Oct 01 2014

A red dress does a Succubus costume not make…

Red Carpet Devil CostumeSometimes a simple red dress can make for a lovely start to a Succubus costume… My Eternal can tell you about the very first dress he saw me wear with my very first pair of horns… It can be a show stopper in the right way… or the wrong way… The question is, for this costume at least, which end of the scale does it fall on?

This is called the Red Carpet Devil Costume and it comes with the long red dress with high double slits and the matching sequin horns. The pitchfork, which is lousy, is not included nor are the shoes… It sells for $65 US but can be found for as little as $35 on sale occasionally…

It isn’t totally awful I have to admit, there is a certain tiny bit of class to this costume that I don’t see very often. I can even stand the hem of the dress as it isn’t totally silly by being ripped or torn into pieces.

If I look at the entire ensemble, the necklace, bracelets and shoes, and ignore the pitchfork… It’s not all that bad and for something to quickly wear for Halloween if I had little time I would give this some serious thought.

But I don’t like the strapping around the waist, that ruins the look for me and makes me wonder if this was some kind of Greek goddess costume that they dyed red in order to sell it as a Devil costume… That would sort of make some kind of sense really…

Still I do like this and so it receives three out of five pitchforks.

But it doesn’t come close to the red dress that helped me to win my Eternal’s heart…



Sep 30 2014

A Review of My Succubus Ex-Girlfriend by John Dylena

My Succubus Ex-Girlfriend by John Dylena

My Succubus Ex-Girlfriend by John Dylena

It’s been a little while since I have reviewed a work by one of my favourite authors John Dylena. I have really loved the stories that have been told in the Raethiana universe, a setting in while there is a world of Succubi that I’ve always felt has been very interesting.

For me, John’s best writing is when there is a good deal of character development, which normally is central to his works. It’s a lot more interesting when there is a lesson in the words, a story with meaning, and a path onwards for the characters that connects with the mythos that has been created.

And in this latest work, all of the things that I look for appear and it is, I think, the best work that this author has created so far…


The work tells the story of:

Mike is a man who knows what he wants. He is strong, confident, and very much an alpha. He’s also a terrible boyfriend. So much so that he screams the name of the woman he had an affair with, instead of calling out his girlfriend’s name, Ashley.

Months after breaking his girlfriend’s heart, he finally hears back from her. Only the woman on the phone sounds very different from the girl he dated and when he meets Ashley, he notices an air of confidence and sexuality around her.

When they go back to her place, Mike learns the eye-opening truth: Ashley is no longer human. She is now a succubus, and she plans on getting revenge.

Revenge that involves Mike on his knees dressed in lingerie and in a form that is anything but his tough, masculine body.


Mike finds himself at a loss when he loses his girlfriend Ashley. It doesn’t take long before he understands that he made a huge mistake and tries to apologize. Ashley doesn’t return his call, but a month later, she calls him. She sounds different on the phone and when he meets Ashley, she isn’t the same woman he knew. Mike discovers that he never really did know Ashley in the first place and asks for a chance to make amends. When Ashley reveals she is now a Succubus, and shows Mike what the truth was, and what it is now, he finds his own world, understanding and desires being challenged. Something he will never forget.

I really liked Ashley, her personality, the story of how she became a Succubus, how she sees herself now and what that all means to her is amazingly well told and I liked every little thing that was revealed about her. The change in Ashley’s outward personality, the reveals about what she wanted in the past, what she wants now really work well. I thought that the things she tells Mike, the revelation of her becoming a Succubus fit exactly right. I did, I admit, smile at her Succubus name, and in a lot of ways I think that it works well in this story for her. The Ashley of before was lost and uncertain, not saying what she wanted, just allowing Mike to use her as he wanted to. The transformation of Ashley into a Succubus isn’t the main point of that change, there’s another reason for that change and that part of the story, when it is told, is very emotional and gives weight to why Ashley has changed so much. It isn’t just a physical change, it’s an attitude change in her. She changes in a way that takes her from a slender personality into a very strong, clear one that is sure of what she desires and is not afraid to demand it.

I have to admit that Mike’s story was fitting in some ways, he was a bit of a twit at the beginning of the story, but as well, by the time that Ashley takes control the feelings of remorse within him where very strong and I think that made a stronger connection between him, what happens, and the reader. Mike’s change in personality doesn’t happen at the point when Ashley reappears. He does change, he knows remorse and he wants to explain this to Ashley. Given the chance to do so, she reveals to Mike a hidden need within him and in doing so there’s a good sense of, if not closure for Mike, there is that for Ashley at least. That at its core is what makes this story wonderful. It is the story, the telling of it. Heat, passion and story combined is always a good read.

There’s a lot of threads that run through the story, and the transformation scenes I think are some of the best that John has written. The scenes were smoother, more refined, more complete and I liked that a lot. There is a bit of mind control in some of the scenes, there’s a shade of D/s relationships being explored that I thought worked well. The connections of past works appears here and there, but if you haven’t read any of the previous works in the Raethiana universe, you won’t be lost in this story.

There are a few questions that are left behind in the wake of the story which leave some very interesting paths going forwards in the Raethiana universe and I really look forwards to seeing where the postscript in this work leads to. Emotionally I think this is the most powerful thing John has written. There’s a lot of depth in the characters, a lot of story to tell about each of them and in that comes a story that has all of the pieces fit together. It’s very involved, it isn’t a piece of fluff or a quick read that leaves your thoughts soon after you are done. I can see the excitement, the thrill in writing this story in every word and that is one of the things about it that makes it what I think is the best work by this author so far.

As a whole I feel like the work was of the right length, told a complete story and allowed for the characters to be developed fully. The writing is sharp, descriptive, and I didn’t want the story to end. It does, of course, and in a way that I thought was both poetic, in its own way, and as well left an imprint on Mike that wasn’t something that would be forgotten.

I’m giving this work five out of five pitchforks.

Simply adored this work, recommended ever so much, and well worth reading by far. I hope to see Ashley again sometime soon, she fits in ever so well with this universe and that would be something to watch for…

Or watch out for, depending on her mood of course.



Sep 29 2014

Sparkly Horn Horror – Part I By TeraS

I’ve often wondered if I can write something that’s a bit of a suspense/action-adventure sort of thing with a side order of erotica. This might not be all that I think it can be, but I’m going to take a try at this and see what mischief I can get some of the Realm into…


The names of the Succubi and Incubi have not been changed to protect the horny…


Sparkly Horn Horror

Part I

By TeraS


One of the places in the Realm that seems somewhat out-of-place is the Realm Hospital—or, as some refer to it, “The Nutcracker Suite.” The hospital itself is usually a quiet place, for there aren’t that many of the Realm that have need of the services there. Being who and what the inhabitants of the Realm are, they just don’t really have a need for the hospital in the first place.

At least that is what the young think. Those who have long memories, or who know their Realm history, are very aware of why the hospital exists.

It is set in a section of the Realm that is surrounded by a series of low hills, which seem like they both surround the hospital and protect it at the same time. Considering that the site was the original location of the first Realm Hospital, during and after some of the most violent moments in succubi history, the location, and how it seems like a bastion, is very apt.

Even though the hospital isn’t used much, Tera had seen to it that it had been rebuilt many times over the years, always keeping pace with the needs of this Realm and those beyond. Within the walls, there are enough magical, medical, and technical forms of help available to handle just about any problem. While it is true that those of the Realm never really need hospitalization, there are occasions when others visit the Realm and need some assistance. The staff is small, really more appropriate for a clinic, but all very dedicated to their craft.

And the one that runs the hospital? Her name is Florence—no relation and, if you ask, be prepared for her to give you an “exam” you’ll never forget. On one bright sunny day in the Realm, Florence, who is one of the blue-tailed Succubi, was busy giving one particular incubi a thorough examination …oral and otherwise … that had been going on for a few hours.

Blue-tails are very talented in oral … among other things.

She had just finished off her oral exam of Adam, an intern in his fourth decade of service in the hospital, and was just about to allow him to give her what she had referred to as a “breast exam” with the member she had just orally examined, when an alarm sounded interrupting them. Unashamedly, Florence stood up and crossed the floor of the nursing station they were using; in truth, it was the one which was just the right height for her to bend over and be comfortable when she needed to be probed in an anal sort of way. Adam pulled on his scrubs—which didn’t do anything to hide the bulge he sported from her examination—“What’s going on?”

Florence scanned the display as she pulled her own scrubs on: “Someone’s been portalled into the isolation ward. No details. Room one.”

The walk was a lonely one for the pair. The staff were off for the day as all of the patients had been released; there had been only three, but, considering that over the past six months there hadn’t been any, this was ‘busy’ for the hospital. One patient felt he had to try out some lube that was rated only for incubi, and he wasn’t. Another had an awful sunburn from laying out too long while having fun doing what she called research on the mating habits of the Realm—Florence idly had wondered about which world was her chosen venue for that video. The last was one of the succubi who was a hypochondriac, though Florence had quickly figured out that she was there because she was, in fact, a pink tail with a doctor fetish that needed to be scratched.

The succubi physician and the incubi intern passed through the doors that marked the isolation ward and found themselves looking into a room where a purple-tailed succubi was frantically humping a pillow she had taken from the bed in the room, moaning in pleasure, sweat pouring off her, and something sparkling on her skin.

Florence was taken aback by the scene: “Deb?”

Adam looked at her: “Someone you know?”

“Um, Deborah … old friend … really good old friend.”

Adam leered a bit … he was that kind of Incubi: “As in sharing … old friend?”

She shot daggers at him with her eyes: “No. She might be a purple tail, but she is more interested in history than running around and fucking her brains out. I have always respected her for that. She made me think about what I wanted to do. I owe her.”

Adam was looking back into the room: “So, this isn’t normal.”

“No. it isn’t.” Florence pushed the intercom button: “Deb? It’s Flora. Can you hear me?”

Deb responded by standing up and pressing her naked form against the glass, her breasts squeezing against it, her body shivering at the cold, while she continued to hump the pillow between her legs, her eyes rolling up, only the whites showing: “mmmm … Hiya, Flora … Cum on in. My pussy’s so fucking wet … If … if you eat me out, I’ll do the … the same for ya … mmm …” As those last words came out with a gasp, Deb slid down the glass and then disappeared out of sight.

Florence didn’t know what to say or do at that moment. This was totally out of character for her old friend. “Why is she in there?”

Adam was looking over a screen with vital signs on it: “Considering that her temperature is way up, she’s pumping out pheromones that could make a dragon hard for a year, I’m not surprised.” He looked at his superior: “Masks and gowns?”

She nodded: “Masks and gowns.”

They opened the door a short time later, as prepared as they thought they needed to be. Deborah had a fever or something. She wasn’t a threat, only oversexed. Still, they weren’t prepared for what happened next: before they could react, Deborah came running out of the room and shoved Florence aside, intent on getting to Adam.

Faster than Florence could recover from being shoved against the corner of the doorway and race to Adam’s aid, Deb had ripped Adam’s suit open, fished out his cock and was humping him madly. Adam, still hard from the earlier exam, wasn’t exactly resisting her. Pushing herself up, Florence tried to pull Deb off him, but, during the struggle to do so, Deb tore off her mask and kissed her … deeply. She felt Deb’s tongue as it began to press past her lips, seeking Florence’s own. Or at least she tried to, but then something in the air made Florence sneeze, and Deb recoiled in surprise before turning her attention back to the intern, completely forgetting about her old friend.

Adam tried to untangled himself from Deb, but her strength was surprising, and, as he fought to be free of her he groaned: “Get the hell out of here. Find out what’s going on! I’ll … I’ll …” The gasp he made as Deb’s tail entwined itself with his announced the edge of him losing control and just going along with what Deb wanted to do: “Oh, fuck! I’ll keep her busy! GO!”

Florence scrambled to her feet, ran out the main doors of the isolation ward, and then slammed her fist into the big red panic button beside the door. The alarms and lights went off in the next moment, the doors locking tight and sealing both Adam and Deb inside. In spite of that, Florence was sure that she could hear them screwing their brains out on the other side of the door. She ran down the empty hallways, cursing that the wards that were in the very fabric of the hospital were designed to prevent the creation of outbound portals, then, in the next moment thanking them for being there. Whatever was affecting Deb, and now likely Adam, was something that had to be kept out of the Realm no matter the cost.

Skidding around a corner, she came to her office door and barged inside. As the isolation ward was now sealed, the protocols, as she well knew, would start locking the outside doors first, then restrict communications with the rest of the Realm, so that the only place to do so was in her office.

She looked at her office, the walls covered in books, texts, scrolls. She had prided herself in knowing more about medicine than anyone else in the Realm. The old saying of pride coming before a fall echoed in her thoughts as she made for her desk. In the past, Florence had to rely on her small library of medical and magic books in order to determine what malady had befallen someone. Sometimes, this took ages and, over a lemonade with one of the Realm’s librarians—an amazingly smart and helpful yellow tail named Miriam to whom Tera had referred Florence, she would come up with a solution that solved one research problem, but gave her another instead.

Now she could find an answer in mere moments by speaking with her assistant: “John, we have a problem.”

A shimmering tube of light appeared a few feet away and the image of a bespectacled incubus with blue horns and tail came into view. He appeared to be slightly older than Florence, with an attitude to match. “A problem? You must be most specific. Specificity is a trait I welcome.”

An assistant with attitude … just what she needed. “Shut up, John. I haven’t got time to deal with your cheek right now. Access patient background records for Deborah; she’s in isolation. Do a complete scan—everything. There’s something desperately wrong with her. Adam’s in there, too. Scan him, as well.”

He seemed to freeze in place and then an arc of energy flowed over his body, revealing that he was not, in fact, one of the Incubi. He was a projection from one of the things that Miriam had called an artificial intelligence interface. John was not a real being per sé, but existed in a computer that had been installed in the hospital. He held all of the medical information that was contained in Florence’s own medical library, the hospital’s larger one, and, as well, all that which had been digitized from the Realm’s Library by the staff there. There were still, as well she knew, a few wings to be added to John’s knowledge, but her hope was that he would at least know what they were dealing with, if not the cure for it.

John interrupted her thoughts: “Florence, I have a theory.”

“Only a theory? Need some facts, John. Deb’s not normal by any means. She’ll fuck anything in sight and that’s getting worse by the moment.”

“Has anyone else come into contact with her?”

Florence thought, then replied: “She appeared in the isolation ward, portalled directly into it. Looked like she was coming home and was redirected.”

“So you have no idea if she has or has not?”

She shook her head, then stopped: “I have. Didn’t really have a choice. Adam was helping me restrain her. He’s with her at the moment. He pushed me out of the room before closing the door. No one else has. The rest of the staff aren’t here today.”

John looked … worried … something that Florence had never seen before: “I am locking down the hospital and informing the Queen. No one is to be allowed in or out of here.”

As the alarm began to sound in the distance, and Florence heard the doors to the outside Realm closing, she called out to him: “John, tell me what the hell is going on!”

“The most likely candidate is a disease that was last seen in the time just after your kind’s battle to be independent from Light and Dark. The medical term is ‘anima denigration’: ‘Soul Blackening;’ known colloquially as ‘Sparkly Horn Disease.’”

She frowned as she mulled over the words: “Never heard of it, John.”

“It was only seen once, as I noted. Do pay attention Florence, this is important.”

“Get on with it, egghead.”

John nodded: “Better. Keep your focus, Florence. The slang term was coined from the initial signs of infection, that being the affected succubi or incubi having a shimmering, sparkling dust appearing on their horns. The timeframe from this appearing to complications is timed in a matter of hours. The dust will be the same colour as the infected’s own horns. Over time physical and mental changes occur.”

Florence swallowed, her tail moving slowly behind her: “How long until it is infectious?”

John removed his glasses, folding them up and putting them into one hand: “Deborah appears to be infectious at this time. The obvious signs are her eyes: they are the same colour as her tail, which they were not before. Her need to, as you say, ‘fuck anything in sight’ is the other. That is how transmission of the disease occurs. Sexual activity shakes the dust loose, it falls upon the sexual partner.”

She remembered the kiss she shared with Deborah and the last thing she saw as the door closed behind her trapping Adam with her. Deb straddling Adam and screaming as they fucked. She could almost hear the moans from the two of them through the walls.

Reflexively she brushed her hand through her hair and felt something in between her fingers. Looking at them she could see, just barely, some fine grains of blue sand. “Fine; what’s the cure to this?”

John furrowed his brow: “I have no records of a cure. That data has not been imparted to my memory core.”

“Great … even better.” She knew she was going to regret the next thing she said: “I have to assume Adam in infected. I have to be as well.”

“The assumption about Adam is correct. His scans show evidence. Being in direct contact with Deborah will speed up the infection.”

Florence rubbed her chin: “What are my chances?”

“Scanning. Stand by.”

It was the longest three minutes of her life.

“Assuming you do not come into contact with either, you have approximately six hours before the need for intercourse overcomes your ability to think clearly. You will be infectious in two hours. One hour beyond that your physical changes will be complete, but you will still have your intelligence. Over the following three hours your mind will turn towards your most base instincts until that is all that you will be able to think about.”

She shuddered at the thought. The nickname of ‘Ball Breaker’ came to her and she shook her head. If she wasn’t breaking balls before, clearly she was going to be. “Show me what you have at my desk. Get Miriam at the Realm Library. If she’s busy, tell her it’s a medical emergency.”

As John made the call, Florence sat down and pushed the pile of papers off her desk, not caring that they tumbled into a heap beside it. The glass top shimmered and a series of articles, papers, and highlighted passages about what she was facing appeared there.

Miriam’s voice came out of the air, a giggle in her voice: “Florence? A medical emergency? Did someone use too much lube or something?”

“No joke; got a huge problem. John’s sending you a file with the details. I need you to do research for me.”

When Miriam’s voice came back, she wasn’t giggling anymore: “That’s a legend; has to be. What evidence do you have?”

“I have Deborah with sparkling horns fucking my intern, Adam, senseless in the isolation ward. And his horns are sparkling now, as well.” Florence was silent for a moment: “Miram … I found some dust in Deborah’s colour on me. John’s confirmed that this … disease … seems to be what it looks like. We’re looking at something we haven’t dealt with in eons. There’s no cure in the information John has.”

She heard Miriam calling out: “Get Tera, get the staff in here. Everyone. I want everyone in the Library in the next twenty minutes!”

“John’s told Tera, she’s …”

The next voice that Florence heard made her wince: “I’m here, Florence.”

It was Tera … of course it was. She always managed to be where she was needed. Florence always thought that was a neat ability to have.

“Where are you?”

“I just came into Miriam’s office.”

Florence had a small hope and asked: “What do you know about this … thing?”

Tera’s voice seemed far away as she spoke, Florence was glad she didn’t have to see her at that moment: “My parents had to deal with this. It was an attempt to bring our kind to heel, to obey. It changed many before they figured out how to stop it.”

Not answer or cure, but there as some hope at least. Better than nothing. “Well, it’s back. Round Two has started. At least Deb wound up here instead of running through the Realm.”

“One small gift. There’s a reason why the paths to our Realm are as they are. Florence, when this first appeared, I was told that many were lost, or … worse. But we are not sacrificing the three of you.”


“Don’t thank me until and unless we stop it. What it turns you into is something you won’t enjoy. And leaving you like that would not be anything you would be thankful for. What do you want us to do? You are the doctor. How do we help you?”

Florence steepled her fingers: “We need a cure. If not a cure, then I need to know what information the Realm has on this. As long as I can think, I can work on an answer, or at least get a start on one for someone else to work on.”

Miriam’s voice returned: “Tera’s gone. She went to tell the others where to search. She said for me to stay here in case you think of something or need something.”

Florence’s attention shifted: “John, have you informed the other staff about what is going on?”

Strangely, as she had never seen John doing it before, she watched him pacing in her office. It reminded her of someone, but she couldn’t put her finger on who it was at that moment. “The staff has been notified. They are going to the library to assist. Several are waiting outside for permission to enter.”

Florence was horrified: “John!”

He stopped pacing and regarded her. The look he gave her, sitting there behind her desk, was that of a lecturer telling a dimwitted student how dimwitted they were: “The three laws are in effect. No one will be coming in.”

She pressed a glowing red marker on her desk, putting Miriam on mute: “What happens if we don’t find a cure, John?”

The look he had was a resigned one: “Burn all bridges to the Realm. Isolate the three of you. For however long it takes until …”

He didn’t finish the sentence, which, again, was odd as he always had in the past. But she could take an educated guess about what the rest of the sentence was. Pressing the marker again, she continued speaking to Miriam: “Find me a cure: some info, tea leaves, a rolled-up parchment with a good apple pie recipe that cures this. Find something, Miriam … and soon. You have three hours. After that, I don’t know how long I am going to of use to anyone.”

“I’ll be here. Not going anywhere.”


Florence returned to the screen in front of her and continued to read. John remained active nearby, but said nothing. Normally, she would berate him for being there, but, for the first time in her life, Florence didn’t have anything witty to say. She just focused more than ever on trying to find a solution to what was now the most important thing in her world.

A short time later, she barely paid attention as her hand scratched the base of one of her horns. A moment later and she stared at the glass surface of her desk seeing the blue flakes of dust there. She pushed away from the desk and created a mirror in her hands which she looked into in horror. Her blue horns were starting to sparkle.

The clock was ticking …

Sep 28 2014

A Review of Succubus Initiation by Juliette Lubach

Succubus Initiation by Juliette Lubach

Succubus Initiation by Juliette Lubach

When a book claims to be about Succubi, one would expect that there would be at least one in the story. At least that’s my opinion of what I expect. Even if there isn’t one, and the story is about someone wanting to be a Succubus, there needs to be more to the story than sex scene after sex scene in order for it to be something that I find some enjoyment in.

The story tells of:

18 year old Haley Vance only has one true fear: living an ordinary life. After she finds a mysterious book that holds the key to the underworld, she discovers that she has an alternative! After a dark ritual, she is given the choice to either live out all of her erotic dreams, or be cast into darkness.

Haley is selfish and self-centered to put it mildly, but what really makes her unlikeable is that she wants to be a Succubus because then she can have all kinds of sex and be something more than an ordinary girl. After summoning a demon and making a deal with them, Haley seduces three individuals towards her goal of being a Succubus. But that’s the thing, she isn’t a Succubus in this story, not in the slightest.

The story really only uses the idea of Haley needing to accomplish some tasks to get her placed in several situations where she has sex towards her goal. It is entirely possible to remove the connection to Succubi in this work and have absolutely no change to the story as a whole.

It is, for the most part, a series of hot flashes interspersed with Haley gloating and then being told what her next assignment is. As such, there really is no story to speak of, the characters are there only to be used in a sex scene and then forgotten about. As well, Haley’s attitude, her total lack of emotion other than having orgasms after each conquest, and her seeming lack of care about anything she does really bothered me.

I do understand that is how she was written and is presented, but as such I had no interest in her, what she did, the other characters in the story or anything else. More so, as there was no Succubi in the story, Haley wasn’t one, and the end only suggested what was to come did connect to the title of the work, I cannot say that it was Succubus story.

It was really a “want to be” or perhaps more accurately a “use the word Succubus to sell books” release and that connected with the total lack of interest that I felt after the first four pages just left me cold…

I’ll give this work one pitchfork out of five.

Really not anything more than hot flash after hot flash and in the end that doesn’t make for the best of stories…



Sep 27 2014

A YouTube Tribute to Morrigan and Lilith Aensland…

A rather short YouTube this week of Morrigan and Lilith Aensland together, which really is a rare thing to be found. I do wonder why it is that there really isn’t a lot of art of the two of them together…. There should be I think…

If you can’t see the video here, try this link:


And, as always, a screenshot of the one piece of art that I thought was the best to be seen in the video…

Morrigan and Lilith Aensland Art


It’s always nice to see the two sisters together, and I like the sort of protective way that Morrigan is standing there with Lilith… I still like Lilith being draw about the same age as Morrigan is however…

How Lilith sees herself, being not “as good” as Morrigan seems wrong to me… Perhaps having a bit more of her sister’s strength of personality would add to her character…

It likely would add to the art that appears of her as well I would think…



Sep 26 2014

A Review of Madnight Seduction by Fiona Winston

Madnight Seduction by Fiona Winston

Madnight Seduction by Fiona Winston

A love story needs one important thing. It isn’t the sex, it isn’t the setting or the characters. What it needs is love in the story, true love, heartfelt love. That does not always happen in many stories, but when it does, then it makes for something special.

It’s an interesting concept if you think about it…

  • Title: Madnight Seduction
  • Author: Fiona Winston
  • Length: 64 Pages
  • Release Date: January 28, 2013
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

When Chloe goes out with her friend, she never expects to be waylaid by the fiercely sexy James–or his heavy draw on her witchy-powers.

James runs his club, sipping happily at all the sexual energy he captures every night, but when Chloe shows-up, his whole world turns upside down.

They’d do anything to stay together–she rescue him and potentially expose herself to re-capture by the manipulative Queen Titania; he, return to his mother’s side to rescue his wayward love…

Chloe is Fey and has escaped from the Queen to live among humanity because she is slated to marry the Queen’s son. One night she goes to a bar and finds herself attracted to someone there that is more than he seems to be. His name is James, and he is an Incubus… and he finds himself attracted to her completely and she in return.

James is not the stereotypical Incubus by any means.  While he has no tail or horns, he does have all of the powers of an Incubus, but the thing is that he isn’t evil or nasty or poor in nature. He has a heart and Chloe captures it from the moment they met. His personality is intriguing in that there is a mystery about him from the beginning that is important and I wondered about throughout until the end of the story when it was revealed and brought the tale to a perfectly delicious conclusion.

Chloe has her moments of being somewhat self centred, but that brings about a change in her through meeting James and what happens between them that, finally, gives her strength when she needs it the most.

The story is emotionally charged, which I enjoyed very much. The surrounding characters add to the depth of the story and overall there is little cast away in the story. Paying attention to the story is important due to all of the characters seen in the story, but each one is important to the climax of the story.

The erotica is sensual, soft and wonderfully delicious.  It is not the point of the story, which in the grand scheme of things means that it adds to the story and does not retract from it. The work is not a hot flash piece of erotica, it is more of a tale of fantasy with a bit of erotica to spice the growing relationship between James and Chloe.

I really cannot say that there is anything about the work that retracted from it. I will wish that there would have been more about the Queen, Chloe’s family, and a bit more about James’ friends in the story. This is all really minor, I would just have liked to know more about all of them than is revealed.

Beyond that, I would have loved to see a second story in this universe in which Succubi appear. There are none to be seen in this work, but they are hinted at existing and it would have been nice to see. Still, James is a lovely Incubus and I’m quite happy to have seen him here.

I’ll give this work four and a half pitchforks out of five.

Romance, story, love and heart with a dash of heat. Almost perfect and in that I was quite pleased…


Sep 25 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 350

Just some nice Succubi cuteness this week on the Tale. I adore sweet cute Succubi and the one that I found this week really is all kinds of cute and sweet. Making me smile is, of course, a bonus…

Devilgirl by OrionM

Devilgirl by OrionM

This art is called Devilgirl and is by an artist on Hentai Foundry named OrionM. You can find the original page I found this work on Hentai Foundry here.

Lovely style this artist has in this sketch and really the most amazing thing is the personality she has. That little sideways look is just perfect for her by far. I like the stockings and gloves, they add so much to the cute really… Lovely hair and a pair of horns that just look right for her too. I only wish she had a tail, but otherwise she’s adorable…

Somehow the name Cassie comes to mind when I look at her… Perhaps that will inspire me. I hope it will because this art just made me smile and that made my day…