Oct 28 2013

Acceptance – Part VII By TeraS

A few truths revealed though if they are truths then someone needs to have their facts checked…


Acceptance – Part VII
By TeraS


As Sheryl led Joseph out of the sitting room and towards to their place in the mansion, she felt Tera’s eyes upon her and, for the briefest of moments, believed that she heard Tera recite one of her proverbs …

You are responsible for making dreams … reality.

Sheryl did not look behind herself. She already knew what Tera was likely thinking; that she had disappointed her Queen in many ways: telling Joseph what she truly was; using her powers in front of Celeste; teaching those souls around her some of the ways of the Succubi. All these things were supposed to be held close to her and not told to those who might speak of them.

Knowing all of the things that she had done … she accepted that Tera would demand that she return to the Realm. She thought, in truth (as they turned a corner out of Tera’s view) that it would be for the best. In spite of all of the things she had done wrong, and there were many, she had kept her promise, and now, with Joseph safe, she was … free to leave.

Why didn’t that make her feel any better? Sheryl held Joseph closely, moving through the halls, not caring that she was bare to any who saw her, only that she had Joseph home now. As they walked, Sheryl didn’t quite notice the scene around her, and she should have … Joseph most certainly did. As they passed each room on their way, the door was open and, just inside of the threshold, there was someone there to see them pass by.

Downstairs, Tera remained in the sitting room, tapping a finger against the arm of her chair, considering something. Celeste stood nearby waiting to fulfill what she had been asked to do. She had accepted that responsibility because Sheryl asked her to.

“Cheryl, might you answer a question?”

“Of course Tera … Anything.”

“Tell me exactly how it was that Sheryl became your Mistress. Leave nothing out, please; it is important that you don’t.”

After Celeste had explained what she knew—she hadn’t been there herself—Tera nodded slightly and tapped a finger against her lips in thought. “So she accepted. Interesting.”

Tera then stood and turned to leave the room, Celeste close behind her: “Would you like to be shown your room?”

Tera looked over her shoulder: “No, thank you. I believe that I won’t be sleeping much tonight. You need not tell Sheryl that I departed … In fact, I would rather you didn’t.”

As Tera approached the front door, Celeste asked one last thing: “Can I help in some way?”

Tera offered Celeste her hand: “Actually, yes, you could.”

When their hands touched they both disappeared in a puff of cherry-scented smoke that dissipated moments later into nothingness.

In the meantime, Sheryl had guided Joseph to her bed and then closed the door. As she turned back to him, her horns and tail reappeared, revealing her true self to Joseph once more. She didn’t say anything as she approached him, there was no need to, the hurt in her eyes was so plain to see, even as was that in Joseph’s own.

“Turn over Joseph … please?”

He didn’t want to. He wanted to talk to her, to try to understand why she was leaving in the morning, to take away the ache within him over the fact that she regarded her promise to him fulfilled. Again he tried to speak, but Sheryl had come close and placed a finger on his lips.

“Please, no. We’ll talk. Just … just let me help, first … please?”

He did as she asked and then felt the bed shift, as by Sheryl knelt on either side of his legs, straddling him. She paused for a moment; he heard her intake of breath when she saw the marks. He made to shift around to look at her, but was stopped by the touch of her hands on his back. There was a tingle, a feeling, and Sheryl spoke as she moved her hands slowly: “This is all my fault. I accept that.”

As those words came out, Joseph could not be quiet any longer: “No.”

“Yes. I have to. And, as such, I will be leaving in the morning, because I couldn’t keep my promise to you, to everyone here, but especially to Ashe. I let you all down because I was … unwise.”

“You are, if anything, stubborn, and …”

Sheryl slapped her hand against his back once, leaving a sting that she quickly soothed: “I am still your Mistress for one more night, and I will have my say, Joseph. Tomorrow, you can say or do anything you want, but, for right now … just let me talk.”

He fell silent again, but the tension in his right hand, closed and shaking, was obvious.

“I love you Joseph. I love you like no one else I have ever known. You gave me a gift, the gift of being your Mistress, that I never deserved. I know, believe me, that you did so because of what I said, how I acted towards you. I know … I wish that it had been only you, Joseph. That’s all that I ever wanted.”

Sheryl wouldn’t see, but Joseph’s eyes were tightly closed now, biting on his cheek to keep from crying out in anguish for all that was being said.

“I accepted all of this … because there was no other choice. I didn’t know at the time who Ashe was talking about … it was him. He wanted all of what Ashe had and she did not see a way to keep him away … until me. Until us.”

Joseph felt the pain that he had suffered starting to fade and with it the tension within also started to ebb. He tried to hold onto it, to keep it, if only to be able to speak when Sheryl was done.

“When it was me that he had to deal with, he couldn’t find something to exploit, to hold over me. But he saw your devotion and that was the weapon he used. Bit by bit, he took from me all of the good I had when you were gone. He had no idea what he was dealing with and I … I couldn’t just lash out. But I wanted to. Every day I looked into the mirror trying to convince myself to accept that you were still here, that I would see you again.”

She paused, and Joseph tried to say the words he needed to, but instead found he couldn’t as Sheryl pressed her lips against his shoulders, her body now draped over his own. She said nothing, just touching, exploring … silently. He began to lose focus, his thoughts becoming slow and thick, the strength he wanted leaving him.

“You will be fine, Joseph. Tomorrow, I will declare you and Celeste my replacements and I’ll fade away … You both looked after most things here regardless of my ineptitude, and so nothing will really change. I will go and face Tera, take what is coming to me, and … you will be better off, Joseph.”

As she spoke the last words, he finally faded from consciousness, and she was left to her own thoughts as she focused on healing him, her final gift as Mistress. In the middle of the night, her task completed, she lay beside him and watched not his physical form, but his soul. To remember him always, to have that moment in her memories when she had nothing else to hold onto … that she longed to keep. Sheryl was still doing gazing, intently, when she finally closed her eyes and drifted away …

Morning announced itself with the sun warm through the window … and the smell of tea in the room. Sheryl draped an arm possessively over Joseph as he stirred as well. There was something different; something wasn’t right, and, when Sheryl opened her eyes, it was quite plain to see what that was.

On the other side of the room were two high back chairs, a low table between them. That in itself wasn’t unusual; it was who was present in the room that was … and Sheryl was amazed that she didn’t sense what was happening when she slept …

Sitting in one chair was Tera, in the other was Ashe, and, between the two, Celeste was pouring tea for them both. When she finished pouring, Celeste walked over to the bed and knelt beside it, looking towards Sheryl.

“Mistress … would you like some tea?”

Oct 27 2013

A Review of The Demon at my Door by John Dylena

The Demon at my Door by John Dylena

The Demon at my Door by John Dylena

Starting today on the Tale and for the next two book reviews, I will be reviewing a short series that I think is really one of the better series that I have found this year. I believe that no character should remain static throughout a story. They need to learn something or do something. They make choices that are either good or bad, but they make that choice. In the end a story that is simply sex and nothing more is not really a story.

There are some that have the characters, the moments, the experiences that in the end make all of the characters so much more than they were at the beginning of the story. Really that makes for what can be just about the perfect story… Assuming that all of the i’s are dotted that is…

The work tells about:

Shy and introverted, John’s dream was coming true when he returned to his apartment with a beautiful blonde woman at his side. Things quickly heated up and his dream became a nightmare when the blonde revealed herself as a succubus and he was her next victim.

But much to both their surprise, John survived the ritual and the demon got nothing. John’s life turns upside down when he finally wakes back up only to find the succubus not only still in his apartment, but also his new roommate.

John goes out, meets a woman and then the following morning finds she’s part of his life… and she’s a Succubus by the way. If that was all the story was, it really would be a good hook and it would make for an interesting story on its own. But this work is something more than that. It’s about looking for love and finding it in places you would never have expected. That’s not just from John’s perspective but from that of Raethiana, the Succubus that entwines her life with John’s.

At the beginning I really wasn’t sure I would like Raethiana, she was… well… almost but not quite the stereotypical Succubus that really does very little for me. However, as the story goes on, you can see how she changes over time, how her view of John changes and that’s interesting to watch unfold. She does have horns and a tail, but as well, no hooves and that really made me like her much more. What really turned the corner for me was the moment when she thought she would lose John because of another… That moment, that understanding in her character made all of the difference.

The things she shows him make John better as well. having much more depth in his character well before the end of the story comes. There is a truth that he knows well before Raethiana does and it really plays out well as they have many adventures together.

It was heartbreaking at times the things that John thought, how he felt, and what in the end he came to see was the right thing to do. There is a point, a very important one, where John is forced to make a choice and in the aftermath of that choice the devastation within himself is an awful thing to see. But through that, through what happens, Raethiana at least gets a clue and from there the story moves in a new direction that I didn’t expect to see.

The climax of the story, or rather the surprise at the end, I didn’t quite see and when it was revealed in a way that made a great deal of sense I had one thought… Where is the rest of the story? When all is explained, or at least hinted at, the work closes and we are left wanting for the next part of the story which I hope the author continues at some time. I have a feeling that I know what John’s secret is and if I am correct… it really reflects on his life and Raethiana in many interesting ways.

There are moments in the story when Raethiana works some of her magic on John and while I did enjoy those moments in the story, there is one thing she does to him that has lasting effects and that added a lot to the story. It has always bothered me that someone can be changed or altered and then returned to normal in a story and then go off as if nothing had happened. That isn’t how things are and the way this author dealt with this was well done and led into a more critical part of the story seamlessly.

With all of this good there is but a single thing that bothered me about this work. The author really should have taken another edit of their tale. There are a number of tense errors which make sections of the story read very wrongly and took me out of the story when I really didn’t want to be. Please use one tense throughout your work and that really would be the only complaint I have…

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

This work needs one more editing pass to remove the many tense errors in it. It is really the only fault there is with a deeply involving story set in a detailed universe… And I really wanted to see where things go from where they end… And this coming Friday on the Tale I’ll be reviewing Book Two in this series called The Demon in my Heart.



Oct 26 2013

Some music really doesn’t suit Morrigan I think…

Another YouTube of Morrigan Aesland to share this week… The video itself is of the anime series that Morrigan appears in with a music track taking the place of the original dialogue and so on…

The thing is… I just can’t see how the music really fits Morrigan herself…

And a link in case you cannot see the video here on the Tale:


I just really think that classical music would fit her better in her attitude and how she carries herself. If not that, then something a bit less… frantic?

It would he something sensual to reflect her nature, but also something that holds in it an underlying power that is also part of who she is…

I really do need to find that piece of music sometime…



Oct 25 2013

A Review of Monogamy is Dead by Jennifer Mancini

Monogamy is Dead by Jennifer Mancini

Monogamy is Dead by Jennifer Mancini

Sometimes a story about an Incubus, or a Succubus for that matter, isn’t really about them. While it can, and normally does, have some erotic moments in it, the better story becomes one about those around them that are, quite simply, human.

A story about the flaws of being a human being and not having your life be perfect is interesting as well. But then what happens when you find perfection… and it isn’t enough?


The work’s summary tells about:

Socialite Bianca Lightenger has everything a woman could ever hope for but still happiness eludes her. The only thing that tempers the dull ache of ambivalence is casual sex with a long line of willing victims. Until the day she meets Gabriel, a man who isn’t at all what he seems. Will Bianca be able to accept love on his terms or has she already missed out on the fairytale life of her dreams?

Bianca is, for lack of a better description, lost. She is never satisfied and can never quite be really happy. She drowns herself in sexual encounters and this leads to an encounter on the street that finally pushes her relationship with her husband over the edge and into oblivion. After that moment, she finds herself entangled in the arms, and other parts, of Gabriel. He needs sex every day to survive, but tells Bianca that he loves her. The problem is, can she believe this knowing her own life?

Bianca is the core of this story and everything is seen through her eyes. That can be, truly, so very sad in so many moments because she just cannot really be happy. That one core part of herself, that she cannot come to terms with just destroys every relationship at some point. And when she sees the aftermath of what her husband does, or has to try to come to terms with Gabriel having sex with others… She simply cannot and shuts down.

Gabriel is an incubus, in spite of what he rationalizes in the story. While he does, and actually another minor character just confirms this for me, remind me of Fae, and those that watch Lost Girl will get where I am coming from, the tale of who and what he is doesn’t come into the fore. It’s more about the sex with him, and for that matter with Bianca, than anything else.

To a point.

There is a revelation that Gabriel has and in doing so he gives a gift to Bianca that changes everything. In that moment, the story becomes much better. The path it takes from there, what happens and the end result of that gift are stunningly powerful considering all that has transpired in the work to that point.

Wonderfully human characters, emotional and quite powerful in how it develops over time. Yes there are erotic moments, quite a lot of them, but they are there as part of the story and not the core of it. That makes this work much more than it otherwise could have been from where it began from.

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

There are things left unsaid, questions about Gabriel and those around him that are not delved into and that is something I would like to know more about. Perhaps, possibly, there is another work to come in this series and more of the back story will appear.

It would be nice if it did.



Oct 24 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 303

The Succubi for this week actually is a series of images because she really interests me and since there is some lovely art of her, I thought I should share what I did find… She is the demoness, or Succubus, that graces the cover of the book “la Saga di Amon ” written by Paola Boni.

All of this art is by an artist on DeviantArt called Amon Sara Forlenza. You can find where I found some of this art here and the artist’s page on DeviantArt is here as well. The only thing I wish is that I could understand better about this series and this particular Succubus, I’m going to describe her as such as she looks like one to me. You can also have a peek here for the site that I found which has information on the series available. Perhaps someday the series will be translated into English… I for one would like to be able to read it…

I really love her a lot as a Succubus. She just has the look, the feel, the stature of a powerful being of eroticism and sensuality. Her body shape is lovely, I’m quite pleased that the artist didn’t give her hooves most of all. I am a bit confused by the twin tails, but as I believe she is a very powerful being, two tails would I think reflect her powers… Her wings are the right size and look right for her as well. Interesting setting, though with how relaxed she is, how secure she is in her position, it kind of fades into the background leaving her red form to capture you and hold you… As any good Succubus would do. After all, being the center of attention is important isn’t it?

I am really captivated by this artist’s style and how they breathed so much life into her. I wonder if a model was used to create her or not. Regardless of that question, I have no question that she is one of the best Succubi I have found this year by far…



Oct 23 2013

Where is the Tail Cozy in this costume?

It bothers me sometimes how little effort some costume designers make when it comes to Devil Girl, never mind Succubus costumes. I think I’ve found one of the most… well, uninspiring I think is the way I’ll put it, but I am sure there are other more…. crass ways to do so…

This is called the Cozy Devil Costume and it comes with the romper, a really lousy tail and a pitchfork that I continue to want to burn in a fire. Amazingly, there are no horns included, nor are there shoes…

It sells for $50 Us on some sites, but it can be found for a lot less easily enough…

This is a prime example of a costume that took no thought whatsoever, is probably the cheapest thing to produce, and most of all, looks… well meh isn’t that far from how I feel about it.

It’s really disappointing to me when the costume looks like it was tossed together with some accessories in order to make it look like something, but this fails in that miserably.

I can’t explain just how revolted I am with the tail on this costume, the words just escape me completely which really is saying something I think.

There is no way to save this, there is nothing in it that I would even consider to wear even if my horns depended on it…

A zero, obviously…

Next week won’t be I promise.



Oct 22 2013

Desires 100

Some truths come out in the oddest places… even for the Queen of the Succubi…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Thirty-Six


Tera smiled at that as she nuzzled against his form, her thoughts still somewhat scattered from that moment they had shared in that way so few others could ever truly share. She softly answered, “It’s….. hard…. So so hard to be what I am and do what I want to do… I walk a line between the worlds and yet cannot be a true part of either of them… I could fall into one or raise into the other, but in the end others would suffer for me and that would never do…”

She was quiet for a time… How long was difficult to say in this other place… A second… A hour…. A day… Longer? Shorter? In truth it really didn’t matter to either of them…

Then she untangled herself from him and sat up. She drew her wings around her and then trailed her fingers along her black wings looking at them curiously. She sighed, “It’s a shame that nothing that I have to reveal of myself is good enough to be good…”

Tera’s tail wrapped around her waist and she looked off into the white clouds around them with a sweet-sad smile on her lips as she fell quiet again…


Some truths are telling aren’t they…