Oct 10 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 301

Something of a slightly different Morrigan Aensland work of art this week. There’s something about this style of art and Morrigan that just looks… right.

Morrigan Aensland by soyig

Morrigan Aensland by soyig

This art of Morrigan is by an artist on Pixiv named Soyig. You can find the original page I found this art here.

I’ve often said that I like Morrigan more when she is drawn with a more realistic body shape, but I also like her in a more Manga-ish form as well. In this case, I think she really looks quite stunning. She has a beautiful, wonderful mane of hair that just flows perfectly over her form. It’s kind of the focus of the entire work in that it frames her face, the look in her eyes is classic Morrigan, and just holds you really well. I like the sharp edges of her wings, there’s a difference  there in that they seem sharper and more dangerous than how I have seen them in other art.

While the art looks a bit rough, there is so much detail to be seen that I really wonder what this would look like as a completed and coloured work… I hope it is sometime.



Oct 09 2013

This costume is not a Hottie…

Once again, and it is I know getting ridiculous, I’ve found yet another costume that has somehow crawl out of some trash bin somewhere and managed to get itself on the costume market… When will it happen that some good costumes appear?

It won’t be this week anyway…

Devil Hottie Costume

This is called the Devil Hottie costume and it comes with the dress, the overskirt and devil wings. The stockings are not included, nor are the armlets and it does not come with a set of horns and it has no tail either.

It sells for $60 US.

No. Just no.

This is supposed to be hot? Supposed to be sexy? They must be kidding as I just can’t see anything here save for a really tacky outfit with wings that look like they are home-made from a picnic tablecloth.

I have looked at a lot of tacky and, surprisingly, this is a new level of tacky that I have never reached… or rather stooped to now that I think about it.

There is nothing in this that I like, there is nothing that could be done to improve it, save for leaving it on the shelf and passing it up that is.

I really do wonder what it is about designing Devil Girl costumes that is so difficult in the first place. I realize that creating a Succubus costume is several steps above that and doing so is just about impossible… but…

They just have to do better than this.

Yet another zero out of five pitchforks…

Next week won’t be any better I can promise you…



Oct 08 2013

Desires 98

A truth… A small one…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Thirty-Four


Tera’s body vibrated as the passions and pleasures swirling around them both finally crested and exploded in a moment of pure light. Their bodies were light for an instant, and mixed together, before reforming back again. A long sensual growl of pleasure escaped her followed by a scream of joy before she was overcome in the orgasm that passed from her toes to the ends of each of her locks of hair.

Tera smiled as Martin nestled against her on the bed, the last shivers of the pleasures they had shared sending waves of bliss through her. Her soft black wings twitched against him as his body and wings rubbed against them. Then she explained in a soft voice, “I’m not exactly a fallen… I have part of me in the light and part in the dark. I am both sides and neither. I want each and none. I bridge the gap and make it wider. I am….. Complicated… ”

She smiled and kissed him lovingly on the forehead. Then with a soft smile added, “But then you’ve known that all along about me…” She turned slightly on the bed to allow one of her wings to drape over him and then said, “I’m not what most beings expect of me…. That makes it all worthwhile for these moments alone..”


As I said… A truth… A small one…




Oct 07 2013

Acceptance – Part IV By TeraS

The first shoe drops… The second will be a little harder…



Acceptance – Part IV
By TeraS

She left in the middle of the night, not saying a word to anyone, though she wanted to. Wrapped in a long, thin coat, and wrapping her arms around herself, she darted from the place she called home and made her way to the streets. Her only companion was the clicking of her shoes on the concrete sidewalk. She had left her comfort behind. She did pause, just once, to look over her shoulder as if reconsidering her plans, but then turned away, almost meekly, before moving onwards.

Moments after she had disappeared from the view of anyone watching, a black car pulled up alongside. The man driving it was simply a thug doing the bidding of the one that paid him as he rolled the window down. “About time you gave up. Get in, he’s waiting.”

She hesitated … for a moment, her hand touching the door before opening it and getting inside. The car drove off moments later. Little conversation passed between the two. It was probably better that way, for her sake.

“You defied him.”

She kept her thoughts to herself, saying nothing, but looking ahead.

“What made you go back to him.”

She had a thin smile and replied, for the first time: “It’s what he expects.”

The drive was long from one side of the city to the other. His domain—not a home—was isolated, and looked out over the world that he ruled over. It was built to impress those that he dealt with, owned, or otherwise wanted in his power. Perception was everything, after all, and it was … what he expected.

She looked out of the window as if seeing the place for the first time—or was it so that she didn’t have to pay attention to the thug in the car with her? Either way, the reflection in the glass was that of a short, well-endowed brunette with troubled eyes.

There was no ceremony when they passed through the guarded gates, nor was there anyone there to greet her when the car pulled up to the main doors, the interior of the dwelling lit up brightly, the wealth beyond the doors obvious there.

“You know your way inside.”

She nodded, just once.

“I don’t see what he sees in you.”

She opened the door and stepped out, but, before closing the door, said in a quiet voice, “It’s what he expects.”

She watched the car leave, its tires making crunching noises on the ground as it moved off to what were laughingly called the servant’s quarters by him. When all was still, she turned towards the doors, took a long breath and as her hand reached out to turn the door handle, a proverb came to her …

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Opening the door, she paused there to take the scene in. He loved money. It was really his only true love; everything else was just window dressing to that. Marble floors, the best in furnishings: everything had been put towards things, as he always did, since, as he believed, only things kept their value.

Getting her bearings, she moved away from the entranceway. She was going to start by going upstairs to look for him when she heard a voice to her right.

“I’m pleased you are here.”

She stopped, not moving, not daring to turn around either because she knew exactly what she would see. He would be standing there, the King of his domain. She could not walk away either, so she did the next best thing. She rested her hand on a nearby railing and closed her eyes to gather her strength.

“Will you keep your word?”

“Why should I? I have you. I have him.”

“You promised.”

There was a long pause, then he asked: “Show me your right wrist.”

Raising her right arm slightly, she shook the sleeve of her coat and revealed that her arm was bare, no pink bracelet to be seen there.

“Excellent. I will teach you your place again, Celeste.”

With that he walked away from her, leaving her there, alone, in a deeply dark and foreboding mood. After he left, she walked upstairs and found the room that was hers. The door had been closed for some time, it seemed; she needed to push against it before it would open and allow her within. She left again about one hour later, dressed as he preferred her: nude, save for a steel collar around her throat and black boots with far-too-high heels.

She decided that the hobble dress was a much better choice. But he would never allow her to choose what she wanted to wear. It was, after all, what he expected: he was the one in control and things were done his way.

She found him in his study after searching the mansion; really the first place she should have looked, but she did not, could not. He was reading a file: business, brought money, which was his one true love, after all. She did not say a word as she entered, her head bowed to him. Moments later, she knelt beside him, still looking at the floor, and waited for him to acknowledge her.

He didn’t for some time, the only sound in the room being the turning of pages.

“You still remember your place, at least.”

“Yes, sir.”

More turning of pages, another long silence, then: “Why did you defy me?”

She continued to look down: “I was wrong, sir. I beg for forgiveness …”

This silence was longer still, then she heard him pick something up, and then the doors to the room opened.

“Take her to the dungeon. Put her with that bitch’s toy. I’ll teach them both a lesson in the morning.”

She did not resist when the two thugs picked her up and carried her away from him. She expected that they would do something as punishment for defying him … but they didn’t. They weren’t kind, but it seemed as if she was still … somehow … important to him, if only a little bit so.

Being dragged outside was a surprise. It wasn’t the warmest of nights and, being bare to the world, she shivered in the cold badly. It was a ten-minute walk from his domain to the place that one of the thugs called “Purgatory.” A flight of stairs descended into the earth, the door at the bottom a thick, steel one. Passing through, it was obvious that the place had been once some kind of wine storage, now put to more distasteful duty.

The floor was uneven stone, the walls the same. Very old—there seemed to be some kind of etching on some of the stones. Her eyes pausing on a few; the thugs didn’t notice her focusing on them.

The hallway had, on either side, bare and open metal cages, none of them being used or lit save for the very last one on her left. She found herself within that cage moments later, the thugs locking the door once more and then walking away, turning out the lights before locking the main door once more.

After they left, she moved to the back of the space, finding there a pile of blankets covering a body. She froze, not daring to hope that he was beneath all of them. Finally she found her voice: “Joseph?”

In the darkness, she heard a rustling sound, then: “Celeste?”

She darted over to him, her hands pulling the blankets away, needing to see it was him and he was well. His hand found her wrist before she touched him and held her fast.

“Where is your bracelet?”

For the first time, she smiled, a warm real smile: “It is what he expects.”

As all of this unfolded, there was a knock at the door of the old Victorian mansion. Standing outside was a single figure who patiently waited for the door to be answered. When the door was opened she smiled and asked if she could speak with Sheryl.

When the young man found his voice, and managed not to drop to his knees in submission, he asked her to please enter and, after guiding her to the sitting room, darted off to find his Mistress. “Mistress? There is” … The pause was telling, really … “ a woman here to see you.”

She entered a short time later: pink hair in a pixie cut, sparkling blue eyes, pink lips, her signature pink latex sheath dress and heels there, as well. It was, after all, what was expected. She greeted the woman with a smile before taking her place there. “Is there something we can do for you?”

The women regarded her for a long uncomfortable moment. Her red lips were in a thin smile as she asked, “Can we speak in private?”

She found that was, for some odd reason, a good idea, and dismissed the young man that had brought the raven-haired dream to her. After he left, she could only watch in silence as the visitor came closer, the scent of … cherries … in the air.

She found herself looking into the woman’s eyes … so green … so very green … framed by the darkest of raven hair …

The visitor reached out a slender hand, her red nails shimmering in the light of the room, and touched her chin in a familiar way. Her eyes now glowed a soft green … hypnotic … powerful … taking her host’s attention completely as this enigmatic visitor asked, “Where is Sheryl, my dear?”

Oct 06 2013

A Review of Gender Bender Succubus 2 by Maxine Albedo

Gender Bender Succubus 2 by Maxine Albedo

Gender Bender Succubus 2 by Maxine Albedo

Last week I reviewed the first book from an author that involved someone becoming a Succubus and that needing them to have a gender change. You can find that review here. I had certain questions and some expectations for another book from this author and they did write one.

The thing of it is, it’s mostly what I wanted to see, but there are some huge questions that weren’t answered and leave me quite puzzled to be honest. But it is a decent continuation of the story… Just I would like to have known and seen a little bit more than was given here.

  • Title: Gender Bender Succubus 2
  • Author: Maxine Albedo
  • Publishing Date: March 5, 2013
  • Length: 5,900 Words
  • ASIN: B00BQ0KN7I
  • This work at Amazon

The work is about:

A week ago Dean learned his girlfriends secret: She works as a succubus! When she is too sick to go to work Dean offers to go in her place, and is magically transformed into a shapely succubus and sent out into the night. Now he is back in his old body, but he can’t stop thinking about the night he was a succubus.

When Lilith, queen of the succubus appears in his office it is a dream come true. Lilith offers him a job, to become a succubus and work for her, and embrace all his desires. Dean signs up on the dot, but as he is transformed into a female demon his body is filled with new sexual energy and desires. Can he contain his new desires to focus on his job, of entering men’s dreams to have sex? And what happens when the job brings him to new sexual situations beyond his imagining?

This is a good follow on story from the previous work, though several things bother me. One of the main ones is that Dean, when he agrees to become a Succubus… doesn’t have a name as one. Yes he signs a contact and yes his transformation to a Succubus is quite familiar from the firs work… But referring to himself, now herself, as a number all the time? Really?

It feels like the author wants Dean to make a clean break from who he was to a Succubus. It’s hard to do so when he keeps thinking of himself as Dean underneath all of the transformations. Assuming that the overall point of this tale is to remove Dean and replace him with… her… She doesn’t have a name remember and I refuse to call her number so and so all of the time, then why not take that step?

I did appreciate that Lilith, who was only glimpsed in the previous work appears in this one and more that she seems to have a lot of character in her. It’s a shame that her entire appearance is simply to have Dean sign the contract and throw an amulet at him before vanishing. She filled in a lot of the questions about how this all works and why. As well the amulet that seemed to have a personality of its own in the previous work really comes out in this one and its a smart alack.

After Dean becomes her, there is a part of the story that, as in the first one, I didn’t care much for. It’s a bit crude and to be honest I would have been happier with Lilith commanding her or something like that. Past that point there are two hot erotica moments, one of them a menage a trois which are very hot and Succubus-like. Overall I did enjoy those scenes and how she fit herself into those moments too.

The story ends in an open way so there is every chance for another work to appear from this author. I do think that they need to give her a name and answer a few questions about the situation she is in now. Specifically I am wondering about Dean’s girlfriend and whether or not he becoming like her will change their relationship for the better or worse. One of the things I noticed was that Succubi and Incubi seem not to be together in this universe in any relationship you can think of.

Then there is the question of just how is it that humans, who Lilith is supposed to be recruiting, are supposed to survive without having a real source of income in the real world. It takes me to an interesting thought that, possibly, there might be a way…

I did say I liked this work, but the thing is that I liked the first work a bit more. I think that was mostly to the lack of her having a name and as well it seemed a bit too… quick. Dean’s agreement was almost instant, his transformation as much so, and the sex itself was very much in the vein of “wham, bam” which is okay, but she’s a Succubus and she should have more power over those she is with than that. I would have liked to see her in control, using her powers and doing what she wanted rather than what they wanted… Just would have been hotter for me personally…

I’m giving this work three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Some minor plot holes that would be nice to see filled in, otherwise the author’s universe is filling in nicely. But give her a name will you please?

Next week, the third book in the series…



Oct 05 2013

A Cooking Class with Morrigan Aensland YouTube

I found a YouTube that really has a few things that I think are really well done. The series is called Cooking Dogo and it has two chefs competing against each other.. That in itself would be interesting, but in this episode…

One of the chefs has Morrigan Aensland helping him…

And the cosplayer really is a very, very good looking and acting Morrigan I think…

And if you cannot see it here on the Tale:


Here’s a screenshot of the chef and Morrigan too…

Cooking With Morrigan

It’s a little hard to see I admit, but, she really has a wonderful costume, she acts very much like Morrigan and her mannerisms as Morrigan are absolutely perfect I think for Morrigan too…

And when she first appears… It just made me laugh so much, but you’ll have to watch the video to understand why I did…

It strikes me that a cooking show, a real one with Morrigan or any Succubus for that matter would be… interesting.

And, of course, any Succubi would be an expert on dessert don’t you think?



Oct 04 2013

A Review of Gender Bender Succubus by Maxine Albedo

Gender Bender Succubus by Maxine Albedo

Gender Bender Succubus by Maxine Albedo

Some of the more interesting stories about Succubi involve a gender change. I really don’t mind that as, for me at least, I care more about the Succubus, when she appears and what she does than anything else in the story to a honest. One of the things that I wonder about most of the time is how the mental change is developed and if that change makes sense and “reads” as being logical in the story universe itself.

A very few

  • Title: Gender Bender Succubus
  • Author: Maxine Albedo
  • Publishing Date: February 15, 2013
  • Length: 5,200 Words
  • This work at Amazon

The work is about:

When Dean’s girlfriend is sick he offers to go to work in her place. After all how hard can it be to work in a sex chat room? But Dean’s world is turned upside down when Emma reveals her secret: she works as a succubus!

Before he knows what’s happening Dean is magically transformed into a shapely succubus and sent out into the night. When his client’s revealed to be Phil, his boss, Dean struggles with his new bodies desires and emotions. Can he resist his uncontrollable desire to enter Phil’s dreams and be dominated by him, or will he surrender to his new role?

The is one of the more unique stories about Succubi that I have found, and that’s not because it is a gender switching story, there are actually a lot of stories written with the same sort of idea. No, what makes it interesting is the overall universe, how Succubi, and Incubi for that matter, are created and how the entire situation plays out.

There is a good deal of internal logic in the story that, when you think about it, makes a lot of sense and that, for me at least, makes this a much more interesting story than it could have been otherwise. The only problem that I have with that is there are supporting characters in the work that I really wanted to know more about and all we see is a fleeting glimpse of them.

The transformation of Dean into a Succubus is really well done and I liked the form he took on, mainly because she doesn’t have hooves. Like just about everything she is described as looking like and that really make me like the story even more at that point. It was also well done how her thoughts were shaped and changed to fit her new world view. It was a subtle thing, which I like rather than having it pounded into your mind over and over again.

Once she enters the world of the Succubi, there is a lot to enjoy, the sex occasionally is a bit on the violent side, but I expected that to be honest. Eventually when she has to come face to face, or rather Succubus to dream with someone she knows, there is of course a lot of soul searching, but eventually things happen as you might expect them to.

The ending was cute and that’s where most of my thoughts fall. This really would be a good opening chapter to a longer story and I’d like to see it. There is so much in this universe that has been set up and not really used much and I would like to see more of the inner workings of things. I also have to admit that I would like to know more about the Incubi in this universe and as well about the two that are the Mistress and Master of the Succubi and Incubi as well.

The writing is a little odd, but that’s because of the British wording used for the most part, otherwise the erotic parts are very hot and the Succubus is very much one. But it is short, there is a lot left unsaid and untouched, and that, as always, bothers me when the ending arrives. I hope this will be a series, the proof is in all of the plots, characters and tales hinted at and yet left untold.

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

It’s an interesting concept for a universe and I did want like to see more about it. It turns out that there is a second work in this series and that book I will be reviewing next week.