Sep 09 2016

A Review of the Succubus Series by Wren Winter

Succubus Seductions by Wren Winter

Succubus Seductions by Wren Winter

I understand that authors will take their works from being available, then reissue them. I also understand that some authors will change their name, change the title. There’s a good reason of course, which is at some point a book falls so deeply into the listings on Amazon and elsewhere that reissuing the work, sometimes four or more years after the original issuing can bring in new readers and sales.

Where the problem comes, at least for me, is when this happens. the work is issued under a new author, a new title, but the book blurb is almost exactly the same, the work hasn’t been editing at all, and really the only thing that is “new” comes to the book cover.

With all that said, a review of two works which were previously issued under another author’s name and title many years ago. The first work I will be simply repeating my original review, though dropping the rating a bit. The second I did not review previously, and so that review will be something new for me to ponder.

The first work is:

The work tells the story of:

When you summon a succubus, you might not get exactly what you wish for… David wants a paranormal lover. Meridiana has something else in mind.

When the powerful succubus Meridiana is called to Lucifer’s office, she’s elated to find out people are summoning succubi again! Her first victim is a man named David.

David seems like a normal fellow, who enjoys video games and working out.

It doesn’t make sense that such a handsome man would need to call upon a succubus to get laid, until Meridiana overhears him talking on the phone. The conversation reveals that David called on her after a dare!

When she finds out the jade David will be using is a fake, her wicked mind whirs with ideas of how to torture David while still giving him sexual pleasure.

David asks on a website for a method to summon a Succubus and he gets one. The problem is that he doesn’t know all of the traps and pitfalls and Meridiana, the succubus he summons, is more than willing to take advantage of that…

I think the main problem I have with this story was that it was very short and as such it became simply a hot flash or a stroke erotica story. That’s a shame really as the beginning of the story held a lot of promise really, but when it got interesting… it stopped being so for me.

Meridiana’s background story was interesting, and I would have liked to know more about it, but in this case it was setting only and the story moved away from that as quickly as possible. Past that, we watch as Meridiana watches and plans as David does the same and then summons her. Everything after that is sex really with not much else happening.

When Meridiana springs her trap, that is an odd moment, but it makes sense in the story. What happens to David afterwards is a bit brutal and the ending was, really, quite expected to be honest. I thought I would like her at the beginning of the story, but that soon faded away as her personality was all “gloat and be evil” and not a lot else. That’s kind of thin as a character and I have issues with it.

I can see this becoming a series of stories about Meridiana, which would be more interesting I think overall, but the author needs to tighten up their writing some. The work didn’t flow smoothly for one thing, the characters were paper thin for the most part as well. Oddly enough, the minor characters were more interesting than the main ones for the most part.

I have to wonder if the author might have been better served to not end the work with the first meeting of David and Meridiana, but to tell about the week she is there. I think that would have made for a better story, better characters and involved me more in it.

Two and a half pitchforks out of five.

The story didn’t flow well for me, I didn’t care for Meridiana all that much as well. It was short, much too short and really it could have been more than a stroke story. It’s a shame that the author didn’t add to what was there before republishing the work again.

But they didn’t and that’s the shame of it all.

Serving the Succubus by Wren Winter

Serving the Succubus by Wren Winter

The second work in the series tells a slightly different tale about a slightly different succubus as well. That said, much like the first work, there’s room for something more to be said, something more to be explored. But like the first work, this one seems be the same as it was before, only the title, the author and the cover being changed.

There’s an interesting story, the succubus is a bit different, and I thought the story had some drive and purpose as well. But there are missing pieces and moments, not to mention that the character development could have been more.

The second work is:

The work tells the story of:

I’m a succubus. Seduction is just what I do.

A mysterious senior society at an ancient college. A beautiful High Priestess with a secret agenda. 15 hopeful new members of a magical sorority. Idola Song is the High Priestess of the Sisters of Lilith, a sorority that has existed for over 200 years, opens her Eden to 15 new seniors of Dunwich College. Each girl must confess her sexual encounters in order to join… but will these stories actually give power to something more evil than they ever imagined? The first confession comes from a young succubus, Lilybella, who learns about how strong her powers of seduction are in the worst possible way.

It is the night of ceremony and new souls are being brought into the order. Stories must be told, they being the truth and open to all. But as well, with the truth comes something a little more for the sake of the one that goes first and the one that commands the ceremony itself.

Lilybella describes herself as a succubus, and she very well may be one, but the story really doesn’t give a chance for that to be told. For Lilybella, the story is a flashback, a memory and the person she is in the here and now doesn’t have a word, a moment, an opportunity to show what she has become.

Much in the same way, Idola Song might be a succubus, has some of the aspects of being one, but that doesn’t come into play either. She’s mainly used to tell of the sorority, offer a means for Lilybella to tell her story, and is more of a narrator than anything else.

In both characters, as well as two other minor characters, the opportunity to tell a larger story is pushed aside for the sake of a short hot flash encounter that didn’t have all that much heat nor did it really tell anything of a story save for Lilybella’s confusion.

There’s one singular point in the story that’s not used well and that is the idea of the Sisters of Lilith. That’s an interesting idea, there’s a good hint as to who and why they are, but it doesn’t get developed anything like it should have been by far.

The characters aren’t developed, the story is a bit thin, the erotica doesn’t have heat. This is barely a work about a succubus and that’s only because of Lilybella’s statement, which really doesn’t mean anything, but is suggestive of something. I think that’s the real problem here, the suggestion of a larger story that’s never told.

Two out of five pitchforks.

There might be two succubi in this work, but neither comes out fully. There could be a story about succubi here, but that isn’t told for the need to have some tepid erotica appear. The thing is that the overall idea is interesting and not telling the story of the Sisters of Lilith is a lost opportunity. Perhaps the author needed to expand the story more rather than just tack on a few other short stories in the wake of this one.



Sep 09 2016

A Review of Rainelle by Kimber Lee

Rainelle by Kimber Lee

Rainelle by Kimber Lee

Today, and the next book review day on the Tale, I will be reviewing the two released works in the Rae Erickson series by Kimber Lee, there should be a third, but at the time of these reviews there wasn’t and so the series is incomplete. I would have reviewed them together, but there’s a reason why I am not, which will be more clear in the following review. and honestly it is a reason that bothers me, aggravates me, and I find to be so very foolish a thing to do in many ways. That said, the first work, which is a teaser, if you will for the series, has quite a lot going for it, promises much, and, at least here, delivers in that.

Dreams and reality are mirrors of one another. The reality of knowing there are such things as succubi and incubi can be a curse, or a gift, but that depends on many things. Sometimes it is as simple a thing as family.

  • Title: Rainelle
  • Author:  Kimber Lee
  • Length: 18 Pages
  • ASIN: B00ZIA25SC
  • Publishing Date: June 11, 2015
  • This work at


It is the story of:

Dad always told me that I had ‘hunter’s blood’, that I was special.

Knowing that, however, didn’t exactly stop teenage Rainelle Erickson from courting the dark side, whether for information about her missing mom or striking a forbidden friendship with her charming demonic high school teacher.

Innocent and sensual, read all about young Rae’s heartbreaking discovery and steamy sexual awakening… before she met her Lord Andrei.

The story of Rae’s life when she was just trying to get her legs underneath her and try to understand why things were and more. The past is haunting, the present more so when it is a memory you can’t recall.

The work is an interesting lead into the first work of the series and it sets up who Rae is, what her past consists of, and what that might mean to her future. There’s a feeling of tragedy, loss, and confusing in Rae and being so there’s a real connection with her character. It’s less about Rae being entangled with an incubus and more about Rae just trying to learn, understand, and somehow find herself.

It is a short work and there are some details glossed over, but in spite of being so the story is well told, the characters are strong in their presence and I thought overall it worked really well. Still, I wish it was longer, at least twice what it is. I would have liked more about Rae, about her mother, if only from Rae’s perspective, and most of all, a bit more about the incubus she finds herself with.

Bren, the incubus of the work, is almost instantly likeable. He’s not stereotypical, he cares about others, about the things he has done, and he has a conscious. That might not be true of other incubi, or succubi for that matter, but in his case I liked this. However, why he acts the way he does, what the guilt is, why he suffers so much isn’t explained and I wish it had been. Moreover, Bren is as much a presence as Rae and while some of that is explained, I really wanted to know more about their relationship than the smattering that was given.

A promising work, interesting characters and a story arc that is revealing and well told. It’s just too short.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

So much promise from this work and I expected that the first work in the series would live up to that. However it takes but one thing to completely take that away. Being far too careless. But that’s for my next review.



Sep 08 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 451

One of the succubi that has not, though really she should have been, the Succubi of the Week is one that I, in a way, have a relationship with. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that her author is someone who I call a dear friend of mine, and have for quite some some time now…

Myserra is, of course, one of the main characters in the Succubus’ Sub series by John Dylena… For this week’s image, here is art of Myserra by Pop-Lee who is also the artist of the comic book version of John’s wonderful series…

Myserra by pop-lee

Myserra by pop-lee

You can find the original page with this art on DeviantArt here and Pop-Lee’s page on DeviantArt can be found here as well…

There are certain art of Succubi that just look… right. Their expression is right, their hair, eyes, horns and tail are exactly what they should be. Their look, outfit and all, just tells of their personality, who they are and more…

I’ve always thought that Pop-Lee captured that so well with their art of Myserra… and I’m so glad that they were able to draw the Succubi me just once with her too…



Sep 07 2016

Where is the fancy in this costume?

Fancy Dress Devil CostumeFancy means, at least to me, a costume is made to a higher standard. Perhaps it is a little bit ‘royal’ in appearance in some way. Perhaps there is very little, if any, cheesiness or trashiness to be found in the costume. So how is it that this costume can be called fancy in any way, shape or form?

This is called the Fancy Dress Devil Costume and it comes with the mini skirt, short top, the cloak with attached horns and the pitchfork. It sells for $25 US.

I really cannot call this costume fancy in any clear way. I might, on a good day, call it slightly sexy, but I think I would be somewhat generous in doing so.

I don’t care for the cloak and horns combination, the pitchfork is lousy, the top and skirt aren’t the worst thing ever, but there are better than this is.

I hesitate to call this trashy, this doesn’t quite get there, but, again, there are many other costumes that are more trashy than this is.

Not much that could be done to improve this, other than getting rid of that cloak and using an actual pair of horns instead which I think would make this slightly better as whole.

Two out of five pitchforks.

As usual, some things not so good, but better than the worst at least…



Sep 06 2016

A Review of Deep Woods by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

Deep Woods by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

Deep Woods by Natalie Severine and Eric Severine

The eleventh review of the ongoing series called Lily Quinn written by Natalie and Eric Severine today on the Tale. You can find my first review here, the second herethe third herethe fourth here, and the fifth review here. The sixth review be found here and the review of the seventh work can be found here. The review of the eighth work in the series can be found here and my review of the ninth work is here. My prior review in the series can be found here on the Tale as well.

One of the things that’s been missing in the story of Lily Quinn is a simple one. She’s never really connected with her emotions, her past, her own needs. There’s a simple truth that she’s never admitted to, opened herself to. She’s never said three little words to Max, even if she knows them well, she’d ever admit it, and that he needs to say the same three words.

In the face of loss, there comes a time when the truth has to come out. There’s only so long you can put up a false front, hide what you are feeling. There is always one person that knows you better than you know yourself. And there are more than just your best friend.

It tells the story of:

My name is Lily Quinn and I was supposed to be the best monster hunter in the city. After everything that’s happened, though, I’m not even sure I want to do this job anymore. I’ve lost everything.

But what else is a girl like me going to do with herself?

So I’ve taken another bounty, one high in the mountains where a yeti’s been tearing it up, and I don’t mean throwing parties. This job might take a while and my powers only last about a day, so I’m bringing something with me that I never have before – Max.

“Deep Woods” also includes the bonus short story “Dirty Hands.”

In the aftermath of the destruction of her home, the death of her mentor, Lily can’t find the way to go on. Trying to do so, she takes on a bounty for a very dangerous creature. Max, of course, won’t let her go alone. But the danger is more than the creature she’s hunting. The danger is that Lily has to face the truth. Telling Max the truth isn’t an easy thing. But then nothing in Lily’s life has been easy.

I’ve wanted Lily to be, as odd as it sounds, more human. By that I mean she’s so often put up a false front to others, held her emotions away. She hasn’t allowed many things to get through her armour, to get at her core. In this work the author finally allows Lily to be, for once, human. To open herself to Max, to admit to herself how much he’s done for her. To express her grief with someone that’s been with her forever, for always. To grieve not alone, but with another that’s grieving as well. This, for me, is the point in the series where Lily’s character development really happens.

The story of the hunt isn’t what matters here, it is a means to get Lily to open herself to Max, to see, fully, what he means to her and to accept it. It’s a chance for the relationship between Lily and Max to finally get past all of the emotional dancing the two have had from the beginning of the series. There is sex, but it’s with passion, love and most of all, understanding. Lily’s eyes are opened, if fleetingly at least. All this is good and it leads towards something that I’ve been thinking about for so long about Max himself.

I don’t expect it will happen, it’s more of a hope than anything else, but with all that came here, some of the hints, I really think that Max is an incubus cambion that hasn’t come into his powers as yet, or they are locked away or something. Yes, I freely admit, I want Lily and Max to be Eternals, as I know them to be.  Somehow I think, in the final moments, that’s what will bring the series to a close and Lily’s story to the conclusion that it’s meant to be.

There’s more said about Lily’s thoughts and feelings in this work that really any other so far. I found that to be very appealing and interesting. Lily’s been mostly a closed book emotionally and that needed to come to a close. She’s in the midst of dealing with a lot of things, having to accept that she couldn’t do everything right. Facing that, coming to terms with it, then moving on matters. It’s a hard thing, it’s not easy, but she starts to make that happen.

The erotica is a series of moments between Lily and Max, which are, in all truth, some of the most wonderful moments when they happen. There’s love and passion, not sex. Max cares, Lily cares, they need each other. But the three words they need to say to each other don’t quite happen. They need to, sometime. That needs to be sooner rather than later.

I feel like, in spite of the monster of the week setting, and a minor character being dropped into the story that I didn’t see a point to, it’s one of the most emotionally powerful works in the series. The ending is a little pat, a little expected however. But regardless, it does move Lily and Max’s relationship to a new level, one hopes its not about to plateau.

The little short story added at the end of the work was deliciously fun, I adored Max and Lily together and I hope, dearly so, that what happens in that short story bodes well for the future of these characters.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Lily being real, expressing herself to Max was what needed to happen. Max admitting the most important thing to himself and to Lily mattered. I just didn’t really like how there needed to be another character dropped into things when Lily and Max alone dealing with themselves is the better story. Beyond that, even having no monster at all this time might have been more powerful. Give Lily and Max a chance to get both of their lives figured out before the story comes to a close.

Time is running out, there’s only two works left. From the cover of the next work, and the blurb tease, I have a feeling that something will happen to Lily, and Max won’t like it much. But then, sometimes, that brings a truth to characters that makes anything possible.



Sep 06 2016

A Review of the Bloody Anastasia series by Anna Voo

Vampire Lust by Anna Voo

Vampire Lust by Anna Voo

A review of a series of works in which the main character is, at least, a half-succubus, but in spite of her being so, there’s not a lot of focus on what that means. Most of that comes from the theme of the works, which are about vampires, and being so there’s actually very little succubus-like in the main character, save for how much sex she has in the series.

The thing about discovering that one is a succubus is that one should learn something about themselves. If that discovery takes up a single chapter in a series, then the series really isn’t so much about them being a succubus as it is about how much sex she desires as one.

  • Title: The Bloody Anastasia series
  • Author: Anna Voo
  • Length: 146 Pages
  • ASIN: B010MNLX3M
  • Publishing Date: June 28, 2015
  • This work at

The story is about:

For Anastasia Dames, love and lust is a part of her everyday life. As an escort, she caters to the twisted desires of the wealthy, rich, and powerful. But when one of her clients requests the option to taste her, to drink her blood, Anastasia finds herself tempted into a whole new type of forbidden romance!

Anastasia caters to the sinful desires of the rich and powerful – but she’s about to discover the world of the supernatural…

Anastasia is a call girl who’s clients are rich, powerful, and, occasionally, a vampire as well. Falling into their world she discovers something surprising about herself, and something about those around her as well.

The series mainly has a focus on vampires and vampire erotica with some minor plot arcs appearing here and there as the series progresses. There’s more time spent on the erotica than character development as a whole, and being so it tends to push a lot of opportunities for exploring Anastasia herself to the side very often.

Anastasia discovers at one point in the series she is a succubus and then that entire plot arc vanishes into nothing as the rush towards more erotica comes and Anastasia with it. There is one other character that appears who is called a succubus, at least partly, but they are male, and so that bothered me as well. However, in that part of the series, when they are together, there is some interesting moments, some explanation about how things work, and that I did like.

The problem is that happens in the fourth and fifth works of the series and only fleetingly so. To that point really no explanation is given about Anastasia and why she can do the things she can, or why so many are smitten with her. I felt like this was a lost plot thread, or something that was dropped in at the last moment to explain things as simply as possible.

The erotica comes with a lot of vampire feeding and blood, which didn’t do anything for me. There is very little actual moments of Anastasia being a succubus, really the only moment she really used her powers the most was against the other “part-succubus” she encountered and even that wasn’t so much heat as it was a question of who would have the upper hand in things.

The writing overall is good, but I found the erotic heat to be quite low for me, again, this mainly because it wasn’t a succubus series after all. Anastasia herself is interesting to a point, but the focus on the erotica over her character much of the time made it hard to connect with her and want to see what happened next.

I would have liked more discovery about Anastasia being a succubus, more time spent actually learning about what she can do. Being the focus of the series, it makes some sense to have her character develop and change over time, but that didn’t really happen. Sex alone isn’t a story. It can be the heat or the match to start the heat, but it cannot burn alone.

For the series as a whole, I’ll give it two pitchforks out of five.

Lots of vampires, lots of sex, there’s even some plot and character development. There just is far too little succubi in the work overall, and even when Anastasia learns what she is, that plot really doesn’t go anywhere which was disappointing.


Sep 05 2016

It’s Good to be the King by James

Her Majesty has honored me with the opportunity to share a story today, while She and Her Majesty’s Eternal are on retreat (and, I hope, beyond the reach of all on-line communication).

Last Monday, the palace released the official report on the King’s birthday weekend. This version may raise a few more eyebrows, but it does remind us all that …


It’s Good to be the King
By James, for Keith, on the first day of his next year


Everybody who lives in time grows older, even succubi and incubi. Everybody who notices the passage of minutes hours, days, weeks, months, years . . . millennia . . . also deals with the pleasures and problems of some sort of aging. There may never be a grey hair; there may never be so much as a laugh line around the eyes, but everyone for whom a clock has meaning experiences the passage of time.

Even the King of the Incubi.

For Keith, King of the Incubi, consort and, more importantly, Eternal of Her Majesty, Tera, Queen of all Succubi, Ruler with her of the Succubi Realm, the passage of the past year had been . . . somewhat less than he had hoped. It had begun with losses and pain for his Eternal, and as fast as they had recovered from those, they had found themselves in a long journey of family loss. They were both okay, but this was not a year that His Majesty had any desire to celebrate.

And yet, time marched forward, as it always does. When August came again, after a quiet, candlelit dinner, the King took his red-tailed love by both hands, kissed her deeply, looked into the depths of her so-green eyes, and, in that voice that made her melt, whispered, “My love, I really want you to skip the celebration this year.”

This wasn’t the first year when he had made this plea, but Tera recognized that this was very different. And so, she promised him, quite earnestly, that there would be no celebrations of that day; the two of them would spend it alone. Still, Keith was sure he saw the briefest glimmer of a twinkle in her eye. He consoled himself with the fact that a promise was a promise, and his Eternal would never break a promise.

Time, of course, not only marched on. It slithered, slipped, traipsed, and tip-toed, sneaking by as everyone—human and incubi—busied themselves through their days and nights, keeping body and soul together. In the case of incubi and succubi, of course, the more bodies and souls kept together, and the more possible positions they were kept together in, the better. Even as they frolicked and fed, slipping from one world to another, one time to another, one partner to another . . . or two, or three, or . . . well, Cassie’s personal best was twenty-three . . . their individual chronometers kept moving as they were meant to move.

Therefore, as August slipped by, languid and thick with humidity, and as, even in the Realm, everyone tried to avoid being slick with sweat save when they really, truly wanted to be, the King of the Incubi received an e-mail from his physician: his presence was requested for his first ouratoscopy.

“Time for the tail exam, eh, m’boy?” was all that Uncle had to say, though Keith was sure he heard the old incubi chuckle ever so briefly under his breath. “It happens to all of us, after a certain age, of course—we have to be careful about losing dexterity and flexibility back there, for the sake of our tailselves . . . not to mention our enjoyments of life and flesh.”

“I don’t have a tailself.”

“Of course you don’t, Your Majesty! Of course you don’t,” the sage advisor said with a slight sprinkling of sarcasm and a wink that almost no one else in the Realm could get away with. His Majesty raised an eyebrow as his elder went on, feigning not to notice: “Why, I remember my first exam, when I was just about your age—What century was that?—back before the days when this was done with scanners. Why, I could barely sit down for three days! Of course, the modern methods are much gentler.”

The old man stopped, turned, leaned on his cane, and turned to his nephew: “But, as King, you must receive the traditional exam! The health of your tail is nothing to be trifled with.”

The younger, red-tailed incubi was opening his mouth to protest when Uncle held up his hand. “I know you and Tera are not much for tradition, but this is one time when I told her it was imperative. You are to receive a traditional ouratoscopy, and you are to receive it on Friday! As happens with all royalty, it is scheduled for the day before your—“

“That day is NOT being celebrated this year!” The tone of the King’s voice told the advisor that even he dare not make light of this particular statement.

The remainder of the week passed slowly. It was uneventful, as well, which allowed Keith to keep an eye out for any clandestine planning that might be going on—and there was none—but also allowed him more time than he wished to fret about what Friday would bring. Nobody ever discussed what happened at ouratoscopies—not even among incubi—save to mention the discomfort that followed. Tera knew he was worried—she saw it—but this wasn’t the sort of thing he felt like he could discuss with his wife. Following the instructions he had received from Florence (his faithful physician), the King got a prescription filled for a thermos full of odd-smelling, pink-ish liquid: “Drink a cupful every four hours the day before your test, and no tail touching!”

His Majesty complied, and, by Friday morning, a butterfly flapping its wings on the far shore of the Lake of Fire created enough breeze at the palace for the royal tail to moan. He did his best to keep the sound nearly imperceptible, but the red-tail was a mad bundle of arousal as he shuffled, ever so gingerly, into the examination suite.

“You came clothed, Your Majesty?” Floreance barely looked up from her clipboard as she made notes. “How quaint. Never mind, just try not to let them push you over the edge as you disrobe, then lie down on the examination cot.”

The dark-haired incubi was surprised that the sheets on an examination room cot were silk, or that there were feather pillows to rest his head upon. He enjoyed that feeling as he settled down, naked and prostrate, on the cot, and he heard the click of Florence’s heels and the low hum of the scanner as she entered the room, lowered the lights, and turned it on. Even though the scanner never got closer than three inches from the royal tail, Keith whimpered and sighed as it passed over his hyper-sensitive appendage. Even so, as the doctor clicked the electronic instrument off, he felt extremely relaxed. Maybe it wasn’t so bad to be the King.

There was a gentle purr, “Now to begin the traditional exam.” He saw a few of Florence’s titian locks out of the corner of his eye, and was just drowsy enough to wonder if he was dreaming when he felt the blue-tail’s soft lips of the back of his neck.

But when she squeezed his tail, running her closed hand from its base to its tip, his eyes opened wide. He wasn’t dreaming. He was sure that his aroused cries could be heard in every corner of the Realm Medical Center, but the place was actually quite well sound-proofed. He couldn’t seem to flip himself over as he grew rock-hard through the doctors clinical-yet-erotic manipulations, and, as she spent twenty minutes massaging the heart-shaped tip between her right thumb and forefinger, all while massaging his scrotum with her left hand, he was sure he was about to leave a puddle in the bed.

But there wasn’t a drop.

“So, how long do you need me to continue with this, sir?”

Able only to growl, Keith finally summoned the motor control to flip himself over, pull Florence to him, and kiss her so deeply that her knees went weak. “Y-Y-Y-Yes, indeed, Y-Your M-Majesty,” she meekly purred as she mewled and crawled out of the room.

The incubi, grateful for the end of the examination, fell back onto the cot, sighing deeply. He was just thinking about dressing and leaving when he felt soft, pillowy lips and a warm tongue around the tip of his tail. He looked down to see a caramel-skinned orange-tail whom he recognized as Suzette, Succubi Teacher of the Oral Arts. Half an hour of lingual luxuriations followed, as the incubi was driven further into arousal without release.

Succubi of all shapes and sizes, blonde, brunette, redhead, purple, blue, and pink-haired, punk and prissy, domme and delicate, continued manipulating, twisting, tantalizing, and knotting the royal tail in every conceivable fashion throughout the day. The King was constantly at the edge, sweaty, panting . . . at one point even lifted up by his sinuous red appendage as a succubi with impressive upper body strength bobbed his aching, throbbing, diamond-hard cock in and out of her equally powerful pussy lips. But he never submitted, leading each of them to a dreamy climax . . . and he never climaxed himself.

Even so, it wasn’t bad at all to be the King.

He was hungry, panting, once again face-down on the pillow, and a giant bundle of stimulation when he heard a voice over the speaker. It was Florence: “Congratulations, Your Majesty. You came through the ouratoscopy in flying colors, and don’t have to do that for another century. We’re all done with you for today.”

Keith took a deep breath, and was just about to decide whether he was strong enough to stand and dress, when he felt another tail twine around his own and felt a west of well-manicured nails walking up his spine. “Wait! I thought I was finished!” he protested.

A familiar voice, her breath warm on his ear, with the faintest scent of cherries, whispered into his ear: “You’ll be finished when I finish you.” Tera flipped him over . . . and he realized they were now in their own bedroom . . . where she proceeded to finish him.

He was able to cum several times through the night and the next day . . . when, as promised, the only celebrating involved the two of them . . . and was quite strenuous.

It was good to be the King.

Time, of course, continued to saunter down its path, and Keith, King of the Incubi, woke up the next morning snuggling his Eternal, who purred as he nibbled her ear.

When he opened his eyes, he saw that the bed was surrounded by most of the succubi of the Realm, all naked, presenting themselves to him. Cassie, of course, was first. His green-eyed wife whispered, “I promised not to plan a celebration yesterday, a celebration of the end of your year gone by. But today, we are celebrating your year to come. Of course, my darling,”—she kissed him deeply, then continued breathlessly—“I’m not sure how much of that year you will need to spend right here.”

All of their guests spent the next day or two helping His Majesty celebrate life . . . again and again and again.

It was good to be the King—especially with this Queen.