Nov 17 2012

A neat little Succubus pendant…

I was looking through again this week and found what I think is a lovely little Succubus pendant there…

50s Rockabilly Gal with Devil HornsThe artist that created it calls it a 50s Rockabilly Gal with Devil Horns. You can find it here and the artist’s page as well here for those that are interested in it.

I like the retro look of the art and the design of the pendant and chain really works well with the art too which makes the entire piece even more lovely…

As well for only $7 US, it’s a nice little accent piece too…

Now the artist has made many many pieces of art in pendants, necklaces, pill boxes, and ID/Cigarette cases  as well and they have all of their items sell for under $10 US which really is nice of them to do so…

I had a good look around on their site, but I couldn’t find any other succubus or devil girl works that I could see. But they seem to like 50s images for their art and I think that they do that art so very well…

Do have a look!



Nov 16 2012

A Review of Lust by Douglas Vance Castagna

There are, at least for me, not many novels written about Lilith that I like. Most of that has to do with the character of Lilith not being really true. Sometimes it is her appearance, mostly it is her mannerisms and actions most of all, but, more often than not… it is how she is opposed that doesn’t  seem right. Or the aftermath that seems… inconsistent. I found a work recently that does create a moment in time, a Lilith that makes sense, and events that do connect to each other. All of the hallmarks of a good, well designed story… The only problem is that I would like a smidgen more…

Lust by Douglas Vance Castagna

Lust by Douglas Vance Castagna

The book summary tells of:

Before Eve, there was Lilith…

Adam’s first wife was not created from his rib but from the muck and mire of the earth. She soon wore out her welcome when she refused to allow herself to be subjugated by any one or anything. After leaving the Garden she gave birth to both the Incubus and Succubus.

Before art, there is inspiration…

Whispering into the ears of artists throughout the ages have been the Muses. Their benevolent guidance has helped their beneficiaries create some of the most enduring pieces of art in the world. For one artist though, his Muse is something far worse. She is guiding him to create a portrait of herself in perfect effigy. When the painting is complete, she will live again. The artist and mankind may not be so lucky this time.

Before the rise, there must be the fall…

Lillith is back and wants it all this time She is not happy with merely being reborn. She wants total control and has a problem with being bound to anyone or anything. She is the total embodiment of physical perfection and wanton sexuality. Men throughout the ages have killed for her and died for her. Pray she doesn’t set her sights on you.

Before Life, before love, before death, there is…


One of the things that is, honestly, difficult to find in a lot of works that I read is a story that doesn’t lead you by the nose towards its conclusion. By that I mean that you are given hints through the story that will, eventually, give you the ending before it arrives. What’s more interesting to me is when the story comes with questions and riddles that the reader needs to figure out before the climax of the story arrives.

This work provides that quite well I think. There are moments when you believe you know the reason for things happening as they are, but in truth there are veils placed between them that, if you do not pay attention to them, you will be taken in a direction in your mind that is incorrect.

In other words, you need to pay attention when you are reading this story.

The story is, or rather revolves around, the return of Lilith and her desire to claim a painting that an artist created of her. In that there is a interesting mix of myth about Lilith, the power of images, belief and words, and the effect those have on perception and reality. It needs to be said however that while Lilith is erotic, she is also a being of evil and that leads to some horrific moments in the story.

Lilith is a mixture of an erotic being, a vessel of evil, and, to a large extent, a tool of destruction. That is not to say that she is simply a caricature of her legend, she is most definitely not that. There is history that appears in her actions, who she encounters, and what she does throughout the story. I thought it unique that several notable figures in times past were mentioned, and beings that Lilith has encountered in her existence are mentioned, and encountered as well.

She uses her charms and powers to entwine others in her web and then draw them to fates that are, in their own ways, almost poetic. But she is, once the story goes past the seduction and erotism of that entrapment, at her core a being of evil and she has a goal to which all of her actions, no matter how small, all lead to.

That brings up the appearance of the others that oppose her, and I will not spoil that part of the story save to say that who they are, what they appear to be, and how they mesh into the world are, to me at least, at times almost kind of a comic relief to the rest of the story. With all of the horrific moments that appear, they being light to the story and I appreciated that quite a lot. The thing is, I really wanted to know more about them. There are hints towards the end of the story that do, really, open a lot of doors to them, but aren’t explored and I would have liked to have seen that happen.

I will admit that in the case of a few of the characters in the story, when their ends come at the hands, figuratively speaking, of Lilith, it reminded me of several stories about her that I have read. That’s to say that their ends reflected the myths of succubi that have appeared over time, some of them harkening to a visage of succubi that makes them very evil beings physically and otherwise. It also needs to be said that, mostly, those that Lilith does send to their ends do, in their own ways, deserve their fates.

There is as well, an underlying duality in the main characters of the story, Adam and Lilith especially that is quite delicious and should be paid attention to when reading this work. As well, take careful note of all of the names in this story as they all do have connections to the legend of Lilith in one way or another.

It needs to be said that this is not a simple work of horror. There is a very good, very complex and very interesting story that underlies the moments of horror themselves. A very few authors that I have read have managed to accomplish this feat and this author managed it very well. When I can read a story and the horror isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, and there is quite a lot of it here, that ‘s an accomplishment I believe.

The author’s tone, characters, settings and descriptions of what happens in the story are excellent, some of the best that I have read really. I found the actions of Lilith, as the seductress and succubus that she is were well done and felt true to the characters throughout the story.

There is a lot that I am not saying here, mainly because doing so would spoil the work itself and I don’t like to do that. But I will say that Lilith appearing in her various guises, especially in the hospital, are perfectly written and I rather enjoyed mentally fitting together the descriptions of her into my own idea of what she looks like.

She is a succubus, of that there is no doubt in this story. But she is more than that and we see glimmers of that in her. That was something I enjoyed and it made the story speak to me…

I’ll give this work four and three quarters out of five pitchforks.

Wonderful story, the depths within the characters is amazing. I enjoyed the interaction, Lilith herself, who opposed her, and the mythos that surrounded the entire tale. The horror was mild, which made this much more enjoyable for me than it would have been if the author had simply gone out a horror story only tangent which this work isn’t.

But there is a tease at the end, which I would love to see explored very much and it wasn’t. As well, the hints about certain beings aren’t quite followed through, not that needed to happen in this work, but it would have made for some nice background story.

I think it is well worth your time and I do hope the author someday considers another work to follow this one…



Nov 15 2012

Succubi Image of the Week 254

I admit that one of my fantasies revolves around a certain Angel that I know and love… That’s purposely a little vague, but for those that know who I am talking about… I think it’s very clear…

For this week’s Succubi image, I found one that plays to the fantasies that I have in my mind about her, and… well… I think this image is exactly right in so many ways…

The artist is Rafael Teruel, otherwise known as Rafater on DeviantArt, and, I am quite smitten by this one work that speaks to me in a special way…

Seducing An Angel by Rafater

Seducing An Angel-Nude by Rafater

This work is called Seducing An Angel, and is by an artist on DeviantArt calling themselves Rafater. You can find the page I originally found this work on here, and the artist’s page on DeviantArt is here as well…

So much I love in this art… Firstly, the Succubi, and she is one, has similar wings to that of my Succubi self in that they are feathered black wings, which you see very little of on Succubi or other artworks of Devil Girls… Next, I love the latex she is wearing and the heels work really well with her too… The heels, being red, are the only red that appear on her and are, at least to me, an echo of her more devilish side which isn’t completely apparent… manly because her horns and tail, which I am quite sure she has, are invisible at this moment in time…

I would also like to draw your attention to the clothed version of this work the artist posted on DeviantArt here as a comparison…

I find it hard to decide which of the two pieces I like better honestly… While they are the same pose and same expressions, the addition, or lack of clothing, I think makes them two very difference works in truth…

Perhaps something of a “moments before and after the seduction” for lack of a better phrase?

I should also note that you can find this work as a poster here. Please note that the site is in Spanish please?

The artist is Spanish according to his Bio on DeviantArt, and tends to create works in the fantasy and as well the superhero subject medium…

But personally I love this work of anything that he has created…

Please do visit their page on DeviantArt and enjoy, or you can visit their own site at:!



Nov 14 2012

Either a Belly Dancer or a Devil Girl… Make up your mind…

One of the things that I can’t quite understand is how, or why, some costume designers take two different ideas and mash them together… I think that it never works, to be blunt, and it never looks anything like it really should…

Like this.

Lace And Mesh Devil Costume

Is this a genie? A belly dancer? A Devil Girl?

She isn’t a Succubi that’s for sure…

This is called the Lace And Mesh Devil Costume with Gloves and that pretty much tells you everything you need to know except that it comes with a pair of horns and it doesn’t include a tail or the shoes…

And it sells for $80 US…

I can’t believe that honestly, nor would I want to but this for that price, or any price really for what it looks like and what little there is of this…

All you have to do is get rid of the horns and you have a genie costume, what little there is of it, or, a belly dancer costume, again with what little there is of it…

I mentioned that this doesn’t come with a tail… I should be a little more clear on that and say that strip of fabric that is dragging on the ground cannot be considered a tail or anything close to it. The description calls it a tail, but I think that whoever wrote it hasn’t a clue what a tail looks like…

Zero out of five pitchforks…

And next week’s won’t be any better I expect…



Nov 13 2012

Desires 54

I never know sometimes what I inspire…


Desires – Needs

By BFSlave and Tera S

Part Fourteen


Holding her hand outside the club, he looked at her. She was more beautiful in the streetlights and moonlight than she was in the dim lighting inside. He never thought he’d be leaving with such a goddess, or with anyone for that matter.

She hailed a cab, and soon they were on their way. She told the cabbie to take them to Spria Towers. It was a very upscale apartment building. She snuggled up to him. He held her close, loving the feel of her soft, warm body. He caressed her smooth, sliky skin and breathed in that intoxicating cherry scent.

He wanted that cab ride to last forever, but all too soon they had arrived at her place. The building was impressive. Tall and shining, it seemed to stretch into space. His admiration of the gleaming tower was broken when he heard Tera speak. “Welcome to my home away from home Derek..” He looked back at her, she took his hand once again and they walked up to the door.

The doorman watched them approach and opened the door bowing to her slightly. In a low voice he seemed to say, “Welcome home Miss Tera…” Or was that, “Welcome home Mistress Tera…” The sounds of the city made it hard to tell which was correct…

Did he just call her “Mistress”? The thought passed very quickly as he became caught up both in looking at her and the almost hypnotic sound of her heels clicking against the marble floor and echoing through the lobby.

One of the elevators was open, almost like it was expecting them. She pushed the button for the top floor and the doors closed. She then released his hand and leaned against the doors. He couldn’t help looking at her body. The dress hugged every curve. Her exposed flesh was covered in goosebumps from the cold metal of the doors. He looked at her nipples, hard and visible through the fabric of the dress. She looked like sex personified.

He looked into her eyes as she moaned and whispered, “We have forty floors to occupy ourselves with….. Have you any ideas Derek?” He didn’t waste any more time. He walked over to her, took her in his arms, and kissed her deeply. All his love, lust, and passion went into the kiss. Their tounges danced in each other’s mouths as he felt her left leg wrap around him. He reached down and grabbed her perfect ass as she wrapped the other leg around him. He lifted her up and pressed her body against the elevator door. They couldn’t get any closer than they were now, with their clothes still on anyway.

He never wanted this kiss to end. Never wanted the elevator to stop. But he knew that when it did, he’d spend the rest of the night with her. Talking, kissing, maybe even making love. He wanted this night to last forever. He wanted to know more about her. Everything about her. She was the one. He was sure of it. He still didn’t know how, but he just knew.


Mind you, I think I did well with my answer…. next time…



Nov 12 2012

Speak into the Air by TeraS – Part Two

Part two of a special story for a special person who asked for something special…

With love always…





Speak into the Air

By TeraS

Chapter Two


It had been, to tell the truth, longer than Tera realized for Lily. Once, long ago, Lily had loved to listen to the dreams of others … to taste them … to slip into them … to make them … real.

After reading the note, talking with Tera, and trying to decide on what she would do, Lily found herself in a part of her home that she hadn’t been in for ages. That in itself wasn’t the real problem; the problem was that she was trying to find who she once was and be, really, who she should be. Who she should be was the being that once gave inspiration to some, pleasure to others, but, most of all, the being who managed to make the impossible … possible.

To do that, one started with one’s presentation.

She had gone into the part of her home where she gathered herself together, focused her body, mind, and soul on what she wanted to do. But it was primarily the place where she looked into the mirror that every succubi and incubi had, the mirror in which the owner saw things that weren’t seen by anyone else but herself. She looked into that mirror and found that she didn’t like who she saw. She turned away from the mirror, disgusted with herself for thinking that she could be who she once was.

“Come back here.”

Lily stopped in her tracks and turned around, sighing, “I haven’t heard your voice in a while.”

Lily saw her other self in the mirror. She had expected that, but was taken aback when she saw a black minidress, strappy heels, a silver tail moving behind her almost hypnotically. Her other self, her Tail self, looked … alive … powerful …

… everything that Lily wasn’t.

“You’ve never taken the chance to come in here. Oh I know why … You couldn’t face me, could you?”

Lily shrugged in resignation, “I didn’t need you berating me. So why be here now?”

“Because you need a kick in the ass. Enough of the crap, Lily: get your head out of your ass, get yourself cleaned up, and get over yourself.”

Lily just stood there … Then she started to laugh, which, apparently, didn’t make her reflection very happy, given the way her tail was twisting behind her.

“He’s gone Lily. Face it.”

The laughter ended abruptly. For a long moment the two succubi just looked at each other.

“I can’t do this. I’ll call Tera and tell her to send someone else.”

“You were asked for.”

“Someone else can look like me and …”

“… and not be you.”

“The client won’t …”

“… the client most certainly will know.”

Lily threw up her hands and walked in a circle in front of the mirror. Her reflection, however, didn’t move, but just stood there, tapping a fingernail against the glass of the mirror and continuing to talk to her, “You think that losing him, losing all of them, doesn’t haunt me?”

“Doesn’t look like it. I’m sure you and the other Tails are having all kinds of fun at my expense.”

“Lily? Fuck you.”


“Wasn’t I clear? You can go and fuck yourself. It’s not like you haven’t been for a long time now, has it?”

Lily stopped pacing and then dropped to the floor, sitting there and just staring at her Tail in the mirror.

“Now that you are at least looking at me, let me tell you something. And you don’t say a word or move an inch until I’m done, understand?”

When Lily didn’t answer, it was taken as being understood and her Tail started on her … “You’ve been sulking here for far too long. You’ve refused to do anything to overcome what happened. You won’t consider that you are needed or wanted. All you want to do is sit here and watch your home slowly crumble into dust and then bury yourself in it.”

Lily was hurt by those words. But she didn’t say anything.

“You have no idea how many here want you to be part of their lives, how many are willing to help you get better. I’m not talking about the incubi or succubi that would love to be with you; I’m talking about those out there who want you to heal in ways that just being with others can’t accomplish.”

She then showed Lily what looked to be the note that Tera had given her, and Lily looked shocked as she continued: “You have no concept what happens if you don’t answer this letter. But since you are focused on getting out of it now that you are facing the fact that you have to respond, maybe you should just let me take over and you can go and hide.”

The two looked at each other and then Lily finally answered, “You wouldn’t …” And then Lily found herself stumbling onto her heels as she said, “… dare.”

She wasn’t in the same place as she had been. The room was bright, not a speck of dust to be seen. She faced a mirror, again, not the same one she had been looking into a moment before and she saw …

… herself changed.

For a long time, all she could do was look in the mirror and see herself as she now was: her hair bright red once more, perfectly shaped; one of her once-favorite silver dresses—the one that started just above the straps over her heels—flowing like water over her form and covering her like a second skin right up to her neckline. It even covered her arms, leaving them shiny and smooth in the light. Behind, her feathered wings, perfectly white, fluttered as her tail seemed to peek out from behind her, as if checking to see that all was exactly right.

It wasn’t, not quite. Her tail moved up to one of her horns and pushed a lock of hair back into the exact place it should be: “There. You can thank me later.”

Lily was not pleased by what had happened, and moved to pull the dress off herself, but her tail poked her side in annoyance. “What are you doing?”

“Taking this off.”

“You actually can’t remember? This particular dress you can’t take off unless …”

Lily sighed, “… unless the one that summons me does so … Darn you!”

“So now you have to go.”

“I can’t! I’m not ready! I …”

“You are stalling. You know exactly what is being asked of you. You and Tera figured it out; all you have to do is believe in yourself and make it happen.”

Lily looked into the mirror as her tail wrapped itself around her waist and gave her a hug. “If I didn’t believe you could do this, I wouldn’t be pushing you.”

Lily just looked at herself and tried, really tried to smile, to be a little bit happy, to … to try. But the doubts about herself were deep and she didn’t feel like she was making any headway against it all. “I don’t believe in … me.”

Her tail moved behind her and then she found herself looking at the note that it held on its tip: “They do.”

Lily took the note and read it again, tracing the words once more to remind herself. To try and capture the hope that she needed to have before she saw them.

“What if I mess this up?”

“Do you honestly believe that you aren’t going to try to make this happen?”

“It’s gone wrong before.”

There was silence … but then an answer, “If you believe it will, then it will. So don’t.”

Lily managed to nod before she focused her thoughts and disappeared in a puff of orange smelling smoke …

Nov 11 2012

Wait and Remember

It is the tradition here on the Tale for there to be a moment to reflect and remember on the 11th of November. If you have the time, if you could, please remember?



Wait and Remember

By TeraS


The poppies on the field

Wait, Remember Son


The winds are still and

Wait, Remember Daughter


The world turning pauses to

Wait, Remember Husband


The sun for a moment will

Wait. Remember Wife


We in our lives for an instant

Wait, Remember Father


The sounds of life

Wait, Remember Mother


The moments we pass through

Wait, Remember Friend


All is paused to

Wait, Remember Lover


On this day, at this moment…

Wait and Remember.