Nov 28 2012

A 50s-ish Succubus costume isn’t a bad idea really…

I have mentioned before that I really like Betty Page and her looks, but more so, some of the art that I have found of her as a Devil Girl or a Succubus…

I found a costume earlier in the year that I really loved, and I found another one… I just don’t quite like it as much…

This is called the Devilette Pulp Costume, which I can understand sort of, it is after all a throwback to the pulp magazines of the 1950’s so I can live with the name…

I just have problems with some other parts of it.

The costume comes with a velour dress with sequins and feather trim, a detachable tail, a pair of glovelettea, and a pair of glitter horns…

It does not come with the stockings or the shoes of course, and, oddly, it’s not clear in the description if the Betty Page wig comes with the costume or not… Which is confusing…

It sells for about $60 US more or less on the web…

I like the ida of this a lot really, and there is really only one thing I hate about it and that is, of course, the tail… That really looks lousy and I wouldn’t think of wearing that.

Otherwise, as something to wear to a 50’s costume dance or something like that, I would seriously consider it. It’s not too over the top and it looks nice enough really…

But it only really works if the wig comes with the costume and you buy a pair of stockings and shoes to match the outfit.


I just don’t like it all that much…

I suppose accessories in this case make the costume don’t they…

I’ll give it two and a half pitchforks out of five.

It’s about average really, which is a shame, it’s not close to the other Betty Page Devil Girl costume I found which rated a lot higher than this…

But that’s because it was so much better.



Nov 27 2012

Desires 56

Home is where the heart and soul is… isn’t it?


Desires – Needs

By BFSlave and Tera S

Part Sixteen


He’d never been so aroused in his life. He was drawn to Tera in a way he’d never been to any woman. He felt as though his very soul was on fire. He followed her out of the elevator and into a beautiful apartment. Beautiful was an understatement. Like her, it was elegant, sophisticated, and possessed an almost otherworldly quality. “Wow”, was the only thing he could say. His gaze went back to Tera. The longing in her eyes mirrored his own. He never thought a woman could want him as much as she did. Or at all for that matter. It was like an incredible, sexy dream.

She led him over to the black leather couch in front of the roaring fire. She sat down and patted the cushion on her left. He sat down next to her, the throbbing bulge in his pants not making it any easier. He caressed her cheek and looked into those amazing eyes of hers. In the dim, flickering light of the fire, they took on that glow again. He ran his fingers through her hair and rubbed her cheek as she nuzzled into his hand. She closed her eyes for a second and when they reopened, the glow looked brighter. They were all he could see. He had tunnel vision. It was as though she were looking into him. He surrendered to her eyes. They made him feel helpless, yet cared for. Like she held some hypnotic power over him, but would never abuse that control. She blinked and he came out of his trance. The glow was softer than before. He felt like he’d been staring into her eyes for hours, though barely five minutes had passed.

He once again caressed her sweet face. He rubbed her lips with his thumb. “I don’t know how this happened tonight, but I never want it to end. You’re amazing, Tera. Beautiful, intelligent, sensual, passionate. I feel like I’m under some kind of spell and I love it. I never thought I’d meet a woman as wonderful as you. I’ve never met you before, but somehow it’s like I know you. I can’t explain it. I think….,” he swallowed hard, took a deep breath, looked into her eyes again and said, “I think I’m fallin…”

He was cut off by Tera. She kissed him firmly, pulled away, looked into his eyes, then kissed him deeper. He melted into the kiss. Lips parted. Tounges found their place inside the other’s mouths once again. He pulled her on top of him as he laid back on the couch, their arms around each other. No crowd this time. No elevator doors opening. No distractions. It was just them.


It’s also the home of much more if you spend the time to look for it…



Nov 26 2012

A Tale of Lilith by James

Last Thursday was the fifth Taleiversay, and today on the Tale I am going to share a wonderful work by my heart that tells of someone in the Realm that I expect no one would have thought would be part of it… The thing of it is… They do belong and who they are in the Realm is, truly, something that made me smile…

To my heart, thank you for adding to the mythos of the Realm and making me smile…


For Tera’s fifth Tale-iversary: A Tale of Lilith

By James


It was a special, rather magic time of the year, when frosty winds whipped off the Lake of Fire with increasing frequency and the white peaks on the Angelkitty Mountains seemed to grow a bit longer with each passing day. More and more incubi and succubi in the Realm were giving up their somewhat revealing summer wear in favor of warm sweaters. This produced interesting effects, since, somehow, succubi and incubi were even more arousing when wearing sweaters than when clad in swimwear and tee shirts; each autumn, bicyclists ran into shrubbery, shopkeepers dropped their wares, mail was mis-delivered, and books in the library were mis-shelved because of sundry woolen-clad distractions.

It should, at this point, be noted how much Tera enjoys wearing red sweaters.

It should, at this point, definitely be noted how much Keith enjoys Tera wearing red sweaters.

Speaking of Tera, it wasn’t long into this magical time of the year before she felt her first chill while sitting in her breakfast nook.  As soon as she had finished her tea, she went off in search of her tail cozies. As she looked in the drawer, she realized that most of them—wonderful, soft, cashmere creations, color coordinated to go with each of her winter outfits—were in terrible shape.  She did have a multi-colored cozy, knitted for her by her friends, but it had been designed to take advantage of each and every one of her tail’s most sensitive and arousing spots; it was best to wear that only with her Eternal, and then only when they had ample recovery time.

It had, she realized, been ages since she had gotten a new cozy.  A scarf-hat-glove set wouldn’t be such a bad idea, either.

Tera had duties in the Library that morning, but she let Miriam know that she would be taking a long lunch: “I have to go visit Lil.” Lil was the finest knitter in all the Realm, and had been longer than anybody even the oldest succubi could remember. Lil had knitted Tera’s first tail cozy, as well as those special cozies her mother the Queen had asked for when she was a teenager, so that her budding hormones wouldn’t get the best of her. Indeed, Mother had told Tera of receiving her first cozy from Lil, and how Tera’s grandfather had one Lil knit in a fine tartan pattern, and . . .

“Why do you call her ‘Lil,’ Your Majesty?” Miriam had broken the head librarian’s reverie.


“You refer to everyone by their proper names all the time,” the inquisitive yellow-tail replied. “Why do you always call her, ‘Lil’?”

“Well, because . . . because that is what she has always been called . . . who she has always been . . . I mean . . . well . . .”

Miriam looked confused. Tera was never at a loss for words.

“. . . Well, what I mean is . . . Mother always called her ‘Lil.’ That is the only name I have ever heard for her.”

“Oh, well that makes sense, then.” Miriam quietly returned to her work, putting a proper doormat in from of a recently acquired wardrobe in Children’s Literature.

But yellow-tails  have a way of doing things that tend to . . . well, escalate. And that tendency was stronger in Miriam, for her tail and horns were the brightest yellow that anybody had seen in the Realm in a hundred years.  All through the morning, Miriam’s question kept rolling over and over in Tera’s mind. All the way down the path to her lunchtime appointment, the Succubi Queen wondered.

“Why, hello, Dear . . . I mean, Your Majesty.” Lil rose from her rocking chair and curtsied deeply as Tera entered, and the Queen was reminded, even as she blushed and motioned for her host to sit, how tall and quietly regal the knitter was. As she sat, smiling gently, she tucked a wisp of her silver-streaked black hair—a black deeper and darker than even Tera’s—back into her bun, as her guest noticed the wisdom and even a hint of fire in Lil’s icy blue eyes. Her form wasn’t bad, either, though she had taken to wearing simpler dresses that didn’t always flatter her figure. Succubi never seemed to lose their looks; those looks simply evolved, while all of the allure was still there.

Having explained the purpose of her visit, Tera set about looking through Lil’s yarns, picking just the right colors and textures. Lil even managed to convince her sovereign to consider one or two colors besides red. Then she began her measuring of Tera’s tail. The old knitter had an amazing touch, something of which Tera was reminded as she began to feel a safety and serenity she had never known before—though she began to realize that the felt this way every time Lil measured her tail. As she moaned and purred, she even traded places with her tail-self on occasion; Lil was amused at how Tail always arrived quite naked.

When Tera was herself again, and feeling extremely relaxed and serene, she blurted out, “What is your given name, Lil?”

The old, old succubi arched an eyebrow. She had rarely spoken this name over millennia, but she never lied about it.  “My name is Lilith.”

Tera started for a moment. She couldn’t have just heard what she thought she heard. That name had been forbidden among her kind since time immemorial because of the original Lilith, the mother of them all, and the one who, legendarily, had been the source of all the evil, demonic behavior which her own kind had given so much to overcome. Taking a deep breath, she resumed: “Did you just say . . .”

With surprising agility and swiftness, Tera was flipped onto her back and onto a very soft bed. Where had this bed come from? Her host was straddling her, their bare pussies grinding together. When had they gotten naked?

“I said, my name was Lilith.”

Tera shivered in fear. If she was the true Lilith, then she would be the one person who might, perhaps, completely dominate the succubi Queen, changing Tera and, by extension, her entire world. The fire hinted at in that woman’s eyes before was now a full-fledged inferno. Her tail and horns were a deeper, darker red than Tera had ever seen; the scalloped end of that tail slipped between the supine woman’s pussy lips, and she let out a mind-blowing scream as she almost instantly came very hard in a tsunami of an orgasm.

If this was Lilith, then Tera’s soul, her very nature, was in mortal danger—oddly, “mortal” was not a word she thought about very often—but she just didn’t care. As Lilith’s tail began to withdraw, Tera, growling, grabbed it and started to pull it back into herself. Her host smiled and pulled her up for a kiss that Tera was sure straightened her hair, even as Tera’s fingers found Lilith’s snatch and her tail stroked the spine of the legendary temptress. After about half an hour, the two finally fell back, dripping with sweat, panting, the room heavy with the musk of sex, the sheets soaked with the cum of both women. The Succubi Queen’s famous raven curls were a wild mane of tangles.

With hunger in her eyes, she looked at the First and panted: “More.”

She dove into Lilith’s crotch, her tongue snaking into her host’s velvety flower, even as the older woman began nibbling Tera’s tail in ways that drove her into an even greater frenzy. Suddenly, she felt other mouths and hands: her Eternal was being fillated by Lilith even as he worshiped Tera’s breasts; A flaxen-haired angel was eating Tera out and being penetrated by Lilith; Tail was somehow nibbling behind Tera’s ear, and moving among all of the rest of them.

She heard Lilith’s voice in her mind: “Don’t worry, child. These are the lovers about whom you feel most passionate. Your own libido has manifested them all here.” Then there was a wordless flood of images in Tera’s consciousness: a man in a garden whom Lilith loved deeply; all the ways in which she tried to show him profound passions and transcendent lovemaking, but he, afraid, rejected it all, pushing her away. There were images of someone darker, the air around him tasting of malevolence, offering her a place with him from which she could wreak vengeance on all men. She walked away from that offer, and tried to bring love to others, but some like her chose the dark path, and society responded to her with close-mindedness and fear.

It seems like hours later when Tera is quietly caressing Lilith’s cheek, gazing deeply into her eyes, when she finally finds just a whisper of her voice, “You never dominated me.”

“That isn’t my way. Why would we dominate or submit when we can both share in such unbridled joy?”

“But the stories . . .”

“History is written by those who win. Notice that these stories are not from the Scriptures of the Deity, but from others, others who have chosen to fear what they cannot understand. I am only sad that some of our sisters and brothers were deluded into thinking that this was my way. I am grateful to you, sweet young one, and to your parents, for helping my family into this better path.”

“But shouldn’t you be Queen?”

“I am happy where I am, now. You are doing a wonderful job, and, when you leave here, you will forget all about this visit. But we will find each other from time to time.”

“The way you communicated while we made love . . .”

“You will find that someday, daughter,” Lilith kissed her nose. “You have such a gift in you . . . you have all of my gifts in you.”

By the time Tera had gone up the path back to the library—somehow, only the lunch hour had passed while she had been at Lil’s—all she remembered was ordering some new winter knitwear.

Keith and Tail had no recollections of the incident, and Tera had to assume the angel would be the same. Maybe she had dreamt all of that. Though Keith did begin using the most exciting oral technique on his Eternal’s breasts from time to time.

And, when Lil felt certain urges, Tera felt similar urges to visit, and there would be another wonderful afternoon that the Queen would feel in her deepest soul but not remember.

And the next time some curious person asked why she called the knitter “Lil,” Tera would reply, “Because that is the name she has.”

And she meant it.


And I mean it when I say thank you my heart… always…



Nov 25 2012

A Review of Incubus Hunter by Kenya Wright

Another Incubus themed story to be reviewed this week on the Tale… One that I really enjoyed quite a lot, but, why is it that authors have it in them to leave a story on a cliff hanger, suggest a continuation, and then not give one?

It really is a pain in the tail at times… Especially with a story that just demands to continue…

Incubus Hunter by Kenya Wright

  • Title: Incubus Hunter
  • Author: Kenya Wright
  • Publishing Date: February 12, 2012
  • Length: 92 Pages
  • This work at

The story tells of:

Whispers swirl throughout the underworld of Carmen, the fanged elf with the violet eyes. They say she hunts incubus demons, not for money, but to clear a debt with a powerful wizard. But time is winding down. Carmen has five days to clear the balance or she loses her daughter. Desperation forces her to go after Blaze. He’s worth two million dollars dead or alive. The hunt begins. She spots him and sets a seductive trap. It’s just business as usual—until she ends up capturing so much more.

Carmen is a vampire elf. Well, that’s about the simplest way to describe what she is, but it doesn’t explain who she is. She’s a woman with a dark past, caught in a trap not of her making and now she must do whatever is necessary. The reason for that is heartbreaking really and it gives her a soul and a heart that through the course of the story grows in many ways…

Carmen is forced to hunt incubi for a wizard, and in doing so she hunts one of the most powerful of all of the incubi, one named Blaze. However, she finds that he knows of her, she cannot fulfill her mission and must go after more dangerous pray.

Blaze isn’t quite the stereotypical incubus. While he is strong, powerful, and erotic, every bit as much as Carmen is, he isn’t what you would define as evil. He is proud yes, but he has a soul, honour, and most of all, he has emotion in him. That’s important in the overall story as there are moments where a stereotypical incubus would be uncouth or uninteresting to me personally.

He never was that in any way really. His actions over Carmen were heart felt and touching, the need within him for her and, eventually, returned by her, made for a tragic pair in a story that deals with the pain that life can bring.

I was a bit disappointed Blaze not having a tail or horns for that matter. Still in spite of that, he is seductive as any good incubus should be. I did find it surprising that one of his weaknesses, and it might be his only one, is something that seemed to be Carmen’s one and only specific ability, which I will not spoil for the delicious irony of it all…

Overall, it was an excellent story, the author does well with settings, characters, and emotions. I did notice a couple of word errors, but only two of them and that’s really quite good considering. I never felt like I was being drawn out of the story at any time, I have to admit that I stayed up quite late at night to complete it, and that’s where my one problem with this work appears.

The ending.

I hate cliffhangers as endings. I don’t mind stories that have the current story end and leave the future open to return to. What gets me is that there is a huge reveal at the end of this story that changes the lives of Carmen and Blaze in a dramatic way, it rocks their lives and world badly and then…

…then the story suddenly stops.

It feels like there should be at least another 40 or 50 pages to the real end of the story, but that doesn’t happen. More troubling, at least to me, is that the doors are wide open to continue and yet there isn’t any sign of that to come from this author.

Now, other things get in the way, I am living proof of that believe me, but darn it all, dropping a huge hint of what is to come, what Blaze and Carmen are thinking at the end, and what has transpired, just is a huge tease and I want to see where this story goes…

Because honestly, there is so much more to tell here than has been…

I’ll give this work four pitchforks out of five.

I have problems with a good story coming to a cliff hanger ending, promising to continue, then doesn’t. If not for that, it really would give a five from me. I’ll be watching of that if it comes with hope…

I’ll hope that the story continues, and if it does, I’ll revisit this review accordingly…



Nov 24 2012

Dark Mistress Print by Tammy Pryce

I discovered another Succubus art print on recently and it strikes me as an interesting both artistically and as well in the Succubus that appears in the art…

Dark Mistress By Tammy Pryce

Dark Mistress By Tammy Pryce

This art is titled Dark Mistress and is by the artist Tammy Pryce. I found this art here and you can see this artist’s website here as well if you are interested in her art…

Tammy has done a lot of works in the fantasy realms, like Succubi, Angels, Fairies and other such beings, and her website is really amazing to look through and admire her talent and art…

I like this Succubus because she is a strong looking character, and while she has no horns, she does have a tail which is nice to see. I like the warrior-like feeling I get from this work as well, there aren’t really that many pieces of art that the Succubus in them have strength, beauty and more over, an attitude around them that takes their sensuality and turns it into more than simply their looks…

Which is what I think they should look like more often.

Please do visit Tammy’s site for more lovely works of art!



Nov 23 2012

A Review of The Huntress: An Erotic Horror Novella by Nadia Dantes

I do understand that sometimes authors will release a novel or book under a different name, or create a different cover for their works. I don’t really have a problem with it to be honest if they take the time to make the story better in some way. In doing so that to me at least gives some hope for some improvement… Most of the time at least.

The Huntress: An Erotic Horror Novella by Nadia Dantes

The Huntress: An Erotic Horror Novella by Nadia Dantes

  • Title: The Huntress: An Erotic Horror Novella
  • Author: Nadia Dantes
  • Publishing Date: October 16, 2012
  • Length: 85 Pages
  • ASIN: B009S3BD9W
  • This work at

The story is summarized as:

Welcome to the best erotic encounter of your life…too bad you won’t live long enough to enjoy it.

The huntress’ lust can only be satiated with blood and sex, so she stalks the night, looking for prey. However, few men prove dark enough for her tastes. But tonight she was lucky – she found a predator as warped as she is. Unfortunately for him she’s anything but human, and he’s carrying information that could tip the scales on the war brewing between Heaven and Hell.

The clock is ticking…

I had a really bad case of deja vu when I read this story. It seemed really familiar for some reason that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. At least until I did some checking and discovered that, in fact, I had read this work before under a different author’s name. Moreover, I have even reviewed that story here on the Tale in February 2012.

Instead of just closing the book and moving on, I decided to read this work to see if the author had changed anything besides the cover and their name. I had hopes that there might be more to the story, more to understand about the characters as well.

Most of all, I was hoping that the amount of blood and horror would be reduced to something a bit less overwhelming for the story as a whole. For those that didn’t go to see how I rated this story originally, I gave it two pitchforks out of five for a lot of the reasons I have listed here.

So, with all of that in mind, I read this version of the story with the smallest hope that there would be something, anything, that would redeem the original story even a little bit, or, at least the author would fix the spelling and grammar errors that caught me before.

I can’t say that happened.

I really didn’t notice anything changed, nothing new, nothing that made the story anything more than it was the first time it appeared.

Now I will say that the original story is no longer listed on Amazon, so for readers there it will be something new. As well, the story appears on Smashwords in its new form as well, thus for a new reader it is a new work.

So, looking at this work as a new one, I can only repeat what I said about it originally…

The main character of this story, Dena Bat Mahlat, is a succubus. She has a demonic form and a more human one that we see in the work. She is violent, arrogant, evil, and all of the other things that succubi, at least the classical ones, are seen to be. She kills those that she is with, in the most violent manner possible, and attached to that is a need to control men around her and debase them…

All of which makes her as a character someone that I honestly don’t like, don’t care for, and wouldn’t be sorry never to see again.

There is a story that isn’t touched on and I would have liked to be able to see the connections that have to be there, but aren’t explained. The ending leaves many questions and an open door to the next work in the series. I’m not sure that I want to read that when it appears. If all that appears there is more violence and no story, then I’ll be as disappointed in that work as I am in this one.

I’ll give it two pitchforks out of five.

There is a succubus, but a succubus should be more than a monster and violent.

Almost word for word what I wrote before, but then it is that isn’t it?



Nov 22 2012

It’s the Fifth Taleversary…

It’s the Fifth Taleversary…

It is, surprisingly, the fifth anniversary, or taleversary for the Tale … I really don’t have a lot to say except what I am sure you all have heard before … That I thank you all for reading, if you do … I thank you for looking around if you did. I send my hugs and love to my family both here online and out there in the world for their support and love in letting me give of myself in the ways that I do …

When I first thought about doing something here, I expected it to be, perhaps, a place where I might leave a note or something once in a while … but there has been at least one Tale post everyday since November 22nd, 2007.

Now I know, compared with a lot of other places, that isn’t all that many posts, nor is it really anything that means a lot in the grand scheme of things…

But it does to me, and I suppose that, really, it matters that I managed something good.

As an aside, it is also, today, Thanksgiving in one part of the world …

Ever wonder what that might be like in the Realm?


Giving Thanks

By TeraS


Tera is—at least she believes herself to be—a terrible hostess.

Now, those that see what she goes through when a birthday arrives, or someone comes to visit, or—and this is when it happens most—when a holiday arrives know that she is … well, frantic isn’t a word that you would be wrong to use.

Considering that this particular day was both a special one in the Realm, and one that many of her family celebrated elsewhere as being important, and that, for the first time, the two holiday happened on the same day in both places, she was … torn. She wanted to have them there, even if only for a little while, but then, of course, she knew that they wouldn’t be. It wouldn’t happen the way she wished, not because they didn’t want to be there—no, far from it—but because her family had their own families and, really, she understood that.

Family did, of course, come first.

Knowing that this day would be for her and her Eternal alone, Tera had managed not to go crazy trying to find the right shade of red for the curtains or the perfect pattern for the tableware. She didn’t spend weeks flipping through carpet swatches and then walking over rolls of them to be sure they were exactly right. She didn’t have the table places set, then changed, then set, then changed again. She didn’t do that at least a hundred times over. She didn’t go over every recipe, every dessert, every drink, every single thing that her family would see.

And, if you believe that, then you really don’t know Tera.

She did all of that, and more, because she wanted everything to be absolutely perfect, even if it couldn’t really be; she was going to do her best to try, really try, really, really try to make that happen.

In the end, finally, she set a simple—for her, at least—table for herself and her Eternal, sent all of her helpers and royal attendants away to their families with her blessings and “thank-you”s, and spent her time that day making dinner for herself and her love, the same dinner they had first shared so long ago. She found the red dress she wore, the silly pair of horns that she wore, too, and looked into the mirror to see that she was really very happy for a lot of things and really thankful for many more.

Tera had just touched up her lipstick when her Eternal came into the room and, without a word, took her by the hand and led them both through their home. But instead of sitting at their own table, to have some time together as she expected …

… they went outside …

… and traveled towards the Palace …

… and through the main doors …

… and into the ballroom …

… and …

… and …

… and there, as the doors opened before them both, revealing those who loved them both so much, Tera discovered that, as she knew, family was the important thing after all.

For that, for her family just being her family and knowing her as they did …

… for that she was thankful most of all.




My thanks to you all for being my family…

Happy Thanksgiving to you all…