Oct 06 2013

A Review of Gender Bender Succubus 2 by Maxine Albedo

Gender Bender Succubus 2 by Maxine Albedo

Gender Bender Succubus 2 by Maxine Albedo

Last week I reviewed the first book from an author that involved someone becoming a Succubus and that needing them to have a gender change. You can find that review here. I had certain questions and some expectations for another book from this author and they did write one.

The thing of it is, it’s mostly what I wanted to see, but there are some huge questions that weren’t answered and leave me quite puzzled to be honest. But it is a decent continuation of the story… Just I would like to have known and seen a little bit more than was given here.

  • Title: Gender Bender Succubus 2
  • Author: Maxine Albedo
  • Publishing Date: March 5, 2013
  • Length: 5,900 Words
  • ASIN: B00BQ0KN7I
  • This work at Amazon

The work is about:

A week ago Dean learned his girlfriends secret: She works as a succubus! When she is too sick to go to work Dean offers to go in her place, and is magically transformed into a shapely succubus and sent out into the night. Now he is back in his old body, but he can’t stop thinking about the night he was a succubus.

When Lilith, queen of the succubus appears in his office it is a dream come true. Lilith offers him a job, to become a succubus and work for her, and embrace all his desires. Dean signs up on the dot, but as he is transformed into a female demon his body is filled with new sexual energy and desires. Can he contain his new desires to focus on his job, of entering men’s dreams to have sex? And what happens when the job brings him to new sexual situations beyond his imagining?

This is a good follow on story from the previous work, though several things bother me. One of the main ones is that Dean, when he agrees to become a Succubus… doesn’t have a name as one. Yes he signs a contact and yes his transformation to a Succubus is quite familiar from the firs work… But referring to himself, now herself, as a number all the time? Really?

It feels like the author wants Dean to make a clean break from who he was to a Succubus. It’s hard to do so when he keeps thinking of himself as Dean underneath all of the transformations. Assuming that the overall point of this tale is to remove Dean and replace him with… her… She doesn’t have a name remember and I refuse to call her number so and so all of the time, then why not take that step?

I did appreciate that Lilith, who was only glimpsed in the previous work appears in this one and more that she seems to have a lot of character in her. It’s a shame that her entire appearance is simply to have Dean sign the contract and throw an amulet at him before vanishing. She filled in a lot of the questions about how this all works and why. As well the amulet that seemed to have a personality of its own in the previous work really comes out in this one and its a smart alack.

After Dean becomes her, there is a part of the story that, as in the first one, I didn’t care much for. It’s a bit crude and to be honest I would have been happier with Lilith commanding her or something like that. Past that point there are two hot erotica moments, one of them a menage a trois which are very hot and Succubus-like. Overall I did enjoy those scenes and how she fit herself into those moments too.

The story ends in an open way so there is every chance for another work to appear from this author. I do think that they need to give her a name and answer a few questions about the situation she is in now. Specifically I am wondering about Dean’s girlfriend and whether or not he becoming like her will change their relationship for the better or worse. One of the things I noticed was that Succubi and Incubi seem not to be together in this universe in any relationship you can think of.

Then there is the question of just how is it that humans, who Lilith is supposed to be recruiting, are supposed to survive without having a real source of income in the real world. It takes me to an interesting thought that, possibly, there might be a way…

I did say I liked this work, but the thing is that I liked the first work a bit more. I think that was mostly to the lack of her having a name and as well it seemed a bit too… quick. Dean’s agreement was almost instant, his transformation as much so, and the sex itself was very much in the vein of “wham, bam” which is okay, but she’s a Succubus and she should have more power over those she is with than that. I would have liked to see her in control, using her powers and doing what she wanted rather than what they wanted… Just would have been hotter for me personally…

I’m giving this work three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Some minor plot holes that would be nice to see filled in, otherwise the author’s universe is filling in nicely. But give her a name will you please?

Next week, the third book in the series…



Oct 05 2013

A Cooking Class with Morrigan Aensland YouTube

I found a YouTube that really has a few things that I think are really well done. The series is called Cooking Dogo and it has two chefs competing against each other.. That in itself would be interesting, but in this episode…

One of the chefs has Morrigan Aensland helping him…

And the cosplayer really is a very, very good looking and acting Morrigan I think…

And if you cannot see it here on the Tale:


Here’s a screenshot of the chef and Morrigan too…

Cooking With Morrigan

It’s a little hard to see I admit, but, she really has a wonderful costume, she acts very much like Morrigan and her mannerisms as Morrigan are absolutely perfect I think for Morrigan too…

And when she first appears… It just made me laugh so much, but you’ll have to watch the video to understand why I did…

It strikes me that a cooking show, a real one with Morrigan or any Succubus for that matter would be… interesting.

And, of course, any Succubi would be an expert on dessert don’t you think?



Oct 04 2013

A Review of Gender Bender Succubus by Maxine Albedo

Gender Bender Succubus by Maxine Albedo

Gender Bender Succubus by Maxine Albedo

Some of the more interesting stories about Succubi involve a gender change. I really don’t mind that as, for me at least, I care more about the Succubus, when she appears and what she does than anything else in the story to a honest. One of the things that I wonder about most of the time is how the mental change is developed and if that change makes sense and “reads” as being logical in the story universe itself.

A very few

  • Title: Gender Bender Succubus
  • Author: Maxine Albedo
  • Publishing Date: February 15, 2013
  • Length: 5,200 Words
  • This work at Amazon

The work is about:

When Dean’s girlfriend is sick he offers to go to work in her place. After all how hard can it be to work in a sex chat room? But Dean’s world is turned upside down when Emma reveals her secret: she works as a succubus!

Before he knows what’s happening Dean is magically transformed into a shapely succubus and sent out into the night. When his client’s revealed to be Phil, his boss, Dean struggles with his new bodies desires and emotions. Can he resist his uncontrollable desire to enter Phil’s dreams and be dominated by him, or will he surrender to his new role?

The is one of the more unique stories about Succubi that I have found, and that’s not because it is a gender switching story, there are actually a lot of stories written with the same sort of idea. No, what makes it interesting is the overall universe, how Succubi, and Incubi for that matter, are created and how the entire situation plays out.

There is a good deal of internal logic in the story that, when you think about it, makes a lot of sense and that, for me at least, makes this a much more interesting story than it could have been otherwise. The only problem that I have with that is there are supporting characters in the work that I really wanted to know more about and all we see is a fleeting glimpse of them.

The transformation of Dean into a Succubus is really well done and I liked the form he took on, mainly because she doesn’t have hooves. Like just about everything she is described as looking like and that really make me like the story even more at that point. It was also well done how her thoughts were shaped and changed to fit her new world view. It was a subtle thing, which I like rather than having it pounded into your mind over and over again.

Once she enters the world of the Succubi, there is a lot to enjoy, the sex occasionally is a bit on the violent side, but I expected that to be honest. Eventually when she has to come face to face, or rather Succubus to dream with someone she knows, there is of course a lot of soul searching, but eventually things happen as you might expect them to.

The ending was cute and that’s where most of my thoughts fall. This really would be a good opening chapter to a longer story and I’d like to see it. There is so much in this universe that has been set up and not really used much and I would like to see more of the inner workings of things. I also have to admit that I would like to know more about the Incubi in this universe and as well about the two that are the Mistress and Master of the Succubi and Incubi as well.

The writing is a little odd, but that’s because of the British wording used for the most part, otherwise the erotic parts are very hot and the Succubus is very much one. But it is short, there is a lot left unsaid and untouched, and that, as always, bothers me when the ending arrives. I hope this will be a series, the proof is in all of the plots, characters and tales hinted at and yet left untold.

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

It’s an interesting concept for a universe and I did want like to see more about it. It turns out that there is a second work in this series and that book I will be reviewing next week.



Oct 03 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 300

This will be the 300th Succubi of the Week on the Tale. It’s really quite a milestone all things considered i think at least. As such, I wanted to find an image that was something special. Something that really spoke well for the Succubi… I found her I think…

Succubus by Va-sily

Succubus by Va-sily

This art is titled Succubus and is by an artist named Va-sily on DeviantArt. You can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page is here as well…

As much as I love this art, she is missing a tail and she needs one. That is my one and only problem with this art, and it is art as far as I am concerned. Wonderful textures, the background fits her so very well that her wings kind of blend into it. She looks very life-like, almost as if a model posed for the artist in a way. Love her hair, her horns look right for her and I really appreciate that she has normal skin tones instead of red which, I think, wouldn’t look as good.

Her wings are strange organic things, I do understand why they would have rips and holes in them, but I find myself wondering what she would look like with them whole. She’s beautiful, really almost stunning, and while her sexuality and sensuality is there to be seen, there’s more to her… I would have liked to have seen that as well, but she’s wonderful nonetheless…

Please do visit this artist’s site, there is so much more art there to be seen…



Oct 02 2013

This is one Devil costume that should be in Detention…

There are some costumes that never, really never, should see the light of day. Or for that matter the dark of night… The cheesiness of some is overwhelming and the thing of it is… They do appear and that’s just wrong…

Detention Devil Costume

This is called the Detention Devil Costume, and it comes with the dress, the plaid wings, the collar with tie and the devil horn headpiece. It does not include the knee socks, the shoes or the sunglasses…

It sells for $50, the shoes, socks and glasses add about $50 to the total, so, to look like the model would cost basically $100 US…

And I just don’t think, or understand how that’s possible. Not to mention that all of that plaid just is so far over the top that it hurts my eyes to look at it.

The other thing that bothers me is, how does it work that she has plaid wings? I am glad the costume doesn’t have plaid horns or tail. That would guarantee a zero rating.

Mind you, it really doesn’t deserve anything more than a single pitchfork for the tackiness of it as well.

But, and this is a very, very small but, I do like the stockings and the shoes. But the rest of this I just don’t care for.

Which means that, in truth, that the only thing I like are the accessories you have to buy separately…

Perhaps I really should try to do my own version of this for Halloween…

Something to ponder… It’s still not too late…



Oct 01 2013

Desires 97

I rather loved the confusion in Martin when he saw my wings…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Thirty-Three


Martin’s face was already slackened with the feelings of physical pleasure, yet his mouth now gaped open with an ‘ah!’ of astonishment, his eyes wide with wonder at the black-feathered wings now spread out on the mattress to either side of her. A strangled grunt escaped from his throat as her legs tightened around his waist, his cock firmly and completely buried within her hot, sexual folds.

Panting slightly, he shifted his weight enough to reach out with a hand, stroking his fingertips over her wing, taking in the silky feel of her feathers. They were real! Then….then she must be…. “…fallen…?” He murmured, almost disbelievingly, his golden eyes locking onto her own again, the intense questions visible in his gaze.

He didn’t have a chance to answer, at least not right away. Straining his hips forward as he was provided the last little bit of stimulation to send him over the edge at long last. His eyelids closed down, panting breaths exhaled in a low moan of release as his cock spasmed within her. The feeling of his orgasm washed over his entire being, sweat popping out of almost every pore on his body. He relaxed a little when it was over, propped up on his arms with his elbows locked as he was, it took some effort for him to lie down, his arms quivering all the way. Dimly, he reached out again to fondle one of those feathers, pondering everything with the dim look of physical exertion.


Feathers are ticklish aren’t they?




Sep 30 2013

Acceptance – Part III by TeraS

Sheryl’s story continues this week, you can find Part One here and Part Two here as well. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to accept the truth…


Acceptance – Part Three

By TeraS


The answer he gave was short—as it always was when the question was asked. “Last I saw him, he was fine.”

Sheryl kept her outward reaction to a slight twitch of her right foot, managing not to tap the floor nervously. “I see.”

Inwardly, she held back her desire to allow her Tail to take over and do things that were simply unspeakable to the foolish human across from her. Only Joseph truly understood what she was; the rest of those that were her responsibility didn’t have any idea. Sheryl needed to keep things that way—not for herself, but for the promise she had made to them all.

“If you submit to my wishes, you can have him back.”

Sheryl’s eyes narrowed slightly, “You have what you came for. The rest is meaningless. You say the same things each time and each time I refuse you. Why don’t you accept that and give him back to me? You have your pound of flesh.”

He picked up the case as he stood, regarding her with an expression somewhere between contempt and desire, “The flesh I desire hasn’t submitted herself to me. You will, you know. At some point you will. Everyone does.”

Sheryl did not stand or escort him to the door, nor for that matter did any of those in the room with her. This, too, was what happened every time, and would happen again she well knew.

It was the game he played. He simply did not understand who he was trying to play. As Sheryl thought about this she began to tap a finger against the armrest of the chair. “Celeste?”

“Yes, Mistress?”

“Could you please be sure that he is being followed.”

“As always, he expects it.”

Sheryl nodded and then stood, “Thank you, Celeste.”

Celeste’s words echoed in Sheryl’s thoughts for some time as she walked through the place she called home: “As always, he expects it.

The troubles began just after Sheryl had moved the agency and all of those that had pledged themselves to her to their new home. The police weren’t a problem: they did visit, of course; that was expected. Through the connections that Ashe had, the inquires faded away soon after they began. They did not go about flaunting their collective wealth either. The neighboring community was not threatened by them; more they were welcomed for the good they did for many in the surrounding area, not asking for anything in return.

No, the problem was that, as popular as they were, there were always those that became jealous of them. What followed was the occasional threat, confrontation, and sometimes—just sometimes—the more enlightened came to see something better in what they had and joined with them.

That was what brought . . . him . . . to confront Sheryl.

Sometimes those that wanted to see them be no more would send, for lack of a better description, a Trojan house into their midst, someone on the inside to tell of their secrets, their weaknesses, and, in doing so, make the work of others in their goal that much simpler. Their problem was that Sheryl always knew who those were and they didn’t get very far … save one.

Her name was Celeste.

She appeared on the doorstep one fall evening, afraid, unsure, worried, and more. The emotions spilling off of her were very clear and the force behind them very obvious. She had been told to do this, to plead for acceptance.

Sheryl could have rejected her out of hand—it wouldn’t have been the first time—but there was something under the surface that was Celeste’s own truth, and that called to Sheryl more strongly than the thin veneer that covered it.

At first, Celeste was apart from everyone: watching, leaving and telling of what she had seen, then returning once more. This went on for some time, but, in spite of it, Sheryl taught her many things. She learned about herself: what she liked, what she didn’t. Sheryl spent many a day just talking with her. In the back of Celeste’s mind there was always that voice that told her she was being used … again … that no one wanted her … again. The fears bubbled up over time until, finally, she stood in the front hall, her single bag packed with her meager possessions, one hand on the door to leave.


She didn’t turn, “I … I have to go.”


The rest came in a rush: there was nothing to hide; she’d be away in the next moment, leaving another person disappointed in her, “I lied to you. I have been spying on you and … I can’t do it anymore.”

She turned to see Sheryl standing there in a pink blouse, blue shorts, and sandals, a sad look upon her. “Doesn’t matter what you’ve done before.”

“Of course it does! I’m worthless!”

“You are never that to me. You never have been.”

Bending down to pick up her things, Celeste insisted, “I am. I am nothing. Always will be.”

“No, you aren’t; not here. Think about this, please? When, at any point, did anyone here not treat you well? Tell me one moment where I treated you poorly?”

The truth was that she couldn’t, but, by the same token, her own fears didn’t allow her to believe that she was wanted by anyone.

“I have to go.”

“Celeste … My door will always be open to you. If you decide you want to come back, just please do?”

Her hand shook on the door handle, wanting to turn it and yet not wanting to. Then she heard Sheryl come close. Not so close that she flinched, but close enough.

“Please stop.”

“I was going to ask you to do the same thing. Please don’t. We’ll protect you. I promise.”

Sheryl was shaken out of her memories by Celeste’s voice, “Mistress?”

“Yes, Celeste?”

“Might I have a moment to speak with you in private?”

They entered Sheryl’s office a few moments later, the door closing behind them. Sheryl didn’t take her chair, instead standing by the windows and looking out at the world that passed on by while she was trapped where she was.

“Mistress, you need to give him what he wants. This has gone on long enough. I know that you need Joseph back … we all do. I’ll go back to him and … it will be fine.”

Sheryl didn’t look at her, “No, I will not allow him to win. He is not going to have you under his thumb. Not again.”

Celeste fingered her bracelet worryingly, “It wasn’t that bad. He is petty but, in the end, he won’t hurt me.”

“I doubt that.”

Celeste was quiet for a long, uncomfortable moment. Then she said something that Sheryl never expected: “I know what you are, Mistress. I know what you can do.”

Sheryl looked at her, “What, exactly, do you mean?”

Celeste worried her hands, not looking at Sheryl, “When I came here, I know I wasn’t really trusted by everyone. When you gave me the place of second to Joseph … I knew you trusted me. He made me promise to look after you if … something happened. He explained that you are … different.”

Sheryl walked to Celeste and cupped her chin, making her look directly at her, “Celeste … be very clear what you mean.”

The words came in a rush, “You are Mistress. You are more than Mistress. You … you are powerful in ways I cannot say I understand fully … But you are.”

Sheryl nibbled her lip, “What am I, Celeste?”

“You are …” The pause was very long, “one of the Succubi.”

There: the words were in the open. Joseph had trusted to Celeste her deepest secret. Why would he? What possessed him to do so? Sheryl felt the ache in her chest, confusion in her thoughts. Her hand tightened, slightly, upon Celeste, “What does that mean to you?”

The look in her eyes, the emotions she gave were … many shades of acceptance. “It means that you are Mistress no matter what. I trust you. We all do. We all would do anything for you.”

Sheryl let go as if her hand had been shocked and turned away, “I don’t want you to do anything for me. It isn’t about me.”

“It isn’t. But it is. I accepted you as Mistress because you gave me the one thing I never had before. You accepted me as I was. You saw in me something that I didn’t see in myself. You gave me hope.”

Sheryl turned away, “I can’t say I have any of my own left.” In the next moment, she felt Celeste’s hands wrapping around her waist from behind, “Have you lost hope in seeing him again?”

“No … not yet. It’s the one thing … the one thing that …”

“Keeps you going? It’s like that for me. I could give up, disappoint you, walk away, but I won’t because you didn’t give up on me.”

Her hands twined with Celeste’s own, “I just haven’t worked out a way.” A sigh, a long one …

Then Celeste answered, “There is more than one door to open, Mistress.”

“What are you trying to get at, Celeste?”

A sigh, a moment as if the words would doom her, then, “I know how to get Joseph back … if you are willing, Mistress.”

The plan was bold and something that Sheryl had never considered. To do so was not in her nature; the risks to herself too high by far. She was about to reject it when another of Tera’s proverbs came to her …

We have to take risks. If we don’t, then things become boring. Life should never be boring.

Sheryl found that the risk was, in fact, worth taking … and it wouldn’t be boring.