Mar 04 2015

A split personality wig or just a mistake?

Black and Red Twisted Curls WigLast week I shared a wig that I thought really wasn’t all that bad. Of course this week I have to share one that just has this Disney villainess vibe to it. And I don’t mean in a good way either really…

This is the Black and Red Twisted Curls Wig and it sells for $20 US. Obviously there are no horns with it and really that wouldn’t help all that much would it?

It honestly reminds me of Cruella Deville in a lot of ways and I think that it would for anyone that had seen that movie even once before, colours being different not making any difference to that really.

The model I do have to say is making an effort to make this wig look better than it is and honestly that seems like a really difficult thing to do.

I won’t be buying this.

Zero out of five pitchforks.

Last week was better, I have seen a lot better and I expect to again… At least I hope I will.



Mar 03 2015

A Review of Damned and Desired by Kathy Kulig

Damned and Desired by Kathy Kulig

Damned and Desired by Kathy Kulig

A review this time of a work that appeared almost five years ago. Some might wonder about my reviewing books like this from time to time. My thoughts are that every work deserves to be looked at, thought about, and talked about. A short little flash or a massive story, each one should stand on its own.

Not all beings that appear to be Succubi are, in fact, Succubi. They may act like them, they may have similar abilities, but they aren’t quite like them. That doesn’t mean they aren’t Succubi however.

Life for some means lust, and for others it means love. The hardest thing to do is to figure out which one matters to you the most. Always.

The story tells of:

She’s a demon, he’s a shapeshifting leopard. From their first meeting in the Arizona desert, passion ignites and trouble begins. As a demon, Sakari Lock must harvest lifeforce energy through sexual seductions to sustain her exiled world. But when Sakari meets Brad, she breaks the number one rule of Anartia – don’t get personal with your quarry. Physician’s assistant Brad Montag is drawn to Sakari’s lustful advances with a blazing desire he can’t explain, unaware of how dangerous she is.
No matter how enticing, she’s a complication he doesn’t need until he can conquer his past and regain control of his shapeshifting abilities. Sex this wicked and good can only lead to disaster. When immortals from an alternate dimension try to free their exiled world, Brad is caught in the middle of a battle that could destroy not only him, but the land he loves.

Sakari is in a bad situation. She is forced from the role she has known for ages to satisfy the rulers of her world and in doing so finds that she must take energy from humans to keep their world alive. But an encounter with one man reveals choices she never considered before, and the past she has been trying to honour.

This is simply a hot, erotic scifi/romance/mystery novel with a mixture of beliefs, understandings and possibilities that just fit together really well. It really is a fascinating story that mixes the relationship of Brad and Sakari with the intrigue of another world. It’s amazing to follow along as Sakari moves from her world to Earth and as she moves through the work it becomes clear that not everything is exactly as she has been told it is.

Eventually this forces her to make a choice and with the help of Brad and those that support him, she has a chance to redeem herself for what she had done, bring closure to her family, and, if she is lucky, possibly have a life of her own.

The world Sakari is from has an odd composition in that human energy is taken in a way that is very succubus or incubus like, then through sex that energy is given to the rulers of their world and it is then used to keep their world alive. That concept isn’t quite clearly explained, but it turns into a really difficult thing for everyone to deal with. Secrets and mysteries wrapped around the fate of a world do go that way.

I enjoyed the hints of mind control and succubus-like power that Sakari showed, but I also liked her as a “fish out of water” in our world. But she wasn’t quite that in her own world, so the comparison of the two sides of her was something to follow that I enjoyed.

The villains of the work are a bit two dimensional however and I would have liked them more rounded and be more. They are too aloof, too out of touch for my liking in such a story and when they do appear it’s rather cringe-worthy as they go about lording over others and seemingly not actually doing anything to solve the problems around them.

This work is said to be a stand alone sequel to another work, but you need not read the first one to follow the story in this work. I’m not quite so sure of that to be honest. I think I would have liked to read the first book in order to get a better grip on the rulers of Sakai’s world, assuming they appear in the first work.

Well written, good heat in the erotica. The work on a sort of a cliff hanger, but the main characters at least have closure, even if the world, or worlds, do not quite have that.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Loved the characters and story, would have liked to see more of the aftermath of decisions made by the main characters. A bit more character to the villains would have helped too I think as a whole as they were a bit difficult to follow at times.



Mar 03 2015

A Review of Incubus Stories: Werewolf Lust by Felicity Quill

Incubus Stories: Werewolf Lust by Felicity Quill

Incubus Stories: Werewolf Lust by Felicity Quill

A review of a new Incubus series that recently started on Amazon today on the Tale. It’s never an easy thing to begin a series in a way that holds a reader’s attention, connects them with the characters, and, most importantly, keeps you involved with the story.

But that’s the thing in a lot of cases really. There is the hint of a story, the suggestion that the main character has a past, an interesting one, and bits of it are scattered throughout the work. But then the story turns into a hot flash that, when it’s over, just leaves something wanting…

  • Title: Incubus Stories: Werewolf Lust
  • Author: Felicity Quill
  • Length: 17 Pages
  • ASIN: B00U2NG3OW
  • Publishing Date: February 26, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

Thane is a young incubus on the prowl for his next meal. His worries that he will have to settle for yet another unsatisfying encounter are blown away when he meets Brandon, a rugged man exuding the type of energy Thane finds irresistible.

Thane isn’t the only one with a secret, however— Brandon is a werewolf. And he’s not happy when he realizes he’s being preyed upon by another creature of the night. Of course, Brandon’s plan to assert his dominance over Thane proves to be intensely satisfying for the both of them…

Thane is an incubus and he’s out on the town looking to feed. After passing up several possibilities he encounters Brandon and the tables turn on Thane. Both have an experience they didn’t expect, but where things go from here is another question for them both.

The work is, as a whole, very much a hot flash which centres on Thane being dominated by Brandon as soon as possible after they meet. It is rather rough and, on occasion, animalistic in tone, but then this the story of an Incubus and a Werewolf, so that does have to be expected. There is story, mainly at the beginning, before the two meet, which is well done and I found that well done as a whole. But Thane’s past, who he is, other than being an Incubus on the prowl, doesn’t really come into the forefront of the story.

While seeing the world through Thane’s eyes as his need to feed his hunger comes into the fore of his thoughts is very clear, there’s more to him than just this, and it is hinted at, but only hinted. I would have liked to have seen more about his past, why he was where he was, who he is. Thane isn’t just an Incubus looking for a meal, at least to me, and not having that carry through the story kept diverting my attention from the moments that came after the two met.

From the moment they do meet, it’s clear that there would be a fight for dominance, as well, since there is a Werewolf in the story, the creature had to appear as well. The thing is, if Thane has horns or a tail or wings or anything really like that, it never appears in this work. He seems, as a whole, very much human, save for taking sexual energy from his partners. So the story is less about Thane himself than it is about the Werewolf having his way with him.

I found when the work turned into a hot flash that it was a bit too violent for my own tastes and as such that part of the work didn’t hold me very well. I don’t care for abuse or similar sorts of things and this part of the work just didn’t connect with me on that level. For some it well may, but I just couldn’t get past the violent nature of the encounter.

The main problem I have with the work is that the beginning sets up a lot of possibilities about learning who Thane is, what this series makes of Incubi. It allows for some story to be set up, to tease something more, which isn’t really delved into very much. But then the work turns into a hot flash where any character development is, for the most part, lost in the heat of the moment. I like story in equal measure to erotica and in this case that didn’t quite work.

I’ll give this work two and a half out of five pitchforks.

Book two in the series, Incubus Stories: Visit from a Demon, is expected to be released very shortly and I hope that the author delves into Thane’s past more and the work is less of a hot flash. I think balancing the two would make things more interesting. There was something important missing in this work and it needs to be in the next…



Mar 02 2015

Sparkly Horn Horror Part IV By TeraS

Some might remember Sparkly Horn Horror, though it has been quite some time since it has appeared on the Tale. I have something written to share. While this part of the story won’t bring things to a close, it will move things onwards towards what I hope will be the climax.

If you want to read Part One you can find that here on the Tale, Part Two can be found here, while Part Three can be found here.


Sparkly Horn Horror
Part IV
By TeraS


“John! Lock all the damn doors from here to quarantine! Slow her down!”

Florence ran down the hallways in Abby’s wake, both amazed that Abby could run that fast in those heels, and, at the same time, mad as anything that she couldn’t keep up with her. Of course, obviously, Succubi could run, jump or do just about anything in any kind of footwear imaginable. This was just one of those times when Florence wished that the so-called ‘fuck me’ heels that Abby was wearing would trip her up, even for a second.

She realized that Abby wasn’t taking the shortest route, turned left when Abby turned right at one point, and headed towards a pair of locked doors a short distance away from her. John’s voice came from one of the hallway speakers as she passed it: “That was done, if you recall, when I locked down the hospital. However, it is but a minor inconvenience for Abby, as she is throwing herself against the doors and opening them with the emergency overrides.” That was what, at that moment, Florence was slamming her shoulder against. When the doors swung open, John’s sigh came clearly through the next speaker: “Just like you are doing.”

“Have to cut her off John! If she goes in there and they get loose, there’s every chance they’ll get out of here.”

The sarcasm from John was very clear: “Really? I was not aware of that fact.”

“Fuck off, John! Go talk to her or something!”

“I can multi-task Florence, in case you have forgotten.”

She skidded around a corner and ran onwards: “You are also a pain in the ass!”

Abby was wiping her eyes to clear the tears that threatened to slow her down when John’s voice called out to her: “Abby, this is unwise. You are putting yourself in danger if you proceed as you are.”

“Don’t care!”

John was silent for the length of one hallway, then he replied: “You care, Abby. You care about him. I understand … better than you know. And he wouldn’t want you to be harmed.”

Abby laughed in derision: “What do you know about love? You’re just a computer.”

“You would be surprised, Abby.”

She didn’t answer, but kept on running, knowing that Doc was not that far behind her. As Abby ran on, she imagined what that bitch was doing to Adam, how Deb was forcing herself on him, how Adam was being used by her. How he wasn’t calling out her name, how she wasn’t the one to make him cum.

The next door override didn’t fare well as Abby put her fist through it, a white hot anger in her mind now. She was going to wrap her hands around Deb’s neck and strangle her for what she’d done to Adam.

“Abby, please, think about what you are doing.”

She laughed in reply: “I’m thinking about how Deb’s going to suffer when I get in there.”

“She isn’t Deborah any more. Nor is he Adam.”

This, finally, made Abby pause for a moment, coming to a halt in front of a nursing station: “No! You’re wrong!”

“They do not look like themselves, they do not answer to their names. They are no longer who they were.”

The tears came back with Abby’s sobbing: “You’re wrong! I know he’s there! I can feel him! He’s calling out to me! Begging me to help him! To rescue him! To be with him!”

“Imagination … wishful thinking.”

Abby pounded her fist on the side of the desk as she slid to the floor: “No! You’re wrong! Dammit, I know he’s there! I can hear him!”

Abby heard the sound of someone running towards her, but the shock of John’s words, putting out in the open her own fears that Adam was lost to her forever, kept her frozen to the spot. She felt a pair of arms around her and broke down in tears: “He can’t be gone! He can’t!”

“Shh … It’s okay, Abby. We’ll find a way to get him back.”

Abby whimpered: “I knew he was the one … Gawd … why? Why him? Why didn’t I just kiss him, just once … never going to happen now.”

Florence rocked Abby and held her as she started to sob uncontrollably: “It’s okay … Go ahead, just …”

Florence had never been in close contact with Abby before this moment and her own abilities as a Realm healer came into play now. It was well known that Tera could look at two people and know if they were Eternals or not. She would never tell them … exactly … rather letting them find their own way to each other. Florence had—at least in her own eyes—been cursed with a similar ability: she could, given enough time in contact with someone, tell if she had found, or at least encountered, her Eternal. It was an ability she had suppressed since the Realm Hospital had been built. Not because of anger for not finding her own, or shame, or anything like that, but because, from the first day that she came through the doors she had felt … something.

With each passing day the feeling of someone being there, looking for her, got worse and worse, and she expected to walk into her Eternal at any moment. For the longest time she made sure to visit every being who came through the doors, but none of them, not one, was hers when she touched them.

One day, she decided that the feeling was wrong, and forced herself to ignore it. Over time, that feeling became weaker and weaker until it was only the barest of whispers at the back of her mind. She hadn’t tried using it again since that day she turned her back on it.

Florence needed to know if Abby was really hearing Adam or if it was her imagination. She closed her eyes and opened up that small part of herself that had been buried for so long. Those eyes flew open in surprise, leaving her breathless as the connection between Adam and Abby blew the barricades she had put up around her ability to pieces.

Abby would only know the whisper of Adam’s voice, of his words. Florence saw something vastly different: she could see the faintest image of Adam’s form against Abby’s, his lips just over Abby’s left ear as he spoke to her, saying the words that Abby heard, whispering of his love for her, his need for her, what she meant to him. At the same time, Florence heard that voice from so long ago calling out to her, professing love for her, telling her to find the source, to come, to join. The pain came back again, a dull ache in her chest of being denied this joy that so many had … and she didn’t.

She looked at Abby, saw Adam’s form with her, and sighed.


A sniffle was her answer.

“He is your Eternal.”

The sniffle became a soul aching moan of loss.

“No, Abby, please don’t. Please listen to me.”

Back to the sniffing, but at least Abby was listening—at least, Florence hoped so.

“Abby. He’s with you right now. He’s really talking to you.”

“How do ya’ know?”

“I know … sort of the same way that Tera does.”

This admission made Abby squeeze her tightly: “Are you sure? Really one-hundred-percent sure?”

“Yes, I am. He’s holding you right now, he’s whispering into your left ear. At the moment he’s … Oh, Abby …”


“He’s telling you that he wants you.”

Abby touched her forehead to Florence’s: “What did he say? Please tell me exactly.”

Abby noticed that Florence’s eyes were almost completely sapphire blue, no white in them at all, and she gasped as Florence replied, almost in Adam’s voice: “Come to me, Abby. You’re the only one for me.”

Florence looked away in embarrassment, her eyes and voice her own again: “I’m sorry, Abby. I wish I had known. I never would have been with Adam.”

“Why …?”

“It’s a curse, Abby. I keep hearing my own, but not finding. It’s been happening for years. I put up walls to what I can do and denied it. I had to. I … I don’t have an Eternal … and I never will. I know that.”

“Damn you, Doc. That’s fucking stupid.”

Florence smiled: “I’m figuring that out. I am stupid in a lot of ways, Abby.”

Abby sighed: “No shit, Doc. But I need him. I have to be with him, and I don’t care what happens to me five minutes or five eons from now.”

“Yeah … I know, Abby … I know. But I am stupid, remember?”

“What’s that mean, Doc?”

Florence took a long, deep breath: “It means that we are going to do something incredibly stupid.”

Abby had a very determined look in her eyes: “How stupid?”

“Stupid enough that Tera, if she knew, would put the two of us over her knee.”

Abby’s determined look became a smirk: “You have kinky dreams, Doc.”

Florence helped Abby to her feet and the two of them started to walk the short distance towards the isolation wing: “I do? I’ve seen that suitcase of yours.”

“Those are perfectly valid ways to cum, Doc. Sometimes a girl has to please herself when … when she can’t be with the one she’s meant to be with.”

Their tails twined together as they walked, Florence mulling Abby’s comment over in her mind as they did. As they approached the last set of doors to the wing she stopped and looked at Abby: “I think I have the answer.”

“To what?”

“To this mess. At least for you and for Deb.”

“You’re speaking in riddles, Doc. Are you turning into Queen Tera?”

“I wish I was; that would be an interesting experience. Better than what I will be turning into.”

“Doc … Flo … please?”

It took about ten minutes to explain to Abby what they would do. After a short conversation with John to confirm a suspicion, the two Succubi walked through the doors to the isolation lab with determined looks in their eyes.

As they did so, John watched and waited for the results of what Florence called “the experiment” to unfold. He had tried to reason with her, to change her mind, to turn her away from her train of thought, but he did not succeed. If John had only told her the truth, she might have changed her mind.

Tera wasn’t about to change her mind.

Tera was frustrated—which for her was a rather unique experience—and had begun to pace around trying to figure out how to ask the next question.

Miriam was watching Tera go around in circles, which made her a bit dizzy as Tera kept circling her.

“Um … Your Ma … um … Tera?”


“It said that the answer was in our stories.”

“Yes. That is true.”

“It also said the answer was one I already knew.”

“That’s right.”

“I think I know the answer … or at least part of it.”

Tera stopped her pacing and smiled: “Go on, Miriam.”

Miriam looked very embarrassed, a blush coming on full force: “The way the Realm was, before your …” Miriam paused here, because she wasn’t sure how to continue, but then pressed onwards hoping not to upset Tera as she did so: “… Your Majesty’s parents …”

Tera walked up to Miriam: “It’s okay. Go on.”

“Was there any love in it at all?”

Tera cupped Miriam’s cheek in her right hand: “No, not really. The time before that was denied to us. Our kind were not allowed to love, to care, to be more.” Tera closed her eyes and smiled wistfully at her memories of stories of what was, what shouldn’t be ever again.

Tera arched an eyebrow and then hugged Miriam tightly: “Thank you, sweetheart. I think we have the question.”

She turned in the direction of the quill, which had not moved since the last question.

“Tell me about Eternal love …”

Mar 01 2015

A Review of Hellcursed by Erica Hayes

Hellcursed by Erica Hayes

Hellcursed by Erica Hayes

The transformation of a character into a Succubus can be a many varied thing. Sometimes it is out of love, sometimes out of hate. Occasionally they want what they become and other times the transformation was never wanted.

With this comes two possibilities. One, that the character changes from who they were into something unrecognizable. The other is that they are themselves, but cursed into an existence that is unending.

The question then is, if it is the latter, can that story be told well?

The work tells the story of:

Tricked. Cursed. Damned.

Headstrong ex-convent girl Jade has renounced the church that tried to curb her independence. Now, she travels the world, seeking adventure and the pleasures of forbidden ritual. But she’s tricked by a treacherous sorcerer, and forced into a darker kind of slavery. She’s a succubus, with a powerful demon lord her master for a thousand years. At least, that’s what he thinks. Jade accepts no man’s domination, least of all a demon’s. She’s determined to thwart her fate. But Jade is yet to discover the true meaning of demon thrall…

Jade is a woman with a problem. Her lover, or what she thought was her lover, lost her in a game to a demon. That demon has cursed her and now she is becoming a Succubus. She does not understand what is happening, exactly, but an encounter reveals her future… and it’s not a good one.

Jade is a head strong woman who wants her own way, fights for it, and holds her independence tightly. But that changes when she becomes the Succubus thrall of a Demon Lord and she begins to change. Though she is a Succubus, she has no horns or tail or wings, at least in this story, which mark her as such. She does have the power to appear to others as their most desirable woman, like any Succubus can. What’s a bit of twist on her is that the Succubus part of her nature lives inside of her, she senses it as a being in her, and she can only watch on in horror as it takes sex from being pleasure to being evil. She takes a life, and then finds that it is temptation, need, want, from that being inside of her that pushes for more.

As a whole, that is this story, the discovery of what she is, what she can do, and the ultimatum that the Demon Lord places on her. The thing of it is, in spite of all of the things against her, Jade still has a sense of herself, her own need to choose, and resists as much as she can as long as she can. Of course the deck is stacked against her, and she falls. But in that there is a glimmer of her own force of will that does press against all that she has become.

The work is mainly story with but a single erotic scene in it which doesn’t end well. That scene is very hot with some mind control aspects to it and a unique display of what a Succubus in this story universe can do. Overall, the story is well told, the characters, especially Jade, have depth and are not cardboard cutouts.

That depth does leave one looking for the main work this is connected to, Shadowfae, and to see what happens to Jade there. I’m not quite sure that this work does enough to tell about Jade’s past however, as we really only see and learn about her in the here and now. Still, that story is compelling and interesting… But sad. So very sad.

I’ll give this work four out of five pitchforks.

It’s an interesting glimpse into Jade, who is the main character of a larger work by this author called Shadowfae. Jade will be trouble, quite a lot of it I’m sure as her beginning tells one important thing. Sometimes the strength one has is the one they don’t know about.



Feb 28 2015

A YouTube of the Succubus Kerrigan

Not quite a Succubus character in a video game this time on the Tale as much as it is a skin to be used on one in a game. Heroes of the Storm is, for lack of a better description, kind of a “best of all of the characters that Blizzard Games have produced.” One of these characters is named Kerrigan and she is from the Starcraft video game franchise… But you can turn her into a Succubus…

And if the video does not play on the Tale, try this link:

Here is an image of Succubus Kerrigan… Who really mainly looks like a typical Warcraft Succubus overall…

Kerrigan Succubus

Kerrigan Succubus

I will give her points for not having hooves, which I honestly expected she would have. But really she’s not a Succubus, only looking like one and that’s a bit disappointing… And of course as the games is a fighting one and not a role playing one, she’ll never act like a Succubus…

Pity that…



Feb 27 2015

A Review of The Return of the Yeti by Dou7g

The Return of the Yeti by Dou7g

The Return of the Yeti by Dou7g

The sixth in my continuing reviews of the works of the author Dou7g in the series called Succubus Temptations. You can find my review of the first work in the series here on the Tale, the review of the second work here, the third can be found here and the fifth work was reviewed here on the Tale as well as the sixth. This review is of the seventh work in the series The Return of the Yeti. I do realize that the listing is a bit odd, but there are compilation books as well and I’m not reviewing those when they come out.

One of the most important things that needs to happen when writing a series is that the characters develop. By that I mean they grow not just in personality, but in how they relate to others, what they see as being important to them and, sometimes, just how far they are willing to push their own boundaries.

  • Title: The Return of the Yeti
  • Author: Dou7g
  • Length: 43 Pages
  • Publishing Date: February 20, 2015
  • This work at

The work tells of:

The ogre, the scholar, the succubus and the mage continue their plans against the Duchess, the most powerful force for good in their part of the world. The mage plans to distract the Duchess while Phil the ogre and Edmund the scholar play Robin Hood in the local forests. Oh and there’s a yeti.

Megan begins to act on Kendra’s plans, which takes a lot of acting, and then a lot of… persuasion. Edmund and Phil go on an adventure which draws Phil into a fight with a Yeti, and Edmund finds a loophole. Oh, and there are puns… lots and lots of puns.

I have to admit that through a lot of this work I was laughing at some of the quite interesting puns and references that came up which I thought where very cute and funny. The story is a bit less serious at some points, which was nice, because in others things were very serious for Megan and being able to move towards something that was amusing worked well to keep my attention.

Kendra, the Succubus of the series, doesn’t have a lot to do in this work, mainly because Succubi like her can’t exactly go where Megan will be. But she does make an appearance at the beginning to explain the story of Robin Hood to Edmund and Phil which I really enjoyed the dialogue of. I think as a whole that Kendra not appearing too much in this story works well, though what she is up to I did wonder about as the story went on. There is an interesting comment about Succubi that is made which I believe is pointing towards a turn in the series going forwards, but to whom or as to why… That is the question.

The interplay between Megan and Alexandra, who is Megan’s target in her mission, works really well, there’s a lot of characterization with the two of them and I liked that. As their relationship moves forwards past the initial suspicions, there is a lovely erotic hot flash that tells of how much Megan has learned from Kendra and how adapt she is. It’s not over the top by any means and it doesn’t feel out of place with the rest of the story.

I also liked Edmund and Phil actually starting to be more of a team in this story, and I really hope that continues to grow as they are a very good team in themselves. Three new characters appear, one being the Yeti of the title who has a history with Phil, but also there are a pair of mercenaries that remind me very much of a sort of “buddy film” pairing. I do look forward to seeing where these characters go in the story, they have some very interesting personalities.

It’s a very good adventure story that pushes things along, and opens up some possibilities to look into when the future comes… I’m not sure exactly where things are going right now, but the pieces are coming together really well. Really that’s the most important thing at this point in the series where the characters have their own life and now the story has to carry things along.

I liked the work as a whole, but there were some moments, not many but I noticed them, where the story seemed a bit rushed. Part of that I think comes from the action scenes that Phil and Edmund go through and, in a way, I think I would have liked more time spent with them before things came to a head with the Yeti than did happen. There’s a lot of story that was skimmed over a bit and I hope there will be a return to telling that part of these characters.

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

Megan is getting into hot water, but she’s not quite up to her neck yet. Edmund and Phil definitely are and as for Kendra? I wonder what she’s been up to in the meantime… I’m sure we’ll find out quite soon…