May 08 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 330

One of the artists that I follow on Hentai Foundry is Dr. Graevling. Now, while some of their work can be a little over the top in a lot of ways, there is something about their Succubi art that I have come to like very much…

I think that it is not just the personality that they put into their art, but just how they look… right. They are sexy, they have a slight look of mischievousness about them, and most of all, there is a lovely bit of seductiveness that is there that isn’t in much art of Succubi…

Really there should be more I think…

Lydia by DrGraevling

Lydia by DrGraevling

This particular work, Lydia, was a commission that DrGraevling did. You can find the original page with this art here and the Doc’s Hentai Foundry page is here as well

This is just so cute on so many levels… From her smile, to her tail, the stockings and gloves… She’s just really a wonderfully mischievous Succubus and I just adore that so very much… I really think that making her colours all match as they do here was an inspired touch, it really adds personality to her and that is something I do like to see in Succubi…

But the most important thing, at least to me, is that she made me smile when I first saw her and that will always make her special in my world of Succubi…

The Doc has quite literally hundreds of works of art to be found, some I will admit are very racy and adult, so do keep that in mind when you visit their pages!



May 07 2014

Not that Lucky as a Succubus Costume really…

Lucky Devil CostumeI have said many times that I happen to like costumes that have some latex or at least some shininess in them… most of the time.

Then costumes like this one appear and I find that even with a lot of shine to be seen… it’s not that wonderful really…

This is called the Lucky Devil Costume and it comes with the bodysuit and tail and the horns…

The boots are not included, though I really do think you would need a pair like this model is wearing and it sells for $56 at the sites I have found it on…

I think that the model makes this costume look much better than it actually is. Of course showing a lot of cleavage will make any costume look better won’t it?

I also don’t care for the front zipper, it just looks wrong having a huge black zip in the front of what otherwise is an interesting flame pattern I think.

The tail isn’t anything special and the horns aren’t either which makes this costume less again than it could have been…

I’ll give this two pitchforks out of five even with the boots…

Not really something I care for obviously and there are much better costumes to be found. Still, as a last ditch costume it is an option… mebby…



May 06 2014

A Review of Surrender Sweet Succubus by Jewel Quinlan

Surrender Sweet Succubus by Jewel Quinlan

Surrender Sweet Succubus by Jewel Quinlan

I’ve said many times that my view of Succubi is… different. I believe that they are more, can be more. There are very few stories about Succubi that I can truly say have something in them that has made me cry, wonder, and, perhaps, believe in what seems to be impossible.

The impossible is only that which we believe it to be. When we find that our reality is, in truth, what we shape it into, then we learn something about the universe, and ourselves.

The work tells the story of:

When Dr. Stephen Wallace, a fertility specialist from Sydney Australia, is approached by his brother and sister-in-law for help conceiving a child there is no way he can refuse. Since they have already exhausted all the possibilities modern medicine can provide, Stephen turns to his skills as a shaman for alternative solutions. His search leads him to Las Vegas, Nevada on a slim lead to capture a succubus who he hopes has the power to help. But when he meets Geneva, the exotic and passionate succubus, he finds himself being captured instead.

It’s a very rare story that hits home to me personally. This one does. The thing about this story is that it brushes against some of the things that I hold most dear in my life and that of the Succubi Queen me. I went into this work hoping for a story that might, even if only a little, meet the high wishes and expectations that I have. I was not disappointed.

Geneva is a Succubus, but not, in any way, a stereotypical one from the first moment she appears. Her personality jumps off the page and shines through the rest of the story. She has history, she has wants and needs. She is looking for something, has been for a long time. That’s not to say that she isn’t aware of what she is or what she does to those around her. She’s well aware of it. But even having that when she meets Stephen… Things don’t quite go as they have in the past.

Stephen is possibly one of the most wonderfully caring, intelligent, and dynamic personalities that I have seen in a Succubus story for some time as well. He’s not a “typical” male lead cardboard cutout. He has a personality that is every bit as strong, interesting and deep as Geneva’s. More, he has a purpose, one that, to me, makes him shine.

I think the best way to look at the two of them is that they are, at least in my mind, each other’s Eternal. Their first meeting, and the events afterwards, aren’t exactly the best of things and Stephen does something he regrets as well. But he makes up for that, fixes it, and in doing so discovers that some souls are meant to be together… It’s the together part that takes a while to happen sometimes.

The plot is a touching one, both in purpose and the events that comes from it. But it turns into less about the initial plot and more into the discovery between Stephen and Geneva. The threads that have been around them, and not knowing. The little barbs and quips that are just right. The thoughts that Geneva shares as the story progresses.

I especially liked Geneva’s explanation of the Succubi and where they came from and, more importantly, exactly who and what they are. It’s one of the best and most well thought out concepts for Succubi that I have seen in sometime. With that comes history, relationships, and meaning that I don’t often see in Succubi stories.

There is, and this is important for me personally, logic to Geneva and Stephen’s powers and their relationship to the world around them. It’s not a waving of a hand and things happen. There is depth to what happens around them and between them which adds so much to what is a wonderfully romantic and touching story.

The ending is touching, with hope for the future and in that comes a personal wish… I’d like to see more of Geneva and Stephen. There are hints of their future and I would love to see that. Their story doesn’t seem to be over and, in all honesty, I’d like to see how the two of them change as things continue forwards.

Lovely writing, all of the characters have depth, emotion and stories to tell. The erotic moments between Geneva and Stephen are exactly as they were in my thoughts from the moment the two of them came together. There is one minor, blink and you will miss it, mistake near the end of the story were one character is credited with a bit of information that another gave. Other than that, not one thing in this work took me out of a story that meant more to me personally than I can explain.

I’m giving this work five out of five pitchforks.

A wonderful moving story with characters that feel the aches and wishes within them. A beautiful story of the need within and the hope that surrounds. I hope dearly for more about Stephen and Geneva as their story is far from done and that question, of where their story goes, will be with me…

Highly recommended and personally inspiring. One of the top ten Succubi stories of the year.

Now if only there is more… I’ll hope so.



May 05 2014

Behold By TeraS

A short tale today … Really it is a bit of fluff with nothing really in it … or is there? I suppose that’s for the one that beholds it to decide …


By TeraS


The room was, to be blunt, ostentatious: marble floors, golden walls, art that cost—one could be quite sure—more than any of those in the room would make in a lifetime. Standing at the head of a small group of students was a bespectacled man with a ream of papers in his right hand and waving his left about him as he spoke.

“Behold the Queen of the Succubi!”

The group turned to look in the direction that his hand waved in and, as the man droned on about the myths and legends that were associated with the painting, not to mention assorted minutia about the artist, the date of the art, and so on, the group regarded the painting. It was a stylized image of the Queen herself, all fire and brimstone, looking regal and holding her pitchfork in one hand, with a come hither look in her eyes. The odd thing was that the eyes in the painting seemed to sparkle a captivating green. As if they were seeing each and every person who looked at her. But that couldn’t be real … only a trick of the light, yes?

Theo found himself wondering.

He was not all that great a student, though some of his teachers had told him that he had promise. The thing was that they never really told him what that was. They would nod and just say ‘You’ll know it when it happens.” He really hadn’t focused on one particular subject, though he knew that he needed to. But it was all of the things that were out there to discover that interested him. Magic alone was fine, but then what about science? Focus on the physical, but what about the spiritual? He wanted to indulge all of this curiosity, but the rules where that he needed to choose one focus and remain with it.

He didn’t like those rules.

At this moment, the rest of the world around him fell out of focus, and he concentrated on the painting instead. He wondered if she was truly what she appeared to be. He wondered what her voice might be like. He wondered if, perhaps …

“They really do go well over the top sometimes, don’t they?”

Turning around to look behind him, Theo found a tall woman with raven hair smiling at him and stammered: “I … suppose they do.”

He turned back to look at the painting and then looked back at the woman in shock when he realized something. Her eyes … her smile … was that a pair of red horns and tail? He looked at her for a long moment before managing in a squeak: “You? You’re …”

She waved a hand idly in the air: “Yes, I am Tera. The artist who did that was a bit too fire and brimstone, really. I don’t care for the entire look, to be honest.”

Theo didn’t know what to think, or do. She was a Queen, so, according to the rules that had been drummed into him all his life, he should have bowed, or prostrated himself in front of her, or something. The problem was that he was so shocked at her appearance out of thin air that all of what he had been taught left him wanting. Not to mention that she looked so … casual. She wasn’t dressed all regally, and, somehow, he felt that this was better. The long red jacket suited her well.

That hand she had been waving idly now waved in front of his eyes as she said with amusement: “Are you going to ask for proof that I am … me?”

He shook his head: “Don’t think I need to. You appeared out of nowhere, your painting doesn’t do you justice, and the horns and tail are a dead giveaway, aren’t they?”

She laughed and wagged a finger at him: “Quite true. Possibly my one quirk is that I don’t hide them.”

Theo looked around and noticed that the room was completely empty save for the two of them. He wondered why the group would have left him here alone, and then realized that, if she wanted to see him and only him, that wouldn’t have been much of an effort for her to manage.

“Why me?”

Her tail moved from right to left behind her as she crossed her arms over her chest: “That is an open question. Care to be more specific?”

“Why are you appearing to me here and now? Legends say that you …”

She tilted her head to the left: “Legends are not truth. Setting that aside, I am here because you interest me, Theodore.”

“Um. My name’s Theo.”

She shrugged: “Allow a Queen one of her quirks will you?”

He couldn’t honestly refuse that request: “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Tera is fine.”

He nodded; if that’s what she asked, he couldn’t refuse that request, either: “Why do I interest you, Tera?”

“You want to know everything.”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“Well, so do I.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”

She shifted her hips and gave him a look, one that he didn’t expect: bemused. “The imagination of humanity is vast and powerful. It has resulted in things that otherwise would never have been.”

“Yeah, I can see that.”

She looked at her painting: “You create legends and myths to explain what you cannot understand, at least until you understand it. Then, when you have your facts, or what you believe to be the facts, the myths become set in stone and never-changing.”

“So, you’re saying that the fire and brimstone stuff is wrong?”

“Well … I have not harmed you or taken your soul or worse, have I? What would stop me from doing so if that is what I really wanted?”

Theo thought about this a moment: “You choose not to?”

She snapped her fingers, the sound echoing in the room around them: “Exactly! Choice: and that is the most powerful thing humanity has.”

“It’s not much of a power.”

“It is the most powerful thing in the universe.”

He nodded, not really believing her for the moment: “So, the legends about you are not true?”

She tapped a finger against her lips: “Some of them are. Some are not. Would it not be interesting to find out which was which?”

“It might be.”

She waved her right hand at the painting: “All legends start with a grain of truth. All truths start from one point, one belief, one purpose.”

“Where’s the truth in that painting, then?”

“He got my eyes right.”

Theo turned to look at the painting again and found that, yes, the artist did get Tera’s eyes very right. That little sparkle of mischief and amusement was plain to see when you were looking for it. He turned back to look at her and found that she wasn’t there any longer.

He also found that the room was filled once more, and the leader of their group was finishing up his speech with a flourish about the painting: “It is said that she appears to a very few and when she does they are never the same again!”

He then waved the group to follow him as he continued the tour. As they began to move on, Theo stole one more look at the painting, seeing it in a new light and realizing that he had a focus now. It wasn’t Tera; it was the question of myths and legends and what was real and what wasn’t. That search for answers would take a lifetime, and he looked forward to every moment of it.

“I’d like to meet her. See if she’s all that they claim she is. And how she is in bed.”

Theo looked at his classmate who had spoken. He wanted to say that she was more, better, than what the legends said. He wanted to slap him across the face for being an ass, but someone tapped him on the shoulder and he turned to see who it was.

“Time to move on gentlemen, you do not wish to be left behind, do you?”

He found himself looking at a woman—a woman with raven hair and two little flashes of red among her curled locks. His classmate leered at her and she pointed him towards the rapidly departing group.

“In your dreams … Get going.”

“Oh I hope so.” The classmate practically salivated.

After he ran off and they were alone, she looked at Theo and winked through her horn rimmed glasses before walking with him towards the group.

“You said you don’t hide your horns or tail.”

“It is amazing what you can divert attention from with the right clothing and attitude.”

“And you are?”

The innocent look she had belied her answer: “A visiting professor in the sexual arts, of course. It’s my first day, and I’m off campus chaperoning some students.”

Theo couldn’t help the smile: “So, how long are you staying?”

“I have all of the time in the world.”

Theo smiled broadly at that. He looked forward to what they would behold together … She did, as well.

May 04 2014

A Review of Dominated by the Wolf by Ashlee Alexander

Dominated by the Wolf by Ashlee Alexander

Dominated by the Wolf by Ashlee Alexander

A question that I’ve thought about from time to time is… Is it possible for a Succubus to refuse herself? To manage to control her own needs and desires so that she remains, as much as she can, human. Some can, though it is not the easiest of things. But what if, on chance, you discover there are others around you that you can come to love… and they will not wither at your touch.

What happens to the walls you have built up around yourself?

  • Title: Dominated by the Wolf
  • Author: Ashlee Alexander
  • Publishing Date: November 10, 2012
  • Length: 39 Pages
  • ASIN: B00A5WUFX0
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

A lonely succubus meets her match in a sexy wolf…

Cursed by her succubus bloodline, Catherine craves physical contact and companionship, but her vampiric tendencies are harmful to those around her…if not deadly. Her life changes forever the night Gerard Lockhart, a sexy werewolf, steps into the diner where she works. Catherine is drawn to his magnetic energy, sensing that he is different from anyone she has ever met. Will he be strong enough to resist her supernatural powers?

Catherine is a Succubus, but for some time she has tried to refuse her existence. Not making relationships, trying to be alone as much as possible she manages to survive but not really live… until she meets an odd man and her life changes in ways she never imagined.

Catherine is a very complicated character in that she carries the baggage of her mother, being abandoned by her, and having to move all of the time so that she never kills again. Killing her love was enough to scar her for life by far. While she is a Succubus, has the powers of one in that she attracts men, isn’t really liked by women, can sense the emotions of others and meld herself to their wants and needs, the question of her form isn’t quite clear. There are descriptions of her wings, but not clearly at a few points in the story, but little else.

The detail of the story tends to be in the werewolves that she meets. There is history there, quite a lot of it, and it allows a really complex plot to begin to form quite quickly. There is one character who I felt very sorry for from the first moment Catherine meets him and I had wondered if they might have a relationship. When that didn’t come it felt… empty.

Following that moment and the appearance of Gerard, the work turned towards quite a number of erotic scenes that were very well done, the heat was quite lovely by far. The only problem that I really had was that Catherine became… feral. I never really have liked the idea of a Succubus feeding in that way, especially blood, and it was a turn off for me when it happened.

It’s obvious that Catherine is going a bit drunk on having so many to feed upon, the effects are like she is losing control much of the time and revelling in the moment. I felt like the shift from “never will” to “always can” was a bit too much and I wondered how she could lose her self control so quickly. But then I recalled that she could become what others wanted in knowing their emotions. That’s fine and it fits, but then is Catherine now not herself? Is she now simply what Gerard wants?

It could be very possible…

I’m giving this work three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Catherine’s story sounds… familiar… in a way though it isn’t. I would have liked to see her “be” the being she is suggested is in her form… Perhaps the next book will show that and answer the questions I have about her… I know that her release from her self-imposed bonds is important and guides the story forward… I just could have used a lot less blood in the way of the story…



May 03 2014

A lovely Lilith Aensland Tribute Video…

It is nice to see Lilith Aensland having some love as her sister gets so much of it… and this tribute video of her I think is one of the better that I have seen…

And a link if you cannot see the video here:

I found one image in the video that really strikes me as being unique in how Lilith has been draw… She looks so mature in this work and that I think is very attractive…

Lilith Aensland

I really like Lilith when she looks to be about the same age that her sister Morrigan is honestly. She is supposed to be as powerful as Morrigan, but not as confident as Morrigan. So to me, a confident strong Lilith is very attractive as a character image to me…

If anyone knows where to find this image, please leave a comment?



May 02 2014

A Review of The Man of her Dreams by Nathan Stratton

The Man of her Dreams by Nathan Stratton

The Man of her Dreams by Nathan Stratton

Not all stories about Succubi or Incubi are exactly what they seem to be in the beginning. Mostly, for reasons that I personally cannot quite understand and especially in the case of Incubi, they are portrayed as having a single purpose. They have… well.. no soul or compassion except that which they use to entrap others.

However, there are ways to make them more than that. To have a thread within them that brings their story to a place that proves, again, that anything is possible… If you can believe and trust.

  • Title: The Man of her Dreams
  • Author: Nathan Stratton
  • Publishing Date: July 14, 2013
  • Length: 80 Pages
  • ASIN: B00DXYS82C
  • This work at

The work tells of:

Alexis has fallen for the man of her dreams — literally. He visits her every night while she sleeps. An impossible romance; she knows it’s crazy, but she can’t stop herself from falling for him.

But when the man of your dreams seems a little too perfect, you’d better hope that dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare…

While there are erotic moments in this work it is, thankfully, very much driven by the mystery of what Alexis finds in her dreams and what becomes of that experience. The dreamscape turns and changes as one might expect, but what makes that different is that Alexis can manipulate her dreams which placed a question in my thoughts.

While the beginning of the work plays out very much like the stereotypical Incubus visit, in truth  there is something in the moment which give hint, from the start, that things are not, quite, exactly what they appear to be. That I found enthralling and enjoyable. He might be the vision of her first love, but when the real man appears, and with lovely black angel wings which made me smile, then the real truths of the story come into play.

He has history, a situation that is described and involved. He has personality, one that matches Alexis very well I thought and when the turning point in the story comes it is both touching and then in the next moment heart braking. I won’t spoil the ending, but it felt right, it does right by the characters and in the end, isn’t that the most important thing a story can do?

The descriptions of the real world are enough to tell you what Alexis lives through, but in the dream world she experiences something she never expected to have. That bring about a threat to them both which made sense for the setting they find themselves in. But it also provides a way for both of them to figure out some important questions in themselves.

I do wonder about Alexis though. She has the power to shape dreams, true they are her own, but in that I wonder if she had been, or could have been, in another time and place, a Succubus in her own right? It is an interesting thought when you finish the work and see where things end.

The story does end and close in a way that makes the work very satisfying. There are no real loose ends thankfully and that was nice to see as well. There are a few word errors though, meaning that a similar sounding word was used in the wrong place, but it wasn’t anything that really took me out of the story. A good, passionate, thoughtful story of two lost souls… but more than that really.

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

Lovely characters, well played, with their own souls. That always makes for a good tale…