Dec 12 2012

They are horns, not ears…

Sometimes I have to wonder if costume designers understand what certain items they sell are. For example there is a difference between bunny ears and, oh, I dunno… Succubus horns mebby?

Devil Ears Headband

For some reason that I cannot understand, this pair of Devil Horns is sold as the Devil Ears Headband. And I don’t see how someone could make what I think is an obvious error, but that’s just me probably…

One size fits all of course and they are red metallic devil horns attached to a black fabric headband.

It sells for $7 US on a lot of different costume sites.

I don’t understand why there is fuzz on these horns. There shouldn’t be, it looks wrong even if your hair matches the black of the fabric they used, so why add it?

I think I would like them a bit more if the fuzz wasn’t there, but they are a bit too large for my liking and that also makes them less attractive to me…

Two pitchforks out of five.

The name don’t help, and there are better ones to be found I promise…



Dec 11 2012

Desires 58

Even the Succubi Queen can be surprised…


Desires – Needs

By BFSlave and Tera S

Part Eighteen


He couldn’t believe what he just saw. The amazing woman he’d met and fallen for all in the same night just…. changed right in front of him. The funny thing was, he wasn’t afraid of her. Others might’ve been terrified at her demonic appearance, but he wasn’t. To him, she just looked…. familiar. Then, like a bolt of lightning, it hit him. His eyes got bigger and with a gasp he said, “YOU!! You’re the one! How could I forget that dream?!?” Images flooded his memory.

A while back, when he couldn’t say, he had an incredibly beautiful dream. It was a bar, kind of like the one he was always in. He was alone, literally. Not even the bartender was there. He looked across the dance floor and he was the most beautiful, erotic sight he’d ever seen. A woman. No, a demoness. Glowing green eyes, red skin, horns and a tail. Instead of being scared, he felt drawn to her. They began to move closer together. Not really walking, more like floating just above the floor. He noticed they were both naked, and her body was indescribable. As they got closer, he saw this beautiful face. A look of happiness and love in her eyes. He felt this rush of emotions. Not just lust, but… love. Real, deep, heartfelt love for this woman. He felt like they were supposed to be together. Like they were meant for each other. A smile covered his face. It mirrored the one on her’s. As they drew ever closer, she reached for him. He reached out for her as well. They were meant to be together. It was like a long search had finally ended for both of them. But, just as they were about to touch, it felt like they were pulled apart. The room began to fade away. They kept reaching for each other. He saw her mouth seem so scream, “Nooooooo!”, but he couldn’t hear her. His eyes opened to the darkness of his room. He was covered in sweat, and was apparently crying.

He tried to go back to sleep and have the dream again, as he so often did when he was having an amazing dream, only to wake up when he didn’t want to. But, it was no use. He went back to sleep, but the dream was gone. The next day, he couldn’t remember the dream completely. He vaguely remembered the bar, and a beautiful woman that he was in love with, but that was all. That Friday night, his search began. He went from bar to bar, club to club trying to find the right one. When he found one that resembled the one in his dream, he spent every weekend there, sometimes weeknights, trying to find… her. The one in his dream. The one he could barely remember. The one that was standing before him right now.

He didn’t know weither to laugh or cry. So he did both. He stood and walked over to her, tears running down his face, running past a huge, happy smile. When he reached her, he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply, lovingly on her beautiful lips. He broke the kiss and looked into her glowing eyes. He caressed her face softly. He looked at her horns and gently touched one, letting his hand slide down to her cheek. She was so beautiful. More beautiful than she was in her human form. His heart swelled, filling with love for her.

“Oh Tera. You’re the one I’ve been searching for. I can’t count how many nights I’ve tried to have that dream again. How many bars and clubs I’ve sat in trying to bring it to life. Now, here you are. It’s over. The searching, the rejection, the broken heart, trying to find the one my heart was looking for so desparately. It’s all over.” He looked into her eyes and ran his thumb along her soft, sweet lips. “You asked me if I was sure I wanted to give you my soul. Well, I already have. It’s been yours ever since that beautiful dream. Ever since that night, my heart has been searching for it’s owner. It’s…” The word the doorman used became clear in his mind, “It’s Mistress. I belong to you, Tera. My mind, my body, my heart and soul are yours. Now that I’ve found you, I’ll never leave you. I love you, Tera. I’ve always loved you.”

He saw her eyes fill with happiness. Tears ran down her beautiful, red cheeks. A smile spread across her face. Again, her face mirrored his. He kissed her again, more passionately this time. He wanted nothing more than to make love to her. Forever.


I am the stuff of some special dreams sometimes…



Dec 10 2012

Speak into the Air by TeraS – Part Four

The story continues today…


Speak into the Air

By TeraS

Chapter Four



They didn’t stop Lily.


It wasn’t a question of how powerful they were, or how determined Lily was. It wasn’t that their weapons weren’t strong enough. It wasn’t that Lily was able to resist them. It had nothing to do with force at all.


The power wasn’t in Lily herself; the means to pass was the note she held and the need that came from it. In that need, in that wish, she could pass, could overcome, and they could do nothing but bluster and threaten and belittle her.


It wasn’t enough. Lily left them behind her. She did hold a question in her thoughts that she could not take away: Was she really, after so long, really prepared for what was coming next?


She paused at the edge of entering the place where she had been called to. She wanted to appear dramatically, powerfully, desirably … but it didn’t turn out that way. The shift didn’t feel right. Something was different, but she wasn’t exactly sure what it was. She could sense her clients nearby, felt them: their emotions, their needs, their desires, their … fantasies … She also felt her own fears, her worries, the overwhelming sadness that surrounded her. It was, Lily realized, so very familiar because it was the same feeling that she had been living with for so many years herself. The light was gone, and in its place was … emptiness.


She drew a shuddering breath and tried to wipe away the tears that were pooling in her eyes. Blinking them clear, she noticed that the darkness that hid the space around her was, ever so slightly, pushed back by the wish she now held like a lifeline. The despair was returning, pushing against her, but the wish had formed a halo around her that the gloom couldn’t quite get through. Lily hoped that it would be kept at bay …


Her eyes could see now, and it was clear that she was standing in a house of some kind; more accurately, she was in what looked to be a sparsely furnished family room … but there was no family: no sounds of laughter, of joy, of anything that said that there was life here.


She worried now, the ache within her deep and mournful as she feared that she was too late, that her own worries, uncertainties, and more had delayed her far too long. Her stupidity must have cost her subjects … everything.


Lily dropped to her knees, hands covering her eyes, and she was overwhelmed by the realization of what her own selfishness had cost her. It had been everything. It was all happening again … “I’m sorry… It’s all my fault …” Lily spoke to both the one who summoned her and the one she had lost so long ago.


“I don’t deserve to be. There’s nothing for me anymore …” The images of her own loss, her own folly, came to her now, each and every moment—and, most of all, the instant when she knew, fully, that there was nothing for her anymore …


But Lily snapped back to the here and now as she heard the voice again … “Lily …” not in her thoughts now. No, it was … here?


She scrambled to her feet and called out in reply, “I’m here!”


The answer, after a short time, was, “Lily …”


She moved now, guided by the small glimmer of hope in her that it wasn’t too late, that she could make a difference. The house wasn’t large, but it felt to Lily like it took ages for her to pass from room to room, look inside, and then move onwards. The call of her name came from everywhere and nowhere. She thought the voice was in one place, but then it wasn’t. Lily’s searching became more and more frantic the longer it went on, until she tripped on a rug and fell once more.


And then she noticed something. The wish! It … pulled her ever so slightly in one particular direction. If she had been paying attention, if she hadn’t lost herself to despair she would have felt it tugging as if wanting to return … home.


Lily stood up, took a deep breath to calm herself, and moved in the direction that the wish desired. She soon found her destination …


Lily called out to her summoners when she entered the room, but she wasn’t heard. The darkness, the loss, the despair around the three of them swallowed up her words completely. She tried to embrace them, but her hands passed through them like she was a ghost. She couldn’t understand why that was. It had never happened like this before.


She looked at the wish she held and unfolded it, traced her fingers over the words, and tried to make sense of what had happened to her. Was it that they didn’t believe that she would appear? Was that why she couldn’t comfort them?


She tried to touch them, comfort them, but she was mist, etherial, without solid form. All she could do was call out into the air, sobbing softly with the words in reply as she listened to their voices in the darkness …


“Lily …”


“I’m here …”


“Lily …”


“I’m here …”


“Lily …”


The wish dropped from her fingers and fluttered towards the carpet below …


“Please … I’m here …”


Then a flash of both light and darkness came …


Dec 09 2012

A Review of Joseph and the Succubus by John Gallagher

The myth of Lilith is a well known thing I believe. It’s interesting to me when authors take the concept of Lilith and change her myth, or actions, towards something that hasn’t been seen before. The work I will be reviewing this week has as one of the main characters Lilith… But she isn’t quite what you would have expected from the title of the work…

Joseph and the Succubus by John Gallagher

Joseph and the Succubus by John Gallagher

The story tells of:

A young man’s sleep is disturbed by a most unwelcome visitor with a most unwelcome request.

I’ll note that this story first appeared in a collection of works by this author called The Half Eaten Boy and Other Ghastly Tales which was released earlier this year as well.

Now, going by that title you have to expect a great deal of horror themes in the story. And in this story there is lots of that happening.

I don’t personally feel that Lilith in this story is so much a Succubus as she is a demon in search of something she needs. That need drives her and makes her take things from her victims.

The thing is, and this isn’t explained, does she need this but once, or is this an ongoing quest that she does over and over again?

Questions like that, and others, are unresolved by the end of the story, which is a little disappointing, but understandable in this context. The point of the story is to get in and out quickly without a lot of exposition about the characters or anything else.

The format of this story focuses the author in this direction, so we are left with a story which drips in horror and then final reveal, when it comes, is awfully sad.

I will not spoil it, but to me, what happens is about the worst thing that could possibly happen to a human being and that’s saying something…

The author writes with style and with a firm hand on the  story. They know where they are going and how to get there as well. Edited well, nothing really took me from the story save the points where Lilith’s actions were disturbing.

I’m giving this work two and a half pitchforks out of five.

It is mostly a horror story really. That’s not a bad thing in itself, but it is that. Erotica it isn’t, which again you have to expect from the themes in the story that appear. The ending is unsatisfying  to me personally. I don’t like horror, even slight horror, so that reduces my enjoyment of this work.

But the author can write really well and that’s the important thing.



Dec 08 2012

And Another Morrigan Aensland Tribute YouTube…

Time once again for a Morrigan Aensland tribute YouTube I found to share on the Tale… Rather like the music in it and many of the images of her are just lovely too…

And if you can’t see it here on the Tale:

And, finally, one image that I really liked most of all in the work…


Morrigan Aensland

I have seen other works by this artist, I have no idea who they are however and I would like to know so if anyone does… Please leave a comment?

I have to admit that I found some of the more racy art of Morrigan didn’t quite strike me the right way, though I will admit that I smiled when she appeared in a Maid’s outfit… Really didn’t expect that and I haven’t see any art of her drawn that way… nor did I expect to see her wearing bunny ears instead of her normal head wings…

I will have to do a bit more searching…



Dec 07 2012

A Review of Ancient by Niall Teasdale

Time for a review of the tenth book in the Thaumatology series by Niall Teasdale, Ancient. Yes, I know it is billed as the eighth book but I am counting the anthologies as well in my counting… I reviewed the first book,  Thaumatology 101, here. The second, Demon’s Moon was reviewed here. The third book in the series, Legacy, that review is here. The first collection of short stories from this universe called Tales from High Towers’ Study is here.  The fourth book in the series, Dragon’s Blood is reviewed here. And the review of the fifth book in the series, Disturbia is reviewed here. The second collection of short stories, Tales from the Dubh Linn, was reviewed here. And the eighth book in this series Hammer of Witches was reviewed here. And, you can find the review on the Tale for the ninth book called Eagle’s Shadow here as well.

Ancient by Niall Teasdale

Ancient by Niall Teasdale

This, the tenth book in the series, touches on a theme that really does make me ponder about the series universe as a whole and where it is going from here…

Ceridwyn Brent has invented a way of creating an artificial ley line and is planning to use it to generate free, clean electricity. To do that, however, she needs to start the line in an area of high magical energy and in Europe that means the German Rift. At the end of World War II, a series of huge explosions in German cities cracked open the world, letting demons and fae run rampant, and that rift line is still a huge area of high magic. So, Ceri and her friend, Lily Carpenter, must walk into what is left of Hamburg to initiate the ley line.

Something is wrong in the ruins of Hamburg, however. Sensitives are having strange dreams of some old evil rising from underground and the shadows seem to move on their own. Something bad has woken up and it seems to be fascinated by Ceri. It also has far more extreme motives and, when it follows Ceri and Lily back to London, blood and chaos are not far behind.

There is an underlying theme in this work that revolves around the question of, what frightens you the most? There are some very specific things that Ceri sees in this story that tell a great deal about her. Some of which, if you have been paying attention to the series are quite obvious, but there are some that are much less so which was interesting. More so, the being that Ceri and her friends face reflects and in a way, lives for the application of those fears to gain more power for itself.

The thing of that is, while that threat is faced, the world around Ceri begins to come apart at the seams. It reminded me a lot of the 1950s in America where there was a Communist around every corner and everyone was a spy. The sheer level of paranoia that builds up and around Ceri is really something to see.

What makes that worse is that there are strings being pulled and in that larger questions remain at the end of the work that will, I am quite sure, return again in the series. I am expecting that the question of “who do you trust?” will be an ongoing theme from here till that mystery is solved fully…

I rather liked Ceri and Lily’s comment at one point in the story about how they seem to always be involved in the worst possible situations over and over again… It made me pause and wonder, quite seriously, what it would be like for them to have absolutely nothing of consequence happen at some point in the series… It would never happen of course, but the thought itself was amusing to me at least…

I think this particular story is the most fast paced of the series in that you are taking from place to place and event to event without having a lot of time to reflect on what just happened. In a way that is telling in what Lily and Ceri go through, and that was a nice touch to the telling as well.

At one point Ceri confronts an angel in her home, and, to be honest, I thought that it was the funniest thing I have ever read. The angel is someone that I do hope we see again really as they have quite a lot of personality and would be a pleasure to see return once more. Reflecting against that, the glimpses of the underground of the vampires, the inter workings of the military and government, the inherent fears in them all and the events, mainly bad ones for several characters in the story, are driving forces to the story. It is a shame that in all of that a stupid mistake takes one of them away forever…

There is of course tension in this work from the main story, but as well, there is a bit of tension in Ceri discovering her nature as a Domme and that nature coming out in force as the story progresses. I have to say that I understand that Ceri is changing, has changed and will change further… I am perhaps a bit saddened by the loss of the innocent Ceri for the more worldly one that we see now.

Ceri has grown in her own skin in more than one way as has Lily. There is a bit more known about Twill which was nice and the relationships with Michael, Ceri’s werewolf mate were wonderful to see. He really does come into his own in this story and it is nice to see that he does.

While all of the characters I have come to enjoy appear, the thing that I discovered was that they all have something bothering them and that in a way is Ceri herself. The question is, what happens when she finally becomes who or what she seems to be transforming into. There isn’t a lot physically that happens in this book, but, mentally and emotionally, as I have said before, she has changed…

What that amounts to will be something I will be looking forward to seeing in the future…

Wonderfully told as always, Niall didn’t disappoint and so another five pitchforks of course…

Now, I have to admit that I really was delayed more than I really should have been to review this book, but on the upside, this weekend the next book in the series Dragonfall is being released and in two weeks, the following work titled The Other Side of Hell arrives…

It’s going to be the most wonderful time of the year… Promise.



Dec 06 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 257

This week’s Succubi is something a little bit different.. It is a commissioned piece of art… No, it wasn’t me… but I love the look of this Succubus very much and she’s giving me all sorts of ideas…

Succubus Commission by NeMAfronSPAiN

Succubus Commission by NeMAfronSPAiN

You can click on this image for a larger version, or you can find the original page I found this art on here… Either way I really think that the entire work needs to be seen to enjoy it fully…

It is a Succubus commission by an artist on DeviantArt calling themselves NeMAfronSPAiN and you can find their artist page on DeviantArt here as well…

I have to say that her outfit really reminds me of the one that Vampirella wears normally… That’s not a complain, it looks right on her I think… I love her tail… Long and sexy and it fits well with her overall look… That look being sexy-dangerous for lack of a better description at least…

I think she looks like a comic book character, and I would like to think of her as, if not a hero, then an anti-hero. Either way she is a striking figure to me and I have thoughts about a story about her that I will have to ponder more fully sometime…

As a comic book Succubus… she’s exactly right and I have seen a lot of them… this one tops them all…