Jun 16 2014

Storm Clouds 202 by TeraS

Back to Jane and John … Let’s see if I can get things going with them again, too …

For those that would like to read Storm Clouds from the beginning, you can click this link, and it will take you to the page where all of the previous chapters can be found.


Storm Clouds 202
Chapter 34
By TeraS


The calendar hung from the wall by a single red thumbtack. A series of red slashes were drawn through several of the dates on it, but not all of them. There were still many more to go.

Jane stood there looking at it and then began counting the days left, turning the calendar over as she did so, finally coming to the date marked with a blue circle. She noted that there were still two and a half months to go before the dance.

One way or the other, she was going to see to it that John made it there.

“Whatcha thinking?”

She turned away from the calendar and looked at John as he hobbled into the room. She knew he was making progress, slow but steady. He didn’t see it that way. That had to change.

“I’m thinking about going to the dress maker tomorrow and getting something special made.”

He shook his head: “I’m not going to make it. Docs say that they won’t let me out for another six months and it’ll be another year of therapy before they know…”

Jane stalked towards him, her heels clicking on the tile floor: “By the end of this week, you’re going to be walking better. By the end of next week, you’re not going to be walking with that cane. The end of next month? You’re going to be running on a treadmill.”

John shifted, putting more weight on the cane as he did so: “So, if you’re right, then by the end of this week, you’re going to be slow dancing like a pro. By the end of next week, you’re going to be ballroom dancing. And next month? I expect the cha-cha and some tango.”

Jane stopped just in front of him: “Deal.”

John shot a look at her: “What?”

“It’s going to happen. I’ve taken time off from my job. I don’t have to go back for three months. I’ve gotten permission to be with you every day and get your ass in gear, John. You aren’t getting out of the date.”

“Who says so?”

“I do.”

“Jane, I’m not. I’ll take you wherever you want, any place in town, it’s yours;, just say. But we aren’t going to that dance.”

She poked a slim finger into his chest: “Why? Is this some kind of macho man thing that you firemen do? Can’t be seen as anything less than perfect?”

John didn’t answer, which told Jane all she needed to know. She moved her finger underneath his chin, making John look at her: “Tell me what you are thinking, John. You’ve been fighting me every step of the way. Why?”

He moved his free hand to take Jane’s and lower it from his chin: “Truth is, I don’t understand why you are sticking around. You’re … damn it … a dream. You probably could have a dozen men wrapped around your finger, doing whatever you want. And you’re here. Why?”

Jane didn’t look away, her eyes held on John’s: “There’s a difference between lust and love, John. I know the difference. I know who’s real and who’s a fraud. I know … things. I know you aren’t sure that I’ll be here every day. I know that. I understand that. Thing is, as frustrating as you are …”

The pause was a long one, Jane trying to put her truth out in the open, but John interrupted: “If you tell me you love me … be sure. You can’t take that back.”

Jane nodded: “Someone special once told me about the first time she met her Eternal.”

John arched an eyebrow. He could hear the capitalization in that word, hear how Jane put so much emotion into it.

“She told him to be careful who he gave his soul to; he would never get it back.”

John nodded: “Sounds right … seems right.”

Jane sighed: “I know what I know, John, but I won’t say the words right now. Still, I promise you this: at that dance, on that dance floor, when the floor is ours and ours alone … I am going to be sure, and you are too.”

John looked at his cane: “How long?”

“Two and a half months.”

“A lot can happen in that time.”

“I hope so.”

He looked at her again: “Me too.”

She smiled: “Let’s go. The exercise room is open. We’ve got a lot to do today.”

He had thought that Jane would be just watching and encouraging him as he had done for the past week and a half, but today … today was different. When they entered, there was no one else there. Jane closed the door behind them, and then picked up a nurse’s cap that was sitting on a table by the door.

“Where’s the help?”

“Not going to be here today. It’s the weekend, they’re all off, but we’re not. So, I’m going to be the one pushing you. I’ll be back in a sec.”

With that, Jane walked away from John and entered a back room. She emerged a few minutes later in a t-shirt and shorts, the cap in her hair and running shoes on her toes.

John couldn’t help thinking about what she would look like in a nurse’s uniform and had to turn away—The embarrassment on his face quite clear.

“Out with it.”


“No, tell me what you’re thinking, John. I want to know.”

John looked at her: “You’ll just walk out on me.”

“I said I’m not leaving.”

He sighed: “I had … an image of you looking like a nurse just now.”

She smirked: “And?”

He looked away: “You know, I keep thinking about you in that black dress, and now I have a fantasy about you looking like a nurse. You really are trouble, aren’t you?”

Jane walked up to him, pressing her chest against his back, wrapping her arms around his waist. There was a purr in her voice that reached down deeply inside of John: “I’ll keep that fantasy in mind. It’ll be worth your while.”

“God. You are evil, aren’t you?”

She kissed the back of his neck: “Not evil … mischievous.”

Six hours later, John was aching all over as the weights came down for the final time.

“You are a slave driver. I haven’t hurt this much since the academy.”

Jane was looking at a clipboard: “No pain, no gain. You managed about ten percent more today. You’re getting better John.”

“Can’t keep going like this every day.”

She put the clipboard down: “Oh … I think I can find an incentive for you.”

“Do I really want to know?”

Jane didn’t say anything; instead she helped John to stand, then walked with him over towards the showers: “Go; take a shower; come out when you’re done.”

Throughout the shower, John worried. He worried that Jane was going to do something stupid when he came out that would embarrass them both. The thing was—and he found himself not wanting to admit it—he had flashes of fantasies about Jane that got to him … badly.

He didn’t get out of the shower until the water turned very cold. When he did come out, Jane was standing there, tapping her foot: “It’s about …”

John had only wrapped a towel around his waist and Jane got a really good look at him. He looked away, embarrassed that he didn’t use the robes that were there.


Jane ran her tongue over her lips: “Oh … it’s … fine. Just … fine.”

She pointed at a small stack of clothes and then moved towards the shower: “I’m going to use that shower Go get changed. I won’t be as long as you were.”

John had the distinct feeling that Jane knew exactly why it took him so long in the shower. “It’s … the water is freezing.”

She snorted, grabbing a small bag as she marched past him: “That’s why I won’t be long.”

She wasn’t, and, when she came out, her hair was in a ponytail, a fuzzy orange sweater was hugging her curves, and … to be honest, the rest of what she was wearing didn’t register to John.

She smiled: “Cat got your tongue?”

He picked up his cane: “Cat’s got nothing on Jane.”

“Good answer.”

She slipped her arm around his and they walked from the exercise room back to his room.

“So, no black dress for your dance lessons tonight?”

“Not going to be dancing tonight John.”

“What are you planning?”

“You and I are going to have dinner in your room, and then we’re going to talk. If we’re both lucky, we’re going to be spending the night together.”

John didn’t know what to say about that … but found himself thinking that Jane was wrong: she wasn’t mischievous. And that little spark within him, that one that he’d kept locked away where no one would be able to get to it… glowed a little brighter.

It matched a spark within Jane herself.

Jun 15 2014

A Review of The Succubus’ Caress by Valerie Paradis

The Succubus' Caress by Valerie Paradis

The Succubus’ Caress by Valerie Paradis

Sometime ago I reviewed an author’s work here on the Tale. I didn’t care for the work at the time for various reasons, but it seems that the work was reissued under a different title with absolutely no changes whatsoever from the original work.

(Note: That review was eaten by the server, I’ll repost is again as soon as possible.)

As such, I am simply going to repeat, word for word, the review I gave for the original work.

One of the things that bothers me the most about many stories about Succubi is that they are, in the end, beings of horror and evil wrapped in a sheen of erotic possibilities. The thing about that is, it is a stereotype. It is an ongoing focus of many authors that while they might seem “good” it is only a means to trap their victims and from there, the obvious ending is assured… to my personal regret.

The promise of good erotic heat to a story shouldn’t fall victim to an ending that takes that heat away…

The story tells of:

Daniel Bankston is having another normal day is his unfulfilling life when he discovers a mysterious old tome in a strange little second-hand shop. He soon discovers that this book holds more secrets than it originally appears to. When he accidentally summons a beautiful and seductive lover from beyond, his day suddenly becomes much more interesting.

Daniel discovers a store, a book, and through his choices, discovers that Succubi are quite real beings with one thing on their minds… sex and as much of that as they can possibly have from the ones that summon them.

The summoning brings into Daniel’s life a Succubus who tempts and seduces very well, but after the promising beginning, the hope I had for a lovely delicious piece of erotica were taken away by the time the climax came in more ways than one.

A hot succubus who tempts, teases and seduces is nothing if she is stereotypical, and this one is. While the erotica is lovely and hot, the climax of the story was one that was obvious from the first mention of the book Daniel found, the lead up and so on.

We never learn the name of the succubus, instead focussing on her body more than anything else really. She has personality, there is no doubt of that in my mind, but it is overshadowed by the spell Daniel used to summon her and the cost of the summoning.

The story was a tease in more than one way. It teased characters that provided things, teased a main character in learning something about them and teased the succubus of the work in that we learn, really, nothing about her.

I’m not sure that how this story closed was the best way as if left much unanswered and took what was a good sensual story and turned to towards a piece of horror.

A better ending would have been nice for the deliciously hot erotic moments of the story. Ending the story on a down note is not the best way to end such stories. And using a stereotype for a succubus is never a good thing unless that is all that you can see in such characters.. I can see more and can here as well…

Overall, the writing was well done, but there were moments that felt like afterthoughts to pad the story because the erotica alone wasn’t enough on its own.

Two pitchforks out of five.

Not everything I had been hoping for from the beginning and it really wouldn’t have been to much to ask for something light instead of the ending we received I think…

And reissuing this work and no indicating so does not improve it at all.



Jun 14 2014

A cute Succubus YouTube speedpainting video…

I found a really lovely YouTube with an artist creating a really cute Succubus. Since I love cute, I’m going to share the video today on the Tale…

In cause it cannot be seen here on the Tale, please try this link:


And an image of the completed art in case the video vanishes as sometimes happens…

Lilith Succubus by HumanoidMe

Lilith Succubus by HumanoidMe

As a Succubus I think she’s quite cute, even if her wings are huge! But her hairstyle, the look in her eyes that you can see in the video, her pose, the clothing she wears… It all combines into creating one of the cutest Succubi that I have seen…

Being that her name is Lilith, I wonder if she is sort of based on Lilith Aensland if only a little bit so in that she kind of has the same body shape and style that the more well known Lilith has…

Something to ponder I think…



Jun 13 2014

A Review of Kiss of the Succubus by Lyra K

Kiss of the Succubus by Lyra K

Kiss of the Succubus by Lyra K

A Succubus does not need to be the core of a story really. Sometimes she’s on the edges of the story, a means to push the story, characters, and so on towards a conclusion.

A Succubus does need to be something more than stereotypical or a “blink and you’ll miss her” type of character. Even more so when the title of the work suggests she is more than that, but really isn’t…

The work tells about:

The adventures of Sir Landis the chaste as he falls into the clutches of the (only slightly) wicked sorceress, Helia. Transformed by forbidden magic into her own personal lesbian fantasy lover, Landis is forced to serve and protect her if he ever wants to go back to being a man.

I am of two minds about this work. I do like it, to a point. The dialog is witty, the main characters really play off each other well. There are some really cute and silly moments that made me laugh too. For a short, and it is quite short, story, it turns out to be something more than I expected.

However, the Succubus is.. well barely there in more than one way. It is a fleeting moment when she appears and then… isn’t there. It is disappointing because her physical presence is something different and interesting but there isn’t anything told about her… Save that she feeds on the desires of Helia and Landis that is. I can’t really call her stereotypical either as her actions and effects on the main characters aren’t quite the usual. I’m not sure I liked her, but I didn’t dislike her either…

The story seemed to be trying to find its way for much of the time, but when it did settle on one theme and move onwards with it, it became really quite good and I enjoyed it. Helia is… well… different, but in a good way and as the beginning of a series of stories about her it makes for some thoughts really about her. The same is true of Landis as well. Really neither of their histories are touched on, nor really is the path going forwards either.

It is, in the end, a hot flash erotica-wise. There is a little bit of fun and games, a bit stronger things as well. The erotica isn’t anything that might be construed as being “hard core” in nature and considering the characters I felt like it was the best way to approach those moments.

I think that there are some scenes missing from the work somehow. There is a disconnect between the transformation of Landis and the meeting with the Succubus that makes that passage… odd. I’m not sure why exactly…

I’m giving this work three out of five pitchforks.

The story really isn’t about the Succubus, it is about Helia and Landis. The author really should have picked a better title…



Jun 12 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 335

It is interesting to me the slight differences and variations in how Succubi are portrayed around the world. The are little things that remain the same, or almost so, but overall things have a certain flavour and that makes them… interesting…

Succubus by ValeryaSIREN

Succubus by ValeryaSIREN

This work is entitled Succubus and is by an artist on DeviantArt named ValeryaSIREN… You can find the page where I found this work originally here, and this artist’s page on DeviantArt can be found here as well…

There is a bit of an Eastern Europe feeling to this art at least to me. I find the mixture of life and darkness within this art contrast against each other very well. I do feel that her eyes are the centrepiece here, they are the windows to the soul after all. As well, the smooth flow of curves through her body, from the tips of her horns to the wrap that binds her is lovely…

There is an air of danger about her that I think is quite strong but in that danger comes what seems to be a glimmer of something else… Perhaps it is the life behind her or the talisman she holds in her hand…

All in all one of the most striking images of a Succubus that I have seen this year…



Jun 11 2014

Not really that much of a Smoking Hot Devil costume is it?

Smoking Hot Devil Costume
I’ve discovered a new level of trashy. I thought I had found the deepest depths of trashy, but, of course, I have been proven wrong… again.

This is called the Smoking Hot Devil costume and it comes with the skirt, panties, the top, the fingerless gloves, choker and horns. There is no tail and the pitchfork is not included nor is the stockings or shoes which the model is wearing…

It sells for $85 US but can be found for as little as $25 US…

Honestly this is one of the worst costumes of the year, and that I think is saying a lot. No style to it at all, nothing sexy about it, as it just screams trashy and I think the model who is wearing it was just on the edge of screaming in embarrassment when they took the picture of her.

I don’t like the horns, I don’t like the look. Strippers might though I kind of doubt that as they have higher standards.

And speaking of higher standards…

Zero out of five pitchforks.

I’ll pass on this and keep looking…



Jun 10 2014

A Review of For Love of a Succubus by Leona D. Reish

For Love of a Succubus by Leona D. Reish

For Love of a Succubus by Leona D. Reish

The question of the family of any Succubus, to me, makes for a very interesting story. The relationships between mother and daughter are important ones and they do shape the person the daughter becomes. But it also matters when the siblings, specifically brothers, are involved and then a very difficult question appears.

What if the Succubus wants her brother? What if the brother in turn isn’t quite sure himself about her, other than he has to protect her. What if she’s doing the same thing for him? What happens when it all comes to a head in one night and they both have to figure out where their relationship is going… And are they really brother and sister or something else?

The work tells the story of:

Living with a succubus can be trying at the best of times, so when Theodore overhears the demonic woman shout his childhood nickname in the height of self-pleasure; their relationship is destined to propel past simpler, platonic affection for the love of a succubus. These lustful, blue-skinned demons come with many tricks and talents, however. After this sleepless night, nothing will be the same between them.

Theo, also known as Teddy has a problem. His mother is a Succubus, as is his sister, and she wants him. He doesn’t know how to take this and in a moment of anger their relationship suffers. Then their Succubus mother has her say and Liz, his sister, makes things up to him… and very clearly tells him what she wants.

Liz, the Succubus of this story, is actually a kind of Succubus that isn’t written about very much. She has blue skin, not red or “normal” human skin and some might see her as being corrupted in a way, based on that. In truth she’s a lot more complex even if her nature need for sex gets the best of her at times. She cares about Teddy very much and in that comes a need that she can’t hide well which causes a conflict between them.

Liz’s mother is, for me, a lovely example of a mother that cares about her family and wants only the best for them, whatever that is. She’s fun, but also she’s a little bit mischievous and that made me like her very much and I wished she had been around a lot longer than she was. There is a little told about Liz and Theo’s father, but he, regrettably, never appears in the story.

Theo himself, being the centre of all that is going on around him, is lost in a way, but also very protective of his family, especially his sister and that felt right. While having to deal with a family that is all about sex and seduction isn’t an easy thing to do, the way he felt about his sister, how he wanted to protect her most of all… That really was touching and I respected him for that.

But Liz gets advice from her mother, finds Theo sleeping on the couch, and it isn’t long before there is some very hot Succubus taking control of things erotica that I did enjoy. It’s some of the best writing of a Succubus having her way with someone that I’ve seen in some time and I liked how Liz spoke, acted, and reacted to Theo as the story went on.

The story ends on what I thought was a lovely place, and really I’d like to see a part two with Liz’s mother being around more, or Liz and Theo being together, maybe Theo coming into his Incubus powers or something like that, but there’s a problem with that thought and I’ll get back to it.

The work is written well, though there are some minor errors in it like “breathe” for “breath” and some odd sentence structure at one or two points. The real problem I have is more of a relationship issue between Theo and his sister that I can’t quite get my mind around. In the summary of this work it is described as “blue-skinned succubus and adopted human brother” sex. But reading through the story, it changes to “succubus and human brother” then it changes again to “succubus and half-incubus brother” and this really bothers me a lot. I’m not sure which one of these is correct in the story and that would be something I’d like to know. What is said by Liz as the story plays out and she seduces him, makes me think that their mother is the same as is their father. It’s just very confusing and that part of the story needs to be straightened out.

Four out of five pitchforks.

A very hot story with really some wonderful Succubus evil, but in a very good way. The problem is that the base story is confused. Are they sister and adopted brother? Or is he really her brother? It keeps shifting around that point and confuses things which bothered me. And please, a little bit more editing as well?

Regardless of all of that, this is the best work by this author that has to do with Succubi I think and they have written a number of books, and a series, about them and Incubi. I will get around to review those works as well in time, but this one, being the one that I adore, needed to be first.