Jan 10 2017

A Review of The Confessionist by B Samuels

The Confessionist by B Samuels

The Confessionist by B Samuels

There are some hot flashes that simply do not work. They try to be sexy, erotic and need to be to justify what they offer. It’s a very rare thing to find a hot flash which has heat, the sense of a story and something more to offer.

One of the powers of a succubus is to know what their prey needs and desires. Becoming that, taking them to the release they crave, is delicious. Being able to use words, sounds, and scents to make that possible is a gift. But all gifts have a story to tell, and telling that story is a gift as well.

  • Title: The Confessionist
  • Author: B Samuels
  • Length: 5 Pages
  • ASIN: B01JV5DC7M
  • Publishing Date: August 5, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

A sexually frustrated man finds himself locked in a confessional booth with a mysterious woman, one who not only understands his smoking fetish, but also how to use it to release him from his agonies.

A man finds himself at the tender mercies of a woman that knows his secrets. Giving in to her might be everything he needs and fears at the same time.

The work is a very short hot flash which doesn’t tell much about either character. The female character of the work isn’t named within the story, her name, “S” being revealed by the author in the end notes. There’s really no plot outside of her dominating character and what she does to the male character in the story.

There’s a focus on sexuality, sexual desires and a specific focus on smoking as fetish all wrapped into a female domination theme. There’s quite a lot of heat in the five pages and that’s mainly because the author doesn’t waste time telling a story outside of the encounter the two characters have. In doing so the story remains held on that moment and it keeps the story alive when otherwise there would be a good change the story would lose its way quickly.

It is a short story and being so there’s no character to explore, no story to follow. The female character might be a succubus, seems likely to be a succubus, but that’s never clearly said. Her purpose is a little vague and while the ending makes a suggestion of what happens and what she wants next, it doesn’t take the story much beyond the sexual moment that the story is.

As the opening chapter to a novel, this would be an excellent hook, but otherwise it’s too short. The heat makes up for a lot of that however. Nonetheless, more story, more telling about “S” herself would have been nice. There are all kinds of hints and teases, but nothing more. That’s a shame because there is more here. It’s just not explored.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

It’s far too short of a story, but while it is, the heat in this hot flash is very well done. “S” seems to be a succubus, there’s enough hints to conclude that. I’ll see what the next work brings and if that justifies this introduction being such a short little thing.



Jan 10 2017

A Review of Awakenings by Emma Night

Awakenings by Emma Night

Awakenings by Emma Night

I don’t mind collections of works, really it is an opportunity to read many different stories and be captivated by them. The problem I have is when it seems like the work is one story, offered as such, but then in the pages you find the story you thought was going to be 600 pages long… turns out to be about 60 in truth.

A need when found, can consume us totally. The temptation to take and never stop can be more consuming that the hunger itself. Some dreams are simple, some are needful and then there are the ones never spoken of for the fear of them being true. But in the eyes of a succubus, all dreams are delicious.

The work tells the story of:

Even the best doctors sometimes need a vacation

Owen, Troy and Dave need a break from their demanding careers. For the first time in a decade, they are able to take a guy’s trip complete with a day of hiking and a trip to Vegas to blow off steam. Their carefully planned vacay derails when they find a mysterious cave in the middle of their hike. A cave full of strange, erotic paintings and a wooden box that never should have been opened. They should have left well enough alone…

When Troy cracks the lid of an ancient box found deep in the cave, a strange gust of wind ushers in something ancient, something powerful, beyond any mortal’s understanding. Unwittingly, Troy has released a succubus and the three friends are about to experience the dreams of a lifetime. Dreams that might be more real than any of them ever imagined.

Three men enter a cave and choose to tempt fate. In doing so they release a succubus in need, they being the ones to feed her hungers. But they each have a need, singular and then alone, which she can provide. But in doing so, there is a cost, and it is one that, for her prey, is well worth consuming.

The critical point to note about the story Awakenings is that the length of the work is about 60 pages. The entire work is a collection of stories, only Awakenings having any sort of succubus theme to it. That point made, the balance of this review will be on the story Awakenings and not the work as a whole.

The succubus of the work, Alathea, is a delight. She’s smart, seductive, powerful and uses her powers in some wonderfully hot ways. There’s some mind control, some transformation aspects as well, but the critical thing is that the story doesn’t turn dark, or evil. There’s purpose to her actions, there’s focus in her thoughts and there’s some character development among all of the erotica that was well thought out and played into the story really well.

The male characters are actually rather hard to like for much of the work, really only becoming more interesting and vivid when Alathea takes them by the nose, and other parts, leading them to her sense of what they desire and what she is willing to give them. It’s a shame they are so unlikeable because it remains with them, right through the ending of the story. That means, at least at first blush, there wasn’t any development in their characters and there should have been.

The erotica is very hot, very female dominant, even if the men think they are in control, which they aren’t as Alathea’s powers control the events quite strongly. The ending is disappointing on two things, one, the male characters seeming to learn very little, but more so that Alathea just vanishes, her story not really told as much as I wanted it to be.

There are a scattering of spelling and grammar mistakes, but they are minor ones as a whole. A minor quibble I admit, but with another editing pass might come more story about Alathea, her past, and what she truly is. Light in the darkness is a really good story, it should be really told.

Four out of five pitchforks.

That rating is for Awakenings only, I didn’t bother with the rest of the collection as it didn’t appeal to me. I really think the author should be clear that this is an anthology, that Awakenings is a small part of it. That would, for me, be a better thing to do.

I loved this story, but there’s not enough told about Alathea, the works ends on a point that begs for a “what comes next”. The erotica is wonderful, the story is very good and I loved it overall, but there are a lot of editing problems needing a going over. Telling more of Alathea would be a delight, but I expect what we have is what there is… pity.



Jan 09 2017

Tested By TeraS

Another week, another writer’s block, or worse, either is quite true really. “Second Coming” is … sort of coming … but the next part of that story isn’t done as yet. I really haven’t had a lot of time to write, to think of, or have something, push its way out onto the screen and drive me onwards. Still, things happen, vague thoughts come into being something. The thought then becomes: what’s being …


By TeraS


There are those in the universe that require evidence to believe in something: solid proof of some description with nothing that’s vague or might be happenstance. Some of the more focused ones call themselves “scientists.” They examine the world in its minutia, seeking out the reasons for why things are as they are, figuring out how they work, putting the world into a framework. This, at least, is what they plan on. Much of the time that works very well … except, of course, when it doesn’t.

Dr. Richard (and no, you cannot call him “Dick”) Edwards was one of those scientists that accepted only what his test equipment told him. Scales and monitoring equipment provided the data to verify whether something was true or false, actual or not. There was no room in his world for such things as fantasy, for the idea of things that were, just slightly, outside of his frame of reference. Except that there was one thing that nagged at him, one thing that he didn’t quite understand.

In every institution of science there is someone that comes along to test one’s theories. One or more colleagues pick them apart, looking for the errors, pointing out the things that seem obvious to them, but not to the one that had been seeking out the answers. Some call them fact checkers, others call them examiners. For Dr. Edwards, he called her Miss Horn, and she was a real problem, one that no amount of measurement could put into context exactly.

She was irritating and bothersome and poked around his lab every day. She was the cause, he was sure, of much of the failure of his more sensitive equipment. He could hear the click-clack-click of her heels at the door every morning and every evening, every time she passed by once more. Oh, she was polite enough, she did have a nice voice, and while her personality was more than a bit outgoing, that was nothing compared to the other problem he had with her.

You see, it didn’t matter how professionally she dressed, there was no possible way to hide the depth of her cleavage. And his eyes were drawn there unerringly. She did have a thing for the professional look mixed with a just a hint … well, if he was to be truthful, it was a heaping shovelful … of seductiveness, mixed in a way that invariably captured his attention.

But he’d managed to remain professional throughout their interactions. He hadn’t drooled at the slit of her skirts that left no doubt of the color of her panties, or that she was wearing thigh-high stockings, the lace teasing out from the bottom of her skirt, causing his fingers to twitch from time to time. Standing nearby, being the proper gentleman as she bent over his desk, hands on either side of the desk blotter, reading his work. He managed only to gaze upon the curves of her hips while her skirt did wonderful things to her bottom as it stretched itself, moulding to her.

No he hadn’t lost himself when she rolled her hips, occasionally looking over her shoulder at him, an eyebrow raised in the midst of challenging some point in his research. Nor did her eyes, peering at him through her horn-rimmed glasses, cause him to do some of the decidedly erotic things that crept into his thoughts. He even managed not to stare, well at least not to drool, as the dear woman wrapped her lips around her index finger before using that slick digit to turn over one page for the next.

When she wasn’t looking, he did clutch at whichever table he was standing near, trying very … hard … not to blurt out something inane or stupid or, worst of all, express some of the thoughts that were egging him onwards. This all went on from the first day that Miss Horn, with her delightfully red hair in a severe bun, had entered his world, and it just kept getting more and more present and severe as time went onwards.

It all came to a head when she’d questioned a particularly complex formula and he blurted out: “You couldn’t possibly understand those equations, Miss Horn!” With the words out in the open, he found himself the target of her deep blue eyes, searing him through her glasses. Pursed lips were not a good thing. The crossing of arms over her wonderful cleavage was even worse. She was not, at all, happy.

“I beg your pardon, Dr. Edwards?”

In for a penny, in for a pound, he thought: “I do not believe you have the means, or ability, to question my equations. Nor, I expect, have you the mental alacrity to see past my work to my ultimate goal.”

Her smile was evil, there was no other way to put it: “Really? Is that so?”

A rational mind would, at this point, look for a way out, to exit the field of battle with their dangly bits still intact. Richard, while he was a brilliant mathematician, wasn’t very good at dealing with objects of one’s desires that seemed to be set on one thing. Thinking that, perhaps, being less formal might work, he tried: “Miss Horn … Addison … If you’d …”

“My name is not Addison … I’m well aware of your name however, Dick. But you don’t know mine?”

“I would prefer you not use that name.”

She crossed the lab in three strides and he found himself looking into her eyes, having nowhere to run, feeling very much like one of the mice in the mazes that were in the other labs. Pausing very close, her purse was shrugged off her shoulder. Opening it, she fished out a small silver business card.

“What is my name, Dick?”


She looked at the card, shook her head and then, with a snap of her fingers put the card upside down on the counter beside him.


“No, your name is Addison. I’ve heard others …”

“You’ve heard my name … but you haven’t … heard … my name. I find that distressful … Dick.”

Attempting to hold onto some sense of control, the apology was hurried: “I apologize.”

Then, he turned to the card—obviously her business card—his fingers brushed over it, intending to flip it over, to read her proper name and move on.

Her voice—sharp, but at the same time making him sweat came: “You’ve been testing a lot of things … haven’t you, Dick?”

“What do you mean?”

“Testing this … testing that … I’m sure you have notes on everything you’ve been testing, haven’t you?”

“Of course!”

The woman that had been captivating him in his dreams, in his thoughts said the one thing he wasn’t prepared for: “Does that include … me? Have you a book, listing your tests? My responses?”

Frantically waving his hands, the trapped researcher’s voice rushed faster still: “I’ve done no such thing! I haven’t made any notes!”

That evil smile turned in a way that made her next words a purr of delight: “So, you admit you’ve been testing me, then?”

“I have not! You have no evidence that I …”

“Don’t I?”

He stood his ground. Of course she didn’t. There wasn’t any … at least nothing that was actually written down. The touch of her long burgundy nails put paid to the lack of evidence: “mmmm … your stiff cock seems to betray you.”

Out of desperation, he pushed her hand away: “Miss Horn! Please! Restrain yourself!”

Her hands only moved to toy with his lapels: “Oh you’d like that … wouldn’t you? Tying me up? Bending me over your desk? All … so … helpless as you did … anything … you wanted?”

The mouse, trapped by the cat, wanted to refuse her: “Addison! I would do no such thing!”

The tigress licked her lips: “Oh? I think you’d do more. You’d tease me, make me cry out for your cock, scream in delightful heat as your fingers dipped inside of me, caressing my clit, rubbing my heat, my honey dripping …”

“Addison! Please!”

Her smirk was heat itself as she pushed him against the counter, then along it: “Yes … Dick?”

“This is completely unprofessional!”

The counter came to an end. Luckily, or perhaps by design, the flustered scientist found himself in a chair, the object of his lusts hovering over him. As she pulled a hairpin out, her red tresses became loose, a waterfall of blazing desire framing her slick, wet, shiny, burgundy lips, her gleaming blue eyes in shadow: “Then … let me be … very … professional … Dick.”

He’d been so held by her eyes that he hadn’t noticed her glasses were gone. But he did notice her hands fumbling with his belt, tugging on his slacks before … before … his mind froze in mid-thought. There was nothing he could do as her fingers toyed with his shaft, her lips swirled around, then over, its swelling head, teasing all of the sensitive places in ways that made his knuckles white as he hung onto the armrests for dear life. There was no question in what was left of the examiner’s mind: she passed her oral exam with flying colours.

Her lips came free with a pop, followed by another wanton lick of the tip, as if she was toying with an ice cream cone: “What’s my name … Dick.”

It was a struggle, she didn’t stop nibbling, licking, devouring him to her delight as he whimpered: “Aaaadddisonnnn …”

Her lips left him, his hips trying to push himself back to their warm wetness, but she’d moved too far away as she looked him in the eyes: “Close. But no.”

Letting go, her fingers undid her blouse, then with a shimmy, her skirt fell away, leaving her bare save for her burgundy lace panties, bra, and stockings. He could hear her heels—burgundy, of course—scraping on the tile floor as she straddled him.

Her breath warmed him, her eyes inescapable: “Say my name.”

He moaned in want: “Aaaadddisonnnn …”

A long, sinuous, burgundy, heart-tipped tail rose into the air behind her: “Say … my … name …”

Whimpering, needing, he begged her: “Aaaadddisonnnn …”

A pair of burgundy horns rose into her flaming hair, her voice all consuming: “Say … my … name …”

The cry came from the depths of his soul, his fantasies tested, his needs probed, the answer being the only one that mattered: Addisyn!”

The one being tested moaned in delight at her name: “mmm … yesssss … You pass the test … Dick.”

From that day onwards, there was one person that could call him Dick … but she had a very good reason. She passed all of the tests.

Jan 08 2017

A Review of Craving the Incubus by Ruby Thurston

Craving the Incubus by Ruby Thurston

Craving the Incubus by Ruby Thurston

A review of a prequel work today on the Tale. The beginning of a series in which there are D/s themes, the appearance of incubi, and possibly succubi in the future. It’s a unique universe, the themes are very emotional and pointed at times, which are good things.

Along the way comes a lot of depression, loss, and the need to understand oneself. It’s a difficult read at times, the main character’s hurt is so very real and painful. But then, that can only mean there’s hope that this series will be more of a story than a series of erotic scenes looking for a connection.

The work tells the story of:

Zoe is devastated when her childhood best friend, Melissa, becomes the next victim of the lottery–a system put in place to award human slaves to demons who’ve emigrated from the overpopulated hell realm. Moving on isn’t as simple as she expects, and her attempts to research ways to help her friend end up rocking the foundation of everything Zoe understands about the world and herself.

Zoe’s world has fallen apart, Things were bad enough with the arrival of demons on Earth, but her best friend is gone, given to them and she’s alone in the world. Questions arise, she seeks answers, but what she discovers puts her on a path towards something she wasn’t prepared for, doesn’t understand, but can’t help needing.

The series is set in a world where demons have come, taken over, and humanity’s purpose, it seems, is to be used, a bit at a time, for their pleasure. That means, at least from what little is seen in this prequel, that humans become pets, are changed both mentally and physically, their past selves lost through a lottery. It’s an interesting concept, some of the scenes that reflect upon Zoe seeing what happened to her friend, the aftermath left behind and its effects on Zoe are so very depressing and sad. So much so that the depression and loss hangs like a cloud over not just Zoe, but her entire world and that’s a crushing thing to read.

By far, the singular emotion throughout this work is that depression and it does, at times, make this a very hard work to read. There is some heat, but it can’t really overcome the depressing aspects of the story itself. The theme of the erotica varies between some D/s play and a bit of seeming mind control missed with a bit of transformation. But this is all mainly a teasing glimpse. the background and meaning of many of the moments being held aside for, I assume, the first work in the series.

There is an appearance of an incubus in this work, who opens within Zoe something she didn’t realize she needed and that directs her to places she hadn’t been before and to make a choice that she never expected to. It’s the main source of heat in the work, Zoe’s thoughts and her need for finding a bit of pleasure among all of the darkness around her. Personally, the little glimpse of the incubus, called Major, felt rather stereotypical, bordering on disappointing for me. While it makes sense he would be dominant, his actions, attitude and personality didn’t do a thing for me. I’ll hope there’s something more to him, should he return, more so that the themes going forwards manage not to stray into the realm of that one book, and film, that I really dislike that didn’t have a clue about the D/s world, never mind BDSM.

I think there’s a really interesting story to be told, but it feels like this won’t be one in which there’s a lot of joy, light or happiness to be found. There’s a coldness here, it’s one that could take this work very dark, but also might make the series very stereotypical and expected. I really hope it won’t be.

Good characters, the plots is very good, but the depressing moments held me back from much of what came. There’s a lot of promise, Zoe’s story will be a complicated one I expect and that interests me. I hope she’ll still be Zoe at the end of things, because losing her as a character would take a great deal out of the series, no matter how depressing things could be.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The work tells a very good story and sets up the series to come very well. The only thing that took away from the overall work for me was the overwhelming sense of loss that Zoe has. That depression, the need to fill a void within herself was quite hard to read. While it gave a reason, the issue for me was the seeming disjointedness of it all.

This was a prequel work to the series to come, the first work in the series to be titled Milked by the Incubus. the release date was not announced at the time of this review. I’m going to hope that the themes in the series will not be stereotypical, because that will be disappointing. There’s a mystery here, a world to explore. I think the author can manage this and keep heat as well. The trick will be not making the D/s theme feel wrong, or the characters lose their way.

We shall see.



Jan 08 2017

A Review of She’s a Demon by Vladimir Ostrovski

She's a Demon by Vladimir Ostrovski

She’s a Demon by Vladimir Ostrovski

There are some stories which never seem to find their footing. There’s never any traction in the plot, the characters don’t do anything save go in circles. There’s a lack of heat, a missing passion in the erotica. Things are worse when the editing leaves a lot to be desired and the overall story just seems to lay there and spin its wheels endlessly.

A story that has a succubus character within it should use that character for something. Suggestions of their powers, of what they want from other characters isn’t enough. The succubus herself needs to do more than just “offer” something. There needs to be a point. Sometimes there isn’t beyond her being the focus of another character’s sexual desires.

  • Title: She’s a Demon
  • Author: Vladimir Ostrovski
  • Length: 14 Pages
  • IBSN: 9781311036100
  • Publishing Date: July 11, 2016
  • This work at Smashwords.com

The work tells the story of:

Jon is an eighteen-year-old student tortured by the fact that he is still a virgin. His math teacher, a beautiful woman with some demonic tendencies, has plans for him. She has been pretending to be his teacher for months so she could get to know everything about him, so she could make him an offer he couldn’t refuse. And make him her servant, now she knows what to do.

Jon’s life is long moments of nothing intermixed with a desperate need for his math teacher, Mrs. Blaze. An accident on the way to school gives Blaze the opening she needs to seduce and control him.

There really isn’t much of a succubus story as Mrs. Blaze appears only fleetingly, really doesn’t give much to her succubus nature and then the story comes to a close. For the most part the work focuses on Jon feeling sorry for himself, riding the bus, and overall being out of touch with much of the world around him. There’s no purpose to his character, there’s no emotional connection with him.

Much can be said about the overall story as there’s no focus to it, no meaning, no real conclusion, no conflict. It’s a series of scenes that are loosely connected together. Overall the work is relatively boring in that context having no sexual heat, no drive to the characters and nothing to care about or want to see happen next.

Events unfold almost in a train of consciousness and as a result the story becomes confused, aimless and without form. As well the work has a vast number of spelling, word and tense errors that make much of the story almost unreadable and comprehending what happens throughout much is very difficult.

When Mrs. Blaze comes into the story, she’s less a succubus than she seems to be temptation for Jon. There’s a lot of sexual innuendo, some suggestive looks and comments made, but none of that is really succubus like. The only clear point where Mrs. Blaze is seen to be a succubus is when she describes herself as one and goes about trying to claim Jon’s soul.

The conclusion is confused, the outcome is unclear and there’s just no point to everything that came before. There’s almost a porn-like quality to the ending, but that doesn’t help with all else that comes before nor the editing issues.

A difficult read, characters that are thinly written, a plot that doesn’t exist. The only thing that I thought was interesting was the reveal about Mrs. Blaze. It’s an idea worth telling, taking Jon from this moment to something more. But not like this. The author really needs an editor.

One out of five pitchforks.

There’s really no succubus in this story, mainly because her appearance is fleeting and without any real purpose. The story is directionless, having no clear plot or anything remotely like it. This work reads like the opening chapter to a story and one that does’t hook a reader into the story. More focus, more story, and something more than a half-hearted bit of a hot flash to justify things would be an improvement.



Jan 07 2017

An interesting piece of Succubus Sculpture…

Succubus Bust Sculpture by LaCreeperieSome time ago I came across what I think is a rather unique piece of Succubus Sculpture. It’s no longer available, but nonetheless, I did want to share my find nonetheless.

This Succubus Bust Sculpture is by an artist on Etsy calling themselves LaCreeperie. I found this art here, but this link likely isn’t working any longer.

According to the original listing, the sculpture weighs about two pounds and stands a little under fourteen inches in height. The sculpture is created from urethane resin. The sculpture is hand made, hand painted and is one of a kind.

I think this is a striking piece of art, most of all from the expression that this sculpture has. It seems a mixture of seduction and a kind of royal presence that just works really well.

If I was to commission something like this, I’m not sure that the horns would be quite as large, being that I like smaller horns for the most part.

But here, in this overall look, I think they do work quite well…



Jan 06 2017

A Review of The Job Swimsuits Her by Zayna Noble

The Job Swimsuits Her by Zayna Noble

The Job Swimsuits Her by Zayna Noble

The author Zayna Noble has been publishing quite a lot of works with succubi characters in them. Those characters are interesting, I think there’s a lot of depth to be explored, stories to be told. But as as whole, many of the stories aren’t really stories about the succubi themselves, even it the titles suggest they are.

I’ve reviewed several of their works, and I’m quite sure I’ll be reviewing more of them in the future as well. I’ve found, at least for me, that one of two things happens in their works. Either the story is, actually, about a succubus, or it isn’t and the succubus is a means for a transformation, gender of otherwise. When the latter happens, the problem I have is that the succubus tends to be far more interesting than the main character is. The work I’ll review today is one of the latter by far.

The story is about:

Mike is desperate to get into the Beach Party of the century for Spring Break. Only the hottest of hot people are allowed, and past a giant wall is a ratio of ten women to each man! He’s worked his ass off to lose fat and gain muscle just for this! Even so, the party admins don’t think he’s attractive enough to enter.

Thankfully, a friend of a friend hooks him up with a succubus that may be able to help. Not only is Derora insanely gorgeous, she also dabbles in modern magic, enchanting items that can pass on incredible effects to their wearers. The plan: to give Mike a pass to act as a lifeguard for the party. There’s a catch, however. The pass will only work if he turns into a hot girl!

Derora presents Mike with a little red bikini that turns the buff man into a curvy woman! Under the name ‘Mikayla’, entering the Beach Party is a breeze! All seems well until she’s assigned lifeguard duty at the very end of the beach, where not a single hot babe is celebrating.

Enter Ken, a dashing human, and Daron, a minotaur built like a truck. The two men are sure they can keep Mikayla entertained…

Mike wants in on a beach party, but he doesn’t make the grade. Desperate, he comes into contact with a succubus that offers him a way in. A deal made, a swimsuit to wear and Mike becomes Mikayla, a sexy lifeguard who finds herself needing to save a lot of guys in all sorts of interesting ways.

The work at its core is a gender transformation story that has a succubus being the catalyst for that transformation. As such, it isn’t really a succubus story, which is a shame, because Derora, the succubus of the work, has possibly one of the more interesting pasts to tell, but doesn’t. Beyond that, the idea of a succubus lifeguard is so delicious, but isn’t explored. As well, Derora’s personality is wonderful, as long as she is within the story, and it really disappointed me when she vanished into thin air, being forgotten until far later in the work.

The gender transformation is written as well as others that the author has written, having some good heat when it happens. It is, however, a bit rote in that some of the emotional context and reactions read very familiar compared to other works. That said, there is some sense to things, the reasons work, the results aren’t over the top or silly. Mikayla is her own character, there’s some really good interaction before the erotica comes into play and I liked that. She wasn’t just in the pages for the sake of being bent over and used either.

The erotica has heat, about the same as other works, and it isn’t impossible erotica either. The gender swap gets buried underneath Mikayla’s personality, really it’s forgotten, much like Mike is, until the very end of the work. It’s at that point when a question is asked and it was one that I had been wondering about since Derora mentioned it. It would have been nice to see what that deal was, what Mike would be made to do, but it doesn’t happen. The story ends abruptly, offering the question to ponder and leaves the story hanging on that point.

I would have liked to have seen the story continue onwards to finding out what comes next. I’d like to have known more about Derora herself than was revealed. The story isn’t really about Derora, and I understand that, but when a character appears that’s interesting, has personality, teases and leaves the suggestion she’s more than she seems, it’s a shame not to make use of that. Saying there is a succubus in a story, and she’s seemingly very important to it, to me means she has more of a presence than to toss a bikini at another character and then smile as they leave.

Three out of five pitchforks.

A gender transformation story which has some moments of heat, but while that remains a strong point for this author, I didn’t feel like this was one of their better works. More so, teasing Derora, offering a slender hint of who she is, and then ending the work on what is a really important question, left me wondering. I’d like to see a story about Derora herself, or at least to tell more about her. Really the idea of a succubus swimming lifeguard interests me. Perhaps that will be a story we’ll see sometime.