Aug 04 2014

Flight of the Just Bee by James

A story this week by my heart, one that tells a story that I do need to remember and hold more than I do by far… Sometimes you just have to be.


Flight of the Just Bee
By James


Lil was the Queen of the Succubi’s favorite knitter. Come to think of it, Lil made just about every sweater, scarf, and tail cozy worn in the Succubi Realm, unless it has been brought from some other world, and she had as long as anybody could remember. Best of all, just about everybody left a fitting with Lil feeling a special spring in their step—except after certain tail cozy fittings, where folks just needed to go lie down and quietly pleasure themselves until dinner. This was a succubi who seemed to have a deep and abiding appreciation of and knowledge for the succubi and incubi forms.

The Queen’s favorite knitter had a special fondness for Her Majesty’s Eternal, because he was clearly so devoted to Tera and never wanted to play silly power games with her. That made him an ideal incubi in Lil’s book and an excellent role model for all males everywhere. But she had a special connection with the Queen Herself, as the only living succubi—or succubus of any kind, or living being of any kind, for that matter—with whom Lil had ever shared her complete nature, and with whom she shared a unique set of experiences. Best of all, for the knitter, any time she wanted some time with the Queen, Tera felt and responded to a deep need to see her.

Until a few days ago, that is.

Lil had been thinking about Her Majesty, her own red tail undulating all morning at the thought of a visit. She had the most wonderful red yarn with bits of green threads running through it whose shine matched Tera’s soooo green eyes. She was quite ready to show this to the young Queen, and show her other things. She was occasionally biting her lower lip and running a hand through her silver-streaked black hair in a kind of anticipation she hadn’t felt in untold years, one which continued growing as the day went on.

Tera had been especially busy doing what Tera always does—looking out for friends, advising her daughters, supporting her Eternal, planning for the long-term needs of her Realm—only adding ever so much more so every day for the last few months. The . . . desire to . . . visit with Lil grew steadily as the Queen gave of herself with more and more people, running from hither to yon. Of late she had not even allowed herself much time for meals or even the briefest snuggles with her Eternal, who had set a similar pace for himself for several weeks. There were others who needed both of them, and things that needed doing, and there was simply no question, on this particular day, of indulging herself in even the most delightful fitting.

As lunch hour approached, Lil grew impatient, and dusted off her rarely-used computer to send a message to the Royal Succub-I-phone. When she received a reply that simply said “Sorry,” her . . . expectancy nearly slipped into ire.

“Getting angry won’t help, you know.” Lilith turned to see an apparition, a succubi apparition with blonde hair and a plain dress which she managed to make look positively regal.

“She is your daughter! I thought you taught her better manners than this!”

“Now, now . . . you appreciate her behavior well enough the rest of the time, and it is terribly difficult to fault her for being too conscientious.”

“I suppose so,” she shook her dark hair with its very pale streaks. “But this isn’t at all good for her; even a succubi cannot keep up such a pace.”

“I am most aware,” the noble vision replied. “And yet, you of all succubi should know how difficult it is to give advice to daughters.”

“Then maybe I should take the lead,” the timeless succubi smiled. “And I think . . . why, yes! . . . something your great-great-great-grandmother taught me once, to get a similar idea through my own head—she was a rather cheeky one!—should do just the trick.”

Later that afternoon, Tera, rushing from judging the sand castle competition on the Lake of Fire beach (three angelkitties won that with something they’d be able to live in until Remembrance Day) to guest lecturing at the “Seduction 101” class to a meeting with the Library acquisitions committee, found herself in a field of lilies, which were truly in full bloom at this time of year, and filled with busy honeybees doing what bees do. She had decided she wouldn’t be able to go see Lil; how did she get so close to her cottage? Spinning around on the ball of her foot, she was still too slow to avoid the ancient knitter. “Lil, I am so, so sorry, but . . .”

“. . . oh, I know, dearie . . . ummm, Your Majesty: you have a very busy day.” With a remarkably swift and smooth maneuver, she slipped her arm around the Queen’s. Then, suddenly, she changed, standing straighter, becoming taller, seeming younger, her breasts full and perky and her hair as much blacker than Tera’s as her tail and horns were redder. As the succubis’ mouths met in a deep kiss, Tera’s green eyes were swamped by the dark ones before her.

The Queen broke the kiss, unsure whether to strip naked or curtsey: “Lilith! I am so sorry I hesitated in answering your summons.”

“It is quite all right, my child.” The First stroked Tera’s cheek possessively while scratching tenderly behind her horns: “Still, love, you really need to slow down a bit. There are no promotions to get after queen, you know, and no special prizes for outworking all who came before you.”

“But there is so very much to be done . . .”

“And an entire industrious, gifted, eager race of succubi and incubi to do it. You, sweet morsel, have a more important role than doing sometimes.”

“But people expect me to . . .”

Lilith put a finger to the younger one’s lips, and Tera couldn’t help but suck it for a moment. “Look at these flowers around you. One of . . . well, a relation of mine somehow, born quite a bit after me, said we should pay attention to the lilies. They never do anything, and yet they get all that they need and contribute to the world. You should give that some thought.”

“I have even less time for pondering than I do for sex, Lilith, and . . .” The Succubi Queen was distracted by the buzzing of the bees, until suddenly, she felt a sting on her bum.

“Oh me, oh my,” Lilith seem to flick something off Tera’s derriere, copping a small feel along the way (it was a delicious derriere, after all). “Oh, my sweet, I am afraid that is a Just Bee.”

“A Just Bee?” Tera had never heard of such a thing, but Lilith had been around considerably longer.

“Yes, pet. They are mostly harmless, but, for a short time, your legs will go weak . . .”

Tera felt her legs going weak, and Lilith helped her sit.

“. . . and you won’t be able to speak beyond the occasional ‘mmmm-hmmm’ or ‘uh-uh,’ and maybe . . . just maybe, some nodding . . .”

The Queen’s voice fell silent, and she nodded at the First.

“. . . and this is likely to last until sunset, so just enjoy, baby.”

It was Lil who turned and shuffled toward her cottage as Tera watched, with a vague memory of someone else—Was it the First? No, that was impossible—as the knitter went away.

Tera fumed for a while, then began to notice the colors of the lilies playing in the sunlight as their blooms bobbed and weaved among the and marvelled at the creative ideas bouncing around her head. The acquisitions committee found her there in the meadow full of flowers sat down around her, and began their business. All the Head Librarian really had to do was offer an encouraging nod from time to time; her staff really knew their jobs spectacularly well, and the meeting was done within 45 minutes.

About half an hour later, Keith came by, wondering at the rumors that his Eternal was sitting in a field of lilies. The bees were still buzzing, and she couldn’t warn him away, though Lil was sidled up next to him in a shot, and surely she would . . . no, in a moment he was stung, and then sitting next to his bride.

After some more panic and fuming, the two of them settled in to notice the wondrous rhythm of life in the Realm. While they sat, there were smiles from passersby, who were inspired by their rulers sitting quietly and enjoying one another’s company and the beauty of the day. With simple nodding and approving sounds—and one wrinkly nose from Tera—they helped Vvrayven choose new wallpaper and paint for most of her house, and advised FreezeFrame on how to deal with a recalcitrant assignment in the human realm. They even assisted Irving and Miriam in resolving their argument about best possible sexual positions to try during trans-dimensional bampfing. They even managed to hold each other’s hands, spending long quiet times bathed in the glory of the world around them and the companionship they valued most in life.

As the sun began to set over the Lake of Fire in the distance, Lil returned. “Are you able to stand and move, dears?”

It had been some time since they had even considered it, but, almost instantly, they realized that they were, standing, stretching, falling into a warm embrace that got warmer by the second. They profusely thanked Lil for looking out for them. “You are always there when we need you, and we’re grateful,” Keith gushed. “And, you know what,” he beamed at his beloved for a moment, “it was really nice to just be quiet. Both of us, I think, really need to do that more.”

The old succubi smiled and wished them a good night. The warmth of the embrace they had just shared inspired them to go home and do other things they needed to do more often. Hours later, as Keith wandered to the kitchen to find a couple sandwiches—they had been in the flowers during lunch, and enjoying each other during dinner—Tera slipped into her bathroom to freshen up just a touch.

There was Lilith, just as naked as her hostess, and able to see every inch of Tera’s sudden blushing. Just the presence of the First in all her sexuality made Her Majesty’s pulse quicken while her nipples became diamond hard. Lilith smiled at this effect as she placed a golden pin on the vanity.

“What is that?”

“Oh, I have a little confession. That was what stung both of you,” the First purred while stroking the younger one’s hair. “The ‘Just Bee’ is entirely a fiction, based on a lesson taught to me by one of your bolder and tastier ancestors, and powered entirely by my abilities for suggestion.” She smiled to herself: “It’s nice to see I’ve still got it.”

Tera was perturbed with the subterfuge, but still couldn’t help but stroke Lilith’s arm while she responded: “You were trying to teach me a lesson.”

“Yes, my delicious friend. So much of what makes both of you important to all of us here is that you are. You accomplish mountains of good by being, and you could destroy yourselves by doing too much.”

“I have a friend who has tried to tell me that. I promise, we will try to let go and just be more.”

“Good,” she said as they pulled together for a nova of a kiss. Then Lilith turned her Queen around and sent her back to the bedroom, stroking her tail and tweaking the scalloped end. “And the next time I want you, be sure to come . . . and cum . . . right away.”


Aug 03 2014

A Review of Burning Up by Candra Aubrey

Burning Up by Candra Aubrey

Burning Up by Candra Aubrey

There is something that isn’t quite right about the way a lot of self published works appear. There are writing flaws, lack of editing and other things that are simply a matter of the author not quite doing all they should do when they create. But the one thing that I cannot stand is when a book is, for example, billed as being 15 pages in length but 8 pages of that is for copyright, book summary, self-promotion and so on. If makes it hard to actually enjoy the writing when you have to page past so many almost blank pages to get to what you are looking for… story.

  • Title: Burning Up
  • Author: Candra Aubrey
  • Publishing Date: September 11, 2012
  • Length: 15 Pages (3,694 Words)
  • ISBN: 9781623271985
  • This work at Smashwords

The summary tells of:

Desiree Nyman has always liked virgins. As a thousand-plus-year-old succubus, she’s had the time to refine her palate and enjoy the sweet taste of the innocent. She also has a soft spot for those who were bullied and a bit of a vindictive streak for those who did the bullying. After having her way with nineteen-year-old Fisher Whyte, Desiree heads for New York City for a bit of payback on his behalf. There she finds what she’ looking for as she drains the energy from two aggressive men, Ilias and Boone, who tormented Fisher when he was younger. She uses her power to pull the two of them together and seduces them into pleasing her and each other, before moving on. In one night, she is able to feed enough to satisfy her for awhile and also manages to even the score for the sweet, naive Fisher.

The thing about this summary is that… it’s missing a lot to be honest. You do know of course where the story is going overall from it, and that’s the point. But what’s missing from it is so much more.

The author speaks of where Desiree came from, but more interestingly, some of her past, which to me was more interesting than the rest of the story to be honest. How she was changed by Fae into what she is now, the Incubus she met, many little interesting points about her that aren’t developed. Especially with regards to nature and civilization, and most of all, her ability to shift herself and others through space.

All of that, to me, really are things I want to know about. But we don’t. The teases we see are there for a moment and then lost to the menage a trois which is the climax of the work. What makes that sadder is that the story is rushed to that point with little regard to actually using the character reveals we see.

Why can she only be in civilization a short time? What did she do that she was cursed to be a Succubus? How is it that she isn’t Fae and isn’t human? What does that mean?

There are other questions left unanswered and that brings me back to the comment I made at the start. The entire work is less than 4,000 words. The page count is 15 pages, but really there are only 7 actual pages of story.

Could the author not have fleshed out the story some more? Make it less a story of sex and in doing so make it a better story? I know that some people like hot flashes that have no story to them, but I personally don’t. I need some meat in my story and this one lacks somewhat for that.

Setting that aside, I liked Desiree, I liked her a lot and I wanted to know more about her. She isn’t just there for sex, that’s clear in  her thoughts and actions. But rather than see more of that, to understand her wants and needs… It’s skimmed over for the sex.

The writing is quite good, and has some lovely moments of inspiration in it. It just really neeed more of that in having a longer story. It wouldn’t be that hard to make this story twice or three times as long, and really that would add so much to it. Character matters. There is the hint of that…

I’ll give this work two pitchforks out of five.

Again, far too short for all of the lovely hints of a larger universe that are given. I would like to see that… someday.



Aug 02 2014

When Harry met a Succubus

I came across a short comedy film that has a Succubus in it that I’m going to share on the Tale today… There really isn’t much to be seen of the Succubus, she isn’t quite what I expect as a Succubus, but then again the story isn’t about her really…

It’s called… Harry and the Succubus…

And if you cannot see the film here on the Tale, try this link:

I had to think for a bit how to describe this film, and the summary I came up with is:

Harry is hanging out in a cemetery when he disturbs a Succubus while she is feeding there. She kills him and Harry starts out on an adventure. He doesn’t quite believe he’s dead, or anything that Crawford, a supernatural hunter tells when, when he feels like it. Harry deals with his new reality with wisecracks and acting like a stoner until he’s told how to get his life back. But will he or will the Succubus claim him as well?

It really is more about Harry and Crawford fighting with each other, mostly nagging, through much of the film. The Succubus herself appears in two scenes, once at the beginning and once at the end of the film. She’s more of a monster, quite literally a “man-eater” more than anything else. For me that’s disappointing, it’s a bit too much of a trope for me anyway… Still that is how she was represented in the film, and as such she isn’t the worst Succubus I have ever seen.

Geting past her, the rest of the film was amusing in its own way, the effects were surprisingly well done and overall I mostly liked the film. I will admit that Harry got on my nerves a bit, the stoner attitude just started to become irritating after a while and that took much of my enjoyment out of the film.

It ends on a cliffhanger, one that I kind of expected from the moment that Harry was killed and turned into a Zombie. As a whole the film had promise, it’s the little nits that get to me by the end that is the tragic part of this. The actors are very good, quite believable in their roles and the world they live in was nicely put together and visually interesting throughout the film.

There are quite a number of hints about things, mainly rules, that those passed on have, which left me with a lot of questions, but they couldn’t possibly be answered in a film this short… But it would have been interesting to know the answers for me at least…

I’ll give this film three out of five pitchforks…

I laughed, and that’s always a good thing…



Aug 01 2014

A Review of Incubi’s Lust by Rebecca Kind

Incubi's Lust by Rebecca Kind

Incubi’s Lust by Rebecca Kind

I don’t like coming into a story where it is part of an ongoing series of stories. The main problem is that you lose so much about the main characters, their history, what drives them and so on.

But it can also give a view of them that isn’t held by previous exploration of who they are and why they choose what they do.

A series about a group investigating the existence of monsters sounds like it would be interesting. The hope I would have is that, based on this story at least, there is a real payoff as the series progresses forward. Lots of questions, few answers…

…but lots of sex and mind control does make up for that… to a point.

  • Title: Incubi’s Lust
  • Author: Rebecca Kind
  • Publishing Date: May 15, 2013
  • Length: 30 Pages
  • ASIN: B00CTS9UZ2
  • This work at

The story tells of:

Most people don’t think monsters exist but they’re wrong. We know this because we track them down. The six of us were brought together based on our individual skills. We hunt them down to study them and sometimes things get very interesting.

In this installment, the group is investigating a possible Incubus. The twins Angelique and Domonique are assigned to distract the man and keep his attention while the others work. But will the two be strong enough to resist the mans charms, or will they give in to the lust this strange man draws out of them?

Rumours of an Incubus existing in the world bring a team of woman looking to see if they are true. Two of them, twins, are placed in charge of distracting their target so the others can do their jobs. The problem is, what happens when the rumours are true and the Incubus has his way with the twins?

This story is, in its own way, a hot flash, but for me at least, it really does go past that point in creating an Incubus that seems very much like the ones that I enjoy reading about. He isn’t evil as such, he isn’t after the souls of the twins. That makes him very much more interesting to me overall. Adding to that, there is a really well written use of “mind control” that just fits his character and the situation very well. It isn’t written in a “you are under my control, poof” kind of way. It’s smoother, more seductive than that.

What is more delicious is how the twins act and think within their minds as he controls them and has them do all kinds of deliciously erotic things with him and to each other. There is more than a simple sex story here, which is what I want to see. There a lovely opening to the story with the Incubus controlling the twins, a flashback to what led up to that moment, and then returning to the climax of the story.

Throughout the sex there is a wonderful simmering heat that I enjoyed very much, it’s not silly or beyond the realm of possibility in what happens. It’s also a neat touch that the power of the Incubus is shown in what he is able to do not just to the twins, but those around them.

There is a moment in the story when the Incubus feeds and that’s quite neatly done in that it isn’t flippant or a simple “use up the twins and walk away” moment. There is a reasonable plot to follow which ends in a very interesting conclusion to the story that made me wonder about a few things.

I think I will go back and read the first story and probably follow the entire series as a whole, mostly to see if the Incubus appears again… There are a few of the characters in the series that I think could use some time in the Incubus’ thrall…

Overall the writing is quite good, and there really isn’t much to nitpick over save that at a couple of points there were odd characters that appeared like equal signs that might have been an error on Amazon’s side of things and not the author themselves. I think the strongest thing was the personalities of the characters, that was done exceptionally well. However some of the choices made by Angelique and Domonique didn’t sit right with me, though needed for the plot however in they are who they seem to be, they would have not done what they did. That’s quite vague I know, but it is important to the plot and so I won’t spoil it.

Four out of five pitchforks.

In spite of this being part of a series, or because of it, the interplay between the characters took a lot of the enjoyment out of the parts where the Incubus appeared. Mind you, I would like to see him appear again if for no other reason than to see what happens…




Jul 31 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 342

An interesting Succubus character this week on the Tale in many ways. She looks a little bit cartoonish in a way, and that just makes her more adorable to me. Really the only thing that I wish she had was a red tail, but otherwise she is just a lovely Succubus…

Succubus by NocturnaHX

Succubus by NocturnaHX

This work is simply titled Succubus and is by an artist on DeviantArt called NocturnaHX. You can find the original page with this art here and this artist’s page on DeviantArt is here as well.

When I first found this work, my first thought was, she doesn’t have red skin. Then the next was, but she doesn’t have a red tail either. That has a lot to do with my personal kink about Succubi in that I like them to have normal skin tones but a red tail. I love her hair, really expressive I think of her pose and actions here. I am not sure that I like her white eyes, though they do work for her overall.

The other thing that I wondered about was how she might fit into a comic book series of some kind. The artist’s style just feels like she was meant to be in one and that does make me pause and wonder about her more…



Jul 30 2014

The costume that wouldn’t die is back… again…

Red Fluffy Devil CostumeIt’s back. Yes, that costume with that stupid sort-of-kind-of flame pattern that has appeared on well over five different versions of costume lousiness has returned…

I wonder what will finally kill it?

This is called the Red Fluffy Devil Costume, at least this time it is, and it comes with the dress, the horns and the pitchfork that is the worst ever made honestly. Shoes are not included and it sells for $45 US on the site I found this on…

Honestly the dress would be fine if it wasn’t for that stupid pattern stitched on it. It adds nothing to the look at all, and really just takes a lot away from what would have otherwise been a lovely little dress. I even like the black fringe on it which is saying something I think.

The horns are, of course, silly looking and far too large, they would find themselves sharing the garbage bin with the pitchfork soon enough.

There is, at least, a little bit of cute in the dress and perhaps removing that flame pattern… somehow… would leave something that looks semi-sexy…

You never know…

Three out of five pitchforks and I am being generous I know…



Jul 29 2014

A Review of the Ari Lasher series by Sarina Asheford

Derek - An Ari Lasher Story by Sarina Asheford

Derek – An Ari Lasher Story by Sarina Asheford

It is common for many Succubi to be written as having no hope, no will to try to be more than they are. It seems like the idea of a Succubus begin more, having a little bit of joy in their lives is something that they cannot have. But what if they can be, even a little bit happy and win something for themselves?

I found two short works that tell the beginnings of a story about a Succubus named Ari and her world… a very well told one at that.

The first work:

  • Title: Derek – An Ari Lasher Story
  • Author: Sarina Asheford
  • Publishing Date: March 3, 2012
  • Length: 14 Pages
  • ASIN: B007H1BLNA
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

When Ari meets a sexy man who can detect her succubus activities should she come clean and tell him the truth about her mysterious glow or convince him that there’s something wrong with him?

Confessing leaves her vulnerable and possibly alone, insulting him will definitely leave her alone. It is decision time for the centuries old succubus and she finds herself feeling like a young girl dealing with a first love.

Ari is a Succubus, and she became one in order to exact a measure of revenge against someone that wronged her many years ago. She finds herself drawn to a place where she meets a man, something she didn’t expect. named Derek. They are drawn to each other, share a moment of passion and then… Derek knows that Ari did something or rather is something different. She tells him what she is, expecting him to run away… But he doesn’t.

And that, truly, is a really amazing hook for a story when you think about it. What follows is the entwining of two beings, one with a good soul, one that believes she has none and their attempt at understanding each other.

It isn’t the erotic that drives this story forwards, it is the emotional connection between the two of them that is captivating. The opening of Ari to someone, for the first time, that can accept her for what she is, and wants to be with her… That brings out the real Ari from beneath the Succubus. And while she has no horns or tail, she does, and has taken others in the past of course. But it is where she makes the choice to protect Derek, to not take from him and corrupt him as she has done to others in her past that is telling I think.

There are few Succubi that have a moral compass… She has one and that is important…

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

It drove me to find the next book in the series and in doing so I discovered a wider universe that looked to be even more interesting still…

Jan - An Ari Lasher Story by Sarina Asheford

Jan – An Ari Lasher Story by Sarina Asheford

The past is something that haunts us all. We can remember our mistakes, the things we did that at the time seemed like the right thing to do… but were not.

When you see the present of someone else, knowing what has been and will be, that isn’t the problem. The problem is when you have little choice but be involved and not for the right reasons… But what if you had someone to help you find a way to make things right? That becomes a more true journey in yourself as well…

The second work:

  • Title: Jan – An Ari Lasher Story
  • Author: Sarina Asheford
  • Publishing Date: September 8, 2012
  • Length: 24 Pages
  • ASIN: B00989ZUNQ
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Can Ari face her own past and help an abused woman? Recruiting has never been Ari’s thing. She knows why she is a succubus and it’s a great life for her, but the idea of convincing someone else to sign over their soul for an eternity of siphoning soul feeding of unsuspecting sexual partners is not one of her job duties.

Jan Moss has been suckered into an abusive marriage and she is at her breaking point, if Ari can’t save her she’s got few options. Her husband is going to kill her or she is going to kill him. Will she be willing to sell her soul and become a demon for her freedom?

In the next work of the series, Ari is told by those that she “reports” to that she is assigned to bring another into the fold of the Succubi. When she sees who that person is, what her life is… then her dislike for doing so changes. Jan’s situation hits very close to home for Ari and in the end, with some help from Derek, she decides to make a difference… But in a way that those above her do not quite expect.

With this work, Ari’s real personality comes to the fore. I especially loved that she liked to make muffins and enjoy them very much with others. It really is a lovely personality quirk that makes me like her even more than I did in the first work. While the first work was mainly setup and introduction, this one develops Ari into a fuller, more real character. The same is true of Derek as we learn he is perhaps a bit more than he seems to be, though that question isn’t answered in this work. There is also the appearance of the Succubus that transformed Ari into one as well who has her own quirks and oddities.

While a large portion of this story revolves around Jan, it is seen for the most part through Ari’s eyes and in doing so there is more told about her as time goes on. She has her moments, some sad, some very happy. Many of the happier moments are through Derek for which I am quite pleased to have seen. When the climax of the story arrives, there is a lovely erotic Succubus scene to enjoy, but it is the choice made by Jan that I found interesting and made me wonder about some of the things said about Succubi in this universe.

It was a wonderful closure to this part of Ari’s story and it did leave me wanting to see more of her…

I give this work four and a half out of five pitchforks.

But now comes the problem… The author wrote at the end of this work that there was going to be a novel or something similar appearing… and it hasn’t. I really would like to see more of Ari, the muffin loving, intelligent, in love Succubus, her lover and her protégé.

It is simply a thoughtful pair of works that draw you into a tale of personal truths and what revenge is… but also what happens when one finds the hope they thought they lost…

I will keep looking for this universe to continue… Someday I hope…