Jan 23 2015

A Review of Incubus Needs by Dawn Wilder

Incubus Needs by Dawn Wilder

Incubus Needs by Dawn Wilder

A tale of three Incubi in need and the woman who comes to their aid this time to review on the Tale. One might expect that a story which can be described in this way might be simply a hot flash and nothing more. This work isn’t. It’s a story about discovering one’s fears are misguided and the ability of some to control what they are and allow who they are to come to the fore.

Character matters, I’ve said this before, and in this work there are stories to tell about each of them. The telling of that story makes this so much better than I expected it to be.

  • Title: Incubus Needs
  • Author: Dawn Wilder
  • Length: 25 Pages
  • Publishing Date: February 15, 2014
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Raine had no idea she would be called on to service stranded incubi. She also didn’t realize how enjoyable the task could be…

Raine receives a call for help, one she never expected. What makes it more concerning is that she is asked to help a group of Incubi who have not fed in some time. Raine goes to their aid and discovers that what she thought she understood about Incubi pales to the truth about them. All of them.

I thought Raine was a strongly written lead for the story who had a lot of history behind her. That past really isn’t touched on all that much, and it would have been nice to understand more about where she was coming from. That said, from the first page it’s obvious that she has a sense of honour, the need to be herself, and most of all, she knows her life is her own. But that does not mean she has no feelings or emotions. Help is needed and she wastes no time in doing so.

Eventually, after a slight misadventure, she arrives in the camp of the Incubi and discovers that one of them is close to death with the others not all that well. Liam, Cy and Ramsey, the three Incubi she encounters, accept her aid, which leads to three wonderfully hot pieces of erotica. Through this is it made clear that each of them is unique and passionate in their own ways which tells Raine something she didn’t understand about Incubi, assuming they were simply beings that fed on sex as she puts it.

Raine remains with the trio for some time, they are being trapped by a violent storm, and a relationship slowly begins to appear. It is that connection between the three of them that adds so much to this story and made it more than I expected it to be. While there is no sign of horns or tails, the three Incubi looking handsomely human, they are some of the most tempting Incubi that have appeared in any story I have read about Incubi in some time.

When the conclusion arrives, I did feel like there was something missing that I would have liked to see. There is an opening for things to progress a little further, some closure, perhaps a… connection I think is the best way to put it. I could see about another ten pages of threads to tie up which didn’t happen and that really was my one issue with this work.

The writing is solid, the characters have soul, heart, wants and needs. The erotica isn’t a simple hot flash, the story makes it much more than that. It’s a shame that it ends where it does, but the trip is well worth the read.

I’m giving this work four out of five pitchforks.

I’d like to see more about Raine, Liam, Cy and Ramsey. I think their relationship, their future would be something to read about. Perhaps that will happen sometime.



Jan 22 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 366

I always find that some of the ideas for the outfits that Succubi wear can be really amazing things. While there is, of course, latex or leather, lace or for that matter nothing at all, it’s the more uniquely created materials that make me pause and wonder about…

Flame Dress by Nekokitsune

Flame Dress by Nekokitsune

This is called Flame Dress and is by an artist on DeviantArt named Nekokitsune. You can find the page I found this art here and this artist’s page is here on DeviantArt as well.

The concept of a flame dress, one made of flames that lick and roll over the form of one of the Succubi to me makes a lot of sense. I especially like this art in that it’s more watercolour in nature and softens the flames to make them look more like a dress and not simply fire rolling over her form.

It’s something that will stay with me for some time and perhaps there’s another story in that somewhere too…

The artist says that this Succubus is trying to look “all Disney Princess” and I can see that. And sometimes Succubi need to be that too…



Jan 21 2015

There’s nothing like an unattractive costume is there?

Devil Halloween CostumeSometimes you look at a costume for sale and your immediate thought is… “Well, that’s lousy.” Sometimes that’s just from looking at the package, even fleetingly. However, when you are looking through websites and you happen to find a model wearing something so unattractive that the model herself looks to be having a fit in wearing it… That’s just a clue one cannot overlook… It’s much worse when the shoes the model is wearing look to be about ten times better than the costume itself…

This is called the Devil Halloween Costume and it comes with the dress, the lousy pitchfork, the even more lousy gloves and the terrible horns. the leggings and the shoes are not included and this disaster sells for $50 US.

If there is any one that can tell me that this looks nice on this model, or that the model’s expression makes them want to buy this, I have  the pointy end of a real pitchfork to show them… repeatedly.

It’s… so hard to define just how bad this mess is honestly. Calling it bad isn’t enough, lighting fire to it wouldn’t be enough. It’s… Just something that should be forgotten as soon as possible and move on to something better than this… thing.

I will say one thing and it has nothing to do with the costume itself… I really like the shoes she is wearing… I will have to look for them sometime or something similar…

A well deserved zero out of five pitchforks.

I haven’t a large enough garbage bin for this… But I will try none the less to place this in the home it deserves…




Jan 20 2015

A Review of The Naughty Witch’s Command by Sinn Lee

The Naughty Witch's Command by Sinn Lee

The Naughty Witch’s Command by Sinn Lee

Succubi and Incubi do not, always, have the upper hand in a story. Often they do and when they do it tends to make them stereotypically evil, uncaring and, sometimes, not all that erotic or seductive.

Sometimes another character has the upper hand, or thinks they do, and when the truth comes out the story could go really bad or really hot. Few authors can manage to get that balance right and when they do it’s amazing to read…

The summary tells of:

Rae is a witch in a new town, devoid of other witches. She has no one to keep her company, until a handsome young man moves in next door. Rae makes the logical, and naughty decision to cast a spell on her new neighbor and turn him into her willing boyfriend. But things don’t go quite as planned for the witch and she soon finds herself in a steamy situation with an incubus she hadn’t expected to meet, or be taken by.

Rae is a witch, a modern successful one, at least in being a witch. But she lives alone, has no friends and there isn’t anyone there for her to share her life with. One day Wess moves in next door and Rae decides to have some fun with him. The problem is that she has her fun, then finds out that Wess is an Incubus.. And Rae invited him into her life.

This is a cute little hot flash about a woman using a spell to have her way with a man and then discovering that man is something more than he appeared to be. It’s a bit of a cautionary tale in a lot of ways, but most of all it very much feels like Rae wanted something badly enough that the universe decided to put her and one specific Incubus together.

Rae is really very interesting as a whole, her story is a rather unique one and the setting up of her world, her situation and the desires that she holds tells a lot about her before Wess appears.

Wess, in his human form, is a lovely piece of beefcake, and in that he’s temptation that Rae cannot resist. What’s nice is that in his Incubus form, he’s the same person, just with red skin, horns and a tail. But there’s more to him.

He isn’t stereotypical, he has soul, he cares, he is willing to give Rae what she desires and when she asks about the legends, about her soul, the answer he gives is really the icing on this story.

While the work is a hot flash erotica wise, there’s the beginnings of a romance, a future between these two characters. Where the story ends works well in many ways, but, as seems to be the one thing about this author that troubles me the most, the work comes to a close with a promise made, a future story to be told… and it isn’t.

It is a prime example of how this author can build a world, create two characters that I caed about and when all of the passion comes to the end I’d like to see more.

I’d like to see what happens when Rae’s mother finds out about Wess. I’d like to see if Wes is as good as he seems to be or if that was all a front for Rae. I’d like to know more. Because there is a lot more to be told.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Lovely heat with a neat bit of mind control that I thought gave a lot to the story. Two characters that I adored and want to see more of. I hope that happens sometime. I really do.



Jan 19 2015

Sparkly Horn Horror Part IIIC By TeraS

Just a bit more added to Part III of Sparkly Horn Horror this week and I think, or at least hope, to be able to start writing more beginning next week. I know my writing has been on and off the past while, but … there is hope …

If you want to read Part One you can find that here on the Tale and Part Two can be found here.


Sparkly Horn Horror
By TeraS



The first thing that all of the textbooks taught about quarantine was that you needed to minimize the risk to the outside world. Florence had—stupidly it seemed—assumed that all of the staff and patients had left. Abby put paid to that dream and make it a nightmare.

The sound of snapping fingers, accompanied by a slightly miffed tone of voice, brought Florence out of her thoughts: “Doc? Uh … could you please tell me where Adam is? Please?”

The question would have been innocent, except that the outfit Abby was wearing consisted of an oversized sweater and a pair of clear plastic stripper heels. Clearly, she was asking not out of innocence, but out of her own needs. And those needs had endangered her needlessly.

Florence pinched her nose: “Abby, what the hell are you still doing here? I know you were released this morning. I signed the forms. Come to think of it, I also told you to get your tail out of here and to go home.”

Abby looked at her feet and scraped the toe of one of her heels on the floor: “Umm … yeah, you did, Doc. But I … well … kind of …”

“Yes, I can see that. Why didn’t you go home, Abby?”

She looked at Florence: “Didn’t … want to.”

A long sigh, then: “Never mind; it’s too late now, anyway.”

Abby looked up in surprise at the tone of voice in those words: “What do you mean by that, Doc?”

“I mean you aren’t going home anytime soon, Abby.”

It took about ten minutes to get Abby up to speed on what was going on, and, at the end, she stood there with an unreadable expression before responding in an eerily calm voice: “So what you are saying is that a friend of yours is sealed up in a room with Adam and she’s fucking him.”

“That’s putting things in a really bad way, Abby. Neither of them are exactly themselves at the moment. You probably wouldn’t even recognize Adam. I can barely recognize Deb, and that’s only because they are the only two in that room.”

“But … she’s fucking him.”

“Not because she wants to. Neither of them wants to.”

“How are you sure? They might want to. She might have set all of this up to get Adam from …”

“Abby, you have got to be kidding. You are trying to tell me that she’d go and get herself in a position where she’s turned into … that thing … for the sake of getting into Adam’s pants?”

“Why not? You don’t know what she’s thinking, or what happened, or why. All you know for sure is that she’s got him and he’s …”

Florence threw up her hands in disgust: “Fine! Yes! Deb is getting the shit fucked out of her by Adam! She’s planned this all along to get into his pants! Are you happy? Is that all that matters to you?”

Abby had the oddest look in her eyes, one that caught Florence and made her worry: “Yes, it does. I don’t care who your friend is, she isn’t good enough for Adam. Actually, neither are you, Doc.”

Florence’s eyes narrowed and she answered with a dangerous tone in her voice: “What do you mean by that, Abby?”

“I know you and Adam were fucking at the nurse’s station. You think I didn’t hear you? You think that I couldn’t tell? You can’t hide that from me, Doc. You …”

Abby was stopped in mid-rant by Florence slapping her, hard, and then it was Florence’s turn: “You think I don’t know you have a doctor fetish? You think that I don’t know you want into Adam’s pants in the worst way? I’ve walked past your room and heard you moaning out his name in the middle of the night! You aren’t fooling anyone!”

Abby was in tears as she screamed: “Fuck you, Doc! What do you care, anyway? You don’t own him! You don’t run his life!”

“No, I don’t! Neither do you! He’s not your pet or your toy … not that you wouldn’t make a great pet, at that!”

Abby started to run towards Florence, her hands in fists, meaning to hurt her any way she could. How dare she say those things about him!

Before things got much further, John coughed, then interrupted, waving his glasses at the pair: “If you are both done acting like children, perhaps you might think about the fact that you, Florence, have very little time left, and you, Abby, are likely going to be the only one in here when she is no longer capable of thinking about doing anything about this mess you are both in. So, why don’t the two of you get past who’s—as you so eloquently put it—‘fucking’ whom, and get to the question of who’s trying to ‘fuck’ the Realm and how to stop it?”

Abby was the first to speak after the shock of John’s words got through to them: “You just don’t understand. You can’t understand because you’re a … a thing. You have no idea what it feels like.”

Florence was going to say something more, but she bit back the words when she saw the look in John’s eyes and found herself feeling … bad … for him. Shaking her head, she cleared her thoughts and chalked up her emotions over John to being part of this thing that she was starting to suffer from. Of course it was that. It couldn’t be that she actually felt something for him. He didn’t exist, save in a computer. It was probably better that way.

Somehow, a part of her didn’t really agree with those thoughts. Shaking her head, Florence walked back to her desk and asked: “John, tell me the names of everyone that is here, please.”

“You, Florence; Abby, of course; Adam and Deborah and …” There was a pause, an odd one, then “… and myself.”

“Abby, have you seen anyone else here?”

Turning away with a shake of her head, Abby replied, sighing: “No, I was looking for Adam. I thought I heard his voice here in your office. Thought that … that he was here … with you.”

“I … stupidly had John show me what they were doing. It wasn’t a good idea.”


“Because I started to slip away … felt like I had to go to them and … join in … couldn’t think of anything else.”

Abby twined a finger in her green hair: “Kind of explains why you’re so horny, Doc … Sorry. I know that’s not you. You’re a little too straight-laced to be that horny … reputation or not.”

They shared a look, then Abby asked: “Can I see them?”

John replied to that: “It would be best that Florence not see what is happening.”

Abby nodded: “‘Kay. But you can show me, right?”

He waved his glasses in the direction of a tablet on the desk: “I’ll send a feed to that tablet. But you do not allow Florence to see it. When you are done I will end the feed.”

Abby took the tablet and moved off to the far corner of the office, then held the tablet up: “Okay … whenever.”

John’s image wavered a moment, then he replied: “Video only, no audio.”

Abby stood there, like a statue, for a good five minutes, looking at the video. Florence could see her face—not the tablet, thankfully—and watched Abby’s eyes grow very large as the video started, and then narrow to thin slits when she finally said: “I’ve seen enough.”

Abby put the tablet on the desk again, asking: “Are you sure it’s them?”

“It is. There’s no question. They can’t portal out, nothing can go in.”

“They … they don’t …”

“I know. I said you might not recognize them.”

“Doc, they look … wild. I can’t see Adam there. I mean, he has to be … it’s him … but it isn’t … not even close.”

Florence leaned against her desk, nudging some papers on the floor with her shoe: “Whatever happens, it’s like who you are gets buried under the need to …”


Florence smiled and wagged a finger: “Truth. Have you ever been with Adam?”

The blush was something to see. It went right up her tail and horns: “I … No, we haven’t. He probably doesn’t even know I exist. I mean, he’s seen me, said “hi” and stuff … just been too scared of asking him to … you know …”

“Fuck your brains out?”

Abby bit her lip and nodded: “Gawd, Doc he’s … perfect. Can’t explain it … I just … can’t stop thinking about him.”

Florence managed a soft laugh: “Oh Abby… I think you might have found your Eternal.”

Abby’s eyes grew wide as saucers and her tail wrapped around her right leg nervously: “You … You think so?”

Florence walked up to Abby: “I’ve seen the signs before. I think so, can’t be sure, of course, but … you’ll know.” The smile left and she turned away: “Tera tells everyone that.”

“You don’t have one, Doc?”

“Never had time to look. He’s out there somewhere—I can feel him—but he’s never made himself known, and I haven’t gone and spent the time to go looking.”

“You know Doc, as smart as you are, you really are a dummy.”

“Probably so … probably so.”

Abby looked out the door thoughtfully, John standing there watching them both: “How do we try to get him and Deb back?”

“There isn’t an answer yet, but we’ll find one, somehow. We have to.”

“Yeah. It doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, honestly. Getting the hell fucked out of me forever doesn’t turn me on. Any ideas where to start?”

“Miriam and Tera are trying to find a solution.”

“Well, that’s something. Can we do anything?”

“We can’t go in there for one thing. As much as I have figured out, exposure to them will speed things up.”

“So you can’t actually learn anything?”

“There’s not a lot to learn, Abby. I know that it starts with your thoughts starting to drift, you imagine you can hear … something … something that gets you hot and wet, and there’s an itch you need to scratch, but you can’t … yourself.”


“Yeah.” Florence paused, then changed the subject: “You know, I’ve never asked, what’s your ‘thing,’ anyway?”

Abby looked confused: “Thing?”

“Medicine is mine. What’s your’s?”

“You’ll laugh. I’m a pink-tail. We’re supposed to be all sex and no brains.”

“You never struck me as no brains. All sex, sure, but you never acted like a total bimbo. Try me.”

The blush came back: “I … have a green thumb. I love flowers and … stuff.”

“Goes with your hair?”

Abby pouted: “That was kind of a mistake with a bottle of magic fertilizer. I was a redhead, once.”

“Green looks better on you.”

Abby had a wistful smile: “Wish Adam would say that.”

Florence didn’t know how to answer, and, in the next moment, Abby was turning and walking to the door.

“Abby? Where are you going?”

She stopped at the door, her hand on the doorframe: “I’m going to see Adam. If I’m going to lose him, lose me, then I’m going to be the one that makes it happen. I’m not gonna wait around for stuff to just happen.”

“Abby, please don’t! That’s being stupid!”

Abby shrugged: “Sorry Doc, you’re not my type. Not really into girls. See ya’.”

As Abby vanished from view, Florence called out for her to stop, to turn around … Abby didn’t reply, and, as the doctor ran after her, she had but one thought: “The stupid things we do for love.”

Abby’s thoughts weren’t all that clear, but she knew one thing: if she was John’s Eternal, she was going to get that slut off of him and put her through a wall to do it. It wasn’t smart, but the anger that had been building inside of her had boiled over.

She needed to know—everything else be damned—if John was hers. It didn’t matter if he didn’t know who she was, couldn’t speak or anything else. She was going to see to it that no one else was ever going to be with him again.

Elsewhere, Tera and Miriam had been waiting for some time—how long Miriam wasn’t quite clear on. “Um … Tera? How long do we wait?”

“As long as it wants us to. It’s kind of a pain in the tail at times.”

Miriam was going to reply, but was stopped when she noticed something odd that had suddenly appeared in mid-air just in front of her. It was something she never expected when Tera brought her here. It was what appeared to be an old writing quill, green in colour, glowing with a purplish light. When Tera didn’t speak, Miriam asked: “What is that?”

“That is something I have always thought of as the Storyteller of the Realm. To be honest, I don’t even know if it has a name. It’s never told me.”

The quill started to move swiftly, the glow moving from the tip, words appearing as it did so …

Some secrets are never told. Some are. Welcome both: the one that is and the one to be.

Miriam looked at Tera: “What does …”

Tera put her hand over Miriam’s lips to stop her in mid-sentence. Then Tera’s tail held up a sign to her: Be careful what you say. We have little time here and when that glow ends our time is up.

Miriam nodded in understanding as Tera asked: “An old curse has returned to the Realm … the one that almost ended us. We need to know how to stop it.”

The quill replied: The story continues. The loss returns. Remember stories you have been told.

“They are too vague, too unclear. We have little time left. I ask … I plead. Will you give the answer?”

Remember your stories. The answer is there to be found.

Miriam frowned: “This is so confusing. I thought it was going to help us!”

The answer you seek is the one you already know, brightest of the yellow. Find the answer in yourselves.

Tera looked at Miriam, then at the quill, with some concern in her eyes. The glow had faded, just slightly, but it had.

This was the problem with the storyteller. It liked to tell stories, to reveal what it knew, but it never could just come out and answer a question.

To be honest with herself, Tera knew why that was. The storyteller was tied to the Librarian of the Realm and usually took on some of their traits. As Tera didn’t exactly come out and answer questions directly, it took on that trait.

For one of the very few times, Tera was on the other side of the situation when someone asked her a question. There was a difference however. She had been doing this for her entire life and she knew how she herself thought.

There was an answer, but it was hidden in the pages of a book, a line of a poem, a passage in a scroll … something … somewhere. The problem was coming up with the question in just the right way, the way that would reveal that secret. It was a safeguard, one that made things more complicated and, at least at the moment, very desperately so.

Time was running out, and it seemed that the storyteller had more riddles than answers. They just needed to figure out the answers to the riddles. Or ask the right questions …

Tera looked at Miriam and thought about everything the yellow-tail been through—her Eternal, some of the sillier moments that she’d seen from the two of them—and the Queen smiled. She remembered some of her own life, the connection that she had with her own Eternal, what it meant to her. She thought about the connection, the touch, the knowledge that having an Eternal meant, how having her Eternal had mattered so many times in the past. She sighed then, thinking about how this … thing … changed those of the Realm, wondering if that Eternal connection would be lost, as well.

That last thought brought Tera up short, and a question came to her. She considered the question carefully, thinking about all of the possible replies she might receive. It seemed like an obvious question, but that might be the point.

Sometimes the answers are staring at you. You just need to see them.

Jan 18 2015

A Review of Erotic Demon Hunter Collection by Julianne Reyer

Erotic Demon Hunter Collection by Julianne Reyer

Erotic Demon Hunter Collection by Julianne Reyer

A collected series this time for review on the Tale. As a whole I understand the focus on erotica that happens… well… in erotic works. There must be heat in the story of course, but then it needs something more. Erotica without story is simply a hot flash that quickly vanishes into nothingness.

But how much is too much? Where is the line which marks the difference between an erotic story and something more? That can be in the characters, the adventure, or, sometimes. what is unspoken as the story progresses.

  • Title: Erotic Demon Hunter Collection
  • Author: Julianne Reyer
  • Length: 109 Pages
  • Publishing Date: October 7, 2012
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

Follow the kinky paranormal exploits of Casey and Nick as they overcome demons, vampires, and their own personal struggles, to build a lasting bond with each other. The Erotic Demon Hunter Collection combines all three stories chronicling their journey into one 36k+ word erotic novella. Intended for adult readers only.

  • The Devil’s Taint – Demon hunter with a flair for sex magic. She understands the paranormal, and knows just how to deal with the most indecent encounters. But when her newest job draws her into the troubles of a handsome young executive with a past, she finds herself shaken and the magic going awry. Can she control the demon before it’s too late?
  • The Demon Sisters – Tough-girl Casey is trying to unravel a demonic problem, along with Nick, the sexy young executive with a mysterious past. She learns more about Nick’s kinky side, and just might surprise him herself. But will things go too far when they’re faced with two perverted succubi who are packing heat?
  • The Vampire’s Glamour – Casey is a tough-girl demon hunter who’s falling for her cocky partner, Nick. He’s a wealthy man with a dark past who isn’t really her type, but after facing demons and black magic together, their connection might be more than it seems. Now, as they attend a gala vampire event in search of answers, they find both danger and perversion. Can they overcome vampires and demons to save Nick’s soul?

Casey meets Nick. Nick has a problem, Casey tries to solve it, and quite literally all hell breaks loose before the story is finished.

The focus in this series is Casey and Nick and they do meet, summon, and encounter a various number of supernatural beings. There are Succubi, a fleeting scene for the most part, and what could be an Incubus, but they appear for only a short time and are no more. Again, the point of the story are Casey and Nick, so this has to be expected, but their running from one encounter to the next felt forced and unfocused at times and I’m not sure it needed to be as such.

The main characters, and really all of the others as well, are very interesting and speak with their own voices. I enjoyed seeing each of their personalities appear and as the series went along there was actually quite a lot to be told. The vignettes between each of the moments of erotica told a story and built upon what had been revealed in the past.

The problem with the series as a whole is that the core of the work tends towards the erotic moments that Casey and Nick go through on their quest. Whether between the two of them or demons they summon, or vampires or whatever, more is spent on those moments than on the main plot of the story which is Nick’s predicament.

The erotica itself has some very hot moments in it, but there are also some points which made me stop and wonder what was happening exactly before continuing on. By that I mean the situation that Casey and Nick find themselves in seemed odd. It also felt like there was some repetitiveness in what the two of them are involved in.

There are Succubi in this work, two sisters, who are somewhat stereotypical in nature in that all they really care about is sex. They are different in that they do not have a stereotypical form however. But the erotic scenes with them aren’t quite as hot as I thought they could have been. There is also an appearance of what could be called an Incubus, but again that scene seemed a bit too clinical and its heat was muted for me at least.

The author writes excellent characters, their settings are well thought out, and as a whole I wasn’t taken out of the story because of a mistake in editing. The erotica might have been a little bit more emotionally and tied the main characters together more than it did.

As a whole I give this series three and a half out of five pitchforks.

A bit more story, a little less over the top sex and it would have been a lot better I think. There’s so much in the background of both Casey and Nick that isn’t really explored and I think that it should have been. More flashbacks or reveals or… something. I’m not honestly sure what, but as the work is the heat overcomes story and it need not.



Jan 17 2015

Some lovely art on a Lilith Aensland Tribute YouTube

I’ve mentioned many times that it’s actually not that simple to find art of Lilith Aensland… That is, of course, because of her sister Morrigan… That however means that sometimes I find a tribute on YouTube that has some lovely art of her and, occasionally, something that I do not have in my collection of her…

And if you cannot see the video here, try this link:


And here is the one image of Lilith on this video that just made me smile…

Cute Lilith Aensland

I just think this is an adorable work of Lilith.. Love her smile, the artist’s style really works well for her. It kind of reminds me of one of those pieces of art you might sit for at a fair or some other show where the artists make charactures.

But really the cuteness just makes this work for me so much…