Jul 04 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 287

A slightly different image of a Succubus this week on the Tale. I say that because rather than being a Succubus, she is a descendant of one, or at least that’s how she’s described… But she is, really, wonderfully lovely…

Mira by Cyzra

Mira by Cyzra

This work is called Mira and is by an artist named Cyzra. You can click on the image for a larger version and you can find the original page on DeviantArt with this art here. Cyzra’s artist page can be found here as well, and there are many lovely works of art there to find. I also would like to direct you to this artist’s website as well here, where the art is just stunning…

Mira is described as being a tiefling Succubi descendant, her full name being Miranda Kaijitsu and she is also known as Mira Shadowblood. I tried to find more about here but I cannot seem to find anything more about her. Should someone have a link to a book or something else that she appears in, or is written about, could you please leave a comment?

To me, she looks something like she’s in a steampunk slash pirate universe, I like her look, the clothing is wonderful and her horns fit her style perfectly. I’m a bit saddened that she doesn’t have a tail, but that red wrap around her waist kind of reminds me of one…

Lovely art that poses so many questions about Mira and, in that it looks like a portrait, opens so many stories in my thoughts…

Jul 03 2013

I’ve definitely seen this costume before… Another way.

So, last week I mentioned that the costume I was looking at seemed… familiar. I thought that I had seen it before, just a bit differently presented. Well, I found yet another version of this costume and my view of it seems to be going downhill even faster…

Devil Dress with Sequins

This time, the site selling this costume decided to use an even more vague and random name to describe it. This is called the Devil Dress with Sequins and it comes with the red gown with that sort-of flame black sequin design, a pair of devil horns and the pitchfork the model is holding.

It does not include the shoes or anything else and it sells for $99.95 US, but there are some discount sales on which means that this costume can be bought for less than $85 US.

I’ll have to admit that I kind of like the dress, not the lousy flame pattern though, don’t care for the pitchfork yet again, and the horns do nothing for me once again.

What really makes this a train wreck I think is the look that the model has and the expression on her. If this is supposed to make the costume look sexier or more appealing…

It isn’t working, even if I like the shoes.

It brings me to a thought which is, why do pictures like this, with the look this model has, make it to publication in the first place?

I’ll bet there is another image of her were she is smiling and has a more comfortable pose that helps in the sexy…

Setting that aside, it bothers me that this design is being recycled yet again… and again… and again… ad nauseum… What’s more bothersome is that they keep using that same ugly black flame pattern on the dress, the same lousy pitchfork and the same set of horns.

Yes there are some variations in style, yes the looks change a bit, but in the end there isn’t all that much difference.

So, in spite of all of that, this is probably the one combination that I can just barely accept, the model’s look having nothing to do with that.

One single pitchfork out of five.

In a pinch I’d wear the dress and the shoes, but my own pitchfork and horns…

I wouldn’t like it, but I could manage it… barely.



Jul 02 2013

Desires 84

When the erotic moments… come… they do so in a special way I think…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Twenty


She didn’t resist as he raised her hand and then kissed the palm. She did shiver at the kiss in surprise though. It was like a kiss of warmth and rightness that she hadn’t known before. She gave a little moan at the feeling and a light blush rose on her neck. She loosened her touch and watched him turn to face her.

Tera smiled as he looked into her eyes. Then she closed her eyes and allowed him to touch as he wished. As his fingertips brushed over her horns she sighed happily in the feeling. He made a soft rub against the very tip of her right horn and then drew his finger down the length. As his finger rubbed against the base of her horn where it met her skin she gasped in surprise. Then she couldn’t help but nuzzle herself into his touch. It was like nothing her mind could remember having felt before. A quiver of pleasure passed through her horns into her mind and then began to wash through her. She felt her body heat up, the thrill of that moment making her tail flex and twist in the air behind her.

Then his hand moved towards her tail and she froze for a second. As his fingers slid across the length of it, she gasped and moaned in the pleasure. She opened her eyes and regarded him. With a bare whisper she said, “Slide your fingers along the length to the base Martin…. Please?” As he did so, a broad smile passed across her lips. He paused when his fingers were so close to touching her bum and underneath the base of her tail. She nibbled her lip and said, “More? Please?”


I still believe to this day that I could have done this better…




Jul 01 2013

The Realm’s Canada Day…

It is Canada Day, July 1st, today and as has been tradition for the last five years here on the Tale that the Poet Laureate of the Realm, my Heart, has added a new stanza to a Realmized version of O Canada…

And I thank him for the giggle and the smile…



O Canada!
No Realm, but one nice land!
True patriot love in succubi command.
With playful hearts and glowing eyes,
quite mischievous and free,
above our bangs our horns shall rise,
O Canada, for thee.
Gorgeous and glad, glorious and free,
O Canada, we swisch our tails for thee.
O Canada, we swisch our tails for thee.

Incubi, too,
stand proud, tall, and erect
(watching their mates results in great effect)!
Their tails reach out to wrap around
the beauties whom they see,
arousal in each sight and sound
sets their libidos free!
He touches her, Eternal-ly!
Make Canada the Realm and set it free!!
Make Canada the Realm and set it free!!

In Canada
we try not too make spills,
and, in the Realm, we first break stiff men’s wills.
We don’t approve of making mess
that’s not necessary.
With huggles we get more success
(what fireworks we’ll see!).
We’ll tie and rub to set you free;
send Canada upon a lustful spree!!
Send Canada upon a lustful spree!!

Come closer, dears;
our scents are in the air.
You’ll be seduced, and we’ll not leave our chair!
Your Queen is neat. Ours has her beat
in sexuality.
Both Will and Kate will feel so great
once they stop in for tea
(or Diet Coke). Just watch and see.
O Canada, we’ll rev your royalty!!
O Canada, we’ll rev your royalty!!

Will Canada
hang on to all its dough
while other lands have economic woe?
Those succubis have tempting eyes.
One look, we think of sex!
Not one pays out; one stare, one pout,
she instantly collects.
Their bonds bring sweet maturity.
Oh, Canada, cum into solvency!
Oh, Canada, cum into solvency!


In Canada
state secrets do not leak.
No Snowdens here
to dig them up, then speak;
but succubi, were they to try,
would get them in a blink.
It’s no surprise; the coolest spies
melt, babbling, at a wink.
With one soft kiss, they’d take a knee,
and, Canada, they’d give the Realm your key!
O Canada, they’d give the Realm your key!





Happy Canada Day to all!


Jun 30 2013

A Review of The Sex Demon by M.G. Morgan

The Sex Demon by M.G. Morgan

The Sex Demon by M.G. Morgan

Story means everything. It is the story that makes you want to see what happens next. It is the story that takes you from the beginning to the end. But, if you have two characters, one a Succubus that is more than you expected, and her pray, who turns out to be so much more… that’s a book I will read over and over again.

  • Title: The Sex Demon
  • Author: M.G. Morgan
  • Publishing Date: December 13, 2011
  • Length: 30 Pages
  • ASIN: B006M4A2AQ
  • This work at Amazon.com

It is the story of:

Sasha is a hot succubus seeking sexual prey. When Antony moves into the apartment where she resides, she uses her power to feed from his frenzied masturbation and erotic visions.

While he sleeps, she takes her pleasure from him and when he brings a couple around to the apartment, Sasha joins all of them in an orgy of blowjobs and fucking.

Her cock-pleasing adventures lead her to find the one man who can fully satisfy her.

The first thing I need to say is that the summary of this work is not really a fair description. Oh there is some very hot sex, there is no doubt about that, but unlike a hot flash, this work has characters with a history, a story to be told, and a resolution that is just wonderfully sprung onto the reader. I won’t ruin the reveal in the story, but when it comes it made a lot of sense, but more importantly, it answered some questions about the main characters that satisfied me.

Sasha, the Succubus of the story has some traditional powers and abilities that are seen in many Succubus stories, but some that I didn’t care for. I didn’t like that her teeth were sharp and pointed like a vampire’s, but the description of her otherwise is deliciously Succubus-like. The descriptions of her powers being tied to darkness and shadow painted a lovely picture and she became a very real person in that to me.

Her “victim” and you will have to read the story to understand why I have quotation marks around that, is… well, if Sasha is the perfect woman, than he is the perfect man, and that means a lot as the story progresses. There are secrets held within him and there are hints of what they are until the big reveal at the end of the story.

And that reveal, well it took a story that could have been very dark and sad into something very hopeful and wonderful for me. Really, that’s the one thing I look for in a story and I was very pleased to see it in this one.

The erotica is very hot, very much so. Sasha is really one of the best Succubi that I have read in some time, but it wasn’t just how she played her prey, the descriptions of the moments they share, or even the climax of the story which moved in a direction that I didn’t expect. It was that the story focused on the moments, the feelings, the emotions.

That makes this very special.

Obviously it is really well written and told, I have but one regret and that is the story is too short for all of the promise in it. Especially when the reveal is made about who the man Sasha has encountered is, what that means, and what it transforms her future from.

Going from hiding in the dark to living in the light is everything…

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

I so very much wanted a longer story about these two. I wanted to know their past and their future. If I am very, very lucky there will be a second story about them, but regrettably, it probably will never happen…



Jun 29 2013

A short film YouTube called Lilith

I always find it interesting how the legend of Lilith seems to attract young student filmmakers to create their own works about her. This particular YouTube short film is from August of 2012 and it was the production of the film making course of 2012 at the Tallinn Estonia Summer School.

An if you cannot see the film here on the Tale, here is a link to the YouTube page…


While it is a film that does not use English as its spoken language, there are subtitles which help quite a lot.

In the event that the video is removed from YouTube, the story follows Lilith from her first encounter with Adam. He demands that she obey him because he was first, and she asks if that is so then why does he not obey the oceans or birds that were on Earth before he?

Adam then rejects her and Lilith leaves, Eve appearing with Adam soon after. As they are interspersed with images of The Apple of legend, time moves forwards and Lilith reappears from the waters of the deep.

When she first appears, Lilith wore white. In her appearances after Adam rejects her, Lilith wears black. She then passes through a town in the day and transforms the scene through her powers into night, revealing the darker side of humanity.

In the end, Lilith returns to Eve and Adam and she berates Eve for submitting to Adam and not being strong and independent as should have been. Eve says nothing in reply, she looks away from Lilith and Adam simply ignores her.

I found the imagery very powerful, the apple spoiling over time reflecting the loss of what was intended did give me pause for thought. The passage of Lilith in the world revealing the darkness in the light also was well done, both in form and the special effects that made that scene possible.

Looking to the actor that played Adam, he seemed to project a “not a care in the world” attitude and a belief that whatever he believed was correct above all others. The actress playing Eve was lovely, but held what seemed to be such sadness within her, and her need to look to the ground in submission was her focus.

The actress playing Lilith was excellent I thought. Of course no horns or tail on her, this story wasn’t about the demoness Lilith so much as about the first woman Lilith who was not submissive to Adam and was cast aside. There was an undertone of sadness in her words and movements I felt, but as well, an underlying strength of character that seemed to drive her forward.

I also thought it was telling that once Lilith rejected Adam, he never speaks to her again, and to Eve he only demands she obey and then ignores her.

The story then is a question of respect, and for this story there was really none between any of the characters in the story… I think that’s telling…



Jun 28 2013

A Review of Succubus Psychology by Jacques Desmond

Succubus Psychology by Jacques Desmond

Succubus Psychology by Jacques Desmond

Reality is what you make of it. That is true not just of beings who are immortal, like Succubi are. That’s true of the not so simple mortals that find themselves wanting to change their own realties for something more than they are.

But what if, just if, both sides could learn more about themselves than they ever could have imagined? What if a choice is made, a path taken, that transforms them both into something more than they were expected to be?

Isn’t that where fantasy and reality meet? Isn’t that were the truths of one’s own self come to pass?

  • Title: Succubus Psychology
  • Author: Jacques Desmond
  • Publishing Date: June 22, 2013
  • Length: 8,900 Words
  • IBSN: 9781301410668
  • This work at Smashwords.com

The work tells the story of:

When student Cindi summoned a succubus for advice about her love life, she didn’t expect to receive a crash course in Succubus Psychology.

When succubus Sophie was summoned, she didn’t expect to be trapped within Cindi because of an emergency possession.

When both were put together and were forced to put up with each other, each discovered some truths about themselves and each other and were transformed as a result.

Cindi is… well… She’s somewhat lost. She cannot see the inherent beauty within herself. She’s smart, she manages to do something that really had never been done before. Summon a Succubus to do her bidding. Thing is that something goes a little bit wrong in the details and she finds herself with a Succubus within herself that is as smart as she is.

Sophie as a Succubus isn’t stereotypical by any means. She’s smart, funny, has a flair for the dramatic but most of all… She honestly cares about Cindi and wants to help her. Now, that of course involves a bit of Succubus magic and desires, but what’s most important above all else is that she wants to do the best she can.

That’s something not often seen in stories about Succubi. They are seen as evil beings with only destruction on their minds and that’s not Sophie. She’s better than that. So much so that she reveals things about herself that in turn give Cindi a chance to return the favour.

There is a delicious mix of sensuality both in what happens to Cindi, but also in how her new found abilities, including mind control and other interesting changes in herself and the immediate world around her. It isn’t silly mind control. There is purpose to it, there is lovely imagery in how both she and Sophie get what they want to survive.

What makes me happy is that there is real emotion between Sophie and Cindi. There is a connection between them that grows and transforms the two taking them towards something I didn’t expect at the beginning of the story.

There is a truth for both of them that is realized as the story continues. That truth is they are both more than they give themselves credit for or can bring themselves to believe is true about themselves. It is, after all, the hardest thing to do when it comes to believing in one’s self.

The erotic scenes in the work are perfect for both of them in that there is hesitation and uncertainty in Cindi, but also belief and experience from Sophie that guides them both. The scenes are not a momentary flash of passion and nothing more. There is real emotion, real growth and they are not forgotten as the story comes to its climax.

The ending is just right in so many ways. What happens is right for both of them, there is closure to many of the questions that were posed at the beginning. But as well there is an open  door and question at the end of the work that I would really like to see explored…

Heat in the right moments, passion in the right places, and two characters that while they inhabit a single body are two clear personalities. It is that mix of their personalities that drives the story forwards and it is something that I love to see happen and when it does…

I’ll give this work four and a half pitchforks out of five.

I would have loved to see what happens after the end of the story… Because it goes to a place that really fascinates me in so many ways… That is a very minor quibble I admit, but then I always want to see so much more of the Succubi that I so dearly love…

In this work, there are…

I’d like to thank the author for sharing their work with me. It was truly a joy to read from the first page and I will always treasure being able to do so…