Oct 13 2014

Traits by TeraS

Her Majesty knows that Storm Clouds and two other stories are … paused … at the moment. But what follows is where her muse took her this week. Being who she is, she wants to apologize. We, on the other hand, get a special treat, and know we will get something more, because that is just one of … well, read on.

–the poet laureate of the Realm



By TeraS


They were sitting at a small table—just large enough for three, at one particular place in the Realm—watching the world—or, rather, the citizens of the Realm—pass by. Neither of them were one of the succubi or incubi, however. They were a pair of scholars that had come to the Realm asking that they might have the opportunity to visit and observe.

They had seen the Portal: the Library, of course. A long visit to the shores of the Lake of Fire seemed to pass in moments, but was, in fact, days which they had barely noticed go by. There was also a tour of the Hall of Sate—but of course—to see the throne there, and to wonder why, so they were told, it was barely used. A reflective walk throughout the range of the AngelKitty Mountains was followed by a quiet, measured pace as they walked past Remembrance Park. A perking of their ears as they passed through the Halls of Learning, a quizzical look at the Place of Becoming.

The last place they saw, long after all of the rest of the Realm, was Tera’s own home, the Royal Palace. They had assumed that royalty, being royalty, would not bother with them; they were, quite obviously, only scholars, no one important really, and they expected to just pass by, having a look from the outside, to wonder about the home, and those that lived within, and so on.

Things did not quite turn out that way.

A warm voice greeted each of them by name, pronouncing their names in their own language, flawlessly. This, of course, caught their attention, and they found themselves in the presence of the Queen herself, Tera.

They had been told, many times, by many beings, that she wasn’t what they would expect her to be. They had expected the typical aloofness of royalty: the slightly bored expression, a meagre hand wave of dismissal, and nothing else. They never could quite explain what drew their attention next. It might have been the dazzling smile, one that seemed like she was seeing dear friends again. Or perhaps it was her oh-so green eyes. It might have been that she hadn’t put on “royal airs.” It could have been the long red jacket, with her bandeau top. Or just perhaps it was the swisch of her long, red tail waving at them.

Then again, it also could have been the small basket she carried with her, which had the aroma of freshly baked cookies.

Whatever the thing was that made them pause, in the next moment Tera had walked up to them both, embraced them, and then offered the basket to them, as a gift, asking if they would care to spend some time with her.

It wasn’t an order, or a request. It was … concern. They hadn’t been looking after themselves, not at all, since they had arrived, and it appeared that Tera was worried about them. This wouldn’t have been a surprise to citizens of the Realm, but it was to them, because in all of the places they had traveled, those that held power always seemed to only tolerate them, wanting them to leave as soon as they could.

Tera … just didn’t seem to have that attitude.

Having no real reason to say “no,” and seeing this as an opportunity to see the Queen of the Succubi, as well, they didn’t hesitate long. It wouldn’t have been proper. And so, moments later, they found themselves sitting on a heart shaped patio in front of Tera’s home. Tera had offered them both places to sit and then, again, shockingly—as it simply wasn’t done elsewhere—she had gone inside, come back out with refreshments, and served—again, something completely unexpected. What has more so was that, when Tera had poured the tea and unwrapped the cookies, she took a spot not on the other side of the table from them, but directly between them both.

The next moments were, they had to admit, awkward. They all partook of the offered repast, and then Tera smiled, placed her tea cup on the table, and asked, quite simply: “What would you like to know?” The visitors were dumbfounded.

Still, they recovered themselves, and what followed was possibly the most engaging, interesting, and challenging conversation they would ever have. Questions they expected could not be answered were, thoughts were posed that they had never thought of. It was clear, after several hours and several kettles of tea, that the Queen of the Succubi was more than she appeared to be. It was meant as a compliment, and taken as such by her, when they called her a theologian at one point. She demurred at the compliment, shrugging it off by insisting she was just being who she was and nothing more.

This, again, was something they did not expect.

When the sun started to go down and the light began to fade, they made to go, but Tera would not hear of them wandering off in the middle of the night and bid them both to stay. Her Eternal would be home soon, and they would be honoured to have them as guests for dinner. They told her that the honour was their’s, but, again, she waved that off, saying that her manners would never do well with that. To share in a meal was not doing honour, it was something more than that. They couldn’t find the fault in that, and at this point they were starting to see that their own views needed some adjusting.

Keith, Tera’s Eternal, came home soon after. They expected a gruff, protective, overbearing King. A mirror image of the Queen, for there had to be a balance. Again, they did not expect that he was as forthright, pleasant, and accommodating as Tera was. Being that the two were the rulers of the Realm, again, the scholars expected they would not show anything but the proper image of a Queen and King. What they saw was a couple in love, that had been for ages, too many to count, and it was quite obvious that their love had not faded, not changed, but was strong, vibrant, and that, more than anything, it made them who they were.

The evening passed with conversation, a meal prepared by their hosts, and more discussion on topics and subjects that showed that they were much more than just the faces of the Realm, they were its soul, as well. The night came fully, the scholars finding themselves in the kitchen with their hosts, laughing and talking over some cheesecake and apple pie. They found it quaint when Tera would poke her fork into some of the cheesecake and then thrust it at her Eternal to make her point. His response was to touch her hand lightly, pop the offered, so he said, “delicacy” into his mouth, and then chew on it, which always brought a bemused smile to Tera.

It became quite late, and they expressed they should leave, but again, their hosts would not hear of this, and the visitors found themselves in a guest room off in one of the wings of the palace. They looked on the walls of the room and saw several pictures of their hosts with all kinds of beings, all of them smiling, waving at the camera, sometimes the guests putting horns with their fingers on the sides of their heads, sometimes holding bunny ears with their fingers over the heads of their hosts.

The night passed peacefully for them both—again something they did not expect, being that, as the stories told, succubi and incubi could visit in one’s dreams. It was quite clear the following morning when they awoke that they needed to have a long discussion over something very central to their understanding of this place. Long before their hosts awoke, the two scholars were back at the patio table, looking at the Realm passing by and talking about what they had experienced. But it wasn’t the Realm, with its many sights and sounds, they discussed.

The question was just what the traits of Tera, the Queen of the Succubi, were.

They had each written down a series of words to try and describe her on a sheet of paper. That took quite some time, but the real problem was trying to focus the traits into a short series of words—six of them, to be precise.

What were the traits of the Queen of the Succubi?

The most obvious one was that she was sensual. She did not flaunt her sexuality, press it upon others, drive them to their knees to see that she was. Being sensual to her was like breathing; it simply was part of her. It was not all she was; it never would be. It did not, could not, be the label that one could use to define her completely.

Poised, as well, was just as plain to see. She was composed and self-assured, but she did not lord that over others. She offered that poise, that ability within her, to others, and, in doing so, brought her poise into sharper relief. She was elegant even when she was at her most casual. Poise was not, for her, what she wore, or was seen to be, but was, again, part of her.

To call her gracious would be an understatement. Courteous, kind to a fault perhaps, with impeccable manners, but not because she had to be; because it was who she was. Her thoughts were always of the other, not of herself, and giving was, in itself, one of her most cherished joys. Again it could not define her fully, but only a sliver of her.

She was always loving. There was a place for anyone and everyone in her life. When she smiled and offered her love, it was unconditionally so. There were no strings attached or price to pay. She loved fully and completely without asking for anything in return. A promise of love from her was for always. This told much of her, but, again, not all of the story.

Caring went hand-in-hand with all that she was. One felt like the only one in the universe when she looked at, spoke with, or was simply with one. She offered hope, promise, the belief not in herself, but in whoever she was with. Kindness and concern were in her eyes always. She was, they found when they thought about this point, a caring and invaluable friend. This was also a large part of her, but not the single thing that could say it all.

Self-Effacing to a fault: her demeanour was gracious, polite, retiring and, most amazing of all, modest. She did not look for attention for herself,  but was more happy to give that attention to others, to be off to the side, a smile on her lips and the knowledge that she had done well by them. Possibly her greatest asset—or her largest fault, according to her own admission—but then that was not a surprise. It told much about her, but the story was still not complete.

They both looked at the list for quite some time before they heard her voice. They looked up, and Tera greeted them both once more. Ever the hostess, she had some fresh muffins and coffee for them both and asked how their night was. The conversation went on for some time and then, just before she went back inside of the palace to finish up breakfast for them, the two looked to Tera to solve their dilemma.

“Ma’am, we have a question …”

“Please, Tera, if you would …”

Tera paused and turned around to look at them both, a playful smile on her lips: “How can I help you?”

The two looked at each other, then one asked: “How would you describe your traits?”

Tera didn’t hesitate: “All I am, ever will be, is succubi.”

She winked, and then the pair were left alone with their now-single list, and they examined it once more. The list was folded up and a single word was written on the top of the folded paper which held the six traits, a single word which they thought explained Tera well, on top of the dozens and dozens more they had thought of. A single word was written on the paper, to seal the list within the folded page:


Oct 12 2014

A Review of Demon Sluts From Hell by Lauren Stone

Demon Sluts From Hell by Lauren Stone

Demon Sluts From Hell by Lauren Stone

Generally speaking Succubi do not possess others. Now, that’s not a rule mind you, but overall most Succubi seem to be quite happy with having their own forms and then mimic others to get what they want.

The idea of a Succubus, or for that matter, many Succubi possessing bodies is in itself an interesting idea… But the real question is how to approach that and make it interesting…

I’m not sire that possessing a group of stripper friends is the best way of going about things but…

  • Title: Demon Sluts From Hell
  • Author: Lauren Stone
  • Publishing Date: January 8, 2012
  • Length: 14 Pages
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work is the story of:

Tammy just wants to dance on stage, but her lack of confidence is holding her back. She works as a shot girl at a strip club and is the only witness when six horny demons invade the bodies of her friends. These demons get their power from sex and sex comes easy when you’re a beautiful stripper. Tammy will need to overcome her confidence issues in order to save the day and ultimately find herself on stage, where she knows she belongs!

Tammy serves drinks at a nightclub, but she wants to dance on stage. One, because she believes that her dance and ballerina training will help her, but mainly because she needs to make a lot more money to pay her school bills. In other words, Tammy is the stripper to be with the heart of gold that needs a break to get herself into a better place than she is at the moment.

There’s more not to like about this work than there is to like about it. The main thing being that the author needs to spell check and grammar check their writing, Most of all they need an editor to help take this work from… well, B-grade porn film wanna-be to something better than that.

Honestly I don’t think it would take all that much to manage it. There are a lot of things in the work that I did like. The idea of hell being offshore of New York was cute, the friends of Tammy were interesting, up until the point of them being possessed. I could even like the “bad guy” of the work as well… to a point.

But it’s really difficult to read a work of erotica that seems like it was written as fast as possible and then shoved into the world without much thought being given to making the story interesting, the sex scenes hotter, and the characters people that you wanted to keep reading about.

The descriptions of what is going on seem… clinical, for lack of a better description. I like some heat with my erotica, but that heat coming from the characters saying do me baby oh yeah no, sorry but no, there are better ways to build heat than that.

There is a story in this, one that I really wanted to like, but from the first page I just found myself less and less interested in the entire thing and that’s a shame. The idea is great, the execution leaves something to be desired and that… that shouldn’t be.

I mean, we are talking about Succubi here. Speaking of the Succubi themselves, they were more interested in groping each other and making almost bimbo-like conversation that I just didn’t like them at all. They were stereotypical in a lot of ways and that just turned me off further still.

One final note. This work is no longer published on Smashwords where I originally found it, but it is on Amazon currently. I can only hope that the author fixed the errors in the story first before they published on Amazon.

I’ll give this work one pitchfork out of five.

The writing didn’t flow well, the author needs an editor desperately, and there should be more “show” and a lot less “tell” then appears here. This author did write another work, this time with an Incubus in it that I’ll review next week for the sake of completeness, but… we’ll see.



Oct 11 2014

A rather funny Succubus YouTube… Bring a Kleenex…

I found a YouTube, a trailer really, of something that someone was putting together as a project. Now it does not seem to have an actual Succubus in the video, although the one that appears is described in the video as being an actress who has been hired to work as a Succubus in a haunted hayride… But honestly she makes a lovely Succubus by far…

In case you cannot see the video here on the Tale, try this link:


Here’s a still of the Succubus herself… And I really like her very much… Even if she doesn’t seem to have a tail…

sneezing succubus

sneezing succubus 2

I really like her a lot, Succubus or not. She’s gorgeous, she looks right, those boots, skirt and top are wonderfully Succubus-like by far. I even like her horns and tail. Everything just fits and looks exactly like it should.

I really just wish she had a tail, that’s the only thing that would make her perfect I think…

The creator of this video indicated that this was a teaser for a longer work called Demon Cold they are creating… I will be following them as I am immensely curious about the entire concept and where the story goes…


Oct 10 2014

A Review of Two Boys and the Cocktail Succubus by B. Addler

Two Boys and the Cocktail Succubus by B. Addler

Two Boys and the Cocktail Succubus by B. Addler

Succubi are supposed to be, in a way, the gateway towards sexual knowledge. By that I mean that they can look into the desires of others and in doing so… they know. They see what someone desires and what they need most of all, whatever that may well be.

Sometimes that means one thing, sometimes another. Sometimes they are the one to be focused upon, sometimes they are the gateway to someone finding the right person for themselves… or themselves.

  • Title: Two Boys and the Cocktail Succubus
  • Author: B. Addler
  • Length: 23 Pages
  • Publishing Date: May 11, 2013
  • This work at Amazon.com


The work tells of:

Tam is a virgin. When he meets a girl in town, things get strange. She’s mean, angry, and definitely a fag hag succubus with a tail that strikingly resembles a cock. There’s a whole lot of gay sex, a portal to Hell, and a whole lot of fun.

Tam meets a girl who turns out to be a Succubus named Jutah and she draws him into her world and her powers. Through her influence, he finds that what he thought he wanted isn’t exactly what he thought and in the end discovers that one truth exists not just on the Earth, but elsewhere too.

Jutah is a bit odd as far as Succubi are… The title of the story should give one clue to why that is. She has a personality that shifts from playful to dominant to controlling to aloof in a moment. It’s somewhat difficult to tell at times what she is thinking or wanting from Tam or for that matter from Bryon, the other boy that appears in the work after Tam and Jutah return to her home.

There are quite a few erotic scenes in the story which touch on just about every kind of sexual encounter that could happen between the three characters. Some of them being forced upon Tam and Bryon, some of them not. But what comes from all of them is that over time Tam and Bryon find themselves and in doing so they discover that what they desire, who they desire and who they are is important.

Long before the climax of the story, the answer is obvious and when the end of the story arrives it makes a good deal of sense in the story, closes the tale nicely, and is a satisfying conclusion to the work.

The writing is somewhat simple at times, though most of that is the characters themselves, what their understanding of themselves is, and what the moment they are experiencing is. Some of the scenes did trouble me, mostly for the pain the characters suffer through at times. I do not care for such things in stories, but it is very prevalent here. It is however how Jutah is, being part of her and what she enjoys.

While this is a complete story, I did have some questions at the end of the work that were not answered. It is entirely possible to continue this story with Jutah or the boys and see where that takes the characters and I think that would be interesting in itself.

However, I wouldn’t like to see all of the suffering continue…

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

The story was fine, the characters were good, but the suffering just made the work hard for me to read…



Oct 09 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 352

There really aren’t a lot of Succubi that appear in games that I really do like. Sometimes it is how they are presented, or how they look, or, for the most part how stereotypical they happen to be. Now this week’s image might be from a game, could be from a game, but I really don’t have a clue…

Ragnabeak Succubus by あんべよしろう

Ragnabeak Succubus by あんべよしろう

This image is, apparently, from a game called Ragnabeak and it is of a Succubus in that game. You can find the original page where I found this work on Pixiv here.

I rather like her quite a lot… Her wings are different and really do look lovely on her, she has a playful tail, always a good thing, and overall she has that touch of sexy-cute that I adore for Succubi to have…

As I have said, I know nothing about this game, but if someone has some statistics on her or other information, I would be interested to know them!



Oct 08 2014

It’s really not all that much is it?

Red Hot Devil Lingerie CostumeFor this week’s costume I decided on something that is quite a lot less. It’s less of a costume, it’s less than lingerie, and most of all… it just looks… less in a lot of ways. Of course this is something for the bedroom, not a “normal” Halloween party. Still I think I can do better than this…

This is called the Red Hot Devil Lingerie Costume and it comes with a red sequin and lycra jagged edge cami top with matching sequin g-string and horns. And that’s all there is.

It sell on some sites I have found it on for about $25 US more or less.

Obviously those that know me will know the first thing I do not like are the horns, then the jagged top, and of course the lack of a tail isn’t helping this at all.

I will say that the model is really selling this. At least her body shape is, that expression on her really doesn’t seem to say “I like this” so much as “I meh this.”

Honestly I have lingerie that is far and above sexier and more seductive than this is by far. You don’t need to scream “I’m hot” when you can whisper all of the things you’d like to do…

As my Eternal will attest to this coming Halloween I promise…

Two out of five pitchforks.

I can do better, and I will.



Oct 07 2014

A Review of A Spot of Bother: Four Macabre Tales by Chris Woodyard

A Spot of Bother: Four Macabre Tales by Chris Woodyard

A Spot of Bother: Four Macabre Tales by Chris Woodyard

The world of the Victorian age I find interesting in many respects. Possibly the one time, at least for Succubi, where things were… difficult for them. In that thought can be created some interesting themes and concepts of Succubi. Some of those are, of course, the usual… But sometimes they are the unusual and then the work is very special by far.

What if the age, its restrictions on those that live within it, brings a need for the Succubi that makes them angels of mercy within the tales of untruths of the age?

It’s a concept that I think has possibilities…

  • Title: A Spot of Bother: Four Macabre Tales
  • Author: Chris Woodyard
  • Publishing Date: December 14, 2011
  • Length: 84 Pages
  • ASIN: B006MIJPH8
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work is about:

For fans of P.G. Wodehouse, Saki, and Downton Abbey, four neo-Edwardian tales to chill and amuse.

Property of a Lady: A mild-mannered collector of smut buys a piece of rare erotica, only to find his morning tea brought in by a succubus determined to reclaim her property.

Stitches: A ghostly seamstress returns to instruct a Victorian dressmaker’s drudge in the finer points of needlework–at a fearful cost.

Crape: When young Margaret defies her imperious Aunt’s last wishes for protracted mourning, she falls victim to a fashionably dark punishment.

A Spot of Bother: When a shocking death occurs in the library of a stately home, redoubtable housekeeper Mrs. Daffodil is there to tidy away the family skeletons. Whether procuring a girl and her dog for the young master, blackmailing a larcenous butler, or arranging a murder or two, Mrs. Daffodil always does her duty.

There is one story in this work, Property of a Lady, which has a Succubus them in it and that is what I will be focusing on here.

Mr. Simms attends an auction of some trinkets. One catches his eye, a ring but for only a moment. At least until a woman arrives and begins to bid on the ring. He finds himself also bidding for it and wins it for himself. And then over time the true power of the ring is revealed and with it a secret about legends as well that changes two lives… forever…

The story is, quite simply, brilliant. Mr. Simms is a complex personality with wants and needs surrounded by a time, place, and relationships that all scheme against his happiness. When he comes into possession of the ring he does not simply change from who he is. That in itself is important for the story as a whole and in truth it makes the connection between himself and the Succubus of the story all the more touching and loving when it arrives.

Miss Maltravers is the Succubus of the story and she is not, in the slightest, stereotypical in nature. She has no horns, tail, or wings, but none of that is as important as what she represents in this time as a representative of her kind. She is one of the Succubi, but in that expression of who she is comes truths that really are striking. She speaks of their kind coming to the need of those that look for, as she puts it, relief. To comfort them for that is their calling. It is tragic when she describes centuries of being called to the owner of the ring and then, after a moments passion, being rejected. To slowly fade into nothingness until the circle begins again.

Mr. Simms changes that completely. The path to the moment, that change in their lives which makes their own existence so much more is heartfelt, powerful and passes over themes that resonate in my own thoughts very strongly. The world around them, specifically Mr. Simms’ family, remain as they were which is a sad thing really, but the couple are stronger and better together.

The story arc is wonderful, passing through moments that feel right in all ways I can think of. When the close of the story comes it is perfect for them in what it represents and gives in both hope and the truths of the time. Perhaps one cannot change the world, but one can be true to one’s self and the one that they love.

That story is one that is true in any age.

After the brilliance of the first story in the collection the following two are not quite as good or enthralling to me. That’s not to say that they are not good works, for they are. It is just that the themes do not interest me as much and the first work remained in my thoughts over top of the rest of the collection. If the first work was thoughtful and unique, which it was, the balance was not quite so much so…

The Succubus story I give four out of five pitchforks and the collection as a whole hree and a half out of five pitchforks…

Really quite brilliant prose, the settings, the dialogue both set the right tone and felt right for the time the stories are set. The first piece is, for me at least, the most thought provoking and really well enjoyed by far. The balance of the collection is as good, but not quite as riveting for my tastes at least…

That first work I will remember for a very long time…