Nov 28 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 307

Sometimes I receive images of Succubi in my email. I try, very much, to figure out who the original artist is with every image because I want the artist to be recognized for what they have created… The week’s image, which is of Lilith Aensland, is one where I couldn’t figure out who the artist is…

Lilith Aensland by Unknown Artist

Lilith Aensland by Unknown Artist

I really like this work for two main reasons. One is that there’s kind of a pastel like quality to this art and that I find wonderful. The other is that Lilith looks… more mature I think like this. She’s a bit top heavy like her sister Morrigan usually is, but there is still that lovely personality that Lilith has which I do love very much… This art really has sort of a portrait feel to it, there’s a lovely look in her eyes, her pose, the little details in her hair, really almost like a picture was taken of Lilith and then a painting created from it.

Should someone know who the artist is, please leave a comment?



Nov 27 2013

It’s really not that bad of a costume… really…

I think I found a costume this week that I can say, well mostly at least, is kind of sexy and I kind of like it… more or less… The question is, is it more… or less? I’m not all that sure to be honest…

Sexy Demon Woman Halloween Costume

This is called the Sexy Demon Woman Halloween Costume, and it comes with the pair of horns, the corset top, the skirt and undies.

The stockings, which I would have to get, and the shoes, again a must, are not included nor are the gloves and it sells for $40 US…

And, again, there is no tail either.

To be honest, I kind of like this in a flirty sort of way. It’s not perfect, not even close to it, but I won’t feel all that bad about wearing it somewhere.

I like the horns, the costume is flattering and is sexy to a point so that helps a bunch for me to like it at least.

I don’t love it though, mostly because it’s more orange than red for one and for the other that it looks… off somehow that I can’t put my finger on exactly…

I am partial to red of course, that’s just me. I think that a few small changes would make this work really well and perhaps I’ll order this and see what I can make of it.

At least this time I have something to work with and not just throw into the trash bin…

I’ll give this three pitchforks out of five.

It is, really, middle of the road, but at least it isn’t stuck in the ditch…



Nov 26 2013

Desires 105

I think the most precious words to be said are, “I’ll never leave you…”


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Forty-One


Martin held her there, a moment in gentleness stretched out for as long as possible. “As you said, Tera…you have a part of me with you.”

He smiled happily, leaning down to kiss her on her forehead. “And should you ever wish to meet me again in the future, it will be granted.”

“After all, I consider you a friend, especially after tonight. And I don’t want it said that the ‘Kin don’t care for their friends.” He grinned a little, at that.

The rest was spent in silence. Few words were needed further…eventually, the door back to reality would open, they would return to their duties, comrades, lives such as they had. But for now, Martin was content to enjoy the warmth and silence, drifting on a bed in the clouds, holding Tera in his arms.


The End


And being in the arms of an Angel means more than can be explained… Thank you B for your gift, it is with me always…




Nov 25 2013

A Short Thought by TeraS

I didn’t have much time this week to write anything significant really… But a thought came to me and so this is what I will share this time.


A Short Thought
By TeraS


One of the things that Tera ponders—and it probably is something that she should have let go of quite some time ago—is the question of why some cannot accept that she is who she is.

The question that arises more often than any other when someone sees her horns and tail is what she might want from them. They question that she can speak the truth at all, though she always does. They question how she can be good, given the obvious—at least to them—signs that she should not be so.

But then, those who see her horns and tail generally miss the halo and wings. They cannot accept, and for this they are the poorer; she is exactly who she appears to be. They are sure that the bemused smile, the sparkling green eyes, the loveliness she offers is shading something darker. But it isn’t: her smile is real; her love, when it is accepted, is for always. There is no hidden agenda with her. What she offers is not what she desires or wills to be: it is what they in themselves have to desire, to hold, to wish for, and, sometimes, to keep.

The question—the one that really matters and, it seems, at least to Tera, the one that so many are never quite able to ask themselves—is one that she asked herself so very long ago …

Who am I?

For Tera, as for most of us, that question was one that took her more time than any other to answer. It is, after all, a difficult thing to look into one’s own soul, one’s own existence and being, to understand one’s self.

It took more than Tera herself to work that out.

It was her Eternal who showed her that there was someone for her.

It was her Heart who showed her that within herself was something more than she could see in herself or truly admit to be.

It was her Love giving her the means to truly love in ways that she had never been able to before.

It was her Song who told of the things that she could only imagine and dream of, wanting to be true.

It was her family, everyone one of them, who showed her that the questions she asked about herself were also the questions they asked about themselves. Each and every one of them.

But the thing was—and this was the point that mattered most of all—it wasn’t just one thing or one part of her life that opened her eyes. She had to learn that she was more and could be more still if she had the will and desire to do so. That was what turned the page for her and opened a world that had only been a vague thought before.

And that … that understanding is what she tries to bring to others …

… if they can see it in themselves (which must come first) …

… if they can see it in her …


And sometimes it isn’t if, but when …

Nov 24 2013

A Review of Encounter: First Lesson by Cynthia Sax

Encounter: First Lesson by Cynthia Sax

Encounter: First Lesson by Cynthia Sax

I think that the hardest thing to write is a short hot flash that is… well… hot. It’s not enough to write a story that has sex in it for that you expect in a hot flash. There should be characters that hook you from the first moment and you want to see where the story goes from there.

When this involves a Succubus, then I like to see one that isn’t simply a sex toy, which seems to be the way most writers tend to see them in very short stories. When the Succubus is intelligent, witty, and has a personality that just comes off the page and stays with you… that is special. When the lucky demon she is playing with is as interesting… That makes for something very special to me…

The story is of:

A succubus offers her class a demonstration on sexually pleasing a demon.

Saffron is a Succubus and, interestingly to me, she’s a teacher. She teaches what I assume are other Succubi how to control the demons that exist in their world. The thing is that she needs a demon for a… practical… demonstration. And Nac comes to her call in more than one way.

This is a hot flash story, so the heat appears very quickly and builds to a peak in a very short period of time. The thing is that it isn’t like most hot flashes in that there is story, a lot of story and background packed into four short pages which simply amazed me. There is so much hidden within the first few paragraphs when Nac sees Saffron and she controls him so neatly and completely. The reactions seen are mainly from Nac’s point of view which makes Saffron’s control of him seem more complete and overwhelming. He thinks of Saffron as his, but I am very sure from how well she plays him that he is Saffron’s by far.

I thought it was delicious how both are described just enough that you have a vague idea of what they look like, but not so much that it overwhelms any kind of fantasy that forms within your mind. Less is more in that respect, and the more comes in what happens in the classroom.

I loved how Saffron described how to pleasure Nac, bit by bit, piece by piece until there was nothing else for Nac to do but to submit to her control utterly. Seduction is the mark of the best of the Succubi and Saffron is certainly one of the very best that I have read in some time.

The story is however so short that it left me wanting for so much more. I wanted to see what happened next, what class Saffron actually taught, what kind of school it was. Questions abound about who the students were, why Nac fought to be the one to be used by Saffron. So many open stories in this short tale and that was the one thing that I really needed to know more about.

As a hot flash about Succubi, this is really one of the best of the year as far as I am concerned… I just wish it wasn’t a hot flash and was a novel or better…

Four out of five pitchforks.

I really and truly want more about Saffron and Nac. I can see so much in them that I would want to explore. I really wish that would happen someday because there was so much hinted at that was never explained… But I can imagine and this story makes those fantasies delicious…



Nov 23 2013

An interesting Soul Caliber Succubus YouTube…

I’ve never played Soul Caliber. There is a Succubus in this game however, and someone created a YouTube of a model they created of the original artwork of her… it’s quite well done I think.

And the link to YouTube if you can’t see it here:

And here is a screenshot of the succubus model herself.

soul caliber 5 model

I think this is very well done, she’s a very good representation of the artwork she is based on, which you can make out in the small inset beside her. I’m rather happy she has a tail, and her outfit looks good too. The wings as always I don’t care for either way, but there they are I suppose…

It does interest me that in this game there is a character editor it seems that allows the creation of succubi that look… different.

I’ll have to look into that some more I think…





Nov 22 2013

Six Years of the Tale

Today, November 22nd, 2013, is the sixth anniversary of the Tale, for those that might be keeping track. I know that it isn’t all that much of a milestone in the grand scheme of things really. By that I mean there are a lot of other sites on the net that have been around longer, are more popular or do more important things. Overall, at least for me, it is a milestone that I can look at, have a little pride in, and perhaps even some happiness in managing to accomplish.

When I look back on the Tale, actually all of what I have done here on over that time, it amazes me that I have managed to have something new everyday here. Looking back I read some of my early stories and thoughts, cringe a bit, and then recall that we all have to start somewhere…

I hope that the coming year brings better things, more creativity from me at least for one, and mebby, if I ever manage to accomplish it, I might even write a book… and it won’t be a pamphlet I promise.

Love you all and thank you for reading my thoughts, rants, and silliness for this long…
…there will be more.