Mar 08 2015

A Review of The Succubus’ Sub – Session Twelve: A Day in Pink by John Dylena

The Succubus’ Sub - Session Twelve: A Day in Pink by John Dylena

The Succubus’ Sub – Session Twelve: A Day in Pink by John Dylena

The twelfth work in the Succubus’ Sub series by John Dylena was released this week. I have always loved this series, and in this work things take a very interesting turn for Brett. The author wrote a short little bit of flash fiction about Brett, or rather his alter ego Brooke quite some time ago, which I thought was an inspired bit of writing about Brooke turning “all out bimbo.”

Seesion Twelve tells that story, and also serves as a warning to never play with things that a Succubus leaves laying about… You never know really what they might be capable of doing… or what you will be doing because of them.

The story tells of:

When the succubus is away, the sub will play… 

Myserra has had her hands full teaching Ashley, the new succubus, how to control her powers. Brett is used to being the center of attention, and in his loneliness, he’s begun to act out. But Myserra is unimpressed, and when she leaves him alone for a week in their condo, he’s devastated.

It seems that his mistress has left something behind, however: a sparkly bracelet covered in rhinestones. And no matter how hard Brett tries to avoid it, he can’t help but want to slide it over his wrist and give in to the power he knows lurks inside of it.

It isn’t long before he surrenders and discovers his inner bimbo in the process. Now he’s having the time of his life. But at what cost?

Brett’s relationship with Myserra has gone a little bit off the rails of late. Myserra is not spending as much time with Brett as she used to which Brett finds hard to take, at one point being rather short with Myserra and when she leaves him alone for some time, he finds that things just become worse. A mysterious bracelet catches his attention and Brett discovers that when a Succubus leaves something out in the open, it can change things in ways one would never expect.

Myserra and Ashley do not appear for very long in this work, as it is really focused on Brett alone. It is clear that Myserra has something in mind for Brett, the comment she makes at the beginning of the story makes that very clear, and the means to make that happen is both cute and wonderfully told. They do, of course, appear by the end of the story again, to make sure that Brett, or rather Brooke, gets everything out of her lesson, and the twist in the ending is a neat little one that I didn’t see coming earlier in the work.

Brett’s transformation into “Bimbo Brooke” is told in a way that makes it very subtle and by the time that Brett realizes that something is happening to him, it’s far too late to do anything about it. Not that he could at any rate as Myserra’s trap for her submissive works really quite well. The Brooke that has been seen before isn’t the Brooke that appears in this work. She’s very much a bimbo, but there is also something a bit different about her. She does try to fight her transformation, attempts to control herself as much as she can, but over time she falls further and further into Myserra’s trap. When it finally closes completely, Brooke is a cute little sex toy that has quite the experience with her Mistress and her new found friend in the story.

I liked the mental shifting of Brett to Brooke and then how Brooke turned the corner into being the best bimbo she could possibly be. The shifts in attitude and character build up slowly over time and to Brett and Brooke’s point of view, when they do shift, it’s fairly seamless and not noticed too much by him/herself.

There are two very hot scenes in the work, one that introduces a new character to the series which I thought was lovely, and the other when Myserra and Ashley return that takes Brooke into being completely bimbo in nature and finding out what that means in some very hot ways. Two really well told hot flashes, but the mind control and body transformations are really the core of the story and as such they make the work very strong as a whole.

The author knows his characters and how they act, what they do, and more importantly, how things come to the climax aren’t out of place. I would have liked to see a bit more of Bimbo Brett getting into some “situations”, more than she did. I think I would like to see her return again sometime, perhaps Brett will see this side of him/herself as being a treat in more ways than one.

Certainly Brett will have learned not to touch things that he doesn’t recognize. Succubi have all sorts of things to play with… or to play with others you know…

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

Just a wonderfully fun work that just made me smile throughout. It was wonderful to see Brett, through Brooke, be something different than she usually is. It gives a different perspective on things, what could have been, what might have been, and what could, possibly, return again some time. A lovely light, joyful, and cute story that I really did enjoy…



Mar 08 2015

A Review of Enslave by Felicity Heaton

Enslave by Felicity Heaton

Enslave by Felicity Heaton

Sometimes the concepts of Succubi, and Incubi for that matter, get a little bit entwined with vampires. Sometimes that really doesn’t work, mainly because the two concepts really don’t work together well. However, if you take a slightly different view of both sides of things, you can, if you try, come up with an idea that makes sense, works well, and most importantly, helps to create a uniquely hot, passionate, and adventurous story.

What happens when what you are is hidden from you, then confronts you and then destroys what happiness you had. What is the result when your refusing that which you are for years on end, draws others to you who want you for their purposes and care nothing about you?

Who do you turn to and trust? And when you figure that out, is it too late already?

The work tells the story of:

His determination to succeed in business has left no room in his life for love. Now, a beautiful and deadly succubus has teleported into his dark, decadent world and is in danger of enslaving his heart.

Andreu’s future entails opening an erotic theatre like Vampirerotique, gaining wealth, women and power, not shackling himself to a single female, but he cannot deny the dangerously seductive succubus who stirs his anger and passion, and tempts him like no other—he will have her.

The moment their eyes meet, Varya knows she cannot have the exotic dark vampire who sets her pulse racing. His shadowed aura marks him as forbidden, but the hungers he awakens in her are too intense to resist—she must have a taste.

When an erotically-charged kiss ignites their soul-searing passion and reveals something dangerous about Andreu, will Varya leave forever or will she dare to risk all in pursuit of something she thought was beyond her reach?

Varya visits a theatre in which vampires perform some very kinky sexual acts and while she is there, trying to hide herself, her glamour slips and she is seen by Andreu, the vampire who doesn’t want to fall in love like his brother… But one look and he wants her. Varya has been told by her Fae clan that beings such as he are forbidden, but she can’t stay way either. A misguided trap later and Varya is imprisoned in the theatre… and then the truths begin to come out.

Varya is described as a Succubus, and another character is described as being half-incubus in nature. The interesting thing is that Incubi believe in love and Succubi have been told that they cannot love. Through the story, the real truths about Succubi come out and with that a really involved and passionate story unfolds.

While Varya is a Succubus, she does not have horns or a tail, though she has pointed ears, fangs, and she can teleport herself from place to place. She also has a touch of mind control abilities as well. Sadly, she also, if she is not careful, can and has taken the lives of others, but not their souls. I liked her style, what she wears, how headstrong and independent she is. All of that just added to her character in a lot of ways and when she was present, she took over the story from sheer force of will.

The supporting cast, all of them vampires, are interesting and complex in their own rights. Thankfully there wasn’t a lot of blood bring thrown around through the story, which is something I really dislike is any story about Succubi. Their lives and stories are really detailed and that helped to weave the story as a whole better.

The erotica mainly focuses on Varya and Andreu, and that passion, and the confusion it brings to each of them as the story unfolds is at times quite funny and at others so terribly sad. Varya’s teachings keep pulling at her, she cannot believe in what she has, and that hurts her. The same can be said about Andreu, what he is told wars against what he can see and it takes forever for him to make a choice. But when they both do, the story is so much better and a sweeter read. There are moments of conflict, sacrifice, and mistakes are made, but that makes their relationship all the better and realistic, and that adds to the heat of the story.

As much as I enjoyed the work, it was the ending that for me wrecked things. It felt wrong, it did not sit right, and in the end what happens seems like a cop out for a quick ending to the story. There’s so much that goes wrong from the first moment that Varya sees Andreu so much pain and suffering, so much heartache and more, and in the end, all of that ends with a decision that for both of these characters, isn’t right.

It also drives me to wonder what happens if the theatre was burned to the ground? What is the result of a disaster like that? There’s a lot of what ifs that came to me over the ending, and it feels like there needed to be a conclusion to this work. But I haven’t found that, and as such, to me, that means that Varya and Andreu are in a situation that cannot end well… and it shouldn’t.

Wonderful characters, the erotica, the descriptions of what Varya does and Andreu’s reactions and what he does to her are hot, passionate, and perfect in every way. The writing itself is strong, the settings and scenes are well written and more… It’s just the ending that disappoints me, and it shouldn’t have.

I’ll give this work four of five pitchforks.

A deeply involved story about a Succubus finding that she can love. Really beautiful and wonderful in many ways… But the ending left me wanting and after all that Varya suffered, that, at least to me, felt like a mistake.



Mar 07 2015

Some Video RPG Succubi are not what they could be

So there is, apparently, a video role playing game called Loren the Amazon Princess. As part of this game, at one point, you happen to come across… a Succubus.

And if you can’t see the video on the Tale, try this link:

Here’s an image of the Succubus herself, her name is Jul… Actually I do like her name as I think about it a bit…

Jul the Succubus of Loren The Amazon Princess

Jul the Succubus of Loren The Amazon Princess

It’s a shame really that there are no other images of her, and really for the most part she’s there for a moment and then vanishes… But I like her name…

There could be something in that…

Regardless, she’s somewhat of a stereotypical enemy, but there is a bit of mind control in the storyline and she does at least look the part… And I do like her tail actually…

Just wish she was more than she is…



Mar 06 2015

A Review of Black Shadow Detective Agency: The Angel and The Demon Caper by Sigurd Olson

Black Shadow Detective Agency: The Angel and The Demon Caper by Sigurd Olson

Black Shadow Detective Agency: The Angel and The Demon Caper by Sigurd Olson

Some think that Succubi are weak beings that do not, or can not, or will not, fight for something. The question isn’t one of something, but rather someone. There comes a point where a choice has to be made and like all beings, Succubi can choose. They can choose to know love, they can choose to be more than they are.

Most of all, they can decide that being more than “a simple” Succubus is what really matters to them. Having someone to love that sees you in the same way means that you’d do anything for them… and do.

  • Title: Black Shadow Detective Agency: The Angel and The Demon Caper
  • Author: Sigurd Olson
  • Length: 50 Pages
  • IBSN: 9781301506200
  • Publishing Date: October 16, 2013
  • This work at

The work tells the story of:

The name of the door reads Black Shadow Detective Agency and the office is in a building so old that it considered a cultural landmark of the state. The room is clean the furniture isn’t new and when you walk in to the office it feels like you just stepped onto the set of The Maltese Falcon.

My name is Jason Black, I find things, people, and solve the occasional murder. I was given knowledge of both mortal and daemonic magicks from my parents and they are the tools of my trade. I have saved people from soul stealers, tracked kidnapped kids across the ocean with nothing more than a strand of hair, and interrogated the dead. For the right price and a worthy cause I’ll do anything to help a client get the justice that can’t be found from the normal sources.

My name is Jason Black and I’m for hire.

The weirdest case of my century long career has just landed in my lap. A succubus waitress from my favorite bar, The Mystic Wolf, has come to me begging for help. A valkyrie friend of hers has disappeared, and her place looks like a bomb went off inside it. Now I have to find an divine deamon for an infernal one. If it wasn’t for the fact that there was check with my name on it I would thing this whole thing was a sick joke.

I love complicated mysteries, especially ones that make you think and try to piece together the plots and plans that are swimming around. It’s even better when the characters have their history so neatly told that by the time you are halfway done you feel like you’ve known all of them for a long time before.

Being that this is the third work in this series, and I had not read the previous two works, it wasn’t hard to get into the story, the characters and this world. There is quite a lot of information needing to be shared of course, but it isn’t an info dump. The setting, characters and world are explained in an off handed way which works really well and provides for insight into the main character of the series Jason Black.

He is part demon in nature, but he isn’t demonic or evil. Far from that he’s intelligent, has a detailed past, and a very complicated present. That made him very attractive and in that his personality is sharply defined on the page. He strikes me as sort of Indiana Jones like in a way, fedora and all. His personality, humour, and more just made the story spin around him and in doing so the author created a gripping page turner.

Part of my joy in this work was the way Succubi were described. Having them be in a union at a club and read all of the little quirks and personalities they all have was wonderful. More so that the Succubi were not stereotypically evil or nasty. They are all trying to make it in a new world in their own ways and it was refreshing to see that. There were many moments where I laughed over some of the things they had to deal with and it was lovely…

That brings me to Sasha, the main Succubus of the story. She starts out confused, worried and most importantly in love. The question of who she is in love with starts the mystery and drives it forwards, but as that develops, Sasha grows in herself and what she can do. Love they say can change you. In Sasha’s case that’s so very clearly told. Sasha does have wings and a tail, as do all of the Succubi in this work. But she also isn’t really like any other Succubus in another way. She wants to be more than she is, going to college and studying to be a teacher. All of that made her adorable in so many ways and I love her dearly.

This is a mystery story, so there isn’t any erotica per se, but it was cute to see the little double entendres that appeared from time to time and how Jason bemoans the two women, both of which I thought were amazing characters in their own rights.

Tightly written, a world of detail, characters with style and purpose. All in all a wonderful read and well worth your time. My only wish? I would have liked to know more about Sasha, her story is a bit vague background wise. That and seeing more of the Succubi at the bar… There are so many characters there only touched on and they interested me a lot.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

A wonderfully told story with a strong universe and characters that are unique, have their own souls and are not afraid to show them. Really one of the best works in the detective mystery/supernatural genre that i have seen this year.



Mar 05 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 372

I’ve said many times that I love cute Succubi, the cuter the better honestly. A smile, a look, just how they are really can make me smile and I cherish those sorts of works of art very much. I found this one quite some time ago and every time I see it… I can’t help but smile and be thankful for the artist that brought her to life…

Cute Succubus by Hiyata

Cute Succubus by Hiyata

This cute piece of Succubus art is by an artist on DeviantArt called Hiyata. You can find the page I found this art here and this artist’s DeviantArt page is here as well.

The artist called this a “random Succubus quickie” but, to me at least, there’s so much character here that I can’t really see this as a quickie. The entire work just… speaks to me. I love her tail, the look in her eyes, her outfit, hair, horns, the markings on her skin, her expression… Really all of this just calls out to me so very much… So very much so.

She’s just so huggably cute, which I love as so many that know me are aware. Yes there is a little bit of sexy in her, there’s no doubt about that, she is one of the Succubi after all. But there’s personality in her, a strong one.

I wonder what her name is… Violet I think isn’t right…  Daphne? Melissa? Candice?

I need to ponder this I think.



Mar 04 2015

A split personality wig or just a mistake?

Black and Red Twisted Curls WigLast week I shared a wig that I thought really wasn’t all that bad. Of course this week I have to share one that just has this Disney villainess vibe to it. And I don’t mean in a good way either really…

This is the Black and Red Twisted Curls Wig and it sells for $20 US. Obviously there are no horns with it and really that wouldn’t help all that much would it?

It honestly reminds me of Cruella Deville in a lot of ways and I think that it would for anyone that had seen that movie even once before, colours being different not making any difference to that really.

The model I do have to say is making an effort to make this wig look better than it is and honestly that seems like a really difficult thing to do.

I won’t be buying this.

Zero out of five pitchforks.

Last week was better, I have seen a lot better and I expect to again… At least I hope I will.



Mar 03 2015

A Review of Damned and Desired by Kathy Kulig

Damned and Desired by Kathy Kulig

Damned and Desired by Kathy Kulig

A review this time of a work that appeared almost five years ago. Some might wonder about my reviewing books like this from time to time. My thoughts are that every work deserves to be looked at, thought about, and talked about. A short little flash or a massive story, each one should stand on its own.

Not all beings that appear to be Succubi are, in fact, Succubi. They may act like them, they may have similar abilities, but they aren’t quite like them. That doesn’t mean they aren’t Succubi however.

Life for some means lust, and for others it means love. The hardest thing to do is to figure out which one matters to you the most. Always.

The story tells of:

She’s a demon, he’s a shapeshifting leopard. From their first meeting in the Arizona desert, passion ignites and trouble begins. As a demon, Sakari Lock must harvest lifeforce energy through sexual seductions to sustain her exiled world. But when Sakari meets Brad, she breaks the number one rule of Anartia – don’t get personal with your quarry. Physician’s assistant Brad Montag is drawn to Sakari’s lustful advances with a blazing desire he can’t explain, unaware of how dangerous she is.
No matter how enticing, she’s a complication he doesn’t need until he can conquer his past and regain control of his shapeshifting abilities. Sex this wicked and good can only lead to disaster. When immortals from an alternate dimension try to free their exiled world, Brad is caught in the middle of a battle that could destroy not only him, but the land he loves.

Sakari is in a bad situation. She is forced from the role she has known for ages to satisfy the rulers of her world and in doing so finds that she must take energy from humans to keep their world alive. But an encounter with one man reveals choices she never considered before, and the past she has been trying to honour.

This is simply a hot, erotic scifi/romance/mystery novel with a mixture of beliefs, understandings and possibilities that just fit together really well. It really is a fascinating story that mixes the relationship of Brad and Sakari with the intrigue of another world. It’s amazing to follow along as Sakari moves from her world to Earth and as she moves through the work it becomes clear that not everything is exactly as she has been told it is.

Eventually this forces her to make a choice and with the help of Brad and those that support him, she has a chance to redeem herself for what she had done, bring closure to her family, and, if she is lucky, possibly have a life of her own.

The world Sakari is from has an odd composition in that human energy is taken in a way that is very succubus or incubus like, then through sex that energy is given to the rulers of their world and it is then used to keep their world alive. That concept isn’t quite clearly explained, but it turns into a really difficult thing for everyone to deal with. Secrets and mysteries wrapped around the fate of a world do go that way.

I enjoyed the hints of mind control and succubus-like power that Sakari showed, but I also liked her as a “fish out of water” in our world. But she wasn’t quite that in her own world, so the comparison of the two sides of her was something to follow that I enjoyed.

The villains of the work are a bit two dimensional however and I would have liked them more rounded and be more. They are too aloof, too out of touch for my liking in such a story and when they do appear it’s rather cringe-worthy as they go about lording over others and seemingly not actually doing anything to solve the problems around them.

This work is said to be a stand alone sequel to another work, but you need not read the first one to follow the story in this work. I’m not quite so sure of that to be honest. I think I would have liked to read the first book in order to get a better grip on the rulers of Sakai’s world, assuming they appear in the first work.

Well written, good heat in the erotica. The work on a sort of a cliff hanger, but the main characters at least have closure, even if the world, or worlds, do not quite have that.

Four out of five pitchforks.

Loved the characters and story, would have liked to see more of the aftermath of decisions made by the main characters. A bit more character to the villains would have helped too I think as a whole as they were a bit difficult to follow at times.