Emily’s Gift by Julia P. Lynde

Emily's Gift by Julia P. Lynde

Emily’s Gift by Julia P. Lynde

Perhaps one of the things that seems to be the hardest for authors to get a grasp of is that Succubi do not have to be evil. They do not have to kill, do not have to be uncouth, or worse for that matter. It is difficult to find works that focus on other, more important aspects not just of the Succubus herself, but of those that come into her world. But when that happens, it really is something special…

  • Title: Emily’s Gift
  • Author: Julia P. Lynde
  • Length: 9,400 Words
  • Publishing Date: December 16, 2012
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story is of:

Emily’s daughter has taken a bad path in her life, and Emily turns to the fae succubus, Anita, for her own brand of help.

The thing about this story that makes it special are the layers within it. It is, I think, the mark of good storytelling when the author is invested in their characters to the point where they become real and not cut-outs or puppets being played with.

This starts with Emily.

Emily is both innocent and unsure of herself. I think that is the best way to explain it here because while she knows who she is asking a favour of, she doesn’t understand who Anita, the succubus of the story is. This comes to haunt her at first, change her life second, and in the end opens a world, and much more, that she even could have imagined.

The same is true of the Succubus in this story Anita. She is described as a Fae Succubus, which in this story means that she does not look like the classic Succubus, no horns or tail, but in truth that isn’t that important to her character. What is comes to her powers, which are well described and portrayed, her personality, which while Domme in nature is tempered with something more than could be expected from the beginning of the story. If Emily becomes more than she is, then Anita is changed in ways, and reasons, that matter. And the thread running through this is the gift, or rather gifts, that Emily has shared with her.

The one character that changes the most, that moves from someone very ugly to something better is Nicole. While she is not the true heart of the story, she is the catalyst that makes all else happen. She changes, like her mother and Anita, by the end of the story, and what is more, the ending of the story, where Nicole finds herself, it is… satisfying to me.

There is a mix of both joy, passion, and, regrettably, sorrow in this story. It is truly heartbreaking what happens, the loss that comes is tragic in more ways that I can explain without spoiling the story. Needless to say, the author did, in the moment when joy ends and grief begins, turn the story into something more than it was to that point by far.

There was one thing in the story that jarred me out of it. It happened more than once and I hope the author has seen the problem and corrected it. Several times they write “suit” when they mean “suite” when a character speaks about a room in Anita’s home. It’s a minor issue I know in an overall well written work, but it just kept getting to me as I read. For most it will not be an issue I am sure, but for me.. just really was something that got to me over and over again.

I would have liked to see where the story goes after the end, there is a door there to walk through, but it isn’t taken. Now I know that, in truth, it wasn’t to be, but I can think about what transpires after the end of this story… and I have to admit that I do… a lot.

I’m giving this work four and a half pitchforks out of five.

It’s very close to perfect, and I really would like to say it is…



Jan 03 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 261

It’s been a very long time since a succubus from the Castlevania game has been a Succubus of the Week… That’s mainly because I really haven’t see any images of them that I really like.

I finally found one… a really good one I think…

Kissing Succubi by Candra

Kissing Succubi by Candra

This is called Kissing Succubi, and is by the artist Candra. You can click on the image for a larger version, and you can find the page on DeviantArt that I found this work here and the artist’s page on DeviantArt as well here.

I like the art style of this artist, it looks like a portrait of the two succubi more than anything else. The softness of the art gives this a lovely look which I think is adorable too… They aren’t creatures of pure sexuality here either, they are, I think, two beings in love with each other and I think that’s an interesting aspect of the Succubi in this universe…

Of course the lack of horns and tails is a little bit bothersome for me as it always is, but other than that little nitpick, I think that the artist did wonderfully in breathing life into them…

Do visit their site for more wonderful art!