Oct 19 2013

A Seductive Succubi Burlesque Show

Last October there was a special event held by a Burlesque group called The Betsi Feathers. They have a Facebook page which you can see here for those that might be interested in knowing more about them.

As part of a special Halloween Show called the Cottage of Horror they held at the Griffen Theatre in Salem Massachusetts on October 23 & 24, 2012, they presented a lovely work called Succubus which was performed by Jazz D’Moan and Ellis Dee.

I was fortunate to find a YouTube of the performance, which I think is amazing, that was filmed by Dirt of Dirt’s Reel Productions and so…

And if you cannot see it on the Tale, you can click this link to see the performance…


I really liked the fan dance at the beginning of the performance, really well choreographed I think, the outfits were very succubus-like, and how the two artists intertwine their moves together is very well done too…

I didn’t like the blood that appeared on the performers towards the end of the performance however… Personally I just don’t see why it needed to be there, but it is and so that’s part of the performance…

Still, overall, a lovely artistic work that I did love to watch…



Oct 18 2013

A Review of Ghost’s Night Out by Jenny Harrison

Ghost's Night Out by Jenny Harrison

Ghost’s Night Out by Jenny Harrison

An Incubus story this time to review, it is a free work that you can find on Smashwords if you’d like to read it. It’s not a work of erotica, it’s more of a ghost story than anything else with a bit of a twist in it. The idea is a good one and the story itself is really well done for how short it is. However, for those looking for the Incubus in the story, like me, you’ll be hard pressed to find him. Though, in a way, the ending tells much more than you would expect. But once again the story leaves much to be desired. Mainly that it would be longer and as well that the main characters in it would be more fleshed out than they are.

  • Title: Ghost’s Night Out
  • Author: Jenny Harrison
  • Publishing Date: May 13, 2012
  • Length: 7 Pages
  • ISBN: 9781476462288
  • This work at Smashwords

The story is about:

Jaz and her friend Helen are ghost-hunters, helping to rid people of unwanted spirit manifestations. But when Mrs Smallman asks them to rid her house of an incubus, the results aren’t quite what they expected.

This work feels more like the introductory chapter of a much longer story. There is a good deal of setting up the world and the main characters which gives them personality and you get a good idea of how they came to me where they and and what they do. It’s all really well set up and it paints a really nice image in your thoughts.

The way the story is told in such a matter of fact way makes you think that the one speaking is caught somewhere between being bored in telling the story over and over again and wanting to get to the next adventure. Perhaps it is the way she speaks or acts, or the situation they are put in, but for the most part they seem uncomfortable with who hired them and what the problem is that they are to solve.

The appearance of the actual ghost or Incubus, to be honest it’s really hard to say which it is, is quite short and once it’s over the story runs towards the end and the surprise that I mentioned. It’s really a cute ending when you think about it, but that’s where my problem lies.

There’s a lot of world building and direction which feels like it’s all set up for something longer and more involved and it isn’t there. It would make a wonderful beginning to a mystery story, the first chapter at least and that’s the problem. I’d like to see more here, there’s a lot of promise in what is given. I hope that the author does, some day, manage that…

Two pitchforks out of five.

There is promise here, don’t get me wrong. My problem is that I wanted to see that and I didn’t.



Oct 17 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 302

A bit of really interesting photo manipulation this time for the Succubi of the Week. There is to me at least, a mix of anticipation and inherent darkness or foreboding here. It’s nothing that screams out evil or something like that… Perhaps more of a unsaid promise of things to come?

Succubus by Imagase

Succubus by Imagase

This work is titled Succubus and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Imagase. You can find the original page on DeviantArt where I found this work here, and the artist’s page is here as well.

I think this is both seductive and thought provoking at the same moment. It is that through the Succubus herself, hovering over and about to taste of the man sleeping beneath her. It’s also a question of whether she is in his dreams already, the look, the moment in time as if she has seen what he desires and is about to offer him that which he seeks…

His rest seems to be slightly troubled, he might sense her or somehow feel her already in how he is twisted in sleep, his legs contorted, at least to me, to protect himself in denying her from what she seeks.

The mood of the work has shades and textures of darkness in obviously, a waiting nightmare in the shadows that she brings with her? Seems like that somewhat…

She does have wings, but no tail it seems… Or that tail is in the shadows, lucking and waiting for what is to come…

Might be an interesting story…



Oct 16 2013

Cheesy meet Costume, Costume meet Cheesy

I said last week that I thought I found a new low for cheesy in Devil Girl Costumes… I should never tempt fate like that… I really should know better because there are, I think, several levels in hell where these costumes come from…

It’s the only logical reason that I can think of anyway…

Sexy Devil Costume

This is called, surprisingly, the Sexy Devil Costume and it comes with the sheer red poncho with and attached mini dress and a horn headband. Shoes are not included, what a surprise, and it sells for $50 US.

The cheese factor on this costume is really quite high. It’s not quite limburger levels, but gosh it has to be really, really close to that.

I will admit that I like the horns, that’s not saying much I know, but they are kind of cute I think at least.

And I like the shoes, actually l really do want them and for the record they sell for $25, so they are on my list for next year’s costume.

Otherwise the rest of this costume doesn’t do anything for me.

I can’t see a lof of sexy in a costume that has a huge silk screened skull on the front of it that looks like something that came from Scooby-Doo.

And that puts a thought into my mind, but it’s too evil a thought to put into words here…

Getting back to this disaster, I cannot give this costume anything but a zero.

It might be a little harsh, but to be honest I don’t think it is. I can’t save this, I don’t like it, so a zero is all that it deserves…

Halloween is coming… Not sure there will be a good costume appearing before it does though…



Oct 15 2013

Desires 99

What is known, isn’t always what is the truth… not always…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Thirty-Five


“Mmm…” Martin murmured softly, his halo pulsing with soft golden light as her lips touched his forehead. He snuggled in closer, body trembling a little as he came down slowly from that sexual high. “I’ve heard less than you might think…” He said, absently. The soft curve of her breast before his eyes, he stretched out and kissed it.

“I’ve heard your name bandied around, here and there….I’ve heard tell of the first Union of our kind with the Infernal…but never were the two used together…”

His own white wing folded over her black one, making a strange Angelic sort of handshake. His eyes fluttered closed for a moment, as he enjoyed the phyisical and spiritual connection between himself and her. “You are something precious to everyone…”


The love of an angel is special.. The love shared is more so…




Oct 14 2013

Acceptance – Part V By TeraS

And the other shoe drops before things might go too far…



Acceptance – Part V

By TeraS


Joseph was still wrapped in the blanket as he held her wrist. He did not hurt her, but there was an air of disappointment in his voice: “What do you mean that it is what he expects?”

“Exactly what I said.”

He shook his head slightly then let go, his hand moving back underneath the blankets again. “I put my trust in you.”

She took hold of one of the blankets, drawing it around herself, trying to overcome the chill of the air around them: “I know. I put mine in you.”

There was a long moment, she couldn’t quite see his expression in the darkness, but she could feel the tension in him.

“Why did you give yourself up? It isn’t what she wanted.”

“She wanted you home. We both do. This was the only way, in the end, to make that possible.”

She placed her free hand over the bracelet that he wore. As her fingers touched it she felt the marks of where someone, or something, had tried to remove it. “What have they done to you?”

“Not important. I want to know why you have abandoned her.”

She patted his wrist twice: “It is what he expects.”

“You keep saying that.”

“Yes … Yes I do.”

A moment passed, he unsure of what she meant, she trying to control herself. Then she pulled back some of the blankets to reveal him fully. The gasp was heartfelt when she saw the marks on his body, felt the hurt that had been done to him.

“What … did … he … do?”

He sighed: “He wants … everything. He wants me to abandon her, to do what he wants. Then, he thinks, he will have her as well.”

“That is not an answer, Joseph. Tell me what he did.”

“I’ll survive. He didn’t break me. But now he has you, and he’ll use you to get to me … and to her. You never should have come here.”

She wrapped the blankets around them both: “There is no place I would rather be.”

“Are you sure?”

“It is …”

“… what he expects?”


He didn’t press the issue, even though the questions he had weren’t answered as they huddled there in the cold, waiting for the morning to arrive. When the light of day came, it didn’t help illuminate their prison very much. In spite of this, he woke to see her standing at the gate to their cage, looking off into the distance, her bareness quite evident to him. “Did he always make you dress like that?”

She turned and nodded, “All of the time, really.”

He pushed the blankets off himself and then walked over to her: “He’s not a kind man, you know.”

“No, he is not.”

She seemed to pause, as if considering something, then continued: “Joseph, whatever happens, promise you will not interfere.”

“Even if he …”

“Especially if he does. I am expecting he will.”

“Why did you come here? Did she tell you to?”

A short chuckle, “Oh, no … She gave me the idea but she did not make me do anything.”

They heard the steel door open and he entered with several of his henchmen. Joseph moved to place himself in front of her, but a touch of her hand on his arm stopped him, leaving her next to the cage door, he behind her.

“Did you enjoy your night?”

“It was fine, sir.”

“I did not address you. Remember your place.”

Her reply was to drop to her knees and look at the floor in silence.

“Again, did you enjoy your night?”

Joseph’s reply was to say … nothing.

“You will answer or she will suffer because of you.”

It was a short, blunt answer: “No.”

“Your stubbornness is impressive, but it won’t help you. She won’t help you. She has no idea where you are.”

She spoke, still looking at the floor, “Will you keep your word, sir? Please let him go. You have what you want.”

“I have some of what I want. I have you. I have him. Next I will break you both to obey, and then she will be mine as well.”

At those words one of the thugs opened the gate and they were taken from their prison forcibly. She did not resist, he did a bit, but not as much as he had in the past, for her sake. As they were taken to the entranceway, once again, unnoticed, she looked at the markings on the wall until they turned away from the steel door that opened to the outside world and into a smaller chamber off to the side.

She was dumped without ceremony to the side of a steel chair that was bolted to the floor. As she watched, Joseph was none too gently thrown onto the chair and then strapped into it.

Getting to her knees, she continued to look downwards, seeing only the shoes of the men in the room as they hustled about her.

“Now then, Joseph, you will call me Master and you will obey me. Or …”

The threat was clear, he didn’t need to say the words to get his point across.

“She is yours now. You have her.”

“That I do.”

She heard him walk over to her, place a hand into her hair and forced her to look at him: “You always were a good fucktoy. Play with him.”

“Yes, sir.”

She stood up and walked towards Joseph, her hands tracing over her body lightly. Their eyes met and she could plainly see that he didn’t want her. There was but one in his thoughts whom he loved … and knowing that made it easier for her …

As she traced her fingertips over her thighs, her nails turned pink, unnoticed by any in the room. She stopped in front of him, straddling his legs, looking into his eyes. Joseph started to ask her to stop, tell her that he would take whatever punishment they doled out, but she placed a fingertip over his lips and shook her head slightly.

Then she was bent over at her waist, one hand wrapped around his length and stroking him … slowly … lovingly … familiarly …

She had positioned herself between Joseph and the others in the room, her long boots drawing their eyes towards her heart shaped rear, one hand playing between her thighs, teasing at her sex and holding their attention, the flashing of her pink nails hypnotic as they danced there.

Her pink tongue darted out and stroked against the tender part of him and he stifled a moan. He looked down towards her, meaning again to beg her to stop for both of their sakes, but then she looked into his eyes and, as he watched …

… her lips turned a familiar shade of pink.

It couldn’t be … But the smile from those lips and then the feeling of her lips tightly wrapped around his shaft in that one way that only she could do convinced him … and he shuddered in relief.

Her hips moved from side to side in a rhythmic motion, holding the attention of those in the room as Joseph moaned and whimpered in need. Her touch long missed, her desire for him and he for her being rekindled from embers into a roaring fire once more. As they both spiraled upwards in their desires, her own powers built and grew, flooding the room with her scent … bubblegum. It seeped into all in the room, into everyone, her control over them all ensnaring their thoughts and pulling from them their desires and wants.

Each, save for Joseph, had their way with the naked brunette in their minds, doing things that were their fantasies … But Joseph tilted back in the chair, shuddering as she pulled from his length leaving a pink lipstick ring around his shaft … the same colour as the bracelet that he wore—and which was now gleamingly pink and perfect as the day he first gladly gave her the honour …

She looked up with pink eyes that he knew so well, “Cum for me Joseph … Cum for me …”

As he came, one word escaped his lips: “Mistress …”

The others in the room were still frozen, entranced with what had happened, off in their own little fantasies that she had planted in each of their minds, and they were far too slow to react to what happened next … exactly as she had hoped.

She spun around as she came to her feet, her hair turning pink, a pair of pink horns and a heart-tipped tail rising into the air behind her, the collar around her throat vanishing in a puff of smoke, along with the boots he had given her, her body shimmering for an instant, Celeste’s shape giving way to Sheryl’s form … Her eyes glowed bright pink as she stared at the two henchman and purred, “Thanks for cumming, boys … Nite nite …” The henchmen fell to the floor drained, their energy spent and taken from them, no longer a threat to her—not that they ever truly were, but she couldn’t take the chance with Joseph there.

He, however, was standing there frozen, staring at her in disbelief, his fantasy of her being his, controlled by him … gone.

She smiled almost wolfishly as she approached him … “Not what you expected?”

He didn’t answer as she closed the distance between them, rolling her hips as she placed one foot perfectly in front of the other, her powers enveloping him further. His thoughts slowing … emptying … leaving only the thought of looking into her eyes and listening to her words …

She paused, for a moment, then snapped her fingers and he was stripped bare to her … mind, body and soul.

“You’ve had your fun for long enough. Now let me show you what power really is …”

Oct 13 2013

A Review of Broken Dolls by B. R. Kingsolver

Broken Dolls by B. R. Kingsolver

Broken Dolls by B. R. Kingsolver

I follow, quite closely actually, a series about Succubi and their families by the author B. R. Kingsolver. I have reviewed the first, second and third book in that series before on the Tale and I am simply thrilled to see a new work in this universe has been published.

Within this series there has been hints of a rather major problem, one that has a real world mirror. This new chapter in the series touches upon things that happened in the background or tangentially to the other stories in this series. It adds quite a lot to the universe as a whole, but as well it brings in another view of things that the main characters really never had. That is interesting to follow when you have read the other works in the series and even if not, this work stands on its own quite well I think.

The work tells the story of:

Private investigator RB Kendrick makes her living nailing cheating spouses, digging up other dirt to help in a divorce, finding long-lost relatives, and occasionally sniffing out criminal activity and fraud.

When she takes a job to find a missing girl, she has no idea she is headed for the most dangerous case of her career. Usually, her ability to read minds gives her an edge. But when the people she’s hunting are also telepaths, that advantage is limited.

The search takes her into the dark underbelly of telepathic society, where anything, and anyone, is for sale. She discovers that telepathic women and girls are being trafficked as the ultimate sex slaves.

With people trying to kill her, she’s on the run, not knowing who she can trust. Will she find the missing girl, or become a victim herself?

One of the things that has brought me much joy in this series is that there are connections. There are connections in events, between people, families, and more. It is not that one thing happens in isolation with another but that they are all joined together into a larger story. Perhaps the one thing that stands out most of all is the importance of family.

RB is not quite like anyone that has appeared in this universe so far. Her best trait is that she cannot let go of something once she is involved and that draws her into something that shows her part of her world that she never knew before. It is in that discovery that her true nature comes out. She has a goal and woe to anyone that gets in her way. But beyond that, she’s funny, intelligent and whole within herself in spite of some of her past that haunts her in this story.

Overcoming that is part of her story here, but also it is the drive in her. To take a chance, to push into places and look where others would not. It really drives the story forwards and into directions that aren’t expected from the beginning of the story. I also loved seeing her own family, her mother and grandmother. Grandmother especially was a joy and I loved her quirks and thoughts through the work when RB needed her.

The work does draw some of its plot points from previous works in the series, but it is not necessary to know the backstory to follow along with what is going on. But knowing that story, RB’s reactions to the events and where that takes her makes connecting the plots quite interesting. Looking at the events that are mentioned from RB’s perspective gives a new understanding of what was going on that the main characters in the series were sometimes a little too close to.

There are Succubi of course in this work, actually quite a number of them, all with their own personalities and histories. There are some twists that are neatly hidden until the right moment as well. There is even mention of an Incubus here in a situation that is tragic in its own right. But the core of the story is as troubling as it first was when it appeared in the main series. Succubi connect to that obviously, and the scenes that involve what happens to them are troubling in their own way, as they should be.

There are appearances from several characters I’ve come to know and love here, but they are not made the centre of the story when they do. They support RB in her quest, but they do not take over or control the way things proceed forwards. RB holds her own among them and in doing so I think becomes in her own right as important as they are. She might not be the core of the series, but she is an important tangent to it. Her history, her future, both do make for some very interesting thoughts. She isn’t Brianna, not by far, but she is in her own right as much as presence.

The work is tightly written with little in the way of respites for the characters, especially RB. It is quite simply a page turner that keeps you immersed in this world from start to finish… And wanting more still. While some threads are closed by the climax of the work, there are many new paths opened to take the series forwards and I cannot wait for the this series to continue.

I’m giving this work five of five pitchforks.

As with the other works in this series, I can only say that it is well worth your time and then some.

Many lovely questions answered, but so many new questions brought to the fore. I really hope that we will see more of RB in the main series as her story is far from finished. The universe grows, the tapestry becomes more powerful and enthralling… Everything I could have asked for and more.