Feb 27 2015

A Review of The Amber Cross by MeiLin Miranda

The Amber Cross by MeiLin Miranda

The Amber Cross by MeiLin Miranda

Period works with Succubi and Incubi appearing in them can be difficult things to manage. By that I mean how the characters sound and act, considering they are Succubi or Incubi in a world where sexuality isn’t something discussed, can be a hard thing to manage.

It is possible to manage it however and in doing so create a story that manages to be quite a lot more than you expected when it began…

The work tells the story of:

Glamorous siblings Henry and Mary Crawford have captivated the Bertrams of Mansfield Park. Sisters Maria and Julia compete for Henry’s attention. Their brother Edmund falls hard for Mary.

The one exception is the Bertrams’ shy cousin, Fanny Price. Penniless, plain and raised to believe she has little worth, Fanny has long accepted that Edmund will never love her as she loves him. He will marry another–just let it not be a girl like Mary Crawford!

But when Fanny’s seafaring brother gives her an ancient amber cross, the talisman reveals to her what kind of girl Mary Crawford really is. She and her brother are succubi, out to seduce the Bertrams and consume their life force–and Henry Crawford has decided Fanny is the most delicious of them all. Timid Fanny must find the strength to resist Henry’s seductive powers if she is to save her own life and that of her beloved Edmund.

A paranormal erotica mash-up of Jane Austen’s “Mansfield Park,” “The Amber Cross” originally appeared in the Circlet Press anthology “Sense and Sensuality.”

The world around Fanny is one which she does not quite fit into. Over time she sees things that others do not and understands more than she is given credit for. When the truth around her is revealed, Fanny comes to see that she is more and in doing so battles dark forces around her in the name of the one she loves.

This is really a story about Fanny with all of the other characters, events and moments spinning around her. And really, as a whole, the story is so much better for that. Many of the minor characters are supposed to be “more” than Fanny, but honestly I found them to be paper thin and really not worth much in the end. Fanny is a wonderfully full character and as the story unfolds it is even better that who she is comes to the fore.

There is a Succubus, and an Incubi in this work who are the ones manipulating those around them and taking from them. What I found really amazing was how the actions of the Crawfords are told in a way that is very erotic and seductive but does not seem out of place with the rest of the work. The moments read true and not as if they were shoehorned into the work to add some spice to it. While it is quite clear they are Succubus and Incubus, they don’t actually appear with horns or tails, though their more evil aspects when they are seen by Fanny ring true and match well with how they had been described previously.

The work is a full and complete story from beginning to end, all of the plots tied up nicely and an ending that was exactly right as well. The writing is solid, well cared for, and quite enjoyable. I never could read Jane Austin and I did pause before reading this work… and I am so very glad that I did so. The author’s voice is delicious and perfect for the setting and tones.

Four out of of five pitchforks.

I really never could quite manage to read Jane Austin for various reasons… This work was a joy and in that, more than anything, I thank the author for making that possible.



Feb 26 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 371

Something that I felt was very unique as a depiction of one of the Succubi today on the Tale… There’s an neat mix of dominance, sexuality and seduction in this piece of art that just appeals to me quite a lot…

Succubus by NikkiWardArt

Succubus by NikkiWardArt

This is called Succubus and it is by an artist on DeviantArt named NikkiWardArt who created this work as part of their 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge. You can find the page on DeviantArt I found this work here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

Really love the thigh high boots, gloves and corset, very stylish. Her hair is interesting in how it acts sort of like a cape as well. Her expression is just shy of being demanding, not that the little “persuader” she is carrying doesn’t say something on it’s own.

Overall, she’s just a delicious dominant Succubus with quite a lot going for her in expression, poise, and intent.

So many ideas from this I can tell you.



Feb 25 2015

At least this wig is trying.

Black and Red Devil WigThe first of two wigs that I found this week on the Tale. This week I will share the better of the two… Next week will be the disaster…

This is called, oddly enough, the Black and Red Devil Wig. It does not include the horns which I am on the fence about anyway…

It sells for $25 US.

I have to say that I do rather like the horns the model is wearing with this wig, and having looked for them, they sell for $15 US. So… As a whole… I don’t think that $40 US is too much for this combination overall.

I like the shift from red to black in the wig… It looks like the hair was dyed that way and it just looks better and that, really, is the most important thing isn’t it?

Going a little bit further, I also like the dress the model is wearing as well…

Perhaps there is an idea in all of this?

Oh… There might be.

I know that the wig next week will not.

But for this one, I’ll give it three out of five pitchforks.

It’s something to think about… But not quite sure what.



Feb 24 2015

A Review of Tempting the Demon by Elle James

Tempting the Demon by Elle James

Tempting the Demon by Elle James

Evil done for the sake of doing evil really doesn’t make for much of a story. It’s far more interesting to have them be a little different, have a reason for what they do, and, if at all possible, not to be too obvious in being the one guilty.

Love can be bliss or it can be eternal torment. It can be the highest of highs and at the same moment take almost everything out of you. The question becomes, when you have to face it, is it really love you share and if it is, are you willing to do anything for them?

Even murder?

  • Title: Tempting the Demon
  • Author: Elle James
  • Length: 67 Pages
  • Publishing Date: April 1, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The story tells of:

Dead demons keep turning up across the city. And it’s up to Katya Danske, member of the NYPD’s Paranormal Investigation Team, to stop whoever—or whatever—is behind the killing. But long, hot nights with her personal demon, sexy Blaise Michaels, are leaving her little energy to concentrate on her job.
Blaise understands Katya’s need for space, but now that he’s claimed her, he refuses to let his mate out of his sight. Not when a soul-sucking succubus and a massive storm threathen to throw the city into chaos. Besides, she needs his help to harness her own newly discovered powers. But can he convince her that the passion that binds them makes them stronger together than they are apart?

Katya is a police detective with a couple of problems. The first is that demons are being killed in the city. The second is her partner Blaise. Romantic relationships are never an easy thing, but when you are a half-demon and a demon is in your thoughts and life constantly? That’s a hard thing to deal with. So’s figuring out who the murderer is.

This is a lovely little mystery-romance work that had quite a lot going for it. The erotica is smoulderingly hot, the setting and story is well thought out and told. The answer to the mystery isn’t obvious and it unfolds in a way that feels very much like you are with Katya as she puts the pieces together.

Katya is strongly written with a past, her own thoughts and concerns, and more importantly, she wants to prove herself in a world where women aren’t known to succeed. She faces a lot of barbs and needles from her co-workers, some of which she deals with in rather unique ways. But most of all, it’s very clear from the beginning that she knows her job and is very good at it. The problem is that her partner Blaise is just as good at his job, and Katya as well.

Blaise is interesting in that he, and Katya, can share their thoughts with each other and as a result there is a cute ongoing meme. The sexual tension, teasing, wanting and desires that passes between them almost constantly doesn’t get old or repetitive. It keeps their romance and sexual needs at a simmer throughout the story and it works really well.

There is a succubus in the work, and who she is I won’t reveal in this review but it’s very obvious that she is a succubus from the moment she is revealed, both in form, action, voice and seduction. There is a bit of mind control being used by her in one scene which is very hot and did show her being a succubus and a very powerful one at that. Her background, her reasons for why she is murdering others, make sense to her, but it’s obvious that she isn’t quite right in a lot of ways and that’s a shame.

I would have liked to have seen her in the time before this story, to see what she was like and how she changed from the person she was to the murderer she became.

The work is wonderfully written with strong characterizations, scenes, and passions told. It felt like it was the right length to tell all of the story that was in this work and did not waste a moment in the telling of that story.

I would like to see more of these characters, of this world and it could easily happen. There are some intriguing plot points and characters that add to the tapestry around the main characters and in that comes a lot of questions that I’d like to see answers to.

Five out of five pitchforks.

A wonderful, hot, passionate romance with a mystery swirling that keeps you turning the pages.



Feb 23 2015

Asking by TeraS

I really haven’t had much time to think about Storm Clouds or Sparkly Horror of late. However, on occasion I have an hour or two here and there where I can write … something. From all that I see over the next little while I don’t know when I can continue either of them, which, to be honest, bothers me very much … Still, there are stories to be told, and perhaps being able to tell little short ones might amount to something … bigger. If nothing else, at least I’ll manage to write … something.


By TeraS


He had gone over the texts for what seemed like the hundredth time. What he wanted to do was dangerous, and making a single mistake would likely cost him dearly. He had checked that the summoning circle was drawn correctly, that the items to be sacrificed were exactly what the text demanded them to be. Everything was exactly as it was supposed to be.

He was, after all, going to summon a succubus and make her do his bidding.

Candles were lit, the words were spoken, and the offerings made in the way that the text said they should be. He expected to see what the text described, a creature of evil, looking evil, and, naturally, being evil.

The thing was, what he got was a raven haired, red horned and tailed Queen of the Succubi, who looked … nice. She stood there in the middle of the circle and looked around. He wasn’t sure what her expression was, exactly. It seemed to be a smile; amused perhaps?

She put her hands into the pockets of her long red jacket, the hem swishing about her black pants and ankle boots. She looked directly at him with her so-green eyes and asked—very calmly, actually: “So, just what is it that you want?”

He started to read from the text, so that he might bind her to him, when she held up a hand: “Correct me if I am wrong, but you are trying to summon a succubus, am I correct?”

He nodded, but continued to read. She shifted her stance and waited for him to finish and then once the last word was spoken commented: “So, at this point, I assume, you believe that you have control of me and I should obey you.”

He closed the book: “Yes. You are bound to me, succubus. You cannot escape the circle.”

She sighed, rubbed a finger against the bridge of her nose and then … simply walked out of the summoning circle, crossing the room to where he now cowered in fear. He begged for his soul and his life and prostrated himself before her. When nothing happened, he looked up, and found that she was standing there, arms crossed over her chest, tapping a finger, idly.

“Are we quite done? For if you are, then perhaps we can get to the reason why you would do such a stupid thing as you have just tried to do.”

“You … you can’t do that!”

“Well, actually, it seems that I just did. Oh, pardon me a moment, please.”

She took the book away from him, and two others. She examined the covers and rolled her eyes: “Honestly! Mages should never write spell books when they are drunk. Well intentioned, all of them, but one mug of mead too much and they mix up their terms.” A flick of the hand that held the books, and they vanished into thin air: “At least you are not the one that will be paying the late fees on those.”

He was obviously confused, and couldn’t help but ask: “Who are you?”

She offered her hand to help him stand up once more: “To be formal, my name is Tera, Queen of the Succubi, Empress of the Realm, Protector of all Joyful Passions.”

He blanched at her reply, but took the offered hand as stood up in front of her. His next question was, to be truthful, rather silly: “Why do you look like … that?”

She pinched her nose again: “Because this is what I look like and the mages that wrote those books probably knew that if they drew me looking like this, no one would take them seriously. So they embellished things. After all, latex and leather wasn’t really a thing in their time. And as for the hooves, high heels weren’t a thing back then, either.”

She waved a hand idly as if to dismiss the mages of the past and then asked: “So, I know your name is Ben, I know that you used the summoning, which really I didn’t have to answer, but I did. So, what was it that you wanted from me, anyway?”

He blinked at the directness of her words: “I’m confused.”

“Well, that’s obvious. Things didn’t work out the way you planned, and by the way, why don’t you clean up this mess. There’s no point to any of it now that I’m here and, besides that, none of it will work.”

If wasn’t that she used some kind of mind control on him, or forced him to do so, but rather he saw her point and started cleaning up things, finding it comfortingly normal as he did so.

She had turned away from him and waved her hand at the salt circle, making it blow away, as she asked: “So, who is she?”

He almost dropped the glass vial he had picked up the moment before: “Who?”

She sighed, but didn’t pinch her nose this time: “Based on experience, the main reason that someone calls is that they have relationship problems, do not know what to do, and come to the conclusion that they might take out their frustrations by calling and controlling one of us.”

“Wasn’t … I mean … I couldn’t …”

She smiled, and this time he was very sure that her smile was a bemused one: “I know. But you were going to ask for something. So, care to share?”

He looked at the ceiling and sighed: “It’s complicated.”

She took the glass vial from his hands and put it into one of her pockets: “Best that I keep that. You wouldn’t want to drop it.”

He was still trying to put into words what he wanted when she bluntly said: “Ask her.”

“Not that easy.”

“Of course it is. You walk up to her door, knock on it, and ask her.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Sure you can. It’s simple enough.”

He looked like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck and the blush of embarrassment was very plain to see.

“Okay. Ask me.”


“Sure, why not? I’m here, so … ask.”

“This is stupid. Look, thanks for coming here, but this is my problem, and I’ll take care of things on my own.”

She smiled: “No, actually this isn’t just your problem. So, we are going to deal with it.”

“What are you talking about?”

She walked up to him and, as she did, he noticed a hint of cherries in the air: “I’m talking about you … and her.”

He actually started to become worried, but then he noticed the gleam in her green eyes and couldn’t look away: “What … why …”

She drew close to him, her voice changing slightly, seeping into his thoughts: “You weren’t the first one to find those books. She found them, too.”

He should have been worried, but that emotion didn’t make it to his conscious thoughts as she spoke: “You weren’t the first to try this. She was. I had the longest, most intimate conversation with her.”

There was the sound of a door opening and then closing close by, but he couldn’t look away, didn’t want to as she continued: “There are such things as “Eternals,” souls meant for each other. But the universe sometimes makes it hard for them to meet, or to know.”

There was a glimpse of someone entering the room, but, again, he couldn’t summon up the worry or concern over it.

“That’s where my kind comes in. She asked an important question. I agreed to find out.”

He caught a glimpse of purple hair and felt comforted by it and at the same time frightened—the first two emotions that managed to surface past Tera’s words and power over him.

Tera moved back slightly and it was clear that Marie had arrived while Tera was talking to him. She was standing next to Tera, rubbing her right arm and looking worried: “Is he … ?”

Tera smiled as she continued to look at him: “You’ve always known the answer. He’s known it, as well. You both just couldn’t come out and ask. So, ask.”

Marie hesitated and, as she did, Tera pulled her power away from Ben. They both looked at each other and asked: “Will you …”

Tera laughed softly, her tail swisching behind her in amusement: “Humans. The most simple of words to say you just can’t manage without a swift kick in the rear.”

She pointed at Marie: “You love him?” Then at Ben: “You love her?”

The two nodded in embarrassment, not able to put to words what they really wanted to say.

“And for all of this, you needed to call me to push the two of you together?”

Neither of them could look directly at Tera for the embarrassment they both felt. Tera shook her head and walked towards the apartment door, pausing as she took hold of the door handle to leave.

“The pent up sexual frustration between the two of you is enough to attract lightning. I would suggest that you both accept that you are in love with each other, have been for years, and then make the rest of your lives wonderful.”

She opened the door and called out over her shoulder: “Enjoy the gift for all it’s worth.”

They both looked at Tera as she walked through the door and closed it behind her.

And the gift? Well, for that you would have to ask them. But the only answer you’d ever get would be a shared look and smile from the pair and a silent thanks to Tera for what she did for them both.

Asking, after all, was what it was all about.

Feb 22 2015

A Review of The Succubus’ Sub: A Night to Remember by John Dylena

The Succubus' Sub: A Night to Remember by John Dylena

The Succubus’ Sub: A Night to Remember by John Dylena

A new work was released recently in the Succubus’ Sub series by John Dylena and, at least for me, I will say up front that, I just adored the work more than I can possibly explain. While the author states that the story doesn’t exactly serve as the next work in the series, which would be Session Twelve, he describes it as an indication of things to come.

Sometimes the hardest things to say are what we think the person in our life should know. The words are there, we think about them every day, but never quite manage to get them out in the open. But sometimes they slip out and when they do, sometimes we discover that they already knew long before we did.

The story tells of:

Brett has never had a date for Valentine’s Day. This year, he swears things will be different… as long as he can get Myserra, his succubus domme, to agree.

But it’s hard to ask the girl of your dreams out when you have no idea where you really stand with her, and Myserra’s cryptic promises aren’t helping much.

Will Brett finally muster the courage to confront her, and can romance really blossom between a succubus and her sub?

Brett faces the most difficult challenge of his relationship with Myserra. Not demons, not dangers beyond belief. No, what he faces is asking Myserra to go out on a date with him on Valentine’s Day. If she says yes, Brett knows that it will be the most terrifying and wonderful experience of his life. Wonderful because she said yes, terrifying because she said… yes.

This work, I think, by far, is the best of the series in many respects, but most of all it is the relationship between Myserra and Brett that has matured into something wonderfully… right. The awkwardness between them, in trying to find themselves and their relationship, isn’t quite so present and that means there is a lot of character development for Brett in this story. There is a lot of insight into his fears, wants, and more importantly, what he wishes Myserra to say, clearly to him, that would remove that last bit of nagging doubt within him about how she sees him.

Along with that comes a moment in the work where the realities of living with a Succubus weigh heavily upon Brett. But there also is quite an interesting thought that comes to him, that isn’t spoken to Myserra, that would be interesting for the series to return to at some point. It puts out in the open a question that really is the elephant in the room for them both and I wonder about how that might be resolved in the future. Brett does a lot of reflecting upon how things are, where they have been and what the future might hold, but it isn’t so much melancholy as it is that little voice in the back of Brett’s mind that asks the questions that he doesn’t quite have the answers for.

While that is true, it is also true that the core of the story, the moments that Myserra and Brett share are wonderfully told, having the right heat at the right moments, but also having a sense of… togetherness. While there is magic involved, it’s lightly touched upon in order to make the story flow better as a whole. It isn’t so much about the erotic moments, it is about the two of them simply being together, the day’s events being told and in that comes a story that holds a lot of emotion.

There are a few lovely D/s scenes in the work, and by that I mean that Myserra is a loving Domme and Brett is her adored submissive. The connection between them is strong and each knows well what the other wishes and desires. There is an unspoken understanding that while limits would be pressed, even stretched, there would never be a breaking of a promise given. This, more than anything else is what holds me. An understanding that trust, above all, is what matters and cannot be forsaken. Here, it is not.

By far the work shows how far the author has come in his writing, how well he knows both Myserra and Brett, and in that comes a certainty. That being when a truth is spoken, it is exactly that. Brett finds that truth in a moment with Myserra and that reveals more about them both.

Five out of five pitchforks.

I just adore Myserra and Brett, and in this work the connection between them really comes out strongly, lovingly, and perfectly most of all. A wonderfully romantic story about two souls connected and the joys they share…



Feb 22 2015

A Review of Confessions of a Teenage Incubus by Kendall Cox

Teenage Incubus by Kendall Cox

Teenage Incubus by Kendall Cox

A rather short Incubus work this time to review… I do like origin stories where there is more to them than just getting the main characters into a sexual situation. I want to see some kind of history, some kind of explanation, and, most of all, I don’t want the story to promise one thing and then not deliver on it.

It also bothers me when a character “suddenly” has their powers and magically understands exactly how they all work, how to use them, and really doesn’t think about them much…

  • Title: Confessions of a Teenage Incubus
  • Author: Kendall Cox
  • Publishing Date: March 5, 2013
  • Length: 12 Pages
  • This work at Amazon

The work tells of:

Jake is college bound with a secret that even he doesn’t know. He’s a teenage Incubus, and he doesn’t know how to control his demonic allure. What kind of stories will he have to tell about his first day at school?

Overall, I kind of like the idea of this work as a whole. The concept of someone being an Incubus and then all of a sudden having their powers appear and having to deal with that is a good place to start. Stepping into the unknown should be something that they have no clear understanding of and they need to learn about themselves.

The thing is, in this work, Jake goes from “what the hell is going on” to “I know everything she’s thinking” to “I’m a sex god” and winding up with “why didn’t you tell me this?” There;s a lot of disjointed movements between each of these points, but the thing that gets to me is how, all of a sudden, his powers appear, he understands them, and he knows how to use them. I can suspend my disbelief to a point, but when his mind goes from scared to death to total calm and controlling in three paragraphs? I found that hard to accept.

Now I know that, to be honest, the point of the story is the sex, and it’s nicely hot for a flash. It is a bit dry in tone once or twice, but gets past those spots fast enough that they don’t register too much. There’s also a bit of repetitiveness in that Jake thinks something and then says it. I think that could have been handled a bit better perhaps by having a single line of “I know what she wants!” and then not have to do the think and speak instead.

I have questions about Jake’s parents as well, I assume that they are an Incubus and a Succubus, it would have been nice to know more about them. Jake himself has no horns or tail or anything like that as well, so perhaps he isn’t all Incubus as well. This is something that would make for more story in the work, but didn’t happen. Save to sat that his parents like jokes and kept him away from others until he went to school. There could be a continuation for this story, it wouldn’t be hard to do considering the ending that was wide open and one other encounter that Jake has as well.

I’m giving this work two out of five pitchforks.

It has its moments of humour and the erotic flashes are well enough done… Just the situation that Jake is put into makes no sense to me and the ending left me cold…