Mar 13 2015

A Review of Succubus Steam by Lila Shaw

Succubus Steam by Lila Shaw

Succubus Steam by Lila Shaw

The second in a series of reviews of the works by Lila Shaw today on the Tale. I’ve always had problems with works set in the Victoria age, mainly because trying to accept “the place” that women are given there from the perspective of the here and now is a difficult thing for me. There are some works however, that manage to overcome my hesitation with the right story, characters and more.

Mix into that a good dash of steampunk, a mystery to be solved, and the question of one’s heart to be confronted and the story is captivating…

The story tells of:

A succubus half-breed, such as Violet, who hobnobs with the highest echelons of Victorian London society, is a bride in a difficult marriage of extremes. Any act that wants of propriety, and she would find herself banished to the wilds of Cornwall where her full-blooded succubus sisters live and thrive. Yet she prefers the company of mortals, even if she must occasionally risk her reputation by engaging in discreet sexual liaisons.

When Violet’s great uncle dies and bequeaths her his laboratory and home, she crafts an artificially intelligent automaton named Adam to sate her carnal needs. Her plan is coming along nicely until an incubus from her past, and the unwitting model for her invention, discovers her secret. Violet has good reason to be wary of losing her heart to Lyle, but perhaps Adam is the key to fulfilling all of her desires.

Violet is not, at all, like her Succubus sisters. While they focus on the body, Violet is as forced on the mind as well. A tinkerer at heart, given the gift of a laboratory, she creates that which she cannot have to fulfill her own needs. But when the Incubus that she cannot forgive, or forget, reappears, Violet’s secrets, and those of Lyle, come to the fore.

Violet is one of the most unique Succubi that I have read about in a very long time. Most Succubi have, as their main focus, their need to be with others, to sate their needs and as such, they tend to be involved in some way with something sexual. Violet however has a mind. In the work she inhabits, having a mind, a will, a desire to learn and discover is not something expected of a woman, even more so a Succubus. It’s simply thrilling to see Violet in her element, creating with her mind and hands, and in that comes some amazing moments when her personality and drive shine.

In contrast, Morganna and Demelza, Violet’s half Succubus sisters, are the images of what one might expect “ladies of the night” in the Victorian steampunk age to be. They care mainly about sex, money, and, to a very large extent, gossip. This, of course, rubs Violet completely wrong and as such the interaction between these two extremes is at times hilariously funny and quite sad as well. It’s a shame that Violet’s sisters could not see their way to being more, but then, sometimes, one’s place is what one makes it to be.

Violet’s passion, her light in her life, is her clockwork creation Adam, who, though an robot, isn’t quite one. There’s a solid personality there and at several points in the story, happens to say or do something that brings out just how special he is… and he is a he, not an it by any means.

Lyle, the Incubus of the story, begins as someone that Violet dislikes, but also cannot forget. In that, the same can be said how one approaches his appearances in the work. He starts as being rather grating, but as the story progresses, that initial view don’t stand up to the events that unfold. When Violet, Lyle and Adam all meet, there is a moment where they all have to come to terms with a simple revelation. It is shattering for both Violet and Lyle in the moment, but then when who Lyle is, what his passions are, and how that all connects to Violet, the preceding chapters, and the events therein, are revealed in a different light and I liked that a lot.

There are some really hot erotic moments in the work, the latter of them having a moment when in the midst of need and seriousness, Adam comments about Lyle in a way that I couldn’t help laughing over. The erotica wasn’t simple to “get” the characters together, it was quite a lot more as it connected them in spirit as well.

The creation of this universe gives several references, for example Lilith, that are teased but not taken further because they are not core to the story. As well, a suggestion by Lyle at the end of the work leaves me wondering about where these characters would go after the work ended. I really would have loved to see that. While the work isn’t short by any means, being a complete story on its own, the references, the comments about other things in this world, the idea put to Violet by Lyle… These are things that would be a series on their own. Perhaps someday they will be revisited… I’d love to see that.

Four of five pitchforks.

A Succubus that is not, at all, like anyone expects, one that has a mind, a will, and more than anything else, knows that she can be more than believed. Lovely heat, characters that are strong, passionate, and intriguing. A unique story in a unique world that I would have loved to seen explored again.



Mar 12 2015

Succubi Image of the Week 373

One of the things that I look for in art of Succubi is when they are found is situations that aren’t quite what is expected of them. I found one work that made me smile because.. well… It does sort of speak to me in a way… More than I think many really know…

Horned Business by Vintem

Horned Business by Vintem

This work is called Horned Business and is by the artist Vintem on Hentai Foundry. You can find the original page I found this work here on that site.

I had such a smile when I found this art honestly. She’s a lovely sexy Succubus, I especially like her tail, which is simply wonderful to me. She has the most interesting expression as well which is something to ponder too. Cute outfit, especially the stockings and heels, her horns aren’t silly and the setting just works exactly right with a Succubus at the centre of it all.

The question, of course is, if she’s in charge or not. Personally I think she is, considering the chocolates and so on that are there. And that, as always, makes me ponder her name, where she is and what her story is…

Something to think about… I really should.



Mar 11 2015

Those aren’t horns…

Black Devil OutfitOh the things I find that claim to be devilish costumes.. Some of them simply just really should never, ever, say they are. No matter how many accessories they throw at it.

And really the size of the pitchfork in the image doesn’t help to sell it all that much.

This is called the Black Devil Outfit. It comes with the top and bikini bottoms and… that… thing.. calling itself horns on the model’s head. The pitchfork is not included and it sells for $25 US.

So if I understand this concept, you create a really lousy bikini, add some sheer fabric to it and stick a weird thing with eyes on it on your head and you are a devil.

Right. Of course… It’s just so obvious.

I still cannot understand how a costume.. Any costume… Can call itself devil anything without actually having something connected to that concept in the basic costume. Why is it that one must purchase all sorts of things to make the costume actually be what it attempts to be?

This particular costume, to me at least, is an example of leftover things found in a bin, tossed together and stuffed into a package for sale.

Not something that I will ever consider…

Zero out of five pitchforks.

Moving on to, I hope, better things…



Mar 10 2015

A Review of Sexual Omens by Terrill Sarter, Jr.

Sexual Omens by Terrill Sarter, Jr.

Sexual Omens by Terrill Sarter, Jr.

Something that I personally like to see Succubi be are, in some way, teachers. By that I mean they try to help someone to learn about themselves, what they are capable of, and, sometimes, if they have to crack the whip to make that happen… Well, that can be part of a Succubus can’t it?

Mix that up with some witches, a few legends, some oversexed humans, and one newly transformed Warlock and the classes get more interesting by the moment.

The work tells the story of:

Troy is a nerd, and (it goes without saying) a virgin.

However Troy also has, unbeknownst to him, more magical power than Bill Gates has money. The witch Roxanne has cast a spell on Troy to bring that power to the fore where she will take him as her lover and suck that power out of him like a black widow (with the same end result for Troy!)

Well, at least he won’t die a virgin right?

In steps Morgana, a succubus. She wants Troy too, although for ‘slightly’ different reasons. She saves Troy from Roxanne and thus starts a tug of war with Troy in the middle.

Two women, both exceptional beauties (and crazy good in bed) now fight for Troy. Both would do terrible things to him if they ‘won’, but he’d not be a virgin anymore.

Why is it so hard for nerds to lose their virginity? It’s not fair!

Troy meets a girl she turns out to be a Succubus who intends to have her way with him. A witch casts a spell on Troy, letting loose the power he has and an unending number of sexual situations as a result. The problem is there’s something very wrong, Troy isn’t dealing with it well, and then things really go off the rails. If only he would have paid more attention to the Succubus in the first place when she offered to help him.

It’s a good opening book in a series as it introduces the main character, Troy, and the two beings that want a piece of him: Morgana, the Succubus and Roxanne the witch. But it also adds in a series of other characters that are, at times, much more interesting than any of the three main characters. There is a lot of erotica in this work, almost every ten pages or so Troy finds himself having his way with someone, or Morgana does with Troy or someone else. But mixed in with that there are hints of what Troy needs to learn, or others that will, it seems, have a bearing on his future, whatever that turns out to be.

The erotica touches on just about every sexual situation you might find in a porn movie, and at times the description of Troy’s transformed body is just a little bit silly. In spite of that there is the occasion loving scene or an encounter that isn’t totally animalistic in nature. Really those were the better ones to read when they came.

Morgana might look like the stereotypical Succubus, red hair, black horns, tail… and yes she has hooves. The thing is that she worms her way into Troy’s life and she appears from time to time like a normal woman too. Between her two forms, I think that I like her real one, even if there are hooves involved because she didn’t act stereotypically. She’s more thoughtful, she has a mind, she’s not afraid to take control of a situation, and she’s quite willing to bring Troy to heel when that needs to happen. But it’s a bit more than that. She also, even if it’s only a little, seems to care about Troy and that gives me some hope that should this series continue, things will go in more interesting directions.

There isn’t much seen of Roxanne, at least nowhere as much as in Morgana’s case and it’s a bit hard to pin her character down, what she wants, and who she is. There is some time taken to reveal a bit about her past, how she came to be where she is now, and it’s a story that I think needs to be seen more of, again, if this series continues.

In spite of all of this, the story wanders a bit from time to time. It feels at times like some of the scenes don’t quite connect together exactly right and there’s something missing in-between them. I think the work could have used at least one more editing pass to tighten up things and make the work read smoother than it does. That said, the characterizations are really well done, each character has a background, wants and desires, and all of that comes to the fore as the story goes on.

A surprise for me was the addition of sketches at some key points in the work to help make the characters a bit more solid in my thoughts. Some of the art seems familiar in many ways, but the images do work well for the characters they represent. I have to admit that my mental picture of Morgana for one is quite a bit different than the art in this work however… But then its difficult to match what images appear in one’s imagination…

Four out of five pitchforks.

As a beginning to a series, it is a bit wandering, but the characters make up for that. I think that Morgana is a lot more than she seems to be and I hope that story unfolds in the next book whenever that appears…  It should be very interesting…



Mar 10 2015

A Review of Soul of the Succubus by Lila Shaw

Soul of the Succubus by Lila Shaw

Soul of the Succubus by Lila Shaw

Over the next little while I will be reviewing a series of works by Lila Shaw that are set in a universe of Succubi and Incubi…

The first work asks an important question. What secrets are held around you that you never see and when you see them, do you believe in them, push them aside, or trust in them? And if you can trust, who do you put your trust in?

The story tells of:

After nearly four millenia, Yve, a succubus and harvester of souls, has finally met her quota. She must travel to hell to redeem her own from the devil who holds it in hock. Ta’avah, the hunky and charming minion responsible for luring Yve into sexual slavery, joins her for her redemption ceremony before an audience of ogling demons. The pair soon learn that deals with the devil are rarely settled to anyone’s satisfaction other than Lucifer’s. Only one weapon can trump those of the master of deception, but do Yve or Ta have enough humanity left in them to find and wield it?

Yve, after so so long, has her “get out of hell” card and she’s more than willing to use it. The problem is that, like all deals, there’s one more thing that she needs to do, whether she likes it or not. Ta, the one that made her a Succubus, is involved in that task, but when it’s over, Yve finds that Ta has a few more secrets to reveal.

Yve is, as a whole, jaded and worn out after being a Succubus for so long, being seen as the lowest of the low by those she has faced for so long. From the first moment she speaks in the story, it’s clear that she would be just as happy for her existence to come to an end as she would be in being no longer a Succubus. Being used for the countless time that she has been, has marked her spirit deeply and it shows.

Ta, when he first appears, seems to be just someone that Yve tolerates for the most part and even when things turn towards the erotic, the connection between them is tenuous at best until, finally, Yve discovers a secret that Ta has been carrying since he turned her into a Succubus and with that, the story turns into something much better than it began as.

There is one single long erotic moment in the work, which runs somewhat hot and cold at times. Some of that is the situation itself, and some of it comes from the thoughts that Yve has throughout the moment. But the work doesn’t have the erotica as it’s core, the story matters more and that’s where this work shines.

The story of Yve and Ta, how they are connected, how the truth finally comes out between them both, that’s a wonderful story in itself and adds so much to the characters in this work by far. There is a lot of history hinted at, much in the way of the past and what happened, but it isn’t really gotten into save for in passing. The same is true of the ending in which the story offers a hint of what is to be, but we only get the barest taste of what that is.

But in-between, there’s a connection made, one in which the truth, in a lot of ways, can set them both free. It’s that connection, the revelation that sometimes what is obviously there in front of you  isn’t everything you think it is, that brings Yve pause. In the same way Ta finds that some things are worth giving up for the right reasons. In doing this, in finding that truth out, they both become much more alive in who they are and that makes the difference.

Lovely writing, characters that are true to themselves, and a story that has some well thought out twists and turns. I just wish the ending was longer than it is, that we saw “heaven on a bun” and the moments that come for them both.

Four out of five pitchforks.

I wish there had been an “after” told about these characters. Perhaps not a complete one, but at least something that brought some closure to the two of them and some of the dangling plots that were unresolved…



Mar 09 2015

Lost… But hoping…

There isn’t a story here today to be shared.

There isn’t another story of the Realm, a bit of fluff, a moment that needed to be told.

I’m lost. I’m feeling very lost and the reasons for that loss I won’t be sharing here…

I don’t know, if ever, I will be writing again. It might be a long time away before I find in myself the desire and need to be creative once more… But at this moment… I just cannot find it within myself to.

What this means is that Mondays will likely have nothing here. I don’t want to put something else in the place of this day, so I won’t be. I may full well just put a single word here and nothing more.

I might do nothing. To be honest at this moment I just don’t know what I will do or won’t do.

The rest of the Tale will go on, as things are, for quite some time to come. There are many weeks and months of posts I’ve accumulated and if nothing else, at least that will be here.

But otherwise?

I just don’t know at this moment…

My apologies to everyone… I just need some time…



Mar 08 2015

A Review of The Succubus’ Sub – Session Twelve: A Day in Pink by John Dylena

The Succubus’ Sub - Session Twelve: A Day in Pink by John Dylena

The Succubus’ Sub – Session Twelve: A Day in Pink by John Dylena

The twelfth work in the Succubus’ Sub series by John Dylena was released this week. I have always loved this series, and in this work things take a very interesting turn for Brett. The author wrote a short little bit of flash fiction about Brett, or rather his alter ego Brooke quite some time ago, which I thought was an inspired bit of writing about Brooke turning “all out bimbo.”

Seesion Twelve tells that story, and also serves as a warning to never play with things that a Succubus leaves laying about… You never know really what they might be capable of doing… or what you will be doing because of them.

The story tells of:

When the succubus is away, the sub will play… 

Myserra has had her hands full teaching Ashley, the new succubus, how to control her powers. Brett is used to being the center of attention, and in his loneliness, he’s begun to act out. But Myserra is unimpressed, and when she leaves him alone for a week in their condo, he’s devastated.

It seems that his mistress has left something behind, however: a sparkly bracelet covered in rhinestones. And no matter how hard Brett tries to avoid it, he can’t help but want to slide it over his wrist and give in to the power he knows lurks inside of it.

It isn’t long before he surrenders and discovers his inner bimbo in the process. Now he’s having the time of his life. But at what cost?

Brett’s relationship with Myserra has gone a little bit off the rails of late. Myserra is not spending as much time with Brett as she used to which Brett finds hard to take, at one point being rather short with Myserra and when she leaves him alone for some time, he finds that things just become worse. A mysterious bracelet catches his attention and Brett discovers that when a Succubus leaves something out in the open, it can change things in ways one would never expect.

Myserra and Ashley do not appear for very long in this work, as it is really focused on Brett alone. It is clear that Myserra has something in mind for Brett, the comment she makes at the beginning of the story makes that very clear, and the means to make that happen is both cute and wonderfully told. They do, of course, appear by the end of the story again, to make sure that Brett, or rather Brooke, gets everything out of her lesson, and the twist in the ending is a neat little one that I didn’t see coming earlier in the work.

Brett’s transformation into “Bimbo Brooke” is told in a way that makes it very subtle and by the time that Brett realizes that something is happening to him, it’s far too late to do anything about it. Not that he could at any rate as Myserra’s trap for her submissive works really quite well. The Brooke that has been seen before isn’t the Brooke that appears in this work. She’s very much a bimbo, but there is also something a bit different about her. She does try to fight her transformation, attempts to control herself as much as she can, but over time she falls further and further into Myserra’s trap. When it finally closes completely, Brooke is a cute little sex toy that has quite the experience with her Mistress and her new found friend in the story.

I liked the mental shifting of Brett to Brooke and then how Brooke turned the corner into being the best bimbo she could possibly be. The shifts in attitude and character build up slowly over time and to Brett and Brooke’s point of view, when they do shift, it’s fairly seamless and not noticed too much by him/herself.

There are two very hot scenes in the work, one that introduces a new character to the series which I thought was lovely, and the other when Myserra and Ashley return that takes Brooke into being completely bimbo in nature and finding out what that means in some very hot ways. Two really well told hot flashes, but the mind control and body transformations are really the core of the story and as such they make the work very strong as a whole.

The author knows his characters and how they act, what they do, and more importantly, how things come to the climax aren’t out of place. I would have liked to see a bit more of Bimbo Brett getting into some “situations”, more than she did. I think I would like to see her return again sometime, perhaps Brett will see this side of him/herself as being a treat in more ways than one.

Certainly Brett will have learned not to touch things that he doesn’t recognize. Succubi have all sorts of things to play with… or to play with others you know…

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

Just a wonderfully fun work that just made me smile throughout. It was wonderful to see Brett, through Brooke, be something different than she usually is. It gives a different perspective on things, what could have been, what might have been, and what could, possibly, return again some time. A lovely light, joyful, and cute story that I really did enjoy…