Dec 20 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 259

I found two images of a Succubus by the same artist on DeviantArt that I couldn’t decide which I liked better… They are both beautifully done, really amazing works and so, for this week’s Succubi I am going to give them both a place here as the Succubi of the Week…

The artist is called Megaween and this is their OC called Succubus…

Succubus by Megaween

Succubus by Megaween

And the other work, which has Succubus and another character called Beast as the subject…

The Succubus and The Beast by Megaween

The Succubus and The Beast by Megaween

I found the first work here on DeviantArt and the second work you can find here as well. The artist’s page is here too, and I really do think that readers of the Tale should visit… They are an amazing artist I think…

She’s just the vision of Succubi sexiness I think… Her clothing looks right on her, I love her tail and her body shape just works perfectly with everything… Her horns might be a little large for me personally, but overall they do look right on her. I even like her wings and I don’t normally like wings all that much…

I especially am thankful that she has normal skin and feet, so that she can wear heels instead of hooves… I would have been really upset if she did…

Really just a wonderful Succubus… Perhaps more of a Succubi in my Realm?

She could well be…



Dec 19 2012

Not a bad combination for a Succubus Costume…

I came across a Succubus or Devil Girl costume that is a suggested combination of some items that one costume site has amiable… And really it’s not that bad a concept and I find myself liking it a lot more than I thought I would…


Sorry for this being a little burry, but the site really doesn’t have a decent sized image of this so… this is the best I can manage…

This costume is a combination of a red corset dress with what the site calls their Devilicious Accessory Kit, which includes the Devil Horns Headband, Devil Fashion Choker, Red Glitter Pitchfork, Satin Black Gloves and Red Glitter Tutu.

It does not include the stockings or the shoes.

Adding up all of the items, save the stockings and the shoes, this costume would cost $92 US. Adding the stockings and the shoes, which they sell, this entire ensemble costs $124 US…

I’m sort of on the fence about this concept for a couple of reasons. The first one is that I have seen other costumes for about the same cost that overall look much better than this idea does. The second is that I don’t care for the horns all that much, nor the pitchfork.

Otherwise, I like the overall look and would probably buy this, use my own horns and pitchfork, and wear it to my annual office Halloween party…

It’s sexy, perhaps a bit less than I like, but there is some promise to all of this…

And really that’s all you can ask for sometimes…

Three out of five pitchforks…

Sexy, not everything I want, but not a bad start…



Dec 18 2012

Desires 59

I kind of took control here for a while… I was in a mood…


Desires – Needs

By BFSlave and Tera S

Part Nineteen


She trailed a fingertip along his neck slowly. She didn’t speak. Words weren’t needed at that moment. She shivered and moaned as his fingers caressed her soft red cheek. Then he gently laid her head on his chest and kissed her horns again. She gasped as the pleasure travelled through her, her tail wrapping around his waist loosely.

She pressed herself against him and then parted her legs to slide her so wet pussy against his leg. Her eyes glowed for a moment, and then his body was surrounded in a green glow that pulsed three times. Then it faded away to reveal that he was as nude as she was. She sighed and pressed tighter still against him. Their hot skin slipping against each other making their pleasure grow and grow. She felt her heart beat faster as they were finally together in the way that their dreams had imagined so long ago. He nibbled on her lips and then looked into her eyes. He took a breath and asked, “What do you want me to do my Mistress?”

Her breath was hot against his ear as she pressed her lips against it and whispered, “I want your thick hard cock driving into my wet pussy as I ride you wildly Derek my love…”

His voice almost broke as he answered, “As you wish my love.”

Then he pressed his lips to her hot red lips. Their tongues slipped against each other in their need for each other. As her lips pressed again against his, her eyes glowed a bright green in her pleasure and she moaned around the kiss. Her right hand slipped down between them and a moment later her long nails were cupping his cock and balls and playing with them softly. At the first touch of her nails against the ridge of his cock he became instantly erect for her.

He gasped and with a smile of pleasure on his lips said, “I love it when you play with your property my Mistress…”

Her hand wrapped around his shaft and then she began to stoke him slowly. As she did she moaned out, “mmmmmmm… My favorite toy….”

He couldn’t help himself and his eyes rolled back into his head. His cock grew longer and harder with each stroke until it was the perfect size and shape for her needs. He blinked and then managed to look into her eyes again. Then he simply let go of everything at that moment and gave himself to her completely. Anything was hers from that moment on. Nothing else mattered but that she was with him. He would do anything for that. As would she…

She pushed him backwards until he was trapped against the couch again. The hunger and love within her eyes were so plain to him. The desire between them was stronger than anything either had felt before in their lives. He spoke his truth to her again, “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen Mistress Tera…”

She smiled and kissed him deeply again and then she pushed him backwards to land on the couch. She crawled on top of him again and straddled him again to trap him beneath her. She cupped her breasts and moaned, “Thank you so my love…” He reached a hand to fondle and stroke his fingers over her breasts and she froze for a moment to revel in the pleasure of his touch. A touch she needed so much from him…

As he did there was a flash of green behind her and her tail appeared behind her holding a long red silk scarf on it’s tip. She smiled and said, “I feel like being playful tonight Derek…” Her eyes glowed bright green again as she said, “Very very playful my love…”

One of her hands slipped behind her to take the scarf. Then as he watched, she began to tease and slip the scarf around her breasts slowly. All that he could do was smile and wait to see what she had planned for him next. She teased the scarf over his chest, and then around his neck before she laid it across his forehead. She smiled and leaned over him until her hair fell around him, soon the only light he could see was that from her eyes. His mind was held by her eyes and his heart swelled knowing that she was there for him and him alone.

She kissed his nose and then pulled back again. Then her fingers slowly draped the scarf across his eyes. She didn’t tie it. She just left it loose over his eyes resting there. Then she kissed his lips softly before starting to kiss her way down his neck and chest ever so slowly. Inch by inch she kissed lower and lower slowly moving to kneel on the carpet. Each kiss sent hot flashes and cold shivers though him. Each kiss built the arousal and anticipation more and more. Long before her knees touched the carpet her wet pussy rubbed slowly along the length of his cock making it pulse and quiver beneath her. Her tail twisted around behind her and the tip tickled his balls gently again and again.

Then suddenly she moved away. She didn’t touch him for a moment. Then it happened. He felt the touch of her lips against the very tip of his cock. She pressed her lips around the tip and then slid lower until she had enveloped his head with her lips. Then she wrapped her hand around his shaft again, and began to stroke him slowly at first and then harder and quicker with every passing moment. He gasped in the pleasure and could only moan, “Oh yessss Mistressssssssss….” Then she slipped her lips all the way down his shaft until she had taken all of him. Then she began to hum strongly. The vibrations made him shake in need and pleasure. His hips bucked trying to slide himself deeper into her mouth, but she had his whole length already within it.

Then she slipped him out of her mouth with a loud wet pop as his cock slipped free of her lips. But she was far from finished. She nibbled and kissed her way down the ridge of his cock slowly. Her pussy was so wet as she did. She needed some relief and so her tail began to rub itself against her pussy heightening her pleasure. She moaned and then moved back up his cock until she licked again at the sensitive part just under the head.

And this was only the beginning….


…which means…



Dec 17 2012

Speak into the Air by TeraS – Delayed

Because of reasons that I am quite sure aren’t that interesting to anyone, Speak will not be continuing this week. I apologize for this, but things happened this week that just made it impossible for me to do anything…

Here is the story so far, and I hope to continue again next Monday…


Speak into the Air

Chapter One

By TeraS


Tera held the note between her fingers lightly, for the stuff of dreams, hopes, and wishes was so very fragile. She traced a finger over the handwriting: the words were simple, yet asked so much in what they said.

She had received many wishes and dreams in her life. Some were very obvious, such as a wish for her to perform some act or provide some kind of pleasure. But with those, the words didn’t show an understanding of what those in the Realm were, what they believed in.

Some saw them as much less than even that.

This note did not. The soul behind these words did not ask for herself or himself; no, that would have been too obvious. These words asked for something that was not for their author, for what the author wanted was not as important as giving to another.

That made this dream, this wish, one that Tera held and thought about.

It wasn’t asking for her to do something—not exactly—but what was asked for was something that she wanted to have happen, something she wanted to be true, something she wanted to be. But the question was whether she could ask for one of her own to do her a favor.

It wasn’t that Tera couldn’t ask, it was that she didn’t want to impose her will upon another. It wasn’t her way to use her role as the Queen to get what she wanted. It was … difficult for her when that had to be.

What made this wish more than all of the others was that it spoke of one specific individual in the Realm. It told of what she looked like, how she spoke, who she was, and, most of all …

… it told of her name.

Tera read the name once more before folding the note carefully and slipping it back into the envelope it came in. She touched the simple four words written on the envelope’s face of it and sighed.

Breathe Into The Air”: Tera knew exactly which of her succubi this spoke of and that was her main concern. Tera didn’t have, to be honest, the best of relationships with her and that would make what was to come, she expected, harder than it had to be.

Finally, she walked out of her home and made her way across the Realm, note in hand and determination in her stride. She might even get to have a real conversation with the one of whom she needed to ask the favor of.

Lily, in the meantime, wouldn’t know what was coming her way.

Lily, known by Tera by her proper name Lillian, was an amber tail, and that meant that she had a problem that not many others in the Realm had: being amber, she had a mix of the powers of red, orange, and yellow tails. For ambers, the powers were slanted towards one of the three tails that were part of them, but they also had a smattering of the others within them as well. In Lily’s case, her powers were focused on vitality, endurance, and healing.

Which was rather unique in the Realm.

Tera understood, from reading the note, why Lillian might be requested, even if the one who wrote the words wouldn’t, couldn’t possibly know how apt they were. But Lillian had become somewhat isolated from the rest of the Realm, had been for some time now, and that concerned Tera most of all.

While Tera had her Castle in the Realm, she didn’t use it much, save for the moments when someone visited expecting to see the Queen of the Succubi in all of her glory. No, she was always happier to be in her small home in the midst of the Realm with her Eternal and be part of those around her, not above them.

It wasn’t quite the same for Lily. Lily’s home was a small—the word being relative of course—mansion on the southern edge of the Realm, facing the Plains of Dreams. Lily asked for permission to build her home there and it was, Tera thought, one of the most wonderful places in the Realm. But something happened on one of Lillian’s travels out of the Realm, and things had changed.

Tera, not wanting to pry but, in truth, knowing the reason—she was the Queen, after all—could not do more than watch Lillian draw herself within its walls and then just … vanish … from life in the Realm.

Until today: Tera arrived at the hedgerow that surrounded Lillian’s part of the Realm and, after drawing a long breath, stepped onto the cobblestone pathway that lead into her world. As she walked through the garden that lay around Lillian’s home, Tera couldn’t help but sigh a little as she regarded the space around her. Once, long ago, this home had been well looked after: the flowers, trees and more all just so. She had found pride in her home, in what it represented, in what she could do with it. But now the grass was long, the ground unkempt and it seemed as if Lillian didn’t care about anything from the looks of things.

That thought seemed to be more true when Tera arrived at the main doors to Lillian’s mansion and found one door slightly ajar, the wood, once lovingly polished to a shine, dimmed and dingy. If this was how her home was, just how much worse was Lillian herself? The lights were out, the carpets thread worn, dust covered every surface, and, for a moment, Tera was concerned that Lillian wasn’t there, or something worse had happened. But then Tera heard the creak of a floorboard high above her and made her way up the wide spiral staircase towards a dim light that flickered from one of the rooms upstairs. As she came closer, she felt Lillian there and paused outside of the door, wondering if she should really see her.

“Come in, Tera. You’ve come this far, you should see me, shouldn’t you?”

Tera passed over the threshold and found herself in Lillian’s sitting room. She remembered how it once looked, the walls covered in books on life, health, the living world, the carpet a deep blue, a large window facing the gardens outside. But now, the walls were but empty shelves, the carpet threadbare like the others in the house, the window covered in dust, little sparkles of light only occasionally making their way through, and, against the far wall, by that window, Tera found Lillian sitting in a small worn leather chair, looking at the window blankly.

“Hello, Lillian.”

When Tera spoke her name, the look that Lily gave in return reminded Tera yet again just how much Lillian didn’t like to be called Lillian. The problem was, Tera found it incredibly difficult to use nicknames, and she really had to concentrate not to do so.

But seeing her now, compared to how she was, had diverted Tera’s focus. Once Lillian was passionate about life, about living, about the world around her. Now it seemed that all her passion had been drained from her life and she was just marking time.

Now sitting there in the chair was a tired, so very tired, Lillian, not caring about herself much. Tera remembered the stunning being Lillian once was, her short crimson hair in a bob, the shiny silver dresses that she loved to wear along with the strappy heels that once were her trademark in the Realm; how the sun, when it shone against her horns and tail, made them sparkle with joy in the life that was around them, her brown eyes so focused and yet contemplative, anxious to discover all that she could. This Lillian was barely wearing an oversized sweater and just didn’t have any of the life in her that Tera once knew.

But the old anger came through from Lily clearly when Tera used the name she truly disliked: “My name is Lily.”

Tera nodded, “Alright … Lily. I’m sorry.”

She answered with a snort of derision and then turned away, not interested in Tera any more. But Tera wasn’t going to leave, she wasn’t going to be brushed off, either. So Lily walked across the room and then paused beside her Sovereign.


“Why what?”

Tera waved her right hand, gesturing at the room around them both, “Why this?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

Tera stood there, her tail swishing behind her, watching Lillian … er, Lily’s face, looking for a hint that she didn’t truly believe what she said. The problem was, she did. “It matters.”

Lily was suddenly standing in front of Tera, her finger poking against Tera’s chest, “NO, it doesn’t, not to anyone … No one cares, so I don’t either.”

Tera just looked at her and said nothing.

That, more than anything else, gave Lily pause, and she took a step back, but her words didn’t retreat: “No one cares, Tera. That’s the truth.”

Tera shook her head and then held the envelope she’d brought with her between the two of them. “This is the truth … Lily.”

The auburn-tail looked at the envelope, seeing the words written on it, but not understanding what Tera held or why it mattered. “I don’t do that any more.”

“No, you haven’t had the will to accept it. That’s the truth.”

“How can I?”

“Why can’t you? Why can’t you try, just one more time, to see?”

“It’s not worth it. I’ll just …”

“… make things worse? Make a mistake?”

Lily turned away and started walking, but Tera followed her through the mansion, always two steps behind, and constantly asking her questions as she did so …

“Think about all of the good you have done. Think about all of the good you can do. Have you considered that?

“You matter, can’t you understand that?

“Why don’t you come back and see that you are wanted?”

It was in the main hall where Tera finally stopped being kind and started pressing the one button that she knew would get Lily’s attention.



“No, your name is Lillian. That’s the name your mother and father gave you, that’s who you are.”

“My name is Lily!”

Tera caught Lily’s hand as it moved to strike her and held it tightly. Tera wasn’t mad, not even close to it. She was upset with herself more than anything else.

“If you want to be … Lily … then …” Again, Tera showed her the envelope, not saying another word.

When Lily tore the letter from Tera’s hand, the Queen feared that it would be ripped into pieces in the next moment for the frustration that she could see in Lily’s eyes.

“I don’t promise anything, Tera.”

“Just read it? Please? I’m not asking you to do anything more than that.”

Lily finally opened the envelope and read the note it held. For some time, she didn’t know what to say. She did wish that she could take back what she said to Tera about calling her “Lillian” and the other stupid things she now regretted. Much like Tera did, she just read the words, then traced them with her fingers … and really thought about what it asked of her … of them.

“Tera, I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about … Lily. I …”

She looked at Tera wistfully, “No, “Lillian” is fine, Tera. I should have understood that better … understood why you never said my name any other way.”

“I couldn’t explain …”

“I know. I’ve forgotten who I am. I’ve lost what I can do, Tera … I …”

Tera still wasn’t pleased with herself. She brushed a hand through her hair and asked, “What are you going to do?”

Lily folded the note and whispered, “I don’t know.”

Tera closed the distance between them, her right hand touching Lily on the shoulder … a touch Lily hadn’t felt in centuries: “Perhaps not knowing is where we start?”

Lily was confused, but listened to what Tera had to say. The two of them talked until the sun set on the Realm and, finally, they decided on what they would do. They hoped that it would be … somehow … what was meant to be. And that it would make two dreams—now three—come true.

Finally, Lily asked Tera a question. “Why me?”

Tera’s reply made them both smile …

… “Because. What other reason need there be?”


Speak into the Air

By TeraS

Chapter Two


It had been, to tell the truth, longer than Tera realized for Lily. Once, long ago, Lily had loved to listen to the dreams of others … to taste them … to slip into them … to make them … real.

After reading the note, talking with Tera, and trying to decide on what she would do, Lily found herself in a part of her home that she hadn’t been in for ages. That in itself wasn’t the real problem; the problem was that she was trying to find who she once was and be, really, who she should be. Who she should be was the being that once gave inspiration to some, pleasure to others, but, most of all, the being who managed to make the impossible … possible.

To do that, one started with one’s presentation.

She had gone into the part of her home where she gathered herself together, focused her body, mind, and soul on what she wanted to do. But it was primarily the place where she looked into the mirror that every succubi and incubi had, the mirror in which the owner saw things that weren’t seen by anyone else but herself. She looked into that mirror and found that she didn’t like who she saw. She turned away from the mirror, disgusted with herself for thinking that she could be who she once was.

“Come back here.”

Lily stopped in her tracks and turned around, sighing, “I haven’t heard your voice in a while.”

Lily saw her other self in the mirror. She had expected that, but was taken aback when she saw a black minidress, strappy heels, a silver tail moving behind her almost hypnotically. Her other self, her Tail self, looked … alive … powerful …

… everything that Lily wasn’t.

“You’ve never taken the chance to come in here. Oh I know why … You couldn’t face me, could you?”

Lily shrugged in resignation, “I didn’t need you berating me. So why be here now?”

“Because you need a kick in the ass. Enough of the crap, Lily: get your head out of your ass, get yourself cleaned up, and get over yourself.”

Lily just stood there … Then she started to laugh, which, apparently, didn’t make her reflection very happy, given the way her tail was twisting behind her.

“He’s gone Lily. Face it.”

The laughter ended abruptly. For a long moment the two succubi just looked at each other.

“I can’t do this. I’ll call Tera and tell her to send someone else.”

“You were asked for.”

“Someone else can look like me and …”

“… and not be you.”

“The client won’t …”

“… the client most certainly will know.”

Lily threw up her hands and walked in a circle in front of the mirror. Her reflection, however, didn’t move, but just stood there, tapping a fingernail against the glass of the mirror and continuing to talk to her, “You think that losing him, losing all of them, doesn’t haunt me?”

“Doesn’t look like it. I’m sure you and the other Tails are having all kinds of fun at my expense.”

“Lily? Fuck you.”


“Wasn’t I clear? You can go and fuck yourself. It’s not like you haven’t been for a long time now, has it?”

Lily stopped pacing and then dropped to the floor, sitting there and just staring at her Tail in the mirror.

“Now that you are at least looking at me, let me tell you something. And you don’t say a word or move an inch until I’m done, understand?”

When Lily didn’t answer, it was taken as being understood and her Tail started on her … “You’ve been sulking here for far too long. You’ve refused to do anything to overcome what happened. You won’t consider that you are needed or wanted. All you want to do is sit here and watch your home slowly crumble into dust and then bury yourself in it.”

Lily was hurt by those words. But she didn’t say anything.

“You have no idea how many here want you to be part of their lives, how many are willing to help you get better. I’m not talking about the incubi or succubi that would love to be with you; I’m talking about those out there who want you to heal in ways that just being with others can’t accomplish.”

She then showed Lily what looked to be the note that Tera had given her, and Lily looked shocked as she continued: “You have no concept what happens if you don’t answer this letter. But since you are focused on getting out of it now that you are facing the fact that you have to respond, maybe you should just let me take over and you can go and hide.”

The two looked at each other and then Lily finally answered, “You wouldn’t …” And then Lily found herself stumbling onto her heels as she said, “… dare.”

She wasn’t in the same place as she had been. The room was bright, not a speck of dust to be seen. She faced a mirror, again, not the same one she had been looking into a moment before and she saw …

… herself changed.

For a long time, all she could do was look in the mirror and see herself as she now was: her hair bright red once more, perfectly shaped; one of her once-favorite silver dresses—the one that started just above the straps over her heels—flowing like water over her form and covering her like a second skin right up to her neckline. It even covered her arms, leaving them shiny and smooth in the light. Behind, her feathered wings, perfectly white, fluttered as her tail seemed to peek out from behind her, as if checking to see that all was exactly right.

It wasn’t, not quite. Her tail moved up to one of her horns and pushed a lock of hair back into the exact place it should be: “There. You can thank me later.”

Lily was not pleased by what had happened, and moved to pull the dress off herself, but her tail poked her side in annoyance. “What are you doing?”

“Taking this off.”

“You actually can’t remember? This particular dress you can’t take off unless …”

Lily sighed, “… unless the one that summons me does so … Darn you!”

“So now you have to go.”

“I can’t! I’m not ready! I …”

“You are stalling. You know exactly what is being asked of you. You and Tera figured it out; all you have to do is believe in yourself and make it happen.”

Lily looked into the mirror as her tail wrapped itself around her waist and gave her a hug. “If I didn’t believe you could do this, I wouldn’t be pushing you.”

Lily just looked at herself and tried, really tried to smile, to be a little bit happy, to … to try. But the doubts about herself were deep and she didn’t feel like she was making any headway against it all. “I don’t believe in … me.”

Her tail moved behind her and then she found herself looking at the note that it held on its tip: “They do.”

Lily took the note and read it again, tracing the words once more to remind herself. To try and capture the hope that she needed to have before she saw them.

“What if I mess this up?”

“Do you honestly believe that you aren’t going to try to make this happen?”

“It’s gone wrong before.”

There was silence … but then an answer, “If you believe it will, then it will. So don’t.”

Lily managed to nod before she focused her thoughts and disappeared in a puff of orange smelling smoke …



Speak into the Air

By TeraS

Chapter Three




She heard the voice in her thoughts as she moved from the Realm towards her destination. It was something new for Lily, and it troubled her just a bit. She had heard stories from others about how sometimes, just sometimes, when there was a soul that truly needed them to appear, that soul’s call would come clearly in a succubi’s own thoughts …

… she had never experienced that before: a soul that spoke to her and her alone; a voice that did not scream in passion or howl in demand, but just simply … called.

Lily thought that she would appear beside her caller or nearby and know who it was the moment she arrived. She had prepared herself to explain who she was, why she was there, all of the things that those of the Realm found they had to do for various reasons …

She thought that would happen.

Instead, she materialized between the world of mortals and the world of the Realm, in a strange place she had not seen before.

Grey mists surrounded her, hiding the world around her, and she was unsure what any of it meant. She wasn’t where she expected to be, and it wasn’t quite like anything she had experienced before. She looked behind her and saw clearly—which was odd for how thick the mists were around her—the Realm shining in the distance, her home waiting for her there. But, in front of her, in the way of her destination, the mists pushed against her as if to block her way.


She heard the voice again, just barely there in her thoughts. Why was this happening now? It was stronger before, very much so, and yet … muffled, like there was gauze over the mouth of the one who called her, and it was becoming harder and harder to hear.

Lily moved forward slowly now; there was obviously something going on, and some caution was needed. There were beings that did not see the difference between those of the Realm and those of other places, and it could be one of those beings who was involved in this. The thought came to her that this all could be a trap, that the note wasn’t real, that the voice was a siren song meant to ensnare. As those thoughts intruded upon her, the voice became quiet, and Lily stopped.

She could never say how long she remained there listening … not exactly. Her fingers fidgeted with the note for a time before she finally opened it and traced her fingers again over the words …


When the voice returned—quite strongly now—Lily finally understood: someone or something was trying to stop her from going to the caller. One of the things about Lily was that she was almost as stubborn as Tera once she set her mind to doing something. It was both one of her strengths and also very much a weakness. It was that stubbornness that had pushed her into exiling herself from everyone in the Realm the way she had done. Now that same stubbornness made her push forwards into whatever was trying to block her path. The mists pulled at her wings, her tail, her form, like a web slowing her down, trying to give her a reason to turn back, to abandon her goal, to hide once more in her home and fade away …

… Why was she thinking like this? Someone had called her. Someone needed her. If nothing else, she was going to see who that person was.

When that thought came clearly into her mind, suddenly the mists vanished and, far ahead, so very far away, Lily saw two bright lights in front of her. She knew exactly what they were, and she was brought up short by that realization. She had not seen beings like them in ages, and now two of them appeared, slowly coalescing from light into physical form—or at least what passed for it in this strange in-between place where she found herself in.

“You shall not pass.” The first words spoken were by the female angel on her right. All golden, almost statue-like in appearance, in her right hand she held a short sword and in her left a shield, golden wings, and halo, robes as well.

“You are not wanted here.” Those words were from the male on her left. He, too, was armed, ready for battle, ready to stop Lily from continuing onwards.

They were gatekeepers, and this was a real problem.

Lily wasn’t a fighter, not like some of the Realm were. She nurtured. She lived for life. But with those thoughts also came the images of her home now, how she had turned away from all she once believed in.

As the conflicting thoughts passed through her, she understood exactly what was happening now. They were using her own doubts against her, to make her leave, to turn from her path and retreat.

Lily straightened up, shook out her wings and took a deep breath … “I have been invited. Let me pass.”

“You shall not pass.”

Her tail swished behind her in agitation now … “The calling is clear. They speak my name so I may be with them.”

“You are not wanted.”

Her wings fluttered and then spread broadly behind her … “I am wanted. I am asked for.”

“Turn away.”

“Tell me why I should.”

“They do not know what they ask for.”

Lily thought about this for a moment, but then held up the note, folded again, that Tera had brought to her. “They … Know.”

For a time none of the beings said or did anything. Lily was as much a statue as the two that blocked her path. After a time she realized that, while she had been asked for, the gatekeepers didn’t believe what she told them.

And the doubts returned to her thoughts once more. Was she right? Really right? No one had ever called for her before, not specifically for her. Then there was the fear, deep inside, about doing wrong, about making a mistake, about …

… about causing another disaster.

Her tail lowered, her wings withdrew, and Lily felt the fires that had begun to burn within her start to fade away once more into the ashes she had been living with for so long …


“You shall not pass.”

The note bent slightly between Lily’s fingers as she thought about turning away. One gatekeeper she might be able to get by … but two … Two would cost her if it came to it. She was turning away, to leave with her tail between her legs when she heard the voice again …


,.. and stopped. The doubts that swirled within Lily’s mind left her, and a serene smile appeared as she turned, straightened her back, and took a step towards the two angels.

“Try me.”


Her tail was swishing once more. “Someone calls to me.”


Her wings were wide and strong again.

“That call gives me strength.”


And finally, at long last, the glow of life returned to her, surrounded her, and her own power, the power that was needed, came to encompass her once more. “And Iwill see them.”


She stood now inches from the two beings and held the note to them, the note itself now beginning to glow … “Try to stop me.”




Speak into the Air

By TeraS

Chapter Four



They didn’t stop Lily.

It wasn’t a question of how powerful they were, or how determined Lily was. It wasn’t that their weapons weren’t strong enough. It wasn’t that Lily was able to resist them. It had nothing to do with force at all.

The power wasn’t in Lily herself; the means to pass was the note she held and the need that came from it. In that need, in that wish, she could pass, could overcome, and they could do nothing but bluster and threaten and belittle her.

It wasn’t enough. Lily left them behind her. She did hold a question in her thoughts that she could not take away: Was she really, after so long, really prepared for what was coming next?

She paused at the edge of entering the place where she had been called to. She wanted to appear dramatically, powerfully, desirably … but it didn’t turn out that way. The shift didn’t feel right. Something was different, but she wasn’t exactly sure what it was. She could sense her clients nearby, felt them: their emotions, their needs, their desires, their … fantasies … She also felt her own fears, her worries, the overwhelming sadness that surrounded her. It was, Lily realized, so very familiar because it was the same feeling that she had been living with for so many years herself. The light was gone, and in its place was … emptiness.

She drew a shuddering breath and tried to wipe away the tears that were pooling in her eyes. Blinking them clear, she noticed that the darkness that hid the space around her was, ever so slightly, pushed back by the wish she now held like a lifeline. The despair was returning, pushing against her, but the wish had formed a halo around her that the gloom couldn’t quite get through. Lily hoped that it would be kept at bay …

Her eyes could see now, and it was clear that she was standing in a house of some kind; more accurately, she was in what looked to be a sparsely furnished family room … but there was no family: no sounds of laughter, of joy, of anything that said that there was life here.

She worried now, the ache within her deep and mournful as she feared that she was too late, that her own worries, uncertainties, and more had delayed her far too long. Her stupidity must have cost her subjects … everything.

Lily dropped to her knees, hands covering her eyes, and she was overwhelmed by the realization of what her own selfishness had cost her. It had been everything. It was all happening again … “I’m sorry… It’s all my fault …” Lily spoke to both the one who summoned her and the one she had lost so long ago.

“I don’t deserve to be. There’s nothing for me anymore …” The images of her own loss, her own folly, came to her now, each and every moment—and, most of all, the instant when she knew, fully, that there was nothing for her anymore …

But Lily snapped back to the here and now as she heard the voice again … “Lily …” not in her thoughts now. No, it was … here?

She scrambled to her feet and called out in reply, “I’m here!”

The answer, after a short time, was, “Lily …”

She moved now, guided by the small glimmer of hope in her that it wasn’t too late, that she could make a difference. The house wasn’t large, but it felt to Lily like it took ages for her to pass from room to room, look inside, and then move onwards. The call of her name came from everywhere and nowhere. She thought the voice was in one place, but then it wasn’t. Lily’s searching became more and more frantic the longer it went on, until she tripped on a rug and fell once more.

And then she noticed something. The wish! It … pulled her ever so slightly in one particular direction. If she had been paying attention, if she hadn’t lost herself to despair she would have felt it tugging as if wanting to return … home.

Lily stood up, took a deep breath to calm herself, and moved in the direction that the wish desired. She soon found her destination …

Lily called out to her summoners when she entered the room, but she wasn’t heard. The darkness, the loss, the despair around the three of them swallowed up her words completely. She tried to embrace them, but her hands passed through them like she was a ghost. She couldn’t understand why that was. It had never happened like this before.

She looked at the wish she held and unfolded it, traced her fingers over the words, and tried to make sense of what had happened to her. Was it that they didn’t believe that she would appear? Was that why she couldn’t comfort them?

She tried to touch them, comfort them, but she was mist, etherial, without solid form. All she could do was call out into the air, sobbing softly with the words in reply as she listened to their voices in the darkness …

“Lily …”

“I’m here …”

“Lily …”

“I’m here …”

“Lily …”

The wish dropped from her fingers and fluttered towards the carpet below …

“Please … I’m here …”

Then a flash of both light and darkness came …

Dec 16 2012

A Review of Devil’s Play by Bryony London

One of the things that bothers me about some stories is that here is one character that is responsible for everything that happens. That’s not really a huge problem unless of course why they are doing so is never explained. What gets to me most of all however is pricing a book at a level that makes no sense for what you receive.

Devil's Play by Bryony London

Devil’s Play by Bryony London

The story is of:

Todd thinks he has Psi Pi Psi all figured out, but when he meets Deanna for his kinky initiation, things take a turn for the demonic. Is she too hot for this frat boy to handle?

I have to say up front that I am very disappointed with the author most of all. Charging three dollars for a seven page book is not anything near to being fair.

I expect more from an author when their books are priced this high and this author did not deliver on my expectations. Yes the cover is nice, yes there is a story to be read. But the thinness of this story, the lack of depth in it, the complete inability to justify the cost of this work?

That kills it for me before I turn the first page.

Setting aside that, Deanna is every bit the Succubus in this story. But no horns or tail to be seen. She takes a soul, there is no doubt of that, and she has magic to use, again, without a doubt. There is a lot to like about her as a Succubus, but, and here’s the thing, she switches personalities so much in the story that I wondered if she had multiple personality disorder to be honest.

The “big bad” of the story, Barry, you dislike from the moment you see him. Just about the worst person you can think of, he seems to care more about beer than anything else and that isn’t a character trait nor is it a means to define him as a character.

What gets to me more is that we never get an explanation to why exactly Barry is involved with Deanna. Also, what is never explained is why all of the ceremony is needed for Deanna to claim a soul? There is a lot of disconnects such a short story and that bothers me.

The author at least spell checked the story and had it edited. That helps some, but overall? I just really can’t like it as much as I would want to for the flaws in it.

I’m giving this work two pitchforks out of five.

Deanna is interesting, seductive, and actually has a personality. That was a plus for me. The negative came in with Barry, his attitude, and no explanation whatsoever of why he did what he did. Not to mention Deanna’s connection to everything. Oh, and the open door at the end for the story to continue? I’m not sure I want to continue if another story comes…

For the cost of this eBook, I expect at least ten times the pages… Seriously. At 99 cents, okay, that’s fine. But three dollars? No, sorry, you have the money for this one, you’re not likely to have anymore from me.



Dec 15 2012

A lovely Lilith Aensland Cosplaying YouTube…

I found a really neat YouTube the other morning that shows lots of complying of Lilith Aensland… Now there are a few Morrigan Cosplayers in there as well, but it is mostly of Lilith and I thought that several of them are really really well done…

And in case you can’t see it on the Tale:

And here is the one Cosplayer that I think did the best Cosplaying of Lilith…

Lilith Aensland Cosplay

I think that she has not just the look of Lilith, but as well her poses and attitude I think reflect the character really well too…

Lots of lovely Cosplayers in the YouTube, so have a look!



Dec 14 2012

A Review of 413 by Rick Murcer

There aren’t a lot of murder mystery stories that involve succubi. The thing about those that do, which always bothers me, is that more time is spent on waxing upon the horror and less upon the motivation, the characters and the desires involved. It is interesting when the story turns to the succubus herself more than the corpse left behind I think. But sometimes succubi are simply supporting cast and not the core of the story…

413 by Rick Murcer

413 by Rick Murcer

The work tells of:

Sam MacNabb only writes the facts. That’s what investigative reporters do. But when he shows up at one of the most bizzare murder scenes in Detroit history, not even Christmas can stop his perception of truth and reality from being altered forever.

Sam, properly named Samuel, is a reporter. One with a past, and one who isn’t quite like normal people in a lot of ways. And this time, being different, his past, and reality all come together in a way he never expected.

In room 413, some things should never be investigated for your own sanity…

The work reads very much like a crime procedural in that we have a murder, an investigation, some characters arrive to try to understand what went on and then there is a reveal that wasn’t expected. There is a lot of introspective from Sam throughout this work, the story is told from his perspective and in doing so we get a good idea of how his mind works. That’s an interesting road to travel on as there are some hints about him that do bring up a lot of questions in my mind about him.

Sam is… different. He’s not, for lack of a better description, normal. How he is different I won’t reveal, but there is something there that is hinted at in the story but is never explicitly stated. That’s not a bad thing and I found it interesting to piece together Sam from what hints we have. I kind of life him, but at one point the examination he undertakes does seem to be a bit too much in the story.

For those, like me, that are looking for succubi in stories, it’s not that hard to figure out who she is. To be honest I would have been more surprised if who it turned out to be… wasn’t. They admit to be a succubus, and they are a mix of both sensuality and horror. The horror aspect really overwhelming the former. The description of her victim through the story harkens back to many traditional stories about succubi, and the lengths to which the author details their ultimate end are… well for me personally it’s a bit much.

I say that because it feels like certain points, the smell for one, are repeated over and over again and I didn’t think it added anything to the story as a whole. It is a grizzly death to be sure, but after the first description of the remains, I don’t see why it has to be repeated again and again when someone enters the scene. The reactions alone would have been enough I think.

It feels like there was a lot of story that was lost for all of the rehashing of detail in the story. I would have liked to know more about Sam, the informer that brought him to the scene, and most of all, more about the succubus herself.

I did like that there was some information given on her past, what she looked like and how she fed on and why. It was an interesting tease into something more I hope from this author dealing with the succubi in this universe they have created.

But the end result is that she isn’t the stereotypical telling of the myth, she isn’t sure or clear really about who and what she is either. There is a bit of duality in her words, which was interesting to read. The thing is that while she could have been something more… she really isn’t.

She’s more of a tool to draw the story towards a conclusion, and that conclusion is both satisfying and not so much so. In other words, there is an open door at the end of this story and the author quite clearly says so at the end of this work that it was meant as an introduction to Sam before a longer book appears sometime in 2013.

I think I will likely read that story, not so much for Sam but for the succubus and her story which I would like to see more of.

As for this story, I’ll give it three and a half pitchforks out of five.

A bit too much dwelling on bodies for my liking, a bit too much introspection, not quite enough back story for my personal tastes and the succubus herself I would have liked to have more of.

Perhaps I will see that…