Mar 14 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 271

I found, for this week’s Succubus, an image that is, at least to me, an interesting interpretation of one. While she’s a different colour, she is very sexual, seductive and powerful in her own right…

And that’s important isn’t it?

Succubus by Felsus

Succubus by Felsus

This work is called Succubus and is by an artist calling themselves Felsus on Pixiv. You can find the page where I found this work here and this artist’s page can be found here where a small number of their works are shown.

I really like this more than I can possibly say… Lovely textures in her hair, the tattoos on her body are placed just so to make her more desirable, her form is more than Succubus enough to be a Succubus too. I like the wings, and I don’t say that very often, so that’s even more special.

I do wonder if she isn’t a warrior of some kind, that red spiky thing on her shoulder would be a little odd for a “normal” Succubus, but here that contrast works really well. Blue and red just looks right on her and then the white tattoos just adds to her look and that’s just perfect…

I would, if I could wish for a piece of art, to see her a bit less shaded and, of course, I would love to see what kind of tail she might have as well… Being that her horns are red, I think that a red tail with those horns and her blue body would really be amazing…



Mar 13 2013

Not sweet enough for a Succubus Costume…

I wonder sometimes what costume designers think of when they hear the word sweet. I’m not sure that their definition of that word is the same as mine…

Actually, I’m very sure when I see things like this.

Sweet Devil Costume

This is called the Sweet Devil Costume, why I have no idea, but it is…

The basic costume consists of a sequin-bodice dress with tulle, lace and organza “flame” skirt.

Everything, and I mean, everything, else in this image is extra on top of the minimal costume.

That means you would have to purchase separately the devil horns, the devil wings, the earrings, the choker, the glove lets, the leggings, the shoes and the pitchfork the model is holding.

The costume itself sells for $89 US, but adding the extras pushes the final cost to a whopping $240 US…

And I can’t see for the life of me why anyone would think of paying that much money for this.

It doesn’t even come with a tail for goodness sakes…

I really don’t care for this at all. Setting aside the price of this, the look doesn’t thrill me, there are much better looking costumes to be found as well.

I’ll give this one pitchfork out of five.

I wouldn’t buy it.



Mar 12 2013

Desires 68

When you look at yourself, do you see yourself, what others see, or something… more?


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Four


She had been wrapped up her thoughts after the song and didn’t sense his approach. She bad been looking at the tabletop and trailing a single finger through some grains of sugar that had spilled from the sugar bowl as she slipped into the booth. She had pushed the grains around until a little pair of horns and a tail had been created there. She had been staring and thinking about something when he spoke and she started. Her hand brushed through the grains scattering them across the tabletop in random patterns.

She looked up at him in a bit of shock and then took a breath. She smiled softly and said, “What the soul contains, other things cannot change… Love is one of those… It’s so very precious isn’t it?”

She looked away and said, “Your music was wonderful tonight… Far better than mine. I apologise for intruding on your moment… I’ll leave if you want me to.. This is your place after all… I am likely not that welcome here…”

She moved to get up and leave and then saw the tea in his hands. She paused and then asked, “Have you time for someone like me? I find that difficult to believe. So few do unless they want something of me or my kind…”

Then she was quiet for a moment as he remained there waiting for her decision. She took a breath and then sat back down. She raised a hand and flicked her hair over her shoulders. In a small voice she said, “I’d like some company… If you have the time to share….”


And in the sharing, comes… what?


Mar 11 2013

Storm Clouds 185 – An ongoing Succubi Story

This is the continuing story of the Succubi called Storm Clouds…

If you want to read previous chapters, please click here…

Some rewriting and adding of things this week from Chapter 26 to 28… Few things that I didn’t like and others I thought were good things to add… We’ll see what happens…


Storm Clouds 185

Chapter 26

By TeraS



Tom pushed Nina to the side of the elevator and out of sight of the guards, motioning for her to hold the elevator doors open. He stood opposite to her and tapped his gun against the elevator’s railing: “Four guards, one at the desk, three standing. Lousy odds. Got any ideas?”

Nina pressed the door button with her right hand and thought a moment, “Can’t kill them … can we, Tom?”

The look he gave her was one of disbelief, “You actually think I would do that?”

“No. You wouldn’t … but I would … if I had to.”


She took a quick look at the guards, “Well, two of them are the Dark’s pawns. As far as I’m concerned, killing them would be a mercy. The other two are innocent …”

“Nina, you can’t just kill for no reason. That’s …”

“It does, Tom. Regularly. It had Patricia killed for no reason.”

Tom took a long hard look at Nina, “You are not It; neither am I.”

Nina nodded in approval, “When we forget that, it wins.”

“So, what’s the plan?”

Nina’s tail swished slightly, “How about I give them something they’ll never forget?”

“Why does that tone bother me?”

Nina’s smile was a thin one: “Can I hurt them, just a little?”

“Define ‘hurt.’”

Nina’s answer came in a shriek from the guards as they fell to their knees and then onto their sides clutching between their legs … while Nina looked at Tom with a smile he knew was much less innocent than it appeared to be.

“Scratch that. I don’t want to know.”


Tom looked towards the guards: “Really.”

“You’re no fun.”

“I’ll bet you’re a ton of fun at parties, too.”

Nina’s innocent smile became a smirk, “You are coming to my next one, Tom. Promise.”

“Great. Can hardly wait. Come on, time’s ticking.”

Nina’s tail and horns vanished into thin air, “More ways than one, Tom. Go.”

The two left the elevator and entered the lobby, making for the exit. Nina’s heels clicked loudly on the floor as she ran slightly ahead of him.

“Why all the rush to get out of here, Nina?”

“We screwed with two of the Dark’s toys. That means we’re officially on It’s shit list. And knowing it, that means any kind of trap that It’s got around here is coming our way.”

Tom looked around, seeing only the guards on the floor, while the rest of the lobby was empty. “Something’s wrong. This place should have all kinds of people around. It’s never this empty.”

Nina didn’t look back, “Feels like a setup doesn’t it? Probably is.”

“Great; just great.”

Nina kept her focus on the doors ahead of them, “Move your ass, Tom. Think later …”

They were about halfway to the exit when it happened. It wasn’t just that the lights went out, it was as if the entire world was pulled out from under them and was replaced by complete and total blackness. Nina turned and grabbed Tom by the arm as he stumbled and the two skidded to a stop. “Shit! Tom, get behind me, cover my tail.”

Tom moved behind Nina and had the weirdest feeling when her tail brushed against his back. He couldn’t understand it, but … somehow, he felt like he had felt something like it before.

“What’s going on?”

Nina was silent, looking around them before she answered, “Seems like Its trap was designed to scare the crap out of people and hold them in place until some of Its minions could deal with the problem.”

“Wild assumption?”

“Experience. There are stories about something like this happening in the past. Looks are deceiving sometimes and in this case I think they are. If It was here right now, we’d be in a world of hurt.

Tom lowered his gun slightly, “Which means what?”

“Which means the exit is likely still in front of us, but we can’t see the floor or anything else.”

“But the floor is there.”

“Has to be, right? Otherwise how are we still standing here?”

Tom nodded at that logic, “Okay, Professor Nina: what now?”

Nina’s tail wrapped itself around Tom’s waist, “Now I keep moving and you watch behind us. Whatever happens, don’t let anything get near my tail.”

Tom remembered what Nina had said about their tails and nodded, “Count on it. Get us the hell out of here.”

They moved slowly—much too slowly for Tom’s liking—but this was Nina’s world, not his. Nothing happened for what seemed like hours until Tom thought he saw something move in front of him and shot at it, the gunshot loud in the silence around them.


“Something came close. Couldn’t tell what.”

“And that’s definitely a bad thing.”

“No kidding?”

“Sarcasm just isn’t your style, Tom. Right. Moving faster. Keep up.”

“Never fast enough for me.”

They moved on, nothing else happening until Nina bumped into something with a thud and complained about it, “Damn it. Okay, found the wall. Door’s got to be here somewhere …”

That didn’t sit well with him, but he didn’t say anything, instead just following her movements, until Nina moved suddenly and a blast of light pushed at the darkness around them, before being swallowed up by it.

“This way out. Come on, Tom, move your …”

Tom’s attention was diverted to the light and the exit so he didn’t see part of the darkness… solidify… and then move in a rush towards him.

Whatever it was struck Tom in the chest and shoved him into Nina, knocking the wind out of them both. The next thing Tom knew, both he and Nina tumbled onto the pavement outside. He scrambled to his feet and moved to help her.

She was in trouble. Tom had gotten clear, but she was halfway inside the building, with something pulling at her legs and drawing her back inside, while her tail swatted at the blackness around her.

It looked like tar… or oil … or … it was hard to describe something that was the deepest black oozing out of the building. But one thing was very clear to Tom. Whatever it was had Nina … Camilla … both of them.

Nina clawed at the concrete and yelled at him, “Tom! Get the hell out of here!”

He closed the distance between them and shook his head slightly, “Sorry, Nina. Can’t do that. Can’t leave my partner.”

The look in her eyes was one that Tom had never expected: fear. “This time, you have to! This is something you can’t deal with! Get the hell out of here!”

Tom, to his credit, didn’t. Instead he took hold of Nina with one hand and started shooting into the building at the same time.

“No! Not losing both of you!”

Whether it was Tom’s bullets, Tom’s anger, or something else, he would never be able to figure out …

… but whatever it was just let go of Nina, rushed back inside the building and then slammed the door closed.

The two looked at each other …

“Persistent bastard, eh?”

“Obviously not as persistent as you.”

… and then the sound of metal shrieking made them look up as they both scrambled to their feet.


“Shut up and close your eyes!”

Anyone watching would have seen a window washing platform fall onto two people that had been unfortunate enough to stumble on their way out of the building and get in the way.

What they wouldn’t have seen was a purple puff of smoke and the smell of lemons in the air as Nina and Tom bampfed away …


Storm Clouds

Chapter 27

By TeraS




Three simple little letters, but put them together and things get … complicated.

For Jane, it was truly complicated. Not that what Tera placed in front of her wasn’t possible; she had been in the minds of others before. The problem was in what would happen after. Would John hate her? Would he even remember her? Would he remember that she … liked him?

She found, to her surprise, that it mattered to her. Pushing a lock of John’s hair back to where it should be, she tried to rationalize her thoughts about him. Why did she find herself caring about him? What was it that made her do so? Why did she care about anyone? She never had before, never became close to anyone, really … except Patricia. That brought a sigh from her that made Tera arch an eyebrow … but say nothing.

Jane always put up a tough front when dealing with other beings, tried to be the sister who others didn’t mess with or cross. It wasn’t because she needed to be that way, not really. She did so because she needed to protect Patricia, because she was the older of the two of them … by ten minutes, but still she was.

When Patricia revealed to her what Tera had offered, Jane didn’t believe her. She told her twin that she was being told a fairy tale, a lie, that all of it couldn’t possibly be real. The most troubling thing was the calm, knowing smile that her sister had throughout their argument. When Patricia left and never answered any of her messages, Jane had no choice: she went through all of the things that were left behind and came upon a simple business card, then went to see Tera and demand that she give her sister back to her.

She had met Tera in that little brownstone. She still remembered the look the Receptionist had given her. It stayed with her because it was something she had never seen from anyone: pity. She thought that barging into Tera’s office would throw her off balance and Jane would have the upper hand. Now she knew better, but then … oh, how arrogant she was. She pushed the door open and only managed to take one step inside the door when she was brought up short.

That wasn’t because of Tera; she barely noticed her. It was her sister. She stood there in the middle of the room, looking like a mirror to Jane as she always did … except she didn’t. Jane stood frozen to the spot as Patricia walked to her, her white, heart-tipped tail moving behind her, a pair of white horns in her hair and … angel wings … She had angel wings, too …

“Hi, Sis.”

Jane’s mouth was open, but nothing came out. She couldn’t believe that what her sister had told her was real, that angels, devils, and all of the myths of their childhood were not myths; they were real.

As cold as Jane was, Patricia wasn’t. Whether that was because she was the little sis, or it was just the way she was …

… Jane missed her so much and regretted so much more.

Her sister took a finger and pushed Jane’s mouth closed again before hugging her tightly, her wings wrapping around them both, and her tail … it was wrong that it wrapped around her right leg, and yet there was something … right … about it all …

… and Jane just cried more than she had ever in her life before.

“Shhh … It’s okay … I’m here, silly.”

“You left me!”

“I asked you to come with me. You didn’t believe me.”

“I … I can’t believe in fairy tales, Sis. I have to be strong for you, to protect you, to …”

… Jane found herself looking into Patricia’s eyes and wondering how they became so blue …

“You don’t have to believe in fairy tales. You have to believe in these tails …”

And Jane felt her sister’s tail give her thigh a soft squeeze.

Then, for the first time, she heard Tera’s voice, “You chose not to join your sister, Jane. Like her, you have free will, and you made your choice.”

When she looked at Tera, finally, she wanted to lash out at her for taking Pamela away, to force her to reverse everything and let her take her sister where she belonged: home, with her. Not here, not … “I want my sister back! You did this! You …”

“I did nothing except open her eyes to what could be. She accepted the impossible … You, it seems, haven’t.”

Jane pulled away from her sister, but refused to let go of her hand as she moved towards Tera: “I demand that …”

“What gives you the right to demand anything?”

“She’s my sister.”

“And she decided that she wanted this, freely.”

“I …”

Patricia squeezed her twin’s hand, twice—which, in their childhood code, meant ‘shut up, stupid’—before she spoke: “Tera … she does not understand, that’s true. But she is a good soul, and she means well.”

“Meaning is not doing, Daughter, and …”

Jane couldn’t help herself, “You are not our mother! Our mother …”

The next words from Tera still hurt as she remembered them: “… died when you were born. You never had a real mother, neither of you … and no one will ever be able to replace her … I know … better than you can imagine.”

There was hurt in those few words, more hurt than Jane had within her, and she gripped her sister’s hand tighter than she ever had in her life.

“Ow! Sis! Chill out!”

Jane reflexively let go of Patricia, but then grabbed for her hand again with both of her own: “Sorry, Sis, really.” She then walked to Tera, her sister beside her.

Tera rested in an old high-back chair, watching the two sisters approach: “Where do we all go from here, then, Jane?”

Jane closed her eyes, “I think … I … I apologize.”

Tera placed her hands in her lap, tilted her head to the right, “For what … exactly?”

Jane was going to say “for being impolite” and nothing more, but decided that wasn’t the truth; “I’m sorry for not listening to Patricia. I should have put my fear aside and at least seen what she was talking about.”

“But it is, as you said, impossible.”

“Maybe I’ve forgotten how to believe in the impossible.”

Tera smiled. A smile that Jane would always remember, “We don’t do the impossible. We make dreams.”

Jane looked at her sister, “Then, I’d like my dream to be true.”

“What’s that Sis?”

Tera interrupted, “It won’t be easy. You understand that?”

Jane’s answer was simple in that moment, but now she realized that it meant so much more … “Wherever it is, we’ll be together …”

After that memory washed over her, Jane impulsively cupped John’s cheeks in her hands and then kissed him as she dove back into his memories once more, this time alone.

The room was full of smoke and she heard the ceiling being to crack and split. Then John’s arms around her and the world fell around them both. Before, how it really happened, Patricia never had the chance to do anything to help him.

But Jane could. From here on, things would be different.

Jane looked into his eyes underneath the pile of rubble. She swallowed the lump in her throat and managed a weak, “Hi.”

He groaned, the wreckage from the building on top of him, “What are you doing here, lady?”

A cough, a shaky one: “Looking for Mister Right. Are you he?”


Storm Clouds

Chapter 28

By TeraS



Back at the nondescript brownstone at 69 69th Street, an odd event occurred, one that, even if Camilla had known about it at the time—wouldn’t have surprised her, to be honest. An old, beaten-up pickup truck rumbled up the street and parked directly in front of the path leading to the front door before Billy unfolded himself from the cab and stood there, looking at the place. He had actually dressed up—at least for him, he did. After all, putting on a new shirt and a clean pair of pants, to him, was dressing up.

He hesitated there for a while, thinking things over and looking at the place. It was much too classy for someone like him to be seen there. But he had been asked a favor. The thing about Billy was that he acted gruff and tough on the outside, but, inside, there was still the young kid that worried about every little thing he did and if his father would approve of it.

He was still standing there when he heard a woman’s voice, “Can I help you?” Turning, he saw that the question was asked by a woman with short, platinum blonde hair, dressed really nice, a quizzical look in her eyes, standing on the sidewalk and carrying a tray of coffee and what looked to be donuts.

“Um … dunno, Ma’am. I was looking for Camilla.”

“I believe she’s out of the office at the moment, would you …” As she said this, she struggled with what she was carrying and, just before she dropped everything on the ground below, Billy had moved around his truck and caught everything … including her.

Billy wanted to let go of her… and he really should have … but she looked at him and he couldn’t look away from her. She was really pretty and … stuff.

She didn’t say anything for the longest time either, just looking at him, and he at her lips, and … gosh she had a cute look when she was startled, and he just didn’t want to let go of her. Finally he did, very hesitantly, and then she shook her head as if to clear it or something, Billy honestly wasn’t sure.

“Thank you. The office would be madder than a swarm of bees if they didn’t have their coffee and snack.”

Billy managed an embarrassed smile, “Yeah, I get that a lot where I work. They don’t let me get the coffee anymore … say that it’s safer. Don’t blame them for that.” A bit of a sad look passed over her and Billy shook his head, “Not mad about it, Ma’am. Makes sense as I’m all thumbs, anyway.”

She considered that, “I think you sell yourself short. You did pretty good in helping me.”

“Ya were in trouble Ma’am. Wasn’t thinking about other stuff. Just helping ya.”

Billy had the weirdest thought as if she was testing him or checking him out or something. But that was dumb: she was classy and smart; he wasn’t, and he really did know that inside of himself.

“Well, you did help …” She paused, of course, because he hadn’t said his name.

“Billy, Ma’am.”

She smiled—a real smile, too, not one of those fake ones that the people back at the waterfront gave him—and he didn’t know what to make of it.

“Billy. Nice name; I like it.”

Billy knew he was blushing now, he just had to be, what with the heat on his cheeks and the butterflies in his stomach. “Um … thank you, Ma’am.”

“You know, if you want, you’re welcome to come inside and wait for Camilla, if you want to, that is. There’s lots of space in reception and I’m sure it won’t be a problem.”

Billy looked away, “Not really meant to be in a place like that, Ma’am. Not my place and, besides, I’ll stick out like a sort thumb.”

She laughed—actually, she giggled—and, for a moment, Billy was hurt inside. He thought she was laughing at him, that he fell for her game and now was the butt of the joke like he always was. He started for the pickup, aiming to get out of there before anything worse happened, but found she had put her things in the box of the truck and taken hold of his right hand with one of her own.

“Not laughing at you, silly. Please look at me?”

Of course he couldn’t pull away from her, that wouldn’t be good manners … and she did say please, after all.

When he did, she looked at him and only him, “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you. I didn’t mean to, and I am really and truly sorry if I did.” Billy found himself looking at her small, dainty hand resting on top of his huge, meaty one and wondered why he didn’t want her to let go of it.

“Um. It’s ‘kay, Ma’am. No hard feelings or anything.”

“Tell you what. Why don’t you come inside with me? I’ll pop my stuff off inside with the Receptionist and we can wait for Camilla to come back. I know that no one will mind you waiting inside.”

Billy thought about this, sort of—it was kind of hard to think, considering that she was still holding his hand and worrying about him. “I … I don’t want to be trouble, Ma’am.”



She smiled and patted his hand once, “Donna. My name is Donna, and I really won’t mind if you use my name instead of calling me ‘Ma’am’ all the time.”

“Wouldn’t be proper to do that, Ma’am.”

She shook her head, “It’s only improper if you aren’t given permission to do so. And I have, so …” She looked at him, and looked, and looked more earnestly still until Billy finally gave in.

“’Kay, Ma …” Billy managed to smile, if sheepishly, “… Donna.”

“Thank you. If you want to carry the coffee for me, I’ll take the donuts, and then we can find a place to sit and wait for Camilla. How’s that sound?”

Billy turned and handed her the donuts before picking up the tray of coffee, “Ya know, I might spill the coffee.”

“You won’t. I trust you.”

Billy was rather proud of himself as they entered the building, and he even managed to hold the door open for Donna and not drop the coffee, either. For the first time in a while, that little voice in the back of his head that kept telling him he wasn’t good enough didn’t say anything.

That one single thing would, eventually, change Billy’s life …

Mar 10 2013

A Review of For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll by Niall Teasdale

For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll by Niall Teasdale

For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll by Niall Teasdale

I’m of two minds this week on the Tale… One is that I am quite happy that the thirteenth book, he calls it the eleventh, in the Thaumatology series by Niall Teasdale, For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll was released last week. Bu I am also a bit sad in that it will be while before we see more from Lily and Ceri… and I’ll miss them both a lot.

I reviewed the first book,  Thaumatology 101, here. The second, Demon’s Moon was reviewed here. The third book in the series, Legacy, that review is here. The first collection of short stories from this universe called Tales from High Towers’ Study is here.  The fourth book in the series, Dragon’s Blood is reviewed here. And the review of the fifth book in the series, Disturbia is reviewed here. The second collection of short stories, Tales from the Dubh Linn, was reviewed here. And the eighth book in this series Hammer of Witches was reviewed here. And, you can find the review on the Tale for the ninth book called Eagle’s Shadow here as well. I also reviewed the tenth book Ancient, and I reviewed book eleven Dragonfall and book twelve The Other Side of Hell.

What would you do for a friend, one that means more than the world itself?

Twill had always had an enigmatic side. She seemed nothing more than a housekeeper, all be it a fairy one with secrets, but things are rarely as they seem. When dragons threatened her friends and the entire human world, Twill revealed herself as Gloriandel Wintergreen, daughter of a powerful fae family who ran away from an arranged marriage a century ago, and now she has returned.

Ceri, Lily, and Michael, invited to the wedding, are determined to stop it, but things are never as simple as planned. Soon they are embroiled in politics, intrigue, murder, and a rebellion which threatens not just the fae Otherworld, but the human world as well. Can they prove their own innocence and save the world… again?

There is a part of the Thaumatology universe that has been hinted at, but never really explored. The question of the Fae, their world, their existence has been on the edges of many of the stories in this series, but never really delved into. There were hints of their power, their influence, where they acted on the Earth, but nothing really definite or something that you could point to and say… that’s how it all works.

That all changes in this work. The inner workings, powers and more of the Fae world meet up with Ceri and Lily as they try, so very much to protect their friends. And in doing so we learn something about what to me has been something of an icon or rock in Ceri and Lily’s life for a long time.

Twill. Possibly the most mysterious being in the Thaumatology series that I can think of. I think that because we didn’t really know all that much about her it made her not the most active or the most powerful being, which she isn’t. But it did make her the one character in the series that you had to think about and wonder about from the moment she first appeared. There was an aura around her that you knew something was different about her.

And in this book, all of her secrets come out fully. Her world, her family, now and why she came to be with Ceri and Lily. Everything that wasn’t said before… is. But here’s the most important thing about this work. While we learn her name, her true name, that name is not who Twill is. And for that one important point and how the story goes from beginning to end… That’s her being true to the Twill we have known throughout the series.

In meeting Twill’s family I can see why she wanted to leave and how in spite of all that goes on now to her and to her friends her family cares more about power and position than anything else. It gives full voice to how Twill became who she is and why and it explained so much of her personality.

There is one certain fairy that appears with Twill when Ceri, Lily and Michael arrive in the Fae world that I fell in love with from the first moment. It’s good to see her… not quite grow up but realize that she can be and do more than she thinks she can. Her transformation runs in parallel with that of the Fae world and Ceri as well.

There is a good deal of intrigue in this work and the reveal of the threat when it comes, turned the story into something of a perfect example of that saying “may you live in interesting times.” For Ceri and many others, they truly do. The path to the climax of that thread in the story goes in a lot of directions that I never expected. That’s the thing about Naill’s writing, the simple path isn’t the best one when you can made the story better for going off the beaten track.

By the end of the story, many of the loose threads from the previous works in the series are tied up, but then. of course, some new themes appear which gave me a smile. It was really something special to watch Ceri do things that she never thought she could, or would, want to do.

Lily of course appears in this work and she is a lovely talented Succubus as I have come to love. But while she is what she is, it does not make up all of who she is. Yes we see what Lily is capable of, but it’s much more satisfying to see her relationship with Ceri be all that is should be. I am, I admit, a bit put off with one piece of jewelry she wears, even if I understand why she does so. But Lily’s story is far from finished and there are still things to be told about her.

The same holds true for Lily’s father Faran who appears for a bit in this work. There is something more about him that is missing and someday I hope that story is told as well. There is a side of him that we haven’t seen and I would like to see it.

In spite of some of the threads being completed, there are a great many plots begun at the end of this work which will I am sure bring many more works in this universe to light. And that is, of course, the mark of a writer that knows their craft, characters and world.

Five out of five pitchforks…

Niall has said that this will be the last of Lily and Ceri… at least for a while. I will miss them and I know that I will be visiting them in their stories for years to come. I’ll wait, I am patient,.. mostly… Thank you Niall for creating something that has given me no end of joy to read…



Mar 09 2013

Possibly the worst YouTube about Succubi I have seen…

I think that honestly and truly I give anything and everything with a Succubus, or a Succubus theme in it a chance. I really and truly do…

However, in this case, while it is humour and I do get it, I honestly didn’t enjoy this video at all…

And if you can’t see it on the Tale:

Now, as I said, I get that this was all in humour, and yes I did look at the other videos in the series, but honestly I didn’t like the host of the piece and that just made it fall apart for me…

Anyway, it is, somewhat about Succubi and so here it is, those I advise that you to take it all with a shaker of salt at the least…



Mar 08 2013

Are the Best Cherries from the Hometowns of Succubi?

Having watched this week’s episode of Lost Girl, I have to wonder what the series would have been like if Bo hadn’t left home. It makes me wonder what Trick would sound like with a country accent. Or Kenzi as a country belle. Well, not really as honestly it just wouldn’t be right would it? And that’s sort of the feeling I got from most of this episode.

It was uncomfortable at times, in a lot of ways, but overall the things we learned about Bo’s past made up for almost all of that. Still, the thing that I wonder about and I think would have been a good ending for this episode, would have been for her to visit Kyle’s grave and what happens from there on would have made for amazing television I think. Perhaps he will appear in one of her tests? It would make some sense considering that she had to forgive her mother this episode. Maybe her last test is to forgive herself for what she has done? It’s a thought, possibly the wrong one, but it could be?

The seventh episode of the third season, also episode forty-two of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Bo has some awkward moments with an arch made of straw, Kenzi’s fashion sense is tested and she tries not to freak out. Many cherry pies are eaten and Bo gets a bunch of needles in her butt for a good reason. Or not, it’s hard to tell sometimes whether she’s mad, irritated or changing into an UnderFae…

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This is the seventh review of the third season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo’s past catches up with her and her human mother reminds Bo that…

There’s Bo Place Like Home

The episode opens with Bo (Anna Silk) being taught by Trick (Richard Howland) in one of the lower rooms of the Dal Riata to pass the first of her challenges. It involves her passing through an archway to reach Trick who waits on the other side of it. Trick asks her to try again, and Bo does so, but as she reaches the archway, a force field of some kind violently throws her back from it. Trick asks what she did and Bo’s answer is, in a very irritated tone: “Beg the invisible threshold to knock me on my ass obviously. Was I not supposed to?” Trick explains that most Fae have years to prepare for the rites of passage, but Bo has only days before she devolves “into something that I have to keep in a cage.” Bo’s retort is: “Haven’t you always wanted a pet?” as she storms around Trick and begins to flip through a book nearby. Trick comments: “I see that impending doom hasn’t effected your sense of humour.” Bo continues to focus on the book and asks why the book doesn’t tell how to pass the test. Trick explains that much is left to interpretation which only irritates Bo further. Trick tells Bo to “focus on the now” and Bo mimics his words and adds: “shift consciousness and achieve an effortless merging of effort and awareness” and Trick finishes the lesson by adding “to allow yourself to cross the threshold.” Bo slumps in defeat and answers: “So, I’m on my own then.” Trick can only shrug and say nothing in return. Bo takes a deep breath and then tries a mantra of: “Focusing. Shifting. Merging. And I Bo Dennis allow myself to pass.” Bo then reaches out a hand which is repelled, her anger overcomes her, and she storms out of the room telling Trick that she needs a break and is going home.

Elsewhere, a couple is stranded on the side of a road with a flat tire. The two argue for a time, the woman complaining about being in the country with him, he explaining that they are there “for the best cherries in the world and I thought my fiancée would have liked to know where I grew up.” They continue to argue until the woman walks out into a field looking for a place to relieve herself while he continues to fix the flat tire on their car, crawling underneath the car to try and break the tire loose. As he does so, the sun becomes blinding and a strange woman dressed in rags appears nearby. Winds whips around the area and the scene darkens before the jack holding up the car slips and it falls killing the man beneath it. The strange woman vanishes in a whirl of black smoke and the scene returns to normal again. The woman returns to the car to find her fiancé dead and screams in horror.

After the opening credits, we return to the Dal Riata to see Trick speaking with a Fae named Stella Nashira (Deborah Odell) at the bar about Bo. She asks about signs of devolution, Trick indicates there is, and she notes that Bo’s condition could become grave at any time. She asks if Bo is still unaligned, Trick’s answer is: “Stubbornly so.” At a question about Bo’s parents, Trick’s answer is: “Father unknown, mother a Succubus.” The next question is: “And the rumours about Bo’s potential?” Trick just looks at her and her answer is: “Oh dear” as she continues to make notes. Trick asks: “Oh dear as in great news?” But her answer is that Succubi need more preparation and are at greater risk of failing the rites.” She also notes that the speed of a Fae’s devolution is in direct proportion to their abilities and since Bo’s powers are extraordinary, that means she could cease to exist as the person that Trick knows completely and become an extremely monstrous being. She then goes to leave, but Trick asks her to please help him help Bo as she is all that he has left in his life. She thinks about this for a moment and then returns to the bar asking for Trick to bring her some tea and that she needs to evaluate Bo as soon as possible. She also comments about the music in the Dal Riata and Trick turns the music down as he rushes off to get Stella her tea.

Back at Bo’s place, she is asleep and suffering through a nightmare from her past when she took the life of her first love Kyle (Matt Purdy). The nightmare is a flashback to the night where she took his life by accident and intermixed with the events are the voices of her parents telling Bo that she was the devil and casting her out of their lives. There are also images of a monstrous Bo feasting on the remains of someone or something. Bo is awakened by her phone ringing and she answers it to find it is Trick calling her. She berates him for calling her at two in the morning, but she does calm herself and tell him that she had a weird nightmare. Trick asks Bo to come to the Dal Riata and she agrees half heartedly.

Bo returns to the Dal Riata and after drinking a cup of something she comments is: “chunky.” Trick watches as Stella reads the remains in the cup and asks Bo some questions. The first is why Bo denies her fear. Bo’s answer is: “Because it’s scary.” Trick coughs and Bo apologizes saying that she is a little on edge. Stella then introduces herself as Stella Nashira, adding that: “A Lodestar’s work cannot be rushed.” Trick explains to Bo that Stella has given guidance to hundreds of Fae to prepare for The Dawning in the past. Stella continues telling Bo: “You harbour great rage and great regret. These two negatives are making it very hard for you to know yourself. Embrace your true identity.” Bo’s answer is: “Everyone has hangups.” Stella explains that such issues are usually from childhood and Bo throws up her hands commenting that: “It’s always mommy issues with you guys.” She then explains that she and Aife worked their issues out in hand to hand combat which confuses Stella until Trick explains that Bo was not raised by her Fae mother and that Bo’s adopted human mother Mary and Bo had a falling out as well. Bo’s comment is: “Twice the mommies twice the baggage.” Stella tells Bo that she must confront Mary over this but Bo refuses to do so. Stella explains that Bo’s anger is hurting her, but Bo retorts that her mother hurt her. Stella is firm on this point and tells Bo that she must return home and forgive her mother. Bo is enraged and tells Stella and Trick that she will not return to her mother who she describes as a “warped bigot.” Trick tells Bo that he must or she will become an UnderFae, Bo’s answer is: “Let’s hope it’s a nice cage” as she storms away.

Following a commercial break, Bo has returned home and is talking to Lauren (Zoie Palmer) about what Trick and Stella want her to do. Bo tells Lauren that she could use some of Lauren’s nerdness, but Lauren tells Bo that: “In this case your Faeness trumps my nerdness.” Lauren explains that she can treat the symptoms, but not the cause. Bo whines that she cannot go back and Lauren comments, as she looks at a tablet, that it’s a shame that Bo would miss the cherry festival. Bo is surprised that Lauren would Google her hometown and moves to sit beside her and look at what Lauren has found. Lauren turns off the tablet and tells Bo that she knows why Bo left home, that it was because she killed her first love Kyle. Bo tries to explain that if someone had understood what was happening she might have stayed, but Lauren interrupts her noting that the people in Bo’s hometown are simple people and she shouldn’t blame them for their ignorance. Bo tells Lauren not to defend them, saying that her mother “cast me out like I was some kind of deviant.” Lauren tells Bo that she understands, but also tells Bo that this could be her only hope and she has to try. Bo is silent for a time and then says that it is a five hour drive.Lauren tells Bo that she will go with her as Bo cannot go by herself in the condition she is in. Bo’s answer is that she wants Lauren to remain behind to see if she can find an answer and she thinks that Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) could use a road trip. Lauren asks hoe Kenzi is and Bo tells her that: “With every week comes another brave face.” Lauren notes that they do not know why the Kitsune targeted Kenzi in The Kenzi Scale and Bo tells Lauren that she didn’t ask Kenzi either. Lauren then opens a case and gives Bo three injector pens explaining as she does so that they contain inhibitors that will freeze the UnderFae cells in her body and render them temporarily sterile and if she starts to lose control she must inject herself with one. Bo takes them and comments that even if she had to inject herself in the eyeball is sounds better than talking to her mother. Lauren stops Bo and tells her that she only has three uses of this inhibitor and no more because with each use it becomes less effective and these are the last three she can ever use. Bo and Lauren kiss before Bo asks Lauren to wish her luck and she leaves.

Back at the Dal Riata, Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) confronts Trick over his allowing Bo to return to see her human parents. Trick tells him that Bo has to go as part of her preparations for The Dawning, but Dyson is engaged telling him that he cannot allow Bo to lose everything. Haltingly he tells Trick that: “I can’t afford to lose Bo.” Trick asks Dyson when he got his love back, but Dyson’s answer is that Bo has Lauren now. Trick tells Dyson that Lauren is human and that their relationship can: “only be… short-term.” Dyson’s answer is: “In the short-term I am not going to interfere. I love Bo too much to screw it up again.” Trick tells Dyson that his feelings be cannot make vanish unless he wants to see The Norn again. Dyson tells Trick that: “These feelings will never go away.” Not from me.” Trick becomes a little boisterous and tells Dyson they shouldn’t have a conversation like they are without booze and goes off to get some for the two of them. Dyson asks about Bo’s guide and Trick tells Dyson that Stella is the best there is and also: “She’s quite the looker too.” Trick tells Dyson not to worry and that Bo will make it through the tests and that: “There will be a long-term.” Dyson asks: “Promise?” Trick tells him to have his shot and Dyson does so.

The next scene shows Bo and Kenzi driving Bo’s car through the backroads towards Bo’s hometown. They arrive at a gas station to fill up and Bo attempts to get Kenzi to talk to her about what has been going on with her as Kenzi tries to pump gas into Bo’s car and comments that: “Pepperoni sticks and one pint of candy corn the Kenzi is awesome. Bloated, but awesome.” She struggles with the pump nozzle for a few moments and Bo asks if Kenzi figured out where she got her rash but Kenzi ignores Bo until the owner of the gas station appears and gives Kenzi a hand before seeing Bo and recognizing her as Beth Dennis. He introduces himself as Doug (Christopher Kennedy), but Bo calls him Dougie, which was his name in high school. Bo introduces Kenzi to Doug and Kenzi is confused when Doug keeps calling her Beth instead of Bo until Kenzi realizes what is going on and clues in. Doug tells Bo that they didn’t expect to ever see her again, but they found the the person that killed Kyle so Bo must be happy about that. The look on Bo’s face is anguished as he does so. Bo explains to Doug that a lot of things have changed since the last time they have seen each other and tells Doug to call her Bo. Doug takes that in stride and then asks if Bo is back home for the cherry festival. Bo explains that she is in town on personal business and plans to be out of town: “Before the pie-off.” Kenzi is crushed by what Bo has said and gives her a look as Doug talks about all of the bad things that have happened in town over the past ten years since Bo left town. He also tells Bo that there was an accident the day before that killed a friend of theirs named Brad when a car fell on him. Kenzi asks who Brad was and Bo tells Kenzi that Brad was the high school quarterback. She also mentions that Doug was picked on by Brad all the time, but Doug says that was: “Eons ago.” Bo’s eyes change as Doug talks and she almost collapses before Kenzi stops her from falling. Kenzi ushers Bo off to the bathroom in the gas station and as Kenzi talks to Doug, the strange woman seen earlier in the episode before Brad was killed appears in the middle of the road.

Bo and Kenzi arrive at the home of Bo’s parents, a small farm house outside of town. Kenzi asks Bo if she is ready, Bo’s comment is: “Maybe I’ll just write a letter” as Kenzi gets out of the car. Kenzi tells Bo that she has taken on The Morrigan and “your old lady should be child’s play.” Bo tells Kenzi that her mother taught Bo that she was evil as Kenzi pulls Bo out of the car. When Bo is upset that she has to tell her mother that it was okay, Kenzi tells Bo that: “It’s called being the bigger person. Which reminds me I want to scarf down twenty pies on the way home.” Bo tells Kenzi that she is sick and tired of being the bigger person, that he can still hear her mother’s voice telling her how evil she is. As she does so, Kenzi pulls out one of the injector pens and then jabs Bo in the rear with one. Bo yelps in pain and asks: What the hell?” Kenzi is confused as she answers: “I assprovised. Oh, that wasn’t one of your monster fits? You seemed really angry! God did I waste one of these?” Bo’s irritated answer is: “Not if you wanted to help me refocus my rage.” Kenzi looks pleased as she says: “Well you’re welcome. Now, get your head in the game and it’s time to face the mom music.” Bo relents telling Kenzi: “Okay, but then we get the hell out of here.” Kenzi answers: “Does a horse shit in the barn? No, seriously, is that where they poop?” Bo looks at Kenzi and as she walks towards her parent’s home tells Kenzi to keep the car running. Bo walks to the front door, hesitates, and then knocks before looking inside to see if anyone is there. As she does so, Bo’s human mother Mary (Nola Augustson) approaches from the side of the house and calls out where she is. Mary comes closer and then realizes that it is Bo, or rather as she knows her, Beth. Mary is overjoyed to see Bo, telling her that she is so happy that Bo has finally returned home and embraces Bo tightly which confuses Bo and all she can say in a questioning voice is: “Mama?” before hugging her back.

After another commercial break, we return to find Bo and Kenzi watching Mary making a cherry pie for them. As she does so, Mary tells the two of them that she’s sorry that she didn’t have a pie waiting for the two of them. Kenzi is confused as Bo has told her many times how awful her mother is and Bo is just as confused about what is going on. Mary asks some odd questions while she works on the pie and Bo tries to talk to her, but Mary seems not to completely understand what Bo is talking about. At one point she mentions Bo’s father in the past tense haltingly and then Kenzi turns Bo’s attention to a large amount of prescription medicine that stands on a shelf nearby. Bo asks if Mary remembers why she left, but Mary’s answer is thet Bo was lost and “The Lord helped you find your way back.” Mary then leaves the room, saying she forgot rhubarb, Bo and Kenzi look at what Bo describes as a “Beth shrine” holding many photographs of her. Kenzi finds a scrapbook and as she reads about Kyle’s death, Bo has a flashback to the aftermath of that night for an instant. After Kenzi talks about Mary being “loco in the cabasa”, Bo tells Kenzi the technical term is dementia, which it appears Mary suffers from. When Bo wonders about “writing a new chapter in Beth’s life on my terms” Kenzi isn’t thrilled by the idea saying that she needs to get back to Trick and Lauren as soon as possible for her own sake. Mart returns in the next moment and tells them both that they have to attend the cherry festival and then return for dinner which both Bo and Kenzi attempt to get out of doing, but eventually relent, although Kenzi gasps at the idea of wearing sensible footwear and some of Bo’s old clothing. Bo drags Kenzi away as she lamentsL “Country makeover. Gee, can’t wait.”

The scene shifts to the cherry festival where Bo and Kenzi have changed clothes and are looking around at what is going on, Kenzi moaning that she feels Amish in the outfit she is wearing. They stop to listen to a group of children playing double-dutch and singing a song about Lady Polly slaying children which Kenzi comments is “cute.” When Bo explains that the children are playing double-dutch, Kenzi is shocked saying that she thought that was only on the television series Weeds as Bo tells her that she was on the school team and were regional champions. They then meet a woman dressed in “city clothes” who Bo introduces to Kenzi as Jessica (Tara Wilson). Kenzi asks if they were friends, but Jessica tells Kenzi that you can’t call someone a fried when they “beat you three years in a row for Miss Cherry Blossom.” Kenzi asks Bo if she wore a sash, Bo’s answer is a simple no. Jessica tells Kenzi that the reason Bo won all the time was that the boys couldn’t keep their eyes off Bo’s breasts and claims to be over that. Kenzi’s answer is: “Sure you are.” Jessica continues saying that Bo had all the guys and strung them all along except for Brad, who she says was hers. Jessica explains that she came to town to try and get Brad, but Kenzi interrupts when she tells her that Brad was crushed by a car. Jessica says that Brad is in a better place and asks them if the county was always so creepy. Kenzi then points out that Doug is standing nearby and watching the three of them, Jessica calling Doug a creep dismissively. After Kenzi tells Bo: “Well Bo-Bo let’s go-go and have a chat-chat with your mom-mom.” Jessica tells Kenzi that she is “so weird” and Kenzi thanks her for doing so. When Jessica tells Bo that Kenzi reminds her of that girl who sniffed glue in chemistry class, Bo’s answer as she and Kenzi walk alway is: “Jessica. That was you.”

Bo and Kenzi return to Mary’s home where she is hanging her laundry outside. Kenzi goes inside the house telling Bo to have her “mom-ment” while she grabs their cloths. Bo hesitates for a time watching Mary before she finally walks over to her. Mary attempts to offer Bo something to eat, but Bo asks Mary if she remembers what happened on the night Kyle died. Mary seems to be shaky and a little unstable as she turns to her laundry and fiddles with it as Bo tries to talk to her. A wind blows around them and the strange woman appears in the distance looking at them as Mary draws Bo’s attention to the odd woman asking if she is one of Bo’s friends. The strange woman approaches Bo with a scythe in her hands, but Bo swings at her with a rake and the woman vanishes as Kenzi approaches from the house. Mary then confronts Bo in anger acting as she did on the night when Kyle was killed and Bo has a revelation crying out that she is a monster and that everything that has happened and is happening is her fault. Kenzi tries to calm her down but Bo runs to her car and drives off in a panic leaving Kenzi behind with Mary at the farmhouse.

Back from another commercial, Kenzi is on the phone to Trick telling him what happened and Trick makes the connection that what they saw was an UnderFae called Poludnica, also known as Lady Polly which is a type of UnderFae that creates accidents in midday when the heat and light of the sun is the strongest and disorients her victims. Trick further explains that Lady Polly can only be released by humans and that can only occur if fire or brimstone is present. Kenzi and Trick make the connection that the people that Lady Polly has been killing must also be the ones that summoned her. Kenzi also learns that Lady Polly cannot leave the county until all of those that summoned her are killed. Trlck also tells Kenzi that Lady Polly can be trapped in a well to stop her. Trick attempts to have Kenzi reutrn with Bo immediately, but Kenzi admits that she has no idea where Bo is before hanging up on Trick and borrowing Mary’s car to search for Bo.

Back at the cherry festival, Bo is drinking herself into a stupor on samples of cherry wine as Kenzi finds her. Bo complains that she is angry and itchy and the smell of everything around her is overpowering which is a sign of Bo turning more UnderFae. As Bo talks about all of the feeds around her and how is has always been a monster, Kenzi gets the second injector and jabs Bo with it returning her to normal again. Bo thanks Kenzi for helping her and Kenzi explains about Lady Polly and that Bo couldn’t have been involved when the well house she was trapped in burned to the ground. Bo is horrified and explains to Kenzi that she was there that night and that Doug was interested in the occult at the time and believed he could summon the local sprit Lady Polly. Bo was there along with Doug, Brad, Jessica and Kyle, but nothing happened and they all left the well house. Kenzi begs Bo not to think about saving the county and save herself instead, but Bo refuses to do so. Kenzi tells Bo that only those that summoned Lady Polly can send her back. Bo goes in search of Jessica and Kenzi rushes off to find Doug to try to trap Lady Polly in a local well. Bo discovers Jessica sitting at the pie table frozen and not breathing. When she slaps Jessica on the back, a cherry flies out of her mouth and Jessica falls to the table dead. As Bo calls out for help, Lady Polly appears nearby and Bo tells her: “Fine. Fire and brimstone it is.”

After another commercial break, Kenzi arrives at Doug’s garage and Doug is angry at her that she and Bo haven’t left the county. Doug admits to Kenzi that he knew that Lady Polly had escaped from the well house years ago, saying that he invoked her doing a teenage goth stage of his life and he has been trying to get rid of her ever since. Kenzi is surprised that Doug was a goth and Doug’s comment is: “I had to go two towns over to get my favourite guy-liner.” Kenzi is confused as to why he didn’t tell anyone about what was going on, but Doug explains that since everyone left town after Kyle’s death he figured they were safe and he could deal with Lady Polly taunting him over and over again. He explains that Lady Polly told him to lure his friends back, but he refused to do so, but in spite that all of his friends, including Bo are returning and being killed off one by one. Lady Polly then appears to the two of them and Doug tells Kenzi they can lose her in the fields. Kenzi’s answer is: “Oh yeah! Like nothing bad ever happens in the fields!” as they both run away.

Bo has arrived at the location of the old well house and has opened the well itself as Doug and Kenzi arrive. She tells them that Jessica is dead and Doug explains that the entire thing is his fault because he tried again after everyone else had left. Kenzi is shocked at Doug when he tells them that he sacrificed a copy of AntiChrist Superstar, but that Lady Polly wasn’t released until he accidentally knocked over a candle and burned the well house to the ground. Bo tries to explain to Doug that Lady Polly is the one that is killing people and is the evil one as the scene darkens and Lady Polly arrives. Doug tries to sacrifice himself to her, but she strikes him unconscious with her scythe and then attacks Bo. Bo falls to the ground and Lady Polly tells Bo that she will “be my greatest accident.” Bo calls out to Kenzi that she needs to “assprovise” and Kenzi tosses Bo the final injector which Bo stabs into Lady Polly’s back. As Bo stands up, Lady Polly tells Bo that: “Your eyes, they are like mine.” Bo answers defiantly that: “I am Fae. But I am nothing like you. Sometimes you just have to go home. Whether you want to or not.” Bo then kicks Lady Polly in the chest which throws her down the well and she and Kenzi slam the lid on the well closed ending Lady Polly’s threat. Kenzi comments: “I guess she wasn’t feeling very… well.” Bo rolls her eyes at this and Kenzi just smiles and tells Bo that: “You are so getting your mojo back.” They wake Doug up and they tell him that Lady Polly is back in her well. He asks if he helped and Bo tells him that they couldn’t have done it without him. Kenzi asks Bo if they “can get out of Hickville” but Bo tells her that they have one stop to make first.

The next scene finds Mary at her kitchen table looking at her scrapbook of Beth as Bo walks into the room. Bo calls out “Mom” to get Mary’s attention and Mary asks if she had fun at the cherry festival and how everyone wants to be friends with her. Bo asks if she remembers the last time they saw each other and the last memory that Mary has is of Bo and Kenzi in Beth’s old clothes. Bo sits down across the table from Mary and beings to talk to her. Bo tells Mary that there are a lot of things that she has wanted to say to Mary for a long time, that it took a long time for Bo to understand that the things that happens were not in her control as well. Bo admits that she still makes mistakes, many of them before she finally tells her mother she she is sorry. Mary stops Bo and tells her that she doesn’t need to be sorry and that she is good. Bo smiles and manages to tell Mary that it sounds strange coming from her. Bo tells Mary that she knows she is good, and Mary tells Bo that she makes everything better. Mary then tells of a day when they were in church and a dying butterfly landed on Bo’s hand and she tried to help it to fly, but it couldn’t and how Bo cried over it. Bo is surprised that Mary can remember that moment in her life, but when Mary tells Bo that she and Bo’s father talk about that moment all of the time, Bo knows that Mary’s mind is slowly leaving her. Bo tells Mary that she knows that Mary believed that the way she raised Bo was the right way and Bo realizes this finally. Bo explains to Mary that when she called Bo evil it was because she didn’t understand what Bo was and neither did Bo and they were both scared. Mary tells Bo that she doesn’t need to be scared as Kenzi walks into the hallway just behind Bo and stands there quietly. Bo then explains to Mary, strongly at first but crying more and more as she does so: I have a family Mama. And they love and protect me without question. That girl I came here with? She’s like my sister. When I’m with her I know that everything is going to be okay. And I found my grandfather momma and he cares about me. I don’t know what I would do without him. Without any of them. If you really knew me now, you would be proud. I do good. And I don’t need to carry around all of those terrible memories anymore. I am done reliving them and reliving them and reliving them.: Mary clutches at Bo’s arm and tells her that her eyes are so beautiful. Bo touches Mary’s arm and tells her” “It’s okay. This is how I am going to remember you. As the sweet woman that taught me how to make the best pies.” Bo takes a shuddering breath and continues: “You had a hard life too. I can’t hate you anymore. And i’m done hating myself. I’m not the devil Mama. I’m Fae. And Bo.” Bo then kisses Mary on the cheek softly before pausing and saying: “Goodbye Mom.” Mary is close to tears and chokes out the words: “I love you too…. … … Bo.” Bo places one hand over her lips and begins to cry as she turns towards the doorway where Kenzi has been all of this time, pausing there with Kenzi to look back at Mary before they walk away. The last image of Mary is of her still at the table clutching the scrapbook of memories of Bo and looking at Bo’s baby picture.

Another commercial break finds Dyson arriving at the Dal Riata looking for Trick. The place is silent and after throwing his jacket on the bar he turns the stereo on and music fills the bar. Trick rushes in telling Dyson that “She requires silence!” and Dyson turns off the stereo asking who Trick is talking about. Trick explains that Stella needs the silence and that she will be at the Dal Riata shortly. Dyson looks behind Trick and smiles as he tells Trick that she’s arrived. Trick apologizes for the noise and tells Stella that Bo is on her way back but has not arrived as yet. Stella tosses a stole at Trick and tells him that they should prepare for Bo’s test. Dyson watches all of this with a smile that is slowly turning into a smirk. Stella asks Trick if the threshold is in his office and Trick tells her that it is in a stutter. Stella then tells Trick that she hopes that he hasn’t misjudged her and, as she pulls a hairpin out of her hair allowing it to drape over her shoulders tells him that: “Sometimes even I like it loud” before walking in the direction of Trick’s office. Dyson is just managing to stifle a laugh as he comments: “I knew she was Trick bait as soon as I saw her.” Trick is shocked at Dyson’s comment, but then manages to smile and reply: “I’m in trouble aren’t I?” Dyson tells Trick that he has no reason to hide his feelings, and to enjoy as he drinks a shot before beginning to walk out of the Dal Riata. Trick smells the stole that Stella gave him and then asks Dyson why he isn’t going to wait for Bo. Dyson’s answer is: “I’d just be in the way” as he leaves and Trick goes off to be with Stella.

The next scene begins with Bo arriving in Trick’s office carrying a pie which she gives to him. Trick asks Bo if she gave forgiveness and Bo’s answer is: “Oh I gave it to someone.” Stella tells Bo the riddle of the threshold once more. Bo asks what happens after she passes and Stella tells Bo that when she is ready to enter a temple that has some physical and some mental challenges within it and they are different for each Fae that faces them but Bo is running out of time. Bo approaches the archway that stopped her at the beginning of the episode, pauses there for a moment and then walks swiftly and confidently through, the barrier breaking as she touches it. Bo is thrilled that she was successful and bounces back and forth through the archway excitedly over and over again until Stella tells Bo that she has completed one simple task and that the real training begins from this point forward: “Crossing the threshold only gains you access to the temple where the most gruelling challenges of your life await you.” Bo is only able to answer: “Oh crud.”

The final scene of the episode begins with Bo arriving home to find Kenzi there. Bo tells Kenzi that Trick is setting up a trust for Mary to look after her needs and Kenzi is happy for Bo. Kenzi then asks if Trick set up a trust for her which then leads Bo to add that she crossed the threshold, but there is a lot more training and a temple which confuses Kenzi somewhat. Bo tells Kenzi that she feels better than she has in a long time as Kenzi works at making a pie. Bo thanks Kenzi for coming along to help her, and Kenzi jokes that it was: “farm-fed fun.” Bo then turns serious and tells Kenzi that she cannot keep hiding behind jokes. Kenzi tells Bo that she can, but Bo presses on telling Kenzi that she is worried about her. Kenzi turns quiet and tells Bo that she is just glad to be home with Bo, but she can’t talk about it with Bo at least not yet. Bo then says: “Okay, then let’s talk about something else. Kenzi, why did you go to see The Norn?” The last image of the episode is Kenzi staring at Bo as the episode ends.


Fade to black…


It is important to me that when there is an origin story and really this one is honestly that when you think about it, that there is a point to the story and at the end of it you feel like you actually learned something about who they are and why they are where there are in their lives.

For the most part I was happy with the resolution of the story, though getting there seemed to take a long time for all of the side trips the story took. Bo really didn’t I think come to terms with her mother as much as she took pity on her and forgave her through that pity. But that did give her some closure, at least in the story it did, but did it really solve Bo’s problems? Kyle, her first love whom Bo killed, has to weigh on her still and that will return to haunt her still.

The question of Kenzi remains unanswered and unresolved but did lead to a cliff hanger ending of a sort. I’m not sure there will be a resolution next time, I doubt it, but we shall see. It was also nice to see Trick fawning over Stella, I kind of like her and I hope she is around for a bit. I’m expecting her to be honestly and it makes for some good television too.

It was nice to see the old Kenzi back again. The one-liners, the attitude, just everything really help to make this a better episode when it could have been so very dark and foreboding. The one thing that concerned me was her rash seems to be gone… what does that mean? And she’s eating a lot or talks about eating a lot. Clues I’m sure but to what end? I have issues with the “dump this on you and be Fae” story still. I hope it’s explained well at some point what’s going on.

While we really didn’t learn much new about The Dawning, at least not anything that tells much about it. There are a lot of riddles and vague explanations, but anything concrete about it, save that it is bad for Bo, didn’t happen. I am not sure this actually builds up any kind of tension in the episode save for giving Kenzi a reason to jab Bo in her bum a few times. Which I am sure will be a problem soon enough when Bo loses control. And she will, you can bet on that.

The riddles have to end and soon. There are not a lot of episodes left.

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… Not very succubus this episode, though I didn’t her to be. She grew a lot and in understanding herself most of all. Whether that’s enough is yet to be seen of course. You can see that she’s slowly going over the edge emotionally towards anger and violence, but it blatantly so which I think is a good thing.

Dyson… Short scene, but an important one as Trick knows that Dyson has his love for Bo back. Now if only he can admit that to Bo and he, Bo and Lauren can somehow come to an understanding. But I doubt it.

Kenzi… Thrilling to see her being her. And her being uncomfortable in that white dress was just too funny. I’ve missed the take charge and do what needs to be done Kenzi and she did that a lot this time. She always makes things better and I am so glad she’s back. Kenzi line of the episode: “Pepperoni sticks and one pint of candy corn the Kenzi is awesome. Bloated, but awesome.”

Trick. It was fun to see him have his Trick on with Stella and I hope that we see more of happy Trick again. I miss that in him a lot.

Hale. MIA. This is becoming an ongoing thing that I’m tired of.

Lauren. Two minutes, more or less and she’s left behind. Hopefully she’ll have an answer at some point. But I expect not.

Tamsin: No mention, no nothing. Kind of a problem since there is a huge cliff hanger over her with The Morrigan to deal with.

Stella Nashira. She’s interesting, and more so by the end of the episode. I’d like her to stick around and I think she will. After all, Trick needs love too you know.

Mary Dennis. Heartbreakingly sad. I know that this was done on purpose to make Bo’s forgiveness easier, but I’m not sure that this was the best way to do this. The confusion, loss, and illness she has hurt a lot. We’ll likely never see her again and that… that really I think hurts Bo as a character and the series as a whole.

Doug. Neat character, a bit hyper at times, but otherwise he was neat to watch and follow through the show. Oddly he and Kenzi would be interesting together, but I digress.

Jessica. Airhead for the most part. Really didn’t care either way about her but it did reveal some more about Bo which was interesting.

Lady Polly. More of a “succeed or this will be you” sort of character. Did offer a new kind of Fae which was good, but otherwise mostly a warning of things to come.

The rest of the characters were mainly to fill in gaps and not much else. But they added a lot of color to Bo’s past and that was a good thing which more of would have been nice to see.



My Review of There’s Bo Place Like Home

Keeping my interest – 4 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 2 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 3 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.5 Pitchforks out of 5


It wasn’t a bad episode overall and I did watch it from beginning to end. I’ll say that the scene between Brad and Leslie was the one moment where I really thought about turning the channel. It was just nothing that interested me and I honestly was waiting to see which of them the car would fall on. Car safety note: Call the auto club if you have a flat. It’s not worth messing under a car… ever.

Bo being a Succubus was only in flashbacks and really she didn’t do much of anything Succubus like at all this time. She turned Buffy again this episode and that didn’t interest me a lot. There were little hints of “possessed monster Bo” but that’s not being a Succubus to me.

Bo’s hometown was really well crafted and it told its own story which was good to see. The scenes inside of Mary’s home, what it looked like, the little shrine to Beth, just the sort of typically country look contrasted well with whom Bo and Kenzi are now and that added to the story really well. I was a bit confused by the arch that Bo kept running into at the beginning of the episode, but it did make sense and in the end it was a test and it had to look somewhat otherworldly.

The episode brought closure to Bo with her mother which was good to have, but not all of her past was. Dyson’s secrets are coming out which will change him and the others over time too. There was some hints and possibilities for the future in this episode as well, which was also good to have.

There wasn’t much movement for anyone in this episode save Bo, but it was about her past and so you couldn’t expect much else to change. There are things coming of course, the hints are all there, but they didn’t resolve any more than they really needed to by the end.

A couple of new Fae, one explained, one not. This added some to the mythos, but giving a name to a Fae doesn’t do a lot for the series as a whole really. Nothing of The Dawning was explained except in a riddle and this needs to change. The season is coming to a rapid close and they are running out of time. Get back to the point of the season before you need to put the answers into the next season will you?
Next Week: Fae-ge Against The Machine

What was meant as a night off for Bo grows into a scavenger hunt in a lawless Dark Fae territory. In Bo’s absence, Trick is placed in a precarious position with potentially dire consequences.


Back into a story that looks like a side-trip and not part of the core plot for the season, but I could be wrong and I hope I am. Oddly the Trick plot has me thinking that Stella is going to try and have Trick marry her, which would be interesting, but I think not.

I do wonder about what they mean by scavenger hunt. I am wondering more if this means Bo and The Morrigan are going to be running into each other again, but we’ll see. I am really curious about what Kenzi will do after the end of this episode and its cliffhanger. If she tells Bo what’s happened, then what does Bo do about it, if anything.

Perhaps that’s the link with Trick? Maybe he goes to the Norn to save Kenzi? And yes, I still think Kenzi the Kitsune is a really bad idea. Please don’t go there. Kenzi needs to be a Succubus. She’d be amazing…

As there are only a handful of episodes left to the end of this season, it would be nice if what’s coming next actually deals with the season arc and the side stories are pushed away for the moment. It was good that this episode did that for the most part and gave us a lot about Bo’s past.

It would be better, overall, to deal with her future next honestly.