Mar 03 2014

I’ll Never Be Part III By TeraS

The last part of I’ll Never Be today on the Tale… You can find Part One here and Part Two here as well…

Sometimes the truth is what it is …. We just need to see it for what it is…

I’ll Never Be
Part III
By TeraS


Sometimes there is a moment that happens. Sometimes it happens just once and only once. Sometimes it happens again, if not quite in the same way.


Beverly scrambled under the bedcovers as the sound she knew so well came closer. There was, just barely, enough time to burrow underneath them, her tail the last thing to disappear under the comforter and for her to curl up into a ball there.

The footsteps stopped at the doorway, pausing there. Was she listening? Did she know? Was she looking at her indistinct form, hiding under the bedclothes? Did she know? Did she … could she … was she disappointed in her?

The young purple tail tried to stifle the chocking sob in her chest, pushing it down again so that her visitor wouldn’t hear it. She could hear her heels turning as if to leave and relaxed … but then the sob escaped her … and when the sound of those heels came into the room … they were so close now … Beverly tensed up tightly and tried not to move, not to make another sound.

The bed shifted as her idol settled there on the edge. Beverly wondered if she was disappointed, sad, upset … so many thoughts of all of the things that might be, could be, would be wrong.

Nothing happened for the longest time. She didn’t speak, though she was sure that a pair of eyes was looking at her … into her … through her. Again she felt so disappointed that her own eyes would never look exactly like them.

She felt a hand nearly touch, but not quite actually touch her own tail. She didn’t dare move it, for once she did, the woman above the comforter would know that the one underneath, the one who was supposed to be asleep, wasn’t, that she was hiding … ashamed now that she was doing so. But it was far too late to change her mind; she had made her bed and now she had to lay in it. She actually had a small smile as she realized now what that old saying meant … at least to her.

But then … the visitor spoke: “A long time ago, long before you were you, I was in a room like this, under the covers, thinking about what might be. I had spent the day being miserable. Everything about me was wrong. I didn’t like me, did not care for me. I wanted to curl up somewhere and just hide away from the world and fade away.”

She felt that hand brush over the covers slowly, as if it was tracing randomly over the comforter, possibly tracing the stitching, possibly not.

“I wasn’t good enough. I was not the vision that I was supposed to be. There was no possible way that I could meet the role that everyone around me said that I was …” she chuckled before the next came “… destined to be. ‘You have to wear this. You have to speak like that. You can’t act that way. You cannot be that way.’”

Listening to those words, Beverly wanted to tell her that she was perfect, that everything she did was just right, that every word, move, thought, expression was flawless.

She continued: “For the longest time I took all of their words and twisted myself into knots, trying to make myself be what they wanted me to be. If I changed the right thing, if I looked the right way, if I did and said what they said was right, then everything would be right, wouldn’t it?”

The younger woman had to think about that, how everything spoken of was how she looked at herself, thought of herself, expected herself to be.

She went on: “So, eventually, that night came where I wound up in my room, looking at myself and pulling at my hair, the frustrations piling on top of me until there was nothing of me when I looked into the mirror. All I could see were the things that were wrong, so wrong that I could never fix them.”

The hand stopped moving, and Beverly wondered what was coming next.

“I just about gave up. The worst thing about not knowing yourself, being yourself, and accepting yourself is that, if you cannot find your way back to that, then you are lost.”

She took a deep breath and blew it out again.

She heard her visitor do the same thing: “It took me far too long to realize something: that spending your life trying to be who you are not is not a life. It is hardship, disappointment, and, most of the time, it wears upon your soul. It beats you down, takes away all of the joys within you, and leaves only emptiness behind that you cannot fill. All you do is make that void within your bigger and bigger, until all you have inside of you is that emptiness.”

She understood that feeling … She felt it so much, so often now.

“The day I realized that being me was the most important thing, the void began to be filled. It didn’t leave all at once—it never works that easily and anyone who tells you that it just vanishes in a puff of smoke isn’t telling you the truth. But I did, after a long time, look at myself and realize that I didn’t feel empty inside.”

Under the covers, she nibbled on the inside of her cheek.

“Sweetheart, be yourself. Learn that lesson and take it to heart. You can be anything you want to be. You can do anything you want to do. But the one thing that so few manage is to be themselves first.”

She felt the bed shift as she rose from it, her story finished. She stood there, likely considering, and then said: “Maybe I should have sooner.”

The footsteps came again as her hero began to leave. Lying there under the covers, she thought about the story and called out to her, “I’ll try.”

The footsteps stopped. Then Tera replied: “I know. That’s all I ever ask.”

Then she left, closing the door behind her. The purple tail didn’t come out from under the covers … not right away. She was thinking … a lot. It was almost two hours later when she realized something: no one was perfect. That was the point of the story. Understanding that took longer, accepting it longer still, but, in the end …

Tera was who she was and Bev—yes, Bev—was who she was …

… each perfect in her own way …

… each not so perfect in her own way …

… but each herself, first, last, and always.

Mar 02 2014

A Review of Devour by Jacqueline Sweet

Devour by Jacqueline Sweet

Devour by Jacqueline Sweet

It is said, by some, that there is one thing each of us desires that we would do anything for. A single thought, desire, wish. Something that we know, deep inside, we can never have… or can we?

What if you were given that desire? What would be the cost? What sort of deal would you make for it? In the end the question becomes one that is more focused when what you are becomes what you desire to be… and what others desire of you…

A new series called The Reluctant Succubus began recently. The author, Jacqueline Sweet, has indicated that it will be a five part series and today I will be reviewing the first work in the series Devour with future reviews appearing as the series continues.

The work tells of:

A mysterious ad promises instant weight loss at great cost, but only the worthy may apply. Sarah Mayhew jumps at the chance to finally attain the body of her dreams and finds herself caught up in a game of dominance with a hungry succubus. Can she find a way to break free or will she win a physique to die for and pay with her soul?

Sarah does not like herself all that much. When she sees an advertisement that promises her everything she wants, she tries to make it happen. Darkness arrives and offers her wish, a choice, and a fate. Sarah receives all three and then discovers that when you make a deal… it’s really never finished.

The being of darkness, really there isn’t any other good way to describe them, I thought had the right mix of evil, mystery and… I’ll use the word dominance I think. They were at one moment charming, in the next evil barely contained, and what I particular liked was the humour that drifted in and out of their conversation with Sarah. I’ll also add that, for me, the appearance of a single cupcake and what it represents, was deviously ironic. They set the tone of the series well I thought and I find myself wondering about them and if they might return when Sarah least expects them to.

Sarah’s personality and character is an interesting mix of submission and dominance which I think reflects who she seems to be. She wants to submit, to be changed, to become her desires, but at the same time she fights against that within herself. She could just give in, but she does not and that I found made me like her a lot more than I would have if she simply had given up. She’s intelligent, which was nice to see, and thinks… usually… before she acts. But now that she has her desire, the question is just how long she can keep that controlled… It will be a fight, on that point I have little doubt.

There is a Succubus in this work that Sarah encounters towards the latter third of the work. The Succubus isn’t quite stereotypical in nature however for many reasons. One is physical in nature, one seems to be very specific to Sarah herself, and a last is that what the Succubus can do is somewhat different than what you might expect. She is evil, of course, and the battle that Sarah faces has its lusts, wants and desires, some of which are within Sarah herself and some that are pressed upon her. Overall I thought the Succubus was interesting, though remaining unnamed, but for a good reason I think if the series goes in the direction I think it will. I didn’t care for her having hooves, one of my own personal peeves and not a criticism of the author herself. But her personality worked well for me and how she ensnared Sarah fit into the story very well.

The one thing that puzzled me somewhat was that Sarah had to jump through two “tests” and I’m not quite sure that needed to be. I do realize this work is setting up the rest of the series to come, and of course there has to be an origin to all good storytelling… It just felt to me as if there was a little too much “test” and not quite enough “consequence” in what transpired. However, I am quite sure that things will change as the story progresses forwards.

A good, solidly written work with really nothing that took me out of the story. I will admit that I winced a bit when the Succubus appeared with hooves, I really do not care for them, but that is my own personal bias. A touch of mind control hinted at which was well done. And I have to add that the appearance of a particular cupcake made me smile, but you will have to read the work to understand that reference. I would have liked to know more about the Succubus, the question that Sarah thinks about when she first encounters her is one that I think is a bit of foreshadowing of what is to come and getting from here to there will be something different I expect.

Four out of five pitchforks.

It is an interesting beginning to the series with quite a lot of introspection, self-examination and desire. I believe I see some foreshadowing within the work, and where the series goes from here I find to be intriguing. The balance of erotica to story was quite good and I hope that continues as the series goes on…

I will be following it to see…



Mar 01 2014

A YouTube of a Pixelated Morrigan Aensland…

Videogame sprites, or avatars, you can pick whichever term you prefer, fascinate me. It cannot be easy to create them, or make them look like they have character or depth to them. I found a Youtube that shows the process of an artist named PainterBits2 making one of Morrigan Aensland, and it’s really art more than anything else…

And if you cannot see the video on the Tale, it is here on YouTube:

And here is a screenshot of the Morrigan Avatar in case the video vanishes…

Pixel Morrigan Aensland by PainterBits2

You can also find the completed art on the artist’s DeviantArt site here.

I really like so much of this work… Her hair is lovely, her body shape isn’t over the top, which I appreciate, and Morrigan just looks… right.

That’s really the most important thing isn’t it?



Feb 28 2014

A Review of Session Five: Doubt & Discovery by John Dylena

Session Five: Doubt & Discovery by John Dylena

Session Five: Doubt & Discovery by John Dylena

Today I am continuing my review of the series The Succubus’ Sub, by John Dylena. You can find the review of the first book in the series here on the Tale. The second book was reviewed here on the Tale as well and the third can be found here. The prior work to the one I will review this week can be found here.

This review will be of the fifth, and at least for Part One of the series, last work in the series. I will also review the series as a whole at the end of this review of Part Five.

They say that the grass is always greener on the other side. But what if you could be on the other side of the fence and see exactly how green things were? What if what you believe to be your desire, want and need turned out to be something different than you expected? And what if, in the discovery of that difference, you find out that the owner of that particular desire has a secret of her own?

What would you decide then?

The story is of:

Brett wakes up the morning after another wonderful night with his mistress. After sending him back to his apartment, he finds himself thinking about the future. He weighs his options and realizing how he hates being away from Myserra, decides to ask her to enslave him.

But his succubus mistress senses doubt in his words and she decides to take him on a field trip to show him what it truly be a slave.

She takes him to the demon underground Brett not only discovers what it truely means to be a slave, but who Myserra really is.

Brett makes a choice in this part of the series, one that has some very complicated and powerful strings attached to it. Myserra wants Brett to be sure, really sure, that what he is asking for is what he really wants, and that he truly understands what it means. The journey from thought to understanding for Brett is one that he finds hard to take, harder to accept, and most of all, reveals something of Myserra that he didn’t know before. Her history.

Overall this part is all about choice. The choices that Brett has made and will make. The choices that Myserra made in the past and what that means to her in the present. Heather also plays a part in this matter of choice, whether she wants to or not.

It was, for me, nice to return to the world of the succubi, demons and all once more. The author began to construct a world in his prior series and in this episode he fleshes out quite a lot of the history, setting, and interactions that happen there. The appearance of a well known Succubus in this part of the story who reveals to Brett a secret about Myserra was nice to see as well. The world that Myserra calls home is seen in its many different views and beliefs about the keeping of those that are called slaves by them. What’s more interesting is the inherent logic within that structure the author sets into place. It is that logic, the possibilities that give Brett pause. While some of those possibilities are very dark, they are not the core of the story.

The main theme is Brett seeing what his relationship with Myserra gives him with respect to all of the others that are held by their particular Mistress or Master in that world. The shift that Brett goes through, from what he thinks along to what he actually is facing is, at times, difficult and it tears at his self worth at times. The idea of choice comes up in this many, many times and as it does over and over again, it is this, in the end, which drives Brett’s choice forward.

The story of Myserra herself turned a corner that I didn’t quite expect. It is her views on certain subjects that added a lot to her character for me. Yes, if she wanted, she could just “make” Brett a slave… But she doesn’t. The reason for that, most of all, is something that I personally appreciated because it shows one important thing about her. She values Brett. She values his choice. That is important and that she keeps that in mind with him, as has been seen so far in the series, is explained in a elegant fashion.

The work is driven by story, as it has been throughout. There is a bit more attention given to the aspects of otherworldly keeping of pets and slaves, some of which is quite harsh. But then not everyone is like Myserra or Brett for that matter and having things be different is important in this story. The writing is excellent and I have noticed a bit more emphasis on Brett’s internal thoughts and struggles which made the story better I felt.

The work wraps up this part of the series nicely, though the question of Brett’s future, his relationship with Myserra and what Heather has become and what will happen to her are left open to allow the story to continue.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

A nice, tightly written conclusion, but with paths to continue. There are questions of course, but then all good writing should leave you to ponder things… What comes next for these three will be something I will be looking for…


This brings to a close the first book in the series, and as such I have a few thoughts of the series as a whole to share as well. I’ve enjoyed the building of the characters as the story has progressed. Neither Brett or Myserra were static though the series and that was good to see. I would have liked to have a bit more about Heather than we do to this point, perhaps that will be in the next book. While Brett’s relationship with Myserra is core to the story, I do wonder about where Heather will fit in the future, or what happens when, at some point, a key is turned with regards to her.

The world building that comes on top of the author’s previous series, which I also enjoyed immensely, is a large part of what draws me. It is erotica to an extent, but it is not, at all, the main point of the series. By doing so, there are many opportunities for storytelling and this author most certainly does so very well…

I recommend the series as a whole without reservation and I look forward to seeing where the author takes characters that I have come to care about from here onwards…



Feb 27 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 320

A little bit of Morrigan Aensland looking cute and almost innocent for this week’s Succubi… Of course saying that Morrigan is innocent is a bit of a stretch I know…

Morrigan by Niwaso

Morrigan by Niwaso

This work is by an artist on DeviantArt called Niwaso, and you can find their artist page here and the page on DeviantArt with this work here as well…

The one thing I love the most about this art is the smile and look in her eyes. It just really expresses Morrigan’s character very well and that’s important I think. After all, she is more than what is usually focused on… even here. Obviously there is something missing, but we’ll call that a bit of artistic license to get around DeviantArt’s rules I think…

This kind of looks like a trading card in a way and that makes me wonder what such a card would have about Morrigan on it…

Something to ponder…



Feb 26 2014

It’s called Devilicious… Not quite really…

Devilicious CostumeSome words really shouldn’t be used in connection with a costume sometimes. Especially when the word paints an image of the costume in a certain way.

I’ve looked at some rather expensive costumes here on the Tale and the one this week is one of the most expensive that I have found. The odd thing is, in a way, I can accept why it costs as much as it does…

This is called the Devilicious costume and it sells for $159 US. That’s really all that I can tell you about because the description of it tells you… nothing. Not a thing. Zero. Nada.

So I can guess that the costume comes with the horns, and the dress, and the choker and that would be about all I would think as the shoes really don’t quite match the costume itself.

I kind of like the horns, they aren’t awful which is saying a lot really. I can even live, barely, with the costume itself. The choker slash collar however is too vamp for my liking though. I also don’t care for the bit of frills on the model’s arms, especially the two little pieces of thread that appear below the frills. It makes this look very unfinished in nature I think…

It’s not the worst thing I have found. In fact I do, in a odd kind of way, like this the more that I look at it. But there is no tail, of course, and it just looks… unfinished.

Two and a half pitchforks out of five.

In a pinch mebby, but that’s about all…



Feb 25 2014

A Review of Thrall of the Succubus by Elliot Silvestri

Thrall of the Succubus by Elliot Silvestri

Thrall of the Succubus by Elliot Silvestri

One of the aspects about Succubi that I have always enjoyed is the differing kinds of mind control they possess and use from time to time. If that is done in the right way, it can add a lot of heat to a story for me and overall I like well done seduction with a touch of mind control.

However, I’m less thrilled with aspects of horror and violence that also seem to pop up many times when Succubi characters appear. To me, that seems very stereotypical and whatever heat I might have gotten from a good story tends to be muted to an extent when the blood and gore appears…

The work tells of:

Being a bit of social outsider Liam always had trouble meeting women. He couldn’t believe his good luck upon meeting the very willing Sylvia. Their physically intimate relationship quickly takes strange turns not to the kinks he was hoping for but in the way she used his body. Become enthralled by an other-worldly being wasn’t so bad he told himself…

Liam meets Sylvia, she turns out to be a Succubus who uses her mind control powers to make him compliant, and then uses him to get something she wants. Overall that is the main plot of the story, but in truth that story has quite a few ups and downs in it.

Sylvia, the main Succubus of the story is, for the most part, really very stereotypical in nature and actions and the climax of the story, when it arrived, honestly didn’t surprise me very much. There is another Succubus, Lola, who appears for a short time as well and really isn’t much different than Sylvia is honestly. They both have the physical aspects of a Succubus and some of them are used in some rather unique ways really. There is a touch of mind control in the story, which for me was unique and had some nice heat in it. As well, the erotic moments between Sylvia and Liam have some very hot moments for me as well.

The problem is that there is, at least for me, a lot of horror, abuse, and similar topics and subjects that just do nothing for me. They all tend to drive Sylvia to be, overall, a stereotypical example of a Succubus as a being of horror… and she doesn’t need to be that I think. She is very dominant, which is fine, she controls Liam and his life, which is fine as well. But it is how the story goes from really a lot of heat and passion into the horror that bothers me the most. I think that overall it didn’t need to end up where it did and there is a huge hint that it didn’t need to. So why did it?

There is a minor issue with the work writing-wise. There are points where a letter is missing and the word is incomplete. For example, ‘h’ instead of ‘he’ at one point in the story that I stumbled over. It’s not a huge problem but they are there. Beyond that the actions of the characters, scenes and personalities are well done and have their own stories to tell. But, as I have said, the rougher aspects and the more horrific moments didn’t do much for me.

Three out of five pitchforks.

I wish that who and what I thought that Sylvia might be at the beginning of this work had actually happened by the end of it. There was just too much horror mixed into the erotica for my personal tastes and that made the work fade out for me as the climax approached.