Apr 05 2014

An Anime Cosplay Morrigan Dance YouTube

I found another of those anime dance YouTubes… While the music does nothing for me, the model, which seems to be cosplaying Morrigan in a way, is rather cute…

And if you cannot see the video on the Tale, try this:


And a still image of the rather hyperactive avatar herself as Morrigan…

Megurine Luka TDA Morrigan cosplay

You know, the silly thing is that I would like to see Morrigan with this hair colour to be honest. Perhaps that will happen sometime… As I said, the avatar is rather hyperactive in the video, and I have to admit that I turned off the music soon after the video began as I was more interested in her outfit more than anything else.

I really do think that it looks really good and I especially like the shine it has… But the hyperactivity? I think I would have tried to find something more… seductive honestly…



Apr 04 2014

A Review of Malena’s Kiss by Paul DiPersio

Malena's Kiss by Paul DiPersio

Malena’s Kiss by Paul DiPersio

Not all works have what I define as Succubi appearing in them. Sometimes there are glimmers of them, slight and fleeting while around them is cloaked something… different.

It is the creation of that difference, the history behind that difference that can make or break the story. Beyond that, how that being is brought into the “normal” world matters. And what they do to it most of all.

  • Title: Malena’s Kiss
  • Author: Paul DiPersio
  • Publishing Date: February 5, 2013
  • Length: 340 Pages
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells about:

Jim Francis just inherited a house from his late Aunt Margaret; a monstrous, dilapidated, 18th century New England Colonial … in some creepy backwoods town called Cutler Hollow. Deep in the belly of the overflowing septic pit he uncovers a black iron chest, sealed with a lock, bound in chains, and inscribed with bizarre Celtic symbols. He raises the chest with dreams of gold coins, precious jewels, and sterling silverware.

And unleashes Cutler Hollow’s darkest secret … Malena.

This work tends to be more horror overall, but it is not just a horror story on its own. There is an underlying story told about many characters through Malena herself. Malena isn’t exactly a Succubus, though in some aspects she is in a way. Still, the story, isn’t so much about her as those that made her what she is. The story connects the dots overtime, and the revelation when it arrives neatly draws the story towards its conclusion.

There isn’t much in the way of erotica in this work to be seen. It has a voice, one that has a lot of sadness, regret and loss within it that removes the possibly of other things having a place in this work. Unlike many other works that attempt to use horror as a story telling device, here there are moments of horror, but they do not overcome the story at its core. It is not horror without purpose or action without goal. It is, in a sense, a reflection of one man’s soul being tormented by circumstance and action.

There are moments in the work where Malena’s powers are very clear and in others it is not quite so much so. Regardless of that, her effects on the town, and a few unlucky persons therein, are very unique and quite different than what I have seen in similar beings that appear in stories that attempt to exist in this sort of theme.

The writing is very focused on story, emotion, and giving rise to the effects of one’s actions. There is very little wasted in the way of scenes or thought which keeps the work moving well. The main problem for me was that the horror aspect was a bit more than I enjoy and with that there were questions about Malena that were left unanswered which bothered me to a point. The work came to a close in a way that made sense and allowed for the characters that survived to continue their lives… But also a slight opening as well which gave me some pause.

I felt as if there was about one chapter missing in the work which falls just before Jim and an ally must face Malena. A fleshing out of purpose and meaning is the best way I can explain it as Malena herself puts little voice to what she is, but her actions are quite clear…

I’m giving this work three out of five pitchforks.

Do not expect erotica, do expect a story that tells of the horrors within a soul and what they can bring when they come alive… In that is a very telling story told.



Apr 03 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 325

I found a cute little animated GIF of Morrigan Aensland recently and it made me smile so I decided that it will be the Succubi Image of the Week this time on the Tale… And after all, Morrigan in latex is always a good thing isn’t it?

Cadenas by PrimPalver

by PrimPalver

This work is called Cadenas and is by an artist on DeviantArt called PrimPalver. You can find their artist’s page here and this work on the page I found it on here as well.

I really like Morrigan like this a lot… Really the right kind of outfit for her to be wearing, I like that she doesn’t have a her wings to be honest, and that her head wings aren’t enormous. There’s a lovely sensuality around her and her teasing personality comes through really well in how she stands. Her expression is exactly right and the almost casual spinning of the handcuffs she has just make me smile…

And really any image of Morrigan that does that makes it one of my favourites…



Apr 02 2014

Not so much a Dark Demon really as a costume

Dark Demon CostumeI wonder about some costume designers. It seems like they tend to mash up themes or ideas and make them worse than they could have been. What is worse is when they create a costume and I find myself wondering what exactly it is supposed to be…

This is called the Dark Angel Devil Costume and it comes with  the corset dress, choker and the bat wings. There are no horns or tail, the stockings, bracelets and shoes are not included and it sells for $35 US on many sites on the web.

I’m torn about this costume mainly because I think if there were no wings and it came with red horns and a tail it really would look better at least from my perspective of looking for Succubi costumes… Mind you, black horns and tail wouldn’t be all that awful a choice either really.

But here’s my problem. How is this costume really angel like, dark or otherwise, or devilish, or really anything in particular? It seems almost bland without some accessories to spice it up or help to say what you are… and really it shouldn’t be…

Still, the accessories do allow for some ideas to ponder which really is a saving grace.

Two and a half pitchforks out of five…

I have ideas… That’s a good thing isn’t it?



Apr 01 2014

A Review of The Demon’s Price by Chew Toy

The Demon's Price by Chew Toy

The Demon’s Price by Chew Toy

This is the third and final of three book reviews of the Demon Summoning Made Easy series by the author Chew Toy. You can find the previous reviews here and here as well.

I will right off the top say that I feel that this story is the strongest of the three. There is a lot of character development, a good deal of mind control erotica and, most importantly to me, the Succubus has a name… which is something that I felt was lacking in the previous works. But she does have one… Finally…

The third work is:

The story is of:

The handy demon-summoning guide from The Demon’s Gift and The Demon’s Curse makes its way to a high school nerd who wishes he had more experience with girls. Bob happily loses his virginity to the succubus. But soon finds himself losing other things as well…

Bob finds the book and summons a Succubus who is every bit the living and breathing person that the book promised she would be. She’s seductive, powerful, and in her own way very much a dangerous being to get involved with. Bob does get involved… quite intimately… and thinks that he has covered all of the bases with the Succubus. The thing is, for Bob, Succubi know how to make deals and they always have fine print that you never considered when you agreed to the deal you are offered.

Bob is the one that names the Succubus and he gives her the name Nina which actually made me smile as one of the things that I have noticed is just how many Succubi have their last names end in ‘a’ but I digress. Nina is everything that I expect in a Succubus. She’s seductive, she has quite a lot of magnetism around her, and she knows how to play with mortals to make them do her bidding… whether they know it or not.

What I particularly enjoyed was how Nina used her powers to first seduce Bob and then ever so quietly and gently whisper thoughts and ideas. She did not use mind control as a hammer, but just nudged Bob here and there until she got what she wanted from him.

Along with the mind control aspects, which were very well done and had lovely heat in them, there also are moments when the story touches upon one of the myths around Succubi and Incubi in that they can switch genders or sometimes merge them together. It is something that isn’t seen very much in stories about Succubi and it was handled very well, was very hot, and I rather enjoyed the scene as it unfolded.

The ending of the work was a bit telegraphed through the story, but not overly so. When it did arrive, it made perfect sense with how Nina was portrayed. The only real problem I had with this work is that it ends on a bit of a cliff-hanger. How it ends, where Bob and another find themselves is for me quite delicious and speaks to my own Domme nature. But it is the open door at the end of the work that makes me wonder what comes next, but is never seen.

More than a hot flash, the characters are very well created and the situations they come into are both erotic and at the same time quite thought provoking. It is a good example of a Succubus who is not stereotypical, which I appreciated. The work is erotica at its core and thankfully the author did not see the need to add horror to it. And that, truly, made the work more enjoyable for me.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

The best of the three by far, a well crafted story with a Succubus that I felt was a good example of one. Not over the top, not stereotypical and most importantly… She has a plan and uses it to her advantage… It would have been nice to see where things went from here, but the story ends at a point where I wish that it didn’t. Perhaps Nina will reappear sometime…



Mar 31 2014

Proof by TeraS

Things are still … Not quite well.

By that I mean the time that I want to spend writing isn’t possible … at least, not at the moment … and as such I haven’t the means to continue the Succubi Anonymous story this week. I did have, quite literally, an hour to think and … well … this is what came out of that …



By TeraS


There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that beings like succubi exist. They are the stuff of imagination, dreams, and wishes, without substance or form. As such, they are nothing more than what one believes them to be.

The words were written in a thin book—barely more than a pamphlet, really—which held that there was no such thing as the Succubi. The one who wrote those words was going over them for the umpteenth time, looking for errors, spelling mistakes, faults, and so on. Even though he was desperate to catch a breeze from the circulating fan by his window while trying to ignore the sounds of Jimmy Hendrix blaring from the quad outside, he was primarily interested in the minutia of his words, so much so he didn’t focus on the words themselves.

It was to be part and parcel of his final task in order to secure his tenure. It was really all that mattered: publish this and he was secure once more. All else—relationships, dreams, desires—meant nothing over that point.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?”

He looked to see a woman standing in the doorway of his office, and recognized her as one of the professors from the Humanities department, one whom he had come to know and respect over time. She was not quite a friend, but—considering that there wasn’t anyone else he considered to be one—it was as good a term as any. He shrugged: “It’s a job. Not a bad one.”

She smiled, and he remembered all of the times that he had met her in the library, or at the cafeteria, and how she always … always, mind you … took time to talk to him, listen to him, and … she always smiled. “A job? Perhaps you need to find something better, then.”

She closed the office door and took a chair on the other side of the desk from him. He watched as she crossed her legs and placed a can of some sort of soda in front of him. She always seemed to have one of those with her; even in the coffee shop where he occasionally found her, she always had that soda. She settled into the chair and he leaned back in his own, the words he had written momentarily pushed to the side. “I’m open to suggestions.”

She laughed. A warm laugh that was joyful and unburdened. “Oh … that is quite the opening, but, rather than indulge in that, I have … a question.”

He shrugged: “Go on.”

She laced her fingers together and started in that way he recognized. She had a sharp mind: it was one of the things that he found the most interesting about her … not that she was hard on the eyes by any means, either. “Why is proof so necessary to you? What makes it so vital? What does it give you?”

He straightened in his chair, his back up now, preparing to defend himself in this battle of wits. “You come from a different world than I. In my world, I deal in cold, hard facts; I look for evidence that proves something to be either right or wrong, either real or not. There is no in-between.”

“I see in shades of colours and you see only in black and white, then?”

A nod.

“Not even in shades of grey?”

He paused for a moment, realizing that he were caught in a trap now. A vague look to the ceiling as he replied: “You got me there. There are grey zones, I’ll admit to that, but they are few, and do not represent the whole.”

She wiggled her fingers against each other and pressed on: “It took imagination for science to do so many things. It took imagination for the first explorers to see what was over the next hill. It took …”

He interrupted: “Is there a point to all of this?”

She tilted her head to the right and, as she did so, there was a moment when he thought there was a shimmer of something red in her hair, but dismissed it as a trick of the light. “Humanity, in all of its boundless intelligence, promise, and will, is nothing without the imagination to wonder.”

He paused a moment. Then replied: “I’ll give you that point. But what does it have to do with the concept of succubi?”

She reached out her right hand and took the can from where she had placed it: “How many people have been inspired by dreams?”

The answer was a grudging one: “Impossible to say.”

“What if those that are called “Succubi” are all around us? What if they visit from time to time, to give a mirror, or a means for humanity to move forward?”

He shook his head: “That’s not what the myth says.”

She traced a finger along the rim of her can: “Ah, now we are in my field of speciality. There are always—always, mind you—variations on any myth which occur because of the views and beliefs of an era or age. The truth might be buried underneath layers of alteration and changes, much like the paintings from the Middle Ages. How much of what was believed to be the original truth was in fact the truth of others that came after?”

“They are described as being evil.”

Her finger stopped and she regarded him: “How do you know? And are you suggesting that you might believe in them?”

“I’m stating a fact.”

“But you said there is no proof, therefore there are no facts for you to defend.”

“You are twisting my intent.”

“I am …” she smiled oddly, then continued, “… playing Devil’s advocate.”

“You do that a lot, I’ve noticed.”

She smiled: “Only because it is fun to poke sometimes and see what happens.”

“Are you doing that now?”

She opened her can and took a sip before replying: “That would be telling.”

He couldn’t help but smile at those words. She had used them many times in their discussions. They talked, she asked questions that sometimes took him in directions unexpected, and he found himself intrigued enough to investigate further.

“What can you tell me, then?”

She placed the can down, her focus on him: “I can tell you that they exist. I can tell you that they are more than the myths describe. I can tell you that they have hope for humanity. I can tell you that they are nearer than you could believe.”

“Do you have more than words?”

“That depends.”


“On belief. On allowing oneself to try to imagine what could be and accept it when it appears unexpectedly.”

He looked at his words, the ones he was intending to commit to the ages, and sighed: “I can’t believe in myths. Proof: where is it?”

She stood up and smiled … again. “All you need do is ask. The rest will be.”

He watched her for a time—she just standing there—and then answered: “Well, we’ll see, won’t we?”

She seemed to be bemused as she turned away from him. He looked towards the window of his office, life outside going on its way as it would … with or without them. He looked toward her again at the sound of the door opening and saw, quite clearly, that there was a small pair of red horns in her raven hair and a long, red, heart-tipped tail moving slowly in the air behind her. In his mind he thought of all kinds of explanations for what he saw, but did not, not even once, consider that what he saw might be real.

She nodded, just once, her lips in that smile she always had for him: “It has been in front of you all this time. Maybe, someday, you will see it for what it is … See you around.”

Then she passed through the door, closing it behind her, leaving him, once more, alone. He looked again to his words and saw written, in a feminine hand, in red, above the title …

… “Find your dreams and you will find us.

He put his manuscript away into a drawer of his desk and thought about what she had said and what he had seen. His eyes drifted to the can of soda she had left on his desk. A thought came: the faculty dance was tomorrow. He had never gone … She always went.

Perhaps, possibly, he might do so. Just to find proof, of course.

Mar 30 2014

A Review of Session Six: In Plain Sight by John Dylena

Session Six: In Plain Sight by John Dylena

Session Six: In Plain Sight by John Dylena

Today I am continuing my review of the series The Succubus’ Sub, by John Dylena. You can find the review of the first book in the series here on the Tale. The second book was reviewed here on the Tale as well and the third can be found here. The fourth work’s review can be found here. Finally, the fifth book’s review can be found here as well on the Tale.

This review will be of the sixth book which is also the beginning of the second part of this series.

With the beginning of the next part of this series comes a lot of questions to ponder. Where is Myserra taking Brett? What will he face? And what about Heather? In this work, the questions aren’t all answered but those that are touched upon are… interesting…

The story tells of:

Monday mornings are never fun to wake up to. Especially after an extended weekend full of self-discovery like the one Brett just had.

However, this Monday is going to be different from all the rest when Brett walks into work looking and sounding different. Brett’s boss Heather has trouble keeping her hands off of the new girl, a woman named Brooke wearing a strangely similar collar as Brett.

Brett’s time as a woman is only just beginning, and as day becomes night, Brett finds himself once again bound head to toe in latex. A rubber doll for Myserra to play with.

The next step in Brett’s relationship with Myserra arrives as she gives Brett a gift to see how the other half lives… but there are complications and Heather is one of those by far. Brett, now Brooke, discovers just how different things are in his world and what that means for him, his Mistress and Heather as well.

I didn’t expect two things which happened in this story. One, and possibly the most important in the series so far, was how Heather was dealt with. The reasons that Myserra gives for her decisions do make sense and I can see why she did what she did. I’m not quite sure that Brett is going to deal with it well for one thing and the other is if Brett can manage to keep one specific secret away from Heather going forward. Somehow I think that will come into play in the future in an important way. Brett’s reaction to his Mistress I thought was exactly right when she told him the decision about Heather. I can see him doing what he did and as well I thought that how Myserra reacts to his outburst, for me at least, was the right thing at the right time.

The other thing that I didn’t quite expect was just how… forceful… Heather was towards Brett, now Brooke. I’m not expecting her to be meek, as she is under Myserra’s influence, but I didn’t expect her to so openly try to influence Brett again after Heather had suffered through Myserra’s punishment for what she did before. Myserra explains that reason, to an extent, but I would like to know just why Heather seems to have this need to sink her fingers into Brett so much. It feels like there are plans within plans at a few points in the work and, again, I wonder where that will lead to.

Brett’s transformation into Brooke was well done and I thought that Myserra’s reactions to Brooke were rather cute in their own way. The one thing that I think would be interesting to see would be Brett… not thinking of himself as Brett… but as Brooke. As Brooke he thinks of himself as “he” in the story and it seems to me that at some point that needs to be “she” instead. I just think that would be an interesting path to go down considering the taunting from Heather and the teasing from Myserra that happens during this time.

I also think it was good that Myserra has limits to her powers and in having them makes a logical decision on how Brett can spend time as Brooke. Again, it feels like there is something coming with those decisions as well, and I wonder where that will lead to. The limits and protections she puts over Brett I think work really well and also show that she is more than she appears to be. It also was a good thing to see an explanation of why Myserra has limits in this universe and how those limits are defined.

Over the course of the work, Brett, as Brooke, tries to deal with all of the changes she is experiencing, Heather taunting and teasing him, and as well the way Myserra has tried to protect her. There are some very funny moments when Brooke asks some questions, and I did laugh at them… There is a reward for Brett, eventually, and the moments at the end of the story when that reward comes do fit well with how the rest of the series has dealt with his relationship with Myserra. I wonder if Brooke will find herself going to her office in latex sometime…

There are one or two very minor editing problems in the work, mostly a missing word here and there, but it really isn’t anything to draw you from the work as a whole. Overall a well written story with good focus on character and plot with some lovely erotic moments in it. Brooke/Brett has something to look forwards to.

Four out of five pitchforks.

The turning of Brett’s reality is an interesting path to start upon and it will be something to watch…