Jul 29 2013

Pondering by TeraS

One of the things that the Succubi Queen is famous for is her pondering. She considers many, many things that most would never expect her to…

And from that comes this little story, such as it is…




By TeraS

The library of the Realm is known for all of the knowledge that it contains. Not just the important things, mind you, such as the wing on seduction, or the one on sexual positions, both of which are required reading for all in the Realm—which explains why it takes centuries for those who become part of the Realm to pass their challenges … But that’s … another story …

No, this story is about one specific book in one specific place in the library which only a few have ever seen, know about, or, more importantly, understand.

No library card would ever give you access to it. No person could tell you exactly where you might find it. It isn’t listed in any card catalog or computer index in all of the universes. But it does exist, and only Tera alone knows where it is.

It stands alone in a room with green carpet and jet-black walls, a single light coming, it seems, out of nowhere illuminates the place where it awaits. Stepping into the room, one encounters perfect silence. You find that you do not wish to do anything to break the silence, to disturb it, for there is the overwhelming feeling that, if you did, something fundamental would change …

The book rests upon an ornate stand like no other you might have ever seen. Two figures kneel underneath the light, their forms shimmering gold, then silver, then mixing the two before returning to gold once more. Look once, and one is male, the other female. Look again, and they are both male or both female. In the next their forms are both and then neither. But while their forms change, one thing does not. Their arms reach above their heads, fingers laced together, palms turned upwards, and there rests … the book.

It is a slim tomb, perhaps only a half-inch thick. The cover is torn on the edges, worn, the title not quite readable—though perhaps a letter or two might be visible upon it should your look long enough to see them. A single piece of string, tied once, holds the book closed as if to keep what dwells within it held away for safekeeping.

And in this place, this odd place, if you could find it, you might see Tera standing there, every now and again … pondering. A finger occasionally tracing over her lips, or a swishing of her tail as she … ponders. Her thoughts might be going over what she had done that day … week … month … year, what she had seen that decade … century … eon, all of the lives that she had met … touched … held.

But all of that comes only after a memory that is as clear and visceral to her as if it had happened only a moment before …

A long time ago, Tera was shown this place and this book by her mother, who was the Queen before her. The words they shared always come back and make her smile, warmly and wistfully, as she remembers her mother’s voice … her smile … her love.

“What’s that?”

“Something to ponder.”


“Just because, Daughter. You’ll understand why someday.”


“When the time is right, you’ll know.”

Every time that Tera returns to this place, this hidden spot that only she knows of now, that conversation returns to her thoughts as she stands there and … ponders.

What is inside the book? What does it say? Who wrote it? Why?

She reaches out and takes hold of one of the loose ends of the string and pulls on it gently …

Was it time? Would she know the answers at last? Would she finally understand?

You might see her pull on the string and find that the knot did not loosen.

You might see her pull on the string and find the knot unravel and the book open to her.

You might … or rather could … but there is a third possibility.

You would see her release the string in the next moment, deciding that perhaps it wasn’t the right time. Perhaps the point of the book lay not in knowing what was within its pages, but instead in pondering over what might be within them.

She would pat the book’s cover once, with her left hand, then turn and walk from the room. Not knowing the answer but still …

… pondering.

Pondering … for it is not in the reading but in the remembering that this book connects Tera with all that is important.

Pondering … for it is in the pondering that the book most helps Tera.

Pondering … for it is in this connection with those who were queens before her that her mother gave her the greatest gift.

Pondering … for that is what Tera will always do.

Jul 28 2013

A Review of Dirty Demon by B.B. Roman

Dirty Demon by B.B. Roman

Dirty Demon by B.B. Roman

Time for a review of another story that has an Incubus in it… It is a hot flash, which is disappointing once again… I really don’t enjoy that when it happens, I’ve said that a lot I know, but honestly why start what could be really interesting and then allow it to fall apart?

The story tells of:

Millie is 23 and struggling to find a boyfriend. When her friend Shandra offers to summon a sex demon to help keep her busy in the bedroom, she agrees, thinking it’s just a joke. But when Millie’s alone in bed that night, she quickly learns that she’s not really alone. There’s something in her bed—and it won’t stop until she has the orgasm of a lifetime!

Millie and her best friend Shandra get drunk and Millie is given an Incubus to have fun with for one week. In short, that is what this hot flash is all about. However, we don;t get to see the week’s worth of fun and games, only the very first night in which Mille is taken in just about every possible way by her Incubus.

One of the things that I thought was a new slant on Incubi was that he didn’t appear as himself. Until the moment that Millie thought of the man she wanted to be with, he was invisible and used his powers to pleasure her. Once she had thought of the form she wanted him to be, then the story moved into one very long sex scene that built its way towards its climax in more ways than one.

And here, again, is the problem I have with these short stories. Very little background, a quick introduction, then to the sex, and a quick closure of the story leading to… Well, we never know what it leads to. There is a core of a story here, even if it only was to show Millie’s week with this Incubus. Even if that was all that the longer work would be, there are warnings in the story to Millie that would have made for some conflicts to be told.

One of the main ones being that while Millie is with the Incubus, she should never have sex with any man for the Incubus would be jealous. As well, her friend’s promise that if she liked this Incubus… she could have another one.

I wonder what that would result in? Jealous Incubi fighting over her? Or something more than that? All of these are questions that the author could have weaved into a much longer and interesting story than the hot flash that is given here.

Still, all I can do is wonder about what could have been…

The erotica is hot, I enjoyed the physical aspects of it very much. I also liked that there was a nice use of power by the Incubus to hold Millie and then tease and caress her until her wishes were granted and she came wonderfully.

I am, however, not thrilled by the ending, I wanted more than was given here. As I said, there are so many open thoughts, possible plots, and moments that could have easily transformed this from a hot flash into a novella that it’s a shame that the author didn’t go forward with them all.

Perhaps they will? It’s something to hope for at least…

I’ll give this work three and a half pitchforks out of five.

Hot flash yes, but it could be so much more…


Jul 27 2013

A very nice Succubus WIP YouTube…

I found a really lovely work in progress YouTube that, by the end of it, reveals a Succubus that I think is really something special…

And if you cannot see it here on the Tale:


And, of course in case the video disappears, the completed piece of art:

Succubus by CatKicka

Succubus by CatKicka

This art is by an artist on YouTube called CatKicka, who’s page you can find here. This particular piece of art is their tenth day of creations in a series of Monster Girls they made last year and is one of my favourites from their series.

I like the underlying hint of sexuality in this art quite a lot. It isn’t overwhelming, and I like that concept. Her wings being torn I don’t care much for, but then she is a Succubus, a evil one probably, and so that appearance is a given really.

I’m also pleased that she has normal legs and feet, hooves wouldn’t have looked nice, I do wonder a little about the size of her horns and the jewelry in her hair though…

Could be a story in that mebby…



Jul 26 2013

A Review of Just A Taste by J.C. Holly

Just A Taste by J.C. Holly

Just A Taste by J.C. Holly

What does it mean to be a Succubus? It is simply the sex? The means to have that from anyone, anytime, anywhere? I don’t believe it is. No one thing defines any one person, or being, or kind of being. What does define them is who they are when all of the other descriptions, all of the things that they seem to be, are taken away and all that is left is their soul.

And then the question becomes, is that then what they truly are?

The story tells of:

Jenna is a succubus, a creature that feeds upon lust and sexual energy. And she’s good at her job. Who wouldn’t be after 700 years? When Terry tries to pick her up in a bar, she takes him back to her place for a night literally straight out of his dreams.

A hot flash about a Succubus named Jenna who takes a man back to her place and then fulfills one of his fantasies in order to feed from his sexual energies. Overall that is an interesting start to a story, but the problem becomes that the story suffers for getting to the sex to be told.

Jenna is, most certainly, a Succubus, though there are no descriptions of horns or a tail to tell that for certain. Still, the author describes her as a Succubus, she feeds from sex, and she has the ability to make dreams real. She has obviously been a Succubus for some time as the use of her powers is barely an distraction to her. I thought that her casual attitude was interesting, though some more background on her past would have been nice.

She is, at least in this story, very dominant in nature and her prey falls to her powers very quickly which then immediately leads to the sex scene, which is hot, with a little bit of bondage and BDSM which follows it. I have problems with stories that have Succubi appearing as a means to a sex scene rather than characters in their own right with a history.

Jenna treads the line for me. On the one hand there is a history to her which is hinted at, but we learn nothing of it really. Then we have her performing all kinds of sex acts on her prey, but there isn’t a lot of heat in that for her and her attitude shows that.

The writing is good, nothing in the story really took me out of it, though I wanted more than this little moment. I suppose that makes the title quite apt really…

Three pitchforks out of five.

More story, because there are things to tell, and it would have been nice to see that.



Jul 25 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 290

This week’s Succubus is, in fact, an styled version of an avatar that an artist uses on gaia online. I think she’s a wonderful Succubus and I think that she has inspired a story that I hope to share soon…

Succubus by C3NTRIC

Succubus by C3NTRIC

This is called, simply, Succubus and is by an artist on DeviantArt that calls themselves C3NTRIC. I found this work on their site on DeviantArt here and their artist’s page is here as well.

The artist has a wonderful style to their art, I like the what light and dark are mixed into her form, clothing, and hair. The bit of smoke below her is a nice touch as well as it gives this art a bit of depth that I think was needed. The snake on her shoulder is a little odd, and I don’t quite understand why she has one, but it almost looks as if it is coming out of her hair in a way.

The tears in her wings are interesting, they show I think that she hasn’t had the easiest of times as a Succubus, but, it also means that she has a history and that I find to be a fascinating thing to think about.

The artist has created other works that have a Devil or Succubus theme to them, such as this one, and this one on their DeviantArt page.

Please do visit and see more of their wonderful art!



Jul 24 2013

What exactly is an X-Devil costume anyway?

Sometimes the names they use for Devil Girl or Succubus costumes bother me some. Occasionally the name makes no sense, or isn’t quite right, or is a use of the English language that just is incredible.

And then, then there are costumes with names like this…

X-Devil Sheer Sexy Devil Costume

This is called the X-Devil Sheer Sexy Devil Costume. I’ll get to that in a little bit I promise. It comes with the sheer sequin mesh dress with boa trim, a pair of sequin horns and the pitchfork that the model is holding.

No other accessories are included, nor are the shoes, and, of course, the costume does not come with a tail either…

It sells for $80 US.

So, the horns are ugly, the pitchfork is the one that I hate most of all, but I have a lot more problems with this. I don’t see how a feather boa, or feather trimming for that matter has anything to do with Succubi. Really, take away the accessories and you have a red dress with some feathers and that’s about it.

But the real problem is the name of this costume. If it is an X-Devil Devil Costume then doesn’t that make this not a devil costume then?

I mean, imagine trying to explain that to someone when they ask you where you bought this and what it is called?

They’ll look at you like you are a bit… off.

Anyway, putting aside the nits and picks, overall I suppose that replacing the horns and pitchfork would make this at least partially palatable. Not completely mind you, but a little bit…

I’ll give this two pitchforks out of five.

It’s really not horrid, which is saying something I suppose…



Jul 23 2013

Desires 87

A pause, a thought, a consideration… But also a decision is made…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Twenty-Three


He let out a soft sigh of contentment. It marveled him a little, how well the curves of her body seemed to fit so perfectly in his embrace. The tight hold of her tail on his leg made his wings twitch a little, spreading even more tickling feathers over her back.

Had he held anyone like this before? “…you would be the first…” he whispered. It seemed she was quite the privileged one. He sighed softly as her leg rubbed up against him, enjoying the sensations. After a moment he pulled out of their hug – enough that he could look into her eyes. Her tail really didn’t allow him to go too far – his wings returning to their rest position behind him.

A slight pulse of light flickered from his halo, and his remaining clothes faded away. “I do want this, Tera…” he said, flushing a little as his excitement was made all too well-known. “…I just…don’t really know all of the steps to this dance…”


Then we shall learn together won’t we?