Jan 21 2014

Desires 112

And with this… Desires comes to a close… Again this is my fault… Perhaps someday… But my hero knows that I am with him… Always.


Desires – Travelling

By Fzzy and Tera S

Part Seven – The End


She chuckled a little bit and answered, “Trust me on something Ray… St. Peter probably wouldn’t want to know that I was here helping you… I’m not that much of an angel and he knows it too…”

I look at her with surprise in my eyes.  “What do you mean St.Peter wouldn’t want to know? He is a warrior and he will listen to another warrior. Or he will learn the error of his ways yet again.”

She moved her hands over his body getting the occasional gasp from him and shook her head as she said, “You dummy… You are not going to pass from me that easily Ray… I might not have much in the way of controlling the universe, but I will not allow you to go because of something like this…”
There was a soft glow in her hair for a moment and then as he watched a pair of sleek red horns peeked out from her hair glistening in the light of the tent. She bit her lip and then said, “There is not healing without pain…. And there is nothing I can do to stop that from happening…. And I’m sorry Ray…. I truly am….”
She put her hand on his ribs and there was a sharp crack sound as she did. A spike of pain flooded into his body and then for a moment his breathing cleared slightly as the ache in him lessened slightly…
But he could see the look of pain in her eyes and the gasp of breath she took. A low curse passed from her lips directed at the universe for making this happen and then she sat back away from him breathing heavily.

<GASP> Pain shoots thru me from my ribs – my eyes open wide and I swear I saw horns come out of her hair. They glowed a soft red then she did something – my ribs moved with a loud crack. Then I could breathe easier, but I saw the pain in her eyes. “No, you must stop; you don’t need to take my pain. Please, you are doing me far better than I deserve. “

She looked into his eyes and said, “Believe it or not Ray… You have another destiny to fulfill… And that does not include you dying by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere…”

I heard her speak of destiny; I was seriously worried about her sanity, and then I remember the horns. She might really know something about destiny. “But I like it out here – the company is very nice. Although I would’ve been better off without the accident. However, I doubt if I would have been blessed with meeting the likes of you.” She smiled demurely, it was beautiful. Whoever captures her heart is going to be very lucky.

She crawled around in the tent, and then made him lay against her quietly. She brushed her fingers through his hair and said, “I’m sorry that the angels didn’t come to you in your time of need Ray… I truly am… You are a good man… But they could not hear your cries in the night… But I could and so here I am…”

Angels? They are far too busy for the likes of me. ”I don’t need an angel, when I have you. There are people out there that need angels more than I do.  My cries have been heard…. by you.”

With the sound of the gas lamp in the tent burning, she continued to speak, “My name is Tera… What I am isn’t all that important but you can make your own guess I suppose… I’m not the answer to your needs Ray… But I’m here now… And so… We’ll see what happens won’t we?”

I wish my mother had held me like this when I was a child instead of running off like she did ‘that’ night right after my father went to work…   It felt wonderful – her arms with their hidden strength, yet soft and supple. What I had to do to get surrounded by them was almost worth it. “Yes, we’ll see what happens.”

She smiled as she continued, “My bike? That’s an interesting story…. But you only get to hear the whole thing if you make it to sunrise Ray… You will have to fight for the words I speak… If you give up on me… You’ll never know the whole thing….”

She took his right hand in hers and asked, “Do we have a deal?”

Her bike was and is a piece of art.

“Your damned right I want to know about it! But first, let me tell you about my ICE. I was given her after the loss of my love. I guess I wasn’t taking it to good. I tried to drown my sorrows in a bottle; the genie just never had the answers. I would get to the bottom of the bottles and there was still no answer.
Well, her family and mine got together; they talked with friends, co-workers, and hell my comrades in the National Guard. Everyone staged an intervention; I was in rehab for 12 weeks. Before they brought most of Ice in to me, she was in pieces, and rusted to the fair thee well. I had a few hundred grand in the bank so I started ordering parts, tools, and books. The rehab at first was going to fight this but then when the saw how much I improved they left me alone. I didn’t even need to detoxify. I just worked thru the shakes. The withdrawal symptoms, it was the worst thing I have ever gone through, until now that is.”

Tears came unbidden to my eyes. “Oh man, my bike, Ice!” I had put some serious sweat, tears, and some blood into her. Now she is now a twisted, broken wreck.

Slow shuddering sigh half expecting pain to shoot thru me, but Tera has done something miraculous for me. The rib that pierced my lung …is not piercing it any more. It is still broken but the pieces are together.

“Thank-you for the quick fix, I know that has cost you something. If I can help you to recover faster just ask. Now where was I…Oh yeah so when I got it all together and running I requested that I be let out. Well since I was placed in there unwillingly I needed a lawyer. She was very instrumental in getting me released. I tooled around the U.S. for a few weeks then went to my uncle in Montana. I stayed there till well today…

“Now, it’s your turn – I’ve told you my story, now you owe me yours, so if I must fight the devil himself to hear it, I will.”


You hear it always my hero… A small truth, but truth still…




Jan 20 2014

A Random Rant By TeraS

A Random Rant
By TeraS


I know that normally on Mondays I write a bit and share that with you all. I didn’t have it within me to do so this time, but something has been bothering me for a while and I decided that I might as well have my two swisches of my tail about it.

I’ve noticed that, mainly on Amazon, because they are the largest eBook seller by far, that there is a rather nasty series of things that some authors are doing there that I feel is rather dishonest in a lot of ways to their readers.

The first thing that has bothered me is when an author publishes their work and then republishes it, and then does so again. By this I mean there are some authors that seemingly wish to keep their works at the top of the publishing date list on Amazon. So, in order to do so, they continually change their publishing date, only on Amazon mind you, and in doing so their work jumps up to the top of the list.

Now, that in itself would be bad enough, but then comes the next thing that bothers me. This is when authors republish their work exactly, with no changes, save for the cover. The story itself is exactly as it was before. Errors and all. Then they go a step further and delete the previous edition of their work rather than releasing this work as a new edition of the work that already exists. This is not fair to those that have already purchased the work by any means that I can see.

The trifecta, and this is where I really have a problem, is when the writer publishes the work in question again, with a new cover, and a new author’s name and passes it off as a completely new work. But there is not a single word in the story that is new, no errors are fixed, and nothing at all changes or is made better in any way at all.

Much of this has to do with Amazon’s publishing policies and how books are released through them. I don’t see this issue happening to the same extent it is on Amazon anywhere else. I don’t begrudge an author making some money on their works. Save for the ones that are releasing four page stories of which one page is the cover and one page is the blurb about the author for upwards of three dollars, but I digress…

The self-publishing of books is not a bad thing, I like that one can release their work to the world and see what develops from that. I see authors that take the time to create a website or interact with their readers being some of the better ones out there and there are a lot of them by far. But there is a certain undercurrent of authors, especially in the world of erotica, that seem to be only looking for the loopholes in releasing books.

I’ve spoken in many of my reviews about where there isn’t much care taken in the craft of releasing a book. There are many works that are released where there are massive numbers of grammar, spelling and other errors. Overall, more times that I care to mention, there is more time spent on the cover of the book than there seemed to be over the book itself.

It does not have to be this way.

Self-publishing authors have to realize that at some point there will be a shift in their readership towards writers that release a good book. Not a pamphlet. Not a flyer. A good long book with character development and a point to the story.

Now, some might say: “But it’s erotica! None of that matters!” Really?

To me it does. To many readers like me it matters that an author creates a story. That seems to be less and less what is being offered to the readers as a whole and that’s a massive shame. More so, I can look at many writer’s sites and story sites where amazingly well crafted works are shared and I look at their works and think: “I’d pay for that.”

It should not be the goal of the writing community to offer what amounts to poor writing for good money. The bottom line, as I see it, is that readers when they find an author that delivers on story, that cares about what they release, they will spend their money on that author and do so repeatedly.

There will come a time where one of two things will happen. The first, and personally I cannot see this happening, is that Amazon will place some standards on what it published on their site. I don’t mean editorially, I mean in that if you want to sell a book for three dollars, you will need to meet a minimum number of words to do so. I can’t see this actually happening because, let’s face it, Amazon makes so much money from self-publishing and especially from erotica that they will never change how thing work for them.

The second and more likely event will be a backlash on the writing community as a whole. At some point the reviews will begin to become very harsh, sales will drop, and all of a sudden there will be a moment where authors will have to improve or they will simply stop selling their works. Readers are willing, I believe, to give any author a chance and see what they can do. You have one chance to hook a reader with your writing and if it is not the best you can do, you will not have that chance to do so.

In short, care about your writing. That seems to be something of a rarity as self-publishing grows in strength and it should not be that way. Don’t try to cheat readers. You might fool them once, but you’ll never have another sale from a reader that feels like they have been cheated. If you are worried about losing sales over time, then write a new book in the same universe. Or several of them. Give a reason for readers to keep coming back to you. Make an effort to keep your readers engaged with you.

Most of all… Show some class. Show your strengths. Do your best.

The reward in the end will be something you’ll notice.


Jan 19 2014

A Review of Sensational Possession by Arne Mellor

Sensational Possession by Arne Mellor

Sensational Possession by Arne Mellor

Succubi are not always the core characters of a story. Sometimes they are minor or passing ones that make an impression, in one way or the other, on the main character and then fade into the background.

While that happens because of story, many times I wonder what might have been the story if they had been more involved in a story than they are…

  • Title: Sensational Possession
  • Author: Arne Mellor
  • Length: 26 Pages
  • ASIN: B00DRFLE82
  • Publishing Date: July 2, 2013
  • This work at Amazon.com


The work tells of:

This is what happens when an ancient book holding otherworldly secrets to carnal sensations, falls into the hands of a young anthropology professor:

Kathleen wakes to find herself in some sort of a cell, bound and in the company of an impossibly beautiful woman, complete with batlike wings, tail and horns.

Then there’s succubi, demons and the Prince of Lust, all about to unleash Kathleen’s darkest passions and her ultimate sexual fantasy…

Kathleen comes into possession of an item with some very unique powers. Her curiosity and a bit of luck, find her being transported to another world where demons rule and she is at their mercy. And the very first being she meets is a Succubus…

The Succubus of the story, Geetha, is very much the image one might expect of a Succubus, horns, wings and all. She is very dominant and uses that dominance on Kathleen to full effect. It is a rather short scene as Geetha is a minor character in the work, she does appear once more, but there isn’t much told about her in the story overall.

One part of the story did interest me and that was the so-called tonic of the Succubi which Geetha made Kathleen consume soon after they met. I found myself wondering what else it might do outside of the story and otherwise. But while it allowed some lovely erotic moments, the idea was fleeting… I would have liked to see more of it.

As for the rest of the story, it is rather violent and has a lot of BDSM in it which personally isn’t one of my favorite themes especially when it turns violent in nature which the story does here.

The writing is solid however, with well defined characters, setting and the erotic moments are hot in their own way should you enjoy BDSM.There is also a nice undercurrent of this being the first work in an ongoing series.

I did read the next work, but there was no Succubi to be seen in it and as such I will not be reviewing that work here. I had hoped that the tonic of the Succubi might appear in this work, but it did not… But I had the feeling that it had much to do with what happens in that work.

Still, there is every chance of Geetha reappearing at some point and I will watch the series to see if that happens. She interests me, red hair and all… I wonder why?

Three out of five pitchforks.

Lots of promise, not enough Succubus moments for my taste and a bit too much BDSM for my tastes, but your opinion may vary…



Jan 18 2014

Oddly, it is a better movie than the original…

A long time ago there was a movie called Succubus that really I didn’t like, didn’t enjoy and didn’t think all that much of. It was juvenile, it had so much wrong with it that to list all of the problems would take hours to do… Which would be longer than the movie itself, but I digress…

I did, barely, like the actress who played the role of Lilith in the movie. The thing about her that bothered me was the attitude. She wasn’t so much a Succubus in personality as I would have enjoyed. Still, it was a teen movie really with some vague sex scenes in it so I really shouldn’t have expected more from it.

I found recently a YouTube video that actually does make her more interesting in a music video sort of way… I still don’t think she is really Succubus material, but at least she looks better…

And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale:


I’ll add that what the creator did was piece together scenes of the movie with a music video. They did so because the singer Scarlett Santana looks very much like the girl from Succubus the movie, and I agree that they really do…

But it still doesn’t make up for the movie itself…

As YouTube took the video away, here’s one of Scarlett Santana so you have an idea of what I mean…




Jan 17 2014

Can I be any more disappointed in Lost Girl this week than I am?

There’s a saying from my childhood that goes something like: “You know the gig’s a bore when the cockroaches snore.” To be honest that was the first thing that came to mind this week on Lost Girl when they finally, and far too late for my liking, revealed who Rainer, aka The Wanderer, aka possibly Bo’s Father (ick), aka possibly Bo’s “Destiny” (double ick) is. It really was a moment when I looked at my television and said… Seriously? That’s it? All of this lead up for this? Really?

It only served to prove to me at least to this point in the series that they had an idea, but really didn’t know where to go with it and had to stretch out the season with filler until someone… anyone… could figure out where they were going to go with this idea. Honestly the entire Wanderer arc feels like a complete waste of time and effort for everything they put into it. There’s no explanation, no meaning behind everything and when Bo and Rainer meet… It’s a Boffy moment with knifes being thrashed around and then a quick “you are in my power” moment and it’s over. Just disappointing.

The saddest thing of all is that the secondary story about Trick’s past was ten times more interesting and really should have been an episode on it’s own. Then deal with Bo finding the Wanderer, and not by herself, that was obviously a bad idea from the moment she said she was going to do that, and bring all of the players together in a better way than they have.

But then I suppose that could never happen could it? And I know for certain that I will be running out of popcorn to throw at the television…

The ninth episode of the fourth season, also episode fifty-seven of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Kenzi and Tamsin play unlock the box and then Tamsin learns that some deals really aren’t worth the blood they are written with. Dyson and Lauren try to outdo each other in the threatening pain and suffering contest of the week. Trick gets a nose bleed and a migraine trying to explain why he picked one sister over another before discovering a life of bigger mistakes. And Bo plays in a graveyard with a flock of crows, then tries to be The Riddler before catching yet another train that she really shouldn’t have…

Lost Girl Logo

This is the ninth review of the fourth season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo comes to find that when your fate is set by others, you can become…


Destiny’s Child


The episode opens with some flashbacks to previous episodes which include: The Una Mens imprisoning Hale (K.C. Collins) for bringing Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) into their presence and Bo (Anna Silk) confronting Vex (Ksenia Solo) over her being Dark Fae, but he claiming to know nothing about that. Hale telling Kenzi that when he walks into a room, she is the only one he can think of while they share a kiss. A quick shot of Bo follows of her using the music box once owned by Ianka to try to unlock her memories and that is followed by the scene where Dyson and Bo discover the mark that was placed upon her by The Wanderer. This is followed by the Una Mens asking Trick (Richard Howland) why the Blood King was overthrown, the answer being he became corrupt and finally the last moments of the previous episode where Kenzi gave Bo the box that had been addressed to her and she is shown opening it to reveal the sealed bottle of black smoke which had been used to take her to The Wanderer previously.

The actual episode opens with the Death Train travelling through the darkness, destination unknown. The scene then moves to inside of the train where a man is seen wearing a welder’s helmet and using an arc welder in an attempt to repair the train which seems to be falling apart. He pauses in his work and then a section of the train is ripped away revealing the darkness outside before he returns to his work. As the scene ends, the camera pans to the floor where the crown with Bo’s name written inside of it can be seen.

Bo is then seen at the Dal Riata with Kenzi, Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried), Lauren (Zoie Palmer) and Trick. Trick asks Bo “What’s this about?” and Bo replies “It’s about time.” Bo tells the others that she is Dark Fae, and that she was taken by The Wanderer, who Bo has no idea who he is or what he wants, or what happened when she was with him before and she doesn’t like that she has no answers. Bo then explains that she will “get to the bottom of this once and for all”, says thank you to Kenzi, and then opens the box with the bottle of black smoke in it and removes it. Trick asks if Bo is out of her mind, but she warns him to stay back. Kenzi asks: “Okay wait a minute Patty Hurst, is that not the same that took you from this shit hole in the first place?” Bo’s retort is: “Kenz, it you have a hell shoe in your boot collection, now’s the time.” When Kenzi tries to approach Bo, Dyson stops her and tells Kenzi that it is Bo’s decision to make and Lauren announces that she agrees with Dyson on this point. As Bo thanks them for their support, Dyson tells the other that they must stand with Bo and “face this Wanderer together.” Bo attempts to say something, but Trick interrupts saying: “I feel like I’m in a room of children!” Bo yells over the discussion which is ignoring her but is not head as Trick continues: “She could be taken again. Lost. We might not get her back this time!” Bo again tries to speak, but is again ignored as Lauren states: “She could also open that jar and…” But, before Lauren can finish her sentence, Kenzi grabs the jar away from Bo and moves away with it. Bo demands that Kenzi give the bottle back, but she refuses saying that she will not allow Bo to be taken again and tries to run away but Bo takes hold of her, pulling the bottle away and catching it before it shatters on the floor. Bo then confronts the others, telling them that not knowing the truth is “driving me crazy” and she opens the bottle, exclaiming: “This has to end now!” Trick arms himself with a broken mop handle and Kenzi takes a fork, commenting: “Oh what the hell” while Dyson and Lauren stand behind them both. Bo then opens the bottle and the black smoke slowly rises from it A tendril of the smoke touches Trick which makes him groan in pain before it moves away behind where Bo is standing and then forms into a man, dressed in black. Bo asks: “Friend or foe pal?” and the man replies: “By the look of you lot, I’d say you were betting on foe.”

Following the opening credits, the man introduces himself as Huginn (Jonathan Watton) and he adds that he is “the humble servant of The Wanderer and for the time being I mean you no harm.” Huginn surveys the group and then calls Kenzi a “pretty little thing” and Kenzi thanks him for doing so. Huginn then goes on to explain that he is The Wanderer’s “thought” and goes from plane to plane gathering information for him about certain women. Bo states that she believes they have met and Huginn tells Bo that he and his brother Muninn were responsible for taking her away to The Wanderer as he describes it: “Brought to her father’s train, so it was written so it was said.” Bo questions Huginn’s use of the word father and he claims that The Wanderer is a “great man and a father to many.” Trick asks why The Wanderer does not show himself, instead hiding behind lies and “cheap theatrics” and Huginn replies: “I really don’t know. Perhaps you can tell me why the Blood King has to hide behind the bar of a local watering hole?” Trick answers that he has no idea what Huginn is talking about and Huginn tells Trick his “poker face is lousy. But then again it always was.” Bo then interrupts and tells Huginn that she needs to return to the Death Train but Huginn insists that he has no idea where the train is because he had been locked away in the bottle the moment that Bo arrived on the train the first time by his brother. When Bo asks why, Huginn explains that his brother wanted Huginn’s wife and that was why he was imprisoned. Bo again demands to be taken to the train but Huginn’s answer is that he will only do so if Bo helps him take revenge on his brother and ex-wife and in doing so his brother Muninn would know where the train is. Bo agrees to this but before they can leave, both Dyson and Lauren approach Bo, intending to join her. Huginn refuses, willing only to take Bo with him and no one else. Lauren refuses to back down and Huginn threatens to leave but Bo turns to Lauren and Dyson, telling them that she loves them both but she needs to “do this alone.” Bo then returns to Huginn, who tells Bo that if she is an enemy of The Wanderer he will “flay you to his liking” before he and Bo disappear in a cloud of black smoke. Moments after they do so, Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) arrives and asks what she has missed.

The scene switches to Dyson who is at his home, looking through a locker and removing a weapon and checking it. Lauren walks into the room and he asks: “What took you so long?” Lauren tells Dyson she was “getting her science stuff” and reveals under the jacket she is wearing a series of vials and needles that are hidden there. She tells Dyson: “You’ve got your weapons and your Wolf, I’ve got my brains… Let’s go get our girl” and adding: “I’m ready to kick some crow ass.” Dyson hands Lauren a knife, telling her: “I know you have your brains and your science, but it would make me feel better if you also had a knife.” There is a pause, then Lauren says: “Thank you Dyson” and he replies: “You’re welcome Doctor Lewis.” A look is shared and then Dyson adds: “You know, I’m not sure I could either.” When Lauren asks what he means, Dyson answers: “Choose.” Lauren smiles and replies: “I could” and they share a laugh before they leave to find where Bo has been taken.

The scene then moves to Trick who is in his lair seemingly suffering from a headache as Kenzi and Tamsin enter and Tamsin asks Trick why he was so upset about Huginn. Trick tries to brush off the question, saying he has no idea what Kenzi is talking about, but Tamsin comments that they don’t believe him. Trick reminds Tamsin that she once worked for The Wanderer, which makes Kenzi defend Tamsin but Trick then attempts to leave. When Kenzi tries to stop him, reminding Trick that he is their “Trickopedia” he tells Kenzi he “does not have time for this” and tries again to leave. Kenzi then confronts Trick about his not helping Bo at all since she was taken by The Wanderer and pleads for “the old Trick that knows things and wants to help people.” Trick becomes angry and yells: “I don’t have time to explain myself to a human and a low life!” Both Kenzi and Tamsin are shocked by Trick’s words into silence and then he apologizes, asking them to “leave it be, I’m begging you” and then leaving the two behind as he leaves his lair. After Trick leaves, Kenzi comments: “He’s really hiding something isn’t he?” When Tamsin agrees, Kenzi tells her they have only one choice. Tamsin asks: “Take a dump in his bed?” but Kenzi tells her that they are going to snoop around Trick’s lair and see what they can find out on their own.

Elsewhere, Bo and Huginn arrive in what appears to be a cemetery. When Bo begins to walk away and almost steps on what appears to be a fresh grave, Huginn stops her and warns that she cannot step on the graves as they are at a Fae burial ground and if she does so she will be “sucked down to Irkalla by Leviathan.” When Bo asks what Irkalla is, she is told “Some call it Hell, some call it the Netherwords… I call it France.” When Bo just looks at him, Huginn continues: “Usually kills in Britain.” Bo questions why they came to the cemetery and Huginn explains that he and his brother used to live there, explaining that Crows like him are more comfortable being around death, adding that they travel between “the living world and the afterlife” adding that the cemetery to them is “quite homey.” There is the sound of a crow cawing and they turn to look at it, Huginn greeting the crow as his brother which transforms in a cloud of black some into Muninn (Joris Jarsky). He calls the meeting a “pleasant surprise” comparing it to being eaten by a dog and Huginn comments that his brother is a “poet. Dumb as dog shite but a poet nonetheless.” When Huginn and Bo move to attack Muninn, he calls out a crow’s caw and there is the sound of a flock of crows approaching quickly. As each crow appears, it transforms into its human form. As each does, Huginn and Bo recite a poem: “One for Sorrow. Two for Mirth. Three for a Funeral. Four for Birth. Five for Heaven. Six for Hell.” Muninn completes the verse with: “And seven is the Devil, his own self.” Bo looks around and comments: “Excellent. Because I like those odds.”

After a commercial break, Bo is seen running through the cemetery for a moment before another Crow appears, this being Huginn’s Wife (Glenda MacInnis) and blocks her way. She greets Huginn who tells her he will enjoy eating the heart out of her chest. Her retort is that he should have been better at eating other things and they would still be together. Huginn then turns to Bo and asks if they should run, Bo answering why not, and they both do so.

Back at Trick’s Lair, Kenzi and Tamsin continue to search for clues, Tamsin bemoaning that all there seems to be are books. When she discovers a book with blank pages, Kenzi rushes over and takes the book from Tamsin, explaining that after Bo battled Aife, Kenzi found Trick passed out in his lair, bleeding and having written in the book with his own blood to change reality, but it also caused The Garuda to appear as the cost of doing so. Tamsin asks Kenzi if “messing with the blood writings is a bad idea, even for us?” Kenzi explains that she saw Trick’s reaction to Huginn and what the smoke did to Trick makes her believe that Trick is involved with things somehow and the answers they need are in Trick’s past. Tamsin tries to change Kenzi’s mind, but she refuses saying that Bo has always been there for her from the beginning and now she needs to do the same for Bo. Tamsin relents and then asks what they need to do next and Kenzi replies they need some of Trick’s blood. When Tamsin points out that will be a problem, Kenzi remembers that Trick told her that he used to store some of his blood in an ink well and then need to find it.

Meanwhile, Trick has arrived at his destination, looking for Wai Lin, the Luduan he knew from his past and had visited before in order to obtain something he needed in a previous episode. She however is not present and instead Trick finds her sister Dao Ming (Jadyn Wong) there instead. Trick comments that it is nice to see her, but Dao Ming tells Trick that he shouldn’t try to lie to her as she knows when the truth is being told. When Trick asks where Wai Lin is, Dao Ming asks if Trick is there to “win her back”, and Trick answers that she knows why he is there. Dao Ming reminds Trick that she is not a mind reader, only a “simple Fae that can find the truth.” Trick tells her that he no longer lives as royalty and Dao Ming tells Trick that she “meant men. Lairs. Every last one of you.” Trick asks for help in finding answers, but Dao Ming tells Trick that her sisters is away dealing with some “international negotiations.” Trick asks if Wai Lin is back at the United Nations, but Dao Ming replies: “Facebook. The world has changed what can I say… Barkeep?” Trick asks for her help, but Dao Ming refuses, saying that she “doesn’t feel like it” and when Trick looked for answers before it “didn’t do you much good.” Trick explains that there is a memory that has been blocked and he needs to have that block removed. Dao Ming demands to know why she should help Trick after “all that you have done to my family.” Trick’s answer is that Dao Ming hates the person that blocked the memory. When asked who that is, Trick answers: “Me. I think I did this to myself.” Dao Ming calls this revelation “interesting” and picks up a cigarette. When Trick asks about using herbs to help in finding the truth, Dao Ming laughs and calls them “antiquated parlour tricks. Hardly worth it these days.” Dao Ming agrees to help Trick, but on the condition that she can ask any question she wants of Trick and he must allow her to have the truth from him, regardless of the pain he may face. Trick agrees: “Fine. For my Granddaughter’s safety, I give you my Blood Oath.” Dao Ming then asks her first question: “Why did you pick my sister over me?” As Trick takes a chair he sighs: “Oh boy.”

Back in the cemetery, Bo and Huginn have been cornered by the other Crows and when Bo tells Huginn they will have to fight their way out, he walks over to join the other Crows, revealing that he had been lying to Bo and that The Wanderer is his Father as well. He also reveals that The Wanderer was the one that placed him in the bottle and he now hates him. Bo asks about his wife, and Huginn tells Bo that they are “very much in love I’m afraid.” Bo asks what all of this has to do with her and Muninn tells Bo that she is of “particular interest” to The Wanderer and in order to seek their revenge they would kill Bo. When asked why they lied to her, Huginn replies: “It’s hardly any fun killing someone outright” and Muninn bemoans that without the thrill of the chase there’s no fun in it at all, and Huginn finishing with how he loves to watch “their expressions change when they know they have been double-crossed.” Bo smiles and replies: “Then I’ll enjoy the looks on your faces when I disappoint you.” Huginn laughs, telling Bo she is trapped and surrounded, having no place to go. Bo looks around, replies: “No one is slitting my throat today or anytime soon” and then falls backwards onto one of the fresh graves and vanishes from sight. Afterwards, Muninn comments: “Huh. I did not see that coming.”

Returning from yet another commercial break, Bo arrives in Irkalla, what appears to be an underground cavern and finds herself being taunted by a woman that she cannot see: “Both brown and blue. Both strong and gentle. Virtuous yet lustful.” When Bo demands that she appear, a woman walks out of the shadows, claiming that she knows Bo. When Bo asks if she is Leviathan (Jennifer Dale), Leviathan presses a clawed hand against Bo’s chest but then the forced away by the mark which The Wanderer placed upon her. Leviathan demands to know where Bo received the mark she bears and Bo tells her: “You mean the hand hickey on my chest? Some guy on a train.” Bo then demands to know the way out, but Leviathan tells Bo: “I have been searching for that mark for 600 years. It was supposed to be mine. They kept it from me. I want it. I need it.” Bo tells Leviathan that she “wants and needs to get back to that graveyard,” Leviathan replies that no one has ever left from Irkalla. Leviathan demands that Bo give her the mark she bears, Bo tells her to take it as she draws her knife and prepares to defend herself. Leviathan gleefully calls out: “Excellent! A game of riddles then!” Bo is confused, asking: “What? There are no Angry Birds in Irkalla?” Leviathan demands to know if Bo agrees to the challenge and Bo eventually does so.

Returning to Trick and Dao Ming, she asks Trick when he first used his blood to change history. Trick art first claims not to know, that he does not remember, but after Dao Ming makes him suffer for a time, Trick answers: “The Damghan Earthquake. The Damghan leaders became defiant and unruly. They needed to be taught a lesson.” Dao Ming next asks how many it killed and Trick answers: “Over 200,000 souls. It was a massacre. But it prevented a larger massacre, a genocide!” The next question asked is how many souls is Trick responsible for killing and he answers: “Millions!” Dao Ming then asks: “Who do you love most?” Trick attempts to lie, saying it is Isabeau, but is forced to admit: “Me! I am the first son of this Earth! I am the one to be worshiped!” Dao Ming gloats over this admission for a moment, but then sees that Trick is bleeding from his nose and groaning in severe pain. Frightened, she pulls away from him and does not wish to continue. Trick begs her to continue, but she tells Trick: “Whatever is buried in there does not wish to come out.” She admits that she is: “Frightened of what it could be, what it could mean for all of us.” Trick pleads that Bo’s life is in danger and she is “all I have left of my line.” Trick again begs her to continue and she agrees to do so.

Returning to Bo and Leviathan, Leviathan poses the riddle: “I am black as night and as bright as day. As cold as March and as warm as May. What am I?” Bo paces and considers for a moment, then looks down to see a wisp of fog passing over a puddle and then, when Leviathan demands an answer, Bo replies: “Fog. You’re fog! Right? That’s the answer!” Leviathan shrieks in anger, then says: “Your turn princess.” Bo taunts her with: “Huh. Not big on losing are you Levi?” Leviathan tells Bo the hame is not over and warns Bo not to call her Levi again.

At that moment, Kenzi and Tamsin are still searching Trick’s lair for some of his blood. Tamsin tells Kenzi: “It’s not here” but Kenzi demands that she keep looking. Tamsin walks away and there is a noise which Kenzi tells Tamsin is “gross” but Tamsin tells Kenzi that the noise was made by the floor as she looks down. Finding a loose board there, Tamsin removes it to find a hidden compartment and within it there is a brightly coloured box. Kenzi asks what it is and Tamsin calls it a Tamatebako. Kenzi is confused, calling it a “Tomato Bacon?” Tamsin explains it is a Japanese folding box and tells the story of a fifth century fisherman named Urashima Taro met a turtle who was the cursed daughter of an Emperor. She gave the fisherman a magical box and Tamsin believes that the box she holds is that specific one. Kenzi asks: “Make a wish magical box or have a late period magical box?” Tamsin answers: “Like protect you from evil but don’t you dare open it unless you know the combination magical box.” She continues to explain that the box can be opened from all sides, but the combinations are endless. Kenzi comes to the conclusion that Trick must have hidden his blood within the box and tells Tamsin: “Tammy. This may be the single most frightening irresponsible thing we have ever done.” Tamsin asks: “More irresponsible than the time we snuck into the Fae veteran’s hospital and switched charts because you were having period cramps…” Kenzi puts her hand over Tamsin’s mouth and reminds her “we would never talk about that again. Yes.” Tamsin looks at the box and says: “Let’s totally do it” and KenzI answers: “Agreed.”

Elsewhere, Leviathan is becoming impatient as Bo attempts to figure out a riddle, calling Bo once again “Princess.” Bo warns Leviathan not to call her that again and adds that she hasn’t played a lot of riddle games, calling them “not really a thing, kind of old fashioned, sort of like everything about you.” Leviathan warns Bo not to mock her which Bo brushes off. Bo then riddles Leviathan: “She’s brilliant. He’s strong. Her life is little. His life is long. Both loves are pure. Both loves are true. If you were I, who would you choose?” Leviathan seems perplexed by the question and attempts to solve the riddle, choosing first Lauren, saying that Bo “wears her humanity like a shield”, then Dyson, climbing that Bo “craves strength” but not being sure until Bo presses her for her choice and Leviathan chooses Dyson. Bo however tells Leviathan that there is no answer to the riddle and thus wins the contest and her freedom. Leviathan tells Bo she cheated, but Bo relies: “Ah, no. I Bo’d it. And yes, that is trademarked.” Leviathan warns Bo that she will make Bo pay, but Bo promises to send her “a snack.” Leviathan then tells Bo that she will see her again as “someone you love very much will soon be dead.” Bo asks who Leviathan means, but she does not answer and sends Bo back from where she came.

Following another commercial break, Bo has returned to the Fae burial ground where the Crows are arguing among themselves. Huginn and his brother Muninn discuss what they will do when The Wanderer has fallen into the Abyss, Huginn talking about the riches they have hidden around the world and Muninn more interested in world domination. Bo then leaves her hiding place and shoves one of the Crows into a fresh grave sending them to Irkalla. Bo then runs away with all of the Crows save Huginn, his wife and Muninn who stay behind. Muninn comments: “Well. I didn’t see that coming.” Bo then manages to duck as the three Crows that had chased after her which makes them fall into other graves. She then returns to the remaining Crows where Bo tosses one more Crow into a grave before approaching Huginn, his wife and Muninn and comments: “Well what do you know. Three for a girl.” They tell Bo she is “sadly outnumbered” but then Dyson appears and takes Huginn by the throat, telling him not to be so sure. Lauren takes hold of Muninn and holds two needles to his throat as Huginn’s wife begins to run away, but as Muninn warns her to watch her step, disappears into a grave as well. Muninn shrugs and tells his brother: “I’ve seen marriages end in worse ways.” Huginn asks how Dyson found them and he replies: “The stench of crow. Easy enough.” Muninn sniffs and, again, says: “You know I didn’t see that coming” and his brother can only roll his eyes and tell him to “shut up.”

Tamsin and Kenzi are working at opening the box in the meantime. Kenzi opens one side of the box first and when she finishes there is a loud scream from the box and she drops it. Opening the opposite side a clown’s laugh sounds in the room which makes Kenzi snort and she calls the box: “really weird.” As they both lean in over the top of the box, Kenzi opens that side of it and a knife shoots out, embedding itself in the ceiling above them. Kenzi then offers the box to Tamsin and asks: “You want to do the next one?” Tamsin’s answer is a tilt of her head and a sideways look at Kenzi.

Back at the Fae burial grounds, Huginn and his brother Muninn are forced to the ground by Dyson and Lauren. When Huginn tells Dyson he doesn’t need to be violent, he tells him: “Shut it or I’ll tear your throat out.” Lauren warns Muninn: “And I’ll pump you so full of Fae STDs your little egg fertilizers will drop right off.” Dyson comments: “Wow. Intense.” Lauren asks: “Too much?” and Dyson replies: “No, it’s good.” Muninn comments: “You have to admit brother they have a certain panache.” Huginn replies: “I should have let mother kill you.” Bo interrupts: “Okay Heckle, Jeckle, I need to get back on that train. Now.” Huginn tells Bo that “once you betray someone they hardly welcome you back into their lives with open arms. Unless there is a sword in each one.” Muninn tells Bo that if they go back on the train they both will be killed and “you might as well do your worst.” Bo then turns to Dyson and asks what his worst would be and he replies: “I could disembowel them. Let them swim around in their own entrails for a little while… That’s painful.” Lauren comments: “Ooof. Excruciating.” Lauren’s answer when asked by Bo is: “Well I could inject them with the larvae of the Faebot fly, a little bugger that would take over their central nervous system make them do all sorts of horrible things to themselves, you know, self mutilation, internal bleeding.” Bo smiles and says: “I like that one.” Huginn then tells Bo “Alright, we get the picture.” He then offers that he and his brother will take Bo back to the train but the moment Bo touches the train’s floor she will allow them to leave. Bo agrees to the deal and pulls the two away from Lauren and Dyson to prepare to leave. Before they can do so, Dyson and Lauren both ask Bo not to leave them behind and let them help her. Bo refuses, again telling them that she needs to go alone. Dyson reminds Bo they are her family, Lauren adding “weird, complicated” then Dyson putting in “dysfunctional family.” Lauren continues: “But we are your family nonetheless.” Bo replies: “You are my family and I am the luckiest girl in the whole world which is why I cannot allow you risk your lives for me.” Bo then blows a kiss, saying “Catch lover” before she takes hold of the brothers and commands them to “fly” and they disappear a moment later into black smoke. In the aftermath, Lauren looks at Dyson and tells him: “You know that kiss was for me right?” Dyson smiles and replies: “Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that.”

After still another commercial break, Dao Ming is still questioning Trick, her next question being: “What is the worst thing you have ever done?” Trick first claims not to remember, but Dao Ming forces him to tell the truth twice more making Trick groan and cry in pain before, quite suddenly, Trick’s expression changes and he beings to smile and laugh evilly. Trick then says: “You ridiculous cheap low born Fae. Do you have any idea how powerful I am? I could open my veins right now and write you out of history for good.” Dao Ming uses her powers once more and Trick cries out: “Like I did Rainer!” As Trick says those words there is a blast of wind that rushes through the room they are in, shaking everything around them and making Dao Ming swirl around her. Trick groans once more as he returns to normal and gasps: “That’s it. I remember. I remember who The Wanderer is. How he came to be. What he is now. And why I haven’t been trying to… Because I… I did I this? Did I do this? I created all of this didn’t I?” Dao Ming has an odd smile as she tells him: “So sad Fitzie. You tried so hard to walk away from your power to make things right. But in the end. The past will always find a way. Even you. Even the all powerful Blood King. Even your power is a curse. Even you cannot escape fate.” Dao Ming then leans back in her chair and laughs. Trick asks her what is so funny and she tells him: “With all of your ability to change the future no matter what you do you’re still powerless to change your nature.” Trick then pulls himself from his chair, telling her that he needs to find Bo and warn her. As he leaves, Dao Ming tells Trick that she will tell her sister that he came by.

Back in Trick’s lair, Kenzi and Tamsin are together working on the final two sides of the box and unwrapping it. As they open both sides, within are revealed several bottles of Trick’s blood and Kenzi whispers: “Shit just got real.” Kenzi takes one of the bottle out and when Tamsin asks what they do next, Kenzi’s answers: “Finger-paint?” Tamsin asks if Kenzi is kidding, but when she doesn’t have a better idea Kenzi opens Trick’s book to a blank page and then pours some of Trick’s blood on the page before using a finger to write Bo’s name in blood on that page. When nothing happens, Kenzi slams her hand on the table and moves away from the book. Tamsin suggests that Trick might have to write in the book, or perhaps someone that Trick has written about has to as she touches it. Tamsin then finds she cannot let go of the book and as she and Kenzi try to free her, the pages of the book turn from blank page to blank page.

Bo in the meantime has arrived back on the Death Train where she finds it deserted and she begins to walk through the train in search of The Wanderer.

Tamsin and Kenzi continue to struggle with Trick’s book, Tamsin unable to let go of it and then Tamsin’s name appears written in blood three times on one page. Her eyes turn dark as when she is using her powers and she says: “I must take his soul. It belongs to me” which frightens Kenzi and she lets go of the book and steps away from Tamsin.

A flashback then occurs, far into the past beside a river which first shows Trick, as the Blood King, saying: “No.” Tamsin is then shown kneeling over a body in armour, looking dishevelled and in poor health. She replies: “But this is a warrior’s soul. I must take it, it is my purpose.” Trick again says only: “No.” Tamsin cries out: “You know this Blood King! He has fallen in battle and I must take him to the Einherjar in Valhalla. It is written.” Trick scoffs: “Written. Written? If it wasn’t written by me then what importance could it have?” Tamsin answers: “But you know what will happen!” Trick dismisses her with: “You overstate your importance vulture. That’s right. You’re nothing more than carrion. A greedy bird pecking at the helpless dead. My helpless dead.” Tamsin cries: I am a Valkyrie! And we are a proud race!” Trick asks: “Then how can you let yourself become so… ugly. So disheveled. So disgusting. You are a shadow of your former self Tamsin.” She tells Trick: “My lives are ending. For good this time. And I have made so many mistakes I few my soul is…” Trick continues: “Damned.” Tamsin replies: “Yes.” Trick says: “To Hell.” Tamsin answers “Yes.” Trick then places his hand on her chin and offers: “Don’t you want to be beautiful again? To rewrite your past? To have new life?” Tamsin begs to him: “More than anything! If only I had more time! I would do things so differently. I would cleanse my soul and wipe my sins away.” Trick then places an offer to Tamsin: “I will give you what you desire. But for payment, I must have his soul.” Tamsin asks why and Trick answers: “So I may curse him with the words of my blood. For his defiance. For his arrogance. For thinking he could change the laws of the King. So that he will never rise and take arms against my will again. So that his soul will wander in eternity for no one will remember his name. No one will remember Rainer the Defiant.” Trick then spits on Rainer’s body before turning back to Tamsin and when she nods her acceptance of the deal he offers, Trick cuts his hand, making it bleed and then the vision ends.

We return to Kenzi and Tamsin in Trick’s lair where Kenzi finds a hammer and forces Trick’s book from Tamsin’s grasp. As it falls away, Tamsin collapses in a heap unconscious. Kenzi rushes to her and tries to wake Tamsin up, which she cannot seem to do.

Back in the train, Bo enters a new compartment where she finds the man seen at the beginning of the episode welding it back together again. He stops his work and turns away from Bo, still wearing the welder’s mask as Bo asks: “Are you him?” When Bo asks: “Are you Rainer?” He stops moving and begins to remove his gloves, then jacket. Bo calls out: “I asked you a question” as she branches a knife, but he does not turn around. Bo asks: “Are you The Wanderer?” and at that point he removes the welding mask and turns to face Bo revealing himself to be a middle aged man. Bo comments: “Oh. Not really what I was expecting.” He then says his first words to Bo: “I knew you would come for me.” Bo answers: “Yeah? That makes two of us” and she moves to attack him. Bo manages to take a few knife thrusts at him before he holds Bo fast and places one hand on her shoulder over the mark he gave her. A light surrounds Bo and she gasps in surprise, the fight bleeding out of her. Bo has one hand on his shoulder and he too glows from the power that is passing back from Bo to him. This continues for a new moments and then Bo’s expression changes from anger to something close to infatuation.

After the final commercial break, Kenzi frantically continues to try and wake up Tamsin, finally managing to do so. Tamsin leaps up and takes hold of Kenzi, telling her point blank not to trust Trick.

The scene then shifts upstairs in the Dal Raita where Dyson and Lauren are waiting for news about Bo. Trick rushes in and tells them that they need to find Bo immediately. Dyson tells Trick that they lost her and she is back on the train again. Trick tells Dyson they need to “arm up” and to call Hale, Kenzi, Tamsin and “Hell, call Vex.” Lauren asks what is going on and Trick tells her: “I know who took Bo. I know who The Wanderer is. His name is Rainer. He’s my mortal enemy.”

bo then walks into the Dal Riata and calls out: “Hey guys!” Trick and the other rush over to her, Dyson asks Bo if she is okay and she claims to be “great.” She then continues: “I… um… I found out why I agreed to be Dark. I found out it was my idea.” Everyone in the room is confused, but Bo continues: “It was so I would move heaven and earth to get back on that train. To Rainer. Willingly.” Dyson questions this, and Bo answers: “So I could break his curse and free him from the train. And with the whole memory gone thing it became quite a dilemma. I’m sorry that I put all of you through that.” Lauren is as confused as Dyson but before Bo can answer her question, Trick looks behind Bo and says: “That’s him. That’s Rainer.” Rainer enters and moves to stand beside Bo, they looking at each other which causes Dyson to bare his teeth and growl, but Bo tells him to stop and listen to her. Bo then explains: “I did all of this because he’s not my enemy and he’s definitely not my father.”

The final images of the episode are Bo looking at Rainer, who has not spoken a word, taking his hand in hers and saying in a soft voice: “He’s my destiny.” as the episode ends with Dyson, Lauren and Trick looking confused and concerned.


Fade to black…


Why is it that a major plot line like The Wanderer had to fall so flat? To be honest the one thing that I pondered over when the episode was over was: why was he welding the train back together again? I didn’t care for him personally, I didn’t see the point to Bo pulling a knife on him and attacking him either. Then there is the entire “grab Bo over the mark I gave her and put her under my power” moment as well. It was all much ado about nothing.

And that was the thing about this episode as a whole. It was, mostly, a nothing episode. The important moments, Trick’s being the most important, were over in under a minute. All of the running around with Bo was… nothing really. Yes, there was, of course, a “someone will die soon!” moment, but honestly we have been expecting that for a long time now considering all of the doom and gloom this season has seen. Personally, I expect something to happen to Tamsin or Kenzi, but I hope that I’m wrong.

As for the two crow brothers, they seemed like low grade discount Vexes honestly and I didn’t really care about them in the slightest. They could have been a lot more interesting, but somehow all of their scenes fell flat for me. Vex can do snark better than anyone and this proved it.

The stand off that Lauren and Dyson where involved with was actually one of the funniest moments that I have seen in the series by far. Watching them one-up the other was just too funny and I went back to watch that particular scene several times.

Seeing Trick’s past put him into a new light for ma. I have to say that old Trick, had he been in the current time would be tragic honestly. The difference between the old Trick and the new one is so very shocking and I think, as a whole, it makes for a better character overall for him. I still miss fun Trick, more than I can say though.

Tamsin and Kenzi going on a treasure hunt as it were was not all that I expected it to be. At times it seemed very awkward in how things were shown and I’m not sure about all of the levity. Kenzi finger painting with Trick’s blood was… odd… and I just thought that that moment, which led to the reveal about Tasmin, would have been handled better. I don’t quite understand how it is that Kenzi and Tamsin could use Trick’s blood as they did when it was told in the series before that Trick had to use it himself freely. And he didn’t so how is what happened possible?

Then the reveal about Tamsin makes the prior meeting that was shown about her and The Wanderer…. Questionable. More so, what did Trick do exactly for her? It wasn’t completely clear but that is a story that should be gotten back to sometime.

Something I noticed about this episode was how it was slightly off in how it was played out. By that I mean there seemed to be a lot of playing to the camera, a lot of smiles and nudges and overall that bothered me because it took me out of the story and into wondering why all of that was happening.

The main thing is that it took three quarters of the season to come to this point where The Wanderer is revealed and he’s a good looking man with the hots for Bo and… that’s about it really. I’m not seeing a lot there character wise, though having him claim to be Bo’s destiny will mean that the Bo triangle is going to be square? I shudder to think at the ranting that is going on over that development should it happen.

Again, it just seems like a waste of the entire season to this point, Everything that came in this episode should have been in the first one and then move on from there. Now we are likely to see an entire season’s worth of plot and character development be jammed into a handful of episodes and even  then, when the season finale comes, it isn’t going to be satisfying.

That worries me. A lot.

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… Very hot headed this episode, didn’t think, only acted, and even then her actions didn’t make a lot of sense honestly. Succubus PMS? One never knows. She was, again, Boffy and honestly I am getting tired of that happening so much.

Dyson…One quick scene of “who’s got the better threat” with Lauren and done. Well save some growling and posturing here and there. Really nothing much happened here.

Kenzi… Really didn’t like Kenzi this week. She was… off. I can’t explain it much better than that. She didn’t seem to be acting like I expected her to and as a result the scenes with Tamsin were not as good as I thought they should have been. It was even hard to find a line of the week for her.

Trick. Past Trick was frightening really. More so how devastated the Trick of here and now seems to be makes me wonder a lot about his future.

Hale. Back on the mild carton this week.

Lauren. Nothing much to say about Lauren this week, save that the scene with Dyson was cute and funny.

Tamsin: Probably the most tragic things happened to her this week when her past was revealed fully and it will be a problem for the future I think in a bad way.

Rainer: Don’t care. Really don’t care. I care less than I really can believe at this point about him. A complete and total let down honestly and I hope there is something better coming for him because if there isn’t then this has been a complete waste of time. And it shouldn’t be.

Leviathan. Might be interesting if she wasn’t so… Morrigan-like I suppose. She claimed we would see her again, so perhaps she will be more than she appeared to be this time.

Huginn and Muninn. Bargain basement Vex wanna-Be’s. Honestly I cringed at the first words that Huginn spoke and he couldn’t be more annoying… well, actually he was more annoying when his brother appeared. If I want snark and real character, I’ll look in Vex’s direction. Everyone else that’s trying to copy him… Just stop. Seriously. Only accept original Vex.

Dao Ming. Overall she was the most interesting of all of the new characters that appeared this week. I liked the attitude, the scenes with Trick and most of all, I liked that she was a force in her own right. Really very well done and I wouldn’t mind seeing her appear again in the future.

That leaves the rest of the crows, of which no one meant anything really, and beyond that there wasn’t anyone else in the episode. It was, overall, rather lackluster for me character-wise…


My Review of Destiny’s Child

Keeping my interest – 3 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 1 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 3 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 3 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.0 Pitchforks out of 5


Overall I had some issues with keeping with this episode. There was a lot of pauses and tangents that seemed to be focused on more than any sort of focus on what mattered the most this week. The Wanderer reveal was uninspiring which didn’t help a lot. Trick’s past was interesting and I wanted to know more about it, but it kept being pushed aside for some break dancing in a cemetery and watching Kenzi and Tamsin play paddy-whack with a box. Even the Leviathan scenes weren’t all that interesting because the big point to them amounted to a tease of the future and honestly the way this season has been going it isn’t all that much of a surprise that someone is going to be in real trouble soon. It just felt like the entire episode was phoned in and that bothered me a lot. It became more of a joke filled episode than as serious as it really should have been.

There was really nothing of Bo being a Succubus… again. There was all kinds of angry Bo, quick to action Bo and not thinking Bo, but Succubus Bo was no where to be seen honestly. It feels like the point of the series is getting lost in all of the new plots and schemes that are popping up and that’s a real problem the series needs to deal with. Bo’s a Succubus. Deal with it.

It’s hard to say, but the most interesting thing was the cemetery and Leviathan’s lair. We’ve seen Trick’s lair, the Dal Riata and even Dao Ming’s office before so really none of that caught me. The effects were really very good, the disappearing into the graves effects were really striking and I liked those a lot.

I gave the storyline high marks in spite of my ranting because in all honesty when the core plots came, then it was interesting. It was the getting to them that was the issue. Beyond that, there was a point to the episode in learning more about Trick’s past, how Tamsin connects to it, and, even if it was only a smattering, a little bit about The Wanderer.

The main characters did have a lot of things happen really. Trick was the one that took the brunt of this, then Tamsin as well. Bo has, it seems, been mind controlled by The Wanderer, but we’ll see if that’s right or not soon enough. For the rest, it really didn’t change them much or move their stories forward though in the case of Dyson and Lauren, they seem to have moved onto a new contest between them…

The mythos with Dao Ming, Huginn and Muninn and Leviathan is interesting and it added a lot to the series as a whole, but also lots of questions which is never a bad thing. However, Rainer? That really was a disappointment and there isn’t a lot of time to get his plot and story straightened out. Hopefully it can be.

Overall it was simply an average episode and that, now that we are in the last few episodes of the season, shouldn’t have happened. But it did and we are stuck with it… Much like Bo it seems…


Next Week: Waves

Kenzi signs the team up for an undercover mission while Bo retraces her steps to find her destiny.

So we have what was supposed to be the big reveal this week, along with questions about Trick, and we’re just going to toss all of that aside and have everyone go off on a stand-alone episode save for Bo who is going to take a trip down memory lane. I’m… thrilled.

Does any of this make sense at all? I really wonder if one writer talks to another at times the way story lines keep being tossed aside for what seem to be completely disconnected mysteries of the week. I can remember better seasons that this one by far and considering that there are four, yes only four, episodes left in this one, wouldn’t it be great to have substance again the in series before it’s over for another year?

I find it really shocking that as a whole the series cannot seem to focus this year… and it should.



Jan 16 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 314

One of the things that I do not like Succubi to have is hooves. I know that is a kind of trope about Succubi, but it is one that I really think needs disappear. Still, there are, sometimes. interesting thoughts about them that appear in the occasional piece of art that I have found of Succubi.

This week’s Succubi I don’t believe has hooves, but her clothing is designed in a way that makes it seem like she does…

Succubes - Commission by Giuseppe-Cafaro

Succubes – Commission
by Giuseppe-Cafaro

This is a commissioned work called Succubes and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Giuseppe-Cafaro. You can find the original page with this work here and the artist’s page on DeviantArt can be found here as well.

She’s interesting in a lot of ways to me, the most being the leggings she is wearing that at the bottoms, give an illusion of her having hooves, but really she doesn’t. At least I think she doesn’t as the way she has been drawn seems to lend itself towards that.

She is both sexual in nature, but also dangerous as well. I look at her that way in that she is somewhat demonic in her appearance, but there are hints of raw sexuality as well. Not so much seduction I think, she seems not to have that kind of personality, but nonetheless, she has a striking pose and character about her…

Please visit the artist’s page, where you will find many more wonderful works of art there…



Jan 15 2014

I think my tail might be unimpressed…

Devil Tail WhipI do look for accessories for my Succubi costumes… I prefer things that are not tacky most of all, but sometimes there really isn’t much of a choice and then I come across things that make me wonder… A lot.

Now, I do have one costume that does, I think at least, need a whip of some kind to make the entire thing look right. And yes, I would be a redhead and yes I would be my alter-ego Tail…

So, I found… this.

It is described as being a Devil Tail Whip and it is a red, faux leather, 54 inch long braided devil tail with a spaded tip on the end of it…

It sells for a reasonable $15 US on the few sites I have found it on.

I do have a whip from my more…. Domme years, but that’s for special occasions and it really isn’t something I would take along to a public Halloween party…

A more private one would, I promise, see it and possibly the most dominant Mistress outfit that I have. But that’s another story isn’t it?

As a costume prop, with the right outfit, I don’t think this would be all that bad really. It does not look awful, it has some style, and it might be the right accessory for the right costume…

I’ll have to ponder it a bit more though…

Three out of five pitchforks…

Still a bit silly and I don’t want to make my Tail peeved…