Nov 24 2014

Sparkly Horn Horror Part III By TeraS

I don’t think I’m finished with Part III of Sparkly Horn Horror… In fact considering where I leave things this time I know I need to do more with this chapter so… sorry all for that…

If you want to read Part One you can find that here on the Tale and Part Two can be found here.

Some answers, still a lot of questions, and for one particular soul of the Succubi a choice made that probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do…


Sparkly Horn Horror
Part III
By TeraS



The sound of snapping fingers was accompanied by a slightly miffed tone of voice: “Doc? Uh … could you please tell me where Adam is? Please?”

The question would have been innocent, except that the outfit Abby was wearing consisted of an oversized sweater and a pair of clear plastic stripper heels. Clearly, she was asking not out of innocence, but out of her own needs. And those needs had endangered her needlessly.

Florence pinched her nose: “Abby, what the hell are you still doing here? I know you were released this morning. I signed the forms. Come to think of it, I also told you to get your tail out of here and to go home.”

Abby looked at the floor and scraped the toe of one of her heels on the floor: “Umm … yeah, you did Doc. But I … well … kind of …”

“Never mind, it’s too late now anyway.”

Abby looked up in surprise at the tone of voice in those words: “What do you mean by that, Doc?”

It took about ten minutes to get Abby up to speed on what was going on, and, at the end, she stood there with an unreadable expression before asking in a calm voice: “So what you are saying is that a friend of yours is sealed up in a room with Adam and she’s fucking him.”

“That’s putting things in a really bad way, Abby. Neither of them are exactly themselves at the moment. You probably wouldn’t even recognize Adam. I can barely recognize Deb, and that’s only because they are the only two in that room.”

“But … she’s fucking him.”

“Not because she wants to. Neither of them wants to.”

“How are you sure? They might want to. She might have done all of this to get Adam from …”

Florence threw up her hands in disgust: “Fine! Yes! Deb is getting the shit fucked out of her by Adam! She’s planned this all along to get into his pants! Are you happy? Is that all that matters to you?”

Abby had the oddest look in her eyes, one that caught Florence and made her worry: “Yes, it does. I don’t care who your friend is, she isn’t good enough for Adam. Actually, neither are you, Doc.”

“What do you mean by that, Abby?”

“I know you and Adam were fucking at the nurse’s station. You think I didn’t hear you? You think that I couldn’t tell? You can’t hide that from me, Doc. You …”

Abby was stopped in mid-rant by Florence slapping her, hard, and then it was Florence’s turn: “You think I don’t know you have a doctor fetish? You think that I don’t know you want into Adam’s pants in the worst way? I’ve walked past your room and heard you moaning out his name in the middle of the night! You aren’t fooling anyone!”

Before things got much further, John coughed, then interrupted, waving his glasses at the pair: “If you are both done acting like children, perhaps you might think about the fact that you, Florence, have very little time left, and you, Abby, are likely going to be the only one in here when she is no longer capable of thinking about doing anything about this mess you are both in. So, why don’t the two of you get past who’s—as you so eloquently put it—‘fucking’ whom, and get to the question of who’s trying to ‘fuck’ the Realm and how to stop it?”

Abby was the first to speak after the shock of John’s words got through to them: “You just don’t understand. You can’t understand because you’re a … a thing. You have no idea what it feels like.”

Florence was going to say something more, but she bit back the words when she saw the look in John’s eyes and found herself feeling … bad … for him. Shaking her head, she cleared her thoughts and chalked up her emotions over John to being part of this thing that she was starting to suffer from.

It was that. It couldn’t be that she actually felt something for him. He didn’t exist, save in a computer. It was probably better that way.

“Abby. Have you seen anyone else here?”

Turning away with a shake of her head, Abby replied with a sigh: “No, I was looking for Adam. I thought I heard his voice here in your office. Thought that … that he was here … with you.”

“I … stupidly had John snow me what they were doing. It wasn’t a good idea.”


“Because I started to slip away … felt like I had to go to them and … join in … couldn’t think of anything else.”

Abby twined a finger in her green hair: “Kind of explains why you’re so horny, Doc … Sorry. I know that’s not you. You’re a little too straight-laced to be that horny … reputation or not.”

Florence smiled and wagged a finger: “Truth. Have you ever been with Adam?”

The blush was something to see. It went right up her tail and horns: “I … No, we haven’t. He probably doesn’t even know I exist. I mean, he’s seen me, said “hi” and stuff … just been too scared of asking him to … you know …”

“Fuck your brains out?”

Abby bit her lip and nodded: “Gawd, Doc he’s … perfect. Can’t explain it. I just … can’t stop thinking about him.”

Florence walked up to Abby: “How about we try to get him and Deb back? There isn’t an answer yet, but we’ll find one somehow. We have to.”

“Yeah. As much as it sounds like fun, better that we do. So how does that happen?”

“Miriam and Tera are trying to find a solution.”

“Well, that’s something.”

“Yeah. You know, I’ve never asked, what’s your “thing,” anyway?”

Abby looked confused: “Thing?”

“Medicine is mine. What’s your’s?”

“You’ll laugh. I’m a pink tail. We’re supposed to be all sex and no brains.”

“You never struck me as no brains. All sex, sure, but you never acted like a total bimbo. Try me.”

The blush came back: “I … have a green thumb.”

“Goes with your hair?”

Abby pouted: “That was kind of a mistake with a bottle of magic fertilizer. I was a redhead, once.”

“Green looks better on you.”

“Wish Adam would say that.”

Florence didn’t know how to answer, and, in the next moment, Abby was turning and walking out the door.

“Abby? Where are you going?”

“I’m going to see Adam. If I’m going to lose him, lose me, then I’m going to be the one that makes it happen. Sorry Doc, you’re not my type. See ya’.”

As Abby vanished from view, Florence called out for her to stop, to turn around … Abby didn’t reply, and, as she ran after her, she had but one thought: “The stupid things we do for love.”

Elsewhere, Tera and Miriam had been waiting for some time—how long Miram wasn’t quite clear on: “Um … Tera? How long do we wait?”

“As long as it wants us to. It’s kind of a pain in the tail at times.”

Miram was going to reply, but was stopped when she noticed something odd that had suddenly appeared in mid-air just in front of her. It was something she never expected when Tera brought her here. It was what appeared to be an old writing quill, green in colour, glowing with a purplish light. When Tera didn’t speak, Miram asked: “What is that?”

“That is something I have always thought of as the Storyteller of the Realm. To be honest, I don’t even know if it has a name. It’s never told me.”

The quill started to move swiftly, the glow moving from the tip, words appearing as it did so…

Some secrets are never told. Some are. Welcome both: the one that is and the one to be.

Miriam looked at Tera: “What does …”

Tera put her hand over Miriam’s lips to stop her in mid-sentence. Then Tera’s tail held up a sign to her: Be careful what you say. We have little time here and when that glow ends our time is up.

Miriam nodded in understanding as Tera asked: “An old curse has returned to the Realm … the one that almost ended us. We need to know how to stop it.”

The quill replied: The story continues. The loss returns. Remember stories you have been told.

“They are too vague, too unclear. We have little time left. I ask … plead. Will you give the answer?”

Remember your stories. The answer is there to be found.

Miriam frowned: “This is so confusing. I thought it was going to help us!”

The answer you seek is the one you already know, brightest of the yellow. Find the answer in yourselves.

Tera looked at Miram, then at the quill, with some concern in her eyes. The glow had faded, just slightly, but it had.

Time was running out, and it seemed that the storyteller had more riddles than answers. They just needed to figure out the answers to the riddles. Or ask the right questions …

Nov 23 2014

A Review of The Succubae Seduction: The Generator by J. Sselxuyt

The Succubae Seduction: The Generator by J. Sselxuyt

The Succubae Seduction: The Generator by J. Sselxuyt

A good story tells of many things. It tells of characters finding themselves, who they are, what they are, and what they mean to others. This isn’t simply something that is central to the lead character of the story, it is something that needs to be touched on, and touches, those that aid, travel with, fight alongside, or become something more than simply part of their lives and loves.

The same is true of those that press against them, fight against their goals or, sometimes, reveal that the world that once seemed ordinary isn’t that any longer. The discovery that one has a soul, that it matters, and in discovering that truth they come into their own is important. But it is every bit as important to find one’s soul one also finds the love to share it with others completely.

The story tells of:

Lydon lives the life of drudgery. Every day it’s the same thing, overworked by an overbearing boss, just to try and make ends meet. That is, until a seductress that only he can see shows up and throws his life into chaos. Supernatural forces will conspire to use or kill Lydon as he fights to save two worlds. Hopefully he uses the proper brain to face the challenges before him, before those he loves are killed.

Lydon’s life is, bluntly, something that he exists through, but does not live. An odd encounter in his office with a Succubus named Angela reveals who he is, how important, special, he really is and that there is more to his life than he knows. His world changes, then he discovers that there is more than one world, but only one truth that matters. Finding that truth in his life changes the loves and lives of many around him. The rewards are many, but the costs are too.

Lydon’s story is involved, taking many twists and turns, encountering that which he never expected and, more to the fore, he discovers that his past in truth is unknown to him. It is in that discovery, that searching for his own truth, that he becomes quite a different person from where his story begins. The mix of some unique myths, legends, and stories come to make him realize things about himself, but also to see, in time, things somewhat hidden from his eyes.

The transformation Lydon undergoes, for which Angela is at the core of much, but I will return to her a bit later, brings myth to reality in many ways and his ability to deal with that is a fascinating thing to watch develop over the course of the story. As he “becomes” there is a bit of a hint of the power of an Incubus in him, though he isn’t really one. And it is that explanation of what Lydon is, what he can do, and what opposes him that adds a lot of depth to the story. Lydon draws quite a group around him, mainly women, and there are many moments which turn into some lovely hot flashes of passion. But in those moments his love for all of those around him, in all of the ways that can be expressed by deed, words or actions, brings out unexpected parts of their characters which makes even the most minor of characters mean something to the story.

As such, there really isn’t such a thing as a character that doesn’t matter in this story, there is a purpose for each of them and to find out what that is in time, when it is revealed, makes the journey they all take with Lydon that much stronger.

The Succubus of the work is named Angela and her arc in the story is an amazing one that takes her from being “just a Succubus” to something more. Something better and in becoming Lydon’s truth, she finds a part of herself that she lost. When that is told, when her real self comes out and Lydon sees within her all that she has been through it is tragic, so desperately so. In spite of how she sees herself, in spite of “just being” who she is, that changes because of Lydon. I do adore Angela very much and while there are some twists and turns in her story, some of which are completely unexpected in their meaning and result, she does hold one promise to herself. One truth that is shared with Lydon and the other women that are close to him and love him dearly.

Besides Angela and the lover of Lydon, there are others that do not necessarily love him, but do act in a way as guides, teachers, and protectors. The ensemble of characters fills out into a band of adventurers that seek out their individual destinies on the one hand and on the other they strive to find that which they need as well.

Not a simple story by any means, there is much to be told, many moments of joy and passion, love and loss, victory and defeat. The action moves swiftly throughout with quite a few erotic moments in the work that I liked for the love within them, but I also felt there was a problem with just how often Lydon found himself entwined with one of his lovers in the work. I felt as if there was a tad too much in the number of sex scenes in the work. It isn’t so much that they don’t make sense, because they do, it’s more that a bit less I think would have been more. The love Lydon shares is complete and total, there is no doubt at all about that. The scenes are hot little flashes of passion which give a nice break between the adventure itself. The need for Lydon to have these moments makes sense in this story and universe. It’s just that I felt like there could have been a few more moments between Lydon and his loves, Angela especially. I felt like there was a piece of their love not told and that would have been nice to have seen.

The universe that this story is set in is richly told, the imagery and descriptions are really well done and I enjoyed them very much. The work felt like the story was told, from beginning to end, fully and there wasn’t a feeling that the story ended at a point where something more needed to be said. The truth in the story, about giving one’s soul to the ones you love, comes up often, and in that the individual stories of all of the characters are more vibrant, strong, telling.

By the end of the work, there is quite a lot to think about, which I enjoy. In doing so some questions arise which ask about what comes next after all that Lydon and his loves, friends and enemies have endured. The ending feels more like a pause in the story, a chance to catch one’s breath and then turn the page to see where the story goes from there. I felt that Lydon’s story isn’t over, that there will be another part to his story and that interests me. The ending isn’t like the beginning, and it offers a moment that, for me, felt right and true to the characters and their stories.

Five out of five pitchforks.

A truly epic tale of finding good and evil, discovering the truths within each and the strength to believe in the impossible. Strong characters, truly heartfelt passions, and a story that goes places unexpected, wonderful, and more.

I’d like to see more, perhaps someday there will be. I do hope so for the story has more to say and should.



Nov 22 2014

It’s the Seventh Taleaversary

On this, the twenty-second of November every year, I mark the anniversary of the first appearance of A Succubi’s Tale on the web. 2014 marks the seventh anniversary of the Tale and it is a moment when I look at all of the things I have written and think about… things.

I think about the stories I have written here, the things I have shared, the thoughts about the Realm, about those that I love dearly too. How some of the stories I have told have been little things of fluff, hoping to make someone smile, others that brought me to tears in the midst of trying to put into words my feelings, thoughts, hopes and wishes.

I think about the art I have found and shared here, all of the different ways that Succubi have been imagined, brought into form, and given a breath of life in the visions they bring to others. The thoughts of stories I had not thought of before and, eventually, find their way from my fingers to the screen for others to see.

I think about the works I have read, the stories told about the Succubi and commented on by me. I shudder at some of them, smile at others, and sigh, remembering those that I wanted to see more of but never did. I ponder the universes created, the view of Succubi that comes from that, and where it could, in a way, inspire more of the same.

I think about the costumes I have seen, trying to forget the worst, keeping in mind the best. The stories they bring to mind, what may come from them. I smile, remembering the few things found that sparked ideas, and yes, some of them were very naughty even for the Queen of the Succubi I promise by far.

I think about those that have given me the greatest gift I could have hoped for when I started the Tale so many years ago. The gift of friendship, of sharing life, loves, hopes and dreams. The knowledge that in some small way I have done something good here. Something that can give a smile, a thought, perhaps a comfort or two.

I think about all of these things and more, I do so every day, but in this moment, at this point in the year, those thoughts are a little more focused, clear, true. In all of them there is the thought that perhaps I can do better, should do better. I know of many things that I don’t quite manage as well as I should, or could, or however one might wish to look at things.

I think, however, that writing the Tale has done something unexpected. Something that wasn’t in my thoughts when I began this journey in thought, purpose, and words. It allowed, if only in the slightly of ways, a means for the idea that Succubi are more than they have been told to be.

In some ways, that’s true of Tera, Queen of the Succubi herself.

Thank you all for being part of that journey. You might never share a thought, make a comment, or think of doing so. But my thoughts are shared and in that, somehow, something more happens…

…and that’s something to be celebrated isn’t it?



Nov 21 2014

A Review of Succubus by Sal Aceous

Succubus by Sal Aceous

Succubus by Sal Aceous

Not all Succubi are the same. Some are more passionate, some are less so. Some have seduction as their goal, some do not. Sometimes what they desire however has a lot to do with the one they are called to, or are with.

So, what happens when the other is a werewolf? Where does the story go from there and how is it different?

  • Title: Succubus
  • Author: Sal Aceous
  • Length: 11 Pages
  • ASIN: B00646CDKY
  • Publishing Date: November 6, 2011
  • This work at

The work tells of:

A werewolf encounters a succubus intent on possessing his very soul. But she wants his body first.

The meeting of a Succubus and a Werewolf takes many turns in this story. While the tale is interesting, there are a few points in it that bother me. First among those is whether or not the Succubus and the Werewolf actually have met before or not. This is somewhat unclear in the story and is confusing at certain points.

The story is a rather violent one, though the characters themselves enjoy things more when they are a bit on the rough and dangerous side. Personally I don’t enjoy violent works, there really isn’t anything in those kinds of stories for me, but the story, if a good one, can overcome that.

The Succubus, who is never named, is, as she should be, using her powers of seduction and attraction to control the one she wants, the werewolf. But in doing so there is a good deal of BDSM in the story, and a touch of blood and pain, which you would expect in a tale like this. In return the werewolf is, as you would expect, violent and animalistic at times.

Overall the story is told well, but I found it a little difficult to get past the violent aspects and into the erotica. Beyond that the characters are well written, the author tells a compelling story and it was, in its own way, an interesting read. I would have liked something of a longer story however in that there was parts of the past of both characters that wasn’t told and confused me.

Three out of five pitchforks.

Overall well written, a little too violent for my own preferences, and I would have liked a bit more story.



Nov 20 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 358

For this week’s Succubi Image, the image I found of Morrigan Aensland is one where she looks ever so slightly different. But those differences create something that is really special…

Soul-Sucker by Robaato

Soul-Sucker by Robaato

This art is titled Soul-Sucker and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Robaato. You can find the original page with this work here and this artist’s page on DeviantArt is here.

I love Morrigan’s eyes in this art. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and here that seems very apt for the depth within them. I also quite like the sort of soft focus that surrounds her and draws your eye towards her lips and eyes. The little knowing smile is a nice touch as well that expresses her personality too.

It’s not quite a portrait, perhaps more of a posed photograph sort of thing in a way…

But it is, more than anything else, a lovely image of Morrigan by a talented artist…



Nov 19 2014

I think I have my Christmas morning surprise figured out…

Devil Horn Santa HatI’ve been thinking about Christmas. Now, of course I usually write about Halloween costumes today, but what I found and am sharing today is for Christmas most of all. And I have to admit I giggled when I first came across this lovely idea…

This is, of course, a Devil Horn Santa Hat and it sells for $9 US at several sites I found it available at.

I just find this entire idea adorable and really just so very cute. It’s also nice that the horns are plushie ones that match the red of the hat as well. The ad for the hat says it fits “most” and I really do hope it does in my case…

I have some plans and ideas for this I believe…

Really, just for the joy and smile this idea gives me it gets five out of five pitchforks…

As for my Christmas morning? Only my Eternal will know what appears under my horns that morning…

But it will be a fun morning I promise…



Nov 18 2014

A Review of Succubus Ascendant by B. R. Kingsolver

Succubus Ascendant by B. R. Kingsolver

Succubus Ascendant by B. R. Kingsolver

I was really quite pleased and thrilled when I discovered that the author B. R. Kingsolver had released the latest work in the Telepathic Clans series a short time ago. I have reviewed the first, second, third and fourth works in the series before on the Tale and I have always enjoyed the stories told, the moments shared and the world created that tells of those known as Succubi and what they are seen to be.

It has been for me a pleasure to read the stories of those called Succubi, how they deal with who they are, how they are seen by others, and what strengths they hold within themselves. The paths have not been easy, never that by far, but in spite of the obstacles placed to hinder them… They manage to work miracles in the name of the Goddess.

This, the latest work in the series, is also told to be the very last part of the story of Brenna and Rebecca, Rhiannon, Irina and the Irish Clans. As the story that brings the series to a close, it has much to manage and much to live up to. It is a story that tells of the darkness that can appear without warning and all that it is capable of. But it also tells of the truth that belief in doing the right thing for the right reasons can make a difference. Sometimes to just one person, and sometimes to souls beyond counting…

The work tells the story of:

Corwin has led Clan O’Neill for one hundred and fifty years. Nearing the end of his long life, he names a twenty-three year old girl as his heir. Not only is Brenna a member of Clan O’Donnell, she’s also a succubus, and many people disagree with his choice. When Corwin dies, his son Hugh launches an open rebellion.

But Brenna is named heir not only to O’Neill, but also to Clan O’Byrne, where Clan Chief Fergus’s oldest son Andrew joins with Hugh and Finnian O’Neill in their rebellion. Faced with war on two fronts, and rebels using terrorist tactics that capture the attention of the human press and authorities, Brenna must fight off assassination attempts while trying to consolidate her rule.

As if all that wasn’t exciting enough, her friend Irina is the target of repeated kidnapping attempts by members of a Russian Clan. Hoping to protect Irina, O’Donnell mounts an operation against the Gorbachev Clan. But the situation in Russia is no more stable than in Ireland, and they discover Irina is at the heart of the Russian Clans’ internal plots.

Confused yet? Be glad you aren’t Brenna and Rebecca, as they—along with Rhiannon, Irina, and the Irish Clans—attempt to sort through the mess in Succubus Ascendant, the action-packed conclusion of The Telepathic Clans Saga.

It is a time of crisis for Brenna. Her world is changing, those around her are as well. Some for the better, some for the worst. A moment arrives and she is thrust into a place that she never expected, never wanted, but will, to the best she can, honour for the right reasons. And woe to those that cannot see that in her.

The series has always been about family, what one will do for their own. What someone might be capable of, either good or bad, and where that leads them in their lives. Much of the story is wrapped in Brenna’s becoming more than the power she is as a Succubus, but more that she is a power in the world she lives in. There are those that fear her, oppose her, and will do anything to hurt, harm, or if they can, end her. The level of that pushback in the story thrusts Brenna and her immediate family and close friends towards situations that turn both good and bad at the same time. With that arrives the answers to several questions about her own family that have been floating at the edges of the series. When these come to pass, when the truth comes out, it is in those moments where Brenna’s strength of will really shines. There are moments in the story where she reveals things about herself and those around her that were hinted at, but never really expressed fully.

To watch Brenna as she deals with politics, something she never cared for, sometimes makes one smile and in other moments you cannot help but feel the pain that she goes through. There are many moments where the threats to Brenna hurt, or worse, those she loves and those moments are quite painful to read. Perhaps the saddest thing about all those that oppose her is that they do not know their own history, see what has come before, and do not learn from it. The question of force and the question of will are two themes that run throughout the story and it is important to see how that comparison reflects against Brenna herself.

Part of that reflection is Rebecca in which comes part of an answer that was never spoken but has remained with this series from the first instant that Rebecca met Brenna. There is a acceptance in her, a settling of herself that comes when their world turns towards a new path, a new purpose, and it is that focusing of Rebecca that grounds Brenna in many ways.

Really no one comes through these moments unscathed, there are everlasting scars that some have carried with them all of their lives reopened and for others they are deeply cut, the wounds to be with them for the rest of their lives. The overriding question that comes with that is: What do they do and why? It is that choice that reveals the true nature of many, and it is that choice that tells of more than who they are, but more of what they are inside.

While Brenna is quite active in this story, much of the events are told from the point of view of those around her, and it was a nice surprise to see that the main character of Broken Dolls, Rhiannon, takes a very central role in this story as well. There are some fascinating moments with her that tell much of what wasn’t said in the previous work and I think as a whole it made her a much more interesting character. She faces moments where she is pushed, prodded, and placed into situations and events that take her to the edge at times but there’s something more. There is also the moments where the truth of who she is, what she desires, comes out clearly. The revelation of her innermost secret and the consequences of that bring about a climax to the work that is shattering.

While there are many events and changes for all, the one character that goes through the most is Irina by far. When her past is told, what it means, and then, where that takes Irina and Rhiannon is a complex web of lies, truths, strengths and weaknesses. It has been clear from her first appearance that Irina had an inner strength, a power within herself that held her together, gave her purpose and the will to continue. When that is unleashed, her true power, that of her own will to survive, to overcome, to prove her own worth to herself, is a gripping story on its own.

There are consequences in the end that mean losses for many, grief for still more. But there is also a strong hope for the future that Brenna offers going forwards that shines a light into the corners where they all tread. The final pages of the work tell a story that, while the work has come to a conclusion, there is a future that stands in front of Brenna and those around her. That future will not be easy or simple, but it does bring about something to reflect upon. That is the path that Brenna has taken from where she started in this series to where she is now and what the future holds.

It is a moment, a good one, when the question of Brenna being a Succubus comes into question, what that means to her family and the society she lives in. There is quite a lot of dismissal of her, of her sister Succubi as well. Revealing what they have done, are capable of, and more importantly, those that support them is when the tide begins to turn for the Succubi. There is more to battle again, more opposition that cannot see past the beauty that they see. They miss the power, the passion, and the will. It is that will that can shape the world.

Lovingly written, the moments are passionate at times, but when the tears come, there is no holding them back. The pain is real, strong, and it isn’t forgotten in the next moment. It is with each character and it never leaves them. But then, neither does the light they hold within them as well. The work ties up many of the plots, questions, and more in the series that have been there from the beginning, but there is something more as well.

The work ends on a point which leaves a very interesting open question about Brenna’s future, that of her family and that of the Clans themselves. Even if that question is never returned to, it does offer a view of the future, of Brenna herself, that I thought made a lot of sense and brought the series full circle. It is a satisfying read that is worthwhile, tells an intelligent story, and offers lovely closure to a series that I have enjoyed from the beginning and cherish dearly.

I’m giving this work five of five pitchforks.

A well told story that ties up much of the series in many ways, but also allows for change, growth, and most of all, the passions within the characters to be fully seen for all they have within them. There is loss, strife and fear. But there is also hope, strength and a trust that never wavers.

I am, I must admit, saddened that this is the end of the story of the Clans… I do have a hope that it is perhaps not forever, maybe not for always. There is always hope that the threads offered at the end of the series can be picked up in the future and those stories told. The future is something untold, unseen, but in time it does come to pass. Some stories never really end when they are the ones that you remember the most…

…this is one that I do… often.