Jul 27 2014

A Review of The Demon of the Night by John Dylena and Lana Hart

The Demon of the Night by John Dylena and Lana Hart

The Demon of the Night by John Dylena and Lana Hart

The question of one’s origin, of who someone is matters. When it is of a character whom you love, care about, and most of all, respect, that origin means a lot more than some might expect.

One of my favourite authors, John Dylena, has written with Lana Hart, a story that connects to the Raethiana series, a series that I dearly love and cherish more than I can possibly say. It is a story of finding one’s inner strength and making a choice, one that from the beginning cannot see the ultimate path to be.

And what a path it is to tread upon…

The story tells of:

Before she was the demon at his door, she was the woman at the window…

The year is 1684, and the colonial village of Ashtonburg, Pennsylvania is experiencing a winter of death. Four men in half as many months have been lost to some foul beast leaving only brittle husks in its wake.

Ella Archer, wife of the town drunk, can’t help but to wonder what this creature is… and if it can help her escape the wrath of her husband.

In her quest for freedom Ella must make a choice to condemn or forgive. What price will she pay to become the mistress of her fate?

Ella’s life is about as close to hell as you can be without actually being there. Her husband, all of the men in the town around her, see her as being less than human, ignoring the harm that her husband causes and more. What they do not see is the intelligent woman beneath who understands something they do not. Strange deaths and she is the only one that sees the connection. Ella decides to seek out the one responsible and when this happens, she finds that the price of freedom is one unexpected.

The surrounding cast of characters around Ella are all male which brings a rather unique point of view in the story, that of seeing the world of Ella from her point of view, both internally and externally. Of the men that surround her, not one of their internal thoughts are heard. While the attitudes of the men towards Ella, and sadly, in particular her husband, are of that time in the past, looking at what transpires through the story is quite hard to read at times.

There is abuse, so much abuse that Ella suffers through from the first moment she appears. That shapes her thoughts and actions as the story continues and, honestly, the choices she makes are ones that are forced by the time and society around her. None of them are right or just from the perspective of the present, nor are they ones that should have been treated as they were in that time. But it is historically the truth of that time, sad as it is, and with that comes the question of the deaths of late where Ella lives.

It is quite telling how openly dim the men around Ella are, and that, more than anything else is their undoing. Ella’s husband is a prime example this, but, again, it is the society that gives him power regardless of his actions. There is but one single moment of defence for Ella and that is a fleeting thing.

The turning point is when Ella realizes what has been happening and puts one important piece of the puzzle together. Doing so takes her to an internal struggle which I thought was well told and carried forwards through the story. When she makes her choice and seeks out the one responsible, that’s where the story turned in a direction that answered questions I have had about Ella and as well Norrana.

Ella finds out the truth, Norrana opens the door to something that Ella desires, and she has to make a choice. Considering all that has happened to Ella in her life, it is a choice that was inevitable, but also justified, right, and liberating.

The scene where Ella sees Norrana for the first time, sees what she is capable of, and then, at last, comes face to face with what Ella has been told is the undoing of all women at that time in history turns into something… considered. The thoughts Ella has, the consideration she gives and then the process she goes through to make a choice all work very well and felt true to her character here and that of the character she becomes.

There is one scene of erotica in this work which worked well for the setting and tone of the story, but this work isn’t about that single scene. It is about Ella making a choice. Being the one to decide her future. That’s a powerful story in its own right and isn’t forgotten in that moment. That was important to me and spoke to why Ella is as much as who she is.

The writing is excellent, Ella is a strong voice in this work, the scenes are richly told. There is a point, a purpose. For me this origin story connects truly to the Raethiana series, does not change that series, but strengthens what we knew about Ella there. That matters, very much to me and for that new door into Ella herself, I am very grateful to John and Lana for giving this part of her past a voice and be told.

Five out of five pitchforks.

A fitting, truthful and real tale about the beginning as all such stories should be. Revelations that looking back on the Raethiana series make what happened in that series more powerful and in that, assuredly, Ella made the right decision.



Jul 26 2014

An interesting Succubus 3D model…

I found a video on Vimeo recently with a Succubus character that I thought was well done and interesting in a lot of ways…

And if you cannot see it on the Tale, try this link:


And, of course, a still from the video in case it vanishes…

Succubus Model by Jangho bae

Succubus Model by Jangho bae

There is quite a lot I like about this work, both in her look but also in the thoughts she gives me story-wise as well. I wonder about what she’s seen, where she’s going, why she is who she is. Now I also realize that there really isn’t a story as she is just an example of this artist’s work. But as inspiration?

I think there is quite a lot here…



Jul 25 2014

A Review of The Missing Sacrifice by Glenn Scrimshaw

The Missing Sacrifice by Glenn Scrimshaw

The Missing Sacrifice by Glenn Scrimshaw

It’s something that does, occasionally, bother me when Succubi appear, quite literally for two paragraphs in a story, then aren’t part of the story again, but the summary of the book uses them as a hook for readers to consider buying it. So, in this case, yes, there is the barest hint of Succubi in this story, but otherwise? I hope you like odd vampires and werewolves…

The story tells of:

A family holiday to Paris starts off well – until Eloim meets a sexy succubus on a boy’s night out at an Abba tribute concert. Eloim’s natural ability to find trouble reaches a new height as werewolves, demons and the greatest vampire hunters in Transylvania hunt for the cross dressing vampire teenager.

The second of the vampire Eloim short stories sees Eloim blunder through a plot to depose a king while struggling to stay as fashionable and stylish as only he can be.

This is a rather odd story about a rather odd vampire. He’s a bit.. well gay in nature, has a very odd fashion sense and sense of humour as well. That could have been interesting on it’s own, and it was to a point. The problem for me comes in with the succubus in this story… Actually there are two of them, sisters, they look the same as well.

The only reason that the main character in this work notices the first sister is that she’s wearing an outfit he adores. Past that meeting, and it’s a really short one, there isn’t any other sign of her. And the appearance of her sister later in the story is as vague as well.

Both of the Succubi in this story aren’t described save in the barest means possible for the clothing they are wearing. Otherwise there is no clue if they have horns or a tail, or what their hair colour is or anything else.

Now I understand that they are a means to an end within the story, but as they are mentioned in the book summary, a reader, like me, would assume that they are central to the story, have a major role in it, and, one would hope, we might be able to form a picture of what they look like, how they act, and what they want.

That just doesn’t happen here to my regret.

Now, as this work is the second book in a series, there is a background for the characters and a world they reside in. You get a fair idea of what that is all about, which is useful. The appearance of vampires, werewolves and demons seems almost natural in a way. And yes, the vampires use humans in the ways you would expect from them as well.

The focus is, of course, on the character Eloim, who sometimes I enjoyed reading and other times I couldn’t help but shake my head and sigh in resignation over his actions. Still, he is the core of the book so he must survive of course… Perhaps he might even grow up in a later book when he has to face a demoness that is rather mad at him for reasons that are not clear in this book, not that I expected them to be really.

The author can tell a story, there is no doubt of that. I have to wonder though why this story kept moving in and out of comedy all the time. The mix of mild horror, adventure, light sexual innuendo and flippant humour was very odd for me. I know that is really the characters, how they are more than anything else, but, it got on my nerves a bit by the end of this book.

I’ll give this work one pitchfork out of five for the Succubi in it. Two pitchforks out of five overall.

It is, I admit, the second book in a series, and I didn’t read the first book. In spite of that, I can’t give a good rating for Succubi for it, nor can I really say that I enjoyed the work as much as my expectations were from the summary for it.

That’s a shame really…



Jul 24 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 341

A really neat piece of Morrigan Aensland art on the tale today… It isn’t often that art of Morrigan shows her… moving. By that I mean usually she is in a pose that really has nothing much happening around her and it’s is more like a portrait most of the time. However there are some artists that can capture her poise and power really well…

Morrigan by Soyungnomo

Morrigan by Soyungnomo

This art of Morrigan is by an artist on DeviantArt called Soyungnomo and you can find this artist’s page on DeviantArt here and the original page I found this art here as well.

I just love the hair swoosh the artist created in this work of Morrigan… It’s a lovely touch and frames her quite well I think. She might be a shade over endowed, but somehow the way she is posed makes that less noticeable really. Lovely share to her wings and I really don’t like wings all that much so for me that’s quite something.

The background is a neat backdrop to Morrigan being, for lack of a better word, forceful and showing her power here. She has a bit of an odd expression, which bothers me a little bit. I wonder if she’s seen something and is trying to decide what to do about it.

Lovely little touches in her outfit, the shine looks very nice and right in many ways, and it’s just right how Morrigan’s outfit shapes her so very well. She has a nice mix of sensuality, power and presence that just makes this one of my favourites for this year…



Jul 23 2014

Where’s the inferno in this costume anyway?

Inferno CostumeInferno is a word that, for obvious reasons, is connected with Succubi on occasion. As well, having that word connected to a costume would make me expect something as well…

But does this costume have it?

This is called the Inferno Costume, and it comes with the halter dress and skirt, horns and the pitchfork the model is holding. Shoes are not included and it sells for $75 US, but is can be found for less than $50 US.

Well, obviously the pitchfork is the one I hate, so I’ll get past that and to the horns. Really lousy to be honest, they don’t match the dress though they seem to match the pitchfork so, again, lousy.

I don’t mind the dress all that much, though I find myself hard pressed to see anything infernoish in it really. Again this is an example of pseudo-flames as a hem for the dress and I feel it cheapens the look quite a lot.

Setting aside my dislike for that one part of the costume, I actually might think about wearing it if there wasn’t much else to choose from. That’s not a huge endorsement, but really it’s not meant to be one.

I’ll give this two and a half pitchforks out of five.

There is better, there is worse, but I think that average really describes this costume best…



Jul 22 2014

A Review of The Succubus Inside by D.E. Garlow

The Succubus Inside by D.E. Garlow

The Succubus Inside by D.E. Garlow

Generally speaking Succubi and Incubi are not seen to possess others. They are their own beings and as such have their own voice. I came across an interesting story which changes what they are… slightly… and has a couple possessed by a joined Succubus and Incubus pair. It’s quite an interesting mix of the traditional concept of Succubi and Incubi with a dash of something slightly different…

It is a shame that the author removed this work soon after it was released though…

  • Title: The Succubus Inside
  • Author: D.E. Garlow
  • Publishing Date: November 29, 2012
  • Length: 28 Pages
  • ASIN: B00AG43YQ2
  • This work at Amazon.com – No Longer Available

The work tells the story of:

Lynn and Gene are very much in love and enjoy a very close bond. Their sex life is already heated up. What happens when they are possessed by lovers from a past life? Things get hotter and more dangerous as the Incubus and Succubus lovers take control of the present day couple; taking them on the ride of their lives.

Lynn and Gene are… well… Let’s say that they really haven’t a problem with sex, enjoying it, and indulging in their fantasies. They become more and more adventurous over time until one day a friend of theirs… sees there is another couple in the room with them. It turns out that the invisible couple, one a Succubus who is attached to Gene, and an Incubus, attached to Lynn, are whispering thoughts to the pair and feeding on their lusts and that of others. At least until they are discovered that is.

What happens next is that the Succubus and Incubus take matters into their own hands, Gene and Lynn not knowing what is happening until the clues, and the police, come knocking on their door. What follows is a bit of a cat and mouse game punctuated by some very hot scenes before the climax comes and the story ends… not quite in the way one might expect.

There is a bit of mind control involved in the story as well, both in how Lynn and Gene are controlled by those possessing them, but also in how they use their powers to lure others into their midst and, to be blunt, consume them. I am quite glad that when that happens the description of the events are short and to the point without too much gore or descriptions of what happened. It would have been far too easy to do so and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the author did not go that route… It made for a much more enjoyable story…

The Succubus and Incubus are never named in the story, which is a shame. I think I would have liked them a little more if there was more to their personality than several murders and some moments of passion. The seduction is very hot… absolutely so… But that alone which perhaps three sentences in total from them is really not enough.

That said, the things that Lynn does are very hot. She is, even without the Succubus within her, a sexual person and is described as a blonde with a body that doesn’t quit. Gene is as well desirable and the pair of them would really make a good porn star couple as the story goes on. Still, the possessions when they occur don’t change them physically save for their eyes. As such there are no hints of horns or tails or anything like that. They are quite human but with someone, or something else, inside of them.

The story itself isn’t one sex scene after the next, though sometimes it comes very close to falling into that situation. There is plot, there is mystery and intertwined to that comes some very hot erotica that is deliciously told. There are a few points in the story where a word is wrong or misspelled, but this is very minor in the overall scheme of things.

When the end of the work arrives, there is an opening for the story to continue. The thing is that I would hope, if it ever does, that the beings involved are more intelligent than they were by the end of the story and hide themselves better.

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

A really fascinating story that does stray slightly towards horror and yet manages not to make that theme the core of the work. It is a shame the author no longer has it available for the heat and story that is within it…



Jul 21 2014

The SuccuDress – Revealed.

I’ve talked about many times about a dress that I simply adore that I call the SuccuDress. It is the one single dress that, for me, is what I feel reflects the image of the Succubi. Now I will admit that it is that for me and me alone I suppose… But…

When I wear it, and I do for one particular event every year, there isn’t any argument that I am the Queen of the Succubi…

Recently, DarkShadow on DeviantArt completed a commission from me of Tera, The Queen of the Succubi  wearing her sexy SuccuDress…

Tera Succubi Sexy Dress by DarkShadow

Tera Succubi Sexy Dress by DarkShadow

I just wanted to give my thanks to DarkShadow, who’s page on DeviantArt can be found here and the page where he first revealed this wonderful art is here.

I have a lovely smile and that is something wonderful to have always…