Apr 20 2014

A Review of Dominated by a Demoness by John Dylena

Dominated by a Demoness by John Dylena

Dominated by a Demoness by John Dylena

Not all Succubi are the same… obviously. They have their own personalities and in that comes their own view of how they see others. For some it is a question of simply being dominant and in being so, taking control of others and bending them to their will.

That in itself is an interesting story. The question that needs to be asked is not so much about them as the one that summons them and for what purpose… and what the Succubus does about that. But sometimes one character can take away from that idea…

It tells the story of:

Whenever Amy, Chris’ incredibly hot neighbor, would come by his apartment, he couldn’t say no to her. No matter how aggressive and dominant she got. But after a hot night of pegging at Amy’s mercy, Chris realized something had to be done. He thought he found an answer in an old book of spells; an incubus bound to his will. Instead he mistakenly summoned a succubus, who decided to bend Chris to her will.

Amy uses Chris and has for some time in many ways. Chris comes into possession of a book and attempts to summon an Incubus, but instead calls a Succubus who decides that the best thing is to take him, have her way with him and then… things go from there.

Overall it is an interesting story which has a “beware of what you wish for” vibe to it. The way Chris comes into possession of the book is quite well done and I liked that part of the story very much.

When the Succubus Iotonna appears, she’s very much a Domme and in being so takes control of Chris, his life, and bends him to her will. All of that is well done and quite hot. When Amy is taken into Iotonna’s clutches, that also is well done, the mind control aspect is quite good too.

Iotonna herself is not quite stereotypical, though her actions at times are somewhat cruel and overpowering. That is, of course, her personality, but considering the other Succubi this author has written about, she’s… different. It’s not in a bad way, but it is different. Perhaps the best way to look at Iotonna is that she’s a different facet of the Succubi universe this author has created and in doing so we see another part of that world from her perspective.

The one character that I didn’t enjoy was Amy. I don’t care for cruelness and she was very much that in this story. This was necessary in order to drive Chris towards finding the book and summoning Iotonna, I understand that. But for me the scenes at the beginning of the story when Amy was acting out of spite and revenge… didn’t quite sit well with me. It was for story I know, but I was uncomfortable with that part.

Once that was past, the rest of the story I found well written and I enjoyed the transformation scenes, which the author always does well. But that first part of the story kept me from really enjoying the work as a whole.

I’ll give this work three pitchforks out of five.

The story itself is interesting in the creation of the situation Chris finds himself in and what comes into his possession to do something about it. The problem I mainly have is with Amy She did nothing for me and in that comes the problem.



Apr 19 2014

Which Succubus YouTube is better?

I found two YouTube videos of a Succubus that I don’t recognize. Now, part of this post is to ask if anyone knows wether she appears in a videogame or something similar and the other part is to figure out which version of her is the better one…

The first video:

And here is a link if it doesn’t appear here on the Tale:


And the second:

And, again, here is a link if it doesn’t appear here on the Tale:


Now one of them is rather darker than the other not just in the lighting, but also what she looks like in the video, so, for me at least, I don’t care for the second video as much as I do for the first one really. I will say that I don’t care for the glowing red eyes as well, but she does have a tail and horns which are important to me. The interesting this is that her wings are quite good as well and match her outfit well too…

Succubus Screenshot

But overly dark Succubi really don’t do a lot for me…



Apr 18 2014

A Review of Catch a Succubus by J.R. Bowles

Catch a Succubus by J.R. Bowles

Catch a Succubus by J.R. Bowles

Succubi are, in many stories about them, beings of both sexuality, but also horror. The thing about that is, if one overpowers the other, the story can suffer for that.

Still more worrisome is if another character, or characters, become what you remember about a story when the end comes… that can make the best of Succubi, or the worst of them, meaningless…

Nothing should ever be that. Regardless of the meaning or reason behind that purpose. But that happens in real life, it happens in stories and when it does… It does cause more than pain.

  • Title: Catch a Succubus
  • Author: J.R. Bowles
  • Publishing Date: April 3, 2012
  • Length: 296 Pages
  • ASIN: B007R9G9DY
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story is described as:

Daniel has just turned seventeen but he still hasn’t hit puberty. He is only five feet tall, no body hair and pudgy. He and his buddy, Jimmy, have one last game on the Ouija Board before he moves away to an odd country house owned by a new stepfather.

Daniel’s mother Kelli, has married Duncan Osborne, a high school football coach who has taken an interest in his overly indulged new stepson.

Daniel despises his new “shit-for-brains” stepfather, mentally accusing him of abuse.

One night Daniel awakens to someone in his room and is propelled into a fast paced sexual paranormal escapade, accelerating him into puberty.

His friend Jimmy comes to spend a few days with him and they soon get caught up in the most confusing adventure either one of them could have imagined.

Overall, I found this a difficult story to read for several reasons, but the main one was Daniel’s stepfather. I don’t like the type of character he is, which is a crass, mean, and truly ugly person. While that is important to the overall story to a point, the difficulty for me is that he takes over most of the book and overpowers the rest of the characters.

That’s a huge problem as Daniel, his mother, and most of all the Succubi that appear just haven’t the same strength of character in them in comparison with him. I found myself remembering things he did through the story and the rest wasn’t as memorable. There wasn’t a lot of character development to see in the story either, which again is a problem for me personally.

Setting that aside, the appearance of the Succubi in this story is very much towards the horror aspects of what they appear to be which does, as it becomes more pronounced in the story, become somewhat stereotypical really. I didn’t care for her much, and while through her just about every major sexual possibility is touched on, it seemed to be more for titillation than to actually make a point in the story.

There is a good deal of violence and uncomfortable situations in this work and they are paired with moments of sex that, occasionally, are more than you would expect from a story like this.

One other thing makes me a bit squeamish about this work and that is the main character, as it is clearly stated in the summary, is seventeen years old. That makes this work even less a story that I enjoyed and I wonder why having Daniel be seventeen and not eighteen was so important to the story as a whole.

In the context of the story his age isn’t important, but as a matter of being able to actually read the story and not have that thought in the back of the reader’s mind? I think that some accommodation would have been nice.

One last point. The ending of the story was abrupt and it didn’t really fit well with the story. I also found that where it ended just made the accomplishment of finishing the work be less so. I found that whatever promise the story had at that point was completely ruined and that, that really hurt my opinion of it.

I’m giving this work two out of five pitchforks.

Well written, lots of atmosphere and story, but that’s not nearly enough. The problem is that the stepfather gets in the way of the story and that’s where things come apart. I think the author could have just as well gotten rid of him and the story would have been almost exactly the same.



Apr 17 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 327

A rather striking Morrigan Aensland piece of art this week on the Tale for the Succubi of the Week… Shiny is always a good thing when it comes to images of her and this piece of art has that in all of the right places…

Morrigan by Gumeaw

Morrigan by Gumeaw

This art is by an artist on DeviantArt named Gumeaw, you can find their artist page here and the page I found this art is here as well…

I think the most striking part of this is the look in Morrigan’s eye, It really is a focal point for the art in many ways but it does not overpower all of the lovely detail in this work. Her hair has a wonderful texture to it along with the colour. Her outfit also looks just right with little hints of sheen in it that adds to her shape too… It’s also interesting to me the way her head-wings are shaped and lit. I actually like them very much like this and normally I don’t care for them all that much…

A seductive pose, all of Morrigan’s personality, and the touch of an artist that brings that all to life…



Apr 16 2014

This costume isn’t naughty or nice. It’s confused…

Naughty and Nice CostumeI found a costume that seems like it cannot make up its mind. Is it an angel? Is it a devil? I can say that it looks confused and ugly and just might be the worst costume ever that I have reviewed on the Tale and that’s saying something…

This is called the Naughty and Nice Costume and it comes with the very odd looking dress, a halo, a pair of horns wings and pantyhose. There is no tail, the shoes are not included and it sells for $111 US.

This costume seems to be confused, not to mention ugly, silly looking, trashy, and should never have been created in the first place. Combining two ideas in one costume has never been a good idea in the first place and this I think is the worst, or best, example of that idea being a failure that I have ever seen.

What possessed someone to think that taking a devil costume and an angel costume, tearing them in half and stitching them together was a good idea? Calling this trashy and ugly is doing it a favour I think, but I cannot think of better words to use that wouldn’t be so far into cursing and swearing that I would be embarrassed to use them honestly…

Another zero pitchforks out of five for my ongoing collection of terrible costumes. But this one, truly, is the worst one of all.

Until the next one appears that is…



Apr 15 2014

A Review of Succubus Fun Times by Sinn Lee

Succubus Fun Times by Sinn Lee

Succubus Fun Times by Sinn Lee

I find it interesting how some writers create a transformation scene when it comes to Succubi. Some of the transformations are over the top, or horrific. Sometimes they are not quite described as glossed over. Occasionally they are done well and it makes for a much better work to read.

There is one thing that I have noticed of late about quite a number of stories about Succubi as well in that the authors seem to find making them… different in a physical way adds to the story as a whole. I don’t mind when they actually do, but when they don’t, or it doesn’t add to the story… Then I have a problem.

And so does the story itself.

  • Title: Succubus Fun Times
  • Author: Sinn Lee
  • Length: 12 Pages
  • Publishing Date: February 20, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Cynthia had tried various drugs in the past, but she would have never expected what happens when she takes the plunge and buys a dose of this new drug known as Ero. This tale takes place in Sinphoria, a Sci-fi universe where science prevails over mysticism, but not everything is easy to explain.

Cynthia’s friend tells her to try a new drug, but that she needs to do so when he’s there. Of course she takes it alone and the effects of the drug happen to attract the attention of a Succubus. When Cynthia agrees that the Succubus can do anything to her that she wants… Cynthia finds that her world is turned on its head.

There are really two Succubi in this story. The one that starts the story and then the one that Cynthia becomes. They are both interesting in their own ways as well. The Succubus who transforms Cynthia is never named, which always bothers me. She’s also not quite what one might expect in a Succubus as well. Overall, from an aspect of heat between Cynthia and her it worked well to make her different, and it is quite clear that her motives and desires are that of a Succubus as well. She makes for an interesting character through the story, but there is so very little told about her as the work focused more on what happens to Cynthia and what happens when her friend “helps” her.

Cynthia’s transformation isn’t actually seen in this work, only the aftermath, but her emotions and actions I thought came out really well and made complete sense. When she asks her friend for help, the twist in that tail was very smoothly incorporated and when the mind control erotica part of the story came into play the shift within Cynthia was subtle as it needed to be. The heat that came from that going forward also was told with style. The only problem really was that it was too short for my taste and I would have liked to see more of what Cynthia felt, saw, and understood in all of that.

The main problem I have with this work is that it is far too short. There is a lot of heat, there are some interesting characters placed in interesting situations. There is a lot to like about the story as a whole… But 12 pages in itself is not enough to really tell the story that begun here. There is an obvious lead into the next part of the story, but it hasn’t appeared and as the author seems to see this work as a “one-shot” it is unlikely that the cliffhanger, for Cynthia and her friend, will ever be resolved.

The universe the author created, a mix of magic and science, really seems to be interesting and I like the depth to the story as a whole. It wasn’t really developed too deeply, but it did offer glimpses and that in itself makes the universe, and series, interesting. The bothersome part is that with that depth the story as a whole is too short and it needs to be at least a good deal longer as a result.

Lovely heat in the erotica, the mind control aspect of that was very well done and enjoyable to read. The scenes meshed together well and I liked the moments of discovery, panic, and comprehension that Cynthia went through. She turned out to be an version of a Succubus that I don’t see often. It would have been nice to see more of that. The same is true of the unnamed Succubus that starts all of this and continues it onwards, but she needed to be fleshed out a lot more than she was.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Too short by far. That’s not to say that the story isn’t interesting, that the transformation didn’t intrigue me and that the touch of mind control themes wasn’t done well. All in all the story has a lot of promise going for it… The issue for me is that it comes to an abrupt end and that happened just when things were starting to get interesting… I hope there will be a second part, there’s a lot more to tell it seems and I would like to see it.



Apr 14 2014

Energy by TeraS

Things are improving … slowly, but improving, thankfully. Still, I haven’t a lot of time or energy to actually get back into writing something that is up to my standards … After all, the space between my horns is a very strange place sometimes when it comes to what I think about myself …

Yet there is that question about energy … Time is another discussion, altogether …



By TeraS


One of the things that some cannot quite understand is why those of the Realm do not act in the way that others that are similar to their kind do. Of course, there are those that call themselves a Succubus or Incubus, and they do … things … things that mark them as being evil, or deadly, or worse. But no succubi of the Realm is like that.

The reason for this difference—and it is an important one—is something that Tera is often called on to explain to those that are entering her Realm for the first time. The discussion, generally, goes something like this:

“But you’re a Succubus, so you take souls.”


“Why what?”

“Why do we have to take souls? What purpose is there in doing so?”

“It’s what you are.”

At this point, Tera tends to look down towards her feet and comment: “Well, I don’t seem to have any hooves.” She would raise her right hand next and regard it a moment before continuing: “I don’t seem to have red skin either.” Flicking that same hand through her hair, she would add: “I’m not stereotypical, not by any means.”

“But you are a succubus.”

Her tail would move behind her slowly, then: “No. I am one of the Succubi. There is a difference.”

“I don’t see it. You have horns and a tail, so you are a succubus.”

A tap of a finger against her lips is usually followed by: “I also have a heart, a love, a family. I have sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. I have family whom I love and who love me in return. I am more than my horns and tail. But I am at peace with myself, with who I am, what I am, and most of all, the choices I make.”


Her head tilts to the right—her smile is, of course, bemused as she continues: “I choose to be better. I choose not to give in to my darker self. I choose not just to be better, but to make others better themselves.”

“But you are a succubus, nonetheless.”

She shakes her head slightly: “There your view of me is flawed by what you believe to be the truth without experiencing it for yourself. You expect the worst, but do not take the chance to see whether you are wrong. You assume that everyone and everything with horns and a tail must be untrustworthy.”

Next follows a long uncomfortable silence as the other thinks about this a moment.

But Tera continues: “If I were a succubus, then I would not allow you free will, for doing so means that you can change your mind. If I were evil, I could simply take whatever I wanted and leave you with nothing, or less than nothing. If I were the creature you expect me to be, then would I not have taken you, taken from you, and left you?”

At this point, the other must choose which path they wish to tread: to turn away or turn towards. The choice is theirs; it always is. She waits for her guest to choose.

Some cannot accept there are other possibilities. These depart, she nodding in understanding for their choice. Sometimes beliefs are set in stone, cemented into being, and can never be changed no matter the words, actions, or proof that is provided.

That is one choice: one’s free will.

Some decide that to risk … isn’t. These take her hand and ask her to show them more of her world—the joys, the wonder, the lives led, the moments encountered. She offers to teach the ways of the Realm: perhaps not perfect, but, like all intelligent beings, they are learning, as well.

When the time is right, when the moment comes, when the question of “How?” comes, then Tera takes each guest by the hand and leads this new resident out of the city of the Realm and into the world that surrounds it. The walk is long, stopping along the way to rest … sometimes … sometimes for other pursuits. But that is, of course, between Tera and the other.

Eventually, a clearing appears, and in the middle of that space is an ancient tree. It always seems familiar, as if one has seen it many times in the past but never quite taken notice of it. No matter the world, the dimension, the time, or the place, the reaction is the same: “I know that tree.”

Tera then walks to the tree and lays her hand upon the trunk as she explains: “Life is all around us. It is in the air we breathe, the worlds we travel. It exists in many ways, shapes and forms. We cannot destroy the energy of life, only change it, alter it, move it from there to here and so on. It does not end, but is taken from one to another and then beyond.”

Her fingertips caress the trunk lightly as she pauses and whispers something that cannot quite be heard, but seems to be meant for the tree itself. Her hand draws away and, as it does, the leaves in the tree rustle as if touched by a wind, but there is none. The scene seems odd and yet comforting at the same moment, as if there is some kind of message being passed between them.

The newcomers are, always, confused by this; they never actually say so, but their expressions do, and so Tera explains: “We give of ourselves to make others better. We offer, and others choose whether to accept or not. The gift is returned in the passions, knowledge, moments, and more that is part of who we are, who they are, and all that is around us.” She then offers her hand to the other, who is drawn into her embrace, her tail twinning around the supplicant as she continues: “That which gives is the imagination, and, in that, our being is for eternity.”

And, under the shade of that timeless tree, life, shared, continues unabated …