Apr 08 2015

A lousy tail is only the start to an uninspiring costume really…

Sexy Sequin Devil Temptress CostumeI’ve often wondered what might happen if the worst of everything came together in one costume. Actually I should be truthful and add that I hope that never happens as it will probably mark some catacylsmic event or another. Still, there are moments when I see costumes that could have been a lot more than they are, but instead… aren’t.

This is called the Sexy Sequin Devil Temptress Costume and it comes with the dress, the belt, the horns and the… tail. The shoes are not included and it sells for $35 US at several sites I have found this costume available on.

It’s not a good thing when the best I can say is that I like the model’s shoes. I will note that at least the horns and tail match the sequins on the dress, which is honestly quite a surprise as normally there isn’t all that much coordinating in many costumes.

The thing is… I don’t like the dress, or the horns or the tail. I have a lovely strapless sequin dress that that looks far better than this and, of course, I have horns and a tail that would just be perfect for it as a combination…

But as for this?

Yet another zero out of five pitchforks…

…too many of those and I’ll try to do better next week…



Apr 07 2015

A Review of Sweet Dreams by Benjamin Daniels

Sweet Dreams by Benjamin Daniels

Sweet Dreams by Benjamin Daniels

Dreams are powerful things. They reveal our truths, hopes, pasts and wishes about the future. They offer a doorway into our souls and in doing so, we can discover things not known… or meant to be known.

Even beings that can enter dreams, exist in them, shape them, and sometimes change them, have dreams of their own. The problem isn’t the dream of course. It is the nightmares that come unbidden within the dreams…

  • Title: Sweet Dreams
  • Author: Benjamin Daniels
  • Length: 132 Pages
  • Publishing Date: September 25, 2012
  • This work at Amazon.com

It is the story of:

Jahi’s job is as a seductress in Lilith’s house of pleasure. She can see into their sexual fantasies and give them every sexual desire possible.

Jahi is special; she holds a power beyond just sexual pleasure. She can transform into whatever the clients wish for, but what Jahi really wants is to fulfill her own desires.

Prescott is her one and only desire, there is only one problem….He doesn’t seem to notice her… Or so she thought.

Jahi is caught in a situation. She works for Lilith, her role to enter into the dreams of others and give them what they desire. The problem is that Jahi’s own desire, to be with an Incubus called Prescott, is something she believes will never be.

Jahi isn’t quite a Succubus, though her powers are very similar to one. She doesn’t quite look like a succubus either, though in her own way she has a haunting beauty of her own that is well told. She isn’t quite as sexually over the top as many other of the characters in this work are and that’s actually good because it sets her apart from the others she faces.

Lilith, at least in this work, might be a Succubus, but it’s difficult to say if she is exactly. There really isn’t much in the way of evidence that Lilith is a Succubus, though she is somewhat brutal in her methods and actions on occasion. She appears sparingly in the work and in during so it makes her more of a mystery to wonder about.

Prescott, as an Incubus, is both domineering and at the same time holds secrets and a past that is unique and fascinating to watch as it unfolds. There is a relationship that finally comes into force towards the end of the work which is an amazing series of moments between himself and Jahi. It is a nice change of his attitude and image that he shows when both he and Jani admit their feelings for each other before the story moves towards its climax.

But along with all of the wonderful characters comes an underlying story that have a number of twists and turns. There is a plan of some description going on around Jani, but the purpose of that plan, what role she has, and what it all means isn’t made clear. The work ends on a cliff-hanger for Jani where she questions all that she thought was real, right, and meant something.

That ending is concerning as it brings into question Lilith, Prescott, and as well several Angels and Devils that appear during the work. Ending in that way does, of course, make the reader want to see where the story goes from here, but there doesn’t seem to be another work in the series so, as such, the questions might never be answered which is a shame.

There are several erotic moments in the work. There are some lovely sweet moments which Jahi calls “sweet dreams” that were sweet, hot, and passionate and I really enjoyed them very much. There is also a point where a dream turns because of another’s interference into something painful, hurtful, and dangerous which I didn’t care for very much. But there was a point, and the outcome of that “bad dream” fits into the story well.

While the characters and story are excellent, the plots are involved and there is passion within the words, there are, regretfully a number of mistakes in the work, spelling and words that aren’t quite the correct ones, that tripped me up from time to time. Being that the work I read was the third edition, according to Amazon at least, I would have thought that more editing would have been done to correct them. The other problem is that ending on a cliff-hanger should lead to another work at some point, which this author seems never to have written.

Four out of five pitchforks.

To the best of my knowledge there never was a following work and that’s a shame considering all of the story, characters, and effort that is so clear in this work. The work was reissued on Amazon in 2013 and while there are a pair of stories written by this author in the same universe, they aren’t continuations of where this story closes. Perhaps someday that will be…



Apr 07 2015

A Review of Succubus Tales: The Merging by Gregory Michelson and Julia Silvereyes

Succubus Tales: The Merging by Gregory Michelson and Julia Silvereyes

Succubus Tales: The Merging by Gregory Michelson and Julia Silvereyes

The beginning of new series about a Succubus today on the Tale, but quite a recent one, one that is written by an author in the MC community, and one that I think starts off the series in one of the most interesting ways that I have seen in quite some time.

Some believe that power is everything, that it solves all problems. What they do not understand is that there is always a cost and, sometimes, there’s a Succubus who’s always looking over your shoulder and whispering into your mind. Whether you obey, or the Succubus does, that depends on you.

  • Title: Succubus Tales: The Merging
  • Author: Gregory Michelson and Julia Silvereyes
  • Length: 37 Pages
  • Publishing Date: January 31, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells about:

Daphne wanted power, but not the decades of mystic study. So she found a shortcut, calling up a spirit to do her bidding.

But Daphne didn’t remember the old saying: never call up what you cannot put down. The spirit she called isn’t going to obey, or go home…and it has a plan, a plan that will give Daphne her power, but a power that will come at an erotic cost… Soon Daphne will find herself battling for who gets to dominate their new relationship— the summoner or the summoned.

Will Daphne survive and dominate her minion, or will she be lost to its erotic power? Whatever the answer, soon a being of sex will enter our world… and the world will never be the same.

Daphne comes into possession of a means to power, one that she intends to use to get everything that she wants. However, the universe plays by slightly different rules and Daphne doesn’t quite understand them for what they are. Her summoning brings a Succubus and then Daphne’s world changes as do those around her.

At the beginning of the story, I wasn’t quite sure that I was going to like Daphne as she was, to a point, rather self absorbed and single minded. As things went on that turned out to not be a bad thing and actually lent itself towards making her more interesting as the story went onwards. She has a strong force of will that comes out in her “fight” with the Succubus and as that unfolds in-between the events that come out of Daphne’s summoning, it is a interesting battle of wills between them.

The Succubus herself has that lovely little smile in her voice when she first appears that, for me, is what I look for in a Succubus character to hold my interest. As she becomes more present and her form is revealed, she is the picture of a seductive and powerful Succubus, horns, tail and all. But what’s the most important thing about her is that she isn’t stereotypically evil. There’s a purpose behind her actions of course, and she’s quite determined to win the battle against Daphne, but as well she seems to be holding back something or trying to hide it by overwhelming Daphne with pleasure.

Those scenes, interspersed among some hot flashes of erotica that come as a result of Daphne’s summoning and the Succubus’s power, are a lovely mix of Succubus erotica, passion, and a little bit of mind control that I thought was just written in the most perfect way. It was one of the best scenes of its kind that I’ve read this year really by far.

I liked the breaking up of what happens to Daphne by the events that happen to those around her and in those scenes there is some very subtle and hot mind control erotica that works really well. How they are influenced by the Succubus arriving, how their thoughts shift and then how things unfold was very well done and I liked the majority of those scenes. Placing them in the story as they were made the work flow better I thought and it reflected the fight for control between Daphne and the Succubus nicely.

At the climax of the work, Daphne discovers that she has a rather serious problem to deal with, a Succubus to whisper into her thoughts, and the power she wanted, but doesn’t know what to do with it. That’s a really good place to end the first work of a series and it really sets up a lot of interesting plots and paths for the characters to take.

There’s one other point in this work that made me smile and that is at the end of the work when the Succubus is finally given a name. Throughout the work she never has a name, as it seems she never had one before. She chooses the name Miriam, and for me, that made me smile and I really was overjoyed to see that.

A solid story, a very good concept with captivating characters that I loved. Lovely hot erotica that touches both Succubus themes and mind control ones as well in a way that feels right, reads well, and makes sense in the universe this work is set in. In the initial copy of the work I read there were a few, very minor, word errors, but they didn’t overcome my love for Daphne or Miriam. A smart, sexy, and enjoyable read by far.

Five out of five pitchforks.

I want book two and i want to see it right now if not sooner. An amazingly good read, really hot erotic scenes, a Succubus with personality and character. Solid story telling, so much to offer and I enjoyed every single page.

I hope, dearly, that the next work in the series will arrive soon… There aren’t enough Succubi named Miriam in the universes and I think that this one will be quite the delicious one…



Apr 06 2015

Crossroads by TeraS

I made a connection recently with someone… This person told me of something which I have been thinking about this past little while. It’s a very important question, one that speaks to something which is, really, core to many questions … What happens when you come to the …



By TeraS


There are places, times, and moments in the universe that are called crossroads. In these places, choices are made, realities are shaped, and sometimes, just sometimes, one discovers more about oneself than anyone ever thought was possible.

There are beings in the universe who know of these places and await others there, some for ill, some for good. Some watch and do nothing, others take control and change things.

This particular crossroads happened to be one which had not seen a soul for time immemorial: a passageway through the underworld, blackened floors with red marble veins running through in an indescribable pattern. The walls were polished smooth, a mirror that reflected over and over again the passageway that awaited its time to be the focus of something; whether that something was of more or less importance was not certain.

Out of the darkness, a soft green light formed, then shifted into a portal before opening. The portal sparked brightly for an instant, its light flaring through the space, before it vanished, leaving a raven-haired, red-horned and tailed Queen of the Succubi there alone.

She looked somewhat different from how she normally appeared. After all, in this place there was a certain ambiance that she needed to display, and that coloured her appearance. A tight, black leather corset wrapped her body while a long, red wraparound skirt swirled around her legs—which were caressed by a pair of thigh-high black boots with tall heels. But, regardless of her style, her raven hair was as wild as ever, spilling over her shoulders and down her back to where her tail began and moved slowly behind her while her ever-so-green eyes shone in the dark, glinting with mischievousness and the power within her.

Tera smoothed out her skirt as she looked around the space, making note of where the crossroads came from and where they went. Seeing that, at least for this place, there were but two directions to travel, she turned to her left and moved down the hallway. The stillness was broken by the sound of her heels clicking on the floor, the occasional tap of her fingernails against the polished wall as she continued onwards. It had been some time since Tera had visited this place. Her thoughts passed over the ones that called this place home, what they were like, and more.

She hadn’t felt the calling to return here for ages; in truth few who lived in this existence managed to seek out, to discover, to learn that which was hidden away from them. She would have, had she been allowed, done something about that, but there were rules here, rules that even she had to play by. However, that did not mean that she had to when she was called here by another.

The question was, of course, who it was and why.

She had travelled for some distance when she heard the first sound: a clink, possibly a scrape of … something. It came from still some ways in front of her, and, far off in the distance, she noticed the first flicker of red light. Of course, it would be red; this was, of course, the underworld.

The second sound was a mournful wail of loss, and that tugged at her. Someone was off in the distance there. The question was: why was he wailing? But the better question was: why was he here?

The answer came when Tera entered a rough-hewn cavern, the walls no longer mirrors, but jagged rock; the floor no longer smooth, but uneven and unkempt. As she looked within, her breath caught at the sight she beheld.

Curled up against one of the bare, cold walls was one of the incubi, his dark hair matted, his red skin covered in soot, his black wings torn, his tail wrapped around his waist. He was chained, held—for how long Tera couldn’t know. He was turned away from her, shifting from time to time, which made the sound she had heard before. It was clear he had been testing his bindings, thus the first noise. Finding them fast, he moaned in despair, the second sound she had heard.

Tera crossed the room, coming close to him, and then placed a hand on his shoulder. His response was instantaneous, pulling away and growling in a dangerous tone. When he turned to face her, she could see his eyes: deep, dark pools that held what he had been through and what he had expected when she touched him.

He rose from the ground, his wings outstretched, his tail slashing through the air. The first words spoken were in a gravelly voice, worn, distant: “Are you here to sate your lusts?”

Tera showed him her hands, palms upwards: “I come here without malice.”

His laugh was bitter indeed: “All do.”

“I … do not.”

His eyes narrowed as what she looked like registered to him: “Who are you? You are not like the others.”

She smiled: “I’m not. My name is Tera.”

He laughed deeply: “She is a myth, a tale, a fantasy, nothing more.”

Her tail arched over her right shoulder in response: “Is that what they are saying now? What else do they say? No, let me guess. They say that there is no love for you. Only lust is what you deserve.”

He grunted and pulled on his chains slightly: “It matters not. Use me, then leave.”

Tera walked up to him, unafraid, and placed her right hand upon his chest. The contrast between her tanned skin and the red of his own was striking but she dismissed the thought as she looked up into his eyes.

“No. I will not leave, nor will I use you.”

This brought him up short, and the next words were not so rough-edged: “What do you want?”

Her hands moved up his chest until she was cupping his chin: “In time I will tell you. But, for this moment, I want one promise from you.”

His eyes narrowed: “You play a dangerous game.”

She looked directly into his eyes: “One that must be played. The promise is you will not do harm.”

His hands took firm hold of her hips: “What do I gain from that promise?”

“Promise first. If you know my legend, then you know what you gain if you agree.”

He considered her; how long that was, neither of them could say. She didn’t fear him, was not concerned, in truth, and her eyes showed that reflected in him. The difficulty was in him seeing who she was, accepting it, and making the next step.

He then asked a question: “Why?”

She laughed: “Just because. There need be no other reason.”

The words escaped him in the next moment: “I promise to not do harm.”

As she spoke the last word, Tera’s hands moved from his chin to the shackles on his wrists. Moments later they fell to the floor with a final clank. Dropping to her knees, she removed the ones around his ankles and, once she had done so, he was free to move.

In the next moment, he had pinned Tera against the floor, straddling her: “This is all a trick! You cannot be her! You give hope and then take it away!”

She was not surprised by his actions, and simply replied: “If I meant to trick you, then why would I have said that I come here without malice to you? Our kind cannot lie. I spoke the truth. You, he of the incubi, have been too long in the thrall of the unworthy. They have tainted your soul. See though their words and see the truth in front of you.”

The moment was long, both of them looking into each other’s eyes. Then he whispered: “Say your name … your true name.”

“I am Tera, Queen of the Succubi and Queen of the Realm. I am the Daughter of the Queen of us all. I am the light for our kind and ever shall be.”

As she finished speaking his lips came close to hers and he whispered: “There is no light here.”

Her eyes glowed a soft green as the scent of cherries filled the air around them both: “Then share mine and see.”

Their lips touched and a bright white light filled the room, blotting out the dark, dismal world that he had existed in for so long. It travelled down the crossroads, the mirrored walls reflecting the light over and over again until the passages were burned clean of the darkness of the underworld, leaving only the light behind.

As the light dimmed from incandescence, things had changed. He had changed. His skin was tanned like Tera’s own. His black horns and tail still present, but his wings only ethereal memories and fading fast. Hoofed no more, he looked at his feet curiously: “What have you done?”

Tera’s tail rose up and twined itself around his tail: “Shown you the light.”

He moved to the side, laying upon the floor now scoured clean from the light they had shared moments before: “How?”

She sat up and touched his shoulder: “By offering you light, which you accepted. You made a choice at your crossroads.”

He looked at her curiously, his eyes no longer black, but blue: “Do I call you “Queen,” then?”

Tera laughed musically: “Oh, no. Remember, you asked for my true name. All else was embellishment.”

He rolled onto his back and looked at the ceiling above: “She is Queen second, Tera first.”

Tera stood up and didn’t bother brushing herself off as she offered him her hand: “You never said your name.”

He thought about the question as he stood with her. His name; he hadn’t remembered it for a very long time and to rediscover it took some time. His answer came with a note of surprise: “I … believe my name was … Nathaniel.”

Tera rose up on her toes and kissed him lightly on his lips: “You are Nathaniel. You are the son of Naamah. You are also my brother and family and you are loved.” She then took his hand and walked with him away from the chains that had bound him, away from the place that had taken so much from him, away from those that had tried to turn him. Once outside of the chamber which had been his prison for so long, Tera paused and opened a portal to carry them away from the place.

As she held his hand and led him towards the portal, Tera smiled: “Your family has been waiting to meet you once again for the first time …”

As they passed through the portal it was clear that they had both been to the crossroads. One who had chosen her path long before and the other who had made his choice because she offered. And those who had chosen before at the crossroads waited to bring another of their family home.

Apr 05 2015

A Review of the Monster and Possession Erotica series by Desiree Silver

The Domain of the Incubus by Desiree Silver

The Domain of the Incubus by Desiree Silver

A review today on the Tale of a short series of works, two of which involve Incubi and the third which has a Succubus as the main character. They are all, to a point, connected together and in their own way they are both quite good and perhaps not so much so. The series is called Monster and Possession Erotica, which is a bit general in tone I know. but that is what it is called.

Seduction is, at times, a two way street. Sometimes it isn’t and then, if you aren’t looking, you can find yourself with no where to go…

The first work in the series is:

  • Title: The Domain of the Incubus
  • Author:  Desiree Silver
  • Length: 23 Pages
  • ASIN: B00RQN2610
  • Publishing Date: January 2, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

A young innocent woman attends a luxurious, fancy dinner party in the city. Little does she know that soon her life will be changed completely after she is utterly dominated by a seductive demon and his ominous friends.

Alexia is invited to a club with her girlfriend. Seeing no harm in doing so, she goes to the club and finds that things aren’t exactly what she expected them to be. Meeting Evan, an incubus, and some other supernatural creative turns into something more than unexpected.

I honestly didn’t like this story very much for many reasons. The writing was awkward, uneven and had a lot of spelling mistakes as well. The dialog didn’t sound right, again was awkward, and read like the author didn’t understand English slang well. The erotica wasn’t really all that hot, didn’t add anything to the story and just left me cold as a whole.

Alexia herself is interesting, I liked her character and how she tries to deal with what happens to her, but there was so much strangeness in the storytelling that I couldn’t get past that. That’s a shame because at first I liked the story, but then as things progressed it all went downhill and I just wasn’t interested any more.

As for Evan, the incubus of the work, he is nothing more than a means to have a character dominate over Alexia, draw her towards the erotica and then force her into a series of situations with other supernatural beings that, again, did nothing for me. His dialog was stilted, read poorly, and just saying the words out loud told just how wrong they were.

The erotica is violent, uneven, had very little, if any, heat in it. It reads poorly as a domination story, tending towards saying that to be dominant over another you must do violence, be gruff, nasty, and care not all that much about the other person. Again, this, for me, isn’t what a D/s relationship is, and as such that made my enjoyment of the story fade the further the story went along.

Uneven writing, many spelling mistakes, characters that hold no interest, a plot that only serves to push the main character into a series of sexual encounters that really have no heat in them. All in all I expected more and didn’t see that.

I’ll give this work one pitchfork out of five.

The Domain of the Incubus 2 by Desiree Silver

The Domain of the Incubus 2 by Desiree Silver

I had hopes that the next work in the series would be better, that the author might care to edit the work better, find more character in their characters and tell more story than simply one sex scene after the next. The book blurb gave me some hope that, perhaps, there was something more to be see here.

Sometimes we are the product of our situation. Sometimes that situation leaves little in the way of choice, direction, and understanding. What happens then?

The second work in the series is:

  • Title: The Domain of the Incubus 2
  • Author:  Desiree Silver
  • Length: 21 Pages
  • ASIN: B00S5OXX5W
  • Publishing Date: January 12, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

This is the tale of Alexia, friend of Julie from the first Domain of the Incubus. Entrapped by a powerfully seductive sexual demon, she is surprised to discover seeds of kindness, and even possibly love, from her captor.

Alexia’s life has changed since her encounter with Evan. She bears his child and what that means is a question she has no answer for yet. When Evan reveals a secret that Alexia didn’t know, things get more complicated. When Julie reappears, then things are stranger still.

Again, sadly, I was disappointed in this work. Still uneven in writing, still so many mistakes, still so many uninteresting characters, still so much pain and suffering and violence that what little story there was got sideswiped by the over the top erotica that just didn’t have any heat in it.

Alexia again starts out as being interesting, but as the story progresses, any sort of character development that occurs, and there is some, gets smothered by moments that just read wrong, feel wrong and play out poorly. I will note, as an aside, that Even reveals to Alexia that she is the child of an Incubus, but whether she is a Succubus or not isn’t explained or touched on.

The story turns very violent when Alexia gives birth, the point of which… well there isn’t one. Julie appears again and she’s the plaything of the other supernatural beings around her. It’s shocking how her attitude towards Alexia has changed, how she has become a schemer, intending to get rid of Alexia anyway she can.

At this point in the story, it felt like a really bad soap opera and I just lost all interest in it. I didn’t care at all about anything that happened, the erotica did nothing for me again, and even with the slight surprise I had over Alexia’s past, there wasn’t anything done with it save that Alexia didn’t die after giving birth, which, according to Evan and others, was the fate of “normal” humans most of the time.

The book blurb talked about a change in Evan’s attitude, but honestly that didn’t play out either. A the beginning his attitude towards Alexia is shockingly bad, he treats her poorly, but then, all of a sudden, when she gives him a child, then he becomes “nice” which really turned me off further still.

Poorly written, paper-thin characters, and there are a lot of them that pop in and out of this work for no reason at all. A plot that didn’t go anywhere save to make the story more complicated. Erotica that didn’t have heat, didn’t have a purpose, and was, overall, violent and dispassionate in nature.

One pitchfork out of five.

The work comes to a close, but leaves everything open, not completing any of the plots or stories that had been started. Not that I expected much after the first work and to be honest I wasn’t all that surprised when it wasn’t.

Falling for the Succubus: An Unexpected Demon Romance by Desiree Silver

Falling for the Succubus: An Unexpected Demon Romance by Desiree Silver

I had assumed that the third work in the series might, just might, possibly turn the corner, settle down, and be something to interest me. But instead of continuing with these characters, the author turns to some new ones and, of course, one of them is a succubus.

The danger of entrapment is that you can be trapped as well. Then the problem becomes who is in control, who takes the lead, and in the end, who really cared in the first place?

The third work in the series is:

  • Title: Falling for the Succubus: An Unexpected Demon Romance
  • Author:  Desiree Silver
  • Length: 16 Pages
  • Publishing Date: February 12, 2015
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Isabel, a sultry and seductive modern day succubus, discovers too late that she has made the wrong choice when she picked a young man who happened to be a student of demonology. William decides to keep her around as his own, trapping her, fully aware of the dangers… Is he falling for her, or she for him? Only time will tell…

Isabel goes out to a bar looking for her needed fix. She encounters William, who knows exactly what Isabel is. After a night of being together, there is a connection between them. William takes a risk, Isabel relents, and then fate takes a hand in their lives and what comes afterwards.

I liked Isabel for several reasons, the main one being that she has a heart, cares that she doesn’t kill others because of what she is, and tries to protect William. She’s not quite stereotypical in that way, nor does she have horns or a tail, but regardless she’s intelligent, has personality, and gives a damn which, considering the other works in this series, is a refreshing change.

William is every bit as interesting as Isabel. He’s smart, he is willing to take the risk to tell her that he loves her, and in the end, offers Isabel himself for the simple reason that he cares about Isabel. He doesn’t care about the succubus. He’s kind, caring, and that comes through quite clearly in his mannerisms and what happens in the story.

The erotica is a lovely hot flash that isn’t over the top but leads quite well into the latter part of the story where both characters have to some to terms with the possibility that they love each other. There is intimacy, passion, and a sense of them belonging together.

The conclusion of the work is, in many ways, sad and tragic, the events being clearly telegraphed in the prior pages. But there is a neat little twist involving an angel, a truth, and a gift that Isabel is given that I adored in spite of the somewhat awkwardness of the last page or so of the story.

With all that I liked, all of the positives, there are still a lot of problems in the work. One glaring point is that at one point Isabel’s nickname is Izzy, then it switches in the next sentence to Issy. That really bothered me. Then, again, as happened in the prior works, there are a lot of editing mistakes, spelling mistakes, awkward sounding conversation, sentence structure that made no sense at all. Many silly and minor mistakes that a single editing pass could have fixed.

It really is a shame because this is a really good love story about two characters and all of this never should have taken away as much as it did from the work. It is a stand-alone story, it has a beginning, middle and end, which I felt worked. But nonetheless so many mistakes and issues hurt what otherwise was a lovely story that I really wanted to be better than it was.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

Really it is the best, by far, of the three works, but all of the spelling mistakes, grammar errors and most of all, Isabel’s nickname switching from Izzy to Issy just hurt what otherwise was a really lovely story. It’s a shame because the work really does deserve a better rating, but I can’t overlook all of the flaws.

A series of unevenly written works, one of which was so much better than the others. The author has written a series of similar works with other supernatural beings and I hope that they have improved their editing skills over time. If not, that’s the real shame here.



Apr 05 2015

A Review of The Bygone Times Saga by Andre Alan

The Bygone Times Saga by Andre Alan

The Bygone Times Saga by Andre Alan

To me, the one thing that really matters when a story comes together is… the story itself. There needs to be purpose to the words that appear. The emotions, the lives told, the moments, both good and bad, have to come out of a story that matters.

The passions of the author, if they are clearly in the story itself does make a difference. That one thing never changes and sometimes the story that is told leaves more questions than answers.

The work tells about:

Take a journey through the world of Threa during a time when a demonic species named the Ura ravage the land of Eioda and drink human blood. They transform their victims into creatures of the night like themselves. Read the love story between the Demon King and his Succubus Queen as the try to conquer the humans. Discover the first master of Demonology as he attempts to summon the Demon King.

The work fells very much like something you might discover in Dungeons and Dragons in all of the different beings, monsters and so forth that appear. There is a lot of world building which I enjoyed, but in that comes a lot of unanswered questions as well. For the work as a whole that really isn’t much of a problem as it is the characters that drive the work.

It is, in many respects, a tragedy in what so many lose and the fates that befall them. One of these is critical to the story as a whole and drive the main character forwards. The changes he goes through and what happens as a result is quite telling. Not just the character himself, but the world he has to deal with anew.

The creation of the Succubus Queen is, again, very tragic. It’s a hard thing to see happen, to read what the main character does, and what the results are. The transformation itself is violent, but at the end she has all of the markings of a Succubus, horns, tail and wings. But she is there for a fleeting moment and then does not reappear again, though her children do and so on.

As a work of adventure fantasy fiction, it is written week, a very few spelling mistakes which didn’t hurt the works as a whole. The characters are strongly written, their purposes are made clear over the course of the story. There are many losses and much mourning as well. The most interesting thing about this work is how the characters move from being childhood friends to the roles that they find themselves in later in their lives.

The work ends on a cliff-hanger and as far as I have been able to see, nothing was written to tell the story further. That’s a shame as there was a lot of promise. Mages, demons, Succubi and others… Lots to tell, but it’s a shame it never has been.

I’m giving this work three out of five pitchforks.

Not really a lot of Succubi in this work, but the story and characters make up for that in a lot of ways…



Apr 04 2015

Still another Morrigan Aensland YouTube

Another Morrigan Aensland slideshow I found on YouTube… No music this time which is a bit of a surprise to me at least… But some lovely art nonetheless…

And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale, try this link:


And, as always, the one image in the video that I liked…

Morrigan Aensland

It’s an interesting pose really, usually we not see Morrigan from this angle very often for what are, really, obviously reasons. Still, I think this is interesting in its detail of her and how her wings and hair are shown. It’s less about her obvious assets as it is about her character and I’ll always prefer art that takes that view of her…