Mar 20 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 323

It’s been a little while since a Heroes of Newerth Succubus has been the Succubi of the Week on the Tale. I found a cute drawing of one for this week’s image and there really is a lot that I like about her…

Succubus by Krast

Succubus by Krast

This work is simply called Succubus and is by an artist on DeviantArt calling themselves Krast. You can find their artist’s page here and the page where I found this art here as well…

This is one of the better works of the Newarth Succubus I think and the artist’s style and the pastel look to this art is what really made it stand out to me.

I like the soft style to this piece of art, how there is a kind of dream-like quality to it which nicely connects to Succubi. She’s very sexy, the thigh-high boots have a lovely sheen to them, her tail looks right for her too which is important. I also like that her wings aren’t all beaten and torn up and they are the right size for her body too. Succubi of this universe do have rather large horns, which I think is a shame as smaller ones would look better with all else that they look like.

Lovely art and I was very happy to discover it…



Mar 19 2014

Seriously, these wings are not for Succubi…

Devil Wings CostumeSometimes I really do wonder about the ideas that creep into the minds of costume designers. I wonder how they make certain connections with ideas or have them in the first place. What bothers me even more is when they have an idea and it really should have never been thought of in the first place…

Like these so-called Devil Costume Wings which sell for $26 at various sites on the web.

They just look wrong in so many ways. Not to mention cheap, ugly, unflattering and have no connection to Succubi or Devils for that matter, save that have some red flames on a white background.

That does not make them, as a whole, any better or more attractive. What is more comes to the fact that wearing them would ruin any decent costume one might create otherwise…

Another example of a really lousy costume accessory and that’s a shame as there are much better ones out there than this. I wouldn’t consider them myself, but for some they might be good enough…

Zero pitchforks out of five.

And that’s being kind. Actually I should add that the costume the model is wearing is not all that wonderful either and I’ll give that two pitchforks out of five but with those wings it drops to a single pitchfork…



Mar 18 2014

A Review of The Demon’s Gift by Chew Toy

The Demon's Gift by Chew Toy

The Demon’s Gift by Chew Toy

I will be reviewing a series of works by the author Chew Toy starting today on the Tale. The next work in this series will be reviewed next Tuesday and the Tuesday after that the last work in the series will be reviewed.

These works all come under the series title of Demon Summoning Made Easy which has quite a good hook to connect them together I think. What happens when someone finds a book that allows you to summon a Succubus or an Incubus? What happens when you do? And what happens when you aren’t paying attention?

That can be… an interesting question in itself…

The first work is:

The story is of:

“Demon Summoning Made Easy,” read the title of the book that literally fell into Mark’s hands in an old bookshop. And it was as easy as it said. The demon made Mark sexually irresistible. But everything has its price…

Mark summons a demon, specifically an Incubus, and makes a deal with them in order to be “irresistible.” While that does become true, there is a little matter of the meaning of words and the plans of demons that involve Mark into something he didn’t expect to have.

Overall, this are more of a hot flash in that the plot of the work seemed to revolve around Mark getting into more and more sexual situations that spiralled out of his control. He gets everything he wanted, and a few things he didn’t expect to as well.

All of Mark’s fantasies come true, in more ways than one, and as things continue the meaning of the word “irresistible” starts to take a turn. There is quite a lot of mind control in this work, which isn’t a surprise as the author is well known for that focus. How that mind control effects Mark himself is quite subtle and as such creeps into and changes things for him as the story progresses. While it was hidden well over the story, the effects upon Mark’s partners in the work is a bit more obvious. At some points I wondered whether it was really necessary to be so obvious when it might not have needed to be quite so much so.

All of the erotica is well written and Mark manages to, for lack of a better description, sample a lot of different kinds of sexual encounters before he finds himself facing the Incubus again and the real story behind was has been going on is revealed.

The one part of the story that I think was best done was the confusion in Mark’s thoughts about the things he sees, feels, needs, and desires. Those moments tie the vignettes of erotica together and I wish they were quite a lot more than they were. It would have been nice to see more of Mark trying to piece together what happens to him as the story continues than there was. Part of that I know is needed to drive the plot forwards, but… while I liked those pauses, they seemed to be missing that one little thing to make them better as a whole.

Three out of five pitchforks.

While the concept was interesting, it was a bit too much sex scene and not really enough character development for me. The mind control aspects were hot and the erotica was well done, but I just needed more story personally.

Next Tuesday, Book Two: The Demon’s Curse



Mar 17 2014

Just Thinking by TeraS

Today should have been part two of Succubi Anonymous. However there are other things on my mind this part week and especially today that… honestly I haven’t been able to think or write much of anything.

With hope and luck things will be okay and it will be better.






Just Thinking
By TeraS


He wasn’t at home.

She looked in his study—well, on the plans for their house it was called a study, but she knew better than that. It was where he piled up the bits and pieces of the hobby that he loved. This is where she was; she wanted to ask him a question, but all that she found was the room.

She stood there at the doorway and looked at the moments that were reflected in the memorabilia that she saw there. She recalled the moments he had told her about that he had seen in the time before they met. She smiled as she looked at this piece or that thing that, for him, meant something and always would.

Her eyes fell upon a charred piece of metal that sat on a shelf, and her smile wavered slightly. She remembered that day vividly. The call she answered when he said that he was alright and that she shouldn’t worry when she saw the report on the news that evening. She made him promise that, if he ever did anything like that again, he would call before he did so. He would—as he did from that day onwards—call her and make a simple promise to her, and then he would be on his way to whatever it was and she would be on her way to whatever she needed to do, waiting for him to call afterwards to say that everything was fine.

But he wasn’t at home.

She closed her eyes and thought about where he could be. After a while she turned away from his, and her own, memories. He wasn’t hurt—she knew that much—but he wasn’t home. Coming to a decision, she found her long, red jacket and made her way out the front door into their world. She paused by the fence and asked her heart if he had seen him, but he answered that, while he had seen him and they had talked, he didn’t say where he was going … but her heart knew that he was troubled and worried.

As she was.

Of course, this friend by the fence knew that she was troubled and worried as well, and offered to help her to find him. She hugged her heart, told him not to worry, and then, with a smile, she walked down the cobblestone path, past the hedges and began to look for him in the places she thought he might be.

She passed by the library, but Miriam had not seen him. Miriam also offered to help find him, but a smile and a thank you for asking were her reply, and she continued on herself.

This was something that only she herself could do really.

She visited with Cassiopeia, who hadn’t seen him, either, and who also offered to help. She thanked her, smiled, and continued to look for him alone.

VVrayven hadn’t seen him, but offered to help as well. Again, there was that smile, a thank you, and she continued to look … alone.

Alei repeated the same conversation. She smiled, shared a hug, but gently said thank you and carried on to find him on her own.

It was when she had, eventually, come to the cliffs overlooking the Sea of Fire that she found him there. She stopped a short distance away and watched as he stared off into space. Britty, their dog leaned against him, and he scratched one of her ears, silently. She moved towards him, the sound of her footsteps in the grass and leaves beneath her marking her approach. But he didn’t turn to look at her.
Of course he knew that she was there. He always did. She stopped a tail’s length away from him: “Hi.”

He ran a hand through his hair and replied: “Hi.”

“What are you doing?”

He didn’t say anything for a moment, then: “Just … thinking.”

She then moved to sit on the other side of him, leaned against him, and wrapped an arm around him. Neither of them said anything for a while, then she said: “He will be fine.”

He sighed: “I know.”

She took hold of his right hand, and said: “No. He will be fine.”

He turned to look at her: “I know. It doesn’t make it any easier.”

She looked at him: “I know.”

He smiled, slightly: “I heard once that the darkest time comes before the dawn.”

She looked off into the distance and saw that the sun was setting off on the horizon, the first licks of flame shooting away from where it seemed to be touching the lake.

“Is that why you are here?”

“No. The view just is. The saying is just something that came to mind.”

“You know it is true.”

“What is?”

“That saying.”

He wrapped an arm around her waist as his tail twined with hers: “I know. Just … sometimes, it’s hard to believe it.”

As the sun set and the skies darkened, she rested her head against his shoulder: “I know.”

And now, even there, they were at home …

And what the morning brought, whatever it was, they would face it together …

Mar 16 2014

A Review of Dreams in Red: Part One by Lilith Li

Dreams in Red: Part One by Lilith Li

Dreams in Red: Part One by Lilith Li

One of the things that authors need to do, I think at least, is have a summary of their work that catches the interest of others. Another is they should have someone editing their work to pick up on spelling mistakes and other such things.

Those two points are really quite important when one thinks about them. The summary of this work is… lacking to put it mildly. A single sentence isn’t nearly enough. As for the editing? Well, little mistakes that drive me out of a story do bother me.

  • Title: Dreams in Red: Part One
  • Author: Lilith Li
  • Length: 17 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B00F75M00Q
  • Publishing Date: September 13, 2013
  • This work at

The work tells about:

Gwen dreams of a creature with red eyes.

Being that the summary is, in my opinion, lacking, here’s what I think is a better one:

Gwen’s nights are taken by dreams of an Incubus who desires her. His need for her slowly takes over and she cannot escape him even in her waking hours. And when her dreams touch her reality, things… change.

Gwen’s dreams are of being bound and controlled by someone she cannot see. But the touch, the feeling alone are more than enough for her dreams to be very vivid and stay in her mind once she awakens. Her thoughts wander during the day, resulting in some rather embarrassing moments from time to time. But it is her dreams that take hold of her… quite literally.

There is, for lack of a better explanation, an Incubus haunting Gwen, one that seemingly knows what she desires. The moments of the real world pale in comparison to the moments in dreams where Gwen is powerless to resist the Incubus and what it wishes to do to her.

As the story progresses the heat builds until the climax of the story and a discovery that Gwen could have never expected. I hope, truly, that the author continues the story using the characters they placed in this work and not made a new path for the series to follow when, or if, it should ever appear.

There are quite a number of open ended questions by the end of this work, some of which I think might be red herrings, but nonetheless I would like to know whether my thoughts about the work are correct or not. That will require a second, or more, parts to find out.

The thing is that I find the real world moments… boring. By that I mean that while Gwen seems alive in them, the others around her are… cardboard. By that I mean there is the attempt at a connection, but it doesn’t feel right or work right for me at least. The erotic moments are nicely hot and the descriptions are lovely, but there is only so much sex I can deal with before I wonder about having some story again. In this work there is a lot more sex than story. I’d like to see that to be equal or if not equal then at least give the people around Gwen more than they seem to be.

Oddly, the real world seems more like a dream than the dream world is… Perhaps that is a clue? It’s something to think about at least…

I’m giving this work two and a half out of five pitchforks.

Will I read the next work in the series when it comes out? I’m of two minds honestly… I would like to see where the author is going with this story. But I would like more story with my erotica please?



Mar 15 2014

A cute cartoony Morrigan Aensland YouTube…

It’s nice to see images of Morrigan Aensland that are fun and a little bit cartoony… I found a YouTube of an artist creating such a work recently. Now, I like the art, but the hyperactive camera work is a bit concerning… Still, it really makes Morrigan look so very cute and fun… Besides glasses on Succubi make them look sexier…

And if you cannot see this video on the Tale:

Lastly, a screenshot of the art, complete with sexy cute glasses for Morrigan…

Morrigan vby HentaiDrawBoom

The artist of this art is called Hentai DrawBoom and they have quite a number of this kind of art creation videos on YouTube. While Morrigan is, slightly, over-endowed here, I really do like the touch of her wearing glasses and peering over them…

Because sexy cute is the best kind of cute isn’t it?



Mar 14 2014

A Review of The Other Side of the Desert by Jessica L. Murray

The Other Side of the Desert by Jessica L. Murray

The Other Side of the Desert by Jessica L. Murray

A review of an interesting story about Lilith, her legend and the power that stories have this time. I don’t find a lot of stories that tell a story about Lilith in a way that isn’t stereotypical. Perhaps that is the one thing that many writers forget. Their words so have power and as such you really should make the most of them. In this case, this is a story that takes the myths of Lilith and adds another layer to them which makes the original story seem… lacking… in a way…

The work tells the story of:

An elderly priest on his deathbed with a dark confession entangles his young protege in his tale of a dark, mysterious woman. And a promise.

Father Robert is a legend to a young scholar just out of seminary. So Tom is delighted when he is placed there under Father Robert’s tutelage. However, Father Robert is not well. On his deathbed he requests Tom to be by his side. He has a tale to tell. A story so far-fetched it couldn’t possibly be true. The story of Father Robert’s meetings with the real-life Lilith, and hearing her side of the story of Creation, Adam, and a dark, disturbing secret that did not make it into the Bible. As Tom grapples with the imminent demise of his mentor, he must also ask himself who Father Robert really is. And why he chose Tom to reveal his secrets to.

The myth of Lilith is a well known one I think and this story takes that and turns it towards a different explanation. The story is set at the death bed of Father Robert, but it isn’t so much about him, or the young man that listens to his story, or even that of the sister that looks after the Father’s needs.

They are part of the story yes, but they aren’t the core of the story for the most part. The core of the story is the telling of what is said to be the true story of Lilith as Father Robert heard it from Lilith herself. That telling is detailed, emotional, and becomes more real than the rest of the story.

And that is where the point of the story isn’t comes into play. The story mentions one important point. Stories, the telling of them, the sharing of them, and the life in them, matters. It does to Lilith herself and the difference from the beginning of the story when she first appears to the last moment in the story is a dramatic one and that ties nicely into what Father Robert did as a result of meeting her.

I found it, through the course of Lilith telling her story, quite a different take on the story of Adam and Lilith, Lilith and her fate, and Adman, Eve and the end of the Garden of Eden. The author told a story that was captivating and strong in many ways. The trials that Lilith faces, her actions, and in the end, her transformation are all moments where they can be pictured easily in your mind and that is the mark of an excellent writer.

Nothing in the work took me out of the story and that again, marks this as a story well told and well done. the only issue I really have with it is that for the length of it, the subjects touched in it, and the events in it, there is something missing. A resolution to the climax of the story.

The promise given in that moment, for Father Robert, for Tom and most of all, for Lilith wasn’t taken to a conclusion and I have to wonder if the author intended for the story to continue in some way, but never managed to do so.

The questions left really would make for another telling story…

I’ll give this work four and a half pitchforks out of five.

A bit short, the ending left a lot of questions that I would have liked to have answers for. Well written and well worth reading for a different perspective on Lilith and her mythos…