Jun 05 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 334

Sometimes I find art of Morrigan Aensland that is a little bit different. It is of her of course, but what happens is that she appears in a slightly different outfit or a unique style which adds to her looks I think.

I found one of those for this week on the Tale and I do think it is an interesting and lovely look for Morrigan…

Confused? by 3Dogz

Confused? by 3Dogz

This work is called, interestingly enough, Confused? It is by an artist on DeviantArt named 3Dogz and you can find their artist’s page here and the page I originally found this work is here.

Now, Morrigan is, if you can follow this, cosplaying as the character Rosalina, which is interesting because another artist did a work of Rosalina cosplaying as Morrigan which was a lovely idea some time ago.

But here’s the thing… I really feel that this kind of clothing suits Morrigan better than what she is normally seen in. I think it makes her look a bit more regal in nature and that’s something that I think Morrigan has simply with her presence…

But it isn’t just that, it is her expression, her pose, the wildness of her hair… All of this makes the drawing come to life and it’s simply wonderful…

A huge thank you to this artist for creating what is one of my most favourite Morrigan works of art…




Jun 04 2014

Darling you might be a devil you aren’t a Succubus costume…

Darling Devil CostumeLots of shiny costume this week to ponder… But I have to admit that I wouldn’t think about this as a choice unless it was a very cold Halloween night…

This is called the Darling Devil Costume and it comes with the jumpsuit that has an attached hood, the horns and tail which isn’t visible in this image, but it is there… barely. The shoes the model is wearing are not included and it sells for $85 US though it can be found on sale for $70 US occasionally…

I really do not think much of the horns, but I think even less of the hood. I could almost accept the rest, including the really lousy tail, if it wasn’t there, but it is and so it just puts this on the list of costumes that I would never think of wearing save for having little other choice.

I do, however, have to admit that I have the thought of combining this with a pair of thigh-high black boots, removing the hood, and using a pair of my better horns and tail… In black and a black trident version that I have of my pitchforks.

I’m not sure why, but somehow I think that would work really well… Perhaps there is a certain side of my Queen of the Succubi self that is giving me this idea…

As this costume is however, I’ll give it two and a half pitchforks out of five.

I do have some ideas…

Question is if it really is worth going to all of the trouble…



Jun 03 2014

A Review of The Succubus and the Crown by Daniel Garcia

The Succubus and the Crown by Daniel Garcia

The Succubus and the Crown by Daniel Garcia

I’ll be reviewing the second work by Daniel Garcia today called The Succubus and the Crown. I reviewed the firs book in the series on Sunday and you can find that review here.

I adored the first work in the series and I had some very high expectations for the second work. As a whole I was not disappointed, though I have to admit that there was one part of the story that bothered me slightly.

The thing about being a Queen is that no matter how many are trying to make you what they want you to be, you have to be true to yourself first. If you can manage that, if you can find yourself in all of the things that are pulling you in every direction imaginable… You can find the inner strength to survive almost anything. And sometimes you have to… in spite of yourself.

  • Title: The Succubus and the Crown
  • Author: Daniel Garcia
  • Length: 303 Pages
  • Publishing Date: January 11, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

It tells the story of:

Delilah thought having supernatural powers was tough … but being the Succubus Queen of New York is an even bigger challenge! Now she must face werewolves, the Council, pixies and a Vampire King who’s looking for a new queen, one who won’t take no for an answer. But what might be even scarier is navigating her relationship with a certain, cute demon hunter, and figuring out if he is or isn’t her boyfriend.

Delilah’s got to survive it all over the course of one crazy night, and it just might turn out that the only ones who can help her are a group of offbeat succubi who show up in the big city looking for refuge.

Good luck and … all hail the Queen!

Delilah is trying to deal with some changes in her life. A new place to work, a boyfriend that wants to be with her, a movie mogul that is courting her. A new best friend who is just a little bit of a fashionista, with her own boyfriend issues. Then comes a vampire who’s a complete pain in the neck, her mother who doesn’t give up, and her boyfriend’s mother who might be just as bad as her own. When things turn unexpectedly, Delilah has to find her inner strength and be true to herself. But the cost… That’s when the crown sits so very heavy on Delilah’s brow.

The one thing about this book was the relationships that formed over the course of the story. There are several new Succubi that appear and they represent a rather wide expanse of Succubi as a whole. That was good to see as, after all, there is no such thing as a Succubi template and in that comes the possibility of a much wider story being told. There is also the relationships growing between Ken and Delilah, Chloe and Jim, the touches of back story that comes from that, where their relationships have gone to and more. Benito, Delilah’s friend, really came to his own in this book. He was a little bit underused in the first work, but in this one he… just makes me smile whenever he appears.

There are the darker side of things of course, and some of them are just bothersome, and to be honest, so far over the top that I was expecting maniacal laughter, the crashing of thunder and lightning when they appeared. Ken and Jim’s mother is too stubborn for her own good, Delilah’s mother can’t honestly be a stupid as she seems to be, but I suppose she is, which really is a shame. Then there is Lex, the vampire king who is, in all honesty, a schmuck. That’s about the nicest thing I can say about him really. There are others that bring in a lot of supernaturals myths and beliefs which really put an interesting spin on things. I particularly liked the cab company that appears in this work, it’s just too perfectly named.

Getting back to the problems that Delilah has, she really does get overwhelmed by all of the things that pull on her as the story progresses. A lot of events are out of her control, some of them are simply a matter of Delilah being true to herself and those around her making some very large errors in judgement. But then, life can be random and in Delilah’s case, it really does get that way more often than not.

There is a tragedy in the work, which I will not spoil, but it really did hurt when it comes. Did it have to happen? That’s something that Delilah will be thinking about and having nightmares about for the rest of her life I think. Here’s the thing though, doing the right thing for the right reasons doesn’t always end happily. But you do the best you can. That’s all you can do. Even a Succubus Queen has to accept that she can’t fix everything… But it doesn’t mean that you don’t try.

The continued building of this world of New York around Delilah became very solidly set and it opens a lot of story paths going forwards. It won’t make Delilah’s life any easier, probably a lot more complicated, but then, she’s not exactly what she’s expected to be. I wonder what would happen if people took her at her word for once. They might be surprised at their own flaws.

After the story comes to a close, there’s a little hint of what is going to happen in the next book and… I’m kind of on the fence about it. I have a feeling that I might know what Delilah’s mother is up to. It is a rather desperate ploy and she’d would be honestly better off to just walk away from her daughter before things go really poorly for her… But she won’t.

I think the writing is excellent, the characters grew as they needed to. It’s a real page turner and that’s a very good thing. There’s only one thing that i felt was a little overdone in the work as a whole. Delilah came up against a lot of people that were against her, or trying to manipulate her, or otherwise gain an advantage over her. It felt like there were two books inside of this one and I wonder if it wouldn’t have been better to stretch out things slightly. There’s a clear point in this work where it could have come to a pause, then begun in another work to tell the rest of this story.

That does not mean that I didn’t love Delilah, the Succubi around her, their secrets, the myths being told, the story of love and friendship. It’s a fitting and powerful companion to the first work in the series and it leaves some story threads open for the next work to have to deal with. But it also meant, for Delilah, that she lost something precious to her. I’m not sure she’s ever going to get over that… But then, Succubus Queens have an inner strength to draw on.

That’s called love.

Five out of five pitchforks.

Completely recommended, every moment is joyfully written and told. Easily one of the top ten Succubus stories of the year, and it was simply amazing.

The Succubus in a Black Hat, the third work in the series, appears in August. I’m not sure I can wait that long… Things, it appears, will be very interesting for Delilah.



Jun 02 2014

Storm Clouds 201 by TeraS

As promised, this week Storm Clouds continues, and we continue with Nina and Tom…

For those that would like to read Storm Clouds from the beginning, you can click this link, and it will take you to the page where all of the previous chapters can be found.



Storm Clouds 201
Chapter 33
By TeraS


Tom picked up the picture frame and handed it to Nina, “Show me who you really are.”

Nina’s reply was short and angry as she snatched the picture from him, “Fine.”

As Tom watched Nina … wasn’t Nina any more. In her place stood an almond-skinned woman, blue-eyed, with long, chestnut brown hair cascading down her back in two long braids, the ends just touching her waist, the ends framing the point on her body where her long grey tail rose into the air. Tom could see … everything. She wore not a stitch of clothing, her feminine curves exposed, offering her form to any that cared to look upon her. It wasn’t Camilla, not even close. The only thing that carried over was the grey horns and tail. They didn’t change at all and, for some reason, Tom felt relieved by that.

Clutching the picture to her chest she asked, “Happy now?”

“I’d rather that you weren’t naked, but otherwise? Sure.”

Nina traced a hand over her curves and smiled, “Embarrassed? Why? By now you must know that we are sexual beings, this shouldn’t surprise you. You asked to see me as I was …”

Tom interrupted: “Are … as you are, Nina.”

She threw up a hand into the air and paced angrily: “You don’t seem to get it. This me, the original me, does not exist anymore. I don’t … shouldn’t … be here like this. It’s wrong.”

Tom walked over to her and took the picture again: “Then why does this place still exist? Why does it still stand here if you shouldn’t?”

“Because … Because, sometimes—and it rarely happens—when we are home and I’m in control, I come back here.”

“Why? To mourn? To look back and do … what? Stop dancing around the truth and lay it out for me. Why?”

She cupped her hands over her nose and mouth, the answer muffled: “You are such a pain in the ass, Tom.”

“Talk, Nina. Tell me so I get a clue about all of this.”

She turned, the light from the window casting both shadow and light across her body, her braids moving from side to side, sometimes brushing against her tail as they did. When she didn’t respond, Tom asked: “Tell me something.”


“Why no purple in your hair?”

She smiled wanly: “Because purple wasn’t a colour they could make then, and brown was. Not that anyone back then really cared, anyway.”

Tom sat the picture down on the couch: “I’ve gotten used to the purple. Not sure the brown works for you.”

“Vanity is unbecoming, Tom.”

“Neither is self-pity, Nina.”

She closed her eyes and sighed: “The Goddess, me, the one who bestowed fertility upon the lands, was seen for that and what she provided. She … I … held gatherings where my worshipers would come and … well …”

Tom allowed a small smile: “I get the picture.”

She looked at him: “No, you don’t. They would appear and ask for my blessings upon them and I would see to it that their chances of having a child were one hundred percent. I would lay my hands on them, and then watch as their passions, needs, and desires were ramped up to the point that they would drop to the temple floor. Their moaning and screams of pleasure would echo through the temple and into the waiting crowds.”

“It must have been great for a being like yourself.”

Nina traced her fingers over the curve of her thighs and shivered: “It was amazing, Tom. I fed for days on it all.”

“Did you ever hurt them?”

Her hands stopped as she glared at him: “No. Damn you, you know that I never …”

“I know nothing, Nina. I know what you told me, and I know what happened in that office.”

“I told the truth. I have not lied to you.”

“Have you exaggerated or otherwise bent the truth?”

“What are you getting at, Tom?”

“Simple. I’ve told you, I trust Camilla. I do not trust you, at least not completely. I need some proof.”

Her eyes glowed brightly blue: “If I wanted to, I could reach into your mind and soul, bend you to my will, make you my servant, thrall, lover, or anything I wanted to.”

Tom pressed a finger into her chest: “Yeah, I get it. I get the threat. Is it a threat?”

“Fuck you, Tom. Fuck you completely.”

“Better. Now that we’re past the self-pity part of the show, you want to actually tell me why it is that you want to forget who you are?”

“I failed. I couldn’t stop what happened then, I couldn’t kill the one that was responsible for it because of you now.”

“Don’t put the blame on me for your past, Nina.”

She turned away from him, one of her long braids slapping against his arm as she did so: “I don’t. I blame myself.”

“How about you get over blaming yourself?”

“I am a footnote, a very small one, in history, Tom. Had things gone as I thought they could have, the world of today might be a much different place.”


She didn’t turn around: “Forget it. It is the past, like me, and it’s better forgotten.”

Tom closed the distance between them and then did something unexpected. He wrapped his arms around her waist, his hands resting just on the curve of her stomach, she putting her hands over his in the next moment.

“That’s the not-whole thing, isn’t it: being forgotten?”

She sighed in his embrace: “That’s part of it. Everything that I did then is gone. I’m not remembered for what I did then, that’s true.”

Tom thought for a while, just holding Nina and then asked: “You told me that you … took … a soul before, that you did something evil. None of this sounds like you did.”

“I was older and wiser then. When I was young, long before Tera became Queen, I was … I was not lily-white Tom.”

“How bad?”

Tom felt her body tense, her tail winding itself around his legs and squeezing slightly: “Taking a soul is … addictive. It’s the highest of highs, the most powerful orgasm you can imagine. It’s all taking with nothing given in return. Nothing is left expect ashes. And you just don’t care. All that matters is the next feeding, the next soul, and you do anything to get it.”

Tom’s grip became a little tighter: “What made you change your mind?”

She laughed: “Have I? How do you know that I’m not right on the edge of getting you on that couch and fucking your brains out? Are you so sure that I wouldn’t take you, Tom?”



“Because you told me that my soul is owned by someone else. And you can’t, as I understand it, take something that can’t be given.”

Nina leaned her head back, her hair now brushing against Tom’s chin: “I thought you weren’t listening. I’m glad you did.”

“I’m a detective. It’s my job.”

“Alright … Mr. Detective … I’ve admitted that I am a killer. I’ve confessed to my sins. So, now what?”

Tom turned Nina to look at him, one hand touching under her chin to make her look at him: “Now? Now I tell you something that you’ve never heard. I forgive you for your past.”


“Because I can. Because you aren’t Nina then, you are Nina now. And … and I trust you.”

Nina looked away, then rested her head upon Tom’s chest: “It’s been a long time since someone has.”

“Yeah, well you are a hard-ass to everyone, so that’s not a surprise. And if you change at all, I’ll lose all respect for you.”

Nina sighed: “You know … I really want you, Tom. She does, too.”

“Me? I’m nothing special; I keep telling you that.”

“Do me a favour?”


“Can you believe, for a moment, that you are worthy of being wanted?”

“Was wanted … once. I’m not sure I’m ready to be wanted again … or want to be.”

“And you talk about me fretting over the past?”


“You are … truly … frustrating, Tom.”

“I get that a lot.”

“So … what now? Showing me some ink blots?”

“You’d likely just tell me they all look like positions in the Kama Sutra or something.”

“I’m more of a practical sort. I’d rather demonstrate them—repeatedly.”

“I don’t want to know.”

“You’re lying.”

Tom allowed his hands to slip off her waist and he took a step back: “I’m not.”

She looked over her shoulder at him: “Are you? Fine, if that’s what you want to believe.”

“Look, can you please just get to the point of all of this? I’m getting tired of all of the dancing.”

She crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at him: “We’re here because I need you to understand what all of this means.”

“End of the universe?”

She laughed, a thin one: “If it was only that simple. Remember the Dark? It wants us to be slaves and go into every universe and corrupt everything for it. We could do it, Tom. Make no mistake it would be a cake walk for us.”

He nodded: “Sex?”

She tilted her head: “That’s only the beginning. It’s the taking of souls, the changing of them, the turning of them. That’s what it lives on. Every single one that it snares gives it more power, more presence.”

“I don’t get the connection to the murder.”

She moved her tail in the air “Remember you were told that her tail was missing?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“That tail has to be found … before it merges that tail with someone that doesn’t deserve it.”

“Still don’t understand.”

Nina stretched out her right hand and the tip of her tail moved to rest upon it: “There are only some that are offered to join with a tail for a reason. They are right for the tail that chooses them.”

“Okay. But …”

“If the Dark forces a tail to join with someone—and I don’t know if it can or not—then it might have a doorway into our world. That’s something we can’t allow.”

“You are talking like that missing tail is alive.”

“She probably is. She didn’t return to the Lake of Fire. Neither of them did.”

He pointed in the direction of the door: “If we’re done, we can leave.”

“We’re not done, Tom. There’s one thing I want to tell you, then we’re leaving.”

Tom just looked at her, not saying a word.

“Understand Tom that you are now, and forever, stuck with us. Not just me and Camilla. You are stuck with all of us in the Realm. You’ll never be able to look at your world, your life, anything in the same way ever again. We’re shown you things that you’ll never be able to forget, and if you talk about them, you’ll be called ‘nuts.’”

Tom grinned, slightly: “That’s nothing new.”

Nina smirked: “And that’s probably why we get along as well as we do.”

She picked up the picture and walked out the room with it, returning soon after, still looking like her old self, but wearing a silver wraparound dress. And her hair was purple again.

“I’ve noticed something about your kind,” he deadpanned.


“You can’t wear the same thing twice, can you?”

“Give me a hand. I need to put the cover back on the couch. And don’t say that to Tera. She’ll shove a pitchfork in your ass.”

“Thanks for the purple.”


It took them a few minutes to cover things up and then Tom led the way to the front door, opening it for Nina. When she didn’t take the invitation, he turned to see her looking back into the house once more.

“It’s a sad place, Nina. It shouldn’t be. Neither should you.”

She sighed: “Past is prologue, Tom.”

“Tell me one last thing.”


“What’s the tail’s name?”

She looked as if she was going to say the name, but then stopped, turned and walked out the door.

He just shook his head and closed the door behind him as he followed, not saying anything more.

Her not answering his question hurt in a way that he hadn’t been hurt since … that day.

Jun 01 2014

A Review of The Succubus in a Red Dress by Daniel Garcia

The Succubus in a Red Dress by Daniel Garcia

The Succubus in a Red Dress by Daniel Garcia

Sometimes I am, I have to admit, really slow when it comes to reviewing books about Succubi. There are some books that, honestly,I know, from the first page, I should have read sooner than I have managed.

A long time ago, Daniel Garcia reached out to me on the SuccuWiki and I’ve always remembered his kind words. Last year, Daniel released his first of two works about a wonderful, special Succubus and this past January he released the second book in the series. Today I will be reviewing the first book, and Tuesday the second book I will review as well.

Sometimes when you think you aren’t anything special it takes a little hope, a little love, and a lot of truth to make you really see not what you are, but who you are. The trick is, as always, to thyself be true. If you can, then anything is possible…

  • Title: The Succubus in a Red Dress
  • Author: Daniel Garcia
  • Length: 158 Pages
  • Publishing Date: May 3, 2013
  • This work at Amazon.com

It tells the story of:

Delilah is only a nerdy coffee clerk in New York City whose biggest problem is trying to find a job that will cover more than her rent, until the day one of her customers collapses after touching her.

Now she has demon hunters and witches chasing after her, and is being tailed by a crazy blonde in a Ferrari who says she wants to be her mentor. Oh, and she just might be a succubus.

Whatever you do, don’t say it can’t get any worse.

Delilah is unassuming, sees herself as unattractive and, as a whole, really doesn’t feel like she has a lot of worth. At least until she meets Ken, gets tangled up with Chloe, run over by her mother, whom she’s never seen… and also finds out that she’s a Succubus. But that’s not quite true. She’s a lot more than that as everyone around her will soon find out.

I simply love Delilah. There’s really no other way to put it. She’s kind, she cares, she has a good soul and more importantly, she knows, without a doubt, what’s right and what’s wrong. She is not a stereotypical Succubus, she has no horns or tail, or wings for that matter, but she has something much more important and powerful. There’s a light around her, something that isn’t expected of a Succubus and being that, having that, means that she need not be like all of the rest of her kind. She might even have the ability to change the world and for the better.

Her transformation from “ordinary” to “swan” is just so cute and I loved the interplay between herself and Chloe as that happened. Chloe is another Succubus in the story, one that at the beginning seems to be teetering on the edge of right and wrong in a lot of ways, and to be honest I wasn’t sure I liked her at the beginning of the story, but she grew on me, she changed by the end of the story and honestly that was a really well done transformation.

Then there is Ken, a nice guy that Delilah has her first Succubus experience with, but as well, also has another experience that appeared to be impossible. So everyone tells them both. Mind you, honestly, the mythos that gets built up around Delilah really makes what happens and the reasons behind it, exactly right for her. But Ken turns out to be something unexpected and in the wake of Delilah’s choice in what she does for him, that opens up a very interesting plot and relationship. It makes a huge different to Delilah, even if it takes her forever to see it and Ken about as long to get his own family to deal with the truth as well.

I mentioned Delilah’s mother, she is Nerissa, and she is, honestly, a vain, power hungry little scared thing that wants to rule the world. She’s quite clearly a threat from the moment she first appears. But the thing is, who she is, being so dark inside, so uncaring about her daughter and what happens when they meet is… sad. There is a very clear difference between mother and daughter here and, for me at least, that made Delilah so much more than her mother would ever be.

The supporting characters, Succubi and otherwise, have their own clear personalities and there’s a lot of world building that I really enjoyed. The relationships in the story mattered the most and that I found added to my enjoyment of the story. There is still a lot of mystery, questions about the why’s and how’s to be answered. But for this work that wasn’t important. What did matter was Delilah making a decision, being true to herself and defending that against some really bad odds.

Beautifully written, I couldn’t put the story down. All of the little quirks, laughs, tears and joy that Delilah and her friends go through tell a story that just spoke to me so very deeply. In short, Delilah is very much one of the Succubi. And I adore her.

A solid five out of five pitchforks.

Completely recommended, every moment is joyfully written and told. Easily one of the top ten Succubus stories of the year, and it was simply amazing.

On Tuesday, I’ll be reviewing the second work in this series, The Succubus and the Crown. I have high hopes and I think I won’t be at all disappointed.



May 31 2014

An Ecchi Succubus YouTube drawing…

Another YouTube of an artist creating art of a Succubus this week on the Tale and I think she makes for a very interesting Succubus at that…

And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale, try this link:


And, of course, an image of the Succubus herself…

Ecchi Succubus by R T Manga

This work is by an artist on YouTube that calls themselves R T Manga, and I adore her so much… She’s cute, which is of course very important, she doesn’t have hooves which is more so, and there is just something about her that makes her adorable…

I wonder what her name is and what her story might be…



May 30 2014

A Review of Captive by Felicia Fox

Captive by Felicia Fox

Captive by Felicia Fox

Earlier this year I reviewed the first work in a new series by Felicia Fox called Consumed. As I wrote in that review, I felt a strong connection to the characters, the story was wonderful, and I was waiting, none too patiently mind you, for the next work in the series.

Today on the Tale, I will be reviewing the second work in the series. Captive, which has only added to my love of this author and her characters.

Fate is a curious thing, when you think about it. The reasons for why something happens, how two souls meet, and why they do, can happen for any number of reasons. The thing that matters, when that moment unfolds, is the connection that is made, and just what that does to those involved.

Even in the shadows of something very dark, cruel, and evil, there is something… more. To find one’s soulmate changes everything. Then the question is, what would you do to keep them safe? What happens when those around you aren’t quite as sure about the choice you’ve made as they are? And what happens when your choice is taken away from you?

  • Title: Captive
  • Author: Felicia Fox
  • Length: 52 Pages
  • Publishing Date: March 30, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

As Felicity falls deeper in love with Alex, she finds herself immersed in Alex’s dark, erotic, succubus world. She and Alex are both in danger as a killer trails their every move. Not even the threat of torture and death can stop their passion when Alex reveals her motives for finding Felicity. Will their love conquer all or will they meet their end at the hands of a madman?

This, the second work of the series by this author, picks up moments after the first had ended, and we see who Alexandra is, the world she exists in and more. It’s a beautifully told story of the love between them both, those around them, and more. Ever single moment has so much emotion within it that it was a complete joy for me to read.

I had asked, in my review of the first book, for a peek of Felicity’s first glimpse of Alexandra, what happened that drew them together, and what it was like for them both. To my pleasure that was told in achingly beautiful prose at the beginning of this work and it was… simply perfect. More than I could have possibly hoped for, and it spoke of the connection they both felt and still have as the story moves into the present time.

Beyond that reflection of the past, the truths about Alexandra that are told in the core of this work, who she is, where she lives, what she is, are world building at its finest. We learn as Felicity does that Alexandra is rather special in her world, and being that tightens their relationship further. When we see Alexandra’s friends, her father Caius, the court of other Succubi that are there, everyone of them has a personality, a meaning for being in the story and more.

The erotic moments between Alexandra and Felicity in this work are more passionate, sensual than in the first. It is rare to find so much passion in the telling of two characters coming together and baring their souls to one another. When a new character, Gideon, is slipped into their relationship, it isn’t awkward or feels out of place. There isn’t jealously within what Alexandra and Felicity have and in that acceptance of themselves they bring Gideon into things and… its simply an emotionally draining yet satisfying experience.

Woven with all of this heat, passion, and more, comes a world which makes sense, does not seem odd or out of place either. It’s so very easy to accept the world that Felicity finds herself in, to ride along with her, and share in what she is feeling and experiencing as the story develops.

I still have some issues with all of the blood in the work, but that is how things are and as a whole it isn’t overly done or takes away from the story, or the heat in it. It also allows for the connection between Alexandra and Felicity to be a lot more than it would be otherwise and I hope that connection is leading towards a singular hope I have for them both.

The other thing that gives me pause is the sudden addition of the character Marius in the story. He is, to be clear, very important to things as a whole, and I can see why he’s in the story. The issue I have is the question of… why? I know that’s vague, but in the context of the story the same can be said there as well. He wants Felicity and is enraged that Alexandra has her which leads to all kinds of problems that carry on to the closing of this work and aim the story towards the next. I’m expecting an answer to the “why” in the next book in the series and I hope it isn’t a throw away reason. For all that he has done, and it is awful, there has to be a good reason for it otherwise he’s window dressing and with how much this author has cared about Alexandra and Felicity… I don’t think he is.

Deeply emotional writing that draws you into the story so very much. The story drives you to keep turning the pages and see where things go and develop. Deliciously hot erotic moments that tie the characters together so perfectly. Every bit of this work is as good as the first.

Recommended without hesitation.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

I absolutely adored the first work in this series, and this, the follow up, was everything that I could have hoped for and more. Much is revealed, the universe is richly populated with complex characters, settings, and moments. Every word tells of this author’s love for her story, which for me, means everything.

I honestly can hardly wait for the third work in this series, Crave, to appear in August 2014. The series has not disappointed me and where the story goes from here I really want to know…