Dec 17 2016

A Breathtaking Morrigan Aensland Art WIP YouTube

A YouTube this time of what I think is one of the most breathtaking Morrigan Aensland artworks that I have ever found. The video shows the artist creating their art, and it is really just amazing the level of detail there is in this work… There is a reason for this, which I will get back to in a moment…


If you cannot see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:

The artist created this work as a print which can be purchased at their StoreEnvy site which you can find here.

Now, this video came out last year, so the art might no longer be available, and as there is every possibility that the video may also vanish into the ether of YouTube, here is an image of the completed artwork….

Morrigan Aensland by Baron Dzines

Morrigan Aensland by Baron Dzines

I think the level of detail is striking, amazing, and exquisite in this art and it brings out so much of Morrigan’s internal strength of character. There’s a bit of a haunting look in her eyes and that seems a striking contrast with Morrigan’s sexuality that comes to the fore in her shape, shadows and textures here.

I find this work has a very “realistic” feeling in that there’s a certain gravitas in this art that gives a glimpse of Morrigan…

And it is an amazing one at that…

Again, you can find this art for sale here at the artist Baron Dzines’ webstore.

Dec 16 2016

A Review of HSA-98: The Jackal by Quixerotic

HSA-98: The Jackal by Quixerotic

HSA-98: The Jackal by Quixerotic

An ongoing series that I have been reading from time to time is the HSA Archive series by Quixerotic. The thing about this series is that the focus is on a hot flash which leaves, at least for me, a lot to be desired. The stories feel like a tease sometimes and when that happens they leave a lot of questions scattered about to wonder over.

Some deals are made without knowing exactly what the deal is. Whether that is because one only cares about what is offered or rather needs that alone, is a debatable point. Still, sometimes getting what one wants isn’t what one needed. It is, however, what something other did.

Sometimes sex and hungers are one in the same and when they are, there’s little left for anything else when the need devours oneself.

The story is about:

Lucy believes she has a normal, albeit, lonely life. When a strange man appears outside her house, she learns of her own dark past. The Jackal has come to collect and Lucy has no choice but to go along with the agreement. Transformed into a divine beauty, Lucy is unleashed on the world as the Jackal nips at her heels.

Lucy’s life is depressingly normal. She carries on in the world until one night she finds herself confronted by something unexpected, demanding that she complete their agreement. The moment passed, Lucy is changed and nothing will be the same again, for once the predator is unleashed, there is no going back to what once was.

The work is a hot flash with most of the story focusing upon the connection between Lucy and the mysterious Jackal, Lucy’s transformation, and then what really seems to be a short sex scene that edges into porn more than erotica and that’s a shame, but it’s just part of the story that bothers me. The beginning of the work seems to wander about aimlessly once Lucy is introduced. There’s no real direction, no point to what develops overall until she sees the Jackal and then things turn and become focused.

But in spite of this, there are moments when the two are face to face that seem to be missing something. While it presses the plot forwards towards Lucy’s transformation, the moment is fleeting and without real substance. That then brings things to when Lucy… isn’t so much Lucy anymore.

It’s a little difficult to call her a succubus, though in some respects she can be seen as one. She’s hypersexual, she has cravings and becomes completely immersed in sex to all else. But while that, and her physical presence, suggest she is a succubus, there’s not much exploration of that. She is a being of sex, of sexual need and brings that out in others. But there’s really little in the way of Lucy being an actual character beyond her transformation. That’s the part of the story that bothers me the most. Lucy is different, but there’s no personality behind her being “sex on heels” and I found that rather boring.

The erotica is very short, the story comes to a rather abrupt close and when the story ends there are a multitude of questions left in the wake of what happened. This isn’t much different from the other works in this series, but then really it’s more about the mystery than actually saying what’s going on exactly. Still, I would have liked something more about Lucy than the off-handed ending which didn’t do a lot for me.

The work needs another editing as well, there are quite a few word mistakes and the occasional spelling mistake as well. The beginning needs to be compressed to an extent, or, perhaps more to the point, Lucy after her transformation needs to be explored a lot more than it is. One encounter is a suggestion only. Something more, certainly Lucy coming to terms with her new self, or facing her past, would be really interesting and I’d like that to have happened. A short flash misses out on developing the character and I just feel like that happened far too much.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The story was far too lost at the beginning and being so a lot of story was missed out on it felt like. Lucy’s transformation is interesting, but short. What she is, exactly, is a question as well. Is she a succubus? In a way she is, at least as a sexual predator. But there’s no little seen of the “new” Lucy that telling much more about her is impossible to say.

It is a hot flash, needing more story and more development for Lucy as a whole. I think there could be a lot more here, but this series tends to be quite short and pointed in plot and characters leaving a lot unsaid. Still, I’d like more story overall at least.



Dec 16 2016

A Review of the Succubus Lives series by M.G. Bubbles


My Life as a Succubus Demon: Part 1 by M.G. Bubbles

My Life as a Succubus Demon: Part 1 by M.G. Bubbles

There’s more to writing a story than the actual writing. The story can be amazing, the characters stunning, but if the editing is a disaster, then the story can’t be what it should be. A review of a series that has a good idea, interesting characters but has several problems as well.

Learning you are a succubus can be traumatic, it can cause no end of problems. Trying to deal with yourself is one thing, but then trying to deal with everyone around you takes things to another level. Then toss in some Gods, a war, and a jealous lover and things really go to hell quickly.

The first work in the series is:

  • Title: My Life as a Succubus Demon: Part 1
  • Author: M.G. Bubbles
  • Length: 112 Pages
  • ASIN: B0163DVNTO
  • Publishing Date: October 1, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

My name is Rose. I am 22 years old and what you would call a trust fund child, minus the stupid spending part. Everything was fine in my life. I had a nice apartment, I had my best friend Clair and my life was just a normal everyday type of thing. That all changed when Clair introduced me to Sage…

Rose’s life has been sort of a mess. Her life seems to be normal, but things change when her best friend brings Rose into a world of succubi, elves, nymphs and gods. It wouldn’t be quite so bad if Rose had some time to figure out what’s going on, but she’s wanted. Being wanted is something that Rose never wanted to be. Being needed by two sides in a battle isn’t anything to be happy about either.

My Life as a Succubus Demon: Part 2 by M.G. Bubbles

My Life as a Succubus Demon: Part 2 by M.G. Bubbles

I’ll be reviewing both works in the series at once, as many of the issues that I had with the series appear in both works. They do connect together, there’s an overarching plot and storyline. Things get a lot more complicated in the second work in the series, but for Rose, that seems to be not that much of a surprise.

Learning what you are is complicated. The truth comes out in little bits and its up to you to put the pieces together. Sometimes being alone isn’t the answer, but it’s a place to start. The bigger question is where will that knowledge end and are you able to handle it when there’s no where else to turn?

The second work is:

  • Title: My Life as a Succubus Demon: Part 2
  • Author: M.G. Bubbles
  • Length: 117 Pages
  • ASIN: B01880ZOP4
  • Publishing Date: November 18, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

I woke up sleeping next to the enemy, or so I thought he was. The name is Rose and I have found out I am a Succubus. That’s right, a full blown man eating demon (literally). I have to find away to put my life together and figure out the truth from the lie. If that doesn’t already complicate my life, finding out my other secret will.

If Rose’s life wasn’t complicated enough, having someone mess with her mind takes things up a little bit more. A deal struck, or so it seems, and Rose finds herself at odds with a Goddess. Then Rose has to meet her lost lost family. Being a succubus, she fears that won’t go well. It’s not herself that Rose has to be concerned about, it’s those that want her, desire her or are jealous of her.

The series follows Rose as she discovers she is a succubus, that mythical beings are real, and she is part of that world. The single thing about Rose through much of the work is an attitude that just doesn’t quite get what’s going on and doesn’t find her way to solutions. Part of that is circumstance, but much of the time, it’s Rose’s own character that trips her up.

As the story progresses, what Rose is capable of, as a succubus, gets defined better. She starts to come to terms with herself in the face of many around her seeing her as being “evil” or “slutty”. It’s an almost constant barrage of emotions towards Rose. Nonetheless, she holds her own, gets even with some, and pushes back. Her strength is there, but as well there’s flaws that are exploited with Rose and that’s where the story gets interesting.

Not everything goes right, many things go wrong of course. There is betrayal, battles, loss and more. There’s a hint of mind control, among other powers, but it’s not really focused on clearly. Things tend to happen at breakneck speed for Rose and those around her. Some of the scenes with Rose discovering her powers I thought were really well done, but they were somewhat fleeting.

As Rose’s backstory comes out, it’s complex and varied, needing a lot of time spent to straighten it all out. But that doesn’t happen well. There are a few points where time is taken to tell that part of the story, but things turn quickly and the gains are tossed aside for moving onto the next crisis in the work, and there are a lot of those.

Beyond Rose’s story itself, the overall plot, which revolves around, and within, a family’s battle within itself, I thought was a little too complicated. The author seemed to have to jump in and out of things, bring in characters for a scene, then make them disappear too often. There are quite a number of secondary characters in the series, some of which only appear once. Others are more important, but as well they seem to be pulled in and out of events almost at a whim.

While the characters are interesting, and the plots are as well, there’s a single problem with this series that takes away much of the promise. The work is very difficult to read for all of the mistakes that crop up. Every page has issues. Words that are simply wrong, misspelled, incorrect. Some of the sentence structure is nonsensical.

I can’t honestly say this work was even edited. There’s far too many problems left in the writing. It’s a shame because the core idea is good, Rose has some promise, and the series seemed to be moving towards a goal, even if that might be a little murky. It’s disappointing when an author has a really good idea, but doesn’t take the time to clarify their story and make it was it should be.

Two out of five pitchforks.

The editing takes away so much from what otherwise should be a four pitchfork rating. This series has a complicated plot, characters that have depth and if the editing allowed it, that would make for an amazing series. But it can’t be for how terrible the words on the page read. So many simple mistakes that could have been corrected by even a basic editing.

What’s a bit more disappointing is that this series did not continue to a third work. The second ends on a cliffhanger, it’s obviously meant to continue, but as of this review that never happened. Being so, the series leaves so much unanswered, so many characters in limbo. I like the characters, I think the story is a good one.

But the editing? That leaves so much to be desired.



Dec 15 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 465

I like the idea of a Succubus Mage quite a lot really and I came across an image which I think would fit that description all things considered. There’s so much going on in this artwork that lends itself to that sort of theme I think…

Succubus by Tigrsasha

Succubus by Tigrsasha

This work is by an artist on DeviantArt called Tigrsasha and you can find the original page with this art on DeviantArt here and this artist’s page can be found here too.

The entire scene here is amazingly well done. From the book of magic to the sigils in the air, through her expression, wings, and form, there is really so much to look at and enjoy here.

Her expression is interesting, mainly for the mix of what might be innocence and at the same time, a kind of knowledge that her powers are flowing and she is about to do something… whatever it may be.

Amazing eyes, lovely textures in her hair, just overall this is a wonderful piece of Succubi art. I do wish she had a tail, but that might be too much here as I think about it.

The background makes me wonder if she’s connected to nature in some way, a sort of Succubus that is intimately connected to the world around her. Not quite a Nymph, perhaps better than one all things considered…



Dec 14 2016

The costume is a little too plain to be flaming…

Red Flaming Devil CostumeThere are some costumes that are a little too plain. By that I mean one might be just as well served in finding a seductively cute red, or black, dress, adding some heels, horns and a reasonably decent pitchfork. In that case, the accessories matter because you need them to take a dress and make it more Succubish. When that is how some costumes appear to be, the question then becomes… why?

This is called the Red Flaming Devil Costume and it comes with the dress, the horns and the armlets the model is wearing. The pitchfork, the tail, the necklace and the belt are not included and it sells for $40 US.

What this amounts to is a dress with a poor set of horns and gloves to match. I do, in a way, like the dress a little, it reminds me of one of my own. It is a little difficult to separate the entire ensemble, and I need to, because the image is a bit misleading, considering what the fine print says.

I might, in a pinch, consider the dress with my own horns and so on, but in the combination here I just can’t like it all that much.

One and a half pitchforks out of five.

It’s not a complete waste, really the accessories make things worse, so there is some means to make things better…



Dec 13 2016

A Review of Covetous: A Song of Sin: Book I – Interview From Hell by Patricia Sly

Covetous: A Song of Sin: Book I - Interview From Hell by Patricia Sly

Covetous: A Song of Sin: Book I – Interview From Hell by Patricia Sly

Sometimes the most interesting thing about a Succubus in a story isn’t that she’s a succubus. It isn’t about what she does, if she claims soul, how she does that. What’s interesting to me is who she is, not what she is. Being a Succubus isn’t a character trait, it isn’t what makes a story, or a character work. It’s the door through which something comes from that holds me in the story.

There are some that are destined to be the ones that claim souls, take them to their punishment. But as well, they can also be the ones to tease, tempt and ensnare. But being evil isn’t being sexy, or more importantly sedative. the difference is in how they hold themselves in the moment of revelation.

The story is about:

Some of the most abhorrent and depraved of sexual deviants walk in our midst, going unnoticed and unpunished for their insatiable lust. However, lurking closely behind in their shadows is the just as equally depraved demon known as Cyn, who will see to it that their souls are carried into the deepest pits of Hell, but not before granting them pleasures beyond mortal comprehension.


Syn loves her job. Gathering souls and taking them to their punishment is a thrill, but it also pays her rent. Evil can be many things to Syn, and just like her name, sin will bring souls to her and then the fun begins.

The story is, for the most part, a hot flash of erotica that circles around dominance and the paying for one’s sins. There are some good points in which the story has heat, tells a story that is interesting, but then seems to move off the mark. The point at which things turn from being a story that’s interesting to being, as a whole, more focused on porn than erotica, seems to be like night and day.

The beginning of the story is really well done, tells of Syn, who she is and doesn’t read like an information dump. Her character is clear, there’s purpose to her, something that just makes her stand out against all of the others that appear. Her personality is a bit odd at times, somewhat scattered, but when she’s focused, then something changes and it’s at that point where I really liked her. At least until the erotica came in the story.

The problem is that Syn seems like a character that doesn’t quite reveal herself overall. By that I mean there are aspects to her which are hinted at, but not really explored. Much of the work focuses on the sex, which has more of a porn movie feel to it as a whole. While that does, to a point, work within the story, the issue then becomes when Syn turns the tables and dominates the scene.

She a little bit too “evil”, just that bit too stereotypically so and it takes a lot away from revealing her true nature. While, again, it works within the story and the scene, it just didn’t have the heat it should have. The contrast between Syn “off duty” and on takes away really all of her character, submerging it beneath a veneer that didn’t fit.

I feel like there’s a good series here to be told, but there needs to be more than a tease of story at the beginning and then nothing but lukewarm sex scenes. If Syn’s character isn’t explored, if those she “works” for aren’t a stronger part of the story, then what’s left is the porn. If that happens, then I’d like to see more “story” there. More heat, more of Syn being seductive than simply a sex toy would really go a long way for me at least.

The writing is good, but the erotica needs more heat. Syn as a character is really interesting and telling more about her story interests me quite a lot. What doesn’t is Syn being evil for the sake of being so, then rushing the story to a close, or Syn having all kinds of sex that doesn’t have heat. I think her story can be done a lot better and have more heat, open this universe more and make the series as a whole better.

Three out of five pitchforks.

Syn was far more interesting outside of being evil than within. The better story is her life when she isn’t doing “evil” than when she is. The heat in the story isn’t found in the erotica, it’s in who Syn is. Perhaps the author will try to tell her story more than there has been and develop her further than being “just a succubus” because I don’t accept she’s a stereotypical one.



Dec 13 2016

A Review of Insatiable: A Paranormal Succubus Romance by Mika-Rae Leone

Insatiable: A Paranormal Succubus Romance by Mika-Rae Leone

Insatiable: A Paranormal Succubus Romance by Mika-Rae Leone

One of the issues I have with some stories is that they take a path to the ending that’s a bit of a cop-out. Rather that force the character to make a choice, to deal with their own flaws, they are taken to an event, or decision point, that comes out of nowhere and seems to be slightly off for their character.

Building up a character, giving them purpose, flaws, a decision to make, whether it is good or bad, is important. There needs to be something that brings meaning to them. A get out of jail card for who and what they are isn’t interesting. Having a reason to live is.

  • Title: Insatiable: A Paranormal Succubus Romance
  • Author: Mika-Rae Leone
  • Length: 57 Pages
  • ASIN: B00THZM4K8
  • Publishing Date: February 11, 2015
  • This work at

The story is about:

Baltimore preschool teacher Sirena Evans has a dark secret: she’s insatiable. She is a succubus, cursed with a constant need to feed on the sexual energy of unsuspecting men. In order to stay satiated and sane, Sirena spends her nights picking up men at bars. She’s lonely, afraid of being found out, and her reputation is always at stake…

Then she meets Kayson Gentry, a sexy blond mechanic with Southern charm, at a bar. Sirena feels an intense urge to feed, more intense than she’s ever felt, and for the first time in so many years, butterflies. They share a passionate night, and for some reason Sirena is unable to steal any of his sexual energy. She is not sure why, but her guess is that it’s because she’s falling for this man. But how could she ever explain to Kayson what she really is?…

An emergency meeting is called by the local secret society of succubi. The elders warn that blood-thirsty hunters are in town, killers bent on making succubi extinct. Does Sirena’s inability to feed from Kayson mean that he is a hunter himself?

Both her fear of revealing what she is to Kayson and her fear of the hunters on her trail push her to starvation, but she can’t go long without feeding. She’s insatiable. She will have to feed, and face the consequences to both her new love and her own life.

Sirena’s life isn’t one that she loves. It’s sad at times, emotionally bereft and there’s just so little in the days and nights to comfort her. A chance encounter in a bar leads her into the arms of Kayson. He’s everything she could want, desires and more. But Sirena is a succubus and trying to explain that is a problem. Losing him is far more. There is such a thing as being hopeless, but its worse when you have some hope and you don’t know how to hold onto it.

The story is a lovely romance mixed with the worries, fears and concerns that both main characters have about each other. The single theme that runs throughout is one of understanding and opening themselves to each other. The problem is that Sirena can’t manage that, and when she tries to, Kayson just can’t allow her to. There’s too much hurt on both sides to allow for the connection to be as it should and that leads to all kinds of disasters along the way.

Sirena is a succubus, really a lovely, seductive one, but more importantly, she has a soul, she wants something more and that’s where the story really comes into its own. We never see horns or a tail, though another character does at an important moment. There’s also a very interesting hint of a succubus society that’s just touched on, suggested, but not explored fully. It’s a shame because the secondary succubus characters are very interesting and I really wish more time had been spent with Sirena’s friends there to broaden her character and her world.

As the story is, overall, a romance, the erotica comes in a series of short hot flashes for the main characters, but as well there are some moments for Sirena, in the aftermath of her needs, which are terribly sad and heartbreaking. The contrast is striking and I think that worked really well to show how the main characters are together and apart.

The writing is very good, the characters develop and that works well. But Sirena’s succubus like is mainly about her and when the hint of other succubi appear, that just feels skimmed over for the sake of getting to the climax of the work. That climax takes the story in a direction which I felt took something away.

Sirena had to make a choice, as did Kayson. But that choice gets pulled away from both of them in a way that just didn’t feel right. It allow for the ending, the reveal, and some resolutions. But otherwise when the ending comes it’s disappointing. Something is taken, something that really was core to Sirena’s story. When it is, what’s left is a rote ending, one that is not all it could have been.

Three and a half of out five pitchforks.

It’s a shame about the ending. It feels wrong for Sirena, it doesn’t allow for her to come to terms with herself. It’s too easy a way out for Sirena and being who she is, that choice really didn’t feel right. I wish there was an ending that didn’t feel so rote or expected. I think both Sirena and Kayson’s characters had something more in each to tell.