Dec 19 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 310

The Queen of Pain is a well known Succubi in the World of Warcraft… But she has hooves and really I don’t care for them nor for that matter the look that Warcraft Succubi have. For this week’s image I found a piece of art that takes away so much of what I do not like about her and really makes her special…

Ms Pain by Artgerm

Ms Pain by Artgerm

This beautiful piece of art is called Ms Pain and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Artgerm. You can find the original page I found this work on here and the artist’s page is here as well…

I do realize that she isn’t part of the original Warcraft world and that she is part of what can be called and expansion to the Warcraft 3 game. As such she isn’t quite the same as all of the other Succubi in the game and that’s important to me at least…

The thing about this art is that it really gives so much about her even if you know nothing about her character in the game. She’s strong, she isn’t simply a fighter, she thinks, she plans and she is so much more than she seems to be. There is power in her eyes alone in this art and it was what really attracted me to this work from the moment I saw it.

How the artist uses light and shadow, the colours that she has, and just the way there is both a hard edge and a softness just reflects on who she is… She is one of the Succubi and that is something that one should never forget about…

Please visit this artist’s site to see more of their work… It is wonderful by far…



Dec 18 2013

If it is a costume called Lust, where are the horns and tail?

Of course one of the seven deadly sins is called Lust. And, at least for me, I associate horns and a tail with that.. of course I mean Succubi, but that’s beside the point. My question is, where are the horns and tail in this costume? I think they really are needed…

Mind you, I always think that don’t I?

Seven Deadly Sins Lust Costume

This is called the Seven Deadly Sins Lust Costume and it comes with the dress, garters and armlets… and that’s all. The stockings and shoes are not included and it does not come with a pair of horns, or for that matter a tail either.

It sells for $60 US.

I do like this, as odd as it seems. There is some class to it, but to have the entire look you need to buy some extras… Like the stockings, the shoes, and the wig the model is wearing as well as the wrap and the necklace she is wearing too.

But the thing of it is… I do like this, a lot really.

Now I would have to add at least horns to this look, my hair is more than long enough to not need a wig, so that look is still there.

I get kind of a gypsy vibe from the entire look which makes me think about a fortune telling succubus… There’s a story in that I need to think about… a lot.

Setting that aside, this could be something really sexy to wear and it would be alright in public as well… Mind you, I still don’t like ripped and uneven hems, which this has. And it really seems like the material is bunching up a lot on this model and I can’t tell if that is on purpose or it was just the wrong size for her.

I’ll give it two and a half pitchforks out of five.

It’s an interesting start, not perfect, but I think I can do something with it given some time, needle and thread…



Dec 17 2013

Desires 108

Laughing in the face of… it’s hard to accept honestly…


Desires – Travelling

By Fzzy and Tera S

Part Three


I cannot hear what the rider said at first my eyes still locked onto the machine they had rode. It is a piece of art that almost draws me to touch it. As I go to step towards it,I almost stumble over Ice’s handlebars, which brings me back to reality.

Enough to finally notice the rider. What a rider! She and I do mean she! What a woman! If My wife was still alive and with me I would be picking my ass off of the ground,after she hit me. But she is not with me anymore.

That is when I realize she had spoken to me.

“What happened to you hero?”

“I went ass over tea kettle into a tree. That deer decided to cross the road outside the crossing area. Plus he is not wearing a reflective vest. There was just no time to react. Do you have a cell phone? I want to get a Brothers (R) recovery vehicle here. Then maybe get to the hospital myself. If not care for a bite to eat? I have plenty of deer meat!”

I laugh for a whole second until my side stabs me with pain….lots of pain.I see stars, not the pretty ones either. It takes me to my knees.


One of the things that is the most awful is realizing that you can’t fix… everything.




Dec 16 2013

Honour by TeraS

The question of honour is a difficult thing. For some it means all. For others it isn’t. But then there comes the time where honour, in all its forms, is what you make of it… and yourself.


By TeraS


One must defend honour and family. All else is negotiable.

Honour is an interesting concept when you think about it. Some think that it means nothing—it is a word and nothing more. The idea of someone having honour is, to them at least, nothing more than a fantasy. But, in certain cultures, honour is everything. Honour is more than life, more than anything in their world. To have honour, to have the respect of others giving you that for your actions, beliefs, or something else that means something …

… that’s where things can occasionally come to blows.

Honour was what brought Savannah to where she found herself.

She was back where she never expected to be when she accepted the honour that had been offered to her. Before that moment, she had no honour, no reason to exist; she was invisible in her culture … save for those that wanted to use her.

She stood in front of the home that she had known for many, many years, where she faced the trials and tribulations of her family, remembering the goals they had set for her, ones that she had tried, often, to meet in order to please them. The thing was that there never really was any acknowledgement of her successes, even if they were very important ones to her. No, there was, usually, only a stern look, a short dismissal, and then she would bow—for that was to honour her family—and she would continue on.

Her family expected that she would have a certain education, a certain career, and, of course, when the right suitor, at least from her family’s point of view, came to court her, she would submit to that and become that which was honourable to her family. It was, after all, the honourable thing to do.

But her life didn’t quite go as her family expected. Oh, she did all of the things that they demanded, for honour’s sake, but then, one day, it became too much, and then she needed to make a choice: to shame her family or honour them.

And to be honest, at the time, it was better to honour them.

She looked down over the railing of the bridge to the rushing waters far below. As she did, the scene changed in her thoughts to that moment in the past when …

… when she was standing on the railing about about to jump.

She had felt at peace then, knowing that stepping off would take care of all of her problems. She began to do so, but a voice called out to her …


It was in English, not her own language, but of course she understood it very well, probably better than most native speakers. Of course, honour demanded that she reply, and she did so almost automatically …

“Forgive me.”

She cursed herself then, knowing that she did not reply in English but in her own native tongue. Another bit of honour lost for not being perfect. She stepped down from the railing and turned to walk away from the woman that had asked her why …

… and realized that would not be honourable. Turning to see who it was, she found herself … frozen. A woman, stunningly beautiful, was standing a short distance away. She appeared to be European or American or possibly Canadian; Savannah really wasn’t sure. But she was sure of her green eyes and pleasant smile.

The stranger bowed to her, and in response, of course, Savannah did the same. Then the woman calmly said: “Honour is what we each make of it. You have honoured yourself with a life in which you have done many good things for many others. You have honoured your family name by doing as your family has asked. Nothing that you have done is in any way without honour.”

Savannah was confused. How could someone like this understand the meaning of honour that she felt inside? “My apologies. Your society does not understand honour as we do.”

The woman crossed her arms over her chest: “Perhaps. Perhaps not. However, losing you would be a great loss, and in that would be dishonour.”

Savannah sighed deeply. It wouldn’t be a loss. She had made sure of that. Her family would be taken care of and their lives would be better for it. “I must go.” She turned to leave and found herself walking headlong into the woman that … had been behind her?
“Forgive me. I …”

“You have nothing to apologize for. At least not up to this point in your life. What comes after this moment, however, you can either apologize for or find the honour in it.”

Savannah opened her eyes and looked at the river again, again in the present, again with this woman who was now her mentor and friend.

“What are you thinking about?”

She turned to Tera, who was leaning against the railing, her back against it: “About what you said about honour.”

Tera smiled … a smile that was a little bit troubled. “The honour you have is the one you have made by taking on a challenge that few can accept.”

“I want to tell them. Explain to them that what I have done matters.”

“Obviously you cannot do that, Savannah. There are things you can say, but not that.”

“What would you have me tell them?”

Tera shrugged: “The truth: that you have a place, that you have honour there, value there. That the one you look up to believes in you.”

“It is not likely to be enough.”

“Then we’ll go there together and see.”

Savannah was quite shocked by what Tera had suggested: “They’ll never accept you. You are …”

“I know what I am and what I’m not. What I look like is less important than what I represent.”

Savannah tugged at her bangs with one hand in concern: “What do you represent?”

Tera pushed off of the railing and walked to Savannah: “I represent honour given. I represent the one who gave you a place where they never expected you to be.”

Savannah chuckled: “I know they probably have seen the newspapers, reports of the good works we have done.” Then a sigh: “I know these things are honourable, but do they?”

Tera touched Savannah on the shoulders and turned her to face the home of her parents, the front door open. Her parents, old and wise, waiting there for her. “There’s only one way to find out, isn’t there?”

The walk was short and yet it was the longest that Savannah had ever faced: over the sidewalk, up the short cobblestone steps, and then standing one head lower than her parents. She bowed to them both respectfully and greeted them in the proper, honourable way. She introduced Tera to them, again, respectfully and in the honourable way. Tera then greeted her parents with words that were old, measured, and deeply meaningful to those that knew them. The giving of honour to one’s elders in a way that was not done as much, or as well as it had been in the past. This was note perfect, not a syllable out of place.

There was a long silence, Savannah had looked to the ground beneath her, not wanting to see her parents response to Tera’s words in their eyes.

“Daughter, will you honour us?”

She looked up to see that her parents … seemed at peace, accepting. They bowed and then asked Tera to enter before her but Tera nodded slightly and said, so everyone could understand, “The honour is yours Savannah-chan.”

She said the only thing she could: “Thank you Tera-Sensei.”

Tera’s answer was clear, and her parents would not be able to miss it: “Thank you for the honour you gave when you said yes.”

The only thing that Savannah could think of as she entered was that she was thankful that she didn’t have to explain her horns and tail. That would be … awkward. But the honour of serving in the way she did would be, always, was the greatest honour she would ever know …

Dec 15 2013

A Review of Session Three: Shiny New Toy by John Dylena

The Succubus' Sub: Session Three: Shiny New Toy by John Dylena

The Succubus’ Sub: Session Three: Shiny New Toy by John Dylena

Today I am continuing my review of the series The Succubus’ Sub, by John Dylena. You can find the review of the first book in the series here on the Tale. The second book was reviewed here on the Tale as well.

This review will be of the third work in the series, which to this point is where the series has paused for a time… But the series is far from over and that, as they say, is a good thing.

Trust, real trust, is something that must be earned in a D/s relationship. A Domme trusts that her submissive will do certain things without fail. A submissive trusts that their Domme will remember their promise to them, what it represents and, most of all, will understand them, what they desire and what they would like to experience at their hands.

It is that experience that either cements the relationship for all time or tears it apart. The question is, where is that line and how close can one come to it without going over it?

The story is of:

After an odd day at work, Brett returns back to his home to find Myserra waiting for him. The succubus wastes no time in removing his clothes and taking him back to her bedroom.

It isn’t long before Brett is neck deep in shiny white latex and helplessly bound, hooded, gagged, and plugged and the session begins.

One of the things that I have enjoyed in the series is the world building that continues here. While we know of the Succubi, there is an interesting little comment that Myserra makes that Succubi are one of the few “demons” that can walk among humanity and not be seen. That’s interesting to me as it shows that there is something special about them, which there is anyway, but it’s something to define them as not being monstrous and that is important to me. Through this there is a new aspect to Myserra and Brett’s relationship that opens doors to some interesting possibilities. Where that leads will be something to watch.

More so, there is a new character in the work that seems to know that something has changed about Brett and that makes him more attractive to them. The question is of course who and what they are and what that might mean to Myserra and Brett over time. I have a thought about that, whether I am right or not I’ll keep to myself, but it does add a layer of what seems to be conflict for the future. Perhaps it will be a catalyst for something more than the series has hinted at to this point.

The theme of trust comes up quite a lot in this work. Brett finds himself at the mercy of Myserra and she changes him to an extent physically. Within that change also comes some of Brett’s own desires, wants and needs. Brett has to trust that she knows his limits and how far she can take him. Myserra has to trust that Brett will manage to keep his being hers a secret, but also to defend that place he has. There is temptation that appears to Brett, for a moment, but it leaves a lot of questions, one of them quite telling I think about that new person in the story that is attracted to Brett. I wonder just how much they know…

There is a touch of gender transformation in this story and Brett’s reaction to it is rather cute in that he would accept more of it, but Myserra again tells him that good things come over time and not all at once. When that moment comes I wonder if Brett will want his desires in ways he does not quite realize as yet. There is a bit of bondage, which from Brett’s perspective is something he finds he enjoys quite a lot. That makes Myserra’s own passions burn a little hotter as well which brings up a moment that I found quite telling. How Brett’s desires effect Myserra. How she both controls him and in return is controlled by his desires.

Succubi are, after all, reflections of the desires of the one they are with. In that understanding can come many different stories. The one that Brett walks is one that I wonder where it will lead for him eventually.

When Myserra draws Brett into her world and she has her way with him, there is lovely heat in the telling of that story. The situation that Brett finds himself in takes away his vision and so the sense that is told is one of touch. That is one of the hardest things to write about as expressing the caress of a hand, the feelings that course through one’s body is much more difficult to write about when there cannot be anything visual in that description to be told. The author did very well with those moments and it was quite interesting as to how things were described.

The work ends on a point which tells of both Brett and Myserra’s feelings on what they each experienced. Beyond that there are a few questions about just how Brett will manage to make it through each night and day if he has to deal with Myserra being there all of the time. That is what I enjoy most about this series. There are questions, thoughts, and ideas that appear with each part and it builds towards a goal. It is not a series of hot flashes but rather a story to be told and it is being told quite well.

The only real nitpick that I have is that there are a few spots in the work where another editing pass might have picked up a word or two that was wrong. For example, “formed” instead of “form” at one point referring to Myserra shifting from her human to Succubus form. It is a little thing but for me I stumbled over them and it drew me out of the story for a moment.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

There are, again, a few rough patches where there are some things that one more edit would have caught and taken care of that made me stumble a bit while I read. Other than that, a really enjoyable read with universe building that I enjoy seeing. Lots of questions to ponder, again which I enjoy, and they should be fun to watch unfold.

The author as indicated that there are more parts of the series to come and I will be looking for them quite eagerly…



Dec 14 2013

A cute Morrigan Sisters Dance Video YouTube

For this week, and the next two weeks, I am going to be sharing a series of Morrigan Aensland or Morrigan and Lilith Aensland dance video YouTubes… Mostly because all of them are really cute.

Now, what they are is a program that you create sprites on and they dance to different songs with built-in dance moves…

Regardless of that, they are the cute…

And if you can’t see it here:

Here’s a still of the sisters in mid-dance move as well that just makes me smile in spite of the rest of the dance moves they do…

Aensland Sisters Dance

Now, I will say that yes watching the two of them dancing around a stripper pole and making some moves that are… well, not exactly what I would expect of either of them is weird, I give credit to the person that designed the spites of Lilith and Morrigan…

They are quite well done.

But I like next week’s video a bit more, mainly for the less stripper-like moves…



Dec 13 2013

Does the Lost Girl happen to like the Cars?

I’ve noticed something about Lost Girl. It seems like every episode there are knifes to be seen and each time someone has one they seem to be bigger than the time before. I wonder if there is a Crocodile Dundee joke in that somewhere sort of like the one with Bo’s bathroom and toothpaste. I also wonder how is it that things we know, as the audience, are things that some characters couldn’t possibly know but do? It’s like the writers are forgetting what happened in the previous episode and have to give some really bad exposition to cover themselves. I think that most of the fans of this series are smart enough to know what’s going on…

The fifth episode of the fourth season, also episode fifty-three of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. The Morrigan enjoys popcorn as Bo and Lauren make up… and out. Vex gets a little too happy with a knife and loses a good friend. Kenzi and Tamsin discover that Bruce has a new line of work and Trick carries a really big knife.

Lost Girl Logo

This is the fifth review of the fourth season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

When Bo finds she’s picked a side, then it’s time to…

Let the Dark Times Roll

The episode opens with a repeat of the last few moments of the previous episode where the leader of the Una Mens (Christine Horne) told Bo (Anna Silk) that her blood, which had been tasted by their Gargoyle in the previous episode, had told them she was Dark Fae. Bo refuses to believe this news and she is told that she then has a mystery to solve, both Bo and Vex (Paul Amos) who was the leader of the Dark Fae when she joined them. Bo is then told she can leave as the Una Mens are satisfied with what they have learned about her. Bo replies that this is “my town and if anyone is going to leave it is you and your circle jerk of doom.” As Bo turns to leave, the Una Mens tell Bo: “If you see the human doctor or that terrorist pet of yours, tell them we will see them soon.” Bo pauses and turns back to look at the leader and asks: “What did you say?” Bo is told that both Lauren and Kenzi are enemies of the Fae and “their deaths will be most painful.” Bo strides towards the leader saying: “And there it is” before she uses her power to draw the Chi from her. As Bo does this, the Chi from the other Una Mens in the room also begins to flow from their bodies into Bo’s, eventually coming to a stop before the flow is reversed and all of the Chi that Bo had taken is returned to each of the Una Mens. Bo falls to her knees, gasping for breath as she asks: “What kind of boomerang bitch are you?” Bo is told: “Strike at the Una Mens and you will be your own victim. For now aligned Succubus a choice. Pay fealty to the leader of the Dark Fae at once or die.”

The scene switches to Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) pulling a tag from a serving dispenser which reads number 69. After looking at the currently being served number, which is also 69, Kenzi takes another ticket which also reads 69. Turning away from the dispenser and walking away, Bo then appears as she leaves a restroom, straightening out her clothing before two other Fae, including the receptionist (Jessica Huras), also leave and also straighten out their clothing. It is then shown that Bo and Kenzi are in a waiting area to see the leader of the Dark Fae along with several other Fae. Kenzi asks Bo if she is “adequately juiced” and Bo replies: “Those Una Mens assholes pack quite a wallop and with Dyson out of town I have to find another way to recharge the double D’s.” Kenzi just looks at Bo for a long moment before Bo smacks Kenzi on the shoulder adding: “The batteries. My batteries.” Then Bo tells Kenzi that she wants to find The Wanderer and “get all of this cleared up.” Kenzi asks: “You think the The Wanderer is responsible for the old ‘whoops I accidentally tripped and joined club Evil?'” Bo insists that The Wanderer has to be as she notes that the Wanderer took her against her will, wiped her memories and when she returned home she was Dark Fae. When Bo mentions that someone else is responsible, Kenzi asks if it is “Vex-meister General” and Bo notes that the Una Mens told her that Vex is involved in what happened to her in some way. Kenzi complains: “Yeah, but we were such good mascara buddies. Although he did sick Cleo on you.” Bo tells Kenzi that she intends to force Vex to tell her what is going on, who The Wanderer is and how to kill him. Kenzi asks about Dyson and Bo tells her that he is still looking for Lauren somewhere outside of the city. Kenzi jokes that she is happy that Bo’s “love life has become less complicated” as Bo hopes that Dyson will find her and that Lauren is alight. Kenzi promises Bo that everything will be fine. Bo tells Kenzi that she loves her and Kenzi taps Bo on the nose replying: “I know.” The receptionist calls out “Now serving number 69” and all of the Fae look at their tickets which all have that number on them. Kenzi asks Bo if she is Dark Fae if that makes Kenzi one as well, noting that if she is she will need an image upgrade and that they should talk about her having a clothing allowance. Bo tells Kenzi: “Trust me. We will not be Dark Fae for long.” The receptionist clears her throat and while looking directly at Bo says: “Now serving number 69.” Bo takes the ticket from Kenzi and the two make their way towards the leader of the Dark Fae’s office.

Bursting through the doors, the pair stop in front of the desk where Vex was last seen in his role as the leader of the Dark Fae. Bo calls out: “I’m Dark?” The chair swings around and reveals The Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) who it appears has taken back her position from Vex at some point. She smiles and tells Bo: “I’m so glad you finally joined us.”

After the opening credits, we return to Bo, Kenzi and The Morrigan. Bo and Kenzi exclaim at the same time: “I thought you were dead!” to which The Morrigan answers: “Surprise!” The Morrigan goes on to say how shocked she was to learn that Bo, “the unaligned Succubus yanking her head from between her shapely legs and deciding to come over to the only side that matters.” Bo tells her that is wasn’t by choice and she intends to have that choice annulled the moment The Morrigan gives Vex to her. The Morrigan is surprised asking “since when is that prevent capable of anything above the belt?” Kenzi shoots back: “He imprisoned your brassy beaver.” After Kenzi gets a long look from The Morrigan and a shorter one from Bo, she manages: “Right. Vex bad. Vex Mesmer poop.” The Morrigan then tells Bo that if she wants Vex she should go to a “Dark Kaylee” she is holding that afternoon. Kenzi asks: “What is that? Code for a vegetable enema?” The Morrigan explains that it is like a “Light Fae party but with more… everything.” Bo refuses to attend and starts to leave but The Morrigan tells Bo that if Bo was falsely made to join the Dark Fae she can get out of the agreement by showing proof of this, but before the first full moon after joining. Bo realizes that the full moon is that evening and The Morrigan replies that “Well, there’s no time to doodle is there? Feel free to bring your human pet.” Kenzi tells The Morrigan: “I am not a pet. I will never be anyone’s pet, nor will any human.” Bo smiles at Kenzi’s words and The Morrigan tells Kenzi that she is “already getting the hang of being Dark.” Kenzi at first says “Really?” but then adds quickly: “I mean… Shut up.” After telling Bo that she should appear in whatever makes her comfortable, The Morrigan continues adding that Bo should also “wear a smile for once.” Bo says nothing and Kenzi says “Oh brother.” before the two leave, The Morrigan watching them go.

Trick (Richard Howland) is seen in her lair on the telephone speaking to Wai Lin, who Trick last spoke to in the Second Season when he was looking to see into the future and encountered The Garuda. He asks her for information on The Wanderer, promising her dinner and only dinner before hanging up the phone. Trick then opens a small container within which can be seen a small seed that is vibrating strongly, strange sounds coming from it, before he closes the box once more and places it within his safe. After locking it, Trick turns to discover the Whicher (Sean Bell) standing nearby. Trick takes hold of a blade and angrily demands to know why the Whicher entered his lair without permission. The Whicher comments: “That’s a big knife for a bartender.” Trick answers: “Depends on the bar.” Trick is then told he has been summoned by the Una Mens to a personal inquisition, handing him a scroll. Trick is told to: “Get your story straight.” Trick asks: “Which story?” and is told: “Your life story.” by the Whicher before he turns and leaves.

The scene then moves to a party elsewhere where Dark Fae are present. Kenzi, Bo and Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) arrive, Kenzi being impressed by the scene they find which actually appears to be a rather tame party. Kenzi picks up a seeding and looks at a note which reads: “Please plant a tree in honour of our future.” Kenzi comments: “Tree huggers, bad swag, not a UFC fighter in sight this is the worst Dark Fae party we have even been to.” Bo’s answer is: “This is the only Dark Fae party we’ve even been to and it will be the only one we’re ever going to.” Kenzi takes a drink from a waiter as he passes by as does Tamsin, Kenzi yelling out: “Dark Fae for life!” after she tastes the drink. As Tamsin chokes on her drink and Kenzi goes to help her, The Morrigan arrives and approaches Bo, calling her the guest of honour and: “Look at you all edgy and shit. You sure know how to grab the spotlight.” The Morrigan then offers Bo something from the buffet, which turns out to be three young human women. Bo is disgusted by this and after using her powers on one of the women, tells her to take her friends and leave. The Morrigan is less than pleased with Bo “dismissing the food”, Bo claiming that doing so proves that she cannot be Dark Fae. The Morrigan refutes this telling Bo that yes she did judge Bo, but she is already “over it” Bo is unimpressed as The Morrigan claims: “There is a refreshing lack of hypocrisy with us. We are honest about what we are Bo so why not you?” After Bo claims that she knows what she is, the Morrigan tells Bo she is: “A luscious Succubus who’s true nature is to feed off of humans just like the rest of us Fae. You just choose not to. Lame.” After adding that Bo has great hair, Bo wonders if that is why everyone it looking at her, but The Morrigan insists that it is because those around her are “delighted” that Bo has “found your true home.”

After leaving the party, Bo and The Morrigan are seen walking outside, Bo telling The Morrigan that the Dark Fae are not her true home and that she is not there to make The Morrigan “look good in front of your subjects.” adding that all she wants to do is talk to Vex and find out what happened. When Bo asks where Vex is, The Morrigan tells her that she has no idea where Vex is. When Bo confronts The Morrigan that she said Vex would be there, Bo is told: “No I said if you wanted him you would have to come to the party.” The Morrigan then tells Bo that she will give her every resource to hunt Vex down. Bo answers: “I’ll just collect my gift bag and be on my way” but The Morrigan stops Bo and tells her: “The Una Mens is cramping my style. And they want every human you love very very dead.” Bo answers that she can protect her friends, but The Morrigan tells Bo that the Una Mens will not leave until “all loose ends are tied up and Vex is the loosest end of all.” When Bo asks why, she is told that Vex vanished and somehow “pissed them off.” Noting that they both need to find Vex, The Morrigan calls it kismet, but Bo calls it “Kiss my ass while I walk away and do this on my own terms.” The Morrigan tells Bo that she is Dark now and that makes her Bo’s boss and also her friend and she claims that she can prove that to Bo. Taking Bo by the arm she turns her around to look behind her to see that Lauren (Zoie Palmer) is approaching from across the way wearing a black dress and moving directly towards Bo. Bo smiles in surprise as Lauren comes closer but just as the scene ends her smile vanishes.

Returning from the first commercial break, Trick is seen attending the summons that the Una Mens sent him, appearing in the transformed Ash’s receiving room. Trick’s inquisition is called to order by the leader of the Una Mens. Trick replies: “A question asked, an answer given.” Trick is told that his answers will determine his future and is asked if he brought a second to help in his defence. Trick proclaims that he has not and that he: “takes care of my own affairs.” After accepting this, Trick is asked how he came to be in “the colonies.” Trick answers: “Would you believe I took a wrong turn at Morocco?”

Elsewhere, Bo and Lauren are together in one of the private rooms where the Dark Fae party is being held, looking at each other. Lauren tells Bo they have a lot to talk about and Bo tells Lauren: “Yeah. I guess we should.” They stand in silence looking at each other and then rush into each other’s arms before kissing deeply. Bo tells Lauren that her dress is “incredible” and they should get her out of it and begins to do so as a waiter (Daniel Williston) enters carrying snacks. The waiter stares at the pair for a time until both Bo and Lauren look at him. He asks if they would like a mini-quiche before Bo tells him in a harsh voice to leave, but Lauren tells him to leave the tray of snacks before the two return to more important things, the waiter watching from just outside of the room.

Returning to Trick, he is asked: “A humble Lakin Chan opens a bar and gains some prominence.” Trick answers: “People do enjoy a stiff drink.” The next question is: “The Dal Riata was declared a place of sanctuary. It gained you influence with the Light and the Dark.” Trick replies: “I keep my nose out of Fae politics.” Trick is then asked if he knew how the Una Mens came to be. Trick recites: “After the Great War there was a rebellion.” The Una Mens leader continues the story with: “Fae rebels tried to overturn the Blood Laws of the King. Why was that?” Trick answers: “He became corrupt.” The Una Mens continues: “But a peace was offered. If the King would relinquish power to a council made up of those willing to sacrifice individual flaws and desires…” Trick interrupts: “and souls,” The Una Mens continues: “To form a single soul. Without ego or ambition. The Blood King agreed. Then he betrayed us.” The leader of the Una Mens is then handed a case and shows it to Trick explaining: “The six seeds of the sacred papyrus plant were given to six Fae to swallow. So they might be blessed with new life as a single vessel of humility and justice. The King stole his seed and vanished. Absorb the power of the Blood Mage and the Una Mens will be able to enforce the laws he wrote unchallenged.” Trick questions this and is told: “We would have him take his rightful place among us. If we might find him.” The scene ends with Trick and the leader of the Una Mens staring at each other and saying nothing more.

Meanwhile, Kenzi and Tamsin are taking food from one of the tables. Tamsin mentions that the Dark don’t seem so bad and she wonders what the difference is. Kenzi replies: “The Light are assholes and the Dark are… assholes… who have fun.” Kenzi then looks over a spread of sushi, taking one and as she does so, Bruce (Rob Archer) greets her from underneath the food. Kenzi is shocked believing that Bruce was in Bora-Bora. Bruce tells Kenzi that he really didn’t want her to see him as he appears. Kenzi exclaims: “My God, you are a living sushi table… Brushi!” Tamsin sees something on top of Bruce and exclaims: “Oh! Special sauce!” and reaches for whatever it is, but Kenzi stops her exclaiming: “No Dragon roll for you!” Kenzi demands that Bruce get up from the table, but he explains that he is there as a punishment. Kenzi insists and Bruce does get off the table, the food falling to the floor around them. Kenzi brushes him off saying: “Okay, we are going to get that ginger off you, find you a shirt and some dignity to go with it.” Kenzi then pulls a sheet off an nearby table and discovers the bodies of a bride and groom who are obviously dead. Kenzi rushes back to Bruce and asks what is going on. Bruce tells Kenzi that the Dark Fae don’t pay for things like the party they are at as Kenzi leads Bruce away.

Elsewhere, Bo and Lauren are still having time together, Bo telling Lauren that they have a lot to talk about and they should sometime. Bo tells Lauren that she wanted to find her. Lauren tells Bo that she is just happy that Bo is there, but then pauses and asks just why Bo is there. Bo explains that she believes Vex worked with The Wanderer to make her Dark Fae. Lauren is shocked, not believing that Bo is now Dark Fae. Bo explains that she came to the party in order to find Vex and find a way to reverse what has happened to her, but she never expected to find Lauren there, describing Lauren “chilling with The Morrigan.” Lauren tells Bo: “Not so much chilling as hiding in terror from the Una Mens, thanks to The Morrigan.” Bo asks Lauren to tell her what happened and Lauren promises to do so, but she insists that Bo leave and do what she needs to. Bo says she will but just as she is about to kiss Lauren again, The Morrigan calls out: “Boring! What’s next? Are you going to braid each other’s hair? Scissor already!” Bo tells The Morrigan: “If we wanted an audience we would have charged admission.” The Morrigan answers: “Well at this rate I would have asked for a refund.” When both Bo and Lauren just look at her, The Morrigan relents and turns to why she has Bo and Lauren there. She tells Bo that she will give Bo the means to run down Vex but in return she wants Bo’s blood oath to bring Vex to her. Bo asks what the means are and another Fae rushes into the room before speaking hyperactively about how much she is thrilled to be working with Bo and Lauren. When Lauren starts to leave, The Morrigan stops her and explains that Lauren needs to make a drug that will remove Vex’s powers so they can capture him. Bo asks what The Morrigan’s plan is and the hyperactive Fae answers: “We’re on a mission! Evony’s Angels!” There is an awkward silence before The Morrigan leaves telling Bo and Lauren to collect themselves, the hyperactive Fae, described by The Morrigan as a scavenger following her. Lauren tells Bo” A few minutes is not a lot of time.” Bo replies: “Waste not, want not” before kissing Lauren again.

After another commercial break, Bo, Lauren and the hyperactive Fae are seen getting out of a limo that has a large “just Married” sign on the back of it. She talks about how thrilled she is to be on an assignment with “Bo the insanely hot Succubus and the genius doctor” and how great it is to be part of something and not “have to devour sloppy seconds.” Lauren comments that the hyperactive Fae is a scavenger and both Lauren and Bo are less than thrilled when the Fae adds: “And I just peed myself a little too.” Bo calls the Fae ‘Pietra’ (Samantha Espie) and asks what they are doing where they are at that moment. Pietra then runs off around a corner where she finishes killing what appears to be a bridesmaid and then takes a knife before returning to Bo and Lauren. She rushes back and tells Lauren and Bo that the Una Mens placed a poison into Vex which bound him to the Una Mens’ terrority and that he needs the knife that she then shows them. Lauren recognizes the blade as “Scimitar of Cronus” and that Vex needs it to remove the poison and believes that Pietra is stealing it for him. When Pietra is asked where she is suppose to give Vex the item, she admits that she doesn’t know as yet which irritates Bo as she needs to find Vex before the moon rises. Pietra panics, saying that she is failing Bo but Lauren interrupts and asks where is the last place that she saw Vex. Pietra tells Lauren that it was under the old railway bridge in the east end of the city. Bo realizes that bridge is located next to the gym that Dyson moved into. Lauren is confused by this as Dyson is Vex’s “archenemy” but then wonders if Dyson can “sniff” Vex out for them, but Bo tells Lauren that Dyson is out of town looking for her. Lauren tells Bo that it is entirely possible that Vex would be in that area and then they make a plan to use Pietra as bait to lure Vex to them.

Back at the party, Kenzi learns that as part of Bruce’s punishment for helping Kenzi he was given to another Fae as property, Bruce calling that Fae “really mean.” Kenzi is confused and upset as she had been getting postcards from bruce saying that he was: “Clam diving during the day and Hoolahoop-Golfing at night.” Kenzi then realizes that Bruce was lying to her, but Bruce explains that he did not want Kenzi to know and worry about him. Kenzi tells Bruce that she is worried as Tamsin suggests that they can help Bruce. Kenzi agrees and asks Bruce how they can help him. Bruce explains that the only thing he can think of is having another Fae master him, explaining that whoever it is becomes completely responsible for him until his punishment is finished. Bruce adds that he takes up a lot of space but Kenzi replies: “Space is cheap when you are squatting” before taking Tamsin aside and whispering to her a plan. As Tamsin leaves, Kenzi asks Bruce: “Underwater sponge gardening?” He replies: “Not a thing.” Kenzi snaps her fingers and exclaims: “I knew it!” Tamsin then calls out to the assembled Fae that she wants to master Bruce. After doing so, The Morrigan appears and announces that a challenge has been made, but the Fae that owns Bruce has the right to defend their property and summons them to appear. A female Fae then appears beside The Morrigan and stares at Tamsin, this being Kai (Judi-Anne Olivia Lopez), the Fae who owns Bruce.

Elsewhere, Pietra is pacing back and forth waiting for Vex to appear and take what he needs from her. As this continues, Bo watches Lauren start to prepare an injection. Lauren explains that what she has is something called the Nectar of Violet which the Dark Fae have in abundance in their greenhouse, calling it “Socrates’ natural hallucinogenic” Bo then asks Lauren if they can “have that talk.” Lauren is confused, asking if Bo is serious about doing so at that moment, and Bo says she is. Lauren asks Bo where she wants to start, Bo says she doesn’t know listing their break, what happened at Taft’s lab, who Karen is. Lauren adds the question of how she came to be in the “clutches of the Dark Fae.” Bo starts to turn Lauren towards the question of who Karen is, but they are interrupted when Pietra is attacked by a human that appears to be under Vex’s control. After Pietra is kicked in the shin and falls to the ground she screams for help as the woman under Vex’s control rushes off with the knife he needs. Bo and Lauren go to help Pietra, Bo becoming frustrated with Pietra, but Lauren takes over and looks after Pietra, giving the needle to Bo so she can use it on Vex. As Bo leaves, Pietra tells Lauren: “For the record I think you both make a great couple.”

Bo follows the woman under Vex’s control to Dyson’s home where Vex (Paul Amos) calls out: “Bo! My sultry little suck-face! Since when did to start doing The Morrigan’s dirty work?” Bo yells back: “Since you and The Wanderer tricked me into becoming Dark Fae and now you are going to undo it!” Vex laughs at this calling The Wanderer: “A tall tale my mom used to tell me to scare me from fiddling with myself in public.” Vex tells Bo that he doesn’t have the time for stories and he is leaving as soon as he can. Bo tells Vex that she has promised to take him to The Morrigan but before she can do anything, Vex has the woman under his control attack Bo, force her to drop the needle and then cause them to fight each other long enough for Vex to get close and jab the needle into Bo instead which knocks her out. As Bo falls to the floor, Vex clutches his right hand which appears to be deformed and infected with something, staring at it and clutching it in pain.

After yet another commercial, Bo wakes up to find herself laying in Dyson’s bed and unable to move. her body though she can speak and move her neck. Bo talks to herself, sounding as if she is slightly under the influence or drunk, and mentioning that everything is pink around her. As this happens, Vex is seen working on some kind of potion in another room. When Bo calls out for Dyson, Vex tells her that Dyson is out: “Chasing his own tail and you and I can, like, totally hang out.” Bo tells Vex to let her go, but Vex laughs and tells Bo that she can’t because she cannot move. Vex tells Bo that she is “leverage” in case he has a problem getting out of the city, but Bo tells Vex he cannot leave. Vex tells Bo that he has to right after he “performs some necessary surgery” and places the blade against Bo’s throat. Bo tries to take Vex’s Chi, but her powers seem not to be working as a result of what she was injected with. Vex laughs about this, saying: “Quite a cocktail your ex whipped up.” Bo tells Vex that she and Lauren are back together and then starts to babble about Lauren before Vex tells Bo to stop or he will cut his own throat. Bo tells Vex that she is “pissed” at him for making her join the Dark Fae and all of the things that have happened to her which just frustrates Vex and he storms off complaining that all Bo talks about is: “Me me me me.” and he cannot leave fast enough before gasping in pain as the infection in his hand makes sounds and becomes worse.

Kenzi is encouraging Tamsin as she prepares to battle for Bruce, telling her that she is a Valkyrie and what she needs to do is “cast doubt and then knee her in the ovaries.” Tamsin tells Kenzi that it doesn’t sound nice but Kenzi tries to change her mind up until Kenzi sees Bruce get slapped by Kai and calls what is about to come a “bloody slugfest” before telling Tamsin not to worry but to protect her face. The Morrigan calls the event to order, calling it a duel to the death. The Morrigan flips a coin and announces it to be tails meaning that Tamsin is allowed to choose the combat they will be undertaking. When she is asked, Tamsin answers: “I just want to dance!” and The Morrigan declares the contest a “Dance-off to the Death.”

Bo is still unable to move as Vex continues to create his potion, calling it “disgusting” to smell, but also revealing that it is a “necessary anesthetic” for what he is about to do. Vex intends to amputate his right hand to free himself from the control of the Una Mens and escape the city. Vex calls the Una Mens Fascists. Bo tries to reason with Vex but he tells Bo not to worry as what he is making is a “potent potion taught to me by a potent love once upon a time.” Bo then talks about love, Lauren in particular, saying that she: “Didn’t do a full amputation, she just took a little break.” Vex becomes enraged and tells Bo to shut up and stop talking about Lauren, but she does not and continues until Vex finally shoves a rag into Bo’s mouth to silence her, but as he runs back to his potion, Bo continues to talk and curse him though her words are muffled. Vex tells Bo: “Yes, all very valid points. I don’t undertake this lightly. I’m the last Mesmer. My kind were feared for their powers. Hunted and slaughtered through the ages by all the Fae. And the manner in which they did it… well… You want to know how?” When Bo mumbles “How?” Vex continues: “Their hands were cut off. Memsers with nothing but stumps. Unable to feed. They died a slow, painful, humiliating death. I saw it happen to my entire family. My brother. My father. And my mother. I promised myself that I would never allow that to happen to me. So I did what I had to do to survive. And become what I am today. A servant of the Dark.” Vex then looks at his right hand and says: “I will miss Ginger.” Looking at his left hand he continues: “But at least I’ll be able to dance with Fred” and then kisses that hand. Vex turns away from Bo to begin the procedure to remove his hand and does not see that Bo is beginning to move her fingers.

Back at the party, Tamsin and Kai have their dance off to the death, Tamsin dancing first, although not particularly well. Kai then has her turn and dances far better than Tamsin, seeming to be the winner of the contest until Tamsin uses her Valkyrie powers on Kai which drops her to the floor motionless. Tamsin seems shocked as there is silence for a long moment and then every Dark Fae in the room gives her a round of applause. The Morrigan then declares Tamsin to be the winner of the contest, calling her their: “Blooming warrior princess” as the music starts up again and the Fae in the room begin to dance.

Vex is about ready to cut off his hand and drinks the potion he had been making to dull the pain. However after doing so, he cries out in pain and then moves placing a table between himself and Bo. As Vex sings a ditty, Bo struggles and tries to move and stop Vex from cutting off his hand. As Vex raises the blade into the air and is about to strike his hand, Bo pulls the cloth from her mouth and calls out to him to stop, telling him that he came to Dyson’s place knowing that she would find him and wanting her to. Bo tells Vex that she, Kenzi and Dyson are the only family that he has. Vex cries out in pain as the infection in his hand becomes worse and more painful, Vex realizing that the potion isn’t working on what he calls the “magic mould”. Bo finally manages to move and rushes towards Vex to try and stop him before it is too late but as she touches Vex’s hand he slices it off in a shower of blood and gore as Bo watches in horror. Vex then runs away, leaving Bo holding Vex’s severed hand in her own.

Returning from commercial, Vex runs up to a sports car that is under a tarp, pulling it away in the next moment. He pauses as he realizes that the car has a standard transmission and moans: “Oh bollux. I should have gotten the right hand drive.” Bo runs up and Vex begs Bo not to take him to The Morrigan. Bo looks at Vex and says: “You really only care about yourself don’t you?” Vex just looks at Bo and replies: “What? That’s bad?” Bo demands to know why she should help Vex when he will not tell her how she was pledged to the Dark. Vex answers in frustration: “Because I don’t know jack shit about it! I thought you were having a laugh!” Bo tells Vex she is very serious about what she said and he asks Bo why she didn’t just ask The Morrigan’s archivist. Bo is confused and Vex explains that the archivist will know all of the details she is looking for. Bo then realizes that The Morrigan “played” her and as she does so, Vex asks if they are “okay” because if they are then he hopes she won’t take him to The Morrigan as “she’s just going to torture me to death.” Vex then tosses Bo the keys to the car saying: “Well, I’ll take the clutch and you take the stick?”

Bo barges into The Morrigan’s office carrying a plastic bag with Vex’s severed hand in it. She tells The Morrigan that she wants answers quickly because the moon is about to rise. The Morrigan demands to know where Vex is and Bo replies: “Oh you mean the annoying brother that I kind of hate, never wanted and is half the Mesmer he used to be?” then throws Vex’s hand onto The Morrigan’s desk, thanking her for sending her on a wild goose chase. The Morrigan is not impressed and tosses Vex’s hand into a waste basket before telling Bo that she needs “all of Vex to get rid of the Una Mens.” Bo tells her that she will not allow her to torture Vex. The Morrigan claims that she, unlike the Light Fae, do not hold grudges and that all she cares about is getting rid of the Una Mens. The Morrigan then tells Bo that if she feels so strongly about Vex, Bo can claim him as her responsibility and it will be on her head to keep Vex in line. The Morrigan asks Bo: “Are you ready to put up or shut up?” Bo’s answer is: “Fine. Archivist. Now.” The Morrigan is actually impressed that Bo has figured out the right question to ask and calls the Archivist (Clint Butler) into her office. He enters and pulls the skin from his bald head, handing it to Bo as The Morrigan explains that anyone that pledges to the Dark Fae appears on him. Bo takes the piece of skin and looks at it. The Morrigan then says: “There’s your signature and there’s your sponsor’s.” Bo looks at the signature and asks: “Who is Rainer?” The Morrigan claims to have no idea who that is, and Bo demands that The Morrigan destroy the pledge as she as no memories of ever signing in the first place, adding that there is still time to do so. The Morrigan however tells Bo that she will not and tells Bo, point blank that she is a subject of the Dark and that Bo owes The Morrigan her loyalty. She adds that the pledge is something that even she, The Morrigan, cannot overturn it, and that only her “mystery sponsor” can and she wishes Bo luck with that quest. Bo walks past The Morrigan and takes Vex’s hand out of the trash can. The Morrigan tells Bo that Vex’s hand is hers and Bo looks at The Morrigan and in a calm voice tells her to “come and get it.” After a moment The Morrigan answers: “You know what? Keep it. I have new toys to entertain me.” As she walks past Bo, Bo turns to see Lauren enter the room as The Morrigan leaves.

The scene moves back to Trick who is still with the Una Mens being judged and Trick is asked if he has anything that he wishes to add before they pass judgement on him. Trick answers: “Only that I hope you have retained some of the soul you once had… Arabella.” She replies: “To know us by the names we took before our solemn vows is unholy.” Trick begins to draw something from behind his back as he answers: “I know you turned in your own family for petty crimes when you became one of the six.” Arabella answers: “This is blasphemy.” Trick presses on: “How could you ask the Blood King to do the same? He turned in his own daughter in order to satisfy the rules he created. And what he created was cruelty.” Arabella states: “You mistake orthodoxy for cruelty” as Trick unsheathes a knife and readies himself to use it as she continues: “Still. We cannot expect our candidates to be perfect. With your history, your standing and your knowledge you are the only choice.” Trick questions this and Arabella replies: “For Acting Ash.” Trick is confused and pauses a moment before putting away his knife.

Returning to Bo and Lauren, Bo telling Lauren that she hates The Morrigan and all she stands for, and that The Morrigan cannot “unDark” her. Lauren tells Bo there has to be a way and Bo tells Lauren: “At least I have you back.” Bo asks Lauren if she can take her home but Lauren tells Bo that she cannot return to the Light Fae. Bo is confused and Lauren explains: “When the Una Mens started killing humans and I ran the Light never bothered coming to look for me. But the Dark? They sought me out and offered me protection. They were drama queens and tested me by diagnosing one of their elders. But they came. When no one else did.” Bo tells Lauren that she would have come, and Lauren replies that she knows that Bo could not, telling Bo that she is not angry at her. Lauren tells Bo that with the Dark Fae she can come and go as she wants to and it is on her terms and for the first time she feels like she is free. Bo tells Lauren that she could free her, and they “could be free together.” Lauren asks how and Bo replies that she would fight for her or claim her and then Lauren interrupts with: “Own me.” Lauren tells Bo that she is Fae and she is human and as such she will always be a prisoner but at least she can choose her own cage. Lauren touches Bo on the shoulder and promises Bo that it will be alright and since Bo is now Dark Fae, Lauren will be able to see her. Bo gently takes Lauren’s hand away and tells her: “When you are ready to come back to your real family. Just say the word.” Bo then leaves the office, Lauren left alone there in Bo’s wake.

After the final commercial break, Kenzi is seen talking to Bruce while Tamsin is nearby. Kenzi asks Bruce why he doesn’t actually go to Bora-Bora or anywhere else. Bruce isn’t sure about that saying that he has always been The Morrigan’s man and he really cannot do anything else. Kenzi tells Bruce that might be true but he’ll never know unless he tries something new. Kenzi tells him: “Find your wings Brushi. Fly.” as Tamsin is seen smiling.

Trick and Bo are seen at the Dal Riata sitting at the bar. Trick tells Bo: “Bring home a lost puppy okay. A wounded bird fine. But I never thought I would see the day when my Granddaughter would appear on my doorstep with a one handed Mesmer, claiming she threw in with the Dark.” As Trick says this he places a pail of ice with Vex’s hand in it on the bar, the hand giving anyone that looks at it the finger. Bo asks if the pledge is legitimate and Trick tells Bo that he believes it is and that Bo joined the Dark. Bo asks if Trick will help her to figure out “this mess” and Trick’s answer is: “I hope so.” Trick then goes on to tell Bo that things are complicated now because the Una Mens need a caretaker for the Light Fae and they have decided to name Trick as the New Acting Ash. Bo is shocked and manages: “So my Grandfather is the head of the Light?” Trick answers: “And my Granddaughter is the darling of the Dark.” They share a toast and Bo adds: “The Una Mens must be loving this.” Trick tells Bo: “They don’t love. And they don’t hate. No emotions.” Bo asks what else is there and Trick answers: “Rules. And if you don’t follow the rules willingly, they’ll do whatever it takes to make you. And it won’t be pleasant.” Bo laughs: “Our family is such a mess.” Trick tells Bo: “Yet somehow Isabeau we muddle through.” Bo asks about her sponsor and Trick tells Bo that there is only one sure way to find out who he is and that is through the King’s Book of Records and that they will find that book and find the answers. The scene then switches to Trick’s lair where a small box with what appears to be crushed ice around it is laying on the floor.

The final scene of the episode begins back in the lair of the Una Mens were The Whicher offers Bo’s pledge to the Dark Fae to Arabella. She reads the name “Rainer” and then opens what appears to be the King’s Book of Records to a page and traces her finger over the names there. As she does so, one name moves and shifts upon the page as she looks at it. She suddenly looks up and says in a haunting voice: “No. It cannot be. Never again.” as there is a roaring sound and the episode ends.


Fade to black…

Well, the cliffhanger was interesting at least. Mind you Trick becoming the new Acting Ash was a surprise. I wonder if he will have Hale as his aide and where he will hold court… if he does. Mind you, there is a certain find of symmetry in this happening isn’t there? What bothers me is that it feels like the Una Mens know that Trick is the Blood King. I can’t see the series losing Trick to what, at least to me, seems like a hive mind sort of thing with the Una Mens. Threatening? Yes, I expect that, but I don’t expect them to get rid of Trick. Mind you, another “Bo saves the day” episode would come out of it wouldn’t it?

Lauren seemed to go over to the Dark Fae far too easily. As well, just what happened to Crystal anyway? Someone’s pet? Lunch? Stuck in a cell somewhere so that Lauren would join the Dark Fae? It’s a huge problem plot wise at least. Mind you I still think that Crystal is Dark Fae…

The Morrigan returns and… really she wasn’t all that interesting other than in a ‘chew the scenery’ sort of way. I still think she can be much more than that but the campy factor they have in her character just makes her someone I cannot take seriously no matter how powerful they are.

Dyson and Hale weren’t there and as such two major plots stalled. That wasn’t all that surprising really as for all that Kenzi and Bo went through this episode.Still they need to get back to them and see where things go. And soon.

The Una Mens are, finally, a real threat and one that actually means something. I think, at least it seems, like they are a hive mind or something and in that can be some stories to be told. We’ll probably never see them as really they are “threat” and a little light on story at the moment. The thing that amazes me is… Just why did they need to know who signed Bo’s pledge to the Dark Fae? If they “tasted her blood” wouldn’t they know all about her?

Really nice to see Bruce again, he needs to be a character that returns more often in the series and I hope he does. There is a connection between him and Kenzi that just feels right. And really having him and Tamsin as a couple would be really neat…

There seems to be a bit of plot narrowing going on this episode which I think will make the series better as it moves forwards. But with that comes a lot of questions that aren’t answered and probably never will be. But at least they started to do that.

But the Wanderer plot isn’t moving. Oh there are hints and allegations in the episode, but really nothing that pushes things forwards all that much. I still believe that we aren’t going to get anywhere with that arc until the mid-season cliffhanger and even then things really will not move until there are three episodes left in the season.

Thinking about that a moment, there would be enough episodes from this point forwards to the last three episodes to close one major plot every episode without a problem. It will never happen of course, but it could.

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… Well at least they changed her clothing into something that at least looks better. Seriosuly though it was good to see her butt heads with The Morrigan and if not win then at least come to a draw with her. A bit of Succubus Bo appeared, and there is someone that can resist her. Where things go from there is an interesting thought…

Dyson…Missing. Needle in haystack without the needle.

Kenzi… I didn’t like a lot of what Kenzi looked like this episode in the beginning though it did get better. The play between her and Bo, Bruce and Tamsin just made me smile and it’s always good to see that. The strength of her character also came through a lot which just makes me like her more… Kenzi line of the week: “Right. Vex bad. Vex Mesmer poop.”

Trick. Lots told about him, and how he fits into the Una Mens and what they want with him, even if they don’t know it. I’m not sure about Trick bringing a knife to face them. I cannot see Trick committing suicide, that’s not how he is.

Hale. Missing in action. I’m putting pictures on milk cartons tomorrow.

Lauren. Hello! I’m back and I’m Dark Fae! Why don’t we have some personal time while the waiter watches? That’s silly I know, but really it all comes down to that for her this episode.

Vex. That. Hurt. Honestly couldn’t there be a better way for Vex to get free? Really heartbreaking and it just hurt a lot to see what he has been through. Losing hope is a terrible thing and he has… I wish he hadn’t.

Tamsin: Well.. She can dance. Can’t drink but can dance.

Crystal: I wonder if she is sushi or not?

The Una Mens: Well… I would say they suck, but really it’s more of a zombie sort of thing isn’t it? More emotionally drained than any character on the show and that’s saying something. But, and this is the thing, they actually are a threat. I wonder when The Wanderer appears and kills all of them?

Bruce. More Bruce. Now please? Right now? With sugar on top? Not sushi though… That’s… wrong.

Pietra. Don’t care much. Really what was the point?

Kai. See above.

I wonder if being campy is starting to become the most important thing when they are casting now. Sometimes that really comes out and it is distracting… It shouldn’t be.


My Review of Let the Dark Times Roll

Keeping my interest – 3 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 2 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 2 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 3 Pitchforks

Mythos – 5 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.2 Pitchforks out of 5

Overall is wasn’t a bad episode in that there was enough happening that I was paying attention to what was going on. There were Kenzisms to keep me smiling, Trick appearing which is always good to see. Bo actually used her mind to figure things out, she was a Succubus or tried to be a few times as well. There was some good character growth, the mythos really moved a lot this time too. It did feel very dark and a lot of that was in the lighting of the scenes. Too many times they had everyone in the shadows and that bothered me more than I expected it to.

Vex, by far, when he was talking about his family, was the most heart breaking moment in the episode. I know that this doesn’t seem like a Vex-centric episode, but really he stole the show, chewed up the scenery and took names. It was the Vex that personally I love to see because the performance is everything that I expect and more. I want to see him whole and part of the family. That would be a good point in his character arc if he was fully accepted into Bo’s family. That’s something he’s never had and that would be an amazing story to see.

The Una Mens showed some of their actual threat in this episode which helped a lot for me to actually want to care about them and look at them critically. I’m not sure how much of a threat they will be with the Wanderer plot in the wings but on the other hand if they fear him… it could be interesting. The one thing that I would like less of is monotone voices. There has to be some emotion or something in them and that I think will come.

Lauren’s arc turned into a make out session with a side order of self examination. I expected she and Bo to have a real conversation but every time they were about to the episode shot that down and moved onto the next crisis. That does bring tension to the characters but… really?

The one thing I could not stand was the dance off. That was a complete waste of five minutes of screen time at least to me. The end result of the entire scene could have happened in about ten seconds when they first met but we had to have a long drawn out mess that honestly I was walking away from when it ended. It made no sense and that bothers me a lot.

A few Chi attacks by Bo and one hot scene with Lauren and that was the extent to our Bo being a Succubus. At least Buffy Bo didn’t show this time but Scooby Doo Bo did. It was minor, thankfully, but at least there was a moment, even if it was interrupted by a waiter, that was very Succubus hotness.

As I said, a lot of the episode seemed to be in the shadows and while I understand that was mainly for mood and setting sake, with all of the work put into the scenery and setting it would be nice to see that better. The party was really crowded looking and some of the extras really looked bored or out of sync with others and it showed. I did like seeing more of Dyson’s place though he being a cop I wonder why no one has questioned how he can afford the space he has.

Overall the storyline was very good for what it focused on, but it lacked in connecting the past with the present and doing a lot of exposition. Too much really. It isn’t necessary to talk about every character that isn’t there. I liked that at least the Lauren plot is mainly closed and with some reasons that make some sense. The Vex plot is still open, but the why of what happened made some sense. Trick being made the New Acting Ash also was a good twist that I didn’t expect. So as a whole it was a lot better than I had expected.

Save for The Morrigan, Kenzi, Tamsin, Dyson, Hale, Crystal and several other characters there was important development for Bo, Trick and Lauren but especially Vex. I don’t expect everyone to have a moment or something important happen. But I do expect that each episode there is something that adds to the characters. It was very hit and miss this time. Vex was a clear hit by far and where that goes is something I really want to see the series get back to soon.

There was a lot of the series mythos told this time and that really made me happy most of all. It wasn’t a throw away episode in that respect and for me those are the episodes that I like the most. But this alone wasn’t enough to get the entire episode above just being what it is. I hope that the mythos hints this week all come back to mean something in the future and I think they all will.

But let’s get back to The Wanderer again please? That ploy really needs to move next time… Please?


Next Week: Of All the Gin Joints

Bo fights for the freedom of a talented opera singer, whose voice could be the key to unlocking the answers she seeks. Meanwhile, Kenzi is threatened by someone from Hale’s past.

Based on the previews I really don’t expect a lot from this upcoming episode. If feels like this might be very much a red herring for Bo in her search for answers honestly about The Wanderer. Mind you, the little flash of the Una Mens going all “evil glowing eyes and growling” is probably the cliffhanger for the episode and will not amount to much. Which bothers me since they probably know exactly what and who Bo is before she let them at the beginning of his episode.

There is a mention of Hale and Kenzi… So. When exactly are we going to have something happen with that? If it is so important to Kenzi, why is it that she hasn’t gone to him or he to her? If this situation is only to have Kenzi be threatened that’s fairly lame I think. Use the plot please?

No mention of Dyson or Trick or Lauren either. Really a problem as all of those plots are hanging now. That again is a problem if that happens… again. it seems like the point of this episode will be a lot of filler before the next shoe drops on the Wanderer plot. Really it shouldn’t and I hope I am wrong but I somehow doubt that.

Still the promo is interesting… I wonder what would happen if the episode is better than the promo. I hope so. A lot.