Dec 01 2014

Today marks Seven Years of the SuccuWiki and 3,000 articles

Rianna and Tera by SueChan

Rianna and Tera by SueChan

Today, December 1st, 2014, marks the SEVENTH year of the SuccuWiki and, as well, today will be the 3,000th article posted too. I’ve been mulling this article over for some time now and I finally made up my mind as to what it will be about.

(Edit: I can’t add today obviously… This is actually the seventh year of SuccuWiki)

I haven’t really written much about the Realm on SuccuWiki for a while and I think, today, I will be marking this milestone by telling the story about one of the Realm that matters very much to me. Her name is Rianna, and she is known as the True Daughter of Tera, the Queen of the Succubi … The work of art which I am sharing here was created by SueChan many years ago and it is how I, and my dear Love, see her …

So, here is the entry in the SuccuWiki for Rianna. It’s not complete and doesn’t tell her entire story … but it opens the door to her, her past, and perhaps something more to be …

A Daughter that I never had, never will be able to, but wish for every day …


*Name: Rianna Donna (Birth Name), Rianna (Realm Name), Tail Name: Unrevealed, but known to Tera

*Titles: True Daughter of Tera, Princess of the Realm, Heiress to the Realm

*AngelKitty: Kira

*Age: Physically 20, though she is actually several centuries old

*Hair Colour: Strawberry Blonde (Normally); Black (Tail’s Colour)

*Eye Colour: Blue (Normally); Green (Tail’s Colour)

*Tail Colour: Blue (Normally); Black (Tail’s Colour)

*Personality: Bookish, quiet, and shy

*Strengths: Devoted to Tera above all else; Exceptional physical and mental transformation ability

*Weakness: Susceptible to hypnosis

*Favorite Place: Nearby Tera, huggling her, or out in the field, seducing and saving the world.

*Quote: Ummm… Whoops?

Rianna, born as Rianna Donna and known as Tera’s True Daughter, is a succubi, and is one of the Realm’s more complex individuals. She is a blue-tailed succubi and her tailself is a black-tail; her angelkitty is named Kira. Devoted to her mother, Tera, she has a very strong submissive personality which shifts often towards the extremes of a dominant personality.

Physical Description

Rianna is a young member of the Succubi who appears to be in her middle-to-late-twenties. She is a blue tailed succubi and her tailself is a black tail. Her scent is of blueberries and, when she teleports, that scent is exceptionally strong for one of the succubi. Originally blonde, her hair changed colour slightly when her powers as one of the succubi came into being, and she is now strawberry-blonde. She has big blue eyes that can only hint at the powers she holds within herself and all that she is capable of doing. She normally wears loose clothes, often sweaters, to hide the fact that she has an ample bosom, but does have a bit of an exhibitionist streak in her, tending to wear skirts that just show off the curve of her bum. She also has a bit of a fetish for knee high white socks and blue heels or, occasionally, loafers.


Rianna is a bit of a bookworm in nature which explains her seemingly bookish personality. She is very quiet and shy most of the time, tending to defer to those around her as much as possible and usually remaining in the background. While this makes most who meet Rianna underestimate her abilities, there is a darker side to her that comes out when someone she is devoted to is threatened or worse. She can be extremely creative in seeking out a measure of justice—or revenge, if need be—even going so far as to use her powers to transform herself both physically and mentally,

Rianna’s devotion to her mother, Tera, is unquestionable and beyond reproach, this being the result of many years ounder Tera’s care when neither of  them was aware of who exactly the other was or what they meant to each other. When the truth was revealed by Rianna’s tailself, that devotion, which was once between a Mistress and her Submissive, was transformed into an undying love and devotion between Mother and Daughter.

Rianna tends to giggle quite a lot, and has been known to play out pranks on others in the Realm and elsewhere. While this does, on occasion, end up with Rianna receiving a bemused look from Tera. She knows her limits and adheres to them, not wishing to cause trouble for Tera if she can help it. Rianna does not make friends easily, as her shyness tends to get in her way, but, once she gets comfortable with someone, she devotes herself to them with a passion that few succubi are capable of.

Rianna’s personality does tend to shift quite a lot, from being very submissive to very dominant at almost any time, and can be triggered by a memory of her own or her tail’s past. When more submissive, it is not uncommon to see Rianna dressing formally in outfits that tend to play up her submissive side and draw the unwary to her. This usually has the effect of some attempting to control Rianna for their own purposes. She will allow such attempts to be made, as she sees this as a means to satisfy her submissive side, when Tera is attending her other duties. When such individuals are seen to be not dominant enough to satisfy Rianna’s own submissive needs, which are only truly satisfied by Tera, she rapidly transforms into her dominant personality and uses her powers to turn the tables on them. As such, Rianna has a collection of those who made such errors in judgement and now carry her blue collar as a mark of their being owned by her.

Rianna’s love is held by one individual whom she sees as being able to control her submissive needs and respect them at the same time. It is, however, a tightrope for Rianna to balance upon, and at times she will submerge her true personality beneath a constructed personality and transform herself, so that no evidence exists of her true nature. The construct has her own name, wants, and nature, all of which give her a more Asian aspect to her character and personality, this being a reflection of the one she loves.

In short, Rianna is complex and unique in the Realm for many reasons, but the one single part of her personality that never changes is her devotion, being a blue-tail.


Rianna’s powers include many of those that those in the Realm have with some special aspects. She has the ability to read the minds of others, but she generally only uses that power when she has permission to do so. She has the power to alter her form, like all succubi and incubi do, though she tends to limit that use to enhancing her own form at times, if needed. Rianna can teleport in a similar fashion to Tera, though Rianna’s scent when she does so is that of blueberries. Rianna is one of only a few in the Realm that can communicate with their angelkitties mentally. She has the ability to “read” the auras of others and know how dominant or submissive they are. She can alter her clothing to make herself more appealing to those that wish to try to dominate her.

Rianna has the ability, which she inherited from Tera, to form collars from her own energies which give her control over others, both mentally and physically. She can also create leashes and other means of control at will. It is not uncommon for Rianna to twirl a collar from a finger and then flip it through the air at someone with unerring aim, sealing her target’s fate to her whims when her dominant personality is in control.


The beginning of Rianna’s story is also the beginning of Tera being the Queen of the Realm. As part of the pact she made with the Light and the Dark for the Realm’s freedom from both, Tera lost the ability to have children, and, as such, never expected to have a child of her own. However, she was not aware of her own mother’s plans to use the letter of that pact to give Tera one last gift from her parents. A short time before Tera lost her parents, her mother found a healer that was able to take from Tera a small sliver of her soul and save it. At the same time, Tera’s mother traveled to where she could find Tera’s future Eternal and King, Keith, and took from him the same small portion of his being.

As the pact said that Tera could not bear a child, Tera’s mother found a surrogate couple on Earth and, who willingly bore Rianna and gave her the name Rianna Donna. In doing so, Rianna was given a life that would have been otherwise forbidden, and would, in time, become a gift cherished by Tera and Keith … a gift they never expected possible … a daughter, Rianna.

Rianna never knew of her true history or what she truly was until she reached the age of 18 and was given a scholarship to Mtech as a result of her work on subliminals and other similar research which brought her to the attention of Tera’s presence on Earth, Succubi Enterprises. Upon entering Mtech, there was an attraction between Tera and Rianna, which at first was more of a caring Mistress and her submissive. Rianna found herself in several different relationships and unexpected situations while at Mtech, which eventually resulted in her tailself forming and her own powers coming to the fore, her horns and tail appearing for the first time. This broke the protections that had hidden Rianna’s true nature from all those around her, making her seem like any other human being.

When this occurred, the reasons for the familiarly were made clear, as Rianna’s energies had a great deal of Tera’s own and that of her Eternal’s. Upon confronting Rianna’s tailself, Tera discovered that Rianna was, in fact, her Daughter, heir to the Realm, and a Princess of the Realm. What followed was literally decades of trying to come to terms with the truth now known by all of them. Tera and Keith immediately accepted Rianna as their Daughter and Rianna accepted them as her parents, thankful to have them in her life after the passing of her human parents in a tragic accident years before Rianna came to attend Mtech. The main issue they faced was Rianna’s need to be submissive and how that need was at odds with Tera’s own dominant nature. It took some time for Tera to accept that Rianna was happiest when Tera took a more controlling approach to her, needing that to satisfy her submissive side.

Upon leaving Mtech, Rianna moved into the Realm with her love, whom she met at Mtech, and they have been together since. While Rianna’s love has not asked for, or suggested that she would like to become one of the Succubi, the offer is there if she should ever decide to do so.

While she is a Princess of the Realm, Rianna, like Tera, doesn’t really think much of pomp and ceremony, and tries her best to avoid it like the plague. She is just happy to explore the Realm, discover herself, and simply be who she is. While she is aware that she will rule the Realm someday, Rianna doesn’t dwell on that future, secure in the knowledge that, for once, the future can take care of itself.

Rianna tends to take on more risky adventures, as she sees herself as being one of the defenders of the Realm, which does, at times, bother Tera and Keith, but they recognize that she isn’t without her own abilities and powers and they know that, if nothing else, Kira, Rianna’s angelkitty, will look out for her and remind her when she’s taking a huge risk or being foolish.

But there is one truth that Rianna knows most of all. She is loved by Tera and Keith, she loves them dearly in return, and her devotion to them and the Realm is for always.


Rianna’s tailself is one of the more unique beings in the Realm, whose genesis harkens back to the time before Tera became Queen. While it is a well-known fact that Tera’s mother is the source of the Realm, what isn’t known, save to Tera’s tailself, Tail, is that Rianna’s tailself is, in fact, Tera’s father.

While it is generally assumed that Tera’s father had sacrificed himself at Tera’s hands, and it appeared so to all of those who saw the event, and that he was no more, the truth is much more complicated. The events are detailed in Tera’s history, but, with regards to Rianna’s tailself, Tera’s father was given a second chance to redeem himself through the actions of his Eternal, Tera’s mother. He was placed in the Lake of Fire to await the will of those within the Lake for his moment to return to a changed Realm.

When that moment came, he was merged into Rianna’s unborn form and remained dormant until Rianna came into contact with Tera and her own natural powers began to manifest themselves. Eventually, he made himself known as Rianna’s tailself, not taking a name as Tera’s own Tail had done.

While at the multi-universe university called Mtech, Tera’s Tail came into conflict with Rianna’s and, when this happened, Tail recognized him and threatened to bring about his destruction once more as she had done in the past. He proved that his purpose was to protect Rianna’s future in the same way that Tail was meant to protect Tera’s. This was his chance at redemption, to see that the path he had taken was not the one meant to be and to make things right, not for himself, but for Tera and her daughter.

He then renounced his past, leaving it behind, and changed his perspective from masculine to feminine, though he had never changed Rianna’s form when Tail had confronted him or otherwise. She still did not take a name, and did not attempt to influence Rianna, though at times, when Rianna withdraws into herself while one of her constructs is in control, they speak to each other. Rianna doesn’t always remember their conversations, but her TailSelf remembers every word and promise made.


Rianna’s angelkitty is named Kira, who first appeared to Rianna when she was attending the multi-universe university called Mtech, where Tera was the Co-Dean and Student Advisor. Kira, in her angelkitty form, is a brownish-grey Calico kitten with blue wings. In her human form, Kira appears to be a younger sister to Rianna, having some of the same physical attributes that Rianna has in body shape and hair colour, but not to the same degree—if Rianna is “busty,” then Kira is “curvy”. Kira’s personality, however, is not as submissive as Rianna’s and, as such, Kira tends to be forceful about her opinions, not being afraid to tell Rianna exactly what she thinks.

When Kira first appeared to Rianna, she was a newborn angelkitty, and was unprepared for all of the changes that Rianna faced in her time at Mtech. During one terrible event, Kira was forced to age rapidly to help stop a disaster in the making; this hurt her greatly and caused Rianna great pain. For a time, Kira was unable to remain in her angelkitty form and was forced to remain in her human form instead, limping and obviously in pain. It was well over a year before Kira healed, with Rianna’s help, and was able to shift forms once more.

Kira is always close by Rianna, though at times she can be invisible or simply hiding in the rafters of a room or in a tree somewhere. It isn’t uncommon for Kira to flutter up to Rianna and give her a look, of which Rianna instantly knows the meaning. They also have the rare gift of being able to hear each other’s thoughts and being able to communicate in a way that cannot be blocked or read by others. This has led to many of Rianna’s pranks being assisted in some way by Kira.

Kira has an odd power over Rianna, which is seen from time to time: Kira will flutter up to Rianna before hovering in front of her. Kira then places one of her front paws on Rianna’s nose and mews, just once. Rianna then seems to go into a trance and then makes Kira a sandwich, usually tuna, which Kira then flutters off with to eat. When Rianna snaps out of her trance, she has no recollection of making a sandwich and is confused as to what happened; then she makes her own sandwich and goes on her way.


As I mentioned at the beginning, this doesn’t tell all of Rianna’s story, but at least some of that story can be seen and… perhaps… She’ll appear again someday…



Nov 30 2014

A Review of Savion and the Succubus by Sara Kane

Savion and the Succubus by Sara Kane

Savion and the Succubus by Sara Kane

Some stories have the creation of a Succubus as a curse. The way that happens varies, of course, but sometimes the larger question to ask is: Why was she cursed in the first place?

What follows from that question can be so much more interesting than the curse itself. After all, history, especially the history that makes someone who they are, has a way of returning again…

  • Title: Savion and the Succubus
  • Author: Sara Kane
  • Publishing Date: June 25, 2012
  • Length: 266 Pages
  • ASIN: B008EXKT2O
  • This work at – No Longer Available

The work tells about:

Fallon, succubus assassin, will do anything to find her missing daughter–even take a contract on the only man she’s ever loved and ever desired as something more than prey for the demon she’s become.

Savion Ardennes, alpha werewolf, isn’t surprised when he discovers the woman looking for her daughter is really a succubus sent to kill him. Many have tried and many have failed. But this one will succeed because he can’t stop touching her, or living the fantasy that she’s the woman he loved and murdered all those years ago.

Guilt and betrayal are wielded expertly by black forces trying to destroy them both. Can Savion and Fallon overcome the darkness and find the light of truth that will lead them home to each other?

There are many different kinds of supernatural beings in this work. Vampires, werewolves, demons of all sorts. But only a single Succubus, Fallon. She has no horns or tail, but she does have the ability to enflame the desires of others and beyond that turn them quite literally into ashes when she is finished with them. She’s placed her real self far into her past, pushed her true self into a corner and locked it away so that she can survive and it has worked so far. At least until she takes a contract and finds herself facing the man, now werewolf, that made her into what she is. But she can’t hide that she still loves him, even if it costs her everything.

Fallon I found to be interesting for many reasons, but the one that I particularly enjoyed was the descriptions of her using her power, reaching out to those around her and what effect she has on them. When she cannot control her abilities and things go a bit wild, the moment was very striking and stayed with me throughout the rest of the work.

The work has many threads running through it and paying attention to each character as things progress is a must. It does become slightly confused towards the latter third of the work when certain truths are revealed and some very unexpected changes happen.

While there was much told about Fallon, her daughter is for the majority of the work a mystery. That is a shame really because she didn’t feel like part of the story save for a means to draw Fallon into the situation she was in. When things happen in that thread, they seemed very rushed and… incomplete.

Savion is a werewolf, the leader of his pack, and still holds within him the need for who Fallon was. That need is cloaked beneath an iron persona, which it must be of course. Still, when he comes into contact with Fallon he knows there is something about her that is familiar. It is that familiarity that drives much of the story forwards as each of them sidesteps the other, the secrets swirling around then both.

The level of plots and mechanisms that have been swirling around them, and many others, really is very intricate and well designed so they their actions, their choices, do not see out of place or strange as the story develops. When everything breaks, the piece match up really well and while there are two moments that felt slightly odd, overall the climax of the story is delicious.

Fallon’s personality, her drive, the way she stands up to those around her, occasionally making them do what she wants, mainly driving many of them to dislike her in spite of themselves really makes her a force. It is that force of personality that makes this story so much more.

The erotic moments are not overwhelming, save for when Fallon goes out of control an in those moment it is very hot and animalistic in nature. But then the more personal and important moments have that as well at times.

The end of the work closes the door on Fallon, things change for her and when they do I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed in that. I thought, based on one vital moment that Fallon and Savion share, that she would not change from what she is, but she does change and in that the story of a Succubus comes to an end.

But, and this is the important point, there are open doors to new stories from this world… But they never appeared and that is a real shame.

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

Really there was much to like about Fallon, the ending felt right, but there were so many open doors to explore that haven’t been… and likely never will. The bigger shame is that this work isn’t available any longer. It really was well worth the read…



Nov 29 2014

A Morrigan and Lilith Aensland YouTube with music that works…

There are, of course, many Morrigan and Lilith Aensland YouTube videos out there. But to be honest very few of them have music that even slightly seems, at least for me, to work with the characters… I found one this time which I actually like and the name of the song, for me at least, makes me smile…

If you cannot see the video here on the Tale, try this link:

And, of course, the one image of the video that I liked the best…

Morrigan and Lilith Aensland

I just really like the poses and the outfits they are wearing… The artist created a lovely work of the sisters here and really it is so difficult to find a cute and “sisterly” image of the two of them together…

Getting back to the song, it’s titled Seduction, and really isn’t that quite the right sort of song to use with a pair of Succubi?

I really think so…



Nov 28 2014

A Review of Fatal Attraction by DrkFetyshNyghts

Fatal Attraction by DrkFetyshNyghts

Fatal Attraction by DrkFetyshNyghts

Some see Succubi as creatures of horror. Some write them to be evil beings that care only for destruction and death. While that is one of their aspects, the question becomes one of where the erotica and the horror meet.

There is something called horror erotica that exists and it is something that I personally do not care for very much. Less so when there is an overwhelming amount of horror that has some erotica sprinkled here and there.

  • Title: Fatal Attraction
  • Author: DrkFetyshNyghts
  • Length: 74 Pages
  • Publishing Date: December 6, 2013
  • This work at

The work tells of:

In the not to distant future, the stunning, flawless Demon Succubi exist amongst human beings and with the consent and cooperation of various governments worldwide. It remains unclear why such an arrangement is in place but it doesn’t look good. The Succubi, female sexual demons, use supernatural allure and sexuality to trap victims and what happens to these hapless individuals defies description. Unnatural sexual pleasure tugging against unspeakable horrors and everything in between – the pleasure usually being followed by an unimaginable life extinguishing event. David had been selected by the Succubi in his early years and was allowed to fester in his own deepening and obscene fantasies – fantasies he thought were a product of his own imagination. Then he was reeled in. David had been selected to experience a never ending cycle of sexual pleasure, death and re-life. For him there would be no release, or escape.

The one overwhelming theme of this work is, in short, suffering and death. The focus is mainly upon all of the things that David suffers through due to a series of Succubi who use him, and then in the next moment end his life before bringing him back to life and starting all over again.

It is, without a doubt in my mind, horror erotica, the emphasis on the horror. There are many detailed descriptions of how David suffers, the things done to him physically, and it quickly becomes repetitive in that. The erotica is muted in all of the suffering that he goes through and well before I was too far into reading this work I found myself flipping pages to get past the suffering into the story itself. The problem is that there isn’t all that much story.

The work is one horrific scene after the next with some moments when David tries to figure out what is going on before it starts again. Or there is a moment of erotica he feels and then the story devolves back into his suffering. While this is the point of the story, it happens so often that I just didn’t care, nor really wanted to finish this work after 25 pages of reading.

I found that the author could have used at least two more editing passes for the spelling mistakes and use of some words that didn’t make a lot of sense at times. The characters were forgettable for me at least and the story as a whole just didn’t do anything for me.

All of this, of course, is my view of things and that is coloured by my own view that Succubi are beings of seduction. To be truthful I did not see any real aspect of that in the Succubi that appeared. They are more monster than Succubi in the end and that’s more the shame really. The concept of the story, the universe they exist in does interest me and I think I would have liked the work more if that was emphasized.

One out of five pitchforks.

If you enjoy horror erotica, then you will likely enjoy this work. I just could not for the violence and the repetitive telling of how David suffers and passes on over and over again.



Nov 27 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 359

A lovely pencil sketch of a Succubus to share this week on the Tale… I found this work earlier this year and at the time I commented to the artist that I thought it was very striking. Especially her eye…

Succubus by traxxamass

Succubus by traxxamass

This work is called Succubus and is by an artist on DeviantArt named traxxamass. You can find the page on DeviantArt I found this work here and this artist’s page is here on DeviantArt as well…

She just looks… right. I really cannot express things much clearer than that. As a whole she looks lovely, seductive, and has this little smile and expression that I do so like to see Succubi have. Her eye is really what I found to be the more expressive part of this work. There is, at least to me, a sort of ethereal glow in it as if she is seeing into the one that is looking towards her. Seeing into them, and… just knowing.

Her body shape fits with her hair style, her horns really work as well, much better than a lot of art I have seen where the Succubus has horns that look silly on her. Here they just bit. The seductiveness of her pose, look and form is something I will remember…

The artist said that this was one of their first works, and really it is an expression of a Succubus that made it one of my favourite images of the year…



Nov 26 2014

You might be a Little Devil… You aren’t quite a Succubus…

Little Devil CostumeI will say that some costumes really are not that awful. There are some that actually do, in some small way, manage to not quite be totally trashy or ugly or a mess or worse. Of course those are few and fae between but they do, sometimes, appear in the midst of all of the junk that is out there to be found…

This is called the Little Devil Costume and it comes with the dress, which has removable shoulder straps, but the tail isn’t. A pair of sequin devil horns, a feather boa and the necklace you can just barely see the model wearing… The shoes are not included and the ensemble sells for $50 US at most places on the web that I found it.

I actually rather like the dress, though the horns, tail and boa are… well… a bit on the tacky side for my personal tastes. Though at least they used a pair of shoes that are a fairly good match for the costume at least. They sell for $22 on one site that gave them as an option to by with the costume I should say.

I would not use the boa, nor the tail or horns, I have better tails and horns to use of course. Overall as a “something to wear to the office Halloween party” idea it really isn’t all that awful a thing to consider I think. Shoes included.

I’ll give this three out of five pitchforks…

Is it bad to think of this as “respectable?”

I’m not sure…



Nov 25 2014

A Review of Succubus – The Hunger by Alice May Ball

Succubus - The Hunger by Alice May Ball

Succubus – The Hunger by Alice May Ball

I find the most interesting stories about Succubi are those that show them on the prowl and seeking those to claim as theirs… Call it my own Domme nature coming into play if you will. I like to see Succubi seduce the ones they focus on. I like to see them be erotic and powerful in their own right.

The story is better when the Succubus can give the one that calls to her, or is called by her, their own fantasy… Where things go from there matters as much as the erotica does. Some authors do understand that…

The work tells about:

Dark haired with a penetrating gaze in his deep, dark brown eyes, Morgan is a fine, hot-blooded male. His keen intellect and burning passions, though, have done nothing to prepared him for the unholy lust of a surprise night visitor. How far will her inhuman passions push him? Can he endure what she will propose?

A Succubus, who is never named, goes hunting and finds Morgan in a club. She knows that he sees her, tail and all, and is intrigued by him. So few can see Succubi around them, know them and, more importantly, be attracted by them. She then visits Morgan later in the evening and choices are made by both of them.

The Succubus is, very much, a tempting seductive being who knows what she wants and who she wants. From the first moment she is in control of the situation, takes Morgan and firmly controls what happens in the story. Having a tail is, for me, just the icing on the cake of her personality and it is nice to see that tail mentioned and used in some interesting ways.

Morgan’s character is a submissive one, but that has to be drawn out and directed by the Succubus and she does so in a way that tells of her ability to seduce him. She does not hurt him or make him do something that he doesn’t want to do. She knows his wants and desires and plays upon them towards an end.

When the moment comes at the end of the work where she asks of Morgan a question and what his acceptance of that question means, it reveals Morgan’s need and her own desires as well. That I thought was well done and the work ends on a fitting note. But it ends a bit too soon I thought. I really would have liked to have seen a part two of this story as the path was there to continue onwards.

Very hot writing with two well told characters. A few minor spelling mistakes to be found in the story. But, as always, the story is short and ends at a question which is left unanswered and I would have liked to know where it would have gone from there.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Seductive, tempting, and deliciously erotic. A lovely description of a Succubus on the hunt and finding one to be claimed… but leaves the reader just when the story turns the corner.